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Does Paulie have a final trick up his sleeve? ; Afternoon Updates 8/17

The conversation that gave Paulie hope
Could Paulie be staying tomorrow after talking to Paul?

Good afternoon! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m excited for Zingbot tonight! Pamela covered the conversation between Paul and Paulie last night in great depth, so make sure you check out the overnight recap from last night. That was the big highlight of the night. Other than that, Nicole complained about James (is it just me or does she complain about everything?) and how he wants to go after showmances even though he’s in one. But today, I’m going to keep my eyes and ears open for Paulie to campaign for himself to stay. I’ll also be watching to see if James and Natalie decide to take him up on his offer of protecting them if he stays. Before I jump into the feeds, here’s a quick poll:

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  • 1:14 pm – Victor and Michelle are casually chatting in the Safari room. Victor says he would date Mariah (Nicole’s best friend) even though he doesn’t know her. Ok then
    • Paulie is in the kitchen making a pie, and gets called to the DR in the middle of making one
    • Victor is telling Michelle that Nicole and Corey have portrayed him in such a bad light
    • Corey is up looking for food
    • James tells Corey to talk to Natalie and that he’s sorry if Nicole took anything he said the wrong way
    • Michelle says Big Brother should set up comps outside the house and charge people to play them
    • Michelle says she regrets being mean to Bridgette, Bronte, and Natalie and that she’s afraid that she’s going to be viewed as the villain after her show with Paulie this week
    • Corey goes into the have-not room to wake Nicole up and she says that she’s been trying to hide all day
    • Nicole asks Corey if Paulie asked James for a sympathy vote or a vote to stay
  • 1:53 pm – Paulie tells Michelle that he thought about what she said and that he’s going to campaign for himself and that he’s going to talk to her later
  • 3:49 pm – Sorry about that delay.. The site went down for some reason, but it’s working now!
    • Natalie, Paulie, Corey, and Paul are in the kitchen
    • Random talk about Britney Spears and Selena Gomez
    • Friendship time with Paul and James in the safari room. The topic is girls, specifically what type of girls James likes
    • James says that daisy dukes and boots are the way to his heart
    • Natalie says she’s getting back to herself again after being sick and in pain
    • Victor has joined friendship time
    • Paul is now alone having friendship time. He says he likes the red alerts. Now he’s talking about Pablo. Maybe he stays so sane because he’s always talking to America lol
    • James and Victor are back.. James is complaining that Paul didn’t even know who he was when the season started
    • Paulie is eavesdropping on their conversation
    • Natalie and Paulie are now in friendship time
  • 8:04 pm – Time for the show on CBS! Looking forward to zingbot!
    • A little bit ago, James and Corey were talking about Natalie. Then talk shifted to how James now knows he can’t trust Paulie.
  • I thought the show was pretty good! (Tell me how you guys liked it in the comments, I want to hear your opinions!) I hope they show more of Paul’s punishment tomorrow on the live show. I also liked the zings tonight, but I still think that Kathy Griffin’s zing on Zach (BB16) was the best. And just to answer some of the comments, I fully expect Paulie to walk out the door tomorrow. He was trying to make deals with James and Nat yesterday, but I still expect them to vote him out. I’m predicting a unanimous vote to evict Paulie. But considering other options makes things more interesting.
  • 6:02 pm – Minor game talk between James/Nat and Paulie/Corey
    • James to Natalie- “You can’t go home and leave me in this shithole by myself!”
    • Paulie, Nicole, and Corey are talking about the craziest things they’ve done, while Paul, James, and Natalie are talking about Victor’s former issues with Natalie and James. Paul is saying Michelle and Nicole started it with comments they said to Victor that Natalie said when she didn’t. There’s a lot of he said/she said going on
    • Nicole called to DR
    • Victor has joined Paulie and Corey and they’re talking about flights
    • Paul, Natalie, and James are talking about how if they ever need a backup plan, they can get rid of Michelle because she offered to go up and leave if it came down to it
    • Victor joins the conversation and Paul asks when he’s going to rattle things
    • Vic says he’s going to taunt Nicole and Corey during the HOH comp
    • Nicole came out of the DR upset, so Corey was comforting her in the kitchen.
    • Victor called to the DR, Paul says they’re taping goodbye messages
    • Nicole is whining in the safari room and Corey is trying to convince her that they’ll be okay next week (they won’t). Nicole is saying that Michelle reminds her of Christine. She’s said this multiple times this season
    • Paulie was campaigning to the Vic/Paul/James crew, and said he needed 3 votes to stay. He stopped when Michelle/Nat came in. Paul called to DR, now they’re talking about hockey
    • Corey thinks that only Paul would put him and Nicole up.. They all would, do you really not see that??
    • Victor just got yelled at for messing with his microphone
    • Nicole hopes there will be a jury buyback so Paulie can come back in, Corey says he needs to pack his stuff tonight
    • Side note: Does anyone else watch American Gothic? I’m hooked!
  • 7:00 pm – Casual chit chat going on, no game talk at the moment. Everyone in London room, except for Paulie who’s wandering and James in the DR
    • Paulie filled Natalie in on what he told the others about voting to keep him and he says he’s petrified to stay in the jury for a few weeks
    • Paulie is now talking about Z and how she was immature (smacked one of Bridgette’s cookies out of his hand)
    • Meanwhile, Victor/Paul/James/Michelle are thinking of things to say to Nicole and Corey to rattle their cages and get them worried.
  • 8:04 pm – Paulie tells Natalie that Z tried to have sex with him and he denied her. umm then why was Paulie running around telling everyone they had sex??
    • Paul is talking to Corey and Nicole in the kitchen. Corey is saying people would be dumb to vote him out
    • Natalie is telling Paulie in the bathroom that she didn’t want anything from James and now she has everything.. Awe
    • Casual chat about costumes in the kitchen between Paul/Nicole/Corey.
    • James joins them now and Nicole says that Paulie is trying to connect with people on a personal level at this point to get votes
  • I’m gonna wrap up the thread here.. Check back in the morning for the overnight recap!

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  1. Mel

    Michelle is crazy but I still kind of hope she gets hoh.
    *she thinks ppl pee in the pool (we know for sure the hot tub)
    *she hopes to get laughing gas next time she has her teeth cleaned
    *Doesn’t want boring speech if she wins- Says she will tel Coryl that it’s obvious he throws comps and tell Nicole that she is sneaky, likes to play dumb and is a liar – will tell them both that it’s going to be fun watching them fight for their lives since one of them will be going home.
    I only commented on it because even tho most of them talk a big game, she will do it. She’ll propably cry right after.

    • Avatar

      They should all ignore Meech & walk away from her when she starts in with that ugly ass cry. I hate it.
      If Nat changes her mind & votes to keep Paulie, I’m done with her.

    • Avatar

      I’m not convinced that Michelle would make that type of speech at this point because everyday she whines about how she’s afraid America hates her and views her as the villain. I think this is the point in the season when reality (no pun intended) starts to sink in and the HGs realize they’ll be back in the real world soon and they start to be concerned about how they will be received when this is all over. They’ve all been talking a lot about what’s going to happen after BB, and a lot of focus has been on Christine from BB16 and why she got booed upon leaving the house. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Michelle make a concerted effort to mellow out a bit in order to avoid a similar “Christine” fate. Ironically, America hated Michelle much more BEFORE she recently started openly antagonizing her enemies, but of course she doesn’t know that.

      • Mel

        Good point. They are half way so you may be right. I still don’t like her. 2 months of bashing behind ppl for no reason is hard to get past. I wouldn’t have minded it too bad if it had been for game but I think her pettiness distracted her from game. I don’t want her to win the game. I just would have enjoyed the speech. I’ve said before that I hope she has really made a change (even alone she sounds remorseful) but I have feared she is just starting to think of viewers now.

  2. AIO_7

    Mary Ann should not even be contemplating keeping Gallie; if she does vote to keep him, I’m withdrawing my vote for her getting AFP.

  3. Avatar

    There is no overnight recap from Pamela that I can find.

  4. Avatar

    As much as Paulie has blown up his game, I really hope they get rid of that lump named Corey.

  5. Mel

    What did miss? Are they still doing the plan to get him to campaign or are they really considering it?

    • Avatar

      I’m lost too Mell. I hope like hell they didn’t decide to change the plan now. Paulie McNasty needs to go.

      • Mel

        I know there’s been a plan since mon or tues to let Paulina campaign so Cory wouldn’t have such a stress free week going into a hoh comp. I hope that’s all it is. It hasn’t worked very well tho because Cory just keeps saying that there is no way he’s gonna get voted out.

  6. Avatar

    I can’t stand how Nicole acts so paranoid and annoying.

  7. Shivani33

    What makes anyone think that Natalie wouldn’t vote for Paulie’s eviction? Five hours of parent pick-up line, homework, dinner and all that jazz, and BOOM! Natalie would change her mind appears here? What’s going on? I just don’t see her changing direction about wanting Paulie gone from the house. Maybe pretending about it, sure, but she has zero reason to want him to stay.

  8. Jannie

    Really? Bitchelle NOW wishes she hadn’t been so mean to the other girls?
    I am glad she helped get out TGF, but I still don’t like her.
    I remember especially how rude she was to Gidget…it was hard to watch.
    Nothing more annoying than someone who is a thin skinned, emotional mean girl.
    Sorry, but you let America see that you have a very annoying personality.

    • Mel

      Bitchelle. Haha
      I could eventually be ok with her if a year goes by after leaving the house, she is still regretful and has learned alot from this and has become a better person from it but….I’m not gonna hold my breath!

      • Avatar

        @Mell, if you decide you are going to hold your breath waiting on Bitchell then you better have paramedics, oxygen & a defibrillator on hand because I promise you that you will be turning blue & passing the hell out due to lack of oxygen. That girl is crazy as all get out & she’s a mean girl & she is not going to change any time soon. What’s going to happen is she’s going to meet someone who’s not going to take too kindly to her smartass mouth & they’re going to punch her dead in her mouth. Then she really will have reason to whale & cry like a damn fool. She’ll either stop that shit or think before she opens her mouth again.

      • Mel

        Yes, yes and yes. Once I saw that fight she had with her family, her reddit stuff and all the stuff her sister said, it was pretty clear she’s been like that her whole life. I’ve just he’d she could learn something about herself after this. She may not care but if there is one player who will read every word they can find about themselves, it’s michelle.

    • caRyn

      Michelle is going rattle Nicole’s game and when that time comes I am sure Michelle will take personal digs at Nicole.

  9. Shivani33

    Nicole lost her big, important cameo role as the tattletale for the men versus the women. Victor was adamant last night during conversation with Paul and Michelle about how much he’s looking forward to evicting Nicole. She has every reason to feel paranoid from now until she’s evicted. Victor is having a slow burn about her, and the idea of evicting Corey before her is only due to Corey’s greater “strengths” as a competitor. Realistically, Nicole is on board a sinking ship, at least for now. James could be the only soft-touch with any regrets about it. As Tanya Tucker sang, Nicole is rearranging deck chairs on a ship that’s going down. The futility is looking genuine, as far as her getting out of her self-created situation.

    • Avatar

      Unless, of course, America or CBS intervenes and throws her a lifeline. This ACP could help her out if it goes to Cory (and I’m sure her fans are well aware and voting accordingly), and of course we’re not sure what CBS has up its sleeve either with this round trip ticket or something else. She’s in a bad position, but I’m not counting her out just yet.

    • Mel

      I would rather nicole go first if not for the comps. I would hate the thought of Cory sitting in a final 2 looking around like he doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. She may do better now in the comps tho. Has she been throwing? What did she win in 16. I know she got back in from jury but can’t remember anything else about how she did.

      • NKogNeeTow

        She told Bambi the other night that she can win if she has to. She said she hadn’t been winning because she didn’t want to draw attention to herself.

    • Avatar

      Then again, maybe if Corey finally leaves, she’ll actually be less annoying and play the friggin game!!

  10. NKogNeeTow

    When I signed off Live Feed last night, TGF was talking incessantly (about himself). Just signed on to the Live Feed, feels like I never left.

  11. NKogNeeTow

    Here we go Boys and Girls…..ZINNNGBOT!

  12. NKogNeeTow

    Did TGF just call himself “A Born Bred Competitor”?….Cry me a river!

  13. NKogNeeTow

    TGF crying….I’ve seen better acting at an elementary school play.

  14. g8trgrl4life

    Love the background music for “keep it together” lol

  15. g8trgrl4life

    I love Meech!

  16. NKogNeeTow

    I like when they picked for the Veto Comp and TGF asked Mich if she won would she save him. She said straight out “No”. I do like her spunk!

  17. NKogNeeTow

    Oh I’m LOVING this! Minimal edit! Go CBS, I’m proud of you!


  18. Avatar

    These people attacking Pauie in a group is what we call bullying. Unbelievable

  19. JD

    If they end up falling for Paulie’s BS after they spent all this time and planning and keep him, then this really is the dumbest cast. He changes his story after each person he speaks with. They seriously need to call him out in front of each other. If he stays or has RT I am going to have to bow out til next summer. I can’t watch or hear about him for one more second.

  20. caRyn

    Paulie did play veto for himself. I love DR sessions when the truth comes to light.

  21. Avatar

    Oh my!! When is he coming back from vacation ??
    Sooo much has been missed and then also over typed in some new posts ……
    A lot more happened today and u can’t start a sentence about a convo and not blog the rest of it ..
    I’m pretty much outta here til he comes back ..
    My bf sent in $25 for him to go, but now we want him to HURRY [email protected]

    • NKogNeeTow

      Pamela and Brianna are new Missy. Please give them a chance.

    • Avatar

      Damn girl chill the f out. These ladies are new at this & just starting out. The best thing for you is to move around & get to steppin. If you dont have the patience to chill & hang with rest of us then bye girl…

      • Avatar

        LOL I love you Ann. Not only does Ann not give a single f*ck, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even own a single f**k.


      • Avatar

        @Gerardo, you’re right, I don’t own a single f**k. Lol
        I’m blaming my psychotic break down on CBS. Lol

    • Avatar

      @Missyin74 no worries I’m sure a few others share your thoughts, including myself. There are a few self -proclaimed Veterans on this site, aka the “Post PaTrols” that literally screen every damn comment. If your thoughts fall outside of the guidelines they have set the bitches gang up and attach. But the all bark no bitting ass hounds can down a few Xanax and chill. This site is for anyone, new, old ass f’ck or just passing through. Post what you feel, new or not the bloggers need feedback instead of fakeback.

    • Mel

      Some of us have been so fired up over psycho Polly, we’ve rambled non stop to help fill in any gaps anyway. There’s not actually been much game talk this week that hasnt being faked on purpose. There’s no point in starting off with:
      “Ditto from yesterday and yes they are asleep again.”

    • Jannie

      Rude much??
      Geez, I appreciate that this is a free site…you can leave without having to be insulting.

    • Avatar

      Pamela and Brianna,

      Thank you for your hard work on the blog. It is very nice of you to help keep us up to date while Steve is on vacation. There seem to be some cranky people in the comments who are acting like the Mean People in the house.

  22. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, I take back what I said about being proud of CBS. They completely edited out all of TGF’s refusal to do his punishment. And they now show him crying. This SUCKS!


    • Ingodog

      Yeah That F##king pisses me off, I bet he has the return ticket

    • Avatar

      They pissed me off with that damn Paulie edit. I mean they edited the living hell out of that crap for him. That shit sucks & it’s not fair because that shit is totally going to sway peoples views of that ass-hole. Those who don’t get the feeds or BBAD don’t get to see all that we do so when CBS edits the show in someones favor, THAT SHIT AINT FAIR!!! I’ll bet he has the round trip ticket too, I would not be a bit surprised…pissed but not suprised!!!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Take a deep breath Annie…lol

      • Avatar

        I wouldn’t have as much of an issue with the biased edits if it weren’t for the fact that it actually has a significant impact on the game. If CBS is going to allow viewers to make big decisions such as who receives these “care packages” and $25,000 prizes (AFP), they should really make some effort to remain neutral.

      • Mel

        Exactly! Put together whatever kind of tv show you want but stop having people vote for crap! Don’t get me wrong, I could vote for a douchebag as long as being one helped him play an impressive game.

    • Avatar

      They could be saving that for tomorrows show ….right before the vote would be good timing .

      • Mel

        It just sucks tho since viewers have been voting since Sunday and even if they show what’s really going on, there will only be around 14 hours left.

  23. Avatar

    Ps— the feeds have BEEN back up ..

  24. g8trgrl4life

    They edited out the “I’m not baking pies” arguments except a mention 1 time. Boo hiss.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I know G-Girl. I just took back what I said about CBS the first time. Can I thumb down myself?

      • g8trgrl4life

        Nah…we get it. Lol.
        At least they showed some of it. Wonder if they’ll show Granaunt tomorrow?

      • caRyn

        I don’t think CBS will mention grandaunt. They have managed to scatter, smother, cover and dice the heck out of what we see outside of primetime.

      • Mel

        I bet they don’t show aunt grandma, rages, tantrums, claustrophobia, quickly turning on Z, pie melt down, etc.
        They could show that without specifics easily but they won’t! Hell, between now and tomorrow, he’ll probably end up with enough votes to have acp and be holding the rt.

  25. NKogNeeTow

    “Paulie, leave, skeedaddle, SHOO!”

  26. NKogNeeTow

    Live: TGF and Bambi laying on the beds. TGF ragging on Mich, Paul and Bridget again. Calling them liars. Of course we all know that he’s the only one in the house who doesn’t lie. Heck, with that great edit he got on CBS tonight, he should be over the moon.


  27. Mel

    CBS needs a damn zing. Looks like they haven’t written off Paulie yet!! It’s hard to interpret the show objectively when you know what’s going on but that could almost come off as everyone picking on him in the kitchen, that he’s giving enough to want to save Cory and how pitiful he is! One damn pie comment that could viewed as “I know I’m being evicted so I won’t be baking pies this summer.”
    No: melt downs- crying that was over the top- tantrums over pie – neither great convo with Vic being rational and level headed with him (they usually show ppl trying to convince veto holder to use it)
    I wanted to hear about f*****g Aunt Grandma!

    • g8trgrl4life

      But Mell, tell us how you REALLY feel. Lol

    • Avatar

      I’m going to give CBS one more shot, tomorrow night, to show all of Paulie’s bad behavior. If not, I am going to be FUMING (in Victor’s words). There is no excuse not to show Paulie’s tantrums and Aunt Grandma BS, because that’s basically the only real action that’s been going on in the house all week (trust me, we have been bored to to tears on the boards all week during BBAD).

    • Mel

      I may need to be medicated soon

    • caRyn

      I am able to be objective. As a viewer of this episode it did look like everyone was picking on Paulie in the kitchen. Paulie appeared alone and vulnerable. It didn’t look good that Paulie told Corey that he would use the veto on Corey and then played to win it for himself and said he was playing for himself in his DR session. Paulie’s pie comment came across as just a week moment from a beaten down hg.

      • Avatar

        Honestly I find it hard to root for any of the remaining players. After this week I even find James annoying.

        Before this week I thought Paul was playing the best game, but he was so easliy manipulated to turn on his boy Paulie. I lost all respect for his game after that.

        Meech may try to take credit for that manipulation but Bridgette really spun that web. Prob to her, but too bad she’s gone.

        Honestly none of the remaining players have a good strategy. One of them will luck their way into 1st though.

      • Avatar

        I don’t see how Paul was manipulated into turning on Paulie. Paul was already growing increasingly frustrated with Paulie’s selfish gameplay and realized that Paulie was just using him (and everyone else) to set himself up for the win and Paul wasn’t going to benefit from it. Paulie convinced him to put Day up for eviction, even though Paul knew that Day was NEVER coming after him, then the next week Paulie refused to listen to Paul’s input about Z. I think when the girls started turning on Paulie, Paul saw an opportunity to go ahead and cut Paulie loose, so that he could make a go for the $500K himself. Otherwise, he was just going to keep doing all of Paulie’s dirty work until he himself got evicted or at best landed in 2nd place. It was a risk, but I think it was a smart move on Paul’s part.

      • Avatar

        @Gerardo, you tell that Diggety Dan or whatever his name is. I could not have said it better myself because you know I was about to blow the f**k up. 100% AGREE!!!

      • Mel

        Michelle wasn’t trying to take credit. It was assumed by paulie. She only took credit (and rightly so) for getting into her live speech that paulie had been very disrespectful and mean to natalie and that he and Nicole were liars. She is a big enough fan to know cbs may not show that side of him.
        Paul was wavering with da week and after arguing over Z, he was ready. Many players have gone very far by teaming with the best competitors for the first half and teaming with weaker ones in the latter half. You have to be good with the whole house for it to work well and he is.

      • caRyn

        It seems the only way hg can be sure that what they say in the BB house is aired is on Thursday live shows. How pathetic is that?!

  28. caRyn

    Holy smokes…After viewing this episode I am feeling sorry for Paulie. No lie. I need to get it together.

  29. NKogNeeTow

    Live: Paul/James/Nat….Discussing something about how livid Vic is at Nurse RATched for spreading a lie about him. Paul says Vic intends to tell her that she’s better win HOH or he’s coming after her.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    Live: Nurse RATched is crying because she just had to give her goodbye messages in the DR. Boo freakin Hoo!

    • Mel

      I have issues with anyone over 10 who uses the word cuddle on a daily basis. Not just in the house. She actually listed “cuddling” as one of her hobbies on her bio!

    • Shivani33

      Thank you for mentioning Nicole’s meltdown after coming out of the DR. While she was crying to Corey, didn’t Michelle just have to pop in to witness the lamentations! Why of course she did, and Nicole fled from the scene immediately. Capricorn Michelle with her frequent dry wit, walked into the room and skewered her zodiacal opposite, Nicole the Cancer waterfall, simply by making an appearance. We all know that Michelle has cried plenty but she can be a hurricane. This moment was comic gold.

  31. Mel

    I didn’t realize that Vic didn’t know for a long time that messy bun told people that he asked her on a date around 1st or 2nd week. (He didn’t- he did say it would be fun to hang out after the show) she ran with it. I guess since he went home so soon, it took a while for him to find out. He found out last night that when he was hanging out so much with her and cory, they were complaining about it behind his back and making him look like a stalker, saying how annoying he was, etc. Hes also mad because she lied to him the week he went home. ( I didn’t get the one. Everybody lied to him including paul)

    • caRyn

      I do recall Victor saying he just wanted to hang out with Nicole after the show. I also know Nicole did say Victor asked her out on a date but I thought that occurred on the feeds and I missed it because I only see BBAD and the primetime episodes. I didn’t know that Victor wasn’t aware Nicole was saying this to other hg and adding her own twist to it. Nicole did act as though Victor was a stalker and put her distance there with him.

      • Mel

        She exaggerated it at with the girls so it would get back to Natalie (that’s around whrn she liked him) and then after more people asked her about it, she ran with it because she got stuck. I can’t remember which I saw it on. Maybe both because she discussed it repeatedly when she was asked by someone new who hadn’t heard. He seemed a little hurt at first last night when he found out they’ve been making fun of him latell about being a 3rd wheel. Good Ole Meech told him everything.

      • Mel

        Man I need skinnier fingers. Good luck reading that

      • caRyn

        Wow! Wow! Wow! It was also a way for Nicole to work it to her advantage with her showmance with Corey. Games girls play with boys.

      • caRyn

        I would be hurt, embarrassed and humiliated if I were Victor – without a doubt.

    • Avatar

      Nicole, girl bye! Ain’t NOBODY in that house trying to date you. Not even Corey, and especially not Victor.

    • Avatar

      @Mell, Paul did keep trying to tell Victor in a round about way without coming right out & saying it because Paul knew if Paulie & his minions found out that he was trying to warn Vic, they would come after him. Paul flat out told Vic to watch what he says to people & not to believe everything they were telling him. Vic acted like he got an attitude with Paul & walked away from Paul. So Vic can’t blame Paul.

      • Avatar

        Absolutely correct, Vic thought he had the game figured out and it blew up in his face. I think that’s why he came back into the house a little humbled, and fully trusting Paul. Because he realized that Paul tried to warn him, and he also cast the lone vote to save Victor (even though that could’ve blown up in Paul’s face).

      • Mel

        Ya, that is true. Vic had word vomit really bad back then too. Paul couldn’t fix it at that point anyway. only time I think Paul did vic a little crappy was when he and Paulie were encouragin vic (a lot) to amp up his nom speech to Z and Michelle and throw beads. It kind of made vic look like an ass. Paul could have turned him down some whIle still sticking with paulie. Im not sure that was strategy. That was around the time when all the guys got drunk on power and being the most obnoxious.

  32. Avatar

    @Brianna excellent update of the afternoon events. Easy to follow thanks so much!

  33. NKogNeeTow

    Live: TGF was in the LR LITERALLY BEGGING James, Nat, Paul and Vic to keep him. Not only is it not registering but Mich for the block comes in and completely changed the subject. That left an opening for Paul to jump in and start talking about hockey. Shut that down quick.

  34. Avatar

    If they show her silly ass crying & sniffing & snotting tonight, I won’t be watching. I literally cannot stand that girl. I so want Paul or James to get HOH & coHOH so we can watch her ass squirm next week. That heffer has had a free ride all season long & hasn’t been on the block yet. PUT HER WHINY, SNIVELING ASS ON THE BLOCK…

  35. caRyn

    Thank you NKogNeeTow for the updates. I am so thankful. Please keep them coming.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’m trying Caryn, but I’m sleepy as hell…lol. Since I got the live feed Sunday, I’ve slept less than I did with just BBAD (that’s why I never wanted to get them..lol). But, I’m nosey and I keep hoping that something good will happen and I don’t want to miss it. I’m still trying to get use to jumping from room to room. I’ll do what I can 🙂

      • caRyn

        I am sitting here thinking about all of the seasons I watched and there wasn’t BBAD or live feeds. What all was said and done that I don’t know about?! Smh @ editing.

  36. NKogNeeTow


    Live: Vic, James, Nat, Mich and TGF talking about sports figures. Mich or Nat bring up Magic Johnson. They all agree that he no longer has AIDS. They say he has been cured. Mich said he probably smoked some kind of special marijuana. Just how the f*ck dumb IS this group?

  37. NKogNeeTow

    Live: TGF won’t leave anybody alone. Nurse RATchet asked Bambi if he had a chance to talk to Nat/James yet, he said no, that TGF won’t leave him alone for a minute and follows him everywhere. When TGF isn’t following Bambi around, he’s slinking around the house trying to find someone else to talk to…or rather beg.

  38. NKogNeeTow

    Everyone but Bambi is in the LR just general chatting. Bam is in the DR. Think I’m going to check out awhile and check back in on the HG later. They have no life and they’re sucking up most of mine.


  39. Avatar

    Ok random but… if victor is from New Orleans you’d think production would let him know about the flooding… His home, job, etc could be in bad shape and he has no clue… I just think if it was me I’d want to know and that everyone I knew was ok…

    • NKogNeeTow

      I thought about that the other day Lisa. But I also wondered if maybe his family asked Production not to tell him for fear he might want to leave the show and go home (under the circumstances, they might let him). Maybe they would rather he stay there and try to win the 500k. If they were in one of the danger zones, that money will come in handy. Just a thought.

    • Avatar

      I think New Orleans is OK for now….but water does run south so maybe soon it might get bad there. I follow https://www.facebook.com/VillalobosRescueCenter/ and they are helping elsewere ….I think a lot was in eastern LA …but then water rushed south and flooded lots ….quickly

  40. NKogNeeTow

    Live: While Paul is telling a funny story, Nurse RATchet and Bam are laying in bed. TGF gets in the bed between them and puts his arm around BAMBI. The Chatters are going crazy. Everyone is amused by Paul’s story except the 3 Stooges laying in bed. They don’t crack a smile. Once Paul finishes, Bam starts to tell a funny story. Don’t ask me what it’s about….Not listening….Never Cared!

  41. Avatar

    I sure hope that Big Brother show the goings on in the Jury House with Day, Zakiyah, and Bridgette! I read on Jokers Zakiyah’s home town Newspaper interviewed her, and she said that she hope Paulie goes far, & wins the game, and that everybody is a hater! This Girl is a lost cause. 🙁

    Paulie just better hope that he doesn’t become a “Baby’s Daddy,” because as Paulie told Paul he did not use a Condom on Zayiyah when he so called boned her 5 times…Smdh?!

    • Avatar

      Smh, that is one STUPID woman. Poor baby. I hope Day can reprogram Z a bit while they’re in the jury house, but Z has truly played herself on international TV. God bless her.

  42. NKogNeeTow

    Live: TGF just cornered Nat in the bathroom….begging again. He keeps telling her that if his fate is to go to the Jury House, he needs to be prepared for his fate. He says he’s petrified of being locked in the Jury house and the fear of not being able to leave and not being able to communicate with the people you care about. He then tells her that she probably has a better feel of how everyone feels in the house (another ploy to see how she will vote). He’s telling her he’s human (about his crying). He’s going ON..and ON….and ON….He says he feels he has 2 Comps left in him to get something done and then hang up his boots.


  43. NKogNeeTow

    Okay seriously. I can’t take anymore right now. Going to try to do something constructive and will check Live back later. Be back later guys 🙂

  44. JD

    BB has two shows. One America sees with biased CBS edits and one people who watch feeds and BBAD. CBS has divided America. You either love the nominee or you hate them depending on what the media feeds you. I have always said Paulie is CBS’S golden boy. They had to edit the crap out of him. Just shows you what you see on tv is not real. Get the facts. As CBS says in their PSA “The more you know”

    • Avatar

      IF TGF has the round trip ticket ….he is the golden boy ..watch 4 him to be on Survivor ..or maybe Amazing race ..if not it might be fair.

      • JD

        I totally agree. They will more than likely put Cody and his brother on amazing race. Hayden and Calendar have both been on Survivor. CBS would choose Cody and Paulie for Amazing Race because they are brothers. I won’t be watching AR that season if they are a team.

    • Mel

      I can handle 2 shows if we didn’t vote on crap. Maybe there should be a code that is only in BBAD and feeds…and we’re only told about the voting on those. No ratings in that tho i guess

  45. caRyn

    I had to walk the dogs and calm down. The show got me crunked up. Sooooo disappointed.

  46. Shivani33

    Natalie really becomes uncomfortable when Paulie comes at her and they’re alone, and I don’t blame her. James tries to make sure that Paulie doesn’t corner her, but James can’t be everywhere at once. When Paulie talked to her alone right after he was nominated, Natalie told James that Paulie thinks that he is never wrong and that she felt that he’s mentally unstable. She tries to be agreeable about whatever he says, hoping that will make him go away quicker.

    In the jury house there is really more contact with the outside world than in the house. A lot more. Interviews happen and past jurors have mentioned getting one phone call with their families. However much smoke he keeps blowing about the jury house, it seems obvious that Paulie doesn’t want to contend with WHO is in there.

  47. Mel

    If a juror comes back, does anyone hope it’s Da just because Nicole seems truly terrified of her. She is really worried about it.

  48. Avatar

    Ok, am I the only person who finds the Zingbot thing annoying? I can’t even understand what the hell he/she is saying most of the time.

    • Avatar

      I thought I was the only one who couldn’t stand that thing. The voice drives me nuts.

      • Avatar

        That voice was driving me crazy and it felt like that segment dragged on forever. I literally had to mute the TV until they finally started the Veto comp.

    • Jannie

      Ha! My husband walked in the room when Zingbot was on and immediately backed away saying “what in the hell are you watching and what is that thing?? My God that voice is the most annoying thing ever!!”

      • Avatar

        Jannie, your post gave me this visual of a man backing out of the room in horror upon hearing Zingbot that’s kept me laughing for the past hour now.

      • Jannie

        He’s usually pretty good about trying to figure out my summer BB addiction, but he just could not tolerate Zingbot.

    • Mel

      Me too. I only knew what they were saying because they talked about them this week. I was more annoyed than usual this year. They could have shown that tomorrow during the “what happened this week” footage that isn’t live and given us a little more game talk.

  49. Avatar

    i feel like zingbot was flat 🙁 #nevercared

    • Jannie

      I agree. I think Zingbot has peaked.
      The insults were pretty harmless for everyone but TGF.
      Now, remember everyone…I Hate Paulie…but I thought his was the most cruel. It really gave it to him when it made clear, several times, that he was “a poor man’s Cody”. I almost felt bad for him(remember I said almost).
      Who doesn’t hate it when they are compared to a sibling?
      And I thought Cody was a big dumb oaf…he was just lucky to have been in the house with Derrick. And Derrick was lucky that he picked someone so stupid to hand him the 500k.

  50. kneeless

    Thanks for all the info guys. I am out of town helping my sister pack for a move. I haven’t been able to keep up on feeds or BBAD for a few days. Good to know you all have me covered! Where’s Trudy? Did she finally realize Nicole may not be as perfect as she thinks? Sorry Trudy, couldn’t help myself! Thanks all.

  51. Avatar

    BBAD has been on for literally 5 minutes and HGs are already talking about going to bed. Sigh they really have to bring back that no sleeping during BBAD rule.

  52. Avatar

    I guess they’re eating the ass pie because Nat said the pie was good.

  53. Mel

    Natalie telling James if he didn’t try to win hoh she would pop him in the head was funny but Victor using Cory’s eagle and doing a puppet show is hilarious! If you guys don’t get BBAD or feeds, you should Google it and try to fiND a clip. Vic would win the vote this week if they saw this! They won’t. ..would be too hard to bleep all the cussing I would imagine.

  54. caRyn

    Pablo is the commanding officer. Pablo is my AFP.

    • Avatar

      Ok so this is 100 percent a true story… for the longest time whenever someone talked about “Paul and his pelican” on the boards, for some reason I thought they were referring to Victor. LOL I don’t know where the hell I got that from, but I kept thinking “I wonder why they call Victor a pelican…”. I just recently realized who they were actually talking about all this time.

  55. JD

    You could tell Paulie being compared to his brother hit too close to home. It’s probably why he’s begging for just one more week. If he got it he knows he might be able to spin it to staying longer. Pluse I pretty sure he doesn’t want them laughing in his face when he walks into jury.

  56. JD

    *Dang auto correct! I curse the for not knowing how to spell

  57. caRyn

    I can visualize Corey as an senior the way he sits there dazed.

  58. Shivani33

    Baldwin is a vast improvement over Zingbot. This gangsta eagle puppet could put both Mr. Pectacular and Zingbot out of a job. Evict those bastards! Baldwin’s a keeper.

  59. Avatar

    On BBAD tonight, what a great time now that Baldwin is in the conversations. So funny!! Wish this could be on the show!

  60. Avatar

    I feel like Paulie has some deep personal issues, almost like he is the black sheep of the family that’s constantly trying to gain approval. Like that’s why he’s so narcissistic. It seems like he knows Cody is the better looking brother, the nicer brother who won over a lot of people, and obviously he went far in bb16. Now Paulie is trying way too hard to break out of living in his shadow, but it’s backfiring on him and he’s really just making an ass of himself.

  61. Avatar

    Ok I am literally crying watching Paul’s puppet show right now. He is roasting the hell out of all of the HGs, so hilarious!

  62. Avatar

    Paul’s impression of Meech was hilarious!!!

  63. caRyn

    I can’t watch it. I have two Pop channels and both are blacked out. I hate that I am missing this puppet show.

  64. NKogNeeTow

    I have been crying for the last half hour. That was HILARIOUS!!!.

    Did anyone else notice how uncomfortable Nat and Nurse RATchet looked when he started? Especially Nat. You can bet your bottom dollar that before the night is out, James will hear about how uncomfortable and mean she thought that was. Just give her time to think about it.

    I’ll give Paul this though, he had them all down pat. And Victor and Baldwin are side spltting.

    Hey, it’s better than watching Pot Ball!

  65. NKogNeeTow

    Nat and James have disappeared from the group. What do you want to bet he’s getting an earful over that roast. I can’t prove it at the moment but I’d bet on it.

    The house is dead since the puppet show :-/

  66. Avatar

    The HGs are telling Paulie that he looks NOTHING like his brother Cody. Are they just trying to humor him because they know he feels that he’s in Cody’s shadow? I think they look very much alike, so much so that I actually thought they were twins at first. Am I crazy here?

    • Avatar

      @G, to me they favor if you put them side by side & they even sound alike but I don’t think they look like twins, they sure as hell don’t act alike.
      Now Tif & Vanessa look like twins, sound the same & freakin cry at the drop of a damn dime.
      Don’t you think Natalie looks just like Brittany from BB 16 or was it 17? Anyway, she was on Cody’s season.

      • Shivani33

        Yes! Natalie and Brittany Martinez from BB 16 look like family to me, too. So much so that I did a side-by-side of their pictures to really take a look at it. I commented about it on another board, but posting there was so technically messed up that it was just about hopeless to communicate. Brittany only lasted about a month, also listed herself as an event coordinator and has a few children.It’d be great to find out if she and Natalie are really related.

      • Avatar

        Oh yes, I know exactly who you’re talking about and now that you mention it, they do resemble each other!

      • Avatar

        Ann! I was thinking this same thing from day one! I always said Nat resembled a slightly younger version of Brittany. So glad I’m not crazy.

      • caRyn

        Vanessa ans Tiffany could be twins. I thought one was enough. No joke. Natalie and Brittany Martinez do favor. They are also both sweet girls.

    • Avatar

      I see some similarities, I mean they are brothers. I definitely wouldn’t go so far as to say twins, though. I think Cody is much better looking, but that could have something to do with Paulie’s personality making him uglier in my eyes. But when I do think back to the first episode before I even knew he was a douche, I still thought they looked alike enough to obviously be related, but I still don’t see twins. That’s just my own personal opinion, though. I could be in the minority.

    • caRyn

      Heck no they don’t look alike to me. I think Paulie got the short end of the stick – by far. They may have said he looks nothing like his brother because they really do not believe that he does. I wouldn’t know they were brothers but now that we know some common traits are there.

  67. NKogNeeTow

    Live: Mich/TGF in that African room. He’s begging again.

    Bambi joins in and brings him a beer. I hope they get drunk and he raises hell. That’s the only thing keeping me up.

  68. Avatar

    Victor’s Baldwin the puppet act reminds me of Triumph the Insult Dog, with the Cigar in his mouth, with U owe me Money…LOL?! Funny, stuff!

  69. Shivani33

    Having noticed how much alike Natalie and Brittany are, then it began to drive me nuts how much Michelle reminds me of Nicole’s old nemesis, Christine. For a couple of weeks, Michelle just looked like a slightly better-looking version of Christine, only with lipstick. It seemed wise to drop this line of thought, because who wants to go to BB rehab? Once or twice, even Nicole has muttered about hoping Michelle isn’t another Christine but she meant it more about their personalities.

    • Avatar

      LOL at BB rehab. You’re right, I’ve noticed the resemblance between Christine and Michelle from the beginning. Although I don’t think Michelle could ever reach the depths of pure despicableness that is Christine. Now that we’ve been discussing the many similarities between this cast and the BB16 cast, it highlights just how lazy the casting process has become on BB. Come on CBS, you’ve got to do better! Stop recycling old HGs and get some fresh personalities in the house!

    • Avatar

      I said ealier when the season first started how much Meech looks like Christine. I’ll bet they tell us at the end of the season. In the beginning of the season Nat was telling Bronte in confidence that she (Nat), thinks Tif & Paulie were the only 3 with relatives who are BB vets but she didn’t want to tell anyone.

    • Avatar

      Casting idea: all of Steve’s regular commenters lol

      • Avatar

        I wouldn’t be able to stay in the jury house because I’m claustrophobic & my aunt-grandma has cancer & she’s dying, that would be the only reason I would play. Oh, I need to pay off my parents mortgage.Plus nobody would want to see my big wrinkled naked ass in an apron, they would have to shut down the set. Lol

      • caRyn

        Yeah, I may not be able to RISE to the occasion because of my yeast infection. Can I get an egg? Baldwin? Anyone?

      • Avatar

        Haha! Nailed it.

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