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Eviction Predictions And Live Updates; Mini Paul Meltdown



Good afternoon, everyone. It’s eviction, jury buyback, and endurance competition night all wrapped in one. What this means is that the person who will be evicted tonight (Victor, again) is going to turn around and head into the backyard to join everyone else including Paulie, Da’Vonne, Bridgette and Z. They are going to play in an endurance competition, and I am betting it will be the slip and slide one where they need to fill the buckets full of liquid. I’m not 100% sure how that would work because typically the endurance comps featuring jury members are last man standing, but we also haven’t had that comp yet this season, so it’s due.

What I mean by not sure how it will work is that let’s say Natalie fills her bucket first, then what? Do the jury members keep going until one of them fill a bucket, while Paul, Nicole, etc stop playing and just watch? That is typically why the jury buyback competition is ‘the wall’ because it’s last man standing. Pretty simple. The last jury standing remains in the house, and last person standing wins HoH. We’ll find out in a few hours, I suppose.

Another prediction is the house is going to be hilariously disappointed when they see the care package this week.  It has been getting better and better, and right now they’re expecting something better than co-HoH. I can tell you right now that Paul or Victor (the likely winners of the package) are not going to be thrilled that Michelle and Nicole won safety for the week and they merely won $5k that they are forced to give away as some stupid bribe. When you read the actual description of the package, it states (paraphrasing) “The bribe can only be given to one person, for one action, within the week.  Bribes may influence voting, competitions, vetoes or noms”


In the words of Paul – “Pissed”

It’s not like he can split $5k between Corey and Nicole to guarantee a final 3. He can’t do future guarantees (ie, if you keep me this week I guarantee I’ll take you to the final 2). It’s basically going to the HoH in exchange for not being nominated.  Considering it’s ‘one action’, I don’t think it even guarantees the person can’t be a re-nom with veto. On the positive side, they could have made it worse. Paul did joke how the last package may be something like “Congrats, you now get to complete Paulie’s duties of baking apple pies for the rest of the season”.

Not much going on in the house this afternoon, so I’ll have a live eviction thread up in a few hours. Have a good afternoon!

Edit: Literally just after I posted that there was nothing going on in the house, Paul starts in on a few people. Let’s follow along….

  • 2:05pm – Paul joins the house in the kitchen to cook lunch
    • James approaches the table and says Victor told him something a few minutes ago about him and wants to clear it up because he’s a straight shooter.
    • James says Paul said Corey said (yes, confusing) that James is being paranoid. Paul says ‘no, I said it. It’s because you’re being paranoid about me and walking around saying stuff about it. I can hear you guys”
    • He continues and ask what Paul said about him. Paul said nothing specific, just that everyone in that group is being paranoid and sketchy
    • Michelle jumps in (this reminds me of Paulie situation again) and says “You were talking about backdooring James.  He totally had your back” Paul ignores her
    • Michelle continues “the biggest liar and manipulator in the house”. Paul finally turns to her “I’m pretty sure I’m not talking to you, so why don’t you mind your own business?”  Michelle says she doesn’t care
    • Michelle goes on about laundry and clothes.  Really does sound like the Paulie thing all over again, except less funny
    • She says she’ll burn his clothes, his ‘boochey ass clothes’ (dunno what that means). Paul says ‘self-evict, good one’
    • Paul – “You think you can talk to anyone you want without any reprecussions?  You don’t know who the fuck I am, don’t talk to me that way”
    • Michelle – “That’s how you think too!”
    • Paul – “When have I disrespected you, when have I said anything bad?”  Michelle – “All the time!”  Paul – “You’re a fucking c*nt, so I’m going to say that to your face”  (woah)
    • Michelle “Get that America!  No care package for someone that calls someone that!”
    • Paul continues in on her calling her a bully, saying people talk about her behind her back because she’s a terrible person. You like to kick people when they’re down, and then you cry about it later
    • She continues by saying he calls everyone a bitch. He asks her to give examples, she just says everyone all the time. Then says that’s what he does, he talks his way out of stuff, just like he talked his way through school (wtf?)
    • Michelle leaves, and Paul continues his talk with James.  He explains that he never had a problem with James until he was put on the block (this past week).  James “So I put you on the block”  Paul – “No, you didn’t, but Natalie did” and Natalie jumps in saying James doesn’t influence her decisions. Paul says he has a hard time believing that.
    • Natalie points out she put Victor on the block. It was Michelle who put him on the block
    • Paul says “Ok, let’s talk about this. You said it’s Michelle’s HoH and she can do whatever she wants, but she told me that you were forcing her to put me on the block”
    • Paul continues back to James “You and I can have a conversation in private so someone like Michelle doesn’t butt in and egg me on thinking she can say whatever she wants”
  • 2:15pm – Time check (sorry for the delay)
    • The conversation continues about things Paul has said, or lack of said to Victor (which was staged). So Victor and Paul staged the distance, and now James and Natalie are shitting on Paul for bailing on his friend as soon as he was screwed in the game.
    • Paul goes on about how Michelle keeps talking shit about him over and over. James asks why he’s entertaining it, and Paul says he’s kept his mouth shut for a week but she’s shooting fire at him, so he’s eventually going to stick up for himself. All she does is shit on people, bash them, then cry about it later because of what America will think of her
    • (sorry again, back) Paul keeps telling Nat and James that he’s not upset, and he’s not upset at them. He is upset because Michelle keeps chiming in
    • James once again mentions the paranoia comment which is stupid. I don’t understand why they’re obsessed that Paul said they were paranoid. That proves his point
    • James admits that Natalie wants Victor to stay, but he is against it.  This was to prove they play different games
  • 2:30pm – Natalie and Paul are going back and forth about stupid stuff. Rehashing a season of frustration apparently.
    • Natalie mentions how Paul said that Corey said Natalie was sucking her dick to the top. Corey denies saying it
  • 2:45pm – Victor jumps in and has his fake argument with Paul about how hurt he was

Unfortunately, I’m about out of time. Need to prep for the live show. I wish stuff didn’t come up just as this argument started happening. Needless to say, the feeds may be pretty damn good this week.

Live show thread coming up shortly


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  1. Shivani33

    Some heated words being exchanged in the house. Natalie and Paul going at it.

  2. Avatar

    Natalie and Mich are really on James to vote out Corey. I was sure Victor was going home, not so sure now.

    • Avatar

      I feel dumber watching this. “Paul/vic broke up and Paul now with nicorey”. But Paul still voting to evict corey???? I hope James is just playing dumb and tells vic he had his vote but couldn’t convince Nicole or Paul to switch so he is “Voting with the house”

    • Jannie

      Holy crap! Looks like Vic may be staying in the house!
      Best part would be the look on that smug face face of Tickole. Last night Corey said he didn’t really care if he won the veto because he wasn’t worried. God I hope it’s a complete and utter blindside of that moron.

      And Bunyan is absolutely right about Bitchelle. She is a mean girl who can dish it out but then cries cuz she thinks she looks bad to America. Yes honey, you do look bad. Boo Hoo.

      • Avatar

        @Jannie, do you really think Paul & Vic’s plan is going to work? I stopped watching BBAD last night after about 2hrs in because every single time I see or hear Tickole or Bambi’s voices I turned the channel. That’s how much I can’t stand those 2 & not to mention Meech, Gnat & that henpecked lovesick, gullible Lames.

        Did you guys hear Fat Gnat say that she’s been acting dumb but she’s not as dumb as they think she is. Those may not be her exact words but it was close because she did say she’s been pretending to be dumb. I guess that includes using Lames because she is most definitely keeping him at arms length now.

        Now Tickole’s SUPER STUPID ASS wanting to move to Texas for Bambi…Boy is she in for a rude awakening when she fiinds out he likes his men too. That idiot has only known this girlyman for 2 months & she’s ready to have his babies & move for him. Little does she know Bambi is not that into her like that.

        Meech is sickening. That girls got the sense God gave a billy goat. I turn the channel or turn the volume down when she cries which is all she does & talks.

        I hope Paul or Vic win the whole thing.

      • caRyn

        Where to begin…Natalie says she is pretending to be ditzy. It isn’t all pretend. She can fool herself but not the viewers. Let Nicole spend any money she makes over the summer on Corey. I would love it! Waste it on him. Corey and Nicole lay in the bed so much I am surprised they don’t have bedsores. Corey with his mouth open and Nicole never stops the chatter in Corey’s ear. Shoo fly. And that rat nest on top of Nicole’s head – she looks at herself enough in the mirror – that isn’t a good look for her. James eating a entire pie as a meal. Have some slop too. The girls in the house are in need of etiquette. These hg know they are live 24/7 (they talk to the cameras enough – America! America!) yet they don’t appreciate themselves enough to care. The bottom of their feet – disgusting. Wear shoes or socks.

      • caRyn

        Correction – an entire pie.

      • Jannie

        @Ann, I was reading about it this afternoon on Joker’s.
        Who knows if it will hold, keep your fingers crossed!!

  3. Avatar

    How come James believes Paul is workin with Nicole and corey yet he won’t vote victor out? If Paul truly had Nicole and coreys back Nicole and Pauls vote would make James vote not matter. If vic/Paul pull this off it will be the biggest blunder I can remember.

  4. Avatar

    Victor and Paul really have James, Natalie and Mich all second guessing Corey staying. The stage argument they had was really well done. James still is not fully on board for Corey. So now i really am not sure who he is voting for. I don’t think at this time he even knows.

  5. Avatar

    Just a curious question. If James does vote out Corey, do you think Corey will try to win to get back in or will he throw it to Paulie?

  6. Alda

    This is getting good! Can they pull this off?Nat and Meech really working on Jamsie to keep Victor.Will this be the end of the Nicorey love fest on national tv? I hope so.

  7. Avatar

    I hope if they do pull it off they high 5 and laugh at them right after the vote is announced.

  8. Shivani33

    James said he can’t believe that he’s thinking of flipping the vote so late, remarking that Victor brings him information, while Nicole and Corey just sit around waiting for people to bring them info. James might have been bamboozled. If so, Bravo to Victor again. Natalie giving James some insight about what Nicole’s game could be like if she doesn’t have Corey. Not much later, everyone was called to the LR. I hardly dare to hope, but words cannot describe how delighted I’d be if Victor stays tonight. Even though we know someone is coming back!

  9. Avatar

    James will do all this double talk, call it a big move, but in the end, put his tail between his legs and vote out Victor. I wish he had the balls to vote out Corey, but he doesn’t want to call attention to himself when he makes decisions….because then there is, say it with me, “blood on his hands”.

    • Mel

      That’s what I think will happen too. I hope I’m wrong. James may be screwed either way. He will have Paulie after him and Vic or Corey (whoever is playing to come back) He also has Vic after him even if he votes to keep Vic tonight. If Vic stays, I hope Davonne gets back in (by some miracle) because Nicole is terrified of her.

    • caRyn

      He may vote out Victor if it is really what Natalie wants. The house may target the person coming back from jury if Victor stays in the house. They may target the returning player and James or Paul.

  10. Avatar

    Omgeeeeeee y’all!!! I can’t wait for the show to start! Idk what I want to happen! I want Vic to stay, but what I would like to see is him voted out and then fight his way back in. I’d really like to see Corey go tho, just to see Nicole’s face and see her finally sweat a little bit! Either way, it’s gonna be good! Can’t wait!!!

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