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If there was a positive to the feeds being down until tonight, it’s that we can spend the day remembering the tragic events that happened on this day in 2001. Β There are only a few things in life where you can easily remember where you were and what you were doing when you heard the news of something, and this is one of those times. Β If you’d like to share your stories or post anything positive, feel free to do so.

This is also to remind people that Big Brother is just a game with real people inside it. Β Watch this chilling video of Big Brother 2’s Monica, as she learns her cousin was inside the World Trade Center during the attack. Β It was later revealed that her cousin did pass away during the towers collapsing.


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    I love this pic Steve…what an inspiration your words are right now! Sad day for this country, but we are STRONG!

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      I was at the gym, left my cell in a locker. Finally left and saw over 10 different missed calls. Called my brother first. He’s yelling and screaming why didn’t I pick up the phone? All of my family is in NY. 3 aunts work on wall street. Ran back into the gym to watch the News. All phone lines were jammed the entire day. Had to work that day at the hospital. They put us on high alert and lock down. One of the crudest physicians at my hospital. Walked into our unit, looked around, and just broke down. I have NEVER seen so many people cry, especially for people they do not know personally. From patients, to visitors, to staff. We were all a mess! That day made us realize how small this world really is and I’m sooooo proud of my fellow Americans for uniting the way we did to help out others less fortunate at that time. It just goes to show you that regardless of the stereotypical BS. We are ALL the same, bleed the same, cry the same, and feel the same, and remember the same!

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    My daughter was in second grade and my son in pre school at the time. I remember picking them up that afternoon and all the stunned looks on the parents faces. We all took our children home in total silence, not a peep. I hugged them tight that night.

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      With all the chaos and noise in the country. There was definitely a silence that I have never experienced before. I can only imagine what your feeling right now. A day that none of us old enough to remember will ever forget.

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        And yet all the lessons that were learned that day are conveniently forgotten but this administration and the public in general.

        USA USA US…eh??? πŸ™‚

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        Judging by the people on the show and talking in the forums, I have to agree with this one, Me.

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        And shame on those of you embellishing stories in order to outdo eachother :/

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        Mark me down all you want. All I see is people defending the words of the HGs or acting just like them. Sometimes both. Fucking think about it!! And with that… I’m out. Free trade? Our oil and gas for what? You not to attack us?? I live near Alaska. You guys keep a LOT of shit up there. It’s terrifying thinking I’ll get bombed because of the greediness of United States Government. It’s just too bad they hit the good people. Should’ve hit the television stations. And with THAT … I’m out.

      • Comments (74)

        When the USA has the monopoly on everything in NA, but oil and gas… And your dollar is the worth the same… You know shit’s going down hill. You’d be shocked at how many pompous Americans still expect an exchange. Jump on the reality band wagon people!! And I don’t mean Big Brother!!

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        Just curious…are you for terrorist acts on our soil? Are you saying that you need a platform in which to voice your “displeasure” with United States of America? Do you vote? I don’t think a blog on the gameplay of a TV show is where you need to vent. I also believe, and this is just my opinion, that you Bree and you Me are just as nuts as those men who took over a flight to fly into a building to kill innocent people. Just saying…why the venom? Who has wronged you so much that you would make a blog on a TV show a place to vent your hate? Listen, you can go to any political page and ramble all you want, we really aren’t interested or amused or shocked by your kind of talk….hate is kind of a singular emotion that most life forms do not use in survival. It seem just the human race has that trait and it has never been an asset to moving the race forward and it surely does not make people listen to your rants.

        So from this grandma to you….shut up, you don’t add anything to a conversation worth hearing…

      • Comments (32)

        Sadly, Bree is a Canadian who is dissing America on the anniversary of 9/11.
        Just let us have this one day to reflect and remember, OK??
        To turn it into a hatefest on America is pretty sad – pick another day and another website, please.

      • Comments (1076)

        Fuck you Bree. There’s a time and place for everything. Not today. And your motherland England has had their fair share of mid-east fuck ups.

      • Comments (357)

        Stop talking to yourself Suzy Q….Bree! I thought alter egos got along? Guess I was wrong!

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        In general, this administration, and in general, the public, has forgotten some, and in some cases, all, of the lessons that were learned that day, “Me.”

      • Comments (32)

        For crying out loud can we just take one day, THIS SOMBER DAY, and not discuss our political differences? September 11th is a day to unite, not divide.
        God Bless America and all of the families remembering the memories of their lost loved ones on that horrible, horrible day.

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        Good on you Jannie! Take care of those you love. Help those who can not help themselves. Forgive and let live those who hate. You seen to understand this and so you live by it. Hope your day is filled with hope and love of family.

      • Comments (378)

        *eyesrolling … and what if , those U forgive for hate, try to hurt the ones you love there genius? ? Keep living the , stretch yourself thin by helping those who wont help themselves, detrimental philosophy of the pacifist?? I’ll bet u wake up every day and lie to yourself πŸ˜‰

        Its evident that none of you learned a damn thing on 911

      • Comments (37)

        Love the free editing! Thanks ” me “…it costs an arm and leg to get it done by professionals and since you do it for free for everyone here that makes you cheap! But we all knew that.

      • Comments (226)

        Thank you Jannie!

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        yeah, that was exactly the lesson to be learnt, to be apolitical and unite, while others who feed on the fear, anger and hurt make decicions that can not be done when the people are divided and in a skeptical state of mind.
        america was such an amanda in the 9/11 aftermath.

        Don’t take my sarcasm the wrong way! this was a horrible tragedy, but it just went on and on..

      • Comments (19)

        Well said, thank you. We’re in this together, aren’t we?

      • Comments (1076)

        Hey Shirley. Now I am being
        accused of being another person from Canada, Bree. I guess whoever disagrees with them is susyq. I don’t even like bree…LOL…

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    We were headed to Disney World by car. We got half way there and had to turn back around because they were forced to close the entire Park. I will pray today!!

    • Comments (357)

      @ Casey….WE were on high alert due to our contracts with NASA, Disney, and Universal Studios. That was the second time since WDW opened in 1971 that they closed the parks. The first time was when John F Kennedy was killed/assassinated. Luckily all the other parks followed suit.

      • Comments (1076)

        Kennedy was assassinated 11/22/1963. WDW opened in 1971, How did WDW close when it wasn’t even built yet? WTF are you babbling about? And, how did 9/11 turn into your personal tragedy? I am begging you, STFU.

      • Comments (378)

        Love it πŸ˜€ lol

      • Comments (37)

        SQ-YOU FIRST! Better yet, SQ, Bree, and Me exchange phone numbers then you can vent all you like. All of your lame responses are just wasted on this site..you need each other to feel good about yourselves and we wish that for you. That’s how much we care about you. No “thanks” needed.

      • Comments (378)

        I dont care if you’re stupid πŸ˜€ lmao

      • Comments (37)

        Me…LAME LAME WEAK and typical of you…Never answered my question, “Are you for terrorist attacks on our soil?” “Why are you so angry?” “Why don’t you vent on a political page instead of a TV show blog?” I have a new one “Are you some kind of nut who has a computer in the common area where you stay?”

      • Comments (378)

        I know youre pissed cuz you just found out your whole lifes a joke πŸ˜‰ lol

      • Comments (37)

        You know there is clinical term for your condition? It is “projecting” .In baby terms, just for you, “I know you are but what about me?” syndrome may be something you should look into in the future.

        Right now answer the question “Are you for terrorist attacks on American soil?” “Why are you so angry?”

      • Comments (32)

        Knock it off!! This thread is for 9/11, not nonsense.
        Sizzors(and everyone else that takes the bait) – for your own sanity, please stop responding…do you really thnk you’re going to get a lucid answer??

      • Comments (357)

        My BAD SuzyQ. I meant to say DisneyLAND. You know…the one in California? Yeah that was open then. I should have just said Disney instead of World or Land. But there all the same, so what’s the difference? Does that make it better now? Clearly your intoxicated or maybe your just as stupid as I always thought you were. 9/11 is not my personal tragedy…it’s America’s personal tragedy you moron! For ANYONE to use this day or this blog to act like a fool who is so bent on hatred for the world is beyond me! Forgive me for trying to relate with others on here. It felt good to relate and share on this day. And if I had to do it over again….I would!

        NOW, FYI….I was born and raised in NYC. I guess I was blessed to not have lost any family or friends on that day, but it still hurts. But then you wouldn’t know anything about that. Because that concept would require a soul! And please….please don’t beg. It’s just not becoming of your style! Here’s a thought…why don’t you take your MANY multiple personalities (LloydA-Z…cnoodleman….Bree…Suzy Q…ME…etc…etc…etc). Have a Coke and a smile and you STFU!

        P.S. This website is all about the HISTORY of Disney. It might stimulate some the nerve endings in your brain. Clearly you need more education and time to grow!

      • Comments (1076)

        Fuck you.

      • Comments (1076)

        Yes, I am everyone who posts here except you. It is only the two of us. I used to get mad at you morons for thinking we were all one person but it’s not worth my energy. Every time you are called out on your stupidity you are so self absorbed you think it is all one person. Guess what, a lot of us think you are an idiot.

      • Comments (357)

        LOL…..Wow! Such language from a person who has proclaimed to have a BS degree in psychology? Surely they taught you better words to express yourself than that? Your BS degree is like BS in my eyes! Your a joke and a poor excuse for a psychologist. You claim to hold a degree that is geared to help people. But Damn near every post/reply from you contradicts that!
        Who have you helped with your BB replies on here Ms. psychologist? Hate to be a client of yours! It’s your alter egos that continue to call me out! But look back at ANY blog from Steve and realize that they (YOU) post what you want because you think you can. But they never seem to reply again after being challenged! Hhhmmmm……I smell suspect! Kudos to you for juggling so many monikers at one time and still keeping the alter egos straight! That takes talent and skill! I have to give props to you on that! But I’m scratching my head as to why you think you called me out on anything today? Did you not visit the website I posted? Because I said WDW instead of Disney get lost in that warped brain of yours? Again in case you missed it. I should have said Disney instead of placing WORLD or LAND after it. Just expected a woman (loosely) of your proclaimed education to understand and PERHAPS….Google the history before speaking out of term. IDK….working at Epcot Centers first and only parade (dare not say WORLD). I may have been privy to info not shared with the public. IJS…..IDK….why scare the masses if they don’t have to?

        Here is a tidbit for you. One Disney rule is that you can’t point directions or anything with 1 finger (a sign of disrespect to some cultures). So you must use 2 or more fingers to achieve that (SHOCKER). Ask a friend working there about that rule (that is if you have any)!

        FYI: I have learned in the last 3 months to expect people to disagree. A concept that is new to me because I have NEVER responded to blogs in the past. So a thumbs down was shocking to me at first. But I am learning to agree to disagree. Clearly you missed the mark on that one!
        So you say, “a lot of us think you are an idiot”? It’s cool, but I KNOW who I am and I don’t need multiple monikers to voice my opinion! It’s just me/myself/and I. It is what it is! But what about you? Call me crazy but the multiple thumbs downs and hate replies always occur when you log on. OR when one of your alter egos come on here. Give it a rest and reflect on what YOU learned during your studies in psychology! Good Luck to you and your alter egos.

      • Comments (528)

        What happened to that superior vocabulary of yours? You certainly went from wanting to be treated like a mature adult and no one should call names, etc. etc. to having a tantrum like a child. I guess “fuck you” is what happens when someone runs out of words.

        See? I told you you used too many. Used ’em right up.

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      • Comments (37)


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    I was at work transporting an Assisted living client to an Doctor’s appointment . I was changing the radio station trying to find music when all I heard was news reports(not really listening to what was being reported ) . When I returned back to work that’s when I saw what had happened . This never gets old .I still feel the sadness ,and anger today that I felt then ,I still shed tears .We will never forget .

    • Comments (357)

      A day when the country shed tears in unison. But also a day we became united as one! Rare days in history when that has happened. But a glimmer of hope that we are capable of doing this again MINUS the tragedy!

  5. Comments (110)

    I was packing to go on a cruise ship for vacation in the bahamas Island with
    my brother and his family and I was watching The Price is Right and it came
    on TV it made me sick that somebody mean and cruel could do something that
    so mean to take other humans lives that way. I prayed for the family’s that
    lost their love ones.

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    I will never forget that day, I was actually on the phone with a collegue in our NY office when the first plane hit. She was in another highrise just down from the towers. She knew something had happened,but didn’t know what. At that time I had a TV/radio in my office and she told me to flip it on, and of course by then the news had it on and we thought it was a fluck, until the second plane hit moments later. People had no idea what to do, stay, leave, or where to go. We both knew she had to get off the phone, but I took down as many emergency numbers for her as I could just before the phones went down. We didn’t hear for 2 whole days if everyone in the office was safe. My son in law was in the Navy, returning from the Mediterainain and his ship was turned around and went back in, even though his tour was over. My daughters and I could only pray and hold onto each other over the whole ordeal. Please talk to your families and friends today and give everyone a hug today and always.

    • Comments (357)

      @BB15…Please talk to your families and friends today and give everyone a hug today and always. So true my friend, because tmrw is promised to no one! Thanks for sharing! (0-:

  7. Comments (1162)

    For countless people September 11th is one of the most important, if
    not the most important, dates on their new calendars every year.

    We will never forget. Never.

  8. Comments (2)

    September 11, 2011 was my 50th birthday. I woke up and felt so good about my life. 50 in great health. God to the gym everyday. Just felt like a kid. a girlfriend called just after the first plane hit the WTC. I thought how sweet, calling me early in the morning (West Coast time)to wish me a happy birthday. then she told me to turn on my tv.

    I didn’t celebrate my birthday on September 11 again. Just save that day to reflect. How sad and how fortunate we are to live in this country where this isn’t an everyday occurence like countries in other parts of the world. But foremost to never forget what happened and always fill our hearts with compassion and love for the survivors and the families who lost someone that day.

  9. Comments (378)

    GO SPENCE πŸ™‚

  10. Comments (6)

    In fact, I was in the Big Brother website chat room when the first plane hit.

    Someone in the chat typed “a plane flew into the World Trade Center”. I immediately went to CNN and saw the photo, which looked like a smallish hole at first. Then the CNN site went down due to traffic…and the horror unfolded.

  11. Comments (135)

    I was on my way to work that morning when I heard the news on the radio. When I got to work, we all shared our shock and dismay. We were glued to the TV for a while, then tried to go about our day, as we heard of more and more things happening throughout the day. My condolences to those who lost people in any way.

  12. Comments (19)

    I was getting ready for work, at a school on a military base. Hubby worked in a newsroom. He called and told me to turn on the tv. I threw in a vhs tape and hit record. Hubby said he heard someone yell “oh my god, they’ve hit the pentagon”. I went to work and during lunch, all the parent came in, wearing cammo, hugged their kids tights and took them out of school one by one. My own kids were in high school, we just watched the news all night crying. Living next to the military base was chilling – the sky was silent from its usual sound of jets.

    My younger daughter and I were watching Big Brother faithfully even then, and thought they should tell the HG’s and send them home.

    My neighbor lost their son on Flight 11 that day. A lighthouse lamp has stayed lit on their window every day since. RIP Jeffrey Coombs and all the other souls.

  13. Comments (1)

    I was working inside of a Coast Guard recruiting office (as civilian support staff) the day the towers were hit. I had just gotten to work and was getting settled when my Chief yelled from her office that a plane had hit the Tower and we all went into her office to watch it on the computer. At that point, we still thought it was an accident because it was just the one plane. Then we saw the second hit and that’s when the office realized exactly what we were looking at. There was a lot of shocked silence for a while…disbelief. The office had to go into lockdown, and for a while after that day they were not allowed to dress in their uniforms prior to getting to the office, and the door remained locked and people could only come in with ID and by appointment only.

    I think the hardest part of all of that though was the family run business down the hall from us. They were all from NYC and had family that worked in and around that area. So they were back and forth with us trying to see if we had any news beyond what they had because they were all very concerned for their family. I’ll never forget that day, or where I was, or the just…chaos of emotions that swirl around it. Prior to that day, my only “where were you?” memory was when Challenger blew up, I was in 2nd grade …back when you still watched the launches on TV.

    I’m so glad this post was made, so that all of us can take a breath and step back and realize for all the strong emotions Big Brother evokes in people, it really doesn’t mean anything in the scheme of the world.

  14. Comments (9)

    3 things I will always remember what I was doing and where I was at when the news broke, the space shuttle Columbia , Princess Dianas tragic death, and September 11th. Thank you Steve.

  15. Comments (11)

    I was getting ready for school when I saw the images on TV of the towers with smoke coming out of them.
    I don’t think the gravity of the situation had hit us yet because we got in the car to go to school (10th grade
    for me) and all the radio stations were covering it. When I got to school, people were saying that both towers
    had collapsed and we were just stunned. It wasn’t until later that night that I cried. I just couldn’t believe it at first.

  16. Comments (78)

    May GOD bless you one and all!!!

  17. Comments (19)

    Side note, the following January, I took my daughters to Ground Zero to try to understand it all. We were freezing cold, waiting in line for hours for our turn on the wooden platform. There were banners set up with markers so you could thank the crews, and men would walk by in their hardhats, faces down, looking broken. People couldn’t speak, just silent tears. What I won’t forget is the smell, the smoke still smoldering, and my daughter touched my arm in silence and pointed. There was still ash against the curb, mixed with small burnt pieces of paper.

    And just like that, I’m right there again. I can’t fathom what those who lived there had to endure.

  18. Comments (226)

    I was getting ready for work that day and had the today show on because some cute actor was scheduled to appear. I remember peeking out at the tv and the reporters were discussing (what they thought at the time was) the airplane accident at the first tower. While they were talking, video showing the smoking tower, you saw the second plane go in to the other tower -live. Then they started talking terrorism. Work was a somber day. We all ran to buy gas and sat outside noticing the empty sky. Never forget.

  19. Comments (30)

    The dau our eorld changed forever, I was sitting in the doctors office waiting to find out if what they found was cancer. The day I was given a second chance, so many lost their lives. Love your family, and make each day count. They will never be forgotten.

    • Comments (22)

      I too was dx w/cancer that day. I was living in Mexico and the border was closed. Thk God for the doctors, border patrol and the US army I was allowed to cross the next day and had surgery. I too would not have lived if it wasn’t for the US army. We live in the Greatest country!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless in UNITED STATES of AMERICA

  20. Comments (357)

    I have only been reading Steve’s blogs since Amanda and Elissa left. I felt no real need to reply to the rubbish. I can’t help but think that today is a message that we ALL need to heed. Yes, we have seen and heard some of the worst behavior on BB or any reality TV show thus far. And Lord knows I had my opinions and I wished that I could get 5 minutes with the remaining HGs. But then today (9/11) is here and I question myself. With knowing how these HGs have acted in the house. If any of them were in a position of losing life. Would you step up and help or would you walk away? Would you think about the GAME or would you think about the person in trouble? As a medical professional, I would step up and help. As a human being….I say Yes also. None of us are perfect, it’s just that some of us need more help than others. And BB should divide the money up for professional counseling (I’m serious)!I do not excuse any of their behaviors and I know that most of you on here agree. But what type of a person would that make me/us/u if I/we/u walked away?
    I’m done judging these people because that makes me just as bad as they portray themselves to be. There is nothing that can be said to them at this point that would be more effective than the guilt/subconscious images that kicks in after this show is over. Ask yourself….Could you step over or ignore one of the 5 HGs left if they were in dire need of help? IJS…I’m sure there were differences in NY, Washington, and PA. But I doubt the personal issues were at the forefront during the last minutes!

    • Comments (1076)

      Shut up already. You are making a mockery of this tragic event. Yenta!

      • Comments (37)

        SQ meet ME…you two should talk amongst yourselves! You would have a lot in common and most of it not of interest to the rest of us. “Shut up, already”? That you should address to yourself, quietly in private, not aloud for all to hear. It makes you look crazy when you say it out loud.

      • Comments (378)

        Your whole generations responsible for screwing up a once fine country πŸ™‚ U only live guilt free cuz youre so ignorant..but im sure deep down you know that you’re a fraud…njoy that thought as much as I njoyed telling it to you πŸ˜‰ lmao

      • Comments (37)

        “Are you for terrorist attacks on American soil?” “Why are so angry?” Answer the questions. My husband wants to know “What generation?” Are you projecting again?

      • Comments (357)

        Your wasting your time with this one sizzors! SuzyQ and ME have already met! Because She is He and He is She! I keep telling myself that this person with multiple personalities MUST be a child in need of psychological attention. Because a mature ADULT would never say and act the way that She/He does.

      • Comments (316)


      • Comments (37)

        Good, silence I golden.

      • Comments (357)

        They are not gone. Parents came home so She/He had to get off the PC. OR they are just passed out at the present time. I’m sure that the trolling will continue later.

      • Comments (1076)

        very funny yearbooks…

  21. Comments (166)

    Thank you Stevebeans for remembrance of what today truly stands for,I’m crying watching that video & remembering Monica her family during that tough time.. in the blink of an eye our lives can change & it so easy to get busy in our everyday lives..God Bless those families who have lost loved ones in 911 & God Bless all of us..make sure you hug your loved ones & make sure to say I love you!

    • Comments (166)

      Really..who would give a thumbs down on blogs on a day like today?!!

      • Comments (40)

        I asked that same question down below . who is the jerk off giving the thumbs down? let them blog why so we can tell them why he is being so unkind and very cruel to the people posting today… the site says remember this day, and thanks to all for sharing their stories,, but again , who is this thumbs down clicking asshole, apparently not an American.

      • Comments (49)

        I have decided to think of the thumbs down as only people that feel sad about the situation you are talking about. Not ones disagreeing with you.

  22. Comments (85)

    It was a day just like this one, sky was blue, sun was shining and you could see for miles….9/11/2001 The day that this Nation changed forever, when the people put aside their differences, color, creed, political agenda, and became Americans that helped one another, held one another, cried with one another. Don’t ever forget the feelings you had that faithful day, or those that followed. Remember always the pride and admiration you felt as hundreds of volunteers and 1st responders searched the wreckage of the towers, pentagon and field in Pa, for the survivors. Don’t make this day one to soapbox your political opinion, its meaning is so much more than that. Take this day and think about how YOU can make this a better place to be. BTW, I lived in NJ at the time and was very close to what took place.

  23. Comments (61)

    9/11/2001 I was watching the Today Show, turned it on right after the 1st Tower was hit, I literally thought it was a Movie Trailer, My mind was having trouble processing such a Tragic scenario then CRASH My Eyes were Bulging out as I watched the 2nd Tower being Hit Live Fully Snapping Me into a Reality I Did Not Want to See or Face, I was Devastated!!! I started Screaming, Sobbing Uncontrollably for My Husband to come & See, He actually cut Himself shaving rushing to the TV. My Brother lives on the East Coast so I was worried but the phone lines were just that fast already beyond jammed packed with callers trying to do the same thing I was. I decided that since My Brother lived in New Jersey not New York I would call later leaving the lines open for those who had relatives in New York & PA. I had Nightmares for months. Sooo Much Pain & Suffering, sooo much Shock & Devastation, I Will Remember Everything about 9/11/2001 it is Seared in My Mind & Heart Forever. This is a Day that shall Forever be known, a Day that shall Instantly bring up Feelings of Horrific Sadness in the Hearts of Most Americans where it is Deeply Seared into their Hearts as well. For sooo many reasons this Day should have been Declared a National Day of Remembrance.(I hesitate using the words Federal Holiday it just seems kinda tacky, at least to Me). This Day should be a Day for Americans to Reflect on a Tragedy that caused Grief, Heartbreak, & Yes a sense of Deep seated Anger to “get” those responsible, which WE DID!!! This Day should be a Federal “Holiday” (inappropriate word). Blessed Be, Angel L aka Lori <3

    • Comments (453)

      A Federal Day of Honor to those who lost their lives.

      • Comments (378)

        Watch the movie Clueless…n pay attention to the part were she tries to …like “be involved” and like “do good n stuff” ….you’ll see how ridiculous you cows sound πŸ˜‰

        As if!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ lmfao

      • Comments (37)

        “Are you for terrorist attacks on American soil?” “Why are you so angry?” Come on Me, you are quick to mock others, tell us how you hate America and those who live here and try to rise above the hate….come on, loser. Enlighten us with you silly “I know you are but what about me” responses.

      • Comments (37)

        OH yeah, on the TV blog! lmao, what a twit.

    • Comments (1)

      Whats with the randomly capitalized letters?

      • Comments (37)

        A “C” in typing class!

      • Comments (61)

        Jack & sizzors I capitalize certain word to put emphasis on them, such as feelings etc,… The sentences are clearly written, they make sense, & are on point to the subject at hand. I just wanted to leave a post concerning My experience on the morning of 9/11/2001 I was not looking to have My grammer double checked which by the way there is Nothing wrong with doing Exactly what I did & will continue to do. Why not read these post for their Content? People are pouring out their Hearts in these posts & all You can do is ask a so called “grammer” question Jack? Plus You sizzors your comment was just mean spirited & regardless the subject that IS NOT what this Website is about! Oh & by the way sizzors I have 2 College Degrees both earned with Honors what about yourself? Please Do Not open your mouth sizzors to Me unless You have a real comment based in reality towards My postings, Thank-You Very Much.

      • Comments (378)

        Lmao πŸ˜€

      • Comments (37)

        What? AL, the “C” in typing was mine! Check grammer, me? NO! Should have seen my grade for dictation! Typing was a step up grade, hated the idea of “office worker” yuck! So untwist your panties. You pay way to much attention to “up or down” for my tastes, BUT you do have the right to post real feelings today, of all days, without that idiot troll “me” or whom ever putting crap underneath to garner attention for his/her self. so sorry if you thought I’d aimed my tirade at you. I just think today is not the day for the TWITS to vomit the foul stench on true emotional memories of that awful day.

        Let them save it for now…tomorrow is a new day, Ignore my posts back at them, it is about honor for me and those who truly care about freedom of speech. It is not just for the haters to make rules! I’d gladly meet any of these twits face to face and tell them what they haven’t done worthwhile with their lives.

        Hope we are chill, cause others will deal with the trash talkers.

        Oh, and I am sorry to say this but I have only been focused on the trash, I haven’t read any other posts till today. Peace to you and hope you get want I truly mean, no harm to you “up” or “down”.

  24. Comments (61)

    ***Anyone out there + Me who Truly Believes September 11th is Long Overdue in becoming a National Day of Remembrance (Holiday)??? I say YES!!!<3 A Happily given Thumbs-Up in Support &/or Agreement by You would be sooo Very Nice <3 Thank-You, You Are Truly Appreciated <3***
    Blessed Be, Angel L aka Lori <3

  25. Comments (1)

    There is so much sadness and tragedy associated with 9/11 but I’d like to remind everyone of some good that happened that day. This is an article written about a community an hour from my hometown that for 5 days hosted over 6,700 stranded passengers from 38 international flights diverted to their airport.


  26. Comments (8)

    I live in Canada, and was home with my grandson when I got a message on one of mylistservs. I turned on CNN in time to see the second plane hit with horrifying results. About a month later, I landed in a small place called Moncton, New Brunswick on the east coast of Canada. It had been one of the airports where a large number of planes were diverted to until it was felt it was safe to continue to the US. I was amazed at the tiny airport being able to accomodate the numbers they actually had there. Nothing ever seemed the same again.

  27. Comments (11)

    I was in class and called to the principles office, had a call. It was the place where I worked for the summer, a small aerodrome in NS. They gave me the news, since I had a flight exam that day (which was cancelled obviously), and told me that someone was coming to get me so I can help with some stranded planes and passengers that were on their way to Europe.

    I had a half hour wait so I went to class and told the teacher to put CNN on, he question me but did, a minute later the principle came over the PA telling all the classes to do the same, just as the second plane crash. Needless to say you were able to hear a pin drop in my school that day, well for the rest of the week. There is nothing like a plane hitting a tower on a big projector screen to make a bunch of high schooler stop jabbering about their sad lives.

  28. Comments (822)

    To everyone who lost a loved one in the WTC incident or the downing of the plane in PA, I for one will never for get. To all law enforcement, firefighters, medical personnel, civilians & anyone else who provided help during those difficult days, you will also not be forgotten. So much sadness, so many heros! God bless the USA!

  29. Comments (40)

    I would love to know who the jerk off is that hits the thumbs down when people are talking about their day 9/11 happened. Is there really someone more ignorant than the remaining house guests in bb? you said it was a time to reflect and someone at the first few posts hits thumbs down… I wish he’d let us know who he is, as he is being unkind to people that lived close to the site, and recalling their day.. he must not be American because when one of us bleeds we all bleed here in America… write something you jerk so we can tell you to your “blog” what we think of you, I think you are cruel and should be ashamed of yourself.. you are hurting people who will hurt the rest of their lives and were there and scared for their families… Do you live in New York, or Pennsylvania where the crash was… probably not. you have no heart.. speak to up why you choose thumbs down…

    • Comments (822)

      I agree Sunshine. I certainly didn’t think, nor was it my intent to say something inflammatory that would evoke a thumbs down. Possibly some 9/11 conspiracy theorists out there?

  30. Comments (118)

    I miss the patriotism that blossomed everywhere after that day and lasted a long time after. It was contagious and energized us all to pick up and carry on. My favorite was the flag with the saying “these colors don’t run!”. I lost 2 NYC firefighter friends and and old coworker that day. I can see the downtown skyline from my house and it took almost three years to get used to the missing buildings. It looks great now with the brand new 1 WTC building.

  31. Comments (400)

    What a different Final 3 there was that year. Sigh.

  32. Comments (118)

    There was another big brother on this summer?! lols

  33. Comments (5)

    What a great country we live in. What separates us from the animals, what separates us from the chaos, is our ability to mourn people we’ve never met. I think thats something to be proud of.

    • Comments (378)

      Xcept that these types stand on the dead in order to boost their feelingz of themselves πŸ˜‰

      • Comments (37)

        Me, answer the questions “Are you for terrorist attacks on American soil?” “Why are you so angry?” “Why are you on a blog about a TV show voicing politically angry responses to others?”

  34. Comments (528)

    I wish this somber day of silence was really that: SILENCE. I basically try to avoid TV and Internet every 9/11 I’m so sick of it. Yes, it was shocking, yes it was tragic, yes it was traumatizing…and yet when you have 30,000 deaths EVERY YEAR attributed to firearms, no one wants to discuss it. Let’s talk about videogame violence instead. But we’ll go on and on about this EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. like it’s the most important thing that’s ever happened in the history or the world.

    Sorry, Americans, and extra sorry if you lost someone, but obsessing about this event just shows how much terrorism works and how well it worked on you.

    • Comments (378)

      Correction …30, 000 deaths per year attributed to HUMANS using firearms πŸ™‚ yw

      • Comments (37)

        ” Are you for terrorist attacks on American soil?” “Why are you so angry?” Me, are you there? “Why are you on a blog about a TV show vomiting hate?”

    • Comments (23)

      While I can kind of get what you are saying….9/11 changed America in so many ways! While it is not the single most important event in the history of the world, it is ONE of the most in AMERICAN history. You don’t think that the people that were effected that day deserve to remember it? The people that survived the attacks, thefamilies that lost loved ones, the people that should have been on one of those planes but for whatever reason didn’t make the flight, the people that decided to call into work, the thousands of first responders from all over the country that went to help in any way they could…those people don’t deserve to have a day where we as a nation remember?
      While 30,000 people die a year due to gunshot wounds….how many of those deaths are attributed to one act? The deaths of 9/11 and everything that has happened as a result is all attributed to the act one group of people whose missions was to kill as any people as possible to get a rise out of this nation.
      So yes, let’s forget about 9/11 but let us all stop what we are doing for a Royal wedding, or to bitch on a blog!
      Here’s a tip….next year, just stay off the Internet and don’t watch the TV and let the rest of the nation take a day to remember and appreciate all that we have and you can sit and sulk about how stupid it is to remember such a tragic day!

      • Comments (528)

        People lose people every day. You’re welcome to mourn or celebrate do whatever you need to for as long as you want. I’m sick of it being everyone else’s responsibility to be reminded ZOMG AMERICA WAS ACTUALLY ATTACKED!!! Yes, you were. So were a lot of other places. In fact, some countries go through 9/11 about every other week. Are you also taking a moment to stop and think about that? Actually, on this side of the ocean I see more satire and jokes made about other world issues but Jesus H. Baldhead Christ don’t joke about 9/11 lest ye be crucified on the spot!

        We all hoped 9/11 would make America stronger and more united but, in fact, it made you weaker and more frightened of everything. Conclusion? Terrorism wins.

      • Comments (23)

        Lets have a plane kill two of the people you love and crash mere miles from your child’s school and you can tell me how scared you are. And I don’t need to be reminded…I will NEVER forget it! And I don’t know anyone that will. And apparently people on that “side of the ocean” pay tribute to 9/11 as well….sounds like its not just us weak, scared Americans.
        And to answer your question, yes, I stop to consider major events in other countries, especially ones that result in the loss of thousands of lives. It’s most certainly not everything that happens in other countries, I wouldn’t be able to do anything else, but some events, yes. The more we, as a nation, as a world, as a human race, can come together and pay tribute to the loss we all suffer at the hands of the ugliness of this world, the better. So next year instead of thinking about 9/11, pay tribute to someone you personally lost
        …..and quit hating on people you don’t know for wanting to watch old news casts from that day 12 years ago

      • Comments (23)

        And something that has little to do with this….here, where I live now in TX, the local news stations came together (something that NEVER happens) along with a couple of radio stations and had a lunch for all the first responders in this area.

  35. Comments (137)

    I say stop commenting or even thumbs down on “me”. This person loves the attention they are getting from saying negative things. I was always taught dont respond to negative attention. If you notice there is always two people at the least who hit the thumbs down button. Ignore them and maybe just maybe they will go away. Doubtful, since they thrive off negativity. Just like a child IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE!!

    Remembering September 11, 2001. God Bless to All.

    • Comments (37)

      Sorry for calling you out, BS! Nice try, though. When someone behaves totally inappropriate they need to be “slapped on the hand”.

      Ignoring this kind of stupidity by the like of “me, Sq and others, who are all the same to me” is more reason to ask the question “Are you for terrorist attacks on American soil?” I believe a lot of people, beside me, would like to know. So, while I’d tell my school age children to IGNORE I will not ignore the hate these people are vomiting up.
      Silence implies you agree or are afraid, I am not either of those things.

      • Comments (137)

        It is okay for calling me out. I am not afraid. I just dont like playing their games. This person really thinks this is fun and games to goad people into rants. Just dont want to play their game. Very unintelligent way of expressing their opinions and thoughts. I am all for freedom of speech. You have made your points very clearly and I only really called out “me” because of how they are addressing and commenting on the issues.

      • Comments (37)

        You sound sincere and that is all we have here. I only have a beef with those who mock others while hiding behind..let us just say… A Blog About A TV Show!. I think they are as sick as any domestic terrorist. Ignoring is great, but it is fun to ask them “What’s the point?” You’d think they would head right to Huffington Post or some other site and vomit there and not on BB blog site…Steve, where are you..kick these idiots off or make them stay on point.

      • Comments (137)

        I do totally agree with you. go to another site and vent. This is not a site for that. But “me” has been on here since the beginning and one reason why I left the site was because of him and other like him. Just better for me not to let people like him/her in my life. We seem to live in a world of negative people and things. This was one show I liked to get away from all of that and yet I still find it on the show and this site. I do wish Beans would kick them off the site, but he hasnt yet. So I dont see that happening soon especially with the show being over soon. Good luck to you on trying to get your answer from him, but it from what I seen over the past couple of months. He only like to annoy people than to comment on someone who is calling him out. He is the one who is afraid LOL.

      • Comments (37)

        Then I assume you will be leaving the site again and all because none will ask “Why is Me so angry?” It does not annoy me that he spews his hate, but a lot of people want to know why here?
        To be truthful, I’m sure there will be people over to ask him/or her the same questions some day, but for now he should answer!

      • Comments (528)

        It’s called “don’t feed the trolls” it has nothing to do with fear, it’s about not giving them the attention they want. The more you engage them, the more they’ll keep posting. It’s not rocket science (or BS) it’s basic Internet 101.

      • Comments (137)

        exactly Sadie. That is what I was trying to get at. Good luck to all with “me” on this site. I am sure I will be leaving it soon and away from him.

  36. Comments (378)

    He really thinking.. “shit im glad she found a hobby, keeps her outta my hair, but dammit I wish she’d stfu” …. jus guessin πŸ˜€

    • Comments (37)

      “Are you for terrorist attacks on American soil?” “Why are you so angry?” You really slow? “Why are you venting so much hate on a blog about a TV show?” “Why are you not on the picket line at the Vince Gill concert?” “Are you for terrorist attacks on innocent people on American soil?” Come on “me” you are fading into the ether. Answer the questions. He still wants to know “What generation?” Come on little man (or what ever) lets see you sit up straight and give us your definition of “me”. We all have a life, do you?

      • Comments (528)

        What the hell man? Why do you keep engaging someone who is clearly trolling?? You’re just as responsible for his distracting posts as he is at this point. Quit it.

      • Comments (37)

        What is it to you? I came on to this site thinking “good no real politics and just game play” what, no one calls out the baby in the corner? Only free speech for the haters? Today of all days, everyone should be asking “Do you believe in terrorist attacks on American soil?” I don’t! This person wants to post vomit about others thoughts, fine but when he calls out Americans who stop and remember a horrible event because the Blog Writer asks them to, I am offended. Ninety Nine percent of America has taken a pause to remember what happened and where they were that day, why does this person get to mock them? Free speech? that cuts both ways..if you don’t agree with him ignore him, but if he hates America, let him speak up and tell us! Otherwise let him shut up for one GD day!

      • Comments (528)

        YOU’RE a terrorist. Go away. Goddamn trolls all over this blog.

      • Comments (37)

        Sadie, No I am not, I have never practiced the art of “mind control”…that is a make believe art. But I wonder if you may not have some other reason for defending this idiot.

      • Comments (528)

        I’m not defending anyone, quotemaster, I’m telling you to ignore him. But whatever, don’t. The rest of the board can just ignore the both of you. I’m being dragged into this idiocy myself now.

      • Comments (378)

        U involved yorself victim πŸ™‚ jus sayn lol

      • Comments (37)

        “Are you for terrorist attacks on American soil?” “Why are you so angry?” “Why do post political hate on a blog for a TV show?” Why do you have no answers? “What generation is responsible?” My husband wants to know, I want to know…anyone who has served their country wants to know. All who love their country want to know. “Why are you so angry?”

  37. Comments (378)

    Ya! πŸ˜€ lol

    • Comments (37)

      “Do you believe in terrorist acts on American soil?” “Why are you so angry?”

      • Comments (110)

        I agree with you he/she is to chicken to answer your question just remember after next Wednesday will not have to read his comments anymore.
        This person doesn’t have any feeling for nobody that why he/she is a
        jacka** maybe why he/she is the way they are is because the parents
        he/she has maybe they are just like he/she and raised he/she to hate.

      • Comments (378)

        Shithead theres always survivor πŸ˜‰ lol

      • Comments (37)

        You may be on to something, Sharon. Maybe he/she will stop for just one day and let others be, to honor those who died. Just one day is not to much to ask.

    • Comments (378)

      Never said I hated amOmica…never said I support terror… simply making fun of those who line up to wax about who’s the better American. Obviously that ol witch has bigger issues (prolly guilt πŸ˜‰ ) …im jus an innocent victim of circumstances lol

      As for the house, im glad Judd is out, even thou I liked him he seems fun to hang wit, bcuz I dont like ppl getn second chances on these type shows. GM out played all the girls an thats prolly cuz she has lots of girl/guy friends outside the house as hard as it is for the mob to accept, she too would ve fun to hang wit im sure. Andy, well, Andy is bout winning a game and playing ppl for the foolz he prolly knows ppl can be from his experiences… he seems like a good dude and prolly someone who adds color to any group …..lol walking a line there πŸ˜‰ …..as fer Spence, that ol boy put up with tonnes of crazy and sat in harms way without ever blowing a gasket…im amazed, cuz a week with that pig Helen, Elissa and the rest of them PMS’ n cow placentas ida slapped a few of them, he’s a saint, AND still eligible for the big prize so good for him. He kept his head down cuz the odds were against him and won when he NEEDED to, on his time not when you xperts thought he should.

      Fuck Julie Chen! πŸ˜€ lol

      • Comments (37)

        Ahh, now you go to game! Great! We love your silly stchik when it is aimed at a game. Welcome back you ol SOB! Love grandma!

      • Comments (357)

        Hey ME….can SuzyQ come out and play? You live in an existence of turmoil and self hate. You project your inner hatred on this blog and at others to hide behind your insecurities. It’s really sad that on a day like today….You couldn’t step back for a minute and give America the respect by allowing us to mourn in a dignified and proper way. The fact that you wrote “AMOMICA” just proves that you are not in touch with reality of life or yourself. It must be hard on those dark, lonely and quiet nights to keep your multiple personalities in check? Real talk? Someone in your life has hurt you deeply and it shows in your replies. No one is born with this much hatred for people in general! I can’t help but feel a little sorry for you. To go through life day to day with such hate, must be exhausting on you. You think that you are witty and funny, but most on here see you as a person whose soul (inner being) is in turmoil. Hopefully one day you will reflect back on all of this and seek the help that you so desperately need! There really is a difference between Good and Bad attention….reflect on that! Alter ego replies in 5…4…3…2….

      • Comments (1076)

        If we make it a holiday then the terrorists have won. That is just what they want, to give us many such holidays.

      • Comments (1076)

        If you really knew me you would give up your right arm to live the life I lead.

      • Comments (357)

        BOOM! Alter ego #1 has replied. I expect at least 3 more regulars to reply negatively! Don’t let me down SuzyQ (etc….etc…etc)……Give the others a chance to play!
        Wrlcome to BBjunkies! Can’t wait for the others to arrive!

  38. Comments (7)

    I was in Freshman English and one of my classmates had a newspaper and was like some plane crashed into one of the WTC towers. I didn’t really pay much attention to it, because it was utter disbelief. But I think it finally hit me when there was this random plane flying somewhere in the US and you didn’t know where it was going to hit that struck terror in me. I just remember being in front of the television all day and calling my mother excessively to see if she was alright & if everyone in our family was safe. Its one of those days that even 12 years later that changes you. It changed the very existence of SAFETY in the US. its like all of a sudden you became vulnerable and you never quite got that 100% safe moment back. The world in the country was shattered that day, its not something I will ever forget.

  39. Comments (207)

    I had just got my kids off to school and my husband to work. I was watching the news and as i was watching they cut in for a special report. They were telling us about the first plane hitting the tower. As i watched i witnessed the second plane live on tv hitting the other tower. At first you are shocked ….like its not real,but it was. I have moved from the place i lived when it happened but i will never forget that place,that livingroom,that couch or even the tv.i had at the time. I have a bad memory sometimes of things i should remember but i will never forget any part of that day. To me that weird!

  40. Comments (378)

    …so what about a breakdown of the jury so far …lmao well Candice and Jessie are victims and in the new world, landfill πŸ˜‰ …Helen… lol there are woman like that lurking in every crack n corner of our sociery trying to prove they’re worth more than what they are an bothering everyone around them till they agree, encourage or slap them lmao she’s a product of crazy backwards thinking…. Aaryn …tuff one… I guess shes a racist when she wants to be but I don’t think she thinks she’s superior to blacks as much as she just wanted to win fights against Candice ….then again I dont know her and dont pretend to unlike you used tampons do πŸ˜€ ugh gtg mwah bitchez!!! Lmao

  41. Comments (98)

    Steve thanks for doing this. May God continue to bless the families effected by this senseless act.

  42. Comments (1)

    I read this article every year.

    The Resilient City by John Avlon

  43. Comments (65)

    I was 12, I think it was the start of my 7th grade year. I was in a computer class. Our teacher came in late, freaking out because of it. There were a couple of kids in our class that got a little upset and one completely freaked out and wanted to know if we all were going to die. But I didn’t fully understand what had happened. Between my parents shielding my younger brother and I from the news reports and the school not really talking about it, I didn’t think much of it. It wasn’t until the third anniversary of the attacks that I fully grasped what happened that day and what it all meant. I spent most of that weekend watching the specials on TV. I think I remember that weekend in 2004 better than I do 9/11/01.

  44. Comments (3)

    I think it extremely tacky of BB to have a comp on top of city buildings on 9/11 πŸ™

  45. BB Superfan without the BS
    Comments (56)


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