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Dr Bookey, We Have An Eviction! (Spoilers)

July 14, 2011 | 0 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

keith and porsche up for eviction big brother 13Welcome to the first live eviction recap of the season for Big Brother 13… wait, I sound too much like Julie Chen.  Let me start over my way…

So tonight’s episode focused on two major things this week:

1. Dr Bookey acting like an insecure douchebag and making me actually feel bad for Rachel.

2. Dick finally getting his chance to not explain (again) why he left the show, and the awkward moment with Daniele following.

big brother 13 dominic

Let's Party

I guess there was also some game play with the veterans asking a few people to flip, once they were done with the sob fest after Dick left, but that clearly took a back story to the major news that Rachel has a pet name for Brendon.  Little did he realize, fighting about it only turned it into a major thing, and I’m going to call him Dr. Bookey from now on.   Had he let it go, most would have just ignored it because I don’t think many actually listen to Rachel when she speaks.   So thank you for the ammo, Dr.Bookey!

Oh that Lawon

As far as Dick goes, I went over it in a recent post.  That topic is dead to me, and I don’t really care why he left the house at this point.

It was now time for the evictions after the jump….

This was interesting to watch because I really didn’t have a solid grasp of where the house was going.  I had a feeling Keith was going to get the boot, but the more I watched, the more I thought to myself that the newbies couldn’t be that stupid, could they?  Sure, Keith was annoying, but when you’re playing with vets who have already lured in one of your members, you don’t give them more numbers.   This was a very pivotal week for the newbies, and could very well set the tone for the entire season if they take a stance now.

So what happened?   The newbies acted like newbies and two of them flipped to basically hand the $500k to one of the five veterans.   It was very nice of Kalia and Shelly to do that, but if you think they’re going to cut you a check when the show is over, you’re sadly mistaken.    Just a foolish move if they want to win, which they clearly don’t.   And Shelly is supposed to be a “super fan” .. of what?   I’m guessing Jeff/Jordan or Brendon/Rachel because if she were a fan of the show, she’d know siding with them was a bad move.

Anyway, here are the votes:

For Keith: Brendon, Jordan, Jeff, Daniele, Kalia, Shelly
For Porsche: Dominic, Cassi, Lawon, Adam

Keith leaves the big brother house

Bye Bye Keith

After the voting, it was time for the HOH challenge, and like expected, it was the golf contraption they brought out for the houseguests to practice on recently.

Dominic had the lead for a few shots, including some terrible attempts by Shelly (probably threw it), Cassi, and Lawon until Jordan took the lead.  This allowed Jeff and Brendon to purposely throw their shots and allow Jordan to spend a week in the HOH room with Jeff.

Must have been chilly outside

As far as the future holds, I fully expect either Kalia/Lawon or Shelly/Cassi to be put on the block with one of the two flippers getting the third golden key, but they could also surprise me and put Adam/Dominic up, however I think their goal is to probably give Shelly the golden key, so look for them up on the block soon.

Either way, the live feeds should be interesting to watch tonight, especially to see how much ass kissing people do to Jordan, so make sure you pick them up here, they are free for 3 days!   Don’t forget to also follow me on twitter for random Big Brother updates, or Facebook for random images I post there.

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