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Donating for a good cause…

Good evening!  It occurred to me that Vic talks about his home in Louisiana but he has been in the BB house on lockdown and doesn’t know about the massive flooding the past couple of weeks.  I guess that’s what would be the most difficult about being a BB houseguest.  There are a lot of people who need help in Louisiana right now.  I know this is not about what is going on in the house but it sort of is.  You see, I think if Vic were not in the house, he would be doing whatever he could to help his friends & family.  Since we’ve become sort of friends with Vic, it might be nice to try and help his friends & family out where we can.  Most of us don’t live close enough to physically help but the American Red Cross is on the ground in Louisiana, working magic they’ve worked so many other times during other devastating disasters.  I spoke with Steve and he said I could post the link to the Red Cross donation website below.  Maybe we can help out a little while Vic is still doing the BB thing.


mob_americanredcross_logo American Red Cross Louisiana Flood Relief Donations


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    nachomamma (179 comments)

    when floods happen like this …it is devastating ….so many displaced …some say it is worse that Katrina …because it is inland …and it keeps running south …but as of now NOLA is OK …..anyways …if you can give please do …

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    Amy (1 comments)

    I always thought BB was done over the Summer before it is aired??

  3. Michele Ryan
    Michele Ryan (235 comments)

    I am sure that if Vic’s family was impacted adversely by what is happening there, he would have been notified. All the same I’m glad to see this blog reach out and help those is such need. My heart goes out to all who were impacted by the flooding in Louisiana, my heart and prayers are with you all. Blessing everyone.

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    Thelma M Fleeman (1 comments)

    I too would love to see people donating, but I would ask that if there are churches or missions locally that you could donate to much more of your money would actually go to those in need. Samaritan”s Purse is on the ground running with things down there also. The Red Cross etc. are great with helping but so much of the money actually goes to the organization that probably 50 cents of each dollar is all that actually go to those in need. We had the flooding in May in our neighboring state of WV and FEMA destroyed all the clothing that had been sent there, much of it new with tags. Our local fire dept. took several loads of water along with bleach and other cleaning supplies. These will be the things they need to get there homes fit to live in. Many of those who went there from here remarked on how bad things smelled from the water standing for days. Believe me they will be so thankful for donations, just please try to make sure you give where the money will get to the victims. FEMA will only give so much to each family, sometimes as little as $2000 for a home that is completely uninhabitable..

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    Angel (1 comments)

    Why is it that Paulie’s picture isn’t changed to black and white??

  6. CLangley

    I was in the Gulf in Biloxi MS when Katrina hit then went to New Orleans for clean up and to check that fema trailers had been delivered/set up for displaced families in the hardest hit areas. You absolutely do not realize how flooding ruins everything. All the homes that survived Katrina had so much flood damage they all had to be completely gutted.

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    megamills (1 comments)

    hey guys! I’m from Louisiana as well, and this is the second time in the past couple months it has flooded. I’m from Shreveport, which is in the northwest part of Louisiana, and my home flooded last time. only my mom and brother were home when it happened, and the roads were closed off so dad and I couldn’t get home. we had to stay in hotels for over a week. luckily our house is above the ground and it barely missed reaching our house. it’s really sad and unfortunate, especially since I have friends in BR. I’ve been spending a week down in BR helping out, so any amount of money could really help! thank y’all for being so caring.

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    Olivia (1 comments)

    Im from louisiana, please consider donating to a different charity. The red cross is not helping the people of Louisiana. They are money hungry folks only in it for themselves.

  9. Avatar

    How sweet of yous to offer to help his friends and family in crisis time since he unable to God bless yous

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    Joni H. (2 comments)

    Thank y’all. I am from SW La. We didn’t flood but everyone between us and New Orleans did. Baton Rouge wasn’t horrible but tons of small towns between Baton Rouge and Lafayette have been destroyed. Send prayers for our state, our families, and our friends. ❤️

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  12. JadedMage

    water is insidious, much like fire it has a life of its own. too bad we do not have an interstate water system, Cali could use the water right about now! My thoughts go out to those affected by the floods.

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