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Fourth Of July Break!

Good afternoon, everyone!


Happy Independence Day! I hope that you all have a safe and happy 4th of July.

That’s all

Kidding, sort of. This won’t be a long post but it also won’t be that short.


As you know, Jack is the new HoH in the house and he already has his target set. This is going to be a shocker… wait for it… wait for it… Kemi! I know, completely unexpected! And to make matters worse from the discussion the other day, he’s going to put her up next to Jessica. Why not, right? The plan of getting out Kemi then Jessica seems to be full steam ahead and the twist doesn’t seem to have any impact on that.

A quick summary of last night – Jack told the house not to talk to David or Ovi about game. The house quickly ignored that and had game talk with them both. While the idea made sense in theory because it was to prevent the evicted players from spreading shit, it’s just one of those ideas that you keep inside your brain and don’t exactly express. Or at most, express to your closest allies so they know anything David or Ovi may talk about could be a lie. Telling the entire house not to talk game just makes you look like an ass…. or, a Jack-Ass.

Production opened the backyard last night which means that there may not be the veto competition until Saturday as per normal. They still may do nominations today and close the backyard tonight but looks like they’re going to give them a little fresh air for the 4th. That works out well because I am actually going away until Saturday in a few hours so my mini vacation works well with the hopeful slow week.  How the schedule here will work is that Mel will likely be doing the overnight report if she has time between her crazy house sale, and I’ll try to squeeze a daily recap tonight and tomorrow night before bed. I won’t be doing any live updates until after the veto competition Saturday night (assuming the veto happens on Saturday).

Have a great holiday, everyone!


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  1. Avatar

    Awesome updates Mel. Covers everything – it’s been kinda pointless to watch after dark!

  2. Alda

    Happy 4th to all Big Brother Junkies.Have fun and stay safe.

  3. hogwild

    Sums up this season so far.

  4. Sassy

    I really want to like someone this season but I just can’t. Cliff was on my maybe list, but now he’s talking to Jackass Jackson about everything he’s heard lately, especially about David. JJ said “he wantedDavid out of the house, and he feels David is insecure”. And he’s not gonna let David determine his happiness in or out of the game. Cliff is an idiot. He does not think there are any groups yet.

    JJ said he’s not going to do any cleaning, David can do it. He’s going to do shit just to annoy the shit out of him, like drop crumbs and stuff around him. Cliff thinks David pees on the floor in the bathroom. Both JJ and David want to get under his skin and get him to implode.

  5. Alda

    I think Jackson is jealous of David.He’s been having sex with Kat,but doesn’t like her.Now,she’s flirting with David and I feel that is getting under his skin.

  6. AIO_7

    From Mel’s update … Why is Holly called “Beth”, and why doesn’t Holly like that?

  7. Sassy

    In case anyone was still unsure, Christy is the chillest, most easy going person in the house, just ask her! She continues to say it while complaining about EVERYTHING…

    JJ could wait to fill AD in on what they need to do to get under David’s skin. They are going to pile the dishes up and leave a mess everywhere. I hope they do become bigger slobs than they already are, they may piss off more people than they intend to.

  8. ericawesome

    Have fun on your vacation Steve!

  9. Sassy

    Holly is having a meltdown, boo Hoo. She doesn’t think her family is watching. They are probably to busy with the ranch to be supportive of her. She doesn’t even know if they know, she’s on the show. She didn’t have a really good bye with them. No I love you’s or anything. Don’t worry though, JJ and Sis are there to support her. Oh, JJ finally changed the topic to how awful David is and how David won’t stop talking about him!

    I have YET to hear David talk about JJ but JJ talks NONSTOP about David. Now he’s telling the girls how David pee’s on the toilet seat and floor in the bathroom. He has NO proof of this… Again with how he’s not gonna let David spoil his happiness. Sounds like it already has!

    • Kari

      I’m beginning to think there’s more racist motives in there than any of us really wanted to think.. Isn’t pretty much everybody being slammed someone of color?

      • Sassy

        I haven’t heard anything overtly racist just stupid! I’m not saying they aren’t, but it’s an awful label to tag people with.

  10. Sassy

    Kemi and Jessica have a conversation about the difficulties of being a minority (good convo). They weren’t accusatory or whoa is me about it. It was simply their experiences. Also talk about how it was to be raised by first generation Americans and trying to keep home country values. There was a comment in the middle about David not dating Black girls, I guess there goes Kemis shot at a showmance.

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  12. Kari

    Happy 4th everyone, hopefully you’re enjoying your day! Whatever you doing make it safe and make it fun!

    going very non-traditional for there as we really don’t have anybody to hang out with anyway. I’m making a turkey vegetable soup in the Crock-Pot for dinner. My husband and I decided to go see ‘Rocketman’ a little later this evening, and then also perhaps ‘Yesterday’.

    Hugs all around, and yeah, even you Thumbies. 😉

    • Kari

      **traditional over here

      • Kari

        okay I tried edit my mistake and then that ends up being a mistake because my tablet decided to have some sort of demonic attack. I was trying to say “we’re going non traditional over here”

        Okay I quit, LOL

    • kneeless

      Kari, I was in Seattle in May. Thought about you!

      • Kari

        Well, poo! I would have loved to have met you. I literally live 5 minutes west of the airport. My husband works at a hotel directly across the street from the main entry of the airport.

        Hope you enjoyed your time. I know that downtown is a little rough now with the homeless and drugs. It’s absolutely heartbreaking what’s going on. I used to love walking around downtown and it just isn’t comfortable anymore..

  13. Sassy

    I caught a piece of a convo between JJ and KK. He was essentially breaking up with her for purely game reasons. He wants them to remain friends. She was not happy, but she didn’t throw a fit either. She told him he must have other strategies and alliances he has not shared with her. She also asked if he liked someone else. He was vague with his answer and basically said it was none of her business. She was calm but I don’t think we have heard the last of this from her.

    • Sassy

      Holly either overheard the convo or JJ told her already because she repeated it to Christy and Sis. They are planning how Holly should respond if Kat comes to talk to her. Mean girls!!

  14. Sassy

    Christys lucky number is 16 and it’s in all her passwords.

  15. Sassy

    Kemi and Nicole talk about how the house has changed them. Nicole says she learning to stand up for others.

    Kemi wants to talk to Jack. She says she refuses to kiss his ass, but she wants to take a forward approach and ask why do you have a beef with me? Kemi says she’s been biting her tongue a lot in the house, she doesn’t think she can continue to be like this. Kemi says Havk has some redeeming qualities… Not sure what they are. Ovi walks in and convo ends.


    Kat, Jessica, David talking about last season. Jess doesn’t like Brett. She brings up how he talked about RS daughter on her bday… David leaves and they start to whisper about the other hgs. Kat says she stands up for the Jackass Twins, but she won’t for Holly. They talk about a girl alliance. Nicole walks in and convo stops.

  16. Mel
    Mel (5008 comments)

    Did Cliff really say he was going to pee in the floor and blame David? That’s so disappointing if true.

    • Sassy

      JJ said he was going to pee and blame David. Cliff is the one that told JJ about David peeing on the floor and toilet seat and not cleaning. One minute they talk about the best way to get on David’s nerves is to be slobs and leave crumbs everywhere and dishes in the sink. Next he is the nasty guy in the house urinating on everything. Which is it?

      Cliff agreed with JJ that they should do everything they can to help David implode.

      • Mel
        Mel (5008 comments)

        Thanks. I saw it on Twitter and sometimes the info gets twisted. It’s still crappy but I’m at least glad Cliff hasn’t started pissing in the floor.

      • Sassy

        Who knows, maybe it is Cliff that pees on the floor and is blaming David… He agreed to go along with JJs plan which did include peeing on the floor so… *shoulder shrug*

      • mm22

        Ok so I won’t be rooting for cliff if he joining the jacks

  17. amareels

    This group is like looking at teenagers. We have JJ breaking up with KK and then in the kitchen telling everyone that he doesn’t want to talk about it like he is the one that is hurt. Ugh! Then we have HollyBeth in the BR with PSM. HB is saying something about how her bathing suit is so conservative while her ass is hanging out. Then PSM is saying that she only brought conservative bathing suits and maybe she should wear this pair of underwear that is the size of non PSM. I’m so afraid is PSM goes out there wearing not so flattering sun wear that the Mean Girls are going to make fun of her tonight. Or worse the horrible men in the Gre8t something alliance. I still don’t have their alliance name down pat, yet.

    • Mello_One

      @amareels….Yes this cast is a real disappointment, & let down from the cast of BB20. I like when there are 2 sides of the house, this season has only “one” Alliance, with the rest of them thinking that they are in a Alliance, but they are not?! They are Floaters!

  18. Mello_One

    Happy Born Day America! And to our neighbors in SoCal, Godspeed from NorCal.

  19. Sassy


    David and JJ having a superficial convo about eating being highlight reels. David leaves to get an apple.


    Jessica and Holly talking, Holly always goes home for the 4th. She talks about how great the celebration is and people come from all over. She’s pouting again, homesick. She’s so private about this but she’s telling Jessica who she’s not really even friends with. Again with her dad not knowing about the show and her sister not caring. Boo Hoo!! I’m not feeling the pity.


    David and JJ talking about sports (sort of). Talking about decisions and consequences. Every decision they have made in life has led them to the BB house. They are lucky to be taking 100 off life. JJ says it is a 100 days of NO sex (haha), NO drinking (haha), NO BS with friends (haha). Seriously, this guy is delusional!! Lots of innuendos being said by both. JJ says the mentally weak are the first to go.

    They are both concerned that the new show will cloud their viewing time. They think BB is almost over, the new show will take over. Nick comes in convo stops.

  20. Mel
    Mel (5008 comments)

    Jackson broke up with Kat officially. She fake took it well. I don’t like hiow David’s being treated but I’m glad his presence is ruining Jacksons fun.

    Jess told Kat about Holy saying that Kat was sucking up all Hollys energy. Kat just said sorry bitch, she should’ve came in with more endurance. Lol

  21. Mel
    Mel (5008 comments)

    Since I missed most of the comments the first week, I have two things:
    1. Have we already done the Analyse and Anal lice jokes?
    2. I need a nickname translation for a few of these or I’m going to be confused for anyone willing.

    • Sassy

      Thank NK, she gave me the rundown a few blogs ago.

      PSM = Plus Size Model = Jessica

      BJK = Baleigh Junior = Kemi

      AquaDick/AD = Jack (because he says dick things, makes dick moves and is a dick.

      Jackass Jackson/JJ = Jackson aka Michie

      Cryin Christie/CC = Christie

      Squeeky = Nicole

      Kryin Kat = Kat

      Tommy Tune/TT = Tommy

      SamorNick = Sam

      NickorSam = Nick

      Sis = Analyse

  22. Sassy

    David says there is going to be a comp in honor of the 4th. People start picking partners and Kat chides David. I’m sure JJ will spin that into a conspiracy against him.

    David walks inside and they start tagging on him, saying he was testing them to see where their alliance lay.

    In the SR JJ is sniffling, he walks outside, still acting bothered. Poor guy, must have been difficult to break up with a girl he screwed just to keep her in line. Way to take one for the team Jackass!!

    Jackass twins getting ready to lift weight.

    Bathroom. Jessica is telling Cliff, he’s the only one she can borrow clothes from and she wants something, not sure what. BJK, Jessica, and KK talking makeup.

    KK asked Holly to talk and Holly doesn’t have the energy to talk to her. Holly is being a Bitch! KK is comforting her. Huh, I didn’t think I’d ever like KK more than Holly, but I do.

    Holly goes over and sits between the other 2 mean girls and replays her convo and how she just doesn’t have the energy. Sis thinks it was bad timing and they should be having fun! Right it is exhausting to be stuck in a house with the woman who you stole her man. It is exhausting being a mean girl. Christy still complaining about David. She thinks he’s weird. She thinks he’s f***ing with their minds. Holly is tired of people infiltrating their peace. Poor JJ is bothered by David being in the house and Holly with Kat, it’s not fair for them. Boo Hoo!! Narcissists!

  23. Sassy

    Mean girls talking about vanity things. TT joins them. CC is showing them pieces of metal that stuck in her skin from a car accident (BS). TT asks what’s happening today? Gr8ful is feeling each other’s energy. Christy says the universe would not allow these people to be rewarded for intentionally F***ing with them. Hmmm, that back-ass-ward. CC thinks JJ is so cute and such a gentleman, yep I said CC. Holly says Kat is getting on everyone’s nerves, she’s trying to convince everyone she is doing things she isn’t. She’s only there for the fame and fortune. Mean girls are always asking the camera for sponsors… I can’t with these girls, next camera!

    KK and Jess talking about the problems big girls have finding appropriate swimwear. A little game talk, Kat thinks people are overestimating David. Jess says he doesn’t understand the game. Jess says Holly and Sis are besties, but KK should be considerate to them. Yep, she is defending them, as if they were wronged. The misfits really don’t see the mean kids as a group. They think it is all one! They really should watch a few more seasons.

  24. Sassy

    Several times I’ve heard them talk about winning a trip to Fiji and Seeing Brett. Not sure what they are talking about.

  25. Sassy

    Sis tells David she thinks he’s trouble, the trouble maker coming in to stir shit up. He tells her ha may have been given a secret power.

    CC is concerned on how she will be portrayed to the viewers. She really is a happy and peaceful person. I hope everyone hears what she’s saying and doesn’t pay attention to her actions…

    Cliff talks about being bullied in school for being shy and awkward. He worked hard to get over it. Cc just doesn’t want to be misconstrued, she’s just very authentic. Maybe if I hear how wonderful she is 100 more times I’ll believe her. She has weird energy today, probably because of David. Cliff doesn’t want to be alone at all now, because he doesn’t want David to make him feel awkward or to ask him any questions. CC, AD, and Cliff bash David some more. Ugh! Oh Cliff, you are not part of the cool/mean group, it’s sad to see you stoop to their level. They don’t understand why David can’t just lay low and stop talking to people. CC thinks David is poisoning her soul. Sis and Nick have joined them.

    • AIO_7

      Thanks for the updates, Sas; and to my fellow Junkers, I am over and out for the evening, so have a happy Independence Day. I’ll leave you with the best Fourth of July (or Saturday) tune ever.


      • NKogNeeTow

        Thanks for that AI. I love every song on that YouTube page. They all bring back memories. And those Chicago horns! The Chicago song that best fit this group of misfits is “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?”

        Have a great night!

      • danmtruth

        AI you know how to get on my good side Most early Chicago stuff is ok in my book

    • danmtruth

      That soul was poisend a long time ago As was mentioned by NK believe Just so two faced Talks about peace and harmony yet never pass up a chance to grind someone down lie to someone All Part Of The Game it’s not really her Yet she seems such a natural at it Yes if us part of the game You just dont need to go out of your way to do it

  26. Sassy

    Nothing really going on so I switched over to read some Twitter for a bit. JJ is also referred to as Jawson. There is speculation on why JJs mood is so sour. Some think it’s a pity party for himself and others think he got a talking to in DR, possibly for the following comment (which I found on Twitter). Along with a ton of other comments he’s made. The thought of David REALLY angers him, as much if not more than AD hates Kemi… “Jackson goes on a rant in the shower to Kat (who is in the shower too, but fully clothed) about David. He says for David to go back to “Mexico” (if I heard correctly?) and that he “fucking hates him”

    Yeah this is pretty bad. Correct me if I misheard anything.”

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  28. Sassy

    Lots of fish tank today. Just an empty fish tank, no fish. Bring back the shelter puppies!!

  29. Sassy


    Jackass twins, Sis, and Bella, they are whispering and I can’t hear, but it has something to do with DR and maybe KK. The only word I understood was STD, and she needs to tell DR… it could be completely irrelevant, and have nothing to do with anything. *shrug*. JJ May be ready to explode, he said “Get these fucking cameras off of me.” TT and KK walk in and convo stops, get out you 2! Get out!! Talk about stabbing and shootings, AD has been stabbed. Fish tank. JJ has also been stabbed. It went through his hand. I think he said he was being a hero, yeah right! Lies, all lies!!

  30. Sassy

    Bella says Sam has come across 2 dead bodies, Jack says its one thing he’s never seen, JJ has never seen up close but he’s seen from a distance.

    CC is prying into what is going on with JJ, he says he can’t talk about it because he will get in trouble – fish tank – they tell him they are here for him and he made this – fish tank.

  31. Sassy

    Sam is a little funny at times. Boatroom. Bella, Nick, Sam, Nicole, Kemi – Bella and Nick snuggling. Sam telling them other jobs that could be his real job. A stockholder (broker) in NY, owner of Reddit they all laugh at him – Fish tank

  32. Sassy


    David and Jess – He says some people in the house need to become aware or they will be picked off one by one. He says he is not in the game right now, but he’s trying to use the time to analyze. He’s making sense. I hope she listens before it’s to late. Fish Tank. Ugh!!


    He does not like how AD made a big house rule telling everyone how they can’t talk to some people, big house rule not to get a consensus. Cliff walks in and convo stops – Fish tank!

  33. Sassy

    Crazy Chris is trying to make a slip and slide. I do look forward to seeing this in action!

    Boatroom – Bella, Nick, Sam, Nicole, BJK, and PMS

    Fish tank – it comes in where there are talking about scurvy and how it’s not the same thing – fish tank- KK walks in convo changes. Sam and Nicole leave. They talk about signs and birthdays. Jess leaves.


    Crazy Chris and AD trying to figure out how to cut trash bags to make a slip and slide. Ovi comes in and helps. ALL 4 cameras are on this activity. Only 3 people are in here, switch the cameras to where the action is!

  34. Mel
    Mel (5008 comments)

    I know Cliff needs to fit in but trashing David isn’t a good look. Hes taking his comments too far. Christie is simply horrible, not just crazy. Jackson has cried after the dr talked to him. He certainly doesn’t get a pass but I’m at least glad hes upset over it. Jack just acted like it was no big deal or people heard wrong.
    Kat is realizing that David is being villianized for no reason and has said as much to a couple of people. She also thinks Jack doesn’t want them talking to Ovi because maybe they’ll find out Jack had something going with him on the side. Could I actually start liking Kat? Too soon to tell.

    • ElaineB

      If all of this is going on with Cliff, I am really disappointed.

      • ElaineB

        Though Jackson supposedly ‘cried’ after his Production talk, I will withhold opinion on validity of his tears, until I see more of his behavior moving forward.

    • danmtruth

      Kat is making a bit of a come back Yet she is on the lookout for the next boy toy She knows flirting with David keeps Jackass intested Sick game she is playing

    • Sassy

      Not a good look for Cliff and it won’t help him move up in the pack. I think JJ is playing for the camera with the fake emotion. He has told some of them what was said, but he is conscience of the cameras and has said several times, “Not where the viewers can hear”. I think it’s all an act. Of coarse that is just my opinion.

  35. Avatar

    Well, that’s the problem with these early season battle backs. Nobody that wins HoH is going to make a big move. They will opt to nominate the two weakest players.

    • ElaineB

      Since in the past few seasons, a HG seems to go right away, and this season, a backdoor was used, first eviction, for no necessary reason, I would rather see a returning player from an early group, than to give one of these dum dums a chance to come back in close to jury.

      • danmtruth

        Often fans like battle backs because a fan favorite was delt a bad hand Got caught in a back door So fans want to see that player back Cody, Victor come to mind As you say Davud get the title by default as we hardly got a chance to know him You would think Ovi because of the way the treated him Yet his poor playing is not something many fans can get behind and cheer for

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Just checking in on and off. I thought maybe Production would give them a picnic and let them watch fireworks like they have in the past. Only pizza? Not much of a holiday.

    Well, I’ve had one nap today. Going to try to get in another quick one before the “action” *cough* starts tonight. Let’s hope for some BB fireworks.

    Be back later with the BBAD report. Hope everyone who wasn’t rained out, had a fantastic 4th!

    • ElaineB

      Damn NK….take the holiday off! Happy 4th girl!

      • ElaineB

        Thx for all your mad recap skills. *smooch*

      • NKogNeeTow

        Thanks Buttercup, but I’ve been doing this since BBAD started (back on “E” then moved to POP), and I’ve only missed 1 night in all those years. As much as I bitch and complain about it, it’s already programmed in me…lol.

        The 4th was an entire bust. I was supposed to go to a cookout but it rained just about all day. I laid down and took a nap at 3, woke up at 6 and it was like a monsoon. Thought I’d get in another quick nap before BBAD started tonight but lo and behold, the rain stopped and these clowns were I live, started shooting fireworks and firecrackers non-stop. And I live in a “no fireworks” state. Since there was no sleep to be had, I finally just gave up and got up at 11. It’s 11:45 and they’re still at it full force.

      • ElaineB

        You are a true BBAD soldier, my friend. *salute* Am ready for the folks around here to give up their displays and go to bed.

  37. Alda

    I think Cliff feels the two Jackasses have the most influence in the house,and he’s jumping on their band wagon.

  38. Amber

    I have been busy all day so I’m appreciating sassy and the updates right now- saves me the trouble! I guess Cliff is trying to fit in and with this group, being mean is the way. Still, disappointing. Does anyone remember who competes in the second week of the whacktivity comp? Hope everyone had a nice holiday!

    • danmtruth

      Chos week2 Holly, Tommy, Jackson, Sam, Jack
      Week 3 Panic Anaylsr, Nick, Kimmi, Jesica, Christie
      So it looks good for Fake8 to win the power this week The question is normaly with 3 power give away One is very good Another is useless with the other having a little power but not as good as the first if they follow what they have done in the past

      • Amber

        Thank you much. Yes, this week isn’t looking good for the ‘outcasts’. Hoping the not so good power is this week. And I guess I hope Sam gets it or Holly if she doesn’t tell anyone (unlikely). Thanks again

      • ElaineB

        Of the Week 2 folks, would like to see Tommy win….mostly to see how he would handle it. I like Tommy, but if he stays connected to the hip of Christie, not so much.

  39. danmtruth

    Followed Kari lead and caught a movie while the campers bored us Spiderman no spoilers but stay till they turn the lights on and kick you out
    Now back to the game Sys is making a connection with NICKorsam “gee you make me feel so comfortable thanks ” this girl is good
    It gas been said in the past few days how house guest are getting meds It also has been suggested that part of Jackson mood swings might be because of his meds If that is true that’s a dangerous game production is playing

  40. NKogNeeTow

    Sassafrass, you must have been rained out too. I see you’ve been holding down the fort all day. I peeked at the board on and off all day but decided not to even get started commenting because I was having too much fun nodding off and on. It’s the first time I’ve done that in a long time.

    Something that I read earlier that has bugged the heck out of me, Cliff. He and Squeeky were my front-runners and the only ones I wanted to see get to the end (besides maybe David, but he hasn’t been in the house long enough for me to see what or how he does). But if what everyone is saying about Cliff is true, then not only have I lost all respect for him, but he’s vastly moved up on my shitlist and I hope he loses harder than the J Bros. Only because the main reason I liked him was he carried himself with such class and remained above the fray. Don’t get me wrong, I understand doing what you have to do to stay in the game (to a certain point), but to blatantly tell a lie about David (he pees all over the place and leaves it), there was no reason for it. And some of the things I’ve read he’s said about him…how he doesn’t feel comfortable with him being in the house…Why is that Cliff? Please tell us. Inquiring minds want to know. I’m still holding out a sliver of hope that he is just trying to throw them off and doesn’t mean it. But when money is involved, who knows?

    • Sassy

      Yes, we were rained out, but it stopped in time for our neighbors to have quite the show…

      I’m also really disappointed in Cliff! I think I’m just not gonna like anyone this season. As soon as I have hope, they disappoint in a big way!

  41. danmtruth

    David doing a nice job playing with Kat and she is spooning what he is dishing more than spooning what is her icecream bowl
    Sassy great job on the updates thanks did not feel like I miss anything important

  42. NKogNeeTow


    Alright Boys and Girls, let’s see what our little Band of Misfits are up to tonight in CampRunAmuck…


    KK is sitting at the counter talking to David. She asks him if he had a good day today. Somebody got a warning from Production.


    Sis comes in climbs in the bed with AD, while Holly is standing there.

    Canoe Room…

    BJK is telling Nick that she feels like wherever she goes, the cameras are watching her and it’s making her feel uncomfortable. *Duh* He tells her that the port-a-potty outside, the HOH bathroom and the DR don’t have cameras and she can go in there to get away. Cliff and Bella come in and plops down.


    Sis is laying in bed playing with AD’s hair. She wants to take a shower. He tells her she has to come out of the bathroom without a towel and dry off in the HOH bed. *Sounds like a #metoo moment to me* Sis is saying that they(Production) was nice to them today. Holly says maybe because half of them went in there and cried. AD says he was thinking about his HOH letter today. He says he feels like everyone in the house is family, even though they fight.


    • ElaineB

      Holly/Ana, what a sad, played duo. *sigh*

      • Alda

        I just don’t get these girls at all.They know Jackson and Kat have been having sex.Now,He’s done with Kat so Holly jumps in bed with Blockhead.Do they have no morals at all?kat is not crying after the breakup either.She is flirting with David already.

  43. danmtruth

    Kimmi in the canoe room and was talking with NICKorsam about how she is freaked out about always being filmed WTF are you doing here than ?? Why did you agree to come on The next thing was Bella came in He told her to just let the door close on it’s own Bells kept pushing Nick was upset she was not listening Told her again let go and let it close on its own She push it to slam it close Theses two have issues

    • ElaineB

      Bella seems to be the ‘come here, no stop’ kinda gal. I might like Nick and/or Bella if they didn’t have so many dysfunctional moments. Like him/her, or don’t….get over it.

  44. NKogNeeTow



    Sam, BJK Ovi and CC are talking. She is telling them how she likes her tub cleaned. Sam asks her then why doesn’t she clean the tub (upstairs?). She says because he needs certain products which she doesn’t have there. She thanks them for watching her do her toes.

    Production tells them to go to the SR. They got pies. They are excited. Cliff has his date tucked under his arm, Orwell. Everyone goes to the kitchen, where CC shows off her freshly painted toes. They decide to have pie a’la mode. SamorNick does the honors of carving and serving. *Now I want pie a’la mode* Cliff lays Orwell on the table facedown so he won’t see Cliff eat the pie. Cliff does not like to share. Cliff has a change of heart and tries to feed Orwell a slice of pie but Orwell is already offended and refuse to eat it. Cliff makes a joke and ask them if they know what kind of pie Orwell likes. They say no. He says “owl of them”. *teeheehee*

    BJK isn’t eating any and I don’t see Ovi or David.


    • Sassy

      I really want Ovi and David to get as much info all day as possible and share with each other at night. Only 1 can come back, might as well have ALL the info.

  45. danmtruth

    Ok alot has been said about Holly lately but she is ok with me now After she said her favorite pie is strawberry-ruhbar pie

  46. danmtruth

    And yes Mexico is what David and everyone is calling where David was after he left

  47. Kari



    • NKogNeeTow

      Sending you a private message sometime before the show ends. Check your messages at the top right corner for it.

    • ElaineB

      Kari~ I am not equipped to give you advice on your personal/home situation, so I won’t. I will say that I enjoy your input on BB, and I enjoy your comments. Though I know it is not much, coming from a stranger, I am glad you are part of our BB Junkies family, and I hope things get better for you.

    • danmtruth

      Feel free to vent Feel free to drop a message

    • kneeless

      Sorry you have to go through this, Kari. I have numerous health issues & it’s always hard esp dealing with everything without sleep. I hope you can work things out with your daughter. We’re here for you.

    • amareels

      Sounds like your plate is definitely full right now, Kari. Try locking your door and taking sometime for yourself every day. I also find drinking margaritas on the back patio a way to tune out the family chaos. I do hope you feel better tomorrow. I bet there are a lot of good people on this board that will want to help you and I hope I can, too. Hang in there, it will get better.

    • Mello_One

      Oh Kari…Dear Girl, I do know where you are coming from, I also have a Daughter. But I want you to know that it does get better. Just wait until she has her own children, your Daughter might come to you & say, “Mom, I am so sorry I treated the way that I did.” Or even say, “now I know why you had to do what you did Mom.”

      Mothers & Daughter at times have these tread lightly relationships at times….Idk if you’re a Christian, or not, but I do know that staying in prayer does help a lot. And even if you aren’t into praying you can always ask God for help.

    • Sassy

      Sorry to hear about your situation! You know what you need to do, but doing it is another story. Im sure your daughter will find affordable housing or a friend to crash with when her back is to the wall. Maybe after she’s had to do things herself, she will gain a new appreciation for you. Good luck my friend!

    • WhereisPablo

      Kari, I am so sorry you are going through this tough time. As others have said, I am not equipped to give advice, but having 3 grown children (the oldest a strong willed daughter who will be 34 on Monday) I can say that I empathize with you. Sometimes no matter what you do, it doesn’t seem enough. Just know that “this too shall pass” and try to do something for yourself, even something small. I so enjoy your posts and pray things get better soon.

  48. NKogNeeTow


    David is now with the group, but not eating pie. TT tells David he’s cracking him up. Orwell is sitting at the table with his back to Cliff. He is still upset with him. David is explaining to them about something where you swipe right, then you get a pa-pow to be accepted. *Whatever that is* JJ gets a warning about his mic. They start talking about the earthquake and CC asks David if he was responsible for it. He says no, he’s not God, he’s David.


    NickorSam and Bella are snuggled and talking. He is telling her that after 4 weeks there will only be 3 people evicted so there has to be a double. He says he told AD that he was sorry he didn’t seem happy he won, but he told him that it was because he was mad at himself that he lost. He says that he’s afraid that AD might come after him because he heard that AD had been talking about him. She tells him that she feel today, if feels like the house is getting back on track.


    BJK is talking to AD. Camera switches before you can tell what they’re talking about.


    Nick is telling her that Sam might be the last to go. Then…


    • Sassy

      Sounds like they are cutting off the good stuff!

      Yes, David caused the quake by peeing on the floor and washing dishes. If only he would have smeared poop on the wall, maybe it would have swallowed the part of the house with the mean kids and the rest could have lived happily ever after.

  49. NKogNeeTow

    BACK: Sorry, my POS computer locked up on me again.


    CC and SamorNick are talking about BJK. He’s not happy with her. CC first talks about her then says she likes her. *Again with the 2 faces* SamorNick is talking so fast I can hardly catch what he’s saying. CC says that if BJK wins the Veto then wins the trip to Figi, AD is going to be pissed.


    AD is saying that Cliff does not like David and has told him things about him already. JJ says to put up PSM and BJK and roll the dice. JJ, Holly and Sis says they want to play in the Veto so bad. AD is saying that he and JJ could pretend to have a beef this week. *The point?*


  50. NKogNeeTow



    SamorNick, CC, TT talking about BJK. CC is saying that BJK told her that she is going to win the Veto and f*ck AD, she’s not kissing his ass. SamorNick says you have to either pick the Veto or Figi, you can’t win both.


    JJ watching the screen to see where everyone is. They spot TT coming upstairs. JJ tells them he loves TT. JJ scrolls through the remote and can’t find anyone on camera. They spot one of the girls cleaning the floor but I don’t know who it is. AD says it’s almost 10 and they can shut the light off and go to bed at 10. JJ says it’s frowned upon but it’s allowed. Sis snuggle up to AD and wraps her arm around his waist.


  51. NKogNeeTow



    Squeeky and Ovi are playing checkers. You can hear CC in the background asking where everyone is.


    PSM comes up to say she’s going to bed. AD thanks her for cleaning the kitchen. He asks her what time it is and is everyone else winding down. She says she thinks CC is coming up to take a shower.


    Squeeky is apologizing to Ovi for something and he tells her she never has to apologize and that somebody has to go out first. He says he’s just trying to figure out what’s the best way to go forward. She says there must be a reason why they’re still in the house. She repeats what Julie said about them staying in the house. He tells her she’s completely right. They are trying to figure out what the reason is and why they’re still there. They count down who’s in the house and use the checkers as the girls/guys. Ovi is telling her that they don’t want David in the house so they are going to give him (Ovi) the best chance to stay in the house.

    They start going over days and comps, still using the checkers. *Cleaver* They try to figure the order everyone played and went out. Ovi says they can’t tell anyone about what they’ve figured out. They are now using the Backgammon and Checker boards. Squeeky asks Ovi why would they be able to listen to the comps if they can’t participate. Cliff omes up and they call him over and clue him in. She asks Cliff why are the banished still living with them and why were they told to pay attention to what was going on in the game. She thinks it has something to do with the battleback. Cliff tries to help them figure it out. *Probably so he can go report back to his new found bestie, AD*


  52. danmtruth

    They are talking about the POV sounds like it is the swap for a trip POV cash The trip is to Figie Also Swaggy Bay and Winston were involved

    • NKogNeeTow

      Oh dear God, not Swaggy and Bay! I’d rather stick burning hot pokers in my eyes than ever see or hear from them again.

    • Sassy

      I think Brett delivered the news, because several were talking about meeting him yesterday. I saw several pics with the 4 (Bay/Swag/Win/Brett) of them on Twitter yesterday, they were jumping in a pool, all holding hands. Josh posted yesterday how sad he was that he was offered to host a comp and couldn’t because he’s out of the country.

  53. NKogNeeTow



    Cliff is telling Ovi and Squeeky they an use the boards to remember these things. Cliff tells them that based on what AD said, he thinks the next ones up are BJK and PSM with KK as a replacement. TT comes up and ask them whats up. Ovi tells him that Cliff is trying to teach them Backgammon. Squeeky tells them that she thinks the music and food helped everyone’s mood today. They start to talk about fireworks and Macy’s parade.

    Goddammit, just erased another entire paragraph. This is getting OLD!!!

    From what I remember, they were talking about what they think the Whactivitiy comp will be. Squeeks says Sunday will be the Whacky comp and Noms. Ovi said that he thinks it might be something where they’re in the dark and have to touch/feel stuff. TT says the other boys will be better at it than him but it’s fine. Ovi tellls him to think of it as David and Goliath. CC comes up and joins them.


  54. Ava

    Happy 4th everyone

  55. NKogNeeTow



    AD has now joined the group. AD says there is no doubt in his mind that at the end of week 4, the one person sitting next to Cliff is the one coming back into the house. They all laugh. TT is telling Ovi that it was funny seeing his face the night before eviction. He said it was like Ovi knew what was going to happen. Squeeks asks Ovi if he manifested it. Ovi says that when you trust your faith in the Lord, everything is going to be alright. He says that during the eviction he was just trying to think of what he was going to say to Julie.

    Ovi is going over what Julie said at the eviction when he was getting ready to walk out the door. Cliff says he is just glad that Ovi is there to celebrate the 4th with them. AD says everybody, even David.*Boy, they must have REALLY done a job on his as in the DR!*

    TT and Cliff leaves. AD says he’s going to talk to the group in the boathouse for a bit. Squeeks ask him how he feels. He says top of the world.


    SamorNick, CC Bella, David, NickorSam, and BJK talking.


    Squeeks, AD and Ovi talking. Ovi is telling them what he heard of the HOH comp. AD said he never thought he’d win a HOH. Ovi gets a warning about his mic position. They start laughing about Julie asking Sam what his real answer was during the comp. Ovi is asking AD questions about the comp (he’s really grilling him for info to fill in the blanks that he and Squeeks had when they were trying to figure out the comps and order of things…sneaky).


  56. NKogNeeTow

    These jackasses are still out here shooting off fireworks and cherry bombs. Where is a good cop when you need one?!?

    • Kari

      I live in an area really near the Sea-Tac completely illegal here nobody gives a damn and they don’t have enough police support to drive around and catch everybody. If you call they’ll tell you not going to show up unless someone’s hurt. Everybody knows it’s not enforced around here and I’m disgusted.our daughters cat is scared to death. I really hurt for the vets with PTSD and the kids with developmental disabilities people with anxiety people with heart problems. Nobody ever cares about anybody beyond themselves that is just absolutely disgusting

  57. NKogNeeTow



    KK, David, PSM, and Cliff (sans Orwell) have joined the group. David is telling the that anytime 8 or more are in a room, it attracts more people. AD is standing outside the door eavesdropping. He’s wasting his time, they are talking about Harry Potter. He finally moves on and goes into the bathroom. One of the girls sees him (didn’t see which one) and tells him to come into the boatroom, there are a bunch of us in there. He just takes a deep breath but doesn’t respond.


    Squeeks and Ovi are still at trying to figure things out (the order of players and rounds). *This must be to help her in the next comp because he can’t play.*

    *Sass must be exhausted from reporting all day. Sassafrass?*


  58. danmtruth

    Once more telling Ovi how HAPPY everyone was when julie made the announcement that he was coming back all so happy from a group of “friends ” who just unanimously voted you out

  59. danmtruth

    With that sorry I’m whipped on out of here Good night Will love to read all about it when I wake

  60. NKogNeeTow



    AD is telling TT, JJ and Holly that if Veto gets won, he puts KK up. JJ says that at least they have seats 1, 2 and 3 with none of their people there. TT tells AD that he’s just so happy that he won. AD says he’s played video games for 7 hours a day since he was 7 years old. He says that he has focus because if he’s watching a movie and you’re sitting next to him talking, his ADD won’t even let him pay attention to you.

    JJ says the group is crammed deep in the Boatroom. AD says David gives him the heebie jeebies. He says he doesn’t like him and he’s not happy about some of the things he’s said. They asks him what. AD says he said retard a few times and never even apologized and it hit a nerve with him because of his cousin.


    Ovi is telling Squeeks he’s a fighter and if he gets in the game he is going to do everything he can to make sure she and Cliff go as far as possible.


    • Sassy

      Either David said it when we were watching a fish tank, or its just another lie. Twitter would not have let it go easily if David said the dreaded “R” word. These people have some real problems!!

      • Sassy

        JJ didn’t hear him use the word, he said CLIFF told him! 🙁

      • danmtruth

        Agree it seems odd that only the people trying to find reasons to not like David are the ones saying they heard it Say a lie loud enough and long enough people start to believe it

  61. NKogNeeTow



    AD, David, and KK. AD says he got no chocolate in his basket. David is looking for Benadryl for his allergies. KK is helping him look.


    Now Ovi and Squeaks are ACTUALLY playing Checkers. No game talk.


    Sam is telling a story.*I don’t care* CC is sitting there with one of those life rights around her neck. BJK is eating an enormous slice of pizza. Cliff is looking sad, thinking about Orwell being mad at him. Who will love him tonight. He leaves, lovelorn. On his way out the door, CC asks him if AD is out there. He calls out to AD but no answer so he leaves and shuts the door. Sam is recalling all the corny things he said about Julie.
    David told them that he sat in a room and watched TV and talked to Julie through the TV.


    Squeaks won the Checker game. She says she’s going to go and take a shower. He says he’s going into the HOH and talk to them for a while. He knocks and King Dingaling lets him in.


    Cliff comes into the bathroom while Squeaks is washing her hands. He uses the toilet and looks like she’s waiting for him to come out.


  62. NKogNeeTow



    Sam and PSM leave for bed. only David, NickorSam, BJK and KK remain. The camera keeps following David around. KK and BJK say “Hello America” and wave. BJK tells them she is going to stop cursing when she turns 26. NickorSam says something and gets a warning. NickorSam hears someone screaming int he kitchen and sticks his head out the door and ask them to please stop. It’s CC. He comes out and says something to her then chases her around the kitchen while she screams. AD is standing on the landing wathing them. He tells her to come up.


    CC has joined them. They tease her about not wanting to sleep with a man. The doorbell rings and Bella comes in and says she’s going to take a shower. Ovi is just sitting there listening ut not talking. AD says they just figured out their sleeping situation. JJ is still hugged up in the bed with Holly.


  63. NKogNeeTow



    PSM and Squeaks talking about BJK and KK. PSM is saying KK is like a roller coaster. Squeaks is saying that BJK told her that she doesn’t think she (BJK) can last the whole summer. BJK enters and tells them who is upstairs. PSM says Bella is still cool with them but they can’t get her away from Nick to talk to her. BJK says that Bella said they are just good friends. BJK says she’s sure Bella is upstairs right now and that Nick has been acting strange today.

    Squeaks says that she thinks today people were worried about how they were being portrayed. PSM tod them about what happened between KK and JJ. PSM said that Holly said KK was draining her energy. PSM says that JJ had something personal to him but he can’t talk about it.


    CC is telling them that TT has the overall best personality but Sam is the funniest. Nick, Bella, Sam, TT, leave to go downstairs.


  64. NKogNeeTow


    Let me try to remember….+


    KK and David talking. He says he wishes he was back in the game. She says he should pretend he is. He says he does. He says he knows AD doesn’t like him. He doesn’t care. He says he’ll continue to workout with him because they do the exact workout and AD and JJ don’t. He says that he tells people that if they’re not in an alliance, they’d better protect themselves. He says he doesn’t care, hes been in the dungeon for 2 weeks. They laugh. CC sticks her head in and said goodnight. KK says she’s going to wash her face and brush her teeth.


    I just winged that last paragraph. I have got to find out what I keep hitting that keeps erasing my entire post. This crap is driving me bananas. Especially since I type fast and I’m not watching the show but listening and typing what they’re saying while they’re talking. *That’s why I sometimes miss some of the things they say*

  65. NKogNeeTow



    PSM, Squeaky and BJK laying in bed questioning Sam about whether he’s ever had a Sugar Mama. He says he ddid when he was younger.


    AD is saying that he is going to put Kat up and tell Jess that he’s putting her up as a pawn. Bella is giving them info on KK and BJK.*Again, the 2 faces rears their ugly heads* CC is telling the room who will vote for BJK to go. CC says they just have to fight for the Veto. Bella says the only person who would f*ck it up would be Kemi. Bella asks if she should go down before Nick comes up. CC says he’s basically not a threat.

    And with that, BBAD IS OVAH! I hope all you little sleepy heads are snuggled down deep with visions of fireworks fresh in your head. Sleep tight and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  66. NKogNeeTow

    MM22, Ann, Kari…Check your messages. Upper right corner. Click on your name then the dropdown box.

    And for all the Newbies this year, you can send and accept friend request and send and receive private messages here all year round by the same as above. WELCOME ABOARD!

    Anyone wanting to join the board, you don’t have to be a member to read but you do need to register to comment, send friend request and messages. And best of all, IT’S FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!

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