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daniele talking to kalia

Daniele Realizes They Don’t Fully Know Twist Yet

daniele talking to kaliaSo Daniele is upstairs trying to talk some sense into Kalia about the possible situations, and she actually brought up the possibility that one of the 4 people who were evicted could be coming back into the house. She mentioned numerous times how bad of a situation for them if Brendon comes walking back through the door if they keep Rachel.


I’m going to update this thread as I listen to the feeds, so keep checking back!

1:26 PM – Daniele asks for where Kalia is leaning right now between Rachel or Lawon, and she’s currently 60/40 in favor of Lawon to stay.

1:30 PM – Daniele says there is no way the person voted out on Thursday just simply turns around and is ushered back in the house.  She knows whoever leaves will probably have to compete to get back in, likely against the people evicted.


1:35 PM – The more they talk, the more they’re talking themselves into voting out Rachel and just taking the chance on the twist.  They should realize the bad case scenario (Rachel and Brendon back in the house) is a $500k mistake.  They’re still going to think and talk about it though.

1:37 PM – Kalia is getting a bit tired of Shelly trying to control the HoH, how she was pushing to vote out Porsche when Kalia has no problem with her in the house.  Shelly may have used her ‘Jedi mind tricks’ too early in the week because the house could completely shift back by tomorrow.  Amazing how fast things move.

Talks are broken up, Kalia to the DR.  They were still trying to figure out if endurance tomorrow, but since no lock-down yet and it’s already 1:00+, it probably won’t be.

1:42 PM – Shelly and Jordan talking about the potential of Daniele being America’s Player, and Shelly is really sounding paranoid in the conversation.  She wonders if everyone is in on it but her.   I do understand how they see that with Dick leaving randomly and Daniele making strange moves though, kind of makes even me wonder if Daniele is a secret twist for later in the game.

big brother 13 rachelRachel joins the conversation and talks about how Porsche may give her a ‘pity vote’ tomorrow, but doesn’t really talk as much because all they do is talk game (and probably Brendon).  It doesn’t matter, she still is convinced if she gets voted out, she’s coming back

1:46 PM – Now Porsche is in the kitchen talking to Daniele about the conversation and ‘pity vote’ with Rachel.  Daniele is also cluing her in on the theory about the ‘chance’ to come back in (ie: compete against those voted out).

1:52 PM – Rachel in the have-not room with Jordan wondering if Shelly is on her side and will vote for her.  You can tell every day goes by the paranoia of everyone grows deeper and deeper.   Jordan is trying to reassure her, but does thing something weird is going on.. she’s right.

Rachel is so mad she feels like crying because she doesn’t know how to express her emotions any other way right now…  NO SHIT!

2:00 PM – Rachel tells Jordan that if she does go home, Jeff and Jordan have to win HoH… again, another NO SHIT moment brought to you by Rachel.

Jordan brings up the America’s Player theory to Rachel, she is obsessed with that.

It’s picture time with Kalia!  Going to post a bunch…

kalia taking hoh picturesjeff and jordan big brother 13big brother 13 porsche, adam, danieleDaniele and Lawonadam crazy hair

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    Benjamin (2 comments)

    Do Kalia and Daniele really think they control the votes this week? What idiots they are. Shelly & Adam are obviously with J&J. Votes will be 4-2 in favor of Rachel to stay, no matter what Kalia and Dani do or say to not keep her.

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