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Editorial: Arkansassy or Arkansickly?

Raven says she’s from Arkansassy but is she also full of $hit? It’s no secret I make fun of Raven A LOT. I’m not the only one so I thought it might be cool to have a thread where we can share our thoughts on her behavior in the house.  I don’t make a habit of picking on sick people, but I believe in an equal opportunity BB  experience for all houseguests.


How will Ravens illness affect her position in the game and is it starting to backfire with her fellow hg’s?

Xmas has remarked how much Raven’s nails grow for someone with nutritional issues. Kevin said he thinks she should go on Amazing Race because she looks so healthy.  (Kevin will probably be the most skeptical of her using her illness for a game advantage because when you’ve been around people named The Cheese and Jimmy Fingers, you feel like you know a thing or twenty.)  Paul asked how her mother could still be alive if she has the same thing and was trying to figure out why Raven will die soon.  Matt questioned her selective limp after she got stitches.  We always wonder how much people are doing for strategy and how much is their true personality when they’re on BB. Does Raven add to her issues for sympathy in the game? She wouldn’t be the first. (Remember Matt Hoffman? He is a member of Mensa coincidentally) Has she been sick for so long that part of her identity is her illness or is it all strategy?  (I have friends who can talk of nothing but their job or their kids, as if they didn’t exist prior to having a family. It starts to become who they are.) Did her time in hospitals during adolescence cause her to associate her illness with attention? She was obviously jealous of Xmas and her broken foot. If you have a person who has an illness, who needs to be the center of attention and is competitive, I think this is what you get. It’s the “one up” syndrome. I don’t think Raven really wants a broken foot but I do think she feels like her illness is her storyline and feels threatened if someone may steal her thunder. It’s probably why when Paul spoke of his intelligence, she told him that she and her mom are members of Mensa. It’s why she interrupted Xmas talking about updating her will to say she has been doing that since she was 14. (What kind of estate does a 14 yr old have to sort out in a will?)

Not Mensa

From what I’ve read on Gastroparesis, it seems to be an incredibly difficult disorder to live with every day. I don’t question that at all. I’m only wondering how much she’s embellishing as a strategy.  For starters, is CBS going to put someone in the house with severe medical problems and take on that kind of liability?  (Before anyone compares it to Xmas, I’ll bet she had to sign every waiver on earth to stay in that house. Maybe Raven did too.)

Bonus, before I move on to some things that could be considered contradictions: Raven was a Make a Wish kid but her wish wasn’t to be on BB. I think it had something to do with meeting a famous dancer/choreographer that she auditioned for or something like that. She was also on So You Think You Can Dance. (I don’t know how far she got and that process is very hard on the body)

According to the Mayo Clinic Web site, Gastroparesis is a chronic disorder that effects the stomach muscles and prevents proper stomach emptying. It can’t be cured but can be treated.  It is estimated that 4% of the population has gastroparesis symptoms and an estimated 1.5 million Americans have severe symptoms.  One treatment is with a gastric electric stimulator (not really a pacemaker) which is referred to as Enterra Therapy. The treatment Raven has is described as a “minimally invasive procedure.” (I’m going to cut her a little slack on that one. It’s still like having a tiny iPhone put in your belly.) When the battery runs out, they put in a new one during what’s referred to as “a minor surgical procedure.” Gastroparesis is more detailed than that but this is BBJ, not Web MD, so that’s all you’re getting from me.  I can’t find any source calling it a disease unless it’s a quote from Raven or her mother. I’m sure it’s a very painful condition for anyone to deal with if untreated. I’ll refer to it as GP from here while I list some discrepancies in her stories. Let me point out, hg’s are allowed to lie and/or mislead the other hg’s. and so is Raven. I just think it’s more of a slippery slope if you’re saying you want to get the word out about an illness.

1. Raven refers to it as a disease. (“Disorder” is commonly used, including from people who have it. Note:  Many people who have GP also say they don’t feel nearly as well as Raven appears to.)

2.  She has told the HGs that if she has a baby, there is an 80% chance her baby will have her disease except it will be double. ( The disorder isn’t believed to be hereditary according to the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and the Gastroparesis Association for Cures and Treatments, Inc)

3. Raven says she is terminal. (Chronic and terminal have very different definitions. A cough or hemorrhoids can be chronic)

4. She has said “I may die in 1 year,” “I can leave this world in 5 yrs,” and “I can pass away in 2 yrs.” (Is it possible that, like the rest of us, she doesn’t know when she will die?)

5. Raven says she needs knee surgery and a hysterectomy (Maybe so, but if I only had a year or two, I wouldn’t want to spend it in recovery. I’m thinking  ‘Party likes it’s 1999.’  Maybe that’s just me??)

6. Raven says all 3 of them need new pacemakers every year. That would include Raven, her mother, and her brother who she says also has GP now and needs his first one. (A gastric electric stimulator battery should last 5-10 years according to doctors who specialize in this procedure. I’m also wondering why no one seems concerned with the brother. Is he an asshole or something so they only want to fix Raven? Where’s his Go Fund Me? Do we hear Raven wondering how he’s doing while she’s away this summer? Little bro is being neglected imo. How is bro still alive when he doesn’t have the pacemaker? How well did Raven do in math in high school? She’s had allegedly 4 pacemakers, (sometimes she says 8) has had GP since she was 15 but needs one every year.  How has mom had this for 20-25 years if it kills you in 1-5?)

7. Raven has been a dancer and teaches dance. She has competed on So You Think You Can Dance and beauty pageants. (Things to avoid after having a gastric pacemaker is inserted into you body: sudden and repetitive bending, jumping, stretching, twisting, bouncing and several other things. They also recommend not rubbing or touching where its located. She may need to stop putting peoples hands on it and swearing on it.)

8. Raven has said she didn’t want to take her medication as often as she should while in the BB house.  She said she didn’t bring enough because it’s $15 per pill. (Average cost of Marinol is $1.81 per pill on the high end. Average prescription coverage would cost around $20-$30 for a 30 day supply. Is she taking it and that’s why we don’t see her having vomiting issues?  Remember, she says she vomits 14 times a day. If she’s taking it, won’t she run out? Would CBS let a terminal person on the show who didn’t even bring enough meds to make it till the end? I’m really wanting to hear the BB voice we always hear yell “HGS, WE’VE GOT TO MAKE AN EMERGENCY PHARMACY RUN, STAT!”

9. Raven has discussed more than once how she is when she’s drunk and what she drinks. She describes herself as a happy drunk and she likes going out partying with friends. (Along with avoiding certain foods that Raven seems to enjoy, ALCOHOL, cola and coffee are huge dont’s when you have GP.)

This girl is getting the word out regarding GP and that’s great but I don’t think shes going to make the best spokesperson. I don’t know her medical history and don’t claim to but I think it’s possible that her GP is a severe case and the pacemaker is treating it. Is that white make up part of her strategy or should she be really upset with the lady at the Estee Lauder counter who matched her? Did she really have to send her doctor a pic of the cut on her toe before they could stitch it? Will this strategy continue to work or are the hg’s tired of hearing about it? Will CBS have Dr. Will at the finale holding those paddles in case she’s in shock from not winning AFP? (Yeah, he may not be that kind of doctor but she may not be dying either.)  Mostly, I want to know if Dominique thinks my soul is in trouble for asking these questions?

Disclaimer – This is an editorial piece and the views or opinions here do not represent the official position of Big Brother Junkies. 


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  1. Avatar

    You are a real piece of work, shame on you

    • AIO_7

      Well…sigh…. at least we got a new thread.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I think they were meant to run simultaneously. Unless I’m not correct, Steve’s is more of a Blog and Mell’s is a Commentary. Like I said, I could be wrong. I think you can still comment on both, until Steve updates the last one with results, or if he starts a new thread with the results. What the hell do I know. I’m just the Board Moderator, they’re the Writers, and that’s where the REAL talent lies 🙂

    • NKogNeeTow

      Why BBF? Because she shed some light on the truth? I for one, am glad she did. She is our Special Investigator wearing her Helmet of Protection and she does her job WELL. The person who should be ashamed is Raven The Zombie Queen. She’s the one who’s lied. And what has her lies cause other’s who have real, bonafied (sp) diseases? Not to mention those who have legitimate Go-Fund-Me causes. Both she AND her mother should be ashamed for trying to dupe the world.

      Wonderful work Mell! Do what you do best Baby!

      • Shivani33

        NK The comment by BBFAN45 might be addressed to Raven. With no specific name given and just “you are….” it’s hard to make sense of it. I hope it isn’t being directed at Mell. ♡

      • NKogNeeTow

        Fair enough Shi…lol. Maybe you’re right. It just sounded like it was directed at Mell and I hope it wasn’t. If I was wrong, then I apologize.

  2. Avatar

    Ok. So now I understand STFU Raven and I’m totally on board.

  3. ElaineB

    What you said above may be a big contributing factor as to why Gerardo has the #RavenSTFU Team, which is going strong and adding members on a regular basis. I disagree that she is ‘getting the word out about GP’, especially since HER facts aren’t even straight regarding her own condition. I think she is getting the word out about being a fraud. I can’t watch her because she is bratty and annoying. Not interested in anymore of her dance moves in the kitchen, towel fights with Matt, and her high-pitch squealing. Personally, I am ready for her to be evicted anytime. Though she acts like she is such a valuable commodity to any of the other HGs, she is not. Raven, like Matt, are numbers for the Pound.

  4. Avatar

    Great read. I will say that there is definite BS here and I don’t think her or her family thought that it was 2017 and everyone and their mother have cell phones and google will basically find anything you need. A lot of inconsistencies when she is talking about her GP as well. The whole #RavenExposedParty on twitter isn’t going to make things any easier when she gets out and I’m interested to see the repercussions if they are found out to be a lying family who are asking for money they don’t need to ask for.

  5. Avatar

    I have Crohns disease and in no way could I do half the things she does. I pity anyone who has a chronic disease but I couldn’t see using and lying to make money off it. I can’t even really work as I tire out easy.

  6. Avatar

    I have lived with GP for the past 18 years. I have a severe case and live with a feeding tube…..I have a difficult time listening to her, because I cannot eat like she does. Did you see her at Josh’s basket???? She was shoving food down her gullet like a python swallowing a deer. If I did that I would be in the emergency room. Unless you are family you would never know. I keep it personal and don’t tell people. I too have had dozens of surgeries and hospital stays…..she is the healthiest GP person I have ever seen…..no way could I eat like her. One issue I have is osteoporosis…..10 broken bones because of nutritional issues plus blood transfusions, iron infusions and potassium issues. I see none of those in her. 90% of the people who know me, have no idea if they did not know me when the issue happened…I keep it private. But since you asked and I have GP, I figured I could comment with some authority on the matter.

    • Mel

      Thanks so much for the input Browning and being willing to share something that’s personal like that. I tried to be fair when I wrote it and respectful of people who have GP and everything I can only imagine goes along with it. She just contradicts herself so much.

      • Avatar

        I call BS….I have never heard her mention Jevity or Osmolite….both nutritional feeding supplements that are standard for GP…and thanks for your well wishes….I see nothing disrespectful in your post about GP . Life is still good and I have many blessings. I hate when people use illness to manipulate others.

    • Alda

      Thank you for sharing your history of having GP with us,Browning.May God Bless You .

    • Avatar

      I appreciate you speaking out about your experience with GP.

    • Seattle Kari

      🙁 thank you for sharing your story. I’m so sorry you deal with all of that. You have my utmost respect and prayers! <3

      • Seattle Kari

        PS, Browning, if she truly doesn’t have the disorder as bad as she’s claiming to we can see the pacemaker under her skin. Can anybody think of any other reason why she would have that there?

        It’s just weird seeing her eat all the things she does, specially popcorn and wondering about the validity of her disorder.

        But then again you see the pacemaker so there’s got to be something to it?

    • kneeless

      Browning, I have Crohn’s and I can’t eat like she does. And you, having a more severe case of GP, are definitely an expert on what GP is & looks like. I know she irritates me to hell & I don’t suffer like you so I can imagine how irate it must make you feel. Is it safe to say that, if she’s as bad as she says, in the past 40-some days she would have had some kind of flare & probably would have spent some time in bed?
      Raven is the healiest “terminal” person I have ever seen.

      • Avatar

        If I ate like her I would have been flat on my back…either vomiting or in severe cases….an NG tube to suck out food
        AND GP is not terminal

    • Avatar

      Exactly!! She may have a pacemaker for drama, but I doubt any of her intestions have been compromised, otherwise, like all have said, she would not be able to shovel it in as she is always doing!

  7. kneeless

    I realize I may come off sounding like one up man’s ship but I kind of feel like I can take her down! I have a “real” pacemaker (cardiac) & what Raven describes as her 2nd heart is nothing like a cardiac pacer. I was initially diagnosed with GP but that was a misdiagnosis & I have Crohn’s disease, instead. In obtaining info on GP, it is clear that GP is like most conditions & varies a lot from person to person. Most folks with more severe GP have feeding tubes, at some point, to help with getting nutrients rather than a gastric stimulator. Most GP folks have troubles with lots of foods, Raven eats most everything. And, death because of GP is not very common.. I also have a spinal cord stimulator for a chronic pain condition which resulted after 11 knee surgeries & having my kneecaps removed.I’m sure Raven’s “pacemaker” has a battery life comparable to my pacemaker & stimulator and that is about a 10 yr life span. I am in no way trying to outdo Raven but I understand what it’s like to have numerous health conditions. And, NEVER would I refer to myself as terminal. I’m sure Raven has days that she feels like shit but I call BS on her & her tactics. If, she was as bad off as she claims, there’s no way she could be on BB. Sorry for the rant & giving you all that info on me you didn’t need!

  8. Alda

    kneeless,thank you for sharing your story.I have afib and they have talked about a pacemaker in my future too. I’m not going to speak of all my conditions,but Raven sure seems to be doing well on BB.I’m not saying she doesn’t have a condition,but she sure can keep up with anyone of the houseguests!

    • kneeless

      Thanks, Alda. And yes, I too don’t deny her illness but…
      And, sorry for going on about me, we all have something but some of us choose not to make it all about us, all the time. Wishing you well!

  9. Avatar

    This is writing gold!


  10. Avatar

    “Mostly, I want to know if Dominique thinks my soul is in trouble for asking these questions?”
    Loved it all.

  11. Colby

    Great write-up Mell. Thank you!

  12. kneeless

    Are they still playing for safety?
    I’m rewatching some early seasons of BB. On season 2, 1st season of HOH, ,they were just saying if HOH lost the key to the HOH room it is the end of that person’s time in the house!

  13. Mel

    We learn little tidbits about each other every year. Things like age range, cities we live in, kids, grandkids, etc. It’s never much because we’re here to talk about BB after all. In order to make lemonade out of Raven’s lemons, I’ve realized her tall tales may have caused one thing this summer. I’ve learned more about the regular commenters and some of the new ones too. It’s been kind of nice. Just thought I’d mention it.

    • Avatar

      I am 52 and Canadian. My GP stems from a severe Vagus nerve injury.

      • AIO_7

        Browning; how well does the Canadian Health Care System take care of you?
        Are you happy with the service?

      • Avatar

        I have my feeding tube replaced every six months…cost to me ZERO
        had dozens of surgery’s including ICU stays…longest time in hospital 6 weeks with surgery CT scans MRI et cetera…cost to me ZERO
        Found a tumour and my wait time to have surgery…found it on Monday..surgery on Wednesday to remove it ICU extended stay…cost to me ZERO
        one of my broken bones required emergency surgery with screws put in…cost to me ZERO…..I never worry about paying monthly insurance costs or losing my home in bills….I LOVE universal health care. I sleep without worry.

        We get it as part of our taxes….when you add what you pay a year in monthly payments for insurance, deductible and co-pay….we pay far less….
        The trick is….they do not let hospitals and doctors charge outrageous prices …

      • AIO_7

        ….”when you add what you pay a year in monthly payments for insurance, deductible and co-pay….we pay far less”….

        O’, no doubt. Glad it’s working out for you. Browning.

  14. Avatar

    I don’t like Raven at all, but I feel like viewer like to over react, every season we have to find a monster, I have a PhD in medical sciences, and yes you are all correct if raven is going to die is not going to be for her GP, but I doubt BB production didn’t do their research and verified her story. She said clearly the other night that her GP is idiopathic and is the result of a neuro-degenerative disease. this disease is killing her not GP. (don;t know if its true obviously, but i didn’t have the opportunity to checked her file.

    For the rest I agree, she over react, over exaggerate, everything….if I have to ear her yelleing one mor time I’m gonna smash my pc, but t let’s not forget that Matt might be a Mensa member but he is the one that lied about his wife disease…..come on its big brother.

    with that said hopefully she get eliminated sooner than later.

    • Mel

      I agree. She obviously has something going on medically. I think the difference with Matt on BB 12 was that we were in on what he was doing. Even if viewers didn’t approve, they knew the hg’s were the only ones being lied to.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        As I’ve said before in previous posts, if Raven were just lying to further herself in the game, I could accept it. I wouldn’t like it, but I could accept that it’s a fair (yet dirty) game move. My issue with Raven is that she uses her “terminal illnesses” to con people out of money. And now CBS has given her a platform to con people on a national scale. If she has no problem getting her ass on national TV and lying (or at least exaggerating her prognosis) in order to take people’s hard earned money from them, then I have no problem telling her to STFU.


      • Avatar

        I totally understand your point of view and I respect it, but I can’t completely 100% say that she is lying, and personally I dont want to judge her illness unless I’m sure.

        The truth is we are not sure, did we actually have any real proof that she is not as sick as she says? Unfortunately no, and for me until proven otherwise I have to give her the benefit of the doubt. Than I can write a book on how much I cant stand her, in the game…..but I dont feel im in the position to judge her sickness.

        For what we know from 19 seasons BB house guest goes though a severe background check and I’m pretty sure production has checked her data to confirm her history. There is old video of tv interview, of when she was a kids. I need more that viewer conjecture to says that someone is lying on something so serious.

      • Mel

        They have to be cleared medically as well. People have had to lose weight to go on the show. They wouldn’t put someone on who’s that sick.

      • Avatar

        I think Raven biggest mistake (not sure if intentional or not cause sometime I believe she is genuinely dumb, definitely basic) is to call her disease terminal.

        Medically speaking a terminal disease is a condition that will end up killing an individual within a short period of time like a 3-6 months prognosis.
        What Raven has is a degenerative disease (and i’m not talking about GP, GP is a consequences). Same level of danger as a terminal but with longer life expectancy. Raven is not gonna die in six month, her disease will get worst and worst, until her body collapse, but its a slow process. Degenerative disease normally have prognosis of 10 yrs or longer. Examples are Ms, Alzheimer, etc.

        I agree when you says that they have to get medical clearance, but whatever she has is not impairing her mobility or cognitive ability yet, so why deny her admission. She can compete in everything…when they have clearly do something really stupid like allowing a lady with a broken leg back inside the house. She can barely compete in anything.

        Once again, I dont like Raven, at all, I’m an Alex /Kevin supporter, but I find this salem process really exaggerate. I dont like when thinks go on a personal level, dislike her game-wise as much as you want but I wont go there unless we are completely sure.

  15. danmtruth

    wow thank you to all for sharing Some of us use this as a great way to escape and have fun Get a little snarky with some comments Have fun It never fails to impress me how quickly people will come together to support each other Thanks everyone for showing my faith in this board is warranted
    # Mell once more proving just how good you are so well laid out
    #Browing I was humbled the first time you posted Once more nothing but truth bombs I feel more enlighten
    # kneeless I have no idea what it took to sit their listening to Raven spew her lies thank you seems so week

  16. Avatar

    I seen a twitter mention, a resemblance of the Annabelle doll to Raven! It’s creepy how much they actually look alike.

  17. Shivani33

    Jokers is saying Cody won the comp.

  18. Alda

    Cody got safety.Josh says he is putting up Mark and Elena.He says they can take out Cody/Jess next week!! Mark and Matt are HN’s

  19. Colby

    Cody won. Josh says he’s putting up Mark and Elena. Paul is pushing hard for Jessica to go up. #PaulSTFU

    • Avatar

      Paul is about to have a tantrum but Josh is playing for his own game and not Paul’s. Someone mentioned Josh should do what Paul wants. lol Who, what, where, when and why should that happen during Josh’s HOH? Paul had his power control last week and got out no one. lmao

      • ChiKelz

        Cyn you should know that any and all HOHs belong to Paul! So he thinks!

      • Avatar

        @chikelz idk slowly but surely these hg’s are going to be playing for their own benefit. As you can see Josh is doing what he wants… The numbers are dwindling down and Paul’s reign of power is slowly diminishing.

      • Sassy

        Cyn – the numbers are dwindling down? I feel like they should be down to 8 people already… This is the longest season of non evictions, ugh!

  20. Shivani33

    Paul disagreeing with Josh about his so-far nom choices of Mark and Elena.

  21. Colby

    Guess I was wrong. Evidently Jess lost and is 3rd nom. But Paul doesn’t want Elena up.

  22. Avatar

    Yessss Cody won the temp competition. Thank you BB God. Now all we have to do is have Josh continue with his nom’s…Mark and Elaina. Hopefully Jess can win veto and Paul haters can hold off another week of the Jess/Cody comeback. Hahahha

  23. danmtruth

    sounds like Jess might have lost and is on the block Has Josh forgotten the plan when he was on the block He keeps bringing up character Saying how shady Elena is Fool your ALL shady as Fu#k
    Josh is going after Elena no matter what Paul says
    Can he stay cool with Elena and Mark

    • Avatar

      I respect what Josh is doing. He’s playing from a strategic standpoint not a emotional one. Isn’t that point of this game. Look what happened with Jess HOH/Veto win, completely wasted. Why? Because she played emotionally by nominating two people that didn’t need to leave nor were threats at that point. Had she put up Alex or Paul, it would have been victorious for her.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Now on that, I can agree with you Cyn. I like what Josh is doing.

      • Avatar

        NK honestly I will always root for the underdogs especially when they’re not floaters. I don’t care if I’m of the minority on this blog and get a 100 dislikes every post. I’m totally rooting for Jess and Cody to get far!! Jess is well liked by many viewers so I know I’m not the only who feels the same about them.

      • NKogNeeTow

        True Cyn. Your favorite is not mine, but at least you stick to your guns and I respect you for it.

        Oh, and no, you’re not alone. Just because a majority on this board don’t like Messi and Grody, doesn’t mean they’re not liked by everybody. As I said to someone a few days ago, you are not alone. 🙂

      • NKogNeeTow

        *correction: doesn’t mean they’re disliked by everybody.

      • Avatar

        I love how you seriously refer to them as Messi and Grody. Love you Nk! lol

      • ChiKelz

        I’m team anything, but Paul! I’m over him. It has totally gone to his head. When Derrick played; it was strategy. Not all this chaos that Paul and crew were causing. @Cyn, I agree I root for the under dogs too. That’s why I was rooting for Paul and Victor last year. The more I watch Jessica, the more I want to root for her and Cody too! Yes; the PDA gets annoying, but they “play” unlike some in the house that think they are on vacation.

        Sassy-you’re right! It seems like they are the house guests that won’t go home. Every week will need to be a double eviction! LOL

      • NKogNeeTow

        Luv you back Cyn! 🙂

      • Avatar

        @chikelz I’ll admit at first I didn’t like Jessica and thought I would like Alex more. But Jess is smart, independently thinks was best for her game and can win comp’s. She’s not hypnotized like Alex and Elaina are by Paul. She’s there to win 500K.

  24. Avatar

    That what I’m talking about. TeamJess/Cody play when they need it to count, win comp’s. They earning their keep. Yeah they may lay around in each other faces all day but so does Maven. At least my team wins when the entire house is stacked against them.

  25. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Ok so if Josh nominates Mark and Elena, and then one of them wins Veto, who do you think Josh will nominate as their replacement? That’s gonna be the REAL tea! Things are starting to get interesting in the BB house…

  26. danmtruth

    Just me but some where in the back of his head Josh is attracting Elena because she chose Mark over him That is one boy trying to convince HIMSELF it’s not about his feelings for Elena

  27. NKogNeeTow

    Like I just said on the other thread: Mell, our Little Meatball has grown up!…lol

  28. NKogNeeTow

    Looks like Joshy is smarter than everyone thinks. He just called it! As soon as he started talking to her, she started throwing other names out there just like he said she would…lol

    • Avatar

      My only concern even with his clear target the house can still vote Jess out if she doesn’t win veto. Is cody eligible even though he won the temp comp today??

    • Avatar

      I meant eligible to play veto tomm?

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Yes, I think Cody should still be eligible to play in the veto comp.

      • Avatar

        Wow that def works in their favor.

      • Shivani33

        Cyn, it could happen that Cody gets to play Veto. He ‘s eligible, both as a random draw or as a player’s choice. But Christmas still has the power to replace any veto player who isn’t head of household or a nominee, since she hasn’t used her temptation power yet.

      • Avatar

        @shivani33 I thought so. However do you think she’ll use it considering she wants Mark out? Christmas is not feeling Paul’s constant need to have control on a weekly basis. People are starting to pay attention now from what her and Paul have discussed.

      • Avatar

        *her and Josh have discussed

      • Sassy

        Paul will push for her to use the temptation, but she may defy him on that order. It is best for her to keep that for her own advantage later. On the flip side, if she doesn’t use it and one of the nominees gets pulled down, Paul may campaign for Xmas to be on the block since she didn’t support the collective. Double edged sword.

      • Shivani33

        Christmas wold be smart to tell Paul that she wants to hang on to her temptation in case she “needs it later.” That would be diplomatic and kind of undeniable. It would keep her from appearing to go against either Josh or Paul. I mention Paul because, as far as I know, he’s the only one who knows about her temptation’s specific power. She told him all about it.

  29. NKogNeeTow

    That b!tch is fast talking again…..I love it!


  30. NKogNeeTow

    I hate it when they try to talk their way off the block with the HOH. Lips doesn’t want to go up. BFD, NOBODY ever wants to go up. So now she’s pissed….boo fricken whoo.

    Now she’s trying to throw Paul up on the block… now MattRess……now DMW. She’s throwing everybody under the bus……ROFL

    Now she’s telling Josh how she quit her job for this. *And he should care why?*

  31. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Did CBS seriously just have the nerve, the audacity, the unmitigated gall to cut these feeds off AGAIN? After they’ve been off ALL DAMN DAY?? I’m about to go the hell off.

  32. danmtruth

    @nkogneetow get off the Josh kool-aide He was stuttering just as bad when his trick of complimenting her did not distract her he had no answer As for KNOWING she was going to throw other peoples name out their Well what else was she to do when face with that bs your a strong competitor Josh is treading water But Elena suspects she is being setup Now can Josh get the votes to oust Elena His BB mom Xmas was working on Paul More like telling Paul she will back Josh and win his soul

  33. NKogNeeTow

    As fast as she’s talking, he’s got her on the ropes. She DID mention Paul as being a stronger competitor and she DID throw out names he could put up.

    He’s calling her on her BS and now she’s trying to backtrack now that Paul is in the room.

    More Drama!

    ….And more Fish 🙁

  34. NKogNeeTow

    So do we watch fish,, puppies and kittens all night? Somebody should be fired.

  35. Avatar

    I think Raven calling Gastroparesis (GP) a disease is fair enough. A good friend of mine has this condition & she seems to surfer a lot. If addiction is referred to as a “disease” than I think referring to GP as a disease is fair.

    There are so many similarities between my friend with GP & Raven. It’s so odd. Both crave attention like no other & love being sick. When my friend first got GP, she was throwing up all the time (which many people contributed to bulimia), but it turned out she had major digestive problems. Our friends speculate that her GP was perpetuated by illegal diet pills that she bought online, she says it’s a rare side effect of the flu. Either way outside factors seemed to cause her GP. From what I’ve read, it dose not seem hereditary.

    She is nuts to go around saying that her condition is terminal. Maybe she means she will die with this condition one day?

    ohhh & my friend takes a shit ton of pills that help her food move along from her stomach to the small intestine!! I’ve taken those pills after I’ve ate a big meal lol it actually moves the food along quite nicely. Just saying I think there’s more than one cure!

    I have heard that pills to fix this condition are extremely costly.

  36. danmtruth

    they BOTH were dishing the BS It is pathetic to keep arguing Just say fine if your calling me a pawn fine bye
    Now even BBOD is a rewind talk about BS

  37. Shivani33

    Cody and Jessica had a deliberate plan for one to win this comp and, knowing that the other would be nominated any which way, for the other one to win the Veto comp. They chose to try for Cody to win this one and for her to be the loser, which would force Josh to nominate 2 other people right away. I listened to them figure out how to proceed throughout the night.

    They were sure they’d both be put on the block again. This was the way that the two of them decided that they could try to manage it. They didn’t have another option from their point of view but to try hard to win both comps. Whether they succeed or not, half of that intention has been accomplished. They also have accepted the possibility that only one might have the luck to remain in the game, and Jessica promised that she’d be home watching Cody on the feeds, acknowledging that she preferred him to stay longer between the two of them. She sees him as tougher, much stronger and more stoic about everything.

    • Avatar

      Wow… are Cody/Jess actually coming up with some clever game moves?

      If it works in their favor, (they’re halfway there), I hope Josh’s noms causes Paul’s groupies to start breaking apart. Unlikely. But possible.

  38. Avatar

    I always get sucked in to rooting for the underdogs. After last nights episode… I just gotta cheer on Cody/Jess. They took a verbal beating… sure they dished it out to Josh in the beginning. I get that. But last night took it to another level it seemed. Also, now I’m not sure how I feel about Kev/Jason, as they just sat back and watched the psychotic yelling and taunting. Didn’t even flinch to step in. That taunting was beyond game. You can’t just “act” horrifically the way that Raven and Paul did. You gotta have some real issues to conduct yourself in that manner. The way Paul and his puppies acted literally made me sick. I don’t remember feeling so sick about someone on Bb since Aaryn. But this time, it’s the entire house that makes me want to throw up, minus Cody/Jess.

    Steve, I’m curious to see how the popularity vote stands as of now!

  39. Shivani33

    I think the feeds are off for the nomination ceremony!

  40. Avatar

    Can I also give a shoutout to those of you watching the feeds and writing updates here for us non-feeders? You all are awesome BB fans! Anyone here ever submit to try out for the show?!

  41. Sassy

    Mell – Great commentary! I loved every word of it. You had me laughing. I think we should start up a Go Fund Me page for your legal fees. Raven’s mom will be suing you soon…

  42. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Oh god, here goes Messi Jessi the Victim again. God I hate her. For a split second I was almost rooting for someone else to go home this week. She always has to open up her stupid mouth and ruin it.


  43. NKogNeeTow

    And Kevin runs in the Rose Room to do his schtick….lol

    The Zombie Queen is acting like she’s itching for a fight. I’d like to fight her azz.

  44. NKogNeeTow

    I wouldn’t say spit in front of Xmas.

    Now Paul wants to keep Messi awake all night. I hope that doesn’t include those damn pots and pans again.

    Messi and Lips pass each other in the kitchen and laugh and tell each other good luck but don’t win….knowing they’re going to try to kill each other in that Veto Comp…lol

  45. NKogNeeTow

    Lips has gone crazy. She’s making up her bed to look like someone’s in it.

  46. NKogNeeTow

    WIR has figured out why only Grody competed in the Comp today.

    The group is confused and he explained it to them. *I didn’t know he was that smart.*

    He says it was very smart how they did it, because if she wins Veto, they are both safe.

  47. NKogNeeTow

    Funny, any other time Lips would be upstairs under Paul and now Josh. Now all of a sudden she wants distance.

    Josh wants to speak to Lips again. I love him to death but he doesn’t know when to leave something alone. That and at times he can be easily swayed…and she and Xmas never shut up when they’re talking to him because they think he’s dumb.

  48. NKogNeeTow

    HOH: Josh/Alex

    Alex tells Josh that Messi is using psychological warfare on him with that story about her father. She says that she can blow Messi’s story out of the water.

    She tells him that the reason she’s so upset with Messi is because she’s not a good person because she stuck her fingers in her vagina.

    She says the reason she’s so upset is because her cousin was raped and murdered and that they inserted a curling iron into her vagina…….CAM CHANGES ROOMS

    *I’d just like to say that I hate it when they use their personal stories/tragedies for either sympathy or personal gain. Alex started out by telling Josh that he didn’t want him to feel sorry for her, but yeah, she did.
    As far as I’m concerned, most of them are playing the “one upsmanship” game with each other.

  49. Avatar

    Alex is taking it to a new level of madness. After telling Josh that she (Alex) could destroy Jessica mentally any day of the week, but she chooses not to, she continues by explaining that a cousin of hers was violated when she was younger, which Jessica’s jamming fingers anywhere and everywhere on people including Alex (allegedly) just upsets her so and she’s go to go.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Alex needs to #STFU! Every time Josh tried to talk, she cut him off. If she listened half as much as she talked, she might have a fighting chance in this game, but at this point, I’d kick her ass out of the house just because she’s annoying…..Come to think of it, there is a list I’d kick out of the house because they’re annoying.

  50. NKogNeeTow

    HOH: Josh/Jason/Alex

    Josh is explaining that he wants Lips out and why.

    Alex keeps interrupting *no big surprise there*

    Alex is pushing back but Jason seems to understand his logic.

    Josh is still trying to get Alex to understand.

    Enter MattRess for the block pass. Conversation gets quieter.

    Josh is begging Alex to not react no matter what Messi does or says.

    Jason says that Alex jumped on him like a spider monkey *Just the term I used for her the day she was wearing that tutu and going crazy with glee over the house fight*

  51. Avatar

    Josh is absolutely determined to get rid of Elena! Alex is putting foot in mouth by being so concentrated on wanting Jessica out that she is actually missing the bigger picture with getting Elena out. Josh feels that Jody will always be isolated and can be booted anytime another day. Josh is also locking in Alex and Jason by saying this info (him wanting Elena out) is between these three, they may not have another time alone, and they all need to stick to the plan of getting her.

  52. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Cody (with his signature crazy eyes): “How much do you wanna bet the next HOH competition is endurance?”
    Jessica: “You think so?”
    Cody (with intensified crazy eyes): “I’m gonna hold on to that MFer until I DIE!!!!”
    Jessica (with nervous laugh): “The way you said that was terrifying…”

  53. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Why is Raven in the storage closet acting like she was a Have Not the past week??

  54. NKogNeeTow

    Wave Room: Paul/Kevin

    Kevin was telling him something about Paul should go to Grody and make some kind of deal with him. *Help me out here somebody. I missed that part of the convo.*

    WIR joins them. They start talking about how many times a day MattRess showers and eats cereal.

    Kevin says MattRess eats about 14 bowls a day and roams the house all night.

    Josh enters and tells Kevin that he wants to come down and have story night with them.

  55. Avatar

    Any fans of Alex needs to understand why her egotistical a** will not win this game. She is a know it all, who can’t talk fast enough when others are offering opposing ideas. She was difficult with Paul when she was HOH, but ultimately did it his way. Jason can’t really get things across to her, because after punching him and beating him up as often as she does (punching bag), she simply tells him how “it needs to be…” much to to to to to to his frustration. Its Josh’s turn to deal with her, and I must say he is deflecting her b.s. rather well, but like the energizer bunny, she just can’t shut up about wanting Jessica out. Her defiance, and constant resistant to others ideas will make her a rather easy pawn and target as the game moves on, which could really benefit Jason.

  56. NKogNeeTow

    Awww, Grody’s in the kitchen trying to be a team player…..A team player that would dress in camo and take you out in a heartbeat. That being said, I will give him credit for pretending….lol

  57. NKogNeeTow

    WIR just asked someone if it was tuna or chicken. He’s having a Jessica Simpson moment.

    MattRess is sitting in the bathroom cutting his toenails over a bucket.

    Grody and Messi are sitting there looking at them like “How can we kill them all in their sleep”…

  58. Shivani33

    Kevin has been talking about wanting to work with Cody. It doesn’t sound like he’s on a fishing expidition, either. He also is sounding like he’d vote Elena out if she’s still on the block, as opposed to Jessica. Another thing coming up tonight is increased chatter about getting rid of Raven and MattRess. Wowie-zowie! I have opinions about how Raven exaggerates many different things. But I ‘d like her evicted even more because of her personality as shown through how she acts in general. I don’t know how to put it.

    Alex is too aggressive to hear out what even her closest game companions want to say. It can be exasperating to watch, and she isn’ t changing as the game progresses. Nevertheless, I find Raven a lot more disturbing. In ways, it looks like every woman in the house wants to be the LAST woman left with only men. Buncha meowing hissers.

  59. Shivani33

    Alex with Paul, telling him that she thought Jason threw the comp today. He agrees. She listens to Paul and, regardless of what he says, eagerly nods her head. She doesn’t even interrupt much, as she does with anyone else. He was telling her that Matt and Raven need to go before Mark and Elena. Alex has no clue that Paul told Christmas that he owes Alex no loyalty, unless she’s a pawn. What benefit is there for her to say sh*t about Cowboy to Paul? Paul sees right through her.

  60. NKogNeeTow

    What tickles me is that usually the house goes down in numbers before it turns into dog eat dog. But this crew is starting early…lol

    I just can’t seem to get into any of them tonight. Heck, I’ve been cleaning out the refrigerator while they scamper around the house betraying each other. Oh well, the fridge needed to be cleaned anyway…

  61. NKogNeeTow

    Just changed cams. Lips is fast talking sh!t to Josh again. She’s starting that crap about how if she goes home she literally goes home to nothing. Says she quit her job, and she doesn’t know how she will be able to pay her rent and her car note. Still chirping that she will go OTB with grace and dignity (*Yeah, we can see that*)

    He tells her that that’s why she has Veto, so she can try to win. *I’m loving him more and more….so far.*

    1. Who’s fault is it that the damn fool quit her job. Better yet, who gives a sh*t?

    2. So she can’t pay her rent and car note….again, who gives a sh*t? Not his problem.

    3. Her keep repeating that she didn’t say what she did about putting Paul up, is a lie, she not only suggested he put Paul up, but she also threw out a few more names to the list.

    • Shivani33

      She is trying to yank his chain to get him to save her, offering nothing in exchange. Crying poverty isn’t a bargaining chip. There’s never a guarantee that anyone makes it to jury or that appearing on BB will help someone’s career. Earlier in the game when she claimed that she spends $1,000 each month on cosmetics, she was acting well-off. Elena is messing up.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Make that, she’s ALREADY messed up. Bet she forgot about all the bragging about how much she spends on makeup and how much she spent on cosmetic surgeries. Goes to show you, you need to keep your mouth shut. Bragging puts you in the cross hairs when you least expect it. You never know who was paying attention and how much they remember.

        Oh, and BTW, she’s now in WIR’s bed….the same WIR that she just told not 2 days ago, that she needed distance. Things look a little different when your ass is hanging out there on a limb doesn’t it.

        She’s even apologizing to him. Baby Huey is eating it up. Big dumb oaf. She’s even kissing his hand. If he had any sense, he should tell her to kiss his ass instead. No sympathy for him. Never cared!

    • kneeless

      She goes home to nothing, haha! She has talked about some jeans she has that cost over $200. I’d venture to say most of her clothes & personal belongings are on the higher end than WalMart brand.

  62. NKogNeeTow

    Lips kissed him, and he almost got to 1st base, then she told him that they have to stop….PULEEZE! She’d screw a corpse right now if she thought it would give her a vote to stay.

  63. danmtruth

    I just have to laugh when I hear HG say they dont like someone because the lack integrity and character when it seems to be a preregister NOT to have any of these attributes
    Why is it throwing someone OTB when you point out a fact Paul Jason and Alex are better at most comp than Elena It’s true her bringing up how she gave up every thing to be on the show is pathetic and irrelevant to what is going on
    Just who’s vote besides Mark can Elena get to change Who in the house trust her Paul has destroyed any credibility she had in the house before the Ramses vote
    He needs Jess to win the POV and take herself off the block Look at the votes this will set a divide Paul does not forgive and forget when you go against his wishes As much as Josh thinks he is being stigmatic He is just being personal Who knows he might hope if he gets Elena and Cody out in his mind he would have a chance with Jess @nkogneetow are you still #TeamJosh
    Outside of BB mom Xmas and Cody what other vote can he count on This idea that he did what all the other HOH wanted So they OWE him this is way wrong He is asking paople to defy Paul

    • Avatar

      Idk. Alex and Jason told josh last night they would vote out elana if that’s what he wanted….so far she has not taken this info back to Paul….I think the only hope Paul has of sending Messi home this week is for him to play veto,win and take elana down….oh josh will be in quite the pickle…who would replace her OTB?

  64. Avatar

    Everyone ready for day 2 of no feeds? Veto comp today

  65. Avatar

    Watching last nights BBAD. It bugs the crap out of that that Elaina keeps looking at herself in the mirrors, while she’s fast talking Josh. #ElainaSTFU

  66. danmtruth

    most of the HG have annoying habits Most of the women are always playing with there hair or clothes Even Matt is not immune to checking himself out in the mirror Worse yet when he clips nose, eyebrow hair It seems to be a constant battle #RavenSTFU is always checking to see which angle she looks best Here’s a hint none Yes Elena is worse as she will be talking than get distracted by her own image

  67. kneeless

    Does anyone else forget that Paul is only 23. Whether you love or hate the guy it is pretty obvious he is a smart kid & can think on his feet, very quickly. I’m not saying he’s always smart with game but overall, the kid is smart. I think that that is why he originally connected with Dom. Same with Dom, she’s a smart gal, as well. IF, you can get past her tongues etc!

  68. Avatar

    Hey Mell, were you a wrestler in high school? Because this was an epic takedown! Loved it!

  69. jimbo

    “Paul talked of his intelligence?” Shocker.

  70. Avatar

    THANK-YOU!! Ok the illness! I am speaking from education and experience with gastro-diseases. I will say Raven must be the superwoman of the disease, otherwise all the sugar and starch she eats would cause her to shake, sweat profusely, vomit, become dizzy and possibly faint. She would also feel extremely full after a few bites of anything! She would have to eat very slow and be very careful , chewing her food 50 times each to prevent a gastro-intentional blockage which could kill anybody. She would feel sick and tired after eating the way she eats. Most with her illness cannot absorb nutrients therefore have a port above the chest area which an IV is connected weekly to intervenously inject iron, potassium, iron etc. So again, she is managing to live more comfortble with this disease than anyone ever else has been able to!
    I can stomach haha (barely) HER illness and constant dissertations on herself, but the fake clown! YES! the entire cast is disengenouous, yet Raven exudes it! How they find anyone in the house more annoying than her is unbelievable! Yes, I would keep Ramses, Josh and Elana over her! Please HOH next week put up put Raven and Raven’s illness as the two nominees, no one plays temp comp and we all get a break for the rest of the season!

  71. JadedMage

    I can tell you that, I think she is Full of Poop about her “illness”.

    I had stomach surgery, otherwise known as gastric sleeve, where they remove most of your stomach. They also drill into your head how your stomach works and how you will change for the rest of your life.

    There are sphincters on either side of your stomach, one coming in from your esophagus and one going to your small intestine. they open and close every few minutes constantly. this is how food is pushed from your esophagus through your stomach into your intestines.

    After you have stomach surgery, it takes a little while for them to get back to normal so If you don’t eat, chew and drink, correctly, you will throw up….a lot. There are meds you can take for nausea, but if your stuff aint working…well you get the picture.

    If you have a disease or condition that does that to you anyway, You are some serious ill and I really doubt CBS or BB would want that liability on their plate.

    Think about the lawsuits that would create if she actually was that ill and something happened to her, eating that slop for a week? or if she doesnt take her meds, she would without a doubt be tossing cookies all over the place.

    She is Lying….

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