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Eeny-Meanie-Mienie-Moe, Part 2 – Afternoon Updates, 8/22

Good afternoon, everyone!  I’m back to give Brianna some time with her family & friends before heading off to school.  Study hard, lady!!  That being said, I do have to work this afternoon to get ready for a meeting.  As soon as I meet with my boss in a couple of hours, I will do a run through the flashback.  I am listening to the live feeds on the side and noting times to go back and fill in a little more.  I’m hoping the commenters will help us out, which is why I opened this post now, so scroll, baby, scroll…Of course, the biggest news of today is the Veto meeting and it seems the girls elementary school pick did not happen – Corey is on the block next to Victor.



Just so you know that I actually do read the comments – I miss Steve, too.  Last week was a rough week and this one is only moderately better.  I think I mentioned that I was recovering from ankle surgery, it’s the fourth, as a result of a head-on collision 2 years ago.  Up until last week, I had pretty regular insomnia and would be up until 4-5 a.m. every night, which is why I volunteered to help Steve.  A week ago, I was put into a walking boot after 13 weeks in a non-weight bearing cast.  I had to walk on it but it hurt so bad that I was taking pain meds every 6 hours, something I haven’t done since the 2nd week and that was 12 weeks ago.  I was struggling hard to do what I did and I know I’ve done a lousy job.   Don’t take it out on Steve.  Neither of us knew it would be this way.  I have spoken with Steve and he understands.  He is going to take over the mornings because he understands my situation.  I’m not quitting because of comments but because I am working through something I’d not wish on my worst enemy…or even Paul (just teasing….he’s a good kid, just so freaking loud!)  Take my advice – Don’t drive distracted – I wasn’t/He was – We are both paying the price



This is my last post.  Steve is back from vacation and he is going to take over mornings.  Be well, fellow junkies!


  • There has been something going on with the feeds today that makes it seem like Production might have the feeds on some sort of delay.  I have seen a jump, where someone was in one location and suddenly in another, and I have seen fast forwards, where I’m watching people have a conversation then it advances where you see them move fast.  just FYI…is Production manipulating live feeds like they do the HGs?
  • Paul making the play for ACP.  He and Vic telling Michelle it wouldn’t be wise for James & Natalie to go with Nicole & Corey.  Everything is pretty much the same argument as before.
  • James & Nat did want Nicole on the block so it would be easier to explain to Victor.  They blame Paul, saying he’s playing both sides.
  • Nicole & Corey and Nat & James had a pretty long chat in the backyard about when they are telling Michelle.  They know she will run to Paul & Victor.  They talk about letting her know too early would cause Paul to be able to recover and they want Paul rattled for the HoH.
  • James tells them to study the days because that will be either HoH or next Veto.
  • Vic is a very dedicated kitchen cleaner!
  • Vic in the backyard, lowers all the awnings himself and BB says thank you, Victor
  • Vic is all alone in the backyard, having another chat with America, talking about all the other players.
  • Meanwhile, Nicole in storage room talking to her family.






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  1. Helen

    Wonder why Paul doesn’t drop the bomb on Corey and Nicole in front of James and Natalie something like ….hey guys,is it still the plan to get out victor and then James like Paulie told you to do? Just curious….

  2. Helen

    Or better yet……hey guys is it still the plan to get out Victor and then James like Paulie told US to do….just curious…..that would really put some paranoia into James and Natalie………

  3. Alda

    Just saw that the ACP is being postponed till ater the buy back.Also,checked on the pre polling for the ACP and Corey is in the lead by 10 points.WTH?? I wonder if this has anything to do with James asking America to vote for Corey.Pissed!!

  4. Avatar

    Oh crap… My bad!! I meant COREY?! Who is voting for Corey ?! COREY IS THIS SEASONS MCRAY!!
    (Sorry Paul – FRIENDSHIP)

  5. danmtruth

    Not sure what this care package will do I’m sure he will not be able to say what it is . So it will just ramp up the paranoia How do you say i have money to try to bribe yu with This is like a bad rehash of Americas team player
    I do like the bringing up Paulie last commits to try to blow up Nichole and Corey People need to be reminded that Corey was Paulies ride or die

    • Mel

      I was wondering about that too. The other pkg tell what it is but how the hell could you do that with this one? I keep repeating this but I hate ACP, all of them.

    • Helen

      IDK…..Since Paul was right in the thick of things with Paulie,it kinda gives me an uneasy feeling….I find it hard to believe that Paul has forgotten this conversation and since it was between Paul,Paulie,Nicole and Corey maybe,just maybe,there is a method to this madness. Victor out with James and Natalie and Michelle holding the knife? No blood on Corey,Nicole or Paul……Interesting idea, but maybe this is too complicated for them…..

    • Avatar

      Whoever wins it should have to read what it is like everyone did. I don’t see any difference. People are going to know anyway. They can’t ever keep a secret in BB.

  6. Mel

    I haven’t heard much going on today guys.
    *Nicole /Corey- Nicole talking about how perfect he is, everyone loves him, he’s played the perfect game, blah, blah. I just can’t anymore.
    *Natalie saying Paul has totally ruined her hoh by talking so much and being annoying.
    *Michelle worried that Paul had long talk with Nicole/Corey & maybe told that Michelle wanted to put up Nicole. (James took care of that already)
    *I missed Paul/Nicole talk so don’t have a clue except her saying basically she has never done anything or said wrong to anyone ever, at all…
    *Michelle questioning Nat/James if they have deal with Nicole/Corey (some crying)
    *Michelle crying to Nicole wanting to know why Nicole doesn’t like her. Wants to know how Nicole knew she may go up. Nicole says there was a 50/50 chance and Nicole knows Michelle likes Corey more. (this started because Nicole did hair & make up for ceremony)
    Michelle wants to know if Paul told her that. She also asks Nicole if Natalie/James have talked to Nicole about a plan for this week. Nicole says no. (As we know subtlety is not her thing)
    *Michelle tells Nicole about how the 5 of them had been wanting to take out Nicole /Corey.
    *Michelle blames thinking it would be funny to send Nicole out 7th again on Paul. (I think she started it but can’t remember)
    *Nicole thinks most people vote for who they like the best to win.

  7. Jenny M

    OMG these people (Michelle/Nat/James) need to stop using the word LITERALLY all the freaking time! Natalie said she was literally boiling. Um, no, you mean figuratively. Now it’s at the point where they throw it in the middle of every sentence “Paul knows that, literally, in front of everybody she said yeah, you’re my target”. GAAAAAAAA it makes me want to literally get in my car and drive out to LA so I can literally punch them in the face.

  8. Mel

    These may be some of the dumbest things said this season and they were all said today:
    *Nicole told Corey that James is definitely tell playing derricks game and he isn’t even trying to hide it.
    *Nicole tells Corey & vic she doesn’t want a long engagement, maybe 8 months. Vic chimes in. We have crickets from corey. Corey does finally comment he won’t get married until he’s around 32. (He’s 26 now)
    *James tell vic that some really great players have played this year…Frank, DaVonne, Paulie and Z had a great social game.
    *Natslie eats some chips that are “asian” and made in South Korea and tells James he should like them and is surprised he doesn’t. She starts talking about his people and mentions Japan, Asia, China then she mumbles while eating. James kind of does a double take and tells her he’s American. She says she isn’t racist. He tells her he didn’t call her that. She says because his ancestors probably ate them that she thought he would like them. (These are not exact quotes but you get the idea)
    *Corey tells Nicole that if he wasn’t in the house she would probably be dating Vic. (This one maybe not dumb)

  9. Mel

    Pamela, you would have struggled to come up with something worth reading today anyway! You could have filled a couple paragraphs with some Nicole & Corey mushy baby talk today but we can all wait to vomit if Paulie comes back Thursday. Hope you’re healed up soon.

  10. Avatar

    Maybe they are manipulating the feeds after catching the convo with Nicole and james paying each other off That is not something they wanted anyone to see. I hope victor Paul and michelle realized what really happened. Wow I really didn’t care for james when he was on last but he has to be one of the worst players ever and he thinks everyone loves him. He has almost single handed made this season so boring with his stupid pranks. Just cause it worked once I am soooo sick of him. and Nicole and Corey have done not a single thing but lay in bed jerk each other off thinking we are too stupid to see it. And james certainly ruined Natalie’s game (yeah she let him but)I don’t understand how delusional these idiots are about public opinion. I think victor or Paul deserve the win they have played the game in classic Bb style Crushed comps and so entertaining. I wish they would stop bringing people back who have already played the game I want to watch the whole house enter on same playing field As much as I could not stand Paulie if he wins back into the game I hope he f’s james with his pants on. If victor out he better win and come back and crush those 4 morons. Sorry I ranted so long. Have a nice evening

    • Avatar

      Natalie wouldn’t have come near this far without James. So I don’t see how James ruined her game. James isn’t the only one in the house either that’s doing pranks. At least he’s not throwing beads across the table at the women in the house. I will never like Vic because of it. He practiced that speech. It wasn’t a slip out of his mouth. That should tell you how he treats women.

  11. Jannie

    Wow…I was “up north at the cabin” this weekend and it looks like the entire house did a flip. Didn’t miss BB one bit. In other years I would be setting the DVR, but not this year, it is the worst season ever. Natalie is the HOH with Bitchelle reigning as well. And it looks like Jatalie has decided to go with Nicorey. I guess it is probably best to win the money, but geez, I hate them all and if that is the final four, I don’t really care who wins it all. Bums me out, BB has always been my one fun summer guilty pleasure, but this year I am just not that into it.
    Not a fan of the care packages. They screw up the game too much, strategy goes out the window and it’s all about luck. Although I’m not sure how much strategy has actually been going on with these morons. Same goes for the buy back…nor a fan. Although if Vic goes this week, I hope he makes it back in.

    Pamela, don’t let the jerks get you down. I, for one, totally appreciate what you and all the others do for us all here. Especially this year, I depend on you to keep me updated because I want to see how it all ends. You are all doing a FANTASTIC job!!!! 🙂
    Thank You!

  12. Avatar

    Thanks Pamela for filling in, you’ve done a good job considering what a bunch of lops are playing this year. Take good care of yourself and feel better soon.

  13. Shivani33

    I still want only Paul or Victor to win and could be challenged to generate any interest in backing anyone else who is in the house right now. If these guys both leave, most of the vividness will go with them (for me.) Nicole and Corey are such bores. James is too coy with all of his “America wants me to do this-and-that” mumbo jumbo like some born-again patriotic nematode. Michelle is just a fifth wheel who chews too loudly. That leaves Natalie. Okay. My little Venezuelan Scarlett O’Hara from ‘Jersey. I’ll think about that tomorrow!

    • caRyn

      James pranks aren’t funny anymore because we have all been there and done that. We have seen that act and don’t want to see it again. It is the same as watching a rerun. Why? We are not that bored. This season has moved on with Baldwin and Pablo thanks to Victor and Paul.

  14. Jenny M

    Pamela, don’t even worry about the whiners. We appreciate what all of you do, and the cool thing about this blog is that the commenters fill in a lot of details, too. Hope you are back on your feet feeling GREAT very soon! Thanks and hugs and happy thoughts for healing!!!! Take care of yourself and know that you don’t have to be perfect to be of value. You’re awesome!

  15. Avatar

    Heads up all, CBS/Big Brother is “only” allowing us ONE DAY, August 25/26 to vote for the Care Package…But does it really matter since CBS decides anyway???

  16. Avatar

    BBAD update: James and Natalie are in the hot tub discussing their showmance and why they were seen as less of a threat than the other couples. Michelle walks out and complains that she’s fat, and now she and Nat are arguing over who’s fatter…

    Ok there’s absolutely nothing interesting going on in the house right now, so I figured this would be an opportune time to ask: does anyone know when the jury competition will happen? Will it happen Thursday right after the eviction or maybe Friday? I’m getting so anxious to see what’s going to happen with that, probably because I’m dying to see something interesting in the house.

    • Colby

      Sometimes in the past they it is an endurance comp and is combined with the HOH comp. Last jury member out returns and also has a chance to win HOH. My guess is that it will be the wall since they haven’t done that yet.

      • Colby

        in the past it is……..no they.

      • caRyn

        Julie said they will reveal it to the hg on Thursday. I don’t know if the comp will begin at the same time of the reveal. And Colby is correct. It is usually endurance and those viewers that do not watch BBAD or online do not know who the winner is until the next episode.

      • Avatar

        Ok, because I was thinking back to BB16 when Nicole won her way back into the house. For some reason I seem to remember Zach getting evicted, learning immediately that he would get another shot to get back into the house, and then the competition started shortly thereafter. I also seem to recall something similar with LaWon (sp?)…you know that guy from Rachel’s season who made the “dumbest move in BB history”. But maybe I’m just misremembering in my old age lol.

      • caRyn

        Now I don’t remember. I will have to think on it.

    • Avatar

      They usually have the jury doing the same comp as the house guests. Last one standing out of them gets to come back in. If that jury member wins the comp I think they are the HOH.

  17. Avatar

    this is the most excuse ridden site I have ever seen..and Steve asking for people to fund his vacations?? what a scam…jokers is the site that keeps up..

  18. Avatar

    I think James and Nicole should be released from the show for discussing sharing the money. They are returns and I am sure they know the rules but was stud enough to discuss anyway. Put them off and then let the jury members battle back for 3 to come back in. Then it would be a real game. Not a setup just to show 2 showmances make it to the end.

    • Avatar

      I want to know what the difference is between BB giving a houseguest 10,000 dollars to bribe someone and James and Nicole saying they would everyone in the f4 10,000 if they won? What is the difference? To me there is no difference between the two other than James and Nicole got in trouble. I’m serious when I’m asking this question. So if someone could explain it to me if appreciate it.

      • Avatar

        Sandra The difference is it is not from the winnings monies of $500,000. Its in addition to and America will be selecting the person that can do the bribe, not the people themselves

    • Avatar

      But Katheryn it’s still a bribe. No matter how you look at it your paying someone money for information, to keep you safe or whatever the case may be. To me it’s like BB got on to James and Nicole because they didn’t want it screwing up the ACP. James has been talking about giving everyone a gift for a little while now. But BB only got involved this week when they were going to give money for a bribe. It just seems suspicious to me. It’s just my opinion.

  19. Avatar

    On BBAD last night Natalie said she thought she was going on the Real World this year.. sigh

    • caRyn

      Maybe she will get a dose of reality living in a house full of people that keep it real. Playing the BB game and living with a group of people all playing the same game isn’t real life.

      • Avatar

        Lol I wanted to bang my head on the table when she said it.

      • Avatar

        I heard her say that too Sandra, and I also had the obvious *facepalm* reaction at the producers casting people who have absolutely no clue what BB is about.

        But as Caryn points out, it also got me to thinking how different she would’ve been perceived on a show like the real world. I actually am not sure she would have been popular on that kind of show. From what I remember of the real world (I haven’t watched it in ages), cast members who are seen as superficial, hypersensitive, and self-absorbed usually are seen as the villains and are widely despised by their fellow housemates and the viewers. It’s interesting how you just the change is setting a bit and she goes from a reality villain to in contention for America’s Favorite Player.

      • Avatar

        change the setting a bit*

      • caRyn

        BB is rated G compared to Real World. Natalie would really be scared in the Real World House.

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