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Editorial: Cookware Warfare


We find ourselves debating last weeks issue all over again. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Do we blame production, Paul, Josh, Cody, and Jessica or is it no big deal? Does it matter who starts each argument when they’ve been fighting for over a month? Since I quit my job to be here, I’ll give you my take on it.  If the players put as much thought into strategy as they do pots & pans, playing the victim and imaginary ways to harm each other, they could be playing a good game. The game play sucks but they do bring drama so I’ll give them that at least. Honestly, it’s been their bizarre personalities that’s kept me tuned in so far. It certainly hasn’t been their strategies. They don’t like each other and I don’t blame them. Josh has been called disgusting, loser, fat and a moron to name a few. Cody has been called ugly, unstable, violent and had his military career questioned. Jessica has been called a whore, slut, bald and the C word. Josh goes at them, cries, apologizes and comes back to do it again. Cody and Jessica had almost the entire house go at them but they’ve been hostile to almost the entire house themselves. I see no victims here. I do agree with Cody on one thing. I’m really tired of victim noises too.

After the latest smackdown round of Biiiiiig Brotherrrrrr, we are watching more of the same. Matt and Raven feel it’s unfair Josh was told he couldn’t bang pans anymore but Matts the guy who also thinks he has to start protecting Raven from Cody now. He says everyone should be allowed to play to their strengths and apparently, he feels Josh’s strength lies in joining some kind of a skillet band.  (This is what happens when an ottoman has thoughts) Alex seemed to think she needed to be concerned about being hit by Cody as well. Don’t worry about her though because she has a backup plan. She’s already discussed how Jason should hold Cody down so she can hit him. Little Alex may be growing up before our eyes because she came up with that all on her own. It could be the first plan she didn’t get from Paul. It’s like a baby bird leaving the nest. (insert tear and sarcastic feelings of pride here)

Is Raven a hero, or superhero?

I want to discuss Pauls game But First…we’ve been informed that Raven was injured (eyeroll) during Tuesdays latest incident. She described being hit on the wrist with a pan while she bravely tried to break up the “fight.” Once several people were in agreement that she had no business doing that, she quickly decided that she was only trying to save Alex and not trying to get in between the guys. Raven isn’t going to be wrong ya’ll, not when the story can simply be changed. She said Josh did it but shortly afterward, she and Matt felt it was all Cody’s fault. I’m dying to know what was in that ice pack for future reference because she could put weight on it soon after out by the pool. It healed very quickly!  In case anyone missed it, she has developed a fear of the stairs since she fell but she’s bravely used them this week A LOT so she could plow through Josh’s’ hoh food basket. He isn’t happy about that either. She’s also talked about Cody hitting on her the first week they were in the house. (Hitting on her, not hitting her- with these houseguests, I thought I should be clear) We didn’t have feeds yet but houseguests have mentioned things that sound like it’s quite the opposite. Megan also mentioned this after she left the house. She said Raven kept trying to sleep in the hoh room with Cody and he had to kick her out. Tomato, Tomahto….Xmas bailed during Raven’s storytelling about accidentally being stabbed with scissors while taking out the trash. She said she didn’t want to hear it, got up and walked away. I see the foot cast vs the stomach pacemaker showdown in the very near future.


Let’s get back to the cookware warfare. If you’ve been enjoying it, you have nothing to fear. Josh has said he isn’t doing it anymore but Paul said that as long as it’s only one pan and a spoon, it will be allowed. We know who usually wins this debate. I’ve been trying to figure out why I have a problem with Pauls behavior but I didn’t have it in season 6 when Janelle and Howie would go on a rampage or when Dick banged pans in season 8. I started to look at the similarities and differences to figure it out. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel that badly for any of them, I’m only trying to not be a hypocrite. First of all, Paul has said several times that the pans should be allowed because they’ve been done before and maybe that’s part of the problem. When it’s been done, as fans, we’re kind of over it. Paul may be a returnee but the truth is, he knows very little about big brother and its history. Secondly, when Dick banged the pans and terrorized the house, he did it alone, he owned what he was doing and he did it for the purpose of putting the target on himself so it wouldn’t be on Danielle. That’s very different from doing it for the purpose of getting someone to swing so they will be evicted. Even if it isn’t true, it comes off like Paul is afraid to compete against Cody and beat him in the game and that he would rather get him out on a technicality. Season 6 had lots of personal attacks. The biggest differences I see with this year vs season 6 and some other seasons is that when people have been fighting in the past, it was usually 1 on 1 or 2 on 2. It wasn’t the entire house ganging up on 2 people.  (Exception would be Ronnie) Normally, the rest of the house would be trying to break it up. I don’t know if this makes a difference but maybe that’s why it seems different to some viewers.

An argument can be made that Paul not “owning it” (shout out Lisa Rhinna) is smarter. He continues to throw gas on the fire but blames everyone else. That is very smart and why shouldn’t he do it that way? He even went after Mark for not stopping a fight that Mark wasn’t even in the room to witness. I don’t like Pauls methods but he is very good. Mark didn’t back down once they were alone and actually forced Paul to concede a little regarding whether or not Josh was a victim. Mark should have had that talk in front of others and it could have been helpful and opened some of their eyes but since it was in private, it probably just moved him up on Pauls hit list.

Paul is playing a successful game for himself and unless more showmances get broken up and someone gets wise to Paul, I predict a final 2 of Paul and Alex or Paul and Kevin.  He’s working hard for the money. (Shout out Donna Summer) Kevin, Alex, and Raven will probably be the reason he stays, either with their votes or if they are in power and protect him. He’s built a mini army and he also doesn’t have to worry about temptations anymore. Those temptations were causing him stress and he took care of them. It was sort of funny watching him speculate over Jessicas. He couldn’t believe that it wouldn’t somehow benefit him because Paul thinks every twist is there to help him or for his personal use. He wants to whip them out the way Batman did with the gadgets on his utility belt. He also made sure Christmas used hers the way he chose. Pauls issue with Jessica and Christmas having an advantage was that it was like Robin being in charge of the utility belt. You know Batman would take it away from him and say to Robin “know your role and shut your hole.” That’s exactly what Paul did.

Here are the two things I’ve realized about my lack of excitement over Paul. I’ve said that I don’t like the harassment game. It just isn’t one I respect even if it works. All is fair in love, war, and BB but I like some methods more than others, as does everyone.  I was entertained by Howie and Janelle but not impressed when she called Beau a whore or when Howie said he wanted to eat Aprils’ dog named pepperoni. It was very funny but what impressed me was Janelle’s comp wins and toughness. This was also back when people said what they wanted in the DR and Janelle destroyed them so she was consistent. That brings me to my second issue. I still wouldn’t love the strategy but I could accept it more if Paul would own it to us. I don’t think he should tell the house but tell US. It’s the same reason I didn’t like Nicole’s games last summer. (that and the fact she played it in the plank position all summer) Nicole wanted to sell us the same BS she was selling the house but we knew better. That’s what Paul is doing. During his private camera chat this week, he made it sound like he’s the spokesman for an anti-bullying campaign. He’ll tell us next, like he did the house that once someone gets called fat or picks on a woman, he has to do something about it, Great, go with that to the house minions for as long as you can sell it but don’t insult my intelligence. He needs to realize that I know he’s called Elena fat ass and calls Josh the blob. It isn’t pretty but I can take it if he can own up to doing it. Tell me they’re all puppets and that you have them all fighting. Don’t tell me Cody needs to go because the house is in physical danger. Don’t tell me you’re taking a stand against bullies. Tell me that you are provoking people so you can get the house to be offended once they react to being provoked. The best players let us in on how devious they are.  That’s not friendship. It’s condescending and insulting to me as a viewer. That’s also a couple of possibilities why Paul can be playing a good game but so many people still aren’t cheering him on.


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  1. AIO_7

    Dang it! Again I totally forgot to watch the CBS show last night. Now I have to watch it on-line.
    O.K., vent over; back to reading Steve’s up-date.

  2. Avatar

    Hahaha, wait didn’t Cody take Alex of the block to save her way back when lol? Yeah, I have never been a huge fan of Josh, and was rooting for Jessica, but I really hope when she gets evicted tonight, she learns that Josh was actually trying to save her. I wonder if the look on her face will actually resemble someone shooting themselves in the foot.

    • Avatar

      No….Cody did not take Alex off the block…Cody threw the veto to Alex and let her win to get her off the block, looking back it was the worst decision Cody made…..if Cody wins that Veto like he certainly could have, and listened to Jessica that Alex was a snake, he would have never nominated Paul….never had to nominate Christmas and his alliance wouldn’t have bailed on him, he would have certainly figured out that Raven and Matt were idiots and Mark and Elena wouldn’t have been so turned off by his move and thus Alex would have gone home that week….He would have made better relationships with Mark and Elena and Jason would have been more likely to join his team without Alex around…..and then he could have taken a real shot at Paul a few weeks later……honestly it would have changed the whole course of the season and it wouldn’t have been so easy for Paul to rally everyone against Cody and Jessica…..but it was a decision he made and it cost him….his social game was much better before that move, but it would have gotten him in trouble at some point….he was probably never gonna win but Jessica certainly would have had a shot if she had made it further and had a better alliance relationship with Elena and Mark….not just Cody….just one mans opinion, but that move I see as the turning point in this season!

      • Ann

        Sorry but I disagree because Cody was going to go after Paul first no matter what. Cody was fixated on getting Paul out of the house the very second Paul stepped in the door & before he dropped his bag.

      • Avatar

        I guess Cody figured that Paul would get the bunch of clueless dimwits to follow him, obey his commands and hand him the 500K. That might be the last thing Cody got right. It’s a shame no one will realize until it’s too late that he was trying to give them (and himself) a better chance to win the game.

      • Avatar

        It’s funny that you disagree, but if he didn’t have to replace Alex, he wouldn’t have put Paul up and his alliance wouldn’t have punked him….he could have gone after Paul next time he won HOH and had more support….that’s all I’m saying

      • Avatar

        We could even go back to…..if Megan didn’t self evict Cody wouldn’t have been forced to nominate 5 people……

    • g8trgirl

      Once she sees how Josh wanted to be her friend from time to time, I hope she apologizes at the finale.

      • Ann

        @g8trgirl, FAT CHANCE that will happen & I guarantee you if she does it’s because she had to be talked into it & it will NOT be sincere. She’s too good & perfect for those peasants. At least she thinks she is.

  3. AIO_7

    “Josh has been called disgusting, loser, fat and a moron to name a few.”

    When I was reading the comments over at TMZ last night someone called Slosh “the gay Herman Munster.”

  4. Shivani33

    Thank you, Mell! I think this is your best piece so far. One thing about Paul is that he’s a BB commodity right now. Your Boy tee-shirts are for sale with his image emblazoned on them, so I guess that he’s not going to be shown much as an instigator of anything which can be perceived as too negative. Maybe later he’ll be allowed to admit to a little chicanery, but probably only of the adorable,cute mischief designed to benefit his marketable image – at least until the merchandise has been sold. So far there are no tee-shirts with Cody’s face and “hold that thought” phrase.. I guess that he’s too much of a grim reaper.

    Last night there were many household comments about Raven’s imitations of others’ behavior (the makeup application to MattRess after Paul did Elena’s makeup) and her compulsion to outdo peoples’ injuries, headaches, etc. Why hasn’t she kept faithful to her code of oneupmanship and had exploding diarrhea? This is a woeful omission.

  5. Russell James Yost

    “Raven isn’t going to be wrong ya’ll, not when the story can simply be changed.”

    I started laughing out loud when I read this.

    Nice job Mell and I see your point about Paul not owning it in the DR. It was cool when he broke down his plan for Alex’s HOH and how he needed to get Alex to believe it was her idea and production provided edits that showed his strategy in motion.

    I wonder if it is the temptations that are causing him to be reluctant. He has mentioned a few times how he believes production edited Jessica as a victim and that is how she got her temptation. He is a very analytical person who seems to exhaust every which angle something could happen.

  6. Avatar

    Perfectly said Mell………

  7. Avatar

    Nice commentary!

  8. Alda

    Nice work Mell!

  9. Seattle Kari

    I did not like Paul last year simply because he was loud and obnoxious. Game play a side he’s a complete ass.

    The season is unbelievable with all the idiots that are playing. I had so much hope format but maybe like the lot of us females we looked at how pretty he is in the beginning. Haha.

    I keep saying I’m going to stop watching because of the way they are all acting but I keep being drawn in because they after all it’s our summer entertainment right?

    Is Kevin the only one that is literally not being a jackass? Or have I miss something there too.( I’m talking about beyond the cuddling with the girls I honestly don’t care about that.)

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  11. Avatar
    Helen (5578 comments)


    RBR: Jody in bed. Jessica hasn’t done any packing. Staring at each other again. NT
    08/10/17 11:18 AM


    Happy to see ElFitVics dream come true…….he finally captured Nicole’s heart……

  12. Shivani33

    That third sentence is a satiric gem. “Since I quit my job to be here….” Mellena style high-five!

  13. Avatar

    There isn’t any HG that is innocent in that house. They all talk about each other and some handle it better than others but some do cross the line. In
    my opinion Cody and Jessica have crossed the line more and worse than anyone in that house. Cody said it is not a game to him/ them. Which means he thinks it’s completely okay to attack on a personal level. But to me when you say you want to distroy someone on the outside just because YOU decided it’s not a game, goes way over crossing the line. He should be removed PERIOD! If he is not playing the game and he was just there for Jessica…I’m sorry I just can’t watch it. BB is not a porn show it is not a dating show. The couple’s want to hook up and just play house. Makes it no fun to watch at all. Just my rant… can’t wait for Jess to go tonight and then let’s brake up the other couple and start playing BB again.

  14. Avatar

    Mell love your summary as always! Now waiting on the votes to be cast.

  15. Avatar
    Helen (5578 comments)

    M Jason & Marlena sitting in the HN room talking about the possibility of spreading votes. Elena is convinced that they are doing it

    • AIO_7

      I think the strategy is to flush out MARLENA as JODY collaborators. The whispers that I’ve heard is that the vote is going to be 6-2…Jess going. I could be wrong, though; I haven’t been able to follow as much as I’d like.

  16. danmtruth

    Mell thank you thank you for AGAIN giving us a great insight into the game
    I bugs me to hear the HG hide behind it’s just a game related When they insult and attack people They are just doing game play the other person is being personal
    They all signed up for this A few claim to be BB fans Just what do they think life will be after the game ? I’m sure all think it’s party with Paul time
    Does Xmas think she has done her brand well by attacking a persons military service Hitting on a married man how well will this go at motivational speeches
    Josh you talk about your mom family and business How you can read people yet you seem on a personal vendetta against Elena Lie to her face Are paranoid of many in your own alliance You attack people retreat into a featel position when they strike back This behavior will make your mom proud ?
    Eleana you all but say your father is a drunken womanizer who lives off lonely old women You explain that you have not cut the apron strings You claim to sit in your mothers lap to feel secure How happy is your mom when she hears you talk about anal
    bleaching flashing every chance you get
    Raven all your stories have kept the fact checkers busy I’m only hopping the local law enforcement was just as busy

  17. g8trgirl

    I think you nailed it perfectly, Mell. Great job!

  18. Avatar
    Helen (5578 comments)

    Pros and Cons of tonight’s eviction

    Pro: one of these 3 will go home…Jessica,Elana or Raven. I don’t think Elana is really a contender to be a finalist in tonight’s challenge .
    I believe there are two finalists slated to win the Meet Julie Chen trophy, Jessica and Raven.

    Cons: Jessica will lose the trophy and stay making watching the feeds unbearable.
    Raven will lose the trophy and stay making watching the feeds unbearable.

  19. NKogNeeTow

    Again, out the park Mell….OUT OF THE PARK!

    MattRess isn’t protecting DMW from Grody. He’s protecting his BJs (since he gets one every night). 😉

  20. NKogNeeTow

    Good Grief, is Patches going to put in all 40 packs of that hair?

  21. NKogNeeTow

    Did someone give Paul a blowout this morning? His hair is looking exceptionally “fluffy”.

  22. NKogNeeTow

    Its funny watching Alex go through her memory excercise. She looks like she’s having some sort of spasm.

  23. NKogNeeTow

    DMW saw Patches putting in her extensions, so she decided to “weave” the sofa….smh

    Wish I knew how to do a screen shot.

    • AIO_7

      What type of machine are you on, and what Operating system, NiK?

      • NKogNeeTow

        Laptop, and 7? 8? Damn if I know. I just know how to type and read email…lol

      • AIO_7

        For a screenshot try holding down the WINDOWS key (the one that looks like a flag), while holding, press the PRINT SCREEN (prt sc) key. Then just figure out where your screenshots are stored. Mine are stored automatically in the Pictures folder in a Screenshots sub folder.

  24. NKogNeeTow

    I predict that once Messi is out of the house tonight, she’ll be out on the town with her friends by Saturday night.

    Once Grody leaves, he will go looking for her…
    He’ll spot her walking with a group of friends…
    He’ll run up to her and softly touch her elbow…
    She’ll stop, turn around, look at him, tilt her head and ask “Do I know you”?…
    He’ll stand there, speechless, widened eyes, bottom lip trembling…
    She’ll fling her hair, turn and walk away with her friends…laughing and whispering…
    He’ll watch her walk away, as he stands there with tears streaming down his face…
    In front of his broke down truck…
    As she merrily strolls into “Da Club”.

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  26. NKogNeeTow

    Grody and Messi saying their goodbyes in the Rose Room. I hear the theme from “Endless Love” playing in the background.

    Paul caught Kevin shaking Grody’s hand on something and questioning him about it. Kevin is word tap dancing faster than Fred Astaire. Don’t think Paul really bought it though.

    • Russell James Yost

      It gets a little old when a person can’t even interact with someone without instantly going on someone’s radar. God forbid Kevin be cordial, DAMN HIM! DAMN THAT MAN!

    • NKogNeeTow

      One thing I forgot to mention about the Paul/Kevin thing. We all know how Kevin likes to be sneaky and change up the vote once he gets in the DR. If he had any plans of doing so tonight, I think he just killed that chance. Since Paul has confronted him, he knows he’s on the radar and if anybody changes the vote, Paul will be looking at Kevin first. I’m really curious to see how Kevin will get out of this one if he tries it.

    • Ann

      Think Paul will have Josh banging pots at Kevin next?

      • Avatar
        Helen (5578 comments)

        How did your sleep study go Ann?

      • Ann

        @Helen, turns out I’ll have to be on C-pap. I stop breathing in my sleep for long periods & several times during the night, I snore loud enough to make you think the lawn is being mowed & I talk a lot in my sleep.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5578 comments)

        One of my patients has one of the newer Resperonics DreamWear CPap ……it’s pretty nice. Allows her to sleep in any position during the night

  27. NKogNeeTow

    I hope when Xmas leaves the house, Kevin’s wife finds her and takes advantage of that broken leg and kicks the crap out of her. I’m not fond of workplace husbands and wives or BB husbands and wives.

  28. NKogNeeTow

    Now we get the lazy puppy. He moves from laying in one spot to laying in another….kind of like MattRess.

  29. Avatar

    You hit it for me! I dislike Paul exactly because he’s trying to sell us on the same BS he’s spinning in the house — which he didn’t seem to do last year, so I liked him more. Perhaps he’s leveraging himself because he knows the crap game he’s playing may have ramifications outside the house — we’ll see. In general, this cast is just terrible at playing the game. I haven’t seen a legit decent game move all season — and that goes for Paul! I’m not even sure at this point we’ll see one. We’ll have to see if the over-playing puts him on people’s radar, or if they are just happy to coast to jury and trade on the “fame” they are going to have after the season is over.

    • NKogNeeTow

      My guess is “they are just happy to coast to jury and trade on the “fame” they are going to have after the season is over. Hell, they have been talking about hoping to go to Jury every since the show started. Not winning, not coming in 2nd place, not even America’s Favorite. Simply making it to Jury. This has been their greatest aspiration. As I’ve said before…lower expectations.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    Cat fight, camera 1-4.

  31. Mel

    I think they’re happy to coast along too. It’s what you get when the only people in the house who were actually fans of BB were Cameron, Jillian, Ramses (who all left early) and Cody, Jessica and Alex. I don’t know about Mark. I can’t remember. They would all like to win but the goal is exposure and the more episodes you make, the more exposure you have. The more you don’t rock the boat, the more episodes you’re likely to stick around for. I’m not even including Paul. Paul is a fan of CBS at this point but not necessarily BB. Its not entirely the same thing.He is definitely there to win and I’m not insinuating otherwise.
    Thanks for the nice comments today from everyone. It’s been a crazy work week so I’ve mostly read Steve’s posts, everyone’s comments and commented very little myself. Been missing my peeps on here this week!!!

  32. Mel

    Rumor is memory booth comp tonight and double eviction next week.

  33. Alda

    Jess tells Cody not to let anyone hug her when she walks out tonight.Cody says he will carry Jess all the way to the door.Do I see a remake of “An Officer And a Gentleman” with Cody as Richard Gere and Jess has Debra Winger?I hear the background music already.

    • NKogNeeTow

      More like Swamp Thing, when he carried off the girl.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5578 comments)

      As she wraps her legs around his waist they whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears……Jessica promises to wait until the 4th of Neverwary for him ,walks out the door and goes home to find out he is a contruation sales rep……..

      • Avatar
        Helen (5578 comments)


      • NKogNeeTow

        This is a fun game. Let’s continue building on “The Saga of Messi and Grody”…

        He finds out where she lives…
        Parks outside of her building…
        Security won’t let him pass the lobby…
        He goes out to his broke down pickup truck…
        He reaches into his duffel bag and pulls out a Ninja outfit…
        He arms himself with those star thingies, nin-chucks and a samari sword…
        He scales the side of the building to her penthouse suite…
        Crashes through the window….
        And finds her with one of her “clients”…

  34. hogwild

    This lack of any real game play or strategy has been the thing that has really turned me off on this season only Paul, Cody and Jessica have actually played Cody and Jessica have played badly but at least they have played the rest of the house has just played follow the leader with Paul.

  35. Wendy

    I sure hope Cody wakes up this week if Jessica goes. I want him to Win HOH and put Paul and Kevin up. For sure Paul would get voted out.

    • hogwild

      I don’t think they would vote Paul out Cody couldn’t vote Josh,Christmas, Matt, Raven, and Alex have shown no sign they would turn on and Paul Jason does whatever Alex does there would have to be a major awakening to get them to vote out Paul.

  36. Mimi Ryan

    Love what you said Steve. This is my frustration with this Season – Jody: It’s them against the BBH. Why, because that is how small minded they are. Cody seems to need his “damsel” in distress and he needs to be the “knight” – all be it a bit narrow minded, bigoted, needy, mean spirited, proud, individual. So, while Jess talks about knowing people and getting back at Paul once out of the House. Then Cody saying stuff, he forgets and is now the Worse BB Player next to Jess .. . .. It really boils down to some really silly people. I have to say I was shocked at how many Showmances happened within days of the beginning. Throw “Paul” into this, with his game play, and it’s a crappy show and yes I am still watching. I agree that all this crappy behavior would do so much better if the energy was invested in strategy and game play. This season has shed some light for me on my childhood (being bullied a lot), knowing people just like Cody & Jess. We will see who makes it next week. Thank you Steve.

  37. NKogNeeTow

    I was screaming at the TV when DMW and Lips made their speeches. #hatethemsomuch

    Can’t stand Messi, no matter how much better her speech is. #hateherjustasmuch

  38. NKogNeeTow

    Wonder if DMW will raid Alex’s basket like she did Josh’s?

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