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Clearing Up The Twist And Nominations

It’s been a pretty eventful 24 h ours in the house, well more like 27 hours but whatever, who is counting?  Anyway, here is a basic rundown of what happened since Porsche won the HoH

  • Porsche wanted to de-throne Kalia as the worst decision in the house this season by putting up Adam vs Rachel, which essentially gives Jordan a chance to win, take off Rachel, and give them the power to eliminate whoever replaces Rachel.   This was a clear case of over-thinking and was only saved by…
  • Pandora’s Box was brought back into the game, and it was up to Porsche to decide to open it or not.  I’m pretty sure her alliance told her that BB was probably going to offer the kitchen sink to shake things up and to not accept anything, but she took it anyway.   Here is what happens…
  • For I assume just 1 week, everyone in the house will form back up as teams similar to week 1.   Rachel/Jordan naturally paired up, Adam/Shelly are together, and the sweatpants sisters are a pair.   In exchange for this, Porsche and her partner (Kalia) each get $5,000 minus taxes.  Pretty poor gamble by Porsche since she was my favorite to win $500k this morning.
  • Feeds went back to trivia, and like week 1, the HoH had to nominate a pair, instead of two individuals.   This twist essentially saved Porsche from making a terrible decision, but it’s still very tough because now there is a 33% chance one of the newbies go home opposed to the 0% chance they had just a few hours ago (assuming Porsche didn’t make the dumb choice like she talked about)

Quick reveal:   Rachel and Jordan are nominated.
View the feeds for free to see their reaction

  • Back to explaining.  This means if Rachel or Jordan win PoV, they will remove themselves as a team, and Adam and Shelly will be nominated, giving complete power to Rachel and Jordan who they’d like to evict, as it would then be a 2-1 vote.   Shelly would likely be going to jury if this situation happens.
  • If Porsche or Kalia win, they have the right to change their decision to Adam and Shelly, but they won’t.   If Adam or Shelly win PoV, they won’t have an option to use it, and the votes will remain the same.

I hope this cleared up some questions.   I’m sorry this is a late post, I confirmed the nominations via twitter and facebook earlier, but then went to watch the show Louie on DVR…. very funny show, btw.   Make sure you’re following either Twitter or Facebook to get the absolute latest spoilers before I can increase my carpel tunnel by creating a blog post about whatever is happening.  Sometimes, I just like to make comments that never even see this site.


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  1. Avatar
    Faust (216 comments)

    And by opening Pandora’s Box–knowing that her aliance was in control and that the producers want to keep the veterans in the game–Porsche proves she is not, in fact, a master of strategy. Instead, it is as Jeff said it was: two people who slept all summer won [three] competitions in a row.

    As much as I can’t stand Rachel, I hope Jorchel wins the POV and kicks out Shelly, and that Jorchel then wins HOH. Bad game play must be punished.

  2. Avatar
    MIKE212 (65 comments)

    why does cbs has such a hard on for the vets? 2 of which already won the money!
    I do not like these twists that are just designed to keep the vets in power.

    let the newbies win .. Kalia deserves it the most.

    she is a survivor!!

  3. Avatar

    What happens if Adam wins and takes the girls down. He can not be put up since he won the POV but gets to take the pair of Rach and Jordan down. Does that mean if a pair comes down and he can not go out that Kalia and Shelley would go up?

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