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Down To The Final Four Eviction Thread

Third time was not a charm

It’s been a fun ride for Victor, but his summer of badassery is about to come to an end… well, seeing as this is a pre-recorded episode that happened yesterday, it likely already has. I’m probably supposed to pretend I don’t know who is going home for the suspense, but anyone who follows this blog knows who the target was. They also knew who was going home the second the feeds came back and Nicole won PoV. Not a shocker.


Side note – Once again, I am pushing for Victor for America’s Favorite this year.  Yea, he was evicted 3x, but he is funny, honest, and a cool guy.

Alright, so here we are. Just one week to go (and a day). Then that’s it. I cannot believe how fast the season (and summer) has gone by. I guess that is the bad part about your life revolving around a show that airs during the summer is that it flies by, but so does the best time of the year. I really need to move to a warmer area so my summer can be extended by a few months.  Who wants to hook me (and wife/daughter) up with a cheap rental deal down in FL?  Speaking of wife… today is our 2 year anniversary!  I don’t know why I felt the need to share that with tens of thousands of people, but hey, she’s awesome.

And I’m well aware that I wrote almost 250 words and haven’t really said much about Big Brother. That’s because there is almost nothing to talk about. The live feeds have been down since yesterday morning and will remain that way likely until midnight est. There are rumors of a new HoH that you can read here. I went through every possible final 2 match up to see who has the better chance against each other (spoiler alert – if anyone wants to win, they can’t take Corey to the f2).  That leaves us with where we are now. Me rambling about moving to FL.


Updates – (est)

  • 7:30pm – 30 minutes to go until the show begins. It should be a busy one as they have to show the veto comp, meeting, eviction, and possibly HoH
  • 8:00pm – Julie jumps right in and tells the house ‘live’ that there is an eviction tonight. Something tells me they already knew
    • They’re showing clips of Nicole, Corey, and James dealing with the reaction from nominating Paul and Victor
  • 8:15pm – PoV time. The comic book veto challenge
    • Of course Natalie’s had that damn leg kick.
    • Michelle’s says ‘Big Meech’ with a baby rattle.. hilarious lol
    • James spends about 10 minutes staring at Natalie’s comic. I can’t figure out if he’s throwing these comps or not
  • 8:20pm – Nicole won the PoV
    • Shows the awkward long hug of Nicole by Victor. He really was touchy with her this season
    • The clips finish, and Derrick is interviewed by Julie
    • She asks if someone should stay true to their couple if it will cost them the game (*cough* Nicole with Corey)
    • Derrick is still pretending that he isn’t sure if Cody would have won against Victoria.
    • He says what she is different this year is that she waited this year and is stepping up late
    • He thinks Nicole can win, and he’d love for a woman to win this year. It’s overdue (it is)
  • 8:25pm – Commercial break then veto meeting
    • Quick meeting to show Nicole not using veto
    • Paul mentions how so many people said they’re not campaigning against soandso, but he means it
    • Now they’re going to hype up the possibility Vic may remain
  • 8:30pm – Commercial break, then eviction
    • They keep pushing the Big Brother fall edition on commercials which is good. Hope people are here on the site for it
    • Ok, eviction time…
    • Paul makes fun of Natalie and Michelle in his eviction speeches. He roasts the house.
    • Victor’s speech.. he calls Corey a snake charmer.  He tells James that he’s not out of the woods because he has a knife in his back with his name on it.  He then says he loves everyone
    • Nicole:  Victor
    • James: Victor
    • Victor eliminated 2-0
  • 8:45pm – Commercial break
    • HoH time!
    • They have to guess what the missing word was from a quote
    • True/False… point system after 7 rounds
    • Round 1 – Everyone 1 point
    • Round 2 – James got this one wrong. And it was a quote from Natalie to him
    • Round 3 – Nicole 3, Paul 2, James 1
    • Round 4 – All correct
    • Round 5 – Nicole 5, Paul 4, James 2
    • Round 6 – Nicole 5, Paul 5, James 2
    • Round 7 – Nicole 6, Paul 6, James 3
    • Tiebreaker – Paul wins HoH

I’ll be posting an update as soon as feeds go live in 3 hours


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  1. Avatar

    too much cheating in big brother, production helps who they want

  2. Avatar

    Another great season! Thanks so much for your updates. I don’t live in FL, but we do get more summer here and have some connections. Connect with me over email and I’ll give you more info! 🙂

  3. Rita

    I would vote for the person who talked about AFP the least while on the feeds but that would be Corey so my vote will be going to Nicole.
    I can’t believe it myself. I was so anti-Nicole for most of the game because of her being in bed with Corey ALL THE TIME but I feel she has redeemed herself the past few weeks.
    Hearing her talk about how excited she was just to be in the running for AFP during her season made me remember how loved she was in BB16. Donnie deserved it over her then and honestly I just don’t see any of the others as anything special.
    Victor’s constant bragging about his comp wins proves he’s not a good BB player and is the reason he didn’t make final 2.

  4. Avatar

    Can not wait for the show! Yay!

  5. NKogNeeTow

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! And you BOTH are awesome! The Papa and Mama of The BB Junkies 🙂

    Ramble all you want. Heck, I do it all the time. It’s what I do best…lol. It’s your Blog and we listen to any and everything you say. And given what you have to work with (basically a dead house), we’ll take what we can get.

  6. caRyn

    Victor is such a stand-up guy. I appreciated his honesty with Corey and Nicole in the HOH room.

    • Avatar

      @ Caryn (Ryn)
      Me too Caryn, Victor is right up there with Donny from BB16 for me, because he was overwhelmingly Honest, & didn’t play a Dirty Game. I have a very GOOD Feeling we will be seeing Victor Again on Big Brother.

      • caRyn

        I know we will see him again – somewhere on CBS. 🙂
        I am glad I was given these few days to mentally prepare myself for him to go. If it was a DE, and I wasn’t prepared, I would be so upset and wired that I wouldn’t be able to sleep. He left the BB house with such respect and now Julie has a new BF.

  7. Avatar

    I am probably the most excited to see tonight’s show than I have been in the past few weeks. Here we go!

  8. caRyn

    Corey didn’t see the ladder in this comp but found the pipe first thing in the other comp.

    • Avatar

      Exactly, he’s a friiken moron. Wth production, we’re supposed to believe that shit for brains idiot could find those pipes right off the bat in that comp last week but then couldn’t find a ladder that even James dim wit ass found? Yea, ok..

  9. Avatar

    Derrick played a great game , nice to hear from him again …Hope you had a great day Mr. N Mrs. Beans…

  10. caRyn

    There wasn’t speeches from Victor or Paul to Nicole to use the POV.

  11. Rita

    I hope anyone but Paul wins the next HOH.

  12. Avatar

    Loving Pauls speech!

  13. Avatar

    That was FUNNY
    …except the Vic leaving part

  14. Avatar

    My dad rents out his house in FL 🙂

  15. Bonnie

    Paul has been genuinely happy for all the comp winners. But the 3 idiots could barely show him any love when he just won HOH. What a bunch of douches.

    • Avatar

      Yes they are I can’t wait I hope the snake goes home

      • Avatar

        Why is she the snake? Paul is the one who ran the house and did the most damage. He was just better at lying his way out of it and then throwing a stupid hissy fit when anyone dared call him out or question him. If the winner was best liar then he is your winner!

      • Avatar

        The very reason why his ass is sitting in the jury house & not the BB House. He was horrible just like Snakole & hopefully she’ll be there soon too.

      • Avatar

        @Connie, I hope my comment didn’t sound ugly to you, it was just my opinion. I’m sorry if I sounded harsh. I just don’t like Nicole & I don’t like Paulie either.

  16. g8trgrl4life

    Happy Anniversary you guys! Hope you did something special to celebrate! (Other than watch BB)

  17. Avatar

    I want to know what the explosive confrontation in the jury house was about. I hope Vic is ok whatever it is.

  18. Alda

    Happy Anniversary! So sad to see Vic go.So happy to see Paul win HOH.Now,please get The Black Widow aka the snake out tomorrow!! Thank You!

  19. Avatar

    Will they do nominations & veto tomorrow?

    • Mell

      They will air nom’s tomorrow along with veto and live eviction I think. I believe they actually played the veto today so we should know when feeds come back tonight who won.

  20. Bonnie

    I see the pics have changed to show Paul as HOH but it shows Nicole as POV. Do we know this already??? Did I doze off for a second…lol.

    • Avatar

      I’m wondering that too. Guess I’ll see in a few hours(got the trial for the feeds which I’ll cancel after the tv season of BB is done)

    • Avatar

      Aaaaaww daaamn, please don’t let Snakole be the veto winner. I want her GONE NOW!!!

      • Avatar

        I hope Corey goes it’s time to void another check.

      • Avatar

        Corey is a real dummy & his chances of winning a mental comp are very slim, next to none at best unless he gets lucky. If Corey stays then Paul will have a good chance of winning. Hell, James is stuck on stupid himself & his chances of winning a mental comp are not that great either. Nicole is good at physical & mental comps so she needs to go.

  21. Mell

    Better episode than usual but these things would have made it better. I won’t list the obvious. (magic power and Vic stayed)
    1. They had aired Corey’s real feelings about his comic and Nicole being in it and his annoyance with the Christmas reference. (Nicole and her whining comments about it would have been bonus points.)
    2. I wish Paul would have used another of his Corey jabs in his speech that he had practiced. The average viewer will not get the “not making it to first base” remark was sarcasm. It may help Nicole get AFP with this wholesome image. (Sorry, had to throw up a little)
    3. I would have liked to see them include Vic saying he would be friends with Corey/Nicole outside of the house. They cut part of it out.
    4. I could have done without the fake conversation Nicole/James/Corey had about who to evict on principle. She started the chat purely to have the footage.
    5. Too bad Nicole’s zip line getting stuck during the veto comp wasn’t shown. (she had some hang time to check things out slower than the others) It would have better explained how she did it in 13 minutes. Paul even said to her “so that’s why you won.”
    *I’m very happy Paul won HOH. (See, I don’t always complain)

  22. Mell

    Happy Anniversary! I’m with you Vic for AFP. He has been evicted 3 times and imo wasn’t the best player. (I think Paul has been) Vic has been the toughest player. I don’t think him being evicted and coming back should matter to people since James got it last year. He sure as hell wasn’t the best player! I’m afraid many people who vote for the player they just like are voting for James and Nicole. PLEASE, LET IT BE VIC!

  23. Mell

    It looks like jury “blow up” is between Paulie and DaVonne.

  24. Helen

    James is in a really bad position right now…….if he does not win POV and Nicole or Corey get it he is on the block…..
    if Paul wins it he will leave noms the same and James has to choose between Corey or Nicole.

    • Avatar

      honestly I hope Corey goes so everyone has an equal chance of winning.

    • Avatar

      Definitely agree with you Helen. I was surprised he performed in the HoH especially on Natalie’s quote that really surprised me but it definitely showed how up in the clouds he is he needs to get his back in the game or he is gone especially if Nicole or Corey win PoV because they will take each other to final 2 and put James on the block and evict him easily(assuming Paul puts Nicole and Corey on the block he might put Corey and James on the block in that case if Nicole wins PoV she’ll take Corey she can’t be replacement and James is an automatic out because Paul is HoH and Nicole is POV holder)

      • Helen

        Yup…I don’t see Paul splitting the two though. He will (I assume) do the same as they did to he and Victor. I think James has a real problem with being in any position where he has to make the ultimate decision and in this case his final 3 alliance is history. Who knows maybe he is ready to see Natalie and don’t care.

  25. Avatar

    The header shows Nicole won POV. Is that true or is that just still there from last week?

  26. Shivani33

    What an immense relief Paul showed after winning that HoH, as it was his only way to keep going at that moment without pulling off the next PoV. He came very close to the correct amount of seconds for the slip & slide and was lucky that Nicole overestimated by more than he did, since both of their figures were over the correct time, which turns out to be 4, 511. Paul wrote 4,800 and Nicole 6,000. I can hardly wait to see who gets evicted and then who gets the last power seat amongst the remainder.

    @Mell. CBS showed a scripted Corey remark about his cartoon representation which was the exact opposite of his real reaction to it, as you mentioned. He was outright resentful about having Nicole in his cartoon when everybody else was given a caricature without other houseguests. Nothing like creating an utterly false impression, when he and Nicole even had a spat over it, for crying out loud. Goat boy has to get a soft edit, I guess, just in case he wins the game. Holy cheese balls!

    • Helen

      Kinda scary if you really think about it….we see what production is showing with all their “edits” to TV viewers on a “reality” series. What do they do with the news that we see everyday? Seems to me we are shown what they want us to see…..not what actually happened and that freaks me out a little (okay, a lot).

  27. Painter1

    Great show, hate it’s coming to an end. On a happier note Happy Anniversary Stevie to you and the Mrs.

  28. Jannie

    Since there is a live eviction show tomorrow, I’m assuming that we should know noms and POV winner when the feeds come back in a few hours?

  29. Avatar

    Happy Anniversary. Thanks for another great season with keeping us updated.

  30. Avatar

    Y’all!! I’m SOOOO anxious for the feeds to come back!!! Can’t wait to see what’s going on! I’m hoping James or Paul pulled out a veto win!

  31. Alda

    I just saw the latest poll for AFP.1.Natalie 2.Paul3.James 4.Victor.Why are people voting for Natalie?

  32. Helen

    Dear CBS
    Please take pity on those of us who pay to watch the live feeds and evict either Nicole or Corey from this game. Another week of watching and listening to them pat each other on the back telling each other how great they are is too much!!
    Thank you!!!!!

  33. Alda

    OK Paul is HOH.If he puts Nicorey up and James gets POV.The noms stay the same.If Nicorey gets POV do you think it’s automatic out for James? Or would Nicole take herself off and James goes up then would she vote out Corey?Thinking she has a better chance against James? Corey gets POV-not 100% what he’ll do.

  34. Shivani33

    The ideal scene would be getting to watch Borey and Snackhole having to “consciously uncouple” just like Gwyneth Paltrow did with Chris Martin. Then, Corey can get back together with Paulie, while Nicole carries on in the Paltrow tradition and rushes off to get her vagina steamed. She does hold at least one record-breaking status already. I’ve never seen anyone wear their eyeglasses in bed as much as she does.

  35. Avatar

    Omg, who the hell won Veto? I can’t take it, I need to know…

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