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The Crying Game

rachel crying 2I have an idea to fix any drought people may be going through right now, simply take the tears that flowed through the Big Brother house this week and you will be all set.

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Seriously, every few minutes of tonight’s episode was another person bawling their eyes out.  When did the game become so emotional?   I get that it’s not the easiest mental game to play, but doesn’t the casting department screen people for a bit of mental toughness?  The sad part is, Rachel was only seen crying twice tonight, when you could literally fill up an hour long episode just of her crying this season.

Just in case you missed tonight’s episode, here is what you missed out on:

kalia crying big brother 13What the fuck, CBS?  I understand you don’t have much time to edit shows, but maybe next time when half the episode is showing another person crying, you can leave some stuff on the cutting room floor.   I’m trying to sell subscriptions to the live feeds here and this is the type of shit you give me to work with?  What am I supposed to do with this?

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Anyway, when they weren’t bawling their eyes out, there was game to be played.  Let’s go over it here….

  • Jeff and Jordan think Porsche chose Jeff and Shelly to go head to head during the HoH competition for reasons other than her not being bright.    She said she wanted to be fair and give them a chance to play, and I honestly believe her.
  • Shelly admitted to the diary room that she’s basically playing for 3rd place right now.  If someone is able to fly a banner over the house, tell her to stop being dumb.  She should certainly be working with Daniele and Kalia, let them get blood on their hands, piss off the jury, then try to make final 3 with them.   Anyone sits next to Kalia or Daniele in the finals has a great shot at winning.  Anyone sitting next to Jordan or even Jeff will probably be disappointed.
  • Rachel is losing her mind.  It doesn’t show it much in the episode, except for the nomination ceremony, but watching the feeds, she’s lost it.  She really thinks the entire house is out to get her, and clearly didn’t plan on the fact that entering the game made it a very possible chance she’d be without Brendon for the summer.
  • Kalia mentioned Adam’s birthday.  That’s today, and to celebrate, he shaved his beard, and the house now calls him Phillip.  Read about that part here.
  • I wonder if Lawon and Adam have a solid shot at really slipping into the finals based on how much hatred and anger is going on between the two factions.  As far as Shelly, she’ll get caught up in it at some point, I don’t think she’ll keep floating long.  Adam and Lawon, however, are floating kings and it may work out for them.


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