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Endurance Competition Updates



I can safely say I was not expecting an endurance competition tonight. It’s a good thing I feel a whole lot better than this morning, otherwise you guys would be left in the dark!  Just kidding,  you’d find another site – but what good is that?

They need to get 10 eggs and someone needs to get the luxury prize.  Here are the current standings…

  • Liz – 6 (claimed luxury)
  • Austin – 8
  • John – 7
  • Vanessa – 10 – WINNER

Updated: 7:31pm pst

  • 7:11pm – Vanessa gets her fourth. She is cruising now
  • 7:13pm – Liz gets 2
  • 7:15pm – John gets 4th
  • 7:16pm – Vanessa 5th, Austin 4th
  • 7:26pm – John making a comeback. Him and Van are on their 8th
  • 7:34pm – Liz got the luxury egg and is finishing up her 6th

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  1. Avatar

    Liz will give up knowing Austin is doing good and go for the prize

  2. Jannie

    Would not be at all surprised if there is a competition to see who can throw it to the other…Johnny Mac or Vanessa.
    Looks like they are leading – bet Vanessa will make a deal with JMac so there is no more “blood on her hands” and JMac will win it.

    Hope Liz follows her sister out the door. Then Vanessa.

  3. danmtruth

    So did john throw it once more ? Well this is it Its all Vanessa game now Time to see who she chooses Austin & Liz who she will have a hard time beating both

  4. Jannie

    Vanessa is the new HOH
    OK, so Van is prepared for a bloodbath… 🙂

    Let’s all guess which side she will take??

    • Avatar

      Knowing Vanessa won I would say she takes the cowardly way and puts up jmac and Steve. If either win veto then it will get interesting. So Tuesday will be interesting to see who gets evicted. Besides jmac and Steve are the brains and maybe Liz Austin is more brawny so physical comps are more his thing Vanessa is an oddball she’s kinda good at both.

  5. Rita

    I thought John had 9.

    I think Liz knew she was behind and wasn’t going to win so she took the luxury just so Austin couldn’t take it. Did you hear him call out at the end of the show “Put me on the Bold and the Beautiful”?

  6. Jannie

    Vanessa has already told Steve that her target will probably be Austin.

    But we’ll see who she “decides” is lying this week.

    Geez, with Van as HOH can you imagine all of the interrogations she will be conducting 24/7??

    Poor Steve will have to sleep under the bathroom sink because he will be throwing up so much.

  7. Alda

    I can’t stand Vanessa.But,she is the only one in the BB house who has played this season to the fullest.I so wanted James or JMac to win the money.That ‘s not going to happen.Vanessa has this wrapped up.You heard Shelli say she deserves this.Regardless of how we personally feel about Vanessa she deserves to win.

  8. ChiKelz

    Ok here we go! I have been quiet for the entire week! Sometimes silence is golden and if you have nothing nice to say; say nothing at all! Again, I’ve kept my mouth shut all week. I will be in silence again this week! The thought of Vanessa and all her fast talking and drama; it drains me. I stopped watching after dark, canceled the feeds, and I must admit I don’t look on here too often either. Is it me or is everyone else sick of these people? They kept Liz???? Are you kidding me???? I’m sooooo over them!!!!! I’m so done! Ok, I feel better I got “my vent” out! LOL Have a great week all!!!

    • Avatar

      I’m sick of these people, too, and it’s become no big deal if I miss an episode. I even nodded off during last night’s episode during the family stuff. I’ll keep watching to see it through, but that’s really the reason I’m still in.

  9. Avatar

    Why did the better looking twin have to leave!

  10. NKogNeeTow

    Retahaduj…clever….Judashater spelled backwards…lol

  11. Jannie

    Hope the fireworks are still blowing up on BBAD.

    Sounds like Austin is desperately begging Vanessa for his BB life. Hell, he is even throwing Liz under the bus by saying his F2 with Vanessa is his top priority.

    Who wants to bet that “somehow” that will get back to Liz??

    Vanessa is saying it’s all about the “incentives.” None of them know what that means, so they are all just telling her what they think she wants to hear…
    And when that doesn’t work, they start crying.

    See, everyone?? Sad that James and Meg are gone, but the real fun is just beginning!
    I’m pulling up a chair and popping some corn..this is getting good 😀

    • NKogNeeTow

      Move over Jannie, and pass the popcorn. I’m right there with you…lol. I’m on the East Coast and have another 45 minutes to go before BBAD starts, and I’m sleepier tonight than I’ve ever been at this time. But I’m determined to stay up and watch for fireworks, even if I have to prop my eyes open with toothpicks….lol

    • Avatar

      No kidding. The Tuesday will be very telling of who Vanessa is really loyal to.

  12. NKogNeeTow

    Jokers: Van is thinking about putting up 1 from each side of the house….(this ties in with her letting them fight it out and taking whoever is left standing I think.

    Asstin is begging and pleading like a man on Death Row…lol….(Judas doesn’t seem so cocky now….ROFL!)

    • ChiKelz

      Maybe he’ll cry like he did before! EEEEWWWW! On yesterday’s show (Wednesday) when he was crawling in the veto competition; I laughed until I cried. Between Steve falling and him crawling I couldn’t stop laughing. When he was crawling it reminded me of a tarantula! A big black hairy one! LOL He’ll cry like a Be-otch!

    • Colby

      That makes sense in her game, she will throw it up in the air and go with which ever side wins
      (and somehow take credit for it). I think she is pretty sure she is third on either side. But it will boil down to whose head she can into. If she can get to F2 (and probably will), she will win. She has a F2 with everyone but Liz.

    • Avatar

      @ChiKelz…oh my, me too! I was laughing so hard my dogs thought I was crying. I think what made it funnier for me as well was Johnny Mac’s comment about it. He said Austin looked like a deranged gorilla headed toward the bowling thing. Steve was funny too, but Austin crawling like that took the cake.

      The twins and him both kill me with their idealization that we all love them. They truly are clueless.

    • ChiKelz

      Berlin…you made me start laughing again. I didn’t hear the Johnny Mac comment but that made me laugh until crying again! A deranged Gorilla! Too funny! That tickled me!

  13. NKogNeeTow

    My Grandmother use to say that there was nothing sorrier in this world than a begging woman and a crying man. Asstin is proving tonight how sorry he really is….and I don’t mean the apologetic kind either.

  14. Jannie

    Not sure if putting up one from each side is smart…just will make both side come after her.
    I just want another Austwits gone!!

    20 minutes and counting until BBAD here in MN. Have to be up early, but I can always make an extra cup of coffee…this is going to be good!!

    • Avatar

      Agreed. This is her week to “make her big move”. Which she probably wont do because she doesn’t want to get any “blood on her hands”. All I can say is if she folds and puts up Steve and John, she is royally screwing herself. If Austin or Liz would have got HOH I feel sure they would have nominated her, or if she had to go up as a replacement nom. I’m sure they would have used that opportunity to get her out.

  15. Jannie

    Big bad Judas is groveling like a big ole baby.

    Yee Haw!!!

    I think his wrestling future is officially in the tank.

    • Avatar

      Where have you been Berlin?
      Van has been running this shit from the beginning. “This is her chance to make a big move.” Really?! Lmfao. I also love people saying, “even though I don’t like her personally.” You don’t know her personally. You know her from big brother. A show about manipulation and winning comps. Which she has done the best in all categories. Shelly said herself she deserves to win. The players (exempt maybe austwins) won’t take this game personally. Once they have a few days to wind down from emotions. If Van is in the final 2 she may not even need the trio’s or due’s vote if it’s one of them there aslo. A sweep would be the best vote for the best player. Derick BB16 would have been sniffed out early. Guarantee you that. He was good. He did deserve to win. But lets be honest for 1 minute here. He’s not even on the same level as Van. Also would like to add. Reguardless of how this ends, win or lose. Van as a genuine person will invite the house to Vegas and show them all some fun. Bet on that. Aces full.

    • Avatar

      I could not disagree more Hey Mustache! Derrick’s game play far exceeds Vanessa’s! Don’t get me wrong… Vanessa is good. She has controlled the house for most of the season and does a phenomenal job at manipulating the house guests but everyone is onto her and see’s her lies and manipulation. For whatever reason they are too weak or scared to take her out but that has nothing to do with her game play. Had their been more players in the game who weren’t scared to make big moves and so easily manipulated (more players like James and Becky), Vanessa would have been gone a long time ago. You are right in saying Derrick was never challenged but that is because he did such a good job of controlling everything secretly. He, like Vanessa, controlled the house for most of the season, but he was so good at it that no one even knew he was behind it.

  16. Avatar

    BB17 has seemed more like a soap opera than anything else. It’s been terrible this year! And if I see Vanessa CRY one more time I think I’m gonna puke! The only thing that makes me want to puke more is Austin trying to make out with Liz under the covers! He is soooooo gross!

  17. NKogNeeTow

    Liz is such a liar too. She was just telling Asstin that if she had of won HOH she would have never put Van up. Correct me if I’m wrong, but did she/Asstin/Julia say the other night that if any of them won HOH they wanted Steve/Van out? And wasn’t Liz/Asstin the main ones who said they would go after Steve first then Van, but that they were so mad at Steve for putting the Twits up and Van for playing all sides of the house, that they didn’t even care which one got out first, as long as both of them went out. But guess that doesn’t matter now. They all seem to walk with a big stick until it’s time to actually DO something.

    I don’t get it. I’ve never seen people so afraid of 1 person before. The last person I’ve ever heard of making everyone that scared was Hitler. And as crazy and mean as Vanessa can get, she’s no Hitler. It’s mind boggling. I hope Van kicks Liztin’s asses out so fast they won’t know what happened to them.

    • Jannie

      Yup, they are both delusional. Even when the two of them are alone, they can’t admit the truth.

      I give their grossmance two weeks in the rela world.

      Yaaaay, Vanessa got a new mustard yellow beanie in her HOH basket!! And, of course, Liz fawned over it and everything else in her HOH room.

      Johnny Mac just sat on couch and watched the nonsense.

  18. NKogNeeTow

    Earlier tonight they were advertising for players for BB18. I hope they pick better next year than they did this year.

  19. opium4damasses

    After POV and/or renoms, Vanessa’s plans will be more obvious, but early next week, how can she avoid eviction? Even a ship of fools will try to unload her as soon as the chance presents itself. In the moment, she is back to being all thing to all people while nabbing all of the data she can catch. Now watching her show her HOH room to everyone.

    • Avatar

      How many times have you said that OPI?! It’s been obious for 10 weeks now that Van is running things. Even obious to the hg’s.That’s why Van is such a better player then Derrick bb16. Everyone reported to him and he controled evections in secret. Derrick was never tested. Would have liked to see how he handled being exposed.He was never a target.Van is doing this with everyone knowing. And as the main target for the majority of the season.By the way, they all have final 3 or final 2 deals at this point. Even if she is on the block there is always manipulation and POV. Who has won the most comps by a long way. Look at the power rankings graph. It’s not even close. Of course nothing is 100 percent. Still, I like her chances at POV if she needed it. She may not even come to that.

    • Avatar

      DE next week also. Say by to Austin and or Liz and Steve.

  20. NKogNeeTow

    I’ll bet you none of them leave Vanessa alone this week. They’ll all stick to her like gum on a shoe. Each of them afraid that if they leave her alone long enough, someone will come along and tell her something about them to sway her. Should be like the wall closing in on her. She likes to be alone to think. Wonder if she’ll melt down from people being constantly around her.

  21. NKogNeeTow

    Steve wants to sleep in the daybed. Liztin wants privacy and thinks he should sleep in the Comic Room with JM. Steve says that it’s alright but he seems genuinely pissed.

    That’s right Steve. Claim your bed in that room. Don’t let them run you out. You have just as much right to sleep where you want as they do. Don’t leave those 2 alone to procreate……Eeewww, did I just say that?

    • Avatar

      They’d probably still procreate even if poor ole Steve was in there, sadly enough. I mean, heck, Austin gives Liz vaginal massages knowing full well they’re being recorded. He’s sick. Well, she’s sick too for allowing this to happen. I’d be too embarrassed to even leave that house.

    • Avatar

      JonnyMac had the right idea, a big slumber party so they could all talk late at night about the game…its the only time they could do it…but wouldnt surprise me if Vanessa decided to join the Slumber party..she cant have them comparing Notes…..

  22. Jannie

    A$$tin ordering Diz to stay away from Steve as to not make Vanessa paranoid. Almost on cue, Steve comes in to bother them both in the comic room.
    Frustrated, A$$tin leaves to go and make about a dozen eggs, Liz follows( to eat half of them), and again, on cue in come chatty Steve.

    Steve is bugging crap out of A$$tin, and I’m lovin’ it!

    A$$tin will be the first to crack under Vanessa ‘s pressure…

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’m loving it too Jannie. Asstin looked pissed the entire time he was making eggs and listening to Liz/Steve talk in the other room. I noticed the entire time, he kept looking towards the room like he wished she would come out of there away from Steve. And when Steve stood there and watched them eat, it was hysterical. I’ll bet Asstin just wanted to choke him.

      Did they change the order of people on the wall? Something looks different. I could have sworn DaVonne and Shelli were in different spots. Was that what Steve was looking at?

      Asstin the Kraken has his tentacles all over Liz again.

      Steve is wandering around the house like a Nomad, talking to himself.

    • Avatar

      thats what Vanessa wants, she can not have both sides aligning to work together against her…so she places doubt, fear, intimidation and is controlling them that way, while she lays up in her hoh room then comes down to attack…they are scared of her, kinda like fresh recruits in boot camp, got them scared and jumping at her command.

  23. Jannie

    If they did change something, I bet Steve will notice.

    I wish Vanessa would get out of the DR so Steve can scamper up there and we can hear some game talk.

  24. NKogNeeTow

    If Vanessa doesn’t hurry up and come out of that DR, poor Steve will have a cerebral hemmorage.

  25. NKogNeeTow

    That’s it. Shows over. Thanks for staying up with me Jannie. Nighty Night. 🙂

  26. Avatar

    It’s early, but at the moment, it looks like John is the target.

  27. Elaine

    I hope the next two out the door is Austin and Judas!

  28. Avatar

    The smart play for Vanessa here is to nominate one from each side. (i.e. Liz and Steve or Austin and Johnny Mac). It will get less blood on her hands with the jury. Ultimately, she is still going to have total control over who gets evicted and she can negotiate a deal for her safety next week with the surviving house guests.

  29. Avatar

    It is Vanessa’s game to lose at this point. She is working both sides against each other and spreading doubt in their minds as seen on AD. She wins when she needs to and kept herself off the block or in the house when needed to. She is a beast in comps, who can beat her, who woulda thought she would hang on in that swinging competition or beast through the egg competition or win Pov when she needed it…she deserves to win. However, I do not see anyone of the 4 left that would want to sit next to her in final 2. So she will need to control the final 3 so I expect her to win that and take who she wants which could be any of the 4 left and still win….like i say its her game to lose.

  30. Avatar

    So does Vanessa go after one side like JMack and Steve or pick one person from each side and tell the other side they are the pawn. She will want JMack out imo as he can not be controlled like Liz and Steve. Steve acting tough now but can not deceive Vanessa and can easily be intimidated. Liz can be mind controlled with just a whisper and Austin he acts tough but easily is confused and worries to much if vanessa says she heard something she claims he said. She is keeping them churned up and guessing their own game play and each other…great style but she will need to win and control the final 3…lets see if she can and how she does it…

  31. Avatar

    Didn’t Cody and Frankie win an HOH or BOB egg comp last season? Last night we were actually talking about how it was a team comp last year.

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