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Eviction Prediction And More



I gotta give Paulie credit for his gameplay. There, I said it. He may be annoying as hell, and a horrible ‘showmance’ who treats Zakiyah like shit, but in this group of very mediocre players, the less mediocre Paulie is  clearly rising above the rest. Just the last few weeks, he was able to exploit the Frank/Da’Vonne feud to his advantage by getting rid of Tiffany, Frank, and now Da’Vonne. Those are 3 of the few remaining players who actually have a clue what is going on in the house, and he was able to do it with very little blood on his hands. Not that the blood matters at this point, because Tiffany and Frank are sitting at home, and Da’Vonne may be joining them soon (I am not convinced they’re in jury until Julie confirms it with them).

Either way, Paulie has been the leader of the misfit toys and has any real threats he had in the house will be walking out the door tonight. Who is left? Corey and Nicole?  Please. Corey and Paulie are ‘boys’ who think they have a f2 deal, and Nicole will be strung along with them.  Paul?  Nope, he also thinks he has a f2 with Paulie. James? Not a chance. He may be the last player in the house with situational awareness to recognize Paulie is controlling the game, but he has no numbers even  if he wants to try something. Right now it’s Paulie’s game to lose, and that speaks volumes for just how bad this cast is.

This week is a good case for Paulie’s game. He managed to pull a Derrick and allow Paul to do all the dirty work, and used Paul’s ego that he is the best HoH who ever lived. Paul has had this major delusion that everything will run smooth under his reign, so he has focused on trying to keep everyone happy, even if that meant lying to his ally (Da’). He has preached on and on about integrity and friends over money, all while lying straight to Da’Vonne’s face about her safety. This is the type of behavior that loses you votes in the final 2. Nobody likes when their closer allies in the house blatantly lie to them. James is also in that boat, as he has assured Da’ he is not only going to vote for her, but he’s going to try to encourage others to do the same.


Paulie? Nope. He’s essentially avoided Da’Vonne this week and openly spent more time with Bridgette as his way of saying “Sorry, Da’, but I beat you. Deal with it”. That is the type of move that veterans eventually respect, and are willing to cast their votes for at the end.

I don’t want to keep praising Paulie’s game, because I think in a house full of actual intelligent players, Paulie would be squashed within the first 3-4 weeks, but I’m giving credit where it’s due. He is currently the favorite to win it all, and second place isn’t even close right now. He may treat women like shit. He may use the word “100%” in 100% of his conversations. He may be turning into a clone of Paul for some odd reason. But the fact remains, be prepared to see him $500k richer in a month.

To long, didn’t read version:

  • Da’Vonne is being evicted tonight. She may get 2 votes max
  • Paulie is the current favorite to win BB18
  • Despite this, Paulie is still a douchebag.

This is a quick, proofreadless post, so if there are typos, blame the dentist. I have to go and get some work done in 40 minutes, so I’m not only rushing, but I’m a bit nervous.  However, I’d rather deal with it now than deal with a toothache during vacation.


What do you think about Paulie’s game so far?  Be honest, and try to remove his actual personality from the equation.

Oh, and people have asked because there have been a million references to a double eviction week – This is because the yard was shut down super early this week (Tuesday), so the house is purely speculating that they are setting up enough competitions for a double. Typically, we as fans are told in advance, and I certainly haven’t heard it, so as far as the rumors go, it is just because the house is almost certain there will be one tonight.  I personally think there not only won’t be, but I also think we’re going to have a 7 person jury and those who think they’re heading to jury tonight and need week are going to be disappointed.  I just can’t see a reason why Julie hasn’t confirmed the group has made jury like she does every single year.

Ok, dentist time. Kill me.


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  1. JD

    Paulie didn’t have game. There were 3 players. Two Titans Day and Frank clashed. Paulie stood back a reaped the rewards of the two Titans take each other out. Everyone else coward and went with the house even knowing it will be there demise. Clearly James was brought back because he was AFP. He had no game last time and even less this time. Threw comps, voted house and gave his HOH away not to mentioned bounced a check. I felt for him last year because of his daughter. He’s on his own this year. There is for me no AFP. Might vote token for Glenn because he never had a chance and he’s old like me. Would really have liked to see his game. I will never forget him telling them the bottom of the castle is wrong and his team ignored him like he was a ghosts. I might pop in once in awhile to read everyone’s post but for the most part I am out till next summer. I just barely to see some scumbag win who had no game and the only reason he won is because he was in a cast of nonambitious sorority and frat house kids. Paulie needs to thank Day and Frank for setting up the win for him. Oh yeah and the casting department for poor casting. Thank you all for making the past few weeks tolerable.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Totally agree JD. As bad as I hate to admit it, if Paulie can pull all this off, he deserves to win….and because after Da goes tonight, there will be no one else playing. As far as Da going home, the best thing about that is that she will be reunited with her Mom and Daughter. I did like Da but I never liked the nasty goodbye, in your face messages she left for the outgoing HG. They were uncalled for. And as far as I can see, I feel what sent her home was a player named “Karma”.

      I too, thought about giving my AFP vote to Glenn. The only reason I kind of hate to do that was because he never got a chance to actually play. But who else to give it to? As nice as everyone says Natalie is, I don’t think she deserves it either, because she never played at all. I think I’ll just sit out the AFP vote this year.

    • Avatar
      nachomamma (179 comments)

      Paulie being up front that he was Cody’s brother …IMO helped everyone want to trust him….how different the game would be if Corey was out first?? …I like the AFP idea going to Glenn …that would send a message to a lot of people!

  2. Elaine
    Elaine (2449 comments)

    Steve~ I agree with your assessment of Paulie. This is a game and Paulie is controlling many facets at this point. I am disappointed in the vets. Though there are strong reactions about how Paulie treats Zzzz, she can choose to turn it around at any point. Now she is a liability to him, and likely going soon. The next HOH is critical (which they say), yet none of them act like it is. It is procrastination, “I will take care of it later” mentality. Unfortunately the opportunities for later are running out. There will have to be luck and guts for many of them in the next few evictions.

  3. Avatar

    I guess there’s nothing left to do but sit back & wait to see Z beast tonight’s comp like Rachel R. NOT!!!

  4. Avatar

    Unfortunately, I agree with you, Steve, on Paulie being the best player. But what a sucky cast of misfits from which to choose. I really like Nicole, but she is so bad this season! I hope James steps it up, I would like to see him in the final 2. Actually, I’d like to see him win HOH and throw Paulie on the block with a backdoor!

    • Avatar

      Sargenic. I like Nicole also and catching lots or criticism for it. I think Nicole is trying to play much differently than she did last year. That’s what she said at beginning. She’s pretty naive and has said several times she has a hard time being fake. She’s not used to lying and so she doesn’t do a very good job of it. Having a showmance not very smart but sometimes that just happens and it does give her someone to trust and have alliance with in game. And she gets along with the males in n this house much better than the females and can you blame her?? Look at the females–who would you like to hang out with among them? And the males in the house like her. She’s not doing too badly for herself. I think she’s playing much better game than last year but still having a hard time not being herself all the time. She learned her season you can’t trust anyone esp when Christine screwed her because of lies people told her about Nicole.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Trudy, no one criticized you for liking Nicole, a lot of us just don’t agree with it. But all of us have our favorites…or not. But I don’t agree she is naive at all. She knows exactly what she’d doing. And she may not have been a very good liar in the beginning but she’s got it down to a science now. Yes, the males in the house do like her, but I believe it’s more because they use her to report back EVERYTHING the girl’s side of the house says and does. She’s doing no better than she did last year. The first thing she said when she got into the house was no showmances. Then the first thing she did was get into one. She thinks she’s going to the end with Corey. He’ll be lucky if he can get to the end himself.

      • Colby

        Trudy and Sargenik, I also like Nicole. I can’t stand Corey, and therefore really don’t like their showmance.
        I do think Nicole is playing better than last time.
        Good that she is getting better at lying, they need/have to in this game.
        She is being loyal to her alliance by reporting back to them. Everybody does it.
        I do think she would do better without Corey, and I wish he would get evicted, but I don’t think the boys will let that happen.

      • Amberchelly

        Trudy I also am routing for Nicole! I think she will play better once Corey is cut and k think she knows it too. She is in a good spot and is smart enough to know she will need to cut Paulie before F2. She is playing a better game. Like you I know there are a lot of anti Nicole people in here but that doesn’t bother me. I love the conversation! Oh and as far as BB16 goes Christine believed Nicole had gone against her. It was cleared up after the show and they are friends. It’s a game it doesn’t dictate who you are as a person. Christine is a good person even though she was hated by many.

  5. Avatar

    They brought back weak vets, coupled with weaker newbs. There was nothing interesting about the “twist” that Tiff and Paulie were related to former contestants. And at this point, if I were Cody, I’d be embarrassed by the association.
    Paulie will coast to final 2, unless Paul wises up and “clips” him first. Unfortunately, for me, Paul is the only one in this group smart enough and good enough at comps to do anything about it.
    I don’t have a player I like. Literally not one. I think Natalie is kind of nice, I guess? But she is a poor man’s Victoria.
    The guys are all horrible and misogynistic, except for James, who is clueless and immature. Last season I felt bad for him because he was the only strong person in a weak alliance, but really he brings nothing to the table except stupid pranks.
    The girls are all mean, mean, mean girls, except Nicole, but she can’t pull herself out of Corey’s ass long enough to even realize she is on BB.

    • danmtruth

      @jacks765 you are preaching to the choir . Paul seems the only person in line to stop the Paulie train The question is does Paul even care to win the game Or is just being part of Paulie’s crew enough Paul is more concern with his image as a wild crazy player. Than rely trying to win Does he think he can get the votes out of the jury house to win ? Why what has he done beside be Paulies side kick No his only chance to win it all Paul must CLIP Paulie

      • Avatar

        I agree, but I don’t think Paul has the guts to clip Paulie. It would be the best move of the season if he did.

      • Elaine
        Elaine (2449 comments)

        Though Paul is playing a good game, involving actual strategy, at this point he needs Paulie. As long as Paulie continues to believe he is Top Dog, Paul is not a threat to him.

      • Avatar
        Noc (1 comments)

        Shouldn’t leave thumbs up or down be after the comments?

      • Avatar
        Cynthia (91 comments)

        Workout Paulie Paul has no one.

      • Avatar
        Cynthia (91 comments)

        *Without Paulie , Paul has no one.

        I hate my phone.

      • Avatar

        I think victor is strong also and very smart. Just don’t know if he could get any support. Doesn’t seem to be liked much by girls and corey

    • Mello_One

      @ jacks765
      AGREED! I would have preferred if Big Brother would have brought back Vets from BB15, like Amanda, & Howie, or even Helen?!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Helen messed up BIG time once she thought she was running the house. And Amanda was just bat sh!t crazy.

      • Avatar

        Amanda now locked up in the psych unit with an STD that has affected her mind

      • Mello_One

        @ NeeKogNeeTow
        I didn’t like Amanda….And the Only reason I said Amanda is because she did display a Back Bone in the game, and was a Strong Woman Player! Howie, because I really loved him on his Season of BB, & he might have been better than Day…And Helen in place of James.

        Nothing more or less, but just for game play. 😉

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Jack….I was with you until that last

  6. Katheryn
    Katheryn (94 comments)

    Ditto JD

  7. Avatar
    Zach (11 comments)

    There will never be a successful “all girl” alliance as long as we keep getting these emotionally crippled, immature “girls” who allow themselves to be manipulated by the junior high “men” in the house and won’t support each other. In 17 seasons there have only been 5 “girls” who have won. It’s pretty sad.

    Paulie looked HOTT in his running shorts last night (those thighs!). I hope AMAZING RACE casts Paulie and Cody (TEAM FIORE) and there are lots of detours involving short-shorts and Speedos.

    • Avatar
      Venomstrike (2 comments)

      Blame casting. They continuously cast “young, model types” which nets you women who play the princess/need help/mean girl motif. Add to that the men that are cast are typically the same “young, model types” but have athletic builds due to being eye candy and have alpha male personalities….and you have the recipe for males consistently winning BB.

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2449 comments)

      It doesn’t take an all-female alliance to prove that women can end up in the F2 and even win the game. Successful women in previous seasons have worked with both the women and men in the house. In recent seasons, showmances have become a norm, not an exception. Many of the women have gone into the house acting like they are ready to nest in the BB house and have babies. Some of them act like they are on Spring Break from college or in high school, talking with a friend about a cute boy. I hope for Season 20 casting can vette these contestants better.

    • Avatar

      I don’t want The Amazing Race, however, I would watch Team Fiore lol

  8. Avatar

    Paulie is playing a great game. He survived the 8-pack and helped it crumble. He has surrounded himself with his “boys” who think they are working this game together.
    No one is targeting him. James knows his game, but just like in his season, he will sit back and do nothing and hope to be dragged along. I still don’t get why they invited him back.

  9. Avatar

    Paulie is playing the game as it was designed to be played, and that is by playing on the other HG’s weaknesses, Paulie is a jock-like Derrick, but he needs to stay low and cool and not get arrogant or he will fall

  10. Colby

    According to Jokers:
    Day supposedly has the round trip ticket!
    It says there’s a poster on the wall that says “Ocho is the perfect trip” (or something like that). Ocho is 8 in Spanish and Day picked number 8 envelope.
    Guess we will see if they are right or not!

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2449 comments)

      Interesting! If she does it could either be the best move for her and some of the others or the worst. I am willing to toss Day back in the mix and see if the HGs can develop a different recipe for success. (Props to Bridge for all her mad baking skills. LOL)

    • NKogNeeTow

      I hope they are right Colby. I would love to see Da come back and give them BB HELL!

    • JD

      I just thought that could actually happen. They put clues up for them to find the envelopes it totally makes sense that they would have clues of which envelope to pick. If true most if any just didn’t pick up on it.

      • JD

        The more I think about it the more I think I am giving Glenn my AFP votes. Sure the odds of him winning are a long shot BUT I think if enough people voted for him it might send a message. I just can’t pick anyone from this cast. No one stands out. No one (as of yet) has made any big moves other than blow people’s game in their vote speech. Just clearly not a favorite in the bunch or sympathetic except as I said Glenn. Maybe voting for him is throwing away votes but of all these people he’s the only one I would want to see have it. IMAGINE WHAT A GAME MOVE SHOCKER IT WOULD BE IF GLENN SOMEHOW WON AFP. THE ONLY BIG MOVE SHOCKER OF THE SEASON AND AS BB FANS WE WERE THE ONES TO MAKE THE BIG MOVE. Sorry for yelling I got excited thinking us fans could pull off the biggest move of the season.

      • Elaine
        Elaine (2449 comments)

        That sounds good especially since HGs play to the camera in hopes of getting AFP, and our Glenn would be $25K richer. Honestly, I believe he deserves it over this weak-willed cast of characters. Would be terrific!

    • Avatar
      nachomamma (179 comments)

      come on lucky number 8 ….IF it happens it will be a massive game changer ….

    • Avatar
      nachomamma (179 comments)

      shake it up baby …hmm sh8k…. here we go

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  12. Shivani33

    I think that there are two or three people who are readying themselves to help Paulie fumble. It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. It won’t be long now, win or fail, that the imitation Derrick finds himself no longer uncontested.

  13. Avatar

    Just a curious question about the next pass. It may have already been posted and I missed it. Will the person who gets to eliminate two eviction votes, get to tell other house guest they have it. Ty

  14. Avatar

    While Paulie isn’t the best player ever by far, I have to give it to him, and it may come from being close with Derrick and Cody, that he’s learned some ins and outs (but that didn’t help Elisa (Rachel’s Sister) or Tiffany (Vanessa’s Sister)… so I think at this point he deserves more credit.
    Granted, the way he treats Zak sometimes is gross, that being said, she acts like a 12 year old, and pouts like ALL THE TIME. I couldn’t handle that either. It’s weird, she doesn’t come off as a weak person, but she sure looks it when it comes to Paulie. she’s a weakling. I couldn’t take it either. Plus, if this is how she acts on national TV, how clingy is she in real life????

    But, EVERY year, we always say the ones that play this game are only strong because of how weak or dense the other houseguests are. Maybe, that’s just how people are? Maybe he would be a strong player in most of the houses. If he was in with all vets, it may be harder, BUT…. he’s in there with some vets now, He’s already gotten rid of Frank the Tank, Da is on her way, and Nicole and James may be not too long after. He may be able to hold his own against most, and he is a comp beast, so I think he’s playing a great game.

  15. danmtruth

    Why do Zzz and Da keep talking about targeting Nichole and James Why not Paulie ? Not like this will mean any thing as Da will be gone soon Zzz cant win a comp And Zzz needs to hear what Paulie wants

    • Avatar

      Because they are scared to take out anyone with lots of power so they make up excuses on why Nicole and James need to go. Plus girls all jealous of nicole

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2449 comments)

      Hmmm, I haven’t heard those convos. I have a scenario if Day comes back in but it includes James. Nat would be on board and Michelle also (because earlier she mentioned not wanting Day to go). Then, convince Zzzz to actually play the game (lol, am I dreamin’ or what?!) Since Nic and Day have not been cozy, Nic and Corey stay on the side of Paul, Paulie, Vic (for now he wants to stay on the strength side) and Bridge (she bakes cookies for the boys). The key to this is that someone in the Day half HAS to win HOH. If one does, Paul and Vic go up. If one comes off by winning, Paulie goes up. Voting: Four votes from the Day side, four from the other side. HOH on the Day side breaks the tie, and Voila’ Paulie is excommunicated! LOL oh if only they would listen!

    • Avatar
      Cynthia (91 comments)

      Because they are still playing catch up. They don’t recognize the threat that Paulie is. He’s rallied the men and it’s going to take this all the way to the final two.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Because Da doesn’t know that Paulie was the one who spearheaded her untimely demise. It was both he and Nicole who manuevered Da into a corner. But Da didn’t help herself either. She trusted the 2 of them and only caught on to Nic because Frank told her during the HOH Comp. Now she is literally screwed. I’m still holding out hope for her, up until she walks out on stage and Julie opens that envelope.

  16. Avatar

    I really don’t understand how CBS does their casting. Paulie is just playing Derrick’s game. Derrick was never that great either. The other players during Derrick’s season were all pretty much worthless, which only made Derrick look good! If Michelle starts crying one more time I will crawl thru my TV screen and shake her. Natalie just likes to bounce her boobs in front of James. James has no game whatsoever except how do I get into Natalie’s pants. Nicole is horny and repeating her same game play. Corey is just a warm body! I mean really does he have a clue that he is actually on Big Brother! Another sad, sad season!

  17. Avatar
    Cynthia (91 comments)

    I’d love to see a survivor all star season of big brother. Top final 3 finishers only.

  18. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, I was never good at math, so somebody help me with this. Steve said he doesn’t think tonight will be a DE either. But to me, something just doesn’t add up.

    They need at least 7 people in Jury so there can’t be a tie.
    There are currently 11 in the house now. After tonight, 10.
    If they do the DE next week, that will leave 8.
    If you send out the next 6, that will leave the F2, but will leave the Jury 1 short.

    To me:
    If you do DE tonight, that would leave 9.
    You send the next 7 to Jury.
    F2 left

    How many weeks left in the show, 6 or 7? Help, I’m SO confused. Please explain…somebody, anybody 🙂

  19. Colby

    Usually, the first two people to jury are sent on a DE. (I guess so they don’t have to be alone for a week)
    So if it were a 9 person jury, that should happen this week.
    A 7 person jury should happen week after next.
    But this whole round trip thing has thrown a kink into us being able to predict based on what usually happens.
    BB knows who has the round trip. If it is Da, then maybe a 9 person jury will start with a DE next week.
    Otherwise, who knows what they have planned.

  20. Avatar
    nachomamma (179 comments)

    WOW ..I am finally excited to see this episode. I hope the octo clue was not a false flag.

  21. Katheryn
    Katheryn (94 comments)

    It was false. Oh no Da gone

  22. NKogNeeTow

    Next week DE….YEA!!!!

    • Avatar

      Chances getting better and better for the round trip to show up esp with de next week that’s going to be an exciting episode cause it happens so fast and if someone comes back?? Wow!! The game is picking up!! Does anyone remember when the tickets become void? 3 more weeks?

      • NKogNeeTow

        I thought Julie said the ticket would be in play for 4 weeks. If that’s the case, Frank got the first, Da the second, so the other 2 are up for grabs. But I might be wrong.

      • Elaine
        Elaine (2449 comments)

        There is an 8% chance that an evictee has the round-tripper and since there are only going to be four weeks total of it, there is a 33% chance that it will happen with one of those four. Since they had the Battle Back, maybe BB put in a twist with lower odds of it happening at all.

  23. NKogNeeTow

    I hope VanDyke, Bambi, Zzz, The Godfather or Gidget don’t win the HOH or POV. If they do, Paulie will remain running the house. Time for a shakeup!


    • Avatar

      You need to put Paulie and James on that list also!! And nat will do what James does. That doesn’t leave many left. I doubt mich would have nerve to put up Paulie. No telling who she would put up. Bridg and ? Plus think she’s easily persuadable

      • NKogNeeTow

        Paulie is The Godfather. I didn’t add James because I’m hoping that if he wins, he will FINALLY make that big move he keeps talking about.

  24. NKogNeeTow

    Just read on Jokers, Paulie, Nat, Zzz and Vic still holding on. Paulie has the nerve to keep yelling to Nat that she’s going up on the block.

    James, Gidget, Bambi….HaveNots

  25. JadedMage

    Steve you are right on the money! I couldn’t agree with you more on every aspect!

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