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Down To 5 – Remainder Of Season Plan


Well, I’m glad I waited to review the season because the double eviction was decent. Not one of the most exciting I’ve ever seen, but better than I anticipated because these remaining players clearly want to win and their emotions are showing it.

In fact – and I hope you’re sitting for this – there was actually a little campaigning tonight!

That’s right. As expected, Brandi went out with a whimper like everyone else, but before the second eviction, both James and Marissa actually campaigned against each other. And they were both good! They didn’t get nasty and they actually both gave reasonable arguments why they should stay and the other should go. James said that Marissa was a threat in the final 2 while Marissa said James is a roadblock in getting to the final 2.


My little celebs are all grown up!

Unfortunately, too late. With around 47 hours left in the season and 46 until the next eviction, we won’t get to see a lot of gameplay from this remaining crew. The crew that actually wants to play the game.

Here is how the remaining schedule will go….

Over the next two days, the HoH will be played (Oma won’t play as she won the most recent). A regular PoV will be played and then we’ll go to Sunday night’s finale.

Sunday night, they’ll vote someone out to bring it down to the final 4. After that, there will be one more competition where the winner gets to be the remaining HoH and that person will evict two people from the house. It is similar to the final 3 where the final winner gets to select who they’re sitting next to but in this case, they’ll be eliminating two people in the process.

I think they’re playing the HoH competition tonight as they were cut off from most of the backyard so I’m guessing that’s where that comp was. I’ll make a post later on when that is revealed. Could tell a lot on who will likely be in the final 4


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  1. Mel

    I wish they weren’t trying to cram so much into the last episose but if tomorrow’s episode is the clips some of us hate, it may actually be good for people who don’t watch the feeds. This mini season has been very funny and there is quite a lot to pick from. Let’s hope they choose better than the wierd singing James did in the bubble the other night…that was a waste of time.

    Brandi went out much better this week than the clips made it seem and her interview was great. She called Ross on his lies to her but ended up telling him she loved him and knew it was a game last night. I never thought I’d be a Brandi Glanville fan. I never thought she’d be WAY more mature about BB than Shannon. I also never thought I’d be rooting for Omarosa to win hoh tonight but I was. I still like Ross but there was a better chance Marissa might leave if he didn’t win tho. James was the best move for them…just not for us.

    I couldn’t play along with you guys tonight because I had my 5 year old granddaughter. I started watching it late but while she was still awake. She was only halfway listening while playing and told me Marissa was a “faker, faker, loser maker.” I don’t know what that means but I was abnormally happy that this tiny child can’t stand Marissa either! She also asked me why Ross talked like a girl and why hewas so dramatic. (Didn’t know 5 yr olds got “dramatic” but apprantly so)

    She also kept telling me that Brandi was me. She just kept laughing, teasing me and saying “she’s you, she’s you, you’re getting ready to get kicked out.” I have no idea what the similarity was that she was seeing but her last observation WILL keep me up tonight.

    Thanks for not deserting us completely Gerardo. We miss you!

    • Shivani33

      Mel, our 9 year old heard Marissa say that she could win a talking comp and said, ” it’d better not be an eating comp, either!”

    • LO1004

      Brandi’s interview was the best in a long time. Even Julie seemed to really enjoy it.

      Omarosa put a major target on her back w her HOH. She pissed off the last duo in the house and now Mark has reason to go after her. She’ll be the next one chatting w Julie.

      Regarding Shannon, I think she’s acting like an ass bc she’s embarrassed. She’s a so-called Super fan who overplayed her hand and got her ass booted too early. She made classic rookie mistakes, so it seems to me she’s blaming everyone else when she should be looking in the mirror.

  2. Shivani33

    I’m hoping that we’ll find out who won HoH before this night is over and am picturing who I think each of the potential HoH winners would decide to nominate. I’m surprised that there aren’t 2 double evictions scheduled, but probably it’s cheaper to have the final HoH evict two people. I wonder how Omarosa’s fellow houseguests are going to like it when they find out how much money Omarosa got paid just to play!

  3. Alda

    Ross is the new HOH.Goodbye Omarossa,maybe?

  4. Alda

    Ross says he is putting up Ari and Omarosa.

  5. Mel

    Ross won hoh, he and Mark must have been last 2, Ross says he made a deal not to put him up. (he was never going to) Ari & Omarosa will be otb. Ross told Ari’s she’s safe unless Omarosa wins veto. I guess that’s his way of telling her he’s keeping Mark without saying it.

    I’d like Omarosa to win veto if Mark was an option to leave but since he isn’t, at least at the moment, I want Ari to get it because I still want her to win it all. I don’t see a scenario where Ari and Omarosa both stay.

    Ross told Marissa she will be the replacement nom if one of them wins but said she’s safe.

  6. Alda

    Ross will be winning AFP according to some blogs.The votes are pouring in for him.No surprise to me.

  7. Avatar

    Does anyone know if Ross will be able to play in the last HOH? Seems kinda risky to have won this one if not but then I guess not willing any of them is risky.

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