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Do We Hate The Player Or Hate The Game?

Editor’s Note – Though Mell is a long time commenter on the blog, she is a new contributor to Big Brother Junkies!   I asked her to do occasional editorials because I love hearing opinions from other Big Brother fans and not just listening to myself ramble. While I really don’t need to remind people here because our comment section is pretty damn awesome, but please treat these editorials like you’d treat a guest.  We already have another down the pipeline from her ready to go, so I’m excited to see what else Mell can bring to the site! With that said, here is her first piece… 


The feeds have been a hybrid of Lord of the Flies, the Stanford Prison Project, Bad Girls Club, the Salem Witch Trials and a dash of Cesar Milan. Is all behavior ok and is it always considered strategy? Do we excuse some behavior when it’s a player we like? Do we hate the player or hate the game?


When emotions run high, things (facts) get jumbled together. Viewers do it too so I can see how it happens in a pressure cooker like the BB house. I’m not saying I approve, I just see how it evolves. The personalities are what make the perfect storm. The only strong willed people in the house for me are Paul, Cody and Jessica. You need followers to lead. Paul couldn’t do what he’s doing if the house was full of Jessicas and Codys. (Kevin and Jason are strong minded but are old enough to not need instant gratification they way Cody and Jessica do)


When you have this…
You get this…

Bully is the word of the week and for some, whoever you don’t like is the bully. I don’t like Cody but is he a bully? The house and some viewers have lumped all sorts of evidence together to prove Cody was a bully first. Cody definitely insulted Josh, he also told Megan “I don’t like you.” He has made some political and personal statements about his views that make people scratch their heads. (The man says he wants to “breed” for crying out loud) He did call Paul a loser and a character on a tv show. He did come back into the hoh room to confront Paul when Paul insulted him and his voice was definitely raised on that and some other occasions.  How does that make Cody a bully. When he insulted Josh, Josh came to him. Cody said not to talk to him and Josh was having none of that. Josh was severely insulted but when was he attacked? When did Cody actively pursue Josh through the house to harass him? When was Megan attacked? (other than by Josh and Alex) Paul was also insulted but it was during an argument and the insults were flying both ways. Cody didn’t charge at Paul that day. He came back into the room to finish it since Paul didn’t appear to be done. Paul followed Cody out after he left the hoh to keep it going. Loser vs emotional p*$$y? Which was worse? It really doesn’t matter which was worse because it was an argument (one which Paul provoked for strategy and it was clever) and that isn’t being a bully. Neither is the laundry list of things many of us don’t like or have been offended by that Cody has said. This is where things get lumped together. Not liking the person or what they appear to stand for doesn’t make them a bully. It makes them unlikable.

Cody is one of the worst players that I’ve ever seen and I’ve made jokes about his crazy eyes and the possibility of him killing everyone while they slept. They were jokes. What’s he actually done other than be a bad player, rude person, insult people, go against Paul, not consult his team before his big move and argue with people when they’ve argued with him? Mark came closer to something violent than Cody, Alex beats the shit out of Jason daily and Raven & Matt beat on each other for BBAD often. (her timing is no coincidence either)

#TeamRaven STFU shout out!

The simple fact that the house is grasping at straws says a lot. The best they’ve come up with is that Cody is taking someone’s jury spot away. Why is it theirs and not his? Oh yeah, that’s right…because Raven is uncomfortable around violence because of her past. #1-What violence? and #2-She sure beats on Matt a lot for someone who can’t handle violence. It’s really because they don’t know how to get Cody out of the game by playing the game. Make no mistake, Paul is rattled at this point. He was already making a desperate play and the person yelling over the wall last night made it worse. His tirade about how he has the power since he won hoh and pov was a huge tantrum. (“As someone who’s played before,” he of all people should know that by the yesterday afternoon, he ain’t shit this week)  We started to see Paul try to convince himself, us and the other hg’s that they had no choice and were practically performing a civic duty. Since we all know, Paul’s done this before, he knew he couldn’t say that he was edited wrong. (He’s a little familiar with us feed watchers by now) He went with something else instead. When alone talking to himself, but he’s really talking to us he said (and this isn’t word for word) that what we’re watching isn’t exactly what’s going on in the house. Ummm, ok Paul.

He’s still running the show for now in spite of having no power at this point. It will be interesting to see if anyone woke up this week or if they still have vacation plans at the jury house.

BB allowed yesterday to go on for hours in spite of 2 major rules being broken multiple times. Jason says many of the same types of things Cody does in regards to sensitive subjects but I don’t hear people screaming for him to leave. So again, do we hate the player or hate the game? Maybe both – maybe neither.



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  1. Avatar

    Awesome Mell!!! Loved reading every minute!! With the pots and pans I was definitely thinking I was watching an episode of the Bad Girls Club lmbo. I will always love the game…just wish there were a few more players in the game. Right now everyone but Paul simply wants to be a “fly on the wall”. They are content being got damn decorations! Maybe 500k doesn’t mean much to this group, but I’m sure there a lot of people in the “real world” that would play there damn hearts out to have that kind of payday!! #vanessa #steve #derrick

  2. Avatar

    Awesome piece, nicely done!

  3. ElaineB

    Thx Mell. I appreciate all that those who support Paul bring to the conversation. Though I wasn’t a big fan of his last summer, I did want him to win against Nicole (the vet). Anybody returning to the game, doesn’t have to acclimate him/herself to the experience of BB. If there are ten items on a list that a newbie has to adjust to, a vet can start at #11. Plus Paul got three weeks of safety right of the bat. I see that Paul is playing his game, and if I wasn’t a true fan last summer (with him as a newbie), I am certainly not supportive of him this summer (as a vet). My hope is that most of the newbies recognize that they will not be Paul’s ‘chosen one’ at the end, and they will use the numbers to their advantage. No one in this experience is right or wrong. It is not my money to lose, if the newbies decide that keeping Paul in the game is a good thing. We all have choices and that is what we are left with.

    • Avatar

      This is the thing that is driving me crazy about Jessica – I wish she would start talking game – either with them or at them. I would be trying to make them think it through. Who’s next? Once Cody and I are gone who’s next? Who thinks they have a final 2 with Paul? All of you? It can’t be true for everyone so he’s lying to at least 8 of you. I would be doing everything to shake them loose from Paul, even if they didn’t line up with me. Pit them against each other or at least make them paranoid. I’d also be making stuff up. And moving stuff around and creating chaos. She can’t do that holed up in a room with Cody. And I don’t understand why no one else is going through this thought process either. They are all so limited.

      • ElaineB

        I like Jessica, for her distrust of Paul. I agree hilary, for the newbies to start asking questions of each other, keeping it general. If all of them are thinking Paul is taking them to the end, there is a big problem. (Even my elementary math knows that. Lol.)

      • Zach

        Paul’s only made a final two with one person that I know of and that’s Alex.

      • Sassy

        Agreed!! J & C could and should stir them up. Plant the seeds of doubt! I have been saying that for awhile. When are they going to ask where do I rank on his list and how much longer do I have left?

  4. Avatar

    What 2 rules were broken? (I don’t have the feeds, but it sounds like it was a bunch of 3 year olds throwing tantrums.

  5. Avatar

    I think Cody is an insensitive doucheweasel. His gameplay is awful, and he has less personality than a jellyfish. I can officially say I hate him as a player, and I hate his gameplay (or lack there of).

    Comparing the BB house to our POWs in Vietnam is equally absurd, and so is comparing Paul to Hitler.

    This is BB. There have been a myriad of unlikable, mean players… Evil Dick and Amanda immediately come to mind.

    I don’t think anybody on this cast will make the best or favorite players list either. This cast isn’t Dr. Will, Dan, Derrick, or Vanessa.

  6. BBBonbon62

    Outstanding Mell. You took all the thoughts swirling in my head(probably in a lot of viewers heads) and made an articulate, interesting analysis. Great job.

  7. Avatar

    Nice job, Mell! The only place I disagree is about Jessica being a strong player in the beginning. Wasn’t it the 2nd week when she was in the DR trying to go home? She has become a little powerhouse, but that’s not how it started.
    But you definitely asked good questions when we are evaluating “game play” and our favorite and least favorite players. I see a lot of similarities in players that seem to be against each other in the house. Cody/Paul. But also Jessica/Alex and Kevin/ Christmas…maybe.

  8. Avatar

    Great commentary, Mell. Always enjoy your thoughts.I don’t know if you can call anyone a bully in this instance. To me a bully is someone who picks on someone who has less power, is smaller, is more vulnerable than the other. Cody and Jess are not small, weak or vulnerable. They are horny, vindictive and poor gamers.

    • Mel

      Like Helen said on the last thread, no one has a 357 in there pointed at someone’s head. There is harassment and very low blow insults mixed with very immature behavior but none of these people are in junior high.

  9. Avatar

    I have an off subject question. I keep reading that Jess “slapped” Alex’s vagina and that she put her finger in Paul’s butt hole. What in the world? Can someone fill me in?

  10. danmtruth

    Mell what great job Thanks for representing the posters out here so well I said watching Paul try to take the moral high ground Was like listening to dwarfs argue who’s taller In the end your all short In this game your all bully’s
    and yes #TeamRavenSTFU MUST go

  11. Avatar

    That was brilliant! Awesome job Mel!

  12. Avatar

    So I posted on the other blog and I just wanted to correct two things first off I said Cody and I actually meant I’m a huge fan of Jessica. I actually don’t like Cody because I find him a bully. What I meant in my previous comment was that I feel like the house in general are way worse to Cody and Jessica then they were to them. I just don’t like some of the things that they have said towards them and about them. I have a huge problem with bullying. I was bullied as a child. I’m a black gay man and in high school I was harassed so bad I actually considered suicide. So anytime I feel like somebody’s being bullied I do gravitate to their side. That is actually the reason I am a big fan of Jessica’s because I felt like when the whole house was against her she was strong enough to not kiss ass and not talk s*** about or to anyone and win and HOH. I found such strength in that that it actually made me a big fan. As far as Paul goes I have made no bones about how much I don’t like the guy but I am always one to pay someone their dues. That being said last week was one of the most genius moves in the history of Big Brother I have never seen someone use the HOH nominees against them. This week though I felt like he was working with his ego instead of his brain. He was so hell-bent on getting rid of Cody or getting him to the self evict that he created that huge fight all by himself and as it was going on I can see people like Christmas Jason Kevin coming to the realization that he’s a big threat. On a game level I felt like he was doing a great job of sticking the Target on everybody else but the veteran but this week he kind of made himself a Target. He could have spun this his favor by keeping them off the block because like I said it doesn’t matter when they go eventually they will go because they’re outnumbered.

    • Mel

      Very good point and I agree with most of that. I’m not a Jessica fan but I’m a huge fan of her being one of the only people to see what’s going on and to have a backbone. She’s just made mistakes everytime she’s tried to do anything about it. When she argues with Paul, she makes good points and shuts him down but then she’ll turn around and do something stupid. I am curious to see if she can win when she needs to in order to buy herself some time to figure it out. I’m also curious to see if Paul damaged himself this week with his tunnel vision or if people will continue to follow.

  13. Avatar

    Nice piece Mel, I enjoyed reading it.

    With the exception of the sexual predator stuff, I think it is important to separate the game and not filter the HGs behavior through the real world. Each person has came into this game with a strategy or they had to create one due to ignorance.

    I view this entire thing as a game. While it is a different game then basketball the principles are the same. If my opponent cannot stop a play that I am running, then I am going to run that play over and over until they stop it. I just think that what is going on is part of the game that they all signed up for.

    Cody’s game moves have brought him to this point in the house. We can rationalize each move and point fingers to who we think is responsible, but Cody’s biggest mistake was when he blindsided Paul and Christmas and did not talk to his team. This gave Paul an opening and he went to work painting Cody with a broad brush. Calling him a bully, liar, stupid, etc. Whether it is true or not really is irrelevant, it is perceived to be true in the house therefore it is true. It is Cody’s fault for creating that opening. Every big brother I have watched the best players are great at capitalizing on these openings and creating big targets. I watched Vanessa do it every week and could not believe people kept falling for it. That is all Paul is doing right now. He has made Cody and Jessica such big targets that even Mark and Elena would put them up if they won HOH.

    Now this week should be interesting. I think Cody and Jess have a legitimate shot to win HOH. I believe when Jess uses the Hex, Paul cannot play the HOH comp. If either could win they could put Paul up and possibly cut the head off the snake. That is a long shot, but I am sure Cody is locked in this week. You would have to put Paul up against someone like Kevin. I can’t think of anyone else. If you put Alex up I think she would only get 3 votes to save her. I think Kevin would get Jess/Cody, Mark, Elana, Jason, and maybe someone like Christmas.

    Things can change quick. Last season I thought Paulie was going to walk into the final two because he looked so good at the beginning and then his game fell apart.

    • Avatar

      It all depends on the HOH challenge. Hopefully they will bring back the fill the whatever with liquid on the greasy surface. That’s always a good one for the guys…

  14. Zach

    I’m still trying to figure out how BB cast an escort for the show. What’s next an incarcerated inmate?

  15. Edsel

    Great post, Mell. I always enjoy your commentary.

  16. NKogNeeTow

    Mell I can’t tell you enough how proud I am of you. I think you are absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!! I have been wanting to ask when your post would appear and I so happy to say that the wait was well worth it. I can’t wait to read the next one!

    Luv you much 😛

  17. Avatar

    First time posting on here but just had to put my two cents in: I really enjoyed this blog! It was very well thought out and I enjoyed reading your opinion. I also agree 100% with what you said in it. Congrats on your first piece! It was well done. (:

  18. Shivani33

    What a treat to have Mell write for us! Thanks, Mell. I loved reading it twice and enjoy the photos chosen, too. Congratulations, and I’m looking forward to reading more from you soon.

  19. Avatar

    Mell great job. I always enjoy your comments!

  20. NKogNeeTow

    Oh and before I forget, THANK YOU Steve for giving Mell this platform. Great choice!

  21. g8trgirl

    Most excellent job Mell! But I would never expect anything less from you!

  22. Mimi Ryan

    Do We Hate The Player Or Hate The Game? Or do we, voyeurs Hate This Cast & This Season of BB? Mell, I love how you’ve put it all out here for us. Cody is a freak show happening. This guy is a piece of work. He was in the DR talking about how he hoped Josh would be booed and hissed at when he gets evicted. Cody has said he want’s people to suffer and be in pain, he is constantly putting people down, which makes me realize he has some self image issues, especially when someone is freaked out about transgender and whatever else he doesn’t like. And if he is a “breeder” GOD HELP US ALL!!!! Look to be a parent, it’s more than breeding, anyone who has ever been a parent will tell you that. But if all he thinks about is populating a place, grow a brain and use the damn thing and realize breeding is just a start, but to raise a good human takes a lot of fricken work. Cody compartmentalized everything, so the only thing he see’s is what he wants to see. Reality or not, he’s not exactly clued into much, let alone the game. Paul, well, he’s got himself into a situation that is really pretty funny from here. The power trips/struggles are all momentary. The goal is $500K, getting there however seems to be confused with getting laid, getting back at someone, getting on someone’s nerves, getting someone out (LOL) and now we are now in a pressure cooker of crap and not strategy. I’m glad I am not a HG in this season. I am however glued to this website and it’s conversations.

  23. Mel

    Thanks for all the nice comments. I won’t clog them up by saying it individually to you guys who said such nice things. Thanks Steve for letting me ramble away. You’re the best and so is this site.

  24. Avatar

    Why is it EVERY time a good conversation starts BB cuts to fish? Why don’t i pay half the subscription since I only half the story. So frustrating! Just saying.

  25. Alda

    Listening to Cody and Jess picking out baby names.Then Jessica saying she might already be pregnant.She said she hasn’t had her period since being in the house.Wouldn’t that be so exciting.NOT!!

    • Jannie

      Oh for crap’s sake they need to stick all those girl’s with Norplant before they enter the house.
      Can you imagine all the things growing in that house? And I’m not talking daisies!
      Anyone else noticed that Jess kinda looks like Ariana Grande? Our old buddy Mango’s(frankie) sister? Maybe she bills herself as a look a like on bus benches in L.A. to rustle up clients.
      Maybe that’s why she keeps stealing Alex’s ears…meow.

  26. Avatar

    The so-called Puppet Master in Paul this season…

    8 friendhsip rings to pick and choose your potential team mates (like captains picking players at a pickup game, only you were the only captain).
    1 extra friendship bracelet for immunity (week1)
    3 additional weeks of safety (weeks 2,3, & 4).
    5 plus weeks of you controlling the same 9 people (they are all still here, none as yet evicted) to do your bidding, work your desired magic.
    – from sub-luitenants (Matt and Mark)
    – to intel gatherers (Kevin, Elana, Alex)
    – to on the ready hit-men who wage war no questions asked (Josh, Raven)
    – and a das boot right hand Man or Woman whichever you prefer in (Christmas)
    3 HOH wins (2 for Paul, 1 for Alex)
    3 Pov wins (Alex, Paul, and Jason)
    You haven’t been on slop.
    You haven’t endured the spike room, because your key was the correct key to get you out a have not.
    You have been able to run Carte Blanche up in the house since day 1 literally.

    And what has all of this absolute power gotten you as we are now almost 6 full weeks in to the game?
    0, yes zero, the number zero permanent evictions credited to your HOH (you know who came back)
    2 orchestarted evictions of Jillian and Ramses, and of course their evictions have helped you in what way?

    The two strongest (not the best played game) but two of the most strongest willed people to ever play BB in Cody and Jess are still here front and center and gaining momentum.
    You have no safety net guaranteed moving forward.
    You have cracks within your regime, that may just shatter all together real soon.

    The true puppet masters such as Dan Gheesling, and Derrick Levasseur, who never had such unprecedented accommodations afforded them in their first few weeks in the house, would blow your game out of the water sky high with the utmost expediancy, and without delay. And it wouldn’t even be that close.

    Continue to enjoy your overrated game play as reign over a fragile Team Paul Kingdom, because one days soon, it may all be coming to an end!

  27. jimbo

    Cody and Paul both are d-bags at times. I don’t mind d-bags, that’s part of the game (I liked Russell Hantz on Survivor!), and usually one labels a d-bag someone they don’t like. As for bullying, Id say yesterday was textbook bullying…it was also d-bag, but this was more. Gathering a vast majority and planning to “torture” (Paul’s words) and then following though on those plans……is bullying! Now, Cody is a big boy and took it, I’m sure he can handle bullys (Marine basic training is all about being bullied), so I think that’s why he didn’t snap. Still, the attempt by Paul and Xmas was really Lord of the Flies, as said, and simply a low move. I don’t really see Cody bullying. Cody with Josh? Bullies don’t tell you 10 times to “not talk to him” and Josh kept on going back to talk time and again, so finally Cody blew his gasket. That doesn’t compare to yesterday.

    • Mel

      I think like you Jimbo (except about Russell Hance lol) I didn’t like the behavior but as a BB fan I really didn’t like the desperation. I also agree that Raven barking like a dog wasn’t going to make a Marine crack. I also think their both kind of d-bags. Lol

    • Avatar

      Cody didn’t snap because he knows he has pretty much destroyed Jessica’s game. He has already cracked a few times, but he is being good for Jessica’s sake.

      Yesterday Paul was trying to get Cody to snap. He tried and it didn’t work. Game move. Was it bullying? Sure, but that is what happens when you are a dick to everyone, blindside your own team, don’t allow others to express differing points of view, etc. When others he did not like came in to talk game he sat there and said nothing. He would brush his teeth or just drink coffee. I don’t understand the sympathy for Cody. I need to go back and rewatch what he did during his week of power because I obviously missed something. The guy told Josh he was going to tell people on the outside he was a sexual predator. I cannot think of a worse thing to threaten on somebody. I’m heading back and watching his week, I obviously missed something and need to get a new perspective.

      • Mel

        I don’t know about other people but I don’t have sympathy for Cody. I just don’t have it for anyone else either and don’t thinks he’s really a bully. I don’t really think Paul is either in general. I think he tried to be last night, otherwise, I just think he’s bossy.

      • Avatar

        No sympathy for any of them. It’s what they signed up for, getting paid for and when they hit the streets again, what they’ll answer for. How many previous players have lost jobs, friends, and respect because of how they played in the BB house.

      • Avatar

        No. You didn’t miss anything. He was and continues to be a douchewaffle……
        He has said on numerous occasions he would give up his game for Jessica Raven or Alex. Obviously he lied about that cause he’s still there

      • NKogNeeTow

        A few other differences between Grody and Paul are:

        Paul has an open door policy. Grody insisted on the door being locked and didn’t want anyone up there but him and the other Bed Bug.

        Paul ask the advice or let’s other members of the group voice their opinion (even if he doesn’t want it). It makes them feel like they are part of a team. Grody didn’t want to hear anything any of them had to say except his other Bed Bug.

        Paul will plant a seed, then make the others think that they came up with the brilliant idea (he wouldn’t take credit for it unless it was successful, and even then, they were either to blind to see what he just did or didn’t care). Grody alienated all of his allies, therefore the only one he had to even listen to him was his other Bed Bug.

      • Avatar

        I gotta start writing these down:



        I’m digging these. Lol

    • Avatar

      I loved Russell Hantz. I agree I’m not trying to say that Cody is innocent but the two are not comparable. Don’t really feel like Cody is a bully per se I just fell he has no people skills which makes them come off rude. Taking a whole house against two people whose backs are against the wall is the definition of bullying. I have to give it to Cody though I would have lost it. Especially if there are attacking somebody I love but he did a really good job at keeping his cool. I really thought for a second that they would self evict. I also like how Cody doesn’t tell people what they want to hear when Cody was HOH and Paul came up fishing around trying to figure out who is replacing nominee was most people would have Allied out of their butts but he stayed quiet and I found that refreshing and hilarious.

      • Mel

        I did too. Some moments have been hilarious with him, the bad and good. We’ll never know this of course but I would love to know if I would have felt differently about him if he hadn’t gotten coupled up. That turns me off much. He would have still been a jerk but so was Evel Dick and I rooted for him to win.

  28. ChiKelz

    @Mell, Great job on the post. I still haven’t decided if I hate the person or hate the game. At this point I think BOTH! LOL Keep up the great work! I hope you have another opportunity. BTW; I’m with you. I’m not understanding the whole Jessica Butt hole thing and Alex thing. I can’t figure out in my head either. Although, I must admit I get grossed out with the visual!

  29. Avatar

    I don’t like Cody or Jessica so I’d say I hate the player….everything they do irritates me…like breathing. They breathe too loud ……eating…Cody eats like a pig…..I’d just as soon they would go to their bed ,cover up so I don’t have to look at either one of them…..

    • Mel

      Jessica does chew with her mouth open alot. Lol

    • Avatar

      That’s how I feel about Raven. Yesterday after the heated day she was eating popcorn kind of fast and breathing kind of heavy and it disturbed me. Then Alex was picking at her toes with that nail file and I just looked at my husband and started laughing and said I wouldn’t last two minutes in that house because of stuff like that. I honestly prefer to read the recaps than watch it because I like all of the interaction but can’t stand watching their personal habits.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    After looking at that pasta, Grody was DETERMINED to have some meat. Frozen be damned! He was going to slice that chicken and cook it half frozen, no matter what…lol

  31. danmtruth

    This morning Cody and Josh were standing side by side cooking eggs After they were done and Cody left Josh said even tho i don’t like the guy He can cook some good looking omelets It was like a restaurant and he wanted to ask if he could have had some
    After that a bit later Paul was going to make some eggs He pulled out the carton and someone left 3 or 4 cracked egg shells in the carton Agree this is disgusting Xmas said this is dangerous at the same time she is sitting with her cast up on the counter Agree the egg thing can lead to salmonella but what about about your cast

  32. Avatar

    What was yelled over the wall of BB house?

  33. Avatar

    They said….America loves Jessica’s shower scenes and Paul is our boy.

  34. Avatar

    Oh. Thanks. I can see Paul’s behavior yesterday not changing people’s perspective of him. But Christmas wants to portray a certain imagine for her career…her cutting remarks yesterday, including about Cody faking being in military does not fit that image. I wouldn’t be sorry to see that coming back to haunt her when she leaves the house.

  35. danmtruth

    can we hate the game the player is playing ?

  36. Avatar

    Paul lost it. Jess was stronger (just dumb she didn’t backdoor Paul when she had the chance). Starting to like Josh. Can’t stand Raven / or Matt for that matter. But yesterday I was afraid someone would be hurt. Don’t care for Alex.

  37. Avatar

    Forgot to mention…Raven has 2 terminal illnesses? What’s up with that?

  38. Avatar

    Thanks Gerardo! The players I always hate are Raven, Elena, Cody and Alex. The others I only hate some of the time.

  39. Avatar

    Forgot to mention…Raven has 2 terminal illnesses? What’s up with that? Elena sucking up to Paul is nauseating.

  40. Avatar

    If I started at 10 PM eastern time and took a shot every time Raven changed an interesting conversation to something about her disease, I’d be sloppy drunk within an hour.

  41. NKogNeeTow

    Grody/Messi/WIR talking on the hammock. WIR doing some MAJOR ass-kissing. Telling them how he is with them and how he can’t wait till they are in power. Begins to whine about unrequited love. Says how Lips hung him out to dry. Looks sad and forlorn. Looks at them lovingly like he wishes he had what they have.

    Grody says he can’t wait until he wins HOH, so he can make them all suffer. *Sound like someone who thinks he’s been bullied?*

    Messi says she’d like to drown Alex in the hot tub, but she would need the help of the 2 of them to hold her down because of her fake boobs.

    WIR whines some more about Lips hanging him out to dry. He gets up and walks away. They laugh at him uncontrollably.

  42. NKogNeeTow

    Although I’m not a fan of WIR’s, what I don’t like about Lips is how she sends him mixed messages. If she doesn’t want to be with him, fine. Then just leave him alone. She pushes him away with one hand and pulls him close with the other. And he’s so stupid in love that he falls for it every time. I hate it when women do that…men also.

    • AIO_7

      “She pushes him away with one hand and pulls him close with the other.”

      Every cat that I’ve ever had did that to me during play. They will pull your hand and arm in with their top paws (claws) and kick it away with their bottom feet.

  43. AIO_7

    I read at another site that Raven actually dated Paul back in March and that she has admitted it to Matt.
    I’ve seen a picture of Paul and her together pre BB house. This is the first time I’ve heard about them dating.

  44. Mel

    Ok, just one more and then I’ll let it go.

    Newer BB fans scream “That’s Bullying!”
    Older BB fans scream “Where’s the f*cking popcorn?”

  45. AIO_7

    You know what, I just remembered that when the feeds first started that she was sitting on Paul’s lap a lot.
    Remember we called her flirty?

  46. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    For some reason I always enjoy the nights when everyone is in the backyard.

  47. NKogNeeTow

    Bathroom: Messi/Grody

    Messi just referred to Alex as a “little twat” because she sat there and watched Jason shower. This, after she (Messi) just finished watching Grody shower.

  48. Avatar

    Jessica tells Cody she is going to “blacklist” Paul everywhere because she already has the power to do that!!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Don’t forget she said Matt and Josh too. She said she had the power to blacklist them in every club in town.

      Grody: “Wow, you’re going to be a big deal when you get out of here”.

      Messi: “Baby, I was a big deal before I got here”.

      He started to tell her something that Production said to him, then he stopped.
      She asked him what it was.
      He said he couldn’t say because he’s a rule follower.
      She grabbed him *under the covers* and said ANSWER.
      He laughed and said he couldn’t say.
      She told him “Answer or I’ll shove it in your a$$hole.
      He said, go ahead, I’ve got strong cheeks.

      *Guess that pretty much answers the question about her butt hole fetish.*

    • Shivani33

      Good luck with that, The Jessica Graf. Go ahead and try blacklisting Paul at clubs where he doesn’t need or probably want to go, all within a small radius in Hollyweird. (Or in NYC, Las Vegas or Miami.) A v.i.p. concierge is a fancy-ass title for a bottle girl. Bottle girls sell booze at high-end clubs to people with enough money and clout not to bother with ordering their own drinks. The bottle girls spend a lot on clothes, shoes, hair and makeup. They often sit and schmooze with the booze buyers and can make a lot of money one night and not so much another. This isn’t Paul’s world, and not everybody craves to be a star or to be a namedropper. Jessica is being subjective and presumptuous. But what else is new.

    • Mimi Ryan

      Wow, she think’s she can do that just because . . . . Paul will always be more of celebrity than her and if someone want’s him to make an appearance and she’s somehow connected, than she will be in for a surprise. Just like Cody saying, I’ll do stuff as long as . . . . . . Funny how he doesn’t get DRAMA much. This is very funny.

  49. NKogNeeTow

    Does Alex’s family have money? Because she was just telling Kevin that her family rented stable space and kept their horse at Zsa Zsa Gabor’s home. She was saying how she and her family have known them for over years. She was saying that Kirk Russell’s 2 sisters live across the street from her family and that there are a lot of famous people live in the neighborhood.

  50. NKogNeeTow

    What is Xmas crying about? Did someone knock that dirty cast off the counter that they eat on?

  51. NKogNeeTow

    Xmas just said she just doesn’t feel like herself. Of course The Zombie Queen jumped right in to say “I’m telling you I’ve been through it. I know what I’m talking about”. *She even manages to turn somebody else’s pain into hers..hypocondriatic (sp) b!tch *eye roll*

    • Avatar

      Maybe Kevin & Christmas had to Cancel their Hot Cocoa Date in the Living Room tonight….Hmmm…Did anyone else hear Kevin tell Jason that he is in Love with Christmas in the Backyard today???

      Does Kevin know that his Wife might be watching him & Christmas Rendezvous, Stolen Kisses, & Embraces in the Store Room??? I know his children are watching him?!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Then he always turns around and tells Jason “We’ve got to get her ass outta here” …lol

        Did you see when Jason jumped in the bed and told Alex to sit on the bed and start doing his nails, because Xmas will come in there and crawl in the bed beside him.

  52. Avatar

    You always have a way of getting to the Heart of the Matter, and all of us on BB Junkies, appreciate it!
    Sometimes in this Turned Upside Down World we live in, Reality has a way of Mirroring Life outside of the Big Brother House?! Bullying, Lying, Fake News, Tweet Storms. I turn that bs off when I come on this MB, but I could not help but notice the similarities

    Cody for sure has a Difficult time relating to People, I read on Jokers that he doesn’t even like talking to his Mother, & he had not until recently! Cody decided since he is getting Older, & his Mother is too, it would be a good idea to talk to her from time to time?! Maybe Casting should have looked at his Personality Makeup before Casting him.

    As for Paul….I “LOVED” me some Paul, & Victor Last Season, they both were the ultimate Underdogs, & you could not help but to pull for both of them! As Paul Newbie, & a Underdog, along with the Veterans, Paul’s Shtick worked…This year, as the only Vet on BB, the Newbies hold him in “Awe” and look to Paul for Guidance, Instruction, & Direction. Giving Paul a Huge Advantage! From the Beginning Cody & Paul saw each other as the ALPHA MALES, & only one was going to rule the Roost…Paul.

    I believe that if Cody & Jessica would not Isolate themselves, & talk Game, more of the other Newbies “might” have Chosen Cody & Jess side of the house…The Question is, “Is it Too Late?”

  53. NKogNeeTow

    I’m watching Paul standing on the edge of the hot tub talking. He reminds me of that traveling gnome.

  54. NKogNeeTow

    Secret Squirrel WIR is sitting at the hot tub taking in Josh and Paul’s convo about Grody. I suspect that Grody will get an EARFUL tomorrow morning.

  55. NKogNeeTow

    Paul/Kevin/Jason/Alex, sitting in the bedroom making fun of Xmas getting in bed with Jason:

    Kevin/Jason/Alex hear someone coming up the hall.
    Kevin tells the to pretend like they’re asleep.
    Jason and Alex put scarves over their eyes.
    Paul walks in and Kevin tells him they’re asleep.
    They start laughing and Paul calls them MFers.
    Paul ask who are they hiding from.
    Jason sits up and makes a wheel chair motion (it was funny as hell).
    Kevin says that at night Xmas comes in and sits on Jason’s bed and Jason tells him to come get his girlfriend.
    Paul sits at the foot of Kevin’s bed.
    Jason tells Alex tells to come sit on his bed so she can’t crawl in.
    Alex shows Paul how Xmas lays in Jason’s bed (she lays next to Jason and puts her arm around his neck).

  56. NKogNeeTow

    WIR has finally lost it. He was at the pool table talking to himself and someone named Kelsy O. Saying that he wishes she was there in the game with him. Then he starts saying something about someone (he didn’t say who), was a traitor, unloyal, and a liar. I know he just had convo with MattRess and DMW, but I’m sure whether he was talking about them, Grody, Paul or Lips.

    Josh comes out and he stops talking to himself and starts to play pool with Josh.

  57. NKogNeeTow

    I must say, I’m impressed with Josh. He’s giving him good advise about being depressed and being in this house and away from home. He is being very sensitive and supportive.

    WIR is saying that it’s a combination of things: the slop, the lack of sleep, the house, his relationship.

    Josh tells him he still hates him but he still loves him. Says he’s still a meatball but he still loves him.

  58. NKogNeeTow

    DMW/Xmas/Lips in the bathroom talking.

    Lips: “I was the worst one in school. Well, not the worse but they wanted me to be better”.

    DMW: “I know, me t…..CUT TO FISH!


  59. NKogNeeTow

    Bathroom: Xmas/Lips

    Xmas: “Where is all that laughter coming from?”

    Lips: “I don’t know but I think we should go check it out”.

    *That laughter is the sound of Kevin/Paul/Jason, making fun of you Xmas*

  60. NKogNeeTow

    Kitchen: Kevin/Paul/DMW

    DMW: whining

    Paul: “What’s the matter honey, your stomach acting up”?

    DMW: “No, it’s my arthiritis (sp) acting up. I’m an old woman”. *Gawd I hate her*

  61. NKogNeeTow

    Kitchen: Paul/Kevin/Jason/Lips/Alex/Xmas/DMW

    Before Jason, Lips, Alex and Xmas came in, DMW said she was going to bed. After they enter the room, she suddenly starts cleaning the kitchen. When no one pays attention. She pops a pill then tells them it went down wrong (*actually that’s not true because if it did, she’d be choking by now).

  62. NKogNeeTow

    BY: Lips is back to torturing WIR again. He told her that he had 4 people he was close to in the house. Dom, who is gone; Paul; Cody, who is on his way out; and her.
    He tells her that with Cody on his way out, he hopes that he still has Paul and she wants to distance herself so he’s lost her.
    She tells him she doesn’t feel that way and he hasn’t lost her.
    He just stares at her with that blank stare that he wears most of the time.
    She tells him that she’s sorry he feels that way but she doesn’t feel like he’s lost her.

    Now with all the talk that’s been on this board about bullying, THIS is what I call bullying. She pushes him away. He runs after her. She pushes him again. He goes off by himself. She goes after him. He was at the pool table minding his own business. Out she comes and starts toying with his emotions again. I hate advocating violence against women, but this is one case I wish he could slap the sh!t out of her just so she’s go away. I know I’m going to get some flack for that so go ahead and Thumb Down your asses away now.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      “He told her that he had 4 people he was close to in the house. Dom, who is gone; Paul; Cody, who is on his way out; and her.”

      This sentence exemplifies exactly why I do NOT feel sorry for Mark at all. Out of those 4 people he named, the only one who actually cares about him is Dominique. The other 3 are all pretty much just using him for their own purposes (Cody and Paul for the game, Elena for a way to pass the time). Actually, I get the feeling that none of those three even really like him very much (Cody definitely doesn’t). Yet he chases those three around like a lost puppy dog, but completely abandoned his only real friend Dom in her time of need. Screw you Mark, go get yourself some loyalty, a personality, and some self-respect.

      • NKogNeeTow

        That’s exactly what Josh told him in the bathroom earlier. Josh said it hurt his heart to see how WIR treated her before she left. Josh told him that she viewed him (WIR) as her only real friend in the house and he turned against her and left her hanging out there alone. Josh said that no matter what, if he liked her, even if he couldn’t support her in front of the house, he shouldn’t have turned his back on her. He really made WIR feel bad about it.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        That’s why I have a soft spot for Josh. He certainly has his flaws and can be VERY annoying at times, but deep down I think he’s one of the truly decent human beings in the house. He’s the only person who felt bad about that whole Grossica debacle, and even wanted to apologize to them for it. That says a lot about Josh’s true character given how badly he’s been treated by Grossica, and the fact that Josh wasn’t really even one of the ringleaders of that fiasco (it actually started off playful with him teasing Grossica with the pans before the others jumped in and escalated the situation). He had a legitimate gripe with Grossica and could have easily justified his behavior, yet he found empathy for them and how they were feeling in that situation.

  63. NKogNeeTow

    WIR is back to playing pool by himself and mumbling again. *If this keeps up he’ll either have a nervous breakdown, impale himself with the pool stick or use it to pole vault over the wall*

  64. NKogNeeTow

    Paul is making a joke saying that this group is lucky because he treats his dogs better than he treats people (this was based on what Grody told him about his followers are his dogs). The cam goes to Kevin and Xmas, who are sitting on Kevin’s bed…they do not have happy looks on their faces.

    The subject changes to movies.

  65. NKogNeeTow

    The convo in the bedroom was so much fun with all of them there. Why did they have to put all cams on the Bed Bugs in the pool?

  66. NKogNeeTow

    Are we paying for this damn aquarium?

  67. Mel

    For those wondering, CBS has officially said there will be no OTT this fall.

  68. Quwana

    That was a great read and I say “We hate the player who isn’t playing the game” $500,000 is a nice piece of change and even though those antics from Paul and his minions as well as Cody; isn’t something I would do but hey you never know until you are put in that position…as long as no hands are touching anyone I say its all fair in money and war….lol Looking forward to all of your future post here in Big Brother Junkies….Great Job Mell!!!!!!!!!

  69. Avatar

    Excellent article Mell! Can’t wait to see what else you have to say.

  70. JadedMage

    Mell, loved it…definitely hate the players, no wait, the game, mmm maybe some players, no definitely the game and some players LMAO

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