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Down To The Final 5; Live Eviction Updates

pitypartyStill my favorite image of the season


 Good evening, everyone!  It’s eviction night, which means JaNat will be JaNomore in just a few hours – and it will be glorious. When Natalie walks out the door (which should happen), fan favorite James will be forced to remove his head from her butt that has been lodged up there since day 1….


Hopefully now that he is alone, he can actually start playing the game again and have a chance to make it a bit deeper in.  While he is supposed to be the next target, it is unlikely that either group will pass up the opportunity to use him as a number to further their own game.   If they do, well, he’ll get to re-enter the friendzone in the jury house soon enough.  I hate to sound like I’m bashing James, because I’m not. As a person, he seems like a real stand up dude, and all-around good guy.  While he may think Natalie is out of his league, I think it’s opposite, and hopefully he’ll learn that soon.  Sorry, I’m ranting on a personal level, and I should stick to game. It just annoys me to see James hold her hand throughout the season, only to have her throw him under the bus the first chance she got.


On a different note – CBS is running a special promo for the Big Brother: Over the Top season. If you sign up to the live feeds, you can get one month free to check out the show!  What you need to do is click on this link, and use the code FALLACCESS for an entire month free.  Pretty damn sweet deal.  You can also take advantage of it for tonight because the HoH competition will be another endurance challenge, and it will be shown on the feeds. So, go sign up, I’ll wait….

Live Show Updates: (times in est, because it’s the best time zone)

  • 7:45pm – An hour and 15 minutes until the show!
  • 9:00pm – Ok, here we go!  Let’s start with some highlights of the week
    • Julie calls the house ‘A showmance (NiCorey), A bromance, and a romance (JaNat) on the line’. A romance, really?
    • Big Meech will be in the jury house clip
    • And more Jeff and Jordan. Can’t go a season without them showing up (other than Jeff and his horrible jokes during the live feed breaks)
  • 9:05pm – Now clips of the week that was the pity party hosted by Natalie
    • Here is James/Natalie fight #293 of the summer. And Julie called it a romance
  • 9:10pm – Some clips of the final 4 alliance courting James. First Victor, then Corey
    • Who will land the vote of James
    • They show Natalie kick James out of bed last night.
  • 9:20pm – Jeff and Jordan segment
    • They’re married, she’s pregnant. They’re having a boy
    • 18 years from now, the kid will be joining the Big Brother house with Rachel’s kid
    • Jeff thinks James and Natalie will be the Jeff and Jordan of the season. Alright, bro.
  • 9:25pm – Up next, actual interesting stuff.. the jury house!
    • Ok, jury house time…..
    • Paulie and Z playing pool. Sounds like things have calmed down, and I’m sure they’re back to … doing their thing
    • Da’ comments about how they’re back together and Bridgette/Da’ no longer exist.
    • Michelle enters the house. The jury isn’t happy because they wanted her to stay in longer
    • Michelle blames the ‘snake’ Nicole (even though Michelle said she was going after Nicole)
    • Showing clips of last week. I forgot it was just a few weeks ago that James threw the HoH comp
    • Michelle tells the house that Paul called her the c-word
    • Da’ pissed that James threw the comp to her
    • Paulie defends Nicole a bit and says people have been dragging her name through the mud
    • Michelle mocks how Nicole pretended to be nervous
    • Da’Vonne admits that Nicole is running the house. This is what I said a few days ago that I think she would be the one who could flip in favor of Nicole because she is the logical one
  • 9:35pm – Commercial
    • We’re back. Natalie fumbles her speech, but both her and James gush over each other
    • James says he won’t campaign
  • Votes
    • Paul – Natalie
    • Nicole – Natalie
    • Corey – Natalie – Natalie evicted
    • Julie asks why she threw James under the bus. Natalie denies it
    • Julie busts out some quotes from Natalie how she trusted James and his opinions.
    • Julie should moderate a presidential debate, she fact checks better than Matt Lauer.
    • She asks Natalie how real the showmance is.  Natalie yells some stuff about being real
    • She asks if there is a chance it could turn romantic. She says possibly (not)
  • 9:45pm – Commercial break
    • When they return, the HoH competition will start. It is the sliding comp where they slide back and forth filling something up.  I’ll give more details shortly
    • Ok, they need to fill 8 gallons of butter into the bubble containers.
    • There is a second bubble that will release a second, and larger scooper that can help with the bigger container.
    • Corey seems to have a good stride for this.  He and Paul are going for the large one, while the other two are going for the small one.  Victor laughing at them all

Time for me to end this, so I can begin the live HoH competition thread. Check back


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  1. Avatar
    nachomamma (179 comments)

    My favorite part of the live show is the jury house …I hope we get a realistic edit ..and not and sugarcoated don’t make paulie look bad again ….or mom and dad will bitch again.

  2. Dobi
    Dobi (52 comments)

    Ha ha! That picture pretty much sums up James’s season!

  3. Avatar
    Ella (78 comments)

    Thanks Steve for the JaNomore reference….love it. Natalie is a piece of work and little Miss Congeniality will be no mo’! I am not a fan of James, but it would have been nice for him to actually play the game for the reason he is there, reportedly by him…to win. Course in both seasons, that has been questionable. Now he is on the apology tour to Natalie and that needs to end. Bye Nat Nat, enjoy jury house! There is no question, that she needs to go no further in this game.

  4. Alda
    Alda (1952 comments)

    I loved James last season,and was so happy to see he was on BB18.BUT….now he is ready to play the game?There is less then two weeks to finale.Paul and Victor have been working their butts off since week one.Has Paul been obnoxious at times?Yes.Has Victor been a little stuck on himself?Yes.But they have been playing this game every day.Nicorey have spent their time in bed.Paul and Vic deserve to make it to the finale.The others,not so much.

  5. Avatar

    @Franko, you might be seeing me on tv tonight if Nicole or Corey wins or should I say if one of them are given HOH because it will all I can do to keep from jumping through the tv screen snatching them. I can’t believe how I’ve let these people drive me nuts.
    I can’t believe there are people out there who don’t think Corey had help. The guy walked straight to the freakin pipes, he didn’t even try to fake it or make it look real. WHAT THE HELL!!!
    I tell you, I’m hanging on by a thread.

    • Avatar
      nachomamma (179 comments)

      BREATHE …. it is just a TV show …..if one of the housepets are not a loved one …it is entertainment ….addicting entertainment …but that’s another story …

    • Avatar
      franko (692 comments)

      Ann, the comp is still going on so I guess I won’t see you jumping thru your TV. Lol
      Don’t let it upset you so much. Oh, wait, what the hell am I saying?? I feel the same way. I don’t have live feeds so I can’t see the end of the comp. I doubt I’ll be up long enough to know who won till tomorrow. I have to be up early to go to yet another specialist trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with me and why I cannot regain my strength. It is no fun feeling like crap all the time. They’re testing for Addison’s disease. Just wish they’d find something soon.
      Keep calm my friend. Don’t lose your cool, it is JUST a TV show after all. I know it is frustrating when you love the show and see it being ruined a little more each year.

    • Avatar
      Elaine (2 comments)

      All of BB has been programmed from production. They are scripting who, what, where throughput the whole show.
      So you don’t know what is real or not.
      So whomever wins, is it real or not?????????

  6. Mell
    Mell (4692 comments)

    Natalie is annoying as hell but I don’t blame her for James bad game play. He didn’t play last year either. He just sat around with Meg thinking things would fall into place. I don’t like Natslie but I think she’s played a better game than James. She got bad advice her hoh week. I’m not talking about James or Nicole. It’s her own fault if she fell for Nicoles crap. I’m talking about the very lengthy DR she had after winning. If she truly is new to the BB world, she didn’t stand a chance at the persuasion to work with Corey and Nicole. I would be curious to know what would have happened that week otherwise. Nicole may have planted the seed about Paul coming after James but Natalie may have went to Paul and discussed it and Nicole and Corey may have been OTB. We will never know. Natalie is who also almost forced James to start playing the week Z left. After Paulie left, James wasn’t in a bad position imo.

  7. Avatar

    Would love to see James get HOH and watch Nicory scramble and wipe that cocky smirk off her face

  8. Avatar

    I wish James would just grow a pair & tell Natalie off. I’ll bet you if by some dumb luck James won the game, Natalie would be all over him trying to get every single dime she could out of him.

  9. Avatar

    IMHO James is far too good for Natalie. He is down to earth, cute and has a fantastic personality. While sheis, well, shallow and selfish.

  10. Avatar
    Peter B (2 comments)

    I agree with Kay, Nicole has had that smirk on her face for quite some time. She is nasty. She spends more time in bed screwing Corey and back stabbing everyone else for her own game. She should have been evicted back in week 3

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  12. Avatar

    Are any of you surprised Zakiyah went right back to Paulie?

    James shocked the shit out of Nat when he snapped on her. Lmao…LOVED IT!!!

  13. Avatar

    Well guys, here we go. Who’s going to win HOH or who will it be given to now???

  14. Avatar

    Who would’ve thouht Corey’s big goofy butt could actually do something besides set live billy goats on fire? Looks like Corey might be getting this one.

  15. Avatar
    Barbara Braendle (16 comments)

    While Paul is a good player and could win I would hope his foul language the whole season will elimate him. His language is insulting to the American public.

  16. Alda
    Alda (1952 comments)

    Corey’s got this.Nicole will have no blood on her hands.Vic better be ready for the Veto,or he’ll be gone.Damn!

  17. Avatar

    James and Victor are my choices for final two. I love Victor’s back story and family. James is someone I would love to have as a friend. Those two have been straightforward all season. They made big moves in the game and never lied about it.

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