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Shelly upset at jordan still

Death Threats.. Seriously?

Shelly upset at jordan stillWhat is fact, a lot of people really hate Shelly for turning on Jeff and Jordan.  I see that everywhere I look.  What was rumored is that some took it too far and made death threats against Shelly’s family, including her 8-year old daughter (who, btw, said her mother should stay aligned with J/J).  There are also rumors people are calling her work, and doing a few other things that I won’t even repeat to not give others the idea.


Look.. time to step on my soap box.   Big Brother is a game.  Shelly is trying to win that game.  She made a move she felt would better her chances of winning.   That’s the extent of it.  If you step back and look at it like that, it seems absolutely silly to take it to a personal level of threatening her family no matter how badly you disagree on her move.

Shelly betrayed Jeff and Jordan’s alliance, but reality is, if and when J/J got down to the final 5 with Rachel, Shelly and Adam, they would have had to do the same thing to those people to get into the final 2.  They weren’t going to just forfeit the game at that point, and that’s because they know it is a game based on twists, alliances, betrayals, “backdoors”, etc.  If you’re one of the fans who cannot accept that, it’s simply time to stop watching the show.

Reality shows have been like this since Richard Hatch was the “snake in the grass” who won the first ever Survivor, and these shows will continue to be that way.  That’s why we watch.  The reason these shows are so entertaining is because of the “heroes vs villains” aspect, so much that Survivor had an entire season based on that concept.


Just sit back, relax, watch the show and not take it so serious.  Come to my facebook page and vent about whatever happens, but don’t go beyond that, please.  I guarantee the people you support the most (Jeff and Jordan) are going to be nearly as upset as Shelly when they leave the house and hear about this.   Just enjoy the rest of the season, and let’s hope this doesn’t ruin the chances for more seasons for the show we love to hate.

Ok, off my soap box now.  I want to see comments supporting this below, regardless of how you feel about Shelly’s decision.


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  1. Avatar
    Christina (1276 comments)

    I’m all about team J/J, and I love that during their first season someone who played an honest and kind game actually won. I also loved D/D’s first season, where Dick pulled one out! I still love both Dick and Daniel. I also absolutely hate that Shelly turned on them. I really do think Jordan wanted to go to the end with Shelly. I can’t see Jordan giving up a call to her family for someone she didn’t really care about and trust.
    That being said, Death Threats? Really? What is wrong with people. I’ve seen multiple comments that honestly turned my stomach, making nasty comments about Shelly and her daughter. Those comments made my blood boil. It’s bad enough to personally attach anyone, but lashing out and making comments any child is about as low as someone could go. But leave it to the small minded to do something as nasty as making death threats over a game.
    I really hope that people take a step back and realize that it is never ok to threaten anyone’s body or life. Get over yourselves or like it was said above… maybe it’s time to stop watching the show. And I have no doubt that Jeff and Jordan will be sick when they hear what people are doing.

  2. Avatar
    Lisa (1 comments)

    Its a game whether or not she made a bad move! You don’t have to like her but to threaten her love ones is a really bad move. She is trying to win this money for her family and all thought I am a J/J supporter no way she would win with them still there. If it was you ..you probably would have made the same choice.

  3. Avatar
    Bobby Joe (19 comments)

    Chill people, it’s a game.

    • Avatar
      Susan (3 comments)

      Amen to that. It’s my understanding it was one threat not tah any are called for but it certainly doesn’t represent the majority of us that can’t stand shelly. Any woman that has EVER lost a baby should be outraged. It is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard come out of a BB players mouth. It’s not her voting Jeff out that has me sooooo disgusted it is her soul. Those comments have nothing at all to do with gameplay, they are not funny, and in my opinion they ARE a death threat. She is a piece of trash and an embarrassment to her entire family

  4. Avatar
    Ruth Anne (1 comments)

    Come on please i’m not a Shelly fan……but never should these reality players be targets by ppl that watch these show there playing to win money and the shows pay them to entertainment us…..sure we have favorites we want to win but someones personal life family job is off limits!!!

  5. Avatar

    Totally agree family should ALWAYS be off limits!!!! BB fans are sick period. Last year it was Rachel, the year before it was Natalie. Every year someone is a target of this.
    But lets be honest here, the Shelley hate started LONG before Jeff was evicted. It started when people saw the type of person she was and how she treated Rachel. The hate pages started before Jeff was evicted as well. It isn’t fair to blame Jeff and Jordan when it is Shelley’s actions and attitude that started this. Hate Shelley all you want but beyond the game it is out of line period. No matter WHO it is coming from.

  6. Avatar

    I wish everyone would remember that this is Big Brother and not the Jeff and Jordan show. Glad Jeff is gone and hope he stays gone.

  7. Avatar
    Terry Bowman (8 comments)

    To the ppl making death threats. Do you have nothing better to do then threaten a person on TV who only crime is to try and win a game show.I don’t care how much you hated Jeff going to jury it is just a freakin’ game. How dare you threaten a CHILD!!!!. I am sure you would not want anyone to do this to your family. So lay the [email protected]!# off of Shellys family and her for that matter. I don’t like she did either but I have enough since to know it is a game. Evil Dick would be pissed at someone for threating someone on the show. One last thing it is ppl like you that get this kinda of shows kick off.

  8. Avatar
    M Andrews (1 comments)

    Having just learned that Shelly’s family has had death threats against them by reading my email via my iPhone while @ church prior to church starting, I got a little nauseated to say the least. Let’s put this all in to perspective shall we? We all know that Jeff has made some derogatory comments last season and this season as well about gays and lesbians. Was I pissed off? You bet I was. Am I going to go around and threaten Jeff’s family? Heck no. He has a right to his homophobic views. Does that mean that they’re right to say on national TV (which BTW, those comments did not air last season nor this season), probably not.

    So, I join with those of you who are opposed to the death threats against Shelly’s family.

    Lastly, I hope someone at CBS will let Jeff and Jordan know what is going on and certainly let Shelly know what’s going on. Perhaps from the Jury House, Jeff could make a statement saying that he deplores death threats or any kind of threats against a fellow competitor in this reality TV show we all love to hate, “Big Brother”. I’m shaking my head and saying, “Oh brother!”

  9. Avatar
    MIKE212 (65 comments)

    had no respect for shelly until she started talking about keeping Danielle … and for that – just talk – Jeff went balistic… How dare anyone do anything that isnt what he says and is good for his child bride?

    He turned on her first!! she had no choice but to vote against him. Good for Shelly!! now I am rooting fo r her and Kalia

  10. Avatar
    MIKE212 (65 comments)


    because they are cute?

    give me a break they think everyone is there to serve them…

    Sorry, but she is trailer trash and he is chicago trash..

    go get some real skills and jobs , your looks will fade soon enough

    • Avatar
      Christina (1276 comments)

      Wow, that is some harsh judgement to put on someone. Calling a nice person trailer trash, and him “chicago trash”? I think everyone needs to remember that unless you know these people out of the BB house, you probably don’t know anything about who they really are. She is actually a sweet girl who loves her family and Jeff for that matter dearly. I hate to see anyone getting put down like that.
      And, for the record, both of them do have real jobs. As far as I know the only person on the show that doesn’t is Rachel, but still, not having a job doesn’t make you a bad person, do you even know how many people are currently out of work in America right now? I think most people would go for the chance to win 500,000 bucks if they had the chance.
      We all have people we love on the show, and people we don’t, but putting them down outside of BB is just not right. Sorry, but it’s not. They are there to play a game, we don’t have to like the way they play it, or even the people, but again, passing judgement on people you don’t know… not cool.

    • Avatar
      lanzsqeez (16 comments)

      So everyone who lives in a “trailer” is trash??? I know some really rich folk without consciences, that live in mansions, who commit the most heinous crimes against humanity but get away with them because they can afford lawyers.
      Do not judge because of address.

      • Avatar
        Christina (1276 comments)

        I agree with that 100%. I think it’s nasty to call anyone names, even more so when you make it about economic status. Most of the “trash” I know has tons of money. Neither Money nor an address gives you class. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear above 🙁

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  12. Avatar
    Lindsey (5 comments)

    Ok I hate Shelly for turning her back on Jeff and Jordan but she doesn’t deserve death threats. Neither does her family. Serioulsy people get over she’s going out the door this week anyways.

  13. Avatar
    Clinton (1 comments)

    I just find it amazing how serious people take these shows. Death Threats? Viewers Hating people on the show? We ALL must remember that these shows are edited to fit something that the producers want, and we really don’t know what fully is going on. For all that we know, the person that people we “Hate”, in reality would be one of our best friends if we really got to know about THEM outside of the house.

  14. Avatar
    julie (1 comments)

    Wow ………. I am all for Jordan even though she won last season and I think what Shelly did to them was so wrong on a personal level…………But IT IS A GAME……..why would someone send death threats over a game especially to an innocent child who has already been away from her mother all summer……..people get over it this is supposed to be for entertainment not life and death!!!!!!!!! And if she would have went final 3 with jeff/jordan she would not have gotten anything she had to make a move at some point to try to win the game.

  15. Avatar
    Joanne (2 comments)

    I do not in any way think that it is ok for people to be threatening shelly or her family’s lives but I also don’t think that it right that shelly (who is under the impression that Rachel is pregnant) should be allowed to say that she hopes that Rachel loses (would miscarry) her baby. It is a game and the people that are threatening Shelly’s family and shelly herself for saying such a horrible things about an innocent child (whether Rachel is really pregnant or not) should be ashamed of themselves. It is a game and people get voted out. If you can’t handle it and act like an adult then don’t watch or participate in this show.

    • Avatar
      Christina (1276 comments)

      That is the same thing I have a problem with, as far as Shelly goes. So she turned on J/J, I didn’t like that she did that. But the nasty hateful comments that started coming out of that woman’s mouth, now that I have a problem with. Be upset, be angry, but to go as low as she has, not classy, not classy at all.

  16. Avatar
    donna (1 comments)

    I don’t like shelly’s “game play”, but hey, I don’t like the way my 7 year old plays monopoly either. Its a game …..death threats are criminal

  17. Avatar
    Joanne (2 comments)

    To be more specific about shelly hoping Rachel would miscarry. I was actually nicer about it then I should have been. I just went back on the feeds and she actually said she wanted to push Rachel down the stairs or throw a medicine ball at her stomach to kill her baby. Unfortunately shelly is as bad as the fanatics who are threatening her and her family. (I do not agree with the threats made by shelly or the people threatening her family)

    • Avatar
      bandar singh (63 comments)

      whew. i was a strong shelly support but she has crossed the line with that comment about hoping rachel miscarries. i personally can’t stand rachel but sorry shelly that was wrong.

  18. Avatar
    Carla (3 comments)

    This is actually the last time I feel the need to even speak of this issue with Shelly. This could not prove my point more. It has nothing to do with Jeff even though I was sad to see him go. I hate the fact that she keeps saying she will walk out with her head held high with integrity….blah blah blah.

    By Kelly Cozzone, Family & Parenting Examiner
    August 26, 2011

    In last night’s double eviction on Big Brother, Shelly betrays Jeff. Her lies and treachery led to his eviction. Shelly has flip flopped all season finally turning on Jeff and Jordan. All this is after she was given a phone call to her family from Jordan. This gift Shelly stated was the greatest gift she could have received.

    Viewers have listened all season to Shelly talk about what a great mother she is to her daughter. She’s continuously point out how she’s taught her child not to lie, cheat or be disloyal. She’s then turned around and displayed those very behaviors time after time.

    Is it okay for a parent to send such contradicting messages? Many fans of Big Brother have said it’s not real life; it’s a game so lying is a part of it. This mindset is saying that lying and being deceitful is appropriate under certain circumstances.

    Fact is, it’s not acceptable for a parent to put themselves in any position that teaches a child that they can justify bad behavior. Shelly’s actions are the height of hypocrisy. Adults do not have the luxury of putting aside their ethics and morals when they are raising children. Not only did Shelly just teach her child how to be deceitful to get what she wants, she also shared that lesson with every child watching Big Brother.

    Yes Big Brother is a game. Yes the prize is $500,000. No, it’s not okay to trade a child’s faith in their parent for money. When you become a parent, you’re held to a higher level of expectations. With her betrayal of Jeff on the double eviction night of Big Brother, Shelly failed miserably as a parent.

    But I do not agree that you should stalk her family or harm them in anyway. Shelly has made her own bed and now has to lie in it. I am a parent and my own daughter said she would have disowned me week 2. Her actions will be reflected upon her family. Kids too watch Big Brother and I really feel bad for her daughter.

  19. Avatar
    Team jj (2 comments)

    Death threats are dumb. She’s just playing a game, she’s also playing a dude playing a woman. Team J/J!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Avatar
    MIKE212 (65 comments)

    Shelly’s family – I think she did a great move by going against Jeff – the only small criiticism is she kissed thier butts too much……as if she was playing FOR them , not with them or for herself.

    that’s it. I think she deserves it more then the vets……absolutely..

    • Avatar
      lanzsqeez (16 comments)

      Shelly would not be so contemptible if she did not endear herself to J/J and accept Jordan’s phone call gift. That was cruel. She is not stupid and had to know that the #3 spot would be hers when she began developing a relationship with J/J. Shelly should have just stayed with the Newbies and left J/J alone. I don’t agree with nutso fans attacking her innocent family but she could not expect viewers to be happy for her despicable behavior.

  21. Avatar
    Maria (1 comments)

    Hold on! I’m really confused….why is everyone so pissed with Shelley?….it’s just a game! STOP THE THREATS! And didn’t Jordan already win $500K and Jeff win $25K?…Why do people want them to win the money, they ALREADY won!

    • Avatar
      Christina (1276 comments)

      I can only speak for myself, but I just like seeing a nice person win.
      From what people have said (on the show) and from pictures of their homes, I really think all in all, Adam, Rachel (maybe, it seems her parents are well off, but that doesn’t really mean she’s got any of their money) and Jordan need the money more then most. Jordan did already win, but unless I’m mistaken, she bought her mom a house with the money, and she still works the same job she did when she went on the show the first time. Plus, if playing the game as honest as possible, and trying to always be kind can get you to win twice, I think she should.
      I don’t think everyone would have been so against a vet winning if Dick was still there, and he already won as well.
      That being said, with this game and most, being nice isn’t what it usually takes to win. But with a game that is also social, competitions isn’t all it takes to win either. All of that together is why we all love BB so much, you just never know how the cards (or tea bags in this case, hehe) may fall.

  22. Avatar
    MIKE212 (65 comments)

    wouldnt want to see Dick win either.

    Danielle deserved it she played well, but Jeff was vengeful and targeted her and the SAME atitude is what caused him to be voted out – so he really has only himself to blame – he made her a target and her alliance went after him…….and Jordan wasnt so nice to Shelly was she? and she talks smack about everyone too – so please …….if anyone has been nice, its Kalia and Porsche – …. however my choice for final two are Kalia and Shelly – the played and kept it interesting.. I do not think watching RAchel’s bragging when she wins and crying when she loses entertaining or watchable AT ALL. I think she is a sick person…..

    • Avatar
      Susan (3 comments)

      OMG are you kidding me???? Go get a subscription to the feeds and see what isnt edited before you say something

    • Avatar
      Mikey (1 comments)

      I think you are Shelly’s husband.

    • Avatar
      Christina (1276 comments)

      Daniele did play well, but not too well, she did get voted out before Jeff. And as far as vengeful goes, wouldn’t Danielle going after Brenden ve vengeful as well, since he didn’t go along with her plan for putting up Jeff?
      I would have loved Daniele to have made it to the end, but she didn’t make it. Kalia has played a good game of riding Daniele’s coat tails, so maybe we will start to see some good game play out of her, but so far even her most recent decisions are “what Daniele would have wanted”, not her own.
      Lets break this down.
      Shelley and Adam have both been total floaters, the difference is Shelley has said some horrible things that are lower then anything I’ve ever heard someone on Big Brother say. So between the two floaters, I’d rather see Adam stay.
      Kalia, well, again, lets se how she plays without a boss telling her what to do.
      Porsche seemed to be a floater and either has started to get lucky, or she was the only one who played the floater role well so far.
      Rachel has fought her butt off during the entire game. I don’t like a lot of what she’s done, and I think she has some real growing up to do. But as far as deserving to win, she’s tried harder then anyone else (except for maybe Daniele). And for the record, before this week, finding a good quality in the girl was next to impossible for me, but she’s starting to grow on me (I’m sure I’ll regret saying that one).
      And Jordan, yes she’s won before, but I’ve made my arguments about that before and don’t feel the need to go over it again. Basically I see her the same as I did the first season, and sometimes it’s just nice to see a good guy win. She’s a good person, and she isn’t trash at all.
      And I will say this again, the harsh judgements on the people’s person, who they really are is sad. They are all playing a game, no one watching knows what any of them are really like, unless you know them away from the show.
      I’ll bite my tounge here, I don’t see the point in going any deeper.

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