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Floaters Will Be Floaters Recap, Prediction Thread

August 25, 2011 | 4 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

shelly and rachel chatWhat a week inside the house.  I feel like I’m saying it every week, but this is another week that has you guessing for a long time, but will ultimately fall flat on it’s face like most other weeks.  Jeff won the HoH, and then topped it off with a veto win in one of the most absurdly easy competitions all season, one which Adam still failed on (though he pretended to throw it).   I mean putting together a puzzle that has like 10 pieces?  Shouldn’t competitions be getting a bit tougher the closer to the $500k prize?

Zingbot made his appearance this week, and it was incredibly tough to listen to at first.  I had to rewind 2-3x per ‘zing’ to hear just wtf he was saying.   Some were really weak, like Jeff’s soul patch comment and Rachel’s ‘fiance’ comment, but some were pretty good. I really like Porsche’s zing about she should have been named after a car with a roomier trunk, and Daniele riding her fathers coattails.   Shelly’s was also really good.. what do you call someone who likes to smoke, hunt and fish?  A dude!    The best part of it all was when they were told to do zings in the diary room and Jordan couldn’t even come up with one so she zinged herself.

Oh that zingbot, always up to something.

On to more game talk, like I posted in this thread, things got interesting late last night when some things were revealed, and Rachel had what seemed to be a tentative deal with Dani to keep her in the house and eventually try to split up the Jeff and Jordan alliance.   I even thought the zingbot segment revealed a hint about the future power alliance called the Sweatpants Sisters, you be the judge…

But the more I watch the feeds today, especially the conversation between Shelly and Rachel at 1:30 BBT, I really get the feeling this is going to be all talk and the big exciting power move will be more of a dud come tonight’s live feed show.   Simply put, there are 8 people remaining the house, and all but 2 are essentially just lumps on a log.  Shelly, Adam, Kalia, Porsche, Rachel and Jordan have done next to nothing this game, and despite the tough talk, those 6 and Jeff will likely be the ones remaining after the first eviction tonight. This is why they badly needed Dick to remain in the house this year because there is no way the house would be this dull right now.

Before I get to predictions, while the sweatpants sisters won’t fully form tonight, at least we have one last meeting of “The sisterhood of the traveling sweat pants” going on right now…


The sweatpants sisters will just remain a dream by those who worship Porsche and her super sexy pink jump suit.   Rachel is going to chicken out and take her chances with Jeff and Jordan, and because they don’t have the votes, Shelly is in no way going to upset the flow of the house, and neither will Porsche.  Here are my vote predictions this week which should nearly guarantee either Jeff or Jordan a place in the final 2.

Can Not Vote: Jeff, Daniele, Kalia

(who they’re voting out)

Adam: Daniele
Rachel : Daniele
Porsche: Daniele
Jordan: Daniele
Shelly : Daniele

Daniele is eliminated 5-0

Up next will be the HoH competition, and I have no clue what it is, but I am assuming it will be the carnival game they were practicing last night of rolling the ball down the ramp.   Because the way things are going in the house, Porsche will finish 2nd, but Jordan will eventually win.

She’ll then put up Porsche and Kalia with Shelly as the potential PoV replacement.

If the nominees remain the same, Kalia will be voted out
If Porsche wins PoV, Kalia will be voted out
If Kalia removes herself and it’s Porsche and Shelly, Porsche will be voted out.


Another HoH competition will be held at some point tonight after the show ends.  So if you want to find the results, keep visiting this site, facebook, twitter, or sign up to the live feeds for 3 days free.

And a prediction for that?  I’m going to say.. ummmm….   Rachel will be the HoH for the rest of the week.

If I’m right about everything above, this will pave the way for a horrible Big Brother season.  Not because Daniele was voted out, but because all the twists and crazy moves have been limited to Brendon, then just speculation.

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