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Day 24
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Final Chance To Save 20% On Big Brother 16 Feeds!


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There are plenty of things to love about the summer, but one of my favorite things is to chill out with my laptop, watch the feeds and give everyone updates on what is happening in the house. Some people enjoy a night of getting drunk and the hangover in the morning, I enjoy being up all night blogging major drama and then sitting in a fog the next day trying to wrap my head around what happened.

Big Brother 16 is only a few days away – I know, hard to believe – but this will likely be the second to last time I remind you about the preseason live feed sale (the 2nd time will be right before sale ends). If you sign up to a season pass now, you save 20%. It’s that simple. Click here to sign up!

I understand the live feeds are not for everyone. Honestly, there is a lot of time where you’re watching them eating, talking about stupid things, working out or laying by the pool.  There is no way in good faith that I can promise non stop drama because that’s simply not true. Sure, it may hurt live feed sales, but I am not going to mislead you into buying something. The feeds are for huge big brother fans who really enjoy seeing the little things that cannot make it into the CBS segments. They do a fairly decent job summarizing the drama or even fun stuff on the show, but a lot gets left on the cutting room floor. There is only so much you can cram into an hour.

With that said, even if you don’t buy the feeds, I am not going to neglect you in any way. My main job is reporting what goes on in the house as best I can. Leading you on, or giving you a taste of drama and then forcing you to see the rest by watching the feeds is not my thing (note: I will often recommend you watching clips, but that’s only because I don’t want to write a novel recapping crazy events). So if you’re at work and want to know what’s going on in the house, bookmark this page. If you’re at the beach and want a quick update, bookmark this page. If you’re in between sets at the gym and want an update, bookmark this page.

Ok, enough talking about the feeds, here is the link if you want to sign up…



PS – What keeps me running all summer long are my coffee breaks!  If you want to donate to my coffee addition, you can do it via the sidebar, or through my donate page.

Thanks, and again… bookmark this page!

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