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Editorial – Strolling Through Big Brother by Mell

We haven’t been breaking down the game play of the individual houseguests this season very much because there isn’t any but as I’ve said before, I quit my job to be here so I may as well give it a go. It’s frustrating or “fustrating” as Jordan says. I joked and said I was going to write about production procedures just to have something to talk about. (I may have to contact Kryssie and get her help with the rules book stuff.) I said it as a joke but I actually think I’m going to do that next, especially if the game stays so predictable.


Let’s break down the stellar gameplay and strategies of the amazing cast of BB19 left in the house. Derrick tweeted that before he left the house last week, he pointed at the money sign and told the hg’s to remember why they were there and not to be a follower. He said he wished he could have shared his true thoughts. I suppose that comment was as close to saying what he wanted as he could get. (most people already know this but in case you didn’t, Derrick was wearing an earpiece. You could see it in some of the video footage and his dialogue was scripted while he was in the house.) Derrick, like most past hg’s who are on social media have been highly critical of the players this season. He, along with many past players have broken the tradition of cheering for the returning player. (If past hg’s and their many twitter followers get the results they want, Jessica will be AFP) Ok, let’s assess where these Mensa members are with their games at the moment.

MARK: He’s as good as gone so it doesn’t matter.  He did well in comps and if he had chased money instead of boobs, his game may have looked a lot better. He’d have still cried in the DR but it would’ve been nice if he was upset because he was getting ready to backstab someone and he felt a little guilty about it instead of over a one sided relationship? He really likes BB, fought hard to win comps and seems to be a really nice guy. He’s the kind of guy people could have gotten behind this year but he threw it away so I don’t care. Moving on….

JOSH: Josh is probably the most interesting person remaining in the house as it pertains to playing the game. I said interesting, not great. He has been both loved and hated as well as insightful and delusional. My opinion of him can change by the hour. After his melt down the first week, he’s been playing BB. It may resemble someone on the highway trying to play with traffic at times but he IS playing. He went from being the most disliked person in the house to being close to almost everyone. He’s probably done too much of Pauls dirty work to have jury votes but you never know. He may be the only person in the house who isn’t crazy to beleive Paul about a final 3. He could have a 2nd place finish in his future. If the jury doesn’t like him, he’ll lose to many people so it doesn’t matter if he goes with Paul. He needs to work it so he can sit next to Matt at the end. That’s his best chance of winning imo.


CHRISTMAS: She’s a BB first because she’s spent the summer high as a kite. I was fine with her staying in the house if she had needed one or two trips out for a medical service because that’s happened in the past. She’s been in and out as much as the person who takes the HOH laundry to the cleaners and brings it back. It’s completely ridiculous at this point. She thought for a brief time that Paul would be her #1 and unlike some of the others, she started realizing it may not be true. Latching onto Josh was smart and the way she did it was smarter. She not only killed him with kindness, she went out of her way to give him respect. Paul hooked Josh with his friendship and made him feel a part of the group but Christmas is the one who made him feel he had a voice in that group. She’s impressive as hell as a tough woman but her game…not so much. The DR loves portraying her as this bad ass chick who’s going to rip through the house but she won her hoh by forfeit and she’s simply going with the house. Big deal. I’m not saying it’s a mistake or it’s bad for her game. (It isn’t like the week Jessica got rid of Ramses.) There’s nothing wrong with her decision this week and despite her lack of doing anything creative, she has a really good shot at the final 3. She went after Cody, Elena and Mark unnecessarily when it wasn’t even her fight. Those could have been jury votes and since we don’t know how Kevin, Jason and Alex will be evicted or who will be blamed, maybe they could be too if its a bitter jury. If she manages to get to the end, her need to join in with the mob will probably cost her any chance. She may have been the only person who could’ve sit beside Paul and made a good argument because she really did have to overcome something to keep playing.  She would’ve had to embellish her role in some of the game moves but she could do that (they all do) along with saying she did it as a first time player and with 10 broken bones in her foot. (She had the potential to steal Ravens strategy) It’s not a bad story and if she had good relationships and friends in the jury, it’s a story that possibly could’ve worked. She used to be close to Mark, Elena and Kevin but she tossed it aside to get into pettiness. She’s the only female who Alex has became sort of friends with and Josh would vote for hear in a hearth beat. She actually had a chance.

KEVIN: I still really like Kevin. I didn’t like when he trashed Cody behind his back about the military and being a father. I think he did it because he was being questioned too much about Cody and it was a warped way of showing his loyalty to his group. It doesn’t make it okay but unlike some of the others, I do think he did it out of necessity to prove he hated Cody as much as everyone else. The others seem to get a twisted pleasure from just being mean.  I could be wrong because I’m a bit biased when it comes to Kevin. He’s been my favorite person since the beginning. That doesn’t mean I think he has a chance in hell of winning. Kevin has done better than many of the token older players in the past at becoming a part of the group while laying low. Unfortunately, he’s laying way too low. I will give him credit for recognizing a shift in the house and knowing he has a problem.  He also started realizing it before Alex was openly hostile towards him. His biggest problem has been Alex. Paul screwed him this week by telling Alex and Jason that Kevin was targeting them and planting seeds last week that he was “shady” but Alex started that long before Paul did. Jason never really buys into what Paul is selling 100% until Alex pushes him to it. Alex started telling Jason that she didn’t feel right about Kevin before Paul and Jason ever talked game. Kevin was trying to protect his group when he tried to make a deal with Cody.  He shouldn’t have done it without the group saying yes to it first but he had good intentions. He’s also pushed the Matt and Raven agenda too much but he’s 55 and doesn’t want to play follow the leader. He wants Matt & Raven out damn it!!  (Think about how annoyed we are watching it from the outside. Can you imagine being 55 years old and living with these idiots?) Unless Kevin turns into a comp beast, he will be leaving in the next few weeks. Kevin knows Paul is full of shit on a personal level but he may still beleive Paul’s on his side. Regardless, Jason wouldnt be turning on him were it not for Alex. I would have loved seeing Kevin and Jason play this game together till the end and they were on the path to do that but an angry, caffeinated chipmunk messed that up for me.

MATT: He has 1 annoying laugh, 2 shirts, 100’s of bowls of cereal eaten and I don’t know the exact number of sexual encounters….that’s Matt’s game. I keep forgetting he’s in his 30’s because he’s so immature. We will remember him as “that guy who got more BJ’s than comp wins” but we probably won’t remember his name. He did get a key to the house so I’ll try to devote a few sentences to his game. Other than not playing, his biggest mistakes have been Raven and paint-by-numbers BB.  No one sees Matt & Raven as threats and it almost helps him because he’s so willing to throw his game away for her and is open about it. The area where Raven has hurt his game the most is (shocker) her lying. Matt may have played this game like an ottoman even if he had never met Raven but one of her lies is definitely a reason he’s doing that. We all know Raven met Paul at one of his shows in Little Rock back in the spring. Raven turned this into a real friendship and almost a twist. She has Matt convinced that Paul’s main role this summer is to assist her in winning the game so naturally he thinks he has a free ride to the final 3. Matt has only seen BB16 and because he doesn’t understand the game, he really thinks that doing nothing is playing like Derrek. Derrick avoided being a target by doing everything, not by doing nothing. A sofa is never going to understand that.

RAVEN: Do we really need to discuss anything? #RavenSTFU


JASON: He’s another one that grew on me quickly.  His funny stories and personality are probably why he hasn’t taken the same amount of heat Cody did for making the same kind of derogatory comments. I don’t approve of the comments either of them made and I wish they would both get out of their corner of the world more often (I’m not speaking geographically) and become more enlightened as people. I also think almost everyone in that house has said some very uneducated and cruel things so if that is the deciding factor for everything, they need to cancel the show because there would be no one left to play the game. As far as his game, he’s pretty good in competitions like we thought he would be but he has no clue what’s going on in the house. He admitted to knowing nothing about BB and I thought it was going to be fun to watch him figure it out. I mentioned earlier that I loved the dynamic between Jason and Kevin and sometimes they had good insight and gut feelings during their morning talks. Do you remember way back in the beginning when Jason constantly argued with Alex about her opinions on Paul? Yeah, those were the good old days and they’re long gone. He may be almost 40 and brave enough to ride bulls but he isn’t immune to being called stupid and an idiot. He didn’t trust his own instincts because he didn’t know the game so it didn’t take too many insults over his game intelligence from Alex to get him to fall in line. He defers to her because he feels she knows the game more. I don’t care if you know the game or not, you should be able to pick up on red flags. Alex practicing the days with Jason in private because she said that she wasn’t sure if Paul wanted Jason to know them should be a huge flag slapping him in his rodeo clown face. Paul wants Jason gone because he sees Jason as a threat in comps, a final 2 person for Alex and he knows Jason isn’t a full blown Armenian Kool-Aid addict like Alex. The rest of the house wants him gone because they see Jason and Alex as a strong physical duo. As an added bonus we found out along with Jason that there’s a baby Dent on the way. That makes for a very sweet TV moment but you can bet your ass no one is going to run the risk of ending up in a final two with a guy who’s getting ready to be a daddy again. (That didn’t help him Holly although it was a great moment to watch)

(I’m still wondering when the pregnancy news occurred since letters from home are supposed to be written preseason. Did she know she was pregnant before he left and just didn’t tell him? Maybe she found out after he left but before the show started . Supposedly, the letter setup was changed after season 8 when Dick admitted to getting coded messages from his son in his letter. I’ve heard quite a few houseguest discuss how the letters are actually written in the very beginning of the season. I’ll try to find out more about that and included it in my production post)

ALEX: I can’t stand Alex. She’s a mean, hyper, violent, mumbling fast talker who insults everyone, has tantrums, has barely gotten any BB history facts correct but claims to know everything about everything and is in desperate need of hair conditioner!  I suppose none of that is about her game but she annoys the hell out of me. Who would have thought the girl who hung in the longest the first week in a comp, told Cody to eat shit and talked about going after couples like a dog after a bone would end up the most pathetic of the Paul puppets. Her days may be numbered but if I’m being completely honest, one of the things that irritates me about her is her results.  She’s doing everything in a stupid way but so far, it’s still working. She mentioned going after Paul but once she won HOH she decided to work with him. She told Jason they were going to infiltrate the large group, break them up from the inside, break up the couples and become the closest to Paul. She’s accomplished everything she set out to do so far and that drives me crazy! (Maybe I’m petty too) The only way she’s getting to the final 3 with Paul is if she wins her way there and my season has turned into waiting for Alex to be evicted, proving she was wrong and proving she steered Jason off a BB cliff. (Small victories) The idea of anyone thinking they can trust someone because their brand is friendship and they can’t lie because of it is insane! She’s also making the same mistake the Christmas is making with jury management. She didn’t need to go off on Cody or Mark. She had a legit beef with Elena but her jury vote would be worth more than the 5K she was mad over and the punishment. She said she’s planning on going off on Mark again before he leaves to ask him why he doesn’t like her. This all stems from her finding out he mentioned her name as a target when he was trying to save himself this week. Who cares? He’s gone! Above everyone else in the house, (except for Raven, that’s a given) I need her to be evicted to reinforce that this is a stupid way to play the game. I can’t handle her making it to the final 2 playing this way. The world as I know it will cease to exist!

PAUL: I saved Paul for last because I’m sick of him and of talking about him but he’s playing the best game and he’s doing a fantastic job. Whether these people are idiots or not, he knows what drives each one of them and he gives it to them. He’s ran the show from the beginning. He speaks over people, is pushy and shoves what he wants down people’s throats. However, he hasn’t water boarded them or beaten them with anything so they don’t have to do it. He’s worked his butt off since the beginning and he’s constantly in motion. He lays targets out weeks ahead possibly better than most players I can remember. (I’m not calling him the best player but am referring to one specific thing- lining up targets far in advance) You’re doing something right if you can have three couples thinking they’re in your final three. He’s showing DaVonne why being a 5th or a 7th wheel to pairs doesn’t have to be a bad thing. They’re brainwashed. Anyone who hasn’t fallen in line has been targeted and removed. There’s the Paul praise. However, I think that’s why the mob method this season seems even more sleazy. It hasn’t been necessary. I believe Paul does it as much for sport as he does for game. The game is to keep everyone under his thumb, have a level of intimidation and make everyone see that they don’t want to become that person. It’s sport because he did the same thing last year. I think it’s his personality. “Calling someone out” is the old version of “putting them in check” but it’s the same. I don’t think Paul knows another way to play BB. It was odd listening to him talk to the feed watchers and saying that he was doing everything differently the season because well…. he isn’t.  Last year he instigated fights, ran between groups, spewed insane amounts of insults behind people’s backs, said unnecessary things on a personal level, talked tough then backed down when confronted and backstabbed his closest allies in the house. He’s not saying “pissed,” “friendship” and “never cared” every 5 minutes but otherwise, it’s the same. It’s just “pivot” and “check.” It’s more pitiful that these people are falling for it because they’ve seen his game. I’m sure it’s different when you’re in it rather than watching it but come on! I can acknowledge he’s playing a very good game after his advantages ended. Can Paul fans admit he had huge advantages and not discount their value?  He is playing the best game by far but shouldn’t he be? It would be an epic failure if he wasn’t. Paul had 3 weeks of safety but when it’s mentioned, many leave off the part about it being secret. That’s never happened and it’s huge! It set the player up who went after him for failure. Cody had his own game issues but that shouldn’t have been one of them. Nominating Paul gave the house huge drama right from the start. Don’t underestimate the value of the bracelets either. It was safety for only one week but it set the “kiss Paul’s ass” tone for the season. They were already starstruck because he’d just played AND came in 2nd and were immediately expected to try to please him. His early comps involved rolling a ball to a target which he won last summer, the weather comp which he won last summer and he hosted a form of the candy crush comp during OTT. He’s with a cast who mostly want LA fame and doesn’t want to alienate America. They also cast a big fan of his with Raven.  He is hands down the best player but how impressed should we be? The path was paved, he just has to go for a stroll.




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  1. Avatar

    I thought your two cents on Matt were hilarious… and then I read Raven’s. So good, Mell.

  2. Avatar

    1 Million % Spot on on all counts! Best post of this season! The end of the story is , when is BB20 ?

  3. Ann

    Did that house full of assholes come for Kevin yet with their bull-shit like they do every houseguest when they want to get them out? I hope he tells each & every one of them to kiss his entire ass & go to hell after telling everything he knows about all of them.

    • Shivani33

      Ann, most of the group is giving Kevin more of the cold shoulder. The only one who has been rude is Alex, and that’s how she is a lot, anyhow. Others keep enjoying Kevin’s company, like Cowpoke and Josh, who don’t want to be mean to him. But when a bigger group is together, all of them are ignoring Kevin more. No doubt he feels it. In some ways Kevin is still acting like it’s a few weeks ago and still keeps checking in with Paul and saying things like, “is everything cool? Just tell me if you need me to do anything.” Paul dismisses him with lame remarks like, “Just keep doing what you’ve been doing while we get so-and -so evicted.” But I think that Kevin sees what’s happening. He just doesn’t know how far it has gone or what to do about it.

    • Mello_One

      I hear ya Ann, its really Pathetic, how they all have turned on Kevin. Kevin is really the only one who has some Redeeming Qualities outta the bunch left in the house. Even tho Kev flirted with Xmas…that is “none” of my Beeswax?!

  4. Shivani33

    Matt and Raven met with Christmas and said that they feel the need to negotiate with Alex and Jason. What the two want is to arrange for Alex/Jason to throw one of them the HoH. Once that HoH deal is approved, they’ll evict Alex or maybe Jason, but they don’t think that Jason is as important. Kevin can go, if all else fails, plus he can be the bait in this rat trap. We have now entered the BB Twilight Zone. With the lack of much Big Brother intelligentsia playing this Season, quite stupendously, this little plan might have legs. I don’t know if Paul has been told about this gem yet. He has been bored and restless and is dying for some form of amusement. Matt and Raven’s idea might get him howling.

    • Ann

      What in the hell makes those 2 MORONS think that they’re more important than Wallykazam & Cowpoke?Is it because Cindy Lu Whoo is a hospice patient with 2 terminal diseases & serves the other houseidiots salmonella & Matt eats more cereal than GM can make & licks his mustache like a damn lizard? Maybe that’s their game play, serve salmonella & eventually get everyone sick. That’s why Matt only eats cereal. Just saying because they do nothing else.

  5. Painter1

    Bravo enjoyed your insight Mell.

  6. Mello_One

    Thank you Mell for your Insight, you’re spot on, “Oh Wise One.”

  7. Mello_One

    What I find Odd about Paul’s Game, & the House Guest, is that when HG are Evicted, they all say that “PAUL IS RUNNING THE HOUSE?!” But while inside the house they did absolutely NOTHING to stop Paul’s March to Glory?!

    The turning point was when Jessica put Josh, & Ramses OTB, that choice made no sense whatsoever!!! And was the End for Jessica & Cody…Because Paul Flipped the House on them.

  8. Avatar

    Best post I have read all season Mell……..BRAVO !!!!!!!!

  9. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Mell, I totally agree with your assessment of Remember the Alamo and Josh. That was my dilemma this week with her being HOH– although I wanted her to make a big move, I also understood that it really didn’t make sense for her to do so right now. She has a pretty straight shot for the final 3, nobody is even discussing her right now, so going along with the house made perfect strategic sense for her game this week. It’s boring as hell for us, but smart for her.

    As for Josh, I agree that it’s pretty impressive to see him in a position where he’s almost a lock for F3 (or maybe even F2), given that just a few weeks ago he was completely alone without a true ally in the game (and on track to possibly even get evicted pre-jury). Josh has slowly but surely finessed his way into everyone’s blindspot and firmly aligned with the strongest player in the house (and as you mentioned, unlike everyone else, he actually has a reason to trust Paul). I think Josh has a better sense of what’s going on in the house than virtually everyone except Paul, but again, it would make no sense for Josh’s game to make waves at this point. Hopefully, he can just keep his big mouth shut and not mess up the good thing he has going.

    As for everyone else… pox on you’s and #STFU’s all around! Alex, you get a #STFU! Matt, you get a #STFU! Raven, you definitely get a #STFU! Everyone can #STFU!!!!

    The only thing we can hope for is that next week someone who NEEDS to win HOH (i.e. Kevin) can pull out a win and use that power wisely.

  10. Tinkerbell

    Spectacular, Mell!! Thanks so much.

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  12. Tinkerbell

    Rapunzel is braiding her long red stringy locks right now. She feels even more fetching when she has that rag on her pointed head. If Two T-Shirt Man doesn’t stop laughing tonight, I’m afraid I might have to slit my wrists.

  13. Tinkerbell

    Rapunzel and Sugar Smacks Head are heading up to the HOH. I’m sure to roll around on the bed, and so Rapunzel can audition in front of the mirror for 45 minutes. I hate it that Halloween has never caught them in the room without her. Can’t she hear me yelling through my screen. The Simpleton Couple never need to win HOH. It has been their personal space, except for when Cody was HOH.

  14. Mello_One

    Oh my GAWD….LOL!!! Kevin just told Paul that If Matt gets Evicted Raven is gonna Shack Up with You…Paul, I’ll tell her I’m Celibate! Funniest Line of this season from Kev, & he has had Many…lol

  15. Avatar

    Earlier today I was reading a recap or something and read Matt and, no joke, had to sit there for like 5 minutes going through all of the HGs and wondering “who is Matt?” I just laughed when it finally clicked.

  16. g8trgirl

    Excellent post, Mell!

  17. Renee

    It seems like the work crew behind the walls are sick of Raven and Matt too. They kept telling her to “stop that” last evening, then ended up calling her to the DR. When she came out she said they told her to stop “f***ing up their mikes”. She told Matt they would call him in too. They did. Then someone, I can’t remember who, said they were putting a 38 year old man in time out. We watch them on the tv, can you imagine the poor camera man and work crew that have to see and hear their obnoxious selves close up. Yuck!

    • Avatar

      That was one of the things Cody said when he was talking to a camera one time – imagine living with them. Someone else has said something like that too which is why it’s so confusing to me that they have never really been a target. Maybe because they pose the least overall threat. Who knows. Jason was the other HG that got put in time out. That was Alex’s comment about putting a 38 year old man in time out.

    • Renee

      Thanks for clarifying that @hilaryl I was typing that comment early this morning from a foggy memory. Not much of the feeds ever have much to talk about but I look forward to the comment on BBJ. This is the highlight of my work-day 🙂 But, I am on the east coast so I usually have to wait for others to be waking up to start reading more comments.

    • HappyHippo

      What’s even more annoying is Raven thinks she’s so freakin’ cute when she acts like that. Fake accent and all. I would literally scratch my eyes out if I had to live in the same house as them! They are in for a rude awakening when they realize the reaction the real world is giving them….

  18. Avatar

    Last night in the HOH sounded like Groundhogs day and the gnome had it all planned out how they were going to just waltz in to 1st and 2nd place,while discussing how stupid everyone except them are. If Kevin could win HOH this wk. It would be so great, But I don’t know what would save him next week ??????

  19. Renee

    I also believe if it does come down to Paul in the end, Cody will vote for him too. Jess had said in one of her interviews, I think it was her departure with Julie, that she would vote for Paul. I would think she would have shared that thought with Cody as well.

    Does any one know if we get to see the next evictee entering the jury house? I can’t wait to see how Cody and Elana have coped being together, just the two of them, for a week.

    • Avatar

      If Paul gets past F5, then he should make it to F2. I’m pretty sure Cody and Elana are getting along just fine.

    • Avatar

      I would actually think that Elena and Cody had a great week with no conflict. For that reason, I’m not going to be sorry to see Mark and/or Kevin head that way soon. I think they will decompress and have a good time.

      • Avatar

        I actually feel sorry for Elana if Mark goes next. She will have to deal with him on a more private personal level. After her exit interview, it probably won’t be all giggles and smiles for her, but he’ll probably be looking to give her the high hard one immediately.

      • Avatar

        Yeah, I didn’t think about that. Although without the camera, she might be able to be more direct. Who knows. I’d be way more interested in having a camera at the jury house than the house in about two more evictions.

    • Avatar

      Jessica said on multiple occasions Paul deserved to win. I heard her lecture Cody on it saying as much as he hates Paul that calling him a floater or saying he isn’t playing was wrong. She might not like playing w him and hate some of the stuff going on in house but as a fan she can see he is playing. I think she would have been an asset to him in jury as she would have never wanted to been labeled a bitter jury member by voting for someone else who did not deserve it. She looked down on people who do that in BB. But Paul did not know that about her since she spent most of her time only talking to Cody.

      • Avatar

        Now that Jessica is out of house and knows she has a fan base and sees negative comments about Paul from people like BB Alum she will act differently than if she was in jury house w no info.

  20. Mel

    Last night highlights:

    Mark had his talk with Alex and Jason. They still aren’t keeping him but the conversation was nice. They told him they liked him as a person but the house wanted him gone and Alex admitted that Matt and Raven are alot more annoying but were better for her game. Mark told them if either made it to the final 2, they would have his vote. At one point in the conversation, Mark mentioned that Paul flipped back and forth between people, which Alex later told Paul and he did not like it! He said he wanted to call him out on it and Alex told him not to. (Paul wants to play a low-key game but his ego can’t stand for people to think that he is.) They were never considering keeping mark But Jason completely blew any chance. Alex wasn’t happy that Jason told Mark he would have to get with Alex and Paul. Alex explained to Jason in her yelling and insulting way that by doing that Jason was letting Mark know that they are aligned with Paul. She’s right about the hunt but Mark is such a bad player, he didn’t even pick up on it and Jason’s such a bad player, he didn’t know what he had done until Alex pointed it out.

    Kevin is still miserable and I think it’s partly because people are treating him differently but I also think he’s hit his limit with Matt and Raven. He wants them gone so bad and has for a while. Kevin watches the person otb that he would rather have in the house, walk out the door every week. Jessica, Cody and now Mark. I think that’s why he asks his group every week “next time can we get rid of Matt Raven?” He’s still in trouble with the group and they’re accusing him of trying to save Mark when the only thing he’s done is say that he would vote how Alex and Jason vote.

    Raven and Matt were extra annoying last night. Kevin and Jason for complaining to each other and wishing they would shut the hell up. Raven kept screaming and shrieking to a point that BB asked her repeatedly to “stop that” and then called her into the DR. She came out and told Matt that they told her to stop disrespecting her microphone. When they were in bed last night and trying to adjust the covers for their late night activities, the house got another “stop that” and Raven ask Matt if that was meant for them. Believe me, they didn’t stop. I don’t know if it’s because they have that room mostly to themselves at this point but they are getting even more obvious about what they’re doing.

    Last night Paul and Christmas had another Raven bashing session. They talked about how she has one dance routine for every song. ( don’t know if you’ve got any of her dances on YouTube or Twitter but they’re pretty funny) Paul said he thinks she’s a compulsive liar and Christmas wonders what else she could be lying about if she can lie so easily about small things. As Ravens volume higher yesterday, the house became more vocal about things they’ve been leery to say and several of them discussed Raven together. Kevin flat out says he doesn’t think there’s much wrong with her Jason said her food tastes like shit and he isn’t eating it anymore. Alex and Jason both complain that she wants to do all the cooking and they like to make their own food. Christmas was mad she used all the bacon to make something disgusting. Christmas and Alex talked about her eating habits and how she always eats junk food. They said she never drinks water and it’s always tea and Sprite. They are sick of how loud Raven and Matt are and how immature they at. People are hinting that they want to say she’s lying about how sick she is but you can tell they are afraid to do it. No one wants to be the person who accuses the sick girl of faking It on TV.

    Paul is still offended over Matt telling him that he and Raven have played the best game. He can’t believe Matt Put raven in the same category. I disagree with Paul often but not this time. Raven back Matt up in his assessment and declared she and Paul had made a lot of moves behind the scenes. I didn’t know until last night that at some point Raven went to production to ask if she, Matt and Paul could use the alliance name “Gypsy Squad” and was a little butthurt that it was rejected. I thought they only rejected Alliance names if it was something related to copyright laws. Maybe Gypsy squat is or maybe CBS doesn’t want to put a spotlight on the word many people traditionally use for grifters.

    Christmas thinks being in the house is making her dumb. Paul felt it was a completely useless day two and you can really see the house wearing Kevin down. I agree with them on this. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it I wish they would give these people more to do. They usually give them one craft project when there are very few of them left. I don’t understand why they can’t do that every week. It doesn’t have to be something elaborate to be used on the show. Each week they could give them one silly thing and then take it away so they only have 1 thing at a time. Jenga, cards, Play-Doh, coloring books,Hopscotch, a twister board, etc. I really wish they would go back to having a weekly food competition because it would give the houseguest another activity each week and it’s much more entertaining for us. I understand the setup for that as much more involved because it’s a competition but the other things I mentioned would at least give them something to do.

    • Avatar

      Honestly, at this point, I hope Kevin gets voted out so he can enjoy the rest of the time he has left. He’s so unsettled and has withdrawn. It’s making him seem older than he is. All of that vibrancy he had in the beginning has just been washed away. I don’t think he’s one for idle hands and with very little to do I think he’s going stir crazy. Now I will bite my tongue because I like him the best and wish he would have done better.

      At the same time, it is hard for me to watch people like who? and Raven go so far because they have no game and are so annoying.

  21. Avatar

    “Raven back Matt up in his assessment and declared she and Paul had made a lot of moves behind the scenes.”

    The only moves “Oral B” (B is for bitch by the way) has made behind the scenes is her never ending quest to to continually have her face fall on Matt’s sword. Someone needs to let her know that unless Matt’s sword has bristles on it, her teeth are not getting any more clean.

    • Renee

      lol @Wayne Maybe Matt another goal other than how ever many bowls of cereal he said he would eat. He could have told Raven that his goal was to receive 500 bjs and she is helping him accomplish this goal. Imagine how the parents of her dance students must feel knowing she is doing that on live feeds. She will have a hell of a resume for her future internet porn site.

  22. Avatar

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if any of the house guests that have been evicted pre-jury have ever visited this site? or created an account and joined in on the “fun”

    • Renee

      I don’t think we would have any way of knowing since 95% don’t use their real names. But if they were evicted before the experience, they wouldn’t have much more knowledge of the personalities than we do since they only had a brief meeting. Look how much all of the true personalities have evolved since the beginning.

      I would like to see production to have the houseguests doing something constructive to cut down on the boredom. Many prisons have inmates doing charity work to cut down of idleness. Making quilts or afghans for hospital patients, teddy bears for law enforcement to give to kids when they have to calm them from witnessing something tragic or being victim to something tragic. Any thing at all to keep their minds and hands busy. They would have so much more time to sit together and talk about things other than being paranoid about every little thing someone does or says.

    • LindsayB

      I’ve often wondered the same thing.

      • Renee

        Good morning Lindsay. Off topic, I can only see a small portion of your pooch’s face on your picture. Looks so adorable, but I’ve been trying to figure out if he is a Rottweiler or some type of hound. Without seeing the ears, I can’t tell.

        Sorry to anyone else who hates to read non-bb comments.

      • LindsayB

        Thank you!! She’s a rottie. My soulmate. I’ll find a pic of just her and change it to that. Maybe that’ll make some people hate me a little less if they see that sweet face instead of mine. Lol

      • Avatar

        Rottie’s are great dogs. Very protective of the family.

      • Renee

        You don’t need to change your pic Lindsay. I don’t hate on any one on here for their comments even if I don’t share their opinion. I even get a smile on my face every morning when I get my first thumbs down. I just sit there and say “good morning thumbs down troll, I’ve missed you too.” I figure he/she is on the east coast as well so I’m not alone on here. 🙂

      • Renee

        @LindsayB Awe, your soulmate IS ADORABLE! Look at that face!

    • Renee

      Sorry Wayne, read your comment wrong. I thought you were referring to the first one out without the experience, not pre-jury. I would love to think that a previous evicted person was on here whether they use their real name or not.

  23. Cindy

    Wow Mell! I have to say that was a great editorial, they actually have all been spot on and enjoyable to read. There is only one major point that i disagree with and that’s Christmas being able to have a choice to stay in the game and constantly in and out of the house. I could understand all of this if she been injured during a BB comp that she had to play in but that isn’t the case. Every year we hear production telling the HG to stop horsing around. Christmas made the conseous choice to jump onto Jason’s back and act like a fool and a child. I’m my humble opinion she shouldn’t have had a choice the choice was made when she put herself in that situation. I really believe that the blue haired girl chick (i know her name she just isn’t very memorable) came into play with production and that decision but i think it was the wrong one. It has set up an uneven playing field between her and the other HG’s. I feel this way because the sheer madness of being locked in this house month after month never getting a break is part of the game and she’s had frequent breaks from the house.

    • Renee

      I agree with you Cindy. When she came back in the house yesterday she talked about being rejuvenated. No kidding, you got to see beyond the walls and back yard and go for a drive. Sure, no one likes going to the doctor, but she was able to see other people face to face.

      I also wonder if she is treated different because of her status prior to coming into the game. She is a best selling author of a fitness book, has fitness followers, etc. CBS could be basically pimping her out for the possibility of a future fitness show featuring her.

    • Avatar

      I agree! Pit Stop Barbie should have been shown the door and not allowed to compete. At the very least, anyone who cannot compete due to actions not related to game play should automatically be on the block for eviction as a third choice. Hell, at least Oral B has competed and she’s about to die any day now…

    • Mel

      Thank you Cindy and I agree with you that Megan leaving probably made them work harder to keep Christmas in the house. She also seemed to be a bit of a fan favorite when the show first started and I’m sure that gave them a little incentive too. The only reason I was okay with the attempt to keep her and accommodate her a little bit is because she isn’t the first houseguest who’s had to leave the house and be admitted into the hospital for a day or two. Two different people have had allergic reactions to slop. I may be mistaken but I think one was gone for the whole day but another one I know for sure was kept overnight. There was one other occasion someone else had to leave for something medical but at the moment I can’t remember what it was. Her weekly excursions are completely out of hand though.

  24. Tinkerbell

    @stevebeans @nkogneetow @Mell From my heart, thanks so much. You guys are the best!

  25. HappyHippo

    New to commenting here. This season has made me so incredibly mad that I had to make an account! I’ve watched BB for awhile and then got hooked on the live feeds a couple of seasons ago. This group is the most pathetic group! From the start I liked cowboy, Kevin, and Alex(she seemed like she was such a gamer and would make some moves). Well that quickly changed as soon as she started kissing Paul’s ass and to think he won’t win if he makes it to the end!!? How dumb can you get? Christmas should have been kicked out, seems so unfair to not have to compete and I swear they have had way more question comps than endurance so far! Raven and Matt so not worth mentioning. Love reading yalls comments on them. I hate watching cowboy try to make a couple of decisions(like not trust Paul completely) just for Alex to shut it down….and then he caves. She will be the demise of his game. I bet his wife is screaming at the tv “don’t trust that —-!” As for Kevin how can you not like him and what they are doing to him now is disgusting. I truly, truly cannot stand how Paul is acting and he will never be considered the best player in history or anywhere close. What’s even worse is we have to wait until next summer to even see something worth watching. They are so predictable it’s depressing. I know they can’t see what we see as far as who to trust but if just a few had grown some balls and banded together to get Paul out it could have happened ugh! Just had to vent somewhere and this seemed like the place.

  26. Shivani33

    Kevin, Jason and Christmas are all more than ten years older than Paul. Matt is nine years older than Paul. Alex is about 5 years older than him, having an end of year birthday, she’ ll be 29 late this year, right when Christmas turns 36. The only people close to Paul’s age left in the house are Raven, who according to what I’ve figured out from Instagram is 2 days older than Paul – and Josh, who is 23. Paul and Raven had birthdays June 13th (Paul, now 24) and Raven (June 11, also turned 24 just before the show started).

    Viewers have often asked for an older group of players, and this Season there were quite a lot of them cast. However, we have had a game with very little manifestation of independent thought or strategy. Paul, while the only one playing for the second time, has spent the entire game being dominant. Despite how he claims otherwise, he’s managed to remain uncontested. I think any and all brouhaha from him about how hard it’s been for him to survive and to navigate through the game is just vocal sleight of hand used to cajole his fellow contestants. In fact, I think that he’s found it so easy to rule this group that it’s somewhat of a bore to him. I can see this radiating from the way that he walks, especially lately, as well as from his facial expressions. I think that he’s sick of being “trapped in the closet” and the stultifying atmosphere built into the Big Brother game.

    I’m not convinced that Paul is relishing his summer as a BB commodity. I’m still contemplating what it says about our world that so many others with more life experience than he has had can be so easily led.

    • Avatar

      Maybe a cross-section of HG’s that will cut down on the Showmances that always seem to muck things up… I don’t know, just throwing it out there… Would like to see more diversity in the house as well.

      • Renee

        Probably much harder to find an older cast due to people having to leave their employment for the Summer. I know my job wouldn’t be secure if I said I may be gone for up to 3 months. The stipend they offer isn’t worth losing a career even if you do get your 15 minutes of fame. That’s about how long I would last in the house before I couldn’t handle people eating with their mouths open and trying to do stupid stuff to fight for camera time.

      • Mel

        I’m with you when I’m self-employed and even if I was able to get someone to take over temporarily, the income wouldn’t be enough to compensate me and I’m sure I would be gone before jury. I’ll be 50 in a couple of years so they would also have to let me have a one piece or at the very least a tankini for the competitions and I don’t think they do that. LOL

    • Shivani33

      For those who are interested, five days ago there was a fascinating podcast about the dynamics underlying the BB19 Season. If you want to hear it, search: The Psychology of Big Brother Dictatorships – Rob Has a Podcast.

    • Mel

      Shiv, it’s so easy to forget the ages of the people left in the game because they are so easily led. I had absolutely forgotten that Alex was almost 30 until you posted that comment! If they didn’t let such a young person tell them what to do we may have gotten the behavior of an older cast but they didn’t so we don’t. 100% agree with you.

    • Avatar

      I see your point.

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