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Friday Afternoon Feed Fun

Good afternoon, everyone!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!


Last night during the CBS show, it clicked for me. When Haleigh walked by Tyler and said “nice speech” after the PoV meeting, it became official. Haleigh and Tyler are my favorite BB rivalry in years.  Neither are mean-spirited about their game. Both know it’s only a game and are playing it that way. That’s how Big Brother should be and it’s so insanely refreshing to have this cast after the mess that was BB19. Nobody wishing someone got cancer. Very little (if any) actual bullying other than what’s expected in a game like that. Personal shots are also limited and the biggest offender of personal shots walked out the door last night (and her personal shots weren’t that bad. Just bashing the ‘entitled rich kids’)

I’m not going to lie. I was concerned about the lack of actual drama in the house as we really only got the very quick Kaitlyn/Brett fight and that afternoon of Bayleigh vs Tyler, oh and Rock’s brief time with the pots and pans, but all of that was quick and long forgotten. Even at Bayleigh’s eviction, she apologized for losing her shit that day and that basically summed up the season. A bunch of gamers who really want to win but recognize that in the end, it’s still just a game.

On to this week: Fessy is in power but once again, Level 6 may actually find a way to squeak out of this jam. It will be absolutely incredible if they’re able to, and I wouldn’t be shocked if they did. JC somehow managed to convince Fessy that Scottie was actually bad for their game which could result in Scottie being a target this week. If anyone but two level 6 members are on the block together this week, there is a good chance the alliance remains together. Fessy can break a tie but with 3 of the 4 voting and Sam as a link to Tyler, they win any vote.  Fessy doesn’t know this as L6 is still somehow under the radar so it is possible. I’d like nothing more than for a random person to get the boot this week to keep pushing to a Haleigh vs Tyler final 3 scenario.


Time for some updates!

  • 9:55 am – Sam is grilling Brett about his personal life in the kitchen
    • Meanwhile, Tyler and Angela are getting closer. I don’t expect a showmance from them but I can definitely see them trying something when the season ends
    • A lot of the people complaining about how sore they are while Sam is saying how good she feels lol
    • Tyler tells Brett about JC’s plan to try to get Scottie backdoored. Brett seems skeptical
  • A little flashback from last night at 10:40 pm 
    • Fessy held a house meeting and asked who voted to keep RS
    • Brett finally came out and says he feels like the house is against him anyway. He’ll claim it. He voted to keep RS
    • Brett says “I’ve been honest about my vote the entire time but Scottie you also wore a Swaggy C t-shirt and voted him out”
    • Scottie and KC start arguing and KC says she is not close with this guy (Brett)
    • Wow….
  • Back to live at 10:30 am
    • Angela and Tyler head up to the HoH room
    • Fessy is making a deal to try to keep those two safe this week – holy shit
    • Fessy is encouraging Tyler to win the PoV if it makes him feel safe but he doesn’t intend to backdoor him, anyway
    • He also doesn’t plan on putting Angela up because she didn’t put him up
    • What I gather from this – Fessy is playing this week personal and really wants Brett or Scottie out. The two guys who show Haleigh attention.
  • 10:45 am – Kaycee heads up to the HoH room
    • He is just basically telling her that she’s safe this week. He just wants support this week.  This guy lol
    • Fessy once again confirms that he thinks Scottie is lying about the RS vote – lol
  • 11:15 am – Haleigh comes up to talk to Fessy
    • He is re-telling the conversation with Angela and Tyler
    • She tells him how Angela, Tyler, KC, and Sam are all working together and it’s pretty dumb to go after Brett (she is right except for knowing that Brett is part of it)
  • 1:15 pm – Haleigh tells JC what Scottie told her
    • Scottie told her that Sam said he should go upstairs and hang with Haleigh because she’ll make him feel good
    • When he said she was up with Fessy, Sam said ‘oh, she’s drinking? she’ll make Fessy feel real good tonight’
    • JC denies Sam would say something like this but Sam is the same person who put Haleigh on the block for that reason
  • 1:45 pm – Not a ton going on right now. Waiting for noms
  • 2:00 pm – Brett is talking to Sam in the HN room
    • She wants him to be a soundboard where she can tell him things she has learned inside the house. Good deal lol
    • Sam tells Brett she has a little romantic interest in him. He continues to listen
    • She tells him how she had it in her head that Brett had a f2 with her and didn’t tell her ….
  • 2:15 pm – omg… She tells him that RS has hinted around so much that it got in Sam’s head. In her head, she thought Brett was going to approach her and tell her that they had a secret f2 together and that he loved her. Yes, she told him this
    • Brett is trying to carry the conversation without making it awkward
    • She then randomly goes behind him. What the fuck
    • She asks if it was in her head. If he was secretly in love with her.  He says no but she’s super amazing
    • Sam says that’s disappointing. She thought they were about to get married and fall in love
    • He leans over maybe to give her a comforting touch and she’s like “don’t touch me”
    • She says she even talked to them (DR) about it and now feels embarrassed
    • He tells her how he’s just being careful because the house is evil and he has his guard way up
    • She gives him a pinky promise that she is going to work with him until the end
    • She drills him about Haleigh and Angela
    • She asks if he’s in a secret showmance with Haleigh and she flirts with Fessy to cover it up.  She asks about Angela and how he had her half naked giving her a massage
    • He says he does what he needs to in order to get people to like her
  • 2:30 pm – JC comes in briefly and they form a weird 3 person alliance
    • He leaves and Sam sits next to Brett and starts groping him a little
  • 2:45 pm – Still going…
    • She says that sometimes when she’s feeling bad about the house, she just needs him to hold her
    • She eventually goes in for a hug and every time he kind of pulls away, she pulls closer.
    • The talk finally breaks up. Holy shit that was even more uncomfortable than the first long conversation with Brett
  • 3:10 pm – Meanwhile, Fessy is upstairs talking about how he would have beat Tyler in all these comps
    • He would have ‘whooped their asses’ and it wouldn’t have been close
    • Fessy apparently forgot that it was like 100 degrees out that day lol

Alright, this is a long post and noms haven’t even happened yet. I’m going to eat then create a new thread to cover post-noms

Update – New thread is up


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  1. Avatar

    I will die laughing if it turns out he noms scottie

  2. Avatar

    I think Tyler has a crush on Angela and Angela has a crush on Tyler. I think they are both nervous to admit to it.

  3. HappyHippo

    Fessy to Tyler “you’re a great physical competitor just like I am” lmao won literally one comp

  4. HappyHippo

    Fessy just told Tyler and Angela he is not nominating either of them. “Man of my word”

  5. HappyHippo

    Hohitis is in FULL effect

  6. kneeless

    I agree with Steve about the HaHo/Tyler rivalry. I have said that these HGs seem to genuinely like each other, on a personal level. They don’t seem to have contempt for one another & are keeping game related things, game related. Unlike BBOTT & last season when HGs could barely be civil. It is a welcomed change.

    • Jannie

      After last year with Josh and Paul, I was ready to give up on BB.
      Yes, this year is both refreshing and frustrating. Not much drama, but the cluelessness of the Hive is so maddening. I want to like them, and I do like Scottie, but it’s hard to root for a side that couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. I try and remember that HayHo is only 21 years old. I think if she would have waited 5 years and matured a bit, she may have been a much better player. She is perceptive and has figured a few things out, she just can’t seem to piece it all together.
      Ah, my Rockstar… I liked her, sorry but I did. I don’t get the live feeds so I wasn’t subjected to her horrible habits and convos, but I just liked her “oddball” look and background story. It’s too bad she tried to use her story to whine to the others, and complaing about “privilege” isn’t a good look. But, I do agree that Brett and Angela DID prove her point in their goodbye message last night. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Arrogance doesn’t get you jury votes.
      If Fester is dumb enough to target Scottie, then the Hive deserves to be “exterminated.”
      Have a good day everyone!

      • Sassy

        You don’t have to apologize for liking someone. Although Ty seems to be the favorite here, there are many others that like different people for different reasons. The live feeds definitely give a different perspective. It’s fun to hear why people like one person over another.

      • Jannie

        Thanks, Sassy. I think Tyler is playing a great game, but he has never been my favorite. But he did endear himself to me after finding out he lost his dad at 17. I lost mine to cancer when I was 11.

  7. kneeless

    JC is good! I enjoy watching him manipulate the easily manipulated. In general, I think he is a smart guy.

  8. Zach

    Does it trouble anyone else that this guy is teaching our youth and the future of the free world? Well, actually he probably won’t after this, I can’t imagine any school hiring him after his ignorance and blunders.

    • Sassy

      MF seems to be a smart guy, with little to no commonsense. I bet the kids really love him and doubt he’d have a problem continuing to work in the school system. I don’t think he has done anything to prevent that.

      • HappyHippo

        He’s just a substitute too. Back when I was in school sub day meant chill day lol

      • Jannie

        I have been a substitute teacher for four years – it’s a great job with flexible hours. I will say, if you are just doing a one day job, it’s actually alot of fun. Also alot of work(imagine babysitting twenty five 6 year olds for 7 hours in a confined space). but I agree that Fessy is probably pretty popular with the kids. The best attibutes for a sub are patience, a love of kids, and a good sense of humor. :).

      • Zach

        I didn’t realize he was a substitute. That makes more sense as you can have any bachelors degree and sub. But if the guy went to school for teaching, I wouldn’t want my kid being taught by him. A nice enough guy, but I want my kid to learn in school. Not be best friends with the teacher.

      • Sassy

        Some of my kids best teachers throughout the years made learning fun. I’m not saying he would be friends with the students but they would enjoy being in class. He’s intimidating looking and the kids probably listen to him. If you can have fun while learning, you will try harder and learn more. I don’t think he would be a push over with them.

      • Alda

        I bet he has a great time with the kids.He seems like he would be someone they cpuld talk to if they had a problem.

    • Tinkerbell

      Pretty interesting dude. He has no common sense, especially with girls……but I do think he is smart. He said he doesn’t sub very often. His main job is bartending at one of the Margaritaville places in Florida. He enjoys working there, does a lot of overtime, makes good money, especially in tips. Poor guy, just a sucker for pretty controlling chickadees. I also think he is very loving and kind. As a cougar I have to add I enjoy watching him. Ha

      • Jannie

        I agree Tink, he’s lost when it comes to the ladies, but he seems like a decent guy with good values. He could be a bit controlling in relationships and probably needs to work on that…

      • Zach

        That’s the problem.. He lacks all logic and self control. He is the type of guy that if a girl he liked told him to kill someone, he’d probably do it, or at least consider it.

    • LO1004

      I think it’s ignorant for you to presume to know what his book smarts are.

      • Jannie

        Let’s not start this again…please.

      • Zach

        Please remove this poster from my comment before things get out of hand.

      • NKogNeeTow

        LO, that was uncalled for. Zach has been warned about the personal attacks and the same goes for you.

        To Everyone:

        With the exception of a few comments, the board has been pretty calm this year. Most of us would appreciate it if it stayed that way. I only edit a comment if the poster asks me to. I’ve tried not to delete any comments. I usually give 1 warning, a final warning, then a delete. Apparently, the warnings aren’t working. So let me try another approach. If the personal attacks continue, I’m going to start deleting without so much as a second thought. We all enjoy reading each other’s comments. Let’s make sure that your comments are there to be read.

        Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.

      • ElaineB

        I agree…..thx NK!

    • Avatar

      Even though I’m not rooting for the Hive , I like fessy. HE maybe is being ruled by his feelings right now but he is really a nice person.

      • Zach

        As stated above, I agree that he seems like a nice person. Doesn’t mean he has the intellect to teach. I know lots of smart people who are jerks and lots of dumb people who would give you the shirt off their back.

  9. AIO_7

    “A lot of the people complaining about how sore they are while Sam is saying how good she feels lol”

    Those pills she extracts from the blister-pack each morning probably help with physical pain too.

  10. AIO_7

    “Fessy is making a deal to try to keep those two safe this week – holy shit”


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  12. Tinkerbell

    Several minutes ago on feeds…..Sam to Brett – “Rockstar used to pose nude for art classes.” Wow, definitely TMI. Hearing her stripper tales was already too much. Nasty chick. So thankful her purple head glitter face is gone.

    Sam is already on my last nerve this morning with her over-the-top drippy sweet squealing baby voice. In two minutes she will be sitting in a corner in a dead stare. One of Sam’s strange behaviors is how she hangs her head down to the right when she’s in one of her trances. She especially does it when she’s mad at someone, as she’s walking away from them. Very bizarre. She’s now in the bedroom “moving furniture around.” Angela said….It’s major moving. DR just called her out, so she’s probably headed for one of her dark holes now. It’s obvious she has mental challenges, but to me, I think a lot of it is that she has to control everyone, and everything. Nobody, nobody, is going to tell her what to do. From Dirty Dancing…….” Nobody puts Sam in a corner.” Pictures are from late last night. Sam was so strange, up and down, and up and down again. She was talking to Brett in the pink room. Poor guy, couldn’t even talk to her. No way to respond to her nonsensical thoughts.

    Fessy and his girl got to have kissy-face time last night. Will be interesting to see what happens out in the real world. Fessy follows her around like a big puppy. It’s easy to tell she has always gotten her way, very controlling. I don’t think it will ever fly.

    Steve, Mel, NK……Thank You for “everything.” You guys are the
    B-E-S-T-E-S-T !!!!



    • mm22

      If Fessy’s noms are Brett n Scottie I stand corrected.
      I was 100% convinced Haleigh would take over the

    • AIO_7

      ….”baby voice. In two minutes she will be sitting in a corner in a dead stare. One of Sam’s strange behaviors is how she hangs her head down to the right when she’s in one of her trances”…..

      Like this? I call it her catatonic phase.

      cat·a·to·ni·a (kăt′ə-tō′nē-ə)
      A psychological condition marked by severe decreases or increases of movement. It is variously characterized by stupor, stereotypy, mutism, catalepsy, agitation, and extreme flexibility or rigidity of the limbs and is most often associated with schizophrenia.


      • Avatar

        well she did tell ty that she heard a rattle snake in her head and it was him talking to her.. also thought she was hearing others making fun of her…

      • WhereisPablo

        I have often thought as I watch her move about the house, that she reminds me of a clumsy ballerina. While that is an oxymoron, she seems to be a living oxymoron most of the time. She has a certain graceful quality but also kind of spastic? Maybe this is the answer?

      • Tinkerbell

        That’s her exactly!

    • NKogNeeTow

      You are very welcome Ms.Tink. That’s one of my favorite screen names BTW. I have a niece who is tiny and I’ve always called her Thumbelina. Her daughter is just as tiny so I’ve always called her Tinkerbell 🙂

      • Tinkerbell

        NK, I just love that. That’s so sweet. Thanks for sharing. Tinkerbell and Dumbo are my favorites. I’ve been so fortunate to visit my second home, Disneyland, multiple times a year. Since it opened. Please don’t do the math. I like people to think I’m 29. Rockstar would say I’m “privileged.” Glad that hag is gone. I always wanted to be Tinkerbell at Disneyland, flying through the air during fireworks, and people flocking around me for pictures. What’s there problem with not hiring a black Tink ;))). There loss. Hahahaha

      • Tinkerbell

        Yikes, “their” loss…..not there loss.

    • Alda

      Haleigh said she would date someone like Brett on the outside.

  13. GoodGame

    I so want to see Hayleigh go home on Fessy’s HOH!
    Brett should confess to Fessy that he and Hayleigh have a showmance behind his back so he will loos e his mind and put her up as a Nom!

  14. pkcable

    NOT that he will do it, BUT the obvious move is to nominate KC and Angela, with Tyler as the backdoor! “The Hive” or whatever they call themselves really ARE the gang who couldn’t shoot straight!

  15. Bastosko

    Seems once again, if Fessy continues with what his plans are, production is denied after stacking the decks (perceived) once again. Will be interesting how many times Fessy and the Hivers are called to DR and if attitude or plans change not long after.

  16. Mello_One

    Ugh!!! I hate the Stereotype of the Dumb Jock, but with Faysal it does Apply?! This Dude is a Stupid Fool, who is being lead around by the nose by JC. Faysal’s whole game is based on his Jealousy towards Scottie, & Brett, because they have a friendship with Hayleigh. Faysal is going to Eff up his HOH Royally, because he is Stupid?!

  17. kneeless

    Has anyone see the realvegas tweet about last night’s comp? Apparently, CBS, BBAD, marketing & everyone associated with BB is pussed because it didn’t last very long.

  18. Avatar

    Fessy’s best game move would be to nominate Tyler and Angela. If Tyler uses his power then put up Kaycee.
    However, I suspect that he will nominate Brett and Scottie because he wants to eliminate any competition for Haleigh’s affection.

  19. Jannie

    I like Kaycee, but she is a professional football player and she couldn’t perform any better in the HOH comp last night? I would think running sprints in practice would have made her a cinch to win. Disappointing…

    • Helen

      I love KayCee..she was my top pick for F2 but her performance in ANY comp this year is really sad

    • Zach

      I agree, I called her athletically inferior before the competition last night. Not because she is a female but because she is, athletically inferior, by all accounts. It has been proven by how poorly she has done in physical comps.

    • Colby

      I’m thinking she probably doesn’t run sprints on ice.

      • Jannie

        Fessy probably doesn’t either, but he kicked her ass. Does she have no muscle strength, stamina, balance or agility in her legs? I would think that’s a prerequisite for being an athlete on a PROFESSIONAL LEVEL. She embarrassed herself out there. Not even in the top 4 finishers. And if she was throwing it, that was a dumb move.

    • Avatar
      Magic1993 (49 comments)

      She’s throwing comps for some reason.

      • Helen

        I thought that for a long while but I don’t think she is …she may have at first but not anymore…she has gotten pretty lazy the last couple of weeks..she easily spends at least 50% of her day in the kitchen either cooking or stress eating

  20. Helen

    Without App Store and hacker comp noms are back to being late in day again looks like

  21. JD

    I would like Fessy to stick to his plan about Brett and Scottie. Not because I am a F6 fan or anything against Brett. It would be soley because Fess made up his own mind (for better or worse) and didn’t let Hay hijack his HOH. Id give him props for making it his own HOH.

  22. Helen

    Tyler needs to be careful this week…Faysal told him he wouldn’t back door him,that he was a man of his word. Tyler believes him
    Faysal then up in HOH when Hayleigh asked who he would put up if Scottie came down and he said..I guess Tyler…
    If he blindsides Ty so he don’t use his clod it will ba a really stressful Thursday with a more than likely tie vote

  23. ElaineB

    Ugh….disappointing that Sam will stay off the block/in the house another week. Now that my ‘annoyances’ are in the jury house, I am ready for Sam to go. The other HGs are active participants in the game, and to see one (or more) be evicted before her….damn.

    • Tinkerbell

      Agree 500%. For me, I think most of her bizarre actions are because she is a very controlling freak!! Her words, thoughts, actions are weird, and downright strange. She also plays to the cameras, all of the time. Just like right now…..it’s taking her 16 hours to make her bed for the fifteenth time today. No matter where she is, she quickly looks for the camera, always. When she knows it’s focused on her, she plays her drama even higher. Whacked out chick!! I’ve come to the conclusion that she is calculating, evil, controlling, and manipulative. Exactly why she has no relationships on the outside. I feel sure it most likely why she has problems with drugs and alcohol……she drives her own-self coo coo bananas. Strange duck, this one. She cannot go away quick enough. I’m fed up with her acting, they suck. Ao yired of her Sam Show. Thousands of people would love to be on BB. Shame on production for not checking into this mental case better.

      • Tinkerbell

        Oooops, sorry for typos. I blame it on Sam. I get all worked up when I see her. Ha. Her shi*t show makes me itch. She’s most definitely a bimbo, but she doesn’t fool me with her innocent……I don’t understand this game, I care, blah blah blah. She knows the game, she knows exactly what she’s doing. Sam, save your sh*t for dummies, not real BB fans. We aren’t buying your snake oil. I hate it that people only watching the weekly shows only see her fake sweet drippy act. Also, she LOVES the guys. Nothing wrong with that, but quit playing innocent and coy. She would hop into bed with any of them on the outside. My thoughts anyhow.

      • Tinkerbell

        Poor Brett, she has him cornered, again!! Have not room. Poor guy, she rambles and rambles on. He looks at her like she has snakes coming out of her head. Actually she does have rattlesnakes in her head. She said so. She just told Brett she is romantically interested in him. POOR BRETT!! Get away from that evil whacky.

      • Tinkerbell

        Ohhhhh nooo, she is putting Brett to sleep while she drones on. She is pouring on the charm. Brett’s face looks like the yellow pillow. Hahaha. He keeps looking away. No escape. She’s a black widow. I would love-love to hear Brett’s stories when the season is over.



      • Tinkerbell

        Steve, I apologize for being a thread hog. I apologize to you, and to everyone.

      • Tinkerbell

        Oh dear, apologies. One more picture. She has now cuddled up to Brett on a have not bed. Rubbing his back, feeling arms muscles, picking something from his neck, snuggling into him very tightly. She is ripe for the taking. She tells him she likes to touch him, and she likes to be touched. Brett deserves the $500,000 for this alone.


      • LynnD

        OMG Tinkerbell you are killing me with your comments.LMAO. Poor Brett DOES deserve the $$ and he should even get extra for being the guy who took one for the team.

      • aka beachgirl

        I just watched this on the live feeds. Bizarre is the best description. Is she for real? I’ve liked Sam since the beginning, I still do but I’m concerned for her wellbeing. Brett, poor guy, I don’t think he knew what to say or do. He handled the situation well with patience and care.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Tink, post as much as you want. That’s what we’re here for 🙂

      • caRyn

        Sam is not innocent. I agree with you, Tinkerbell. It’s not ok to flirt with the guys if that is game play but she (Sam) can flirt because she isn’t playing the game. Is that Sam’s logic?!

    • mm22

      Yup if you’re in the house u better be playing the game!

  24. HappyHippo

    Not that it matters but does anybody know why Tyler’s dad died? I kept expecting his mom to say in the cbs clip but she didn’t

  25. Houseguest Doug

    I am shocked that people are stunned that Faysal wants to eliminate Brett and or Scottie.

    * Brett clearly has Haliegh’s eye and vice versa.
    * Brett is a physical threat in looks and strength.
    * Scottie has been shady and took out Faysal close pal Swaggy C
    * Scottie all though he has no shot with Haliegh is still trying to get into her pants.

    Faysal is full of pride and wants to win and prove he is the man. “To beat the man you have to beat the man”. His pride and ego will not let him see the Forrest for the trees.

    • Zach

      Technically Scottie didn’t take out Swaggy, the vote was like 8-3.

      • Helen

        No. But he flipped on their alliance…wearing a Swaggy C shirt for the icing on the cake

      • Zach

        I don’t consider it a flip. Kaitlyn was a flip. Scottie saw an opportunity to add some mayhem to the house, his mistake was telling people he did it.

    • Helen

      Scottie is also a dangerous player…he knows a lot about Big Brother and is a physical as well as mental threat…even aside from the jealousy angle.
      He is smart to get him out. Just not for the reasons he has…

      • Zach

        I don’t disagree that he should be a target. I just think because Scottie isn’t targeting him, and others will be, that he should take them out first. You can’t disagree that if Scottie won HOH next week he would put up L6 people, while if Scottie is evicted and Tyler or Brett win HOH they would with out a doubt put up Fes and Haleigh and be happy with either one gone.

      • Jannie

        The same thing could be said for Angela amd Tyler(mental and physical strength). If I had to pick which of those 3 were more likely to go after Fester, it would be Ty and Ang. They are also both targeting his beloved HayHo.
        Fester is thinking with the wrong head if he targets Scottie.

    • Avatar

      I’m not stunned that Fessy wants to do that. I’m stunned that he is still blind to the L6(4) alliance and the fact that putting up Scottie will all but assure that L6 runs the table from here on out. Fessy is as dumb as the day is long!

  26. Helen

    1:19-HOH:Faysal and Haleigh telling JC that Scottie told them Sam asked Scottie last night if he was ok and where was his special friend,Haleigh, that she would make him feel good.When Scottie said Haleigh was upstairs with Faysal and JC drinking wine he saysthat Sam then said ‘Oh,she’s drinking wine, she’s upstairs with Faysal? She’ll probably make him feel special tonight’. JC says Sam never hung out with Scottie last night. He thinks Scottie is creating all of this because his game is in danger. Haleigh says Sam would not say something like that that maybe Scottie thought if Faysal heard that then he would put Sam up as a pawn

    JC planting the seeds for Sam to go OTB in the event Scottie takes himself down…

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  28. HappyHippo

    Scottie is definitely a threat thats why I don’t mind seeing him go.

  29. HappyHippo

    Sam telling Brett that hay ho was trying to get Scottie backdoored during bays hoh

  30. Helen

    Good grief!! Come on and do this nom ceremony….I don’t want to wait till 6 pm tonight!!

  31. dfdsgs

    So wait is Sam going back on her word about her final 2 with Tyler?

  32. Helen

    They must be waiting for noms to get Hai Ho to change his mind about putting Scottie otb….

  33. Avatar

    Haleigh had better watch out. Sam might go full on Fatal Attraction. Do they have knives in the BB house?

  34. LynnD

    Why have ALL cameras been on the HOH room? I can’t stand watching these 2 laying in bed another week. PLEASE open more cameras.

    • Helen

      Was just thinking that…cameras very rarely in HOH all season (except when Ty was HOH) …now we have the two idiots up there with HOH cams on them 24/7…then we get all 4!

  35. Helen

    I give up…gonna go do something else …they are not going to do noms until tonight obviously
    Maybe by the time I come back someone in production will decide to work today

  36. dfdsgs

    I dislike HOH’s that never leave the HOH room

  37. LynnD

    I Love JC: “What are you going through Sam?” (after she bites his ear.

  38. Tinkerbell

    Oh my flippin’ word. Yes, there really is diarrhea of the mouth. For real. Now she has trapped Angela and Kaycee in the pink room. What kind of firewater is she on. Seriously?!?! Normally I would think they slipped her 126 uppers, but she is actually high on touching Brett. She is hot to trot. She put on her red dress. Lookin’ hot you precious little
    Chick-fil-a. She’s been messing with her hair to pull off her utmost sexiness, even a giant red Hibiscus on her hair. Ravishing. Wow, I need about 65 Tylenol after stalking her all day. Does she ever shut-up?!?! She hasn’t taken one breath, has not come up for air. If these people don’t evict her this week, they are coo-coo. I can’t wait for her to do her best pageant walk into the kitchen. Brett will not be able to resist. Bwahahaha



    P.S. NK, Thank you for letting me ramble and roam. You should not encourage me. Hahaha. Hugs xo

  39. Colby

    So, Scottie is talking to MF now. Is this what production has been waiting for?

  40. HappyHippo

    Man Scottie talking to Fessy right now. This kid is smart, even calling Brett a “lone wolf act”. They better get him out before he makes it to the end

  41. LynnD

    Scottie is dead on with quite a bit of information. He’s been able to put too many pieces together. I really don’t think fessy is putting him up. But for the good of L6/5/4 he really has to go.

    Oh no …..he’s helping Fessy figure out his mistakes I think I just saw a light bulb.

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