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Friday Feed Updates – Care Package Day



Good morning/afternoon, everyone!  I have to say, this season has thrown me off a bit with everything in such a slow pace. I actually like it, mostly because I feel I can spend more time doing things like updating the site, doing polls with graphs, and even turning each profile picture (for the houseguests) into icon looking images.  I was going to use them for the header, polls results, etc, but they didn’t come out as good as I had hoped.  Here is an example…

alex danielle-copy shelby whitney

Let’s see if you can figure out which 4 girls are in those pictures

Also, before I forget – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WHITNEY!


Alright, on to the game.  It’s another week, and it appears to be another Shane/Danielle nomination that will eventually happen on Sunday (I’m used to noms being banged out like 12 hours after the HoH competition). We will get a better idea on who will be America’s Nomination tomorrow when new HN’s are revealed, because despite what Monte thought, there is like a 99.9% chance one of them will be the nom. Last week he tried to convince himself that maybe they were going to nominate someone different because they picked him as a havenot. Sorry, bro. America doesn’t play like that. We don’t need to worry about pissing players off because they can’t turn around and nominate us (although, it would be funny if they could).

I may skip out here and there for an hour or two throughout the day, but for the most part, I am here!

Updates –

  • 10:00am – Wakeup call.  People are having trouble getting up.
    • Danielle is still in bed, and chat is not very happy about it. I am guessing people weren’t kidding when they said Danielle may be a HN this week and possibly America’s vote. Guess they’re tired of her shit?
    • Alex asks Scott something about the HoH room (if she can use it and if it’s locked).  He tells her that it’s always open and he’ll probably never lock it. Between this and the music incident in week 1 (Monte said he couldn’t share the headphones, which Scott debunked), Monte was indeed very douchey during his HoH reign. Keeping the door locked and key around his neck at all times was an absolutely proposterous move.
    • I would have posted about it in detail trashing him when it happened (though I did comment about it a lot), but I wasn’t completely sure if locking the door and not sharing music was a new rule for OTT.
  • 11:00am – Kryssie is in the kitchen talking to Justin about her nomination worry. She is also still upset at Alex for not being told she was a pawn
    • Justin says he trusts Scott more than Shane or Danielle right now
    • justin
  • 11:40am – Operation ‘replace Monte’ has been underway today with Morgan doing a bit of flirting with Justin, and Scott being extremely nice to him and trying to convince him how shady Shane and Danielle are.
  • 12:15pm – Indoor lockdown. Care package in 45
  • 1:00pm – Please let the care package happen soon. I can’t take listening to Kryssie talk about her boyfriend any more
    • Care package time. They all have to wait because Jason was in the shower
    • Scott wins the care package!
    • Scott has the choice of which veto reward will be this week:
      • Diamond Veto – The winner uses it and can name the replacement nom
      • Boomerang – The winner can use the veto on two people
      • Double Veto – The top two finishers in the veto comp win veto
  • 4:50pm – Not much going on. The house is still split up with the plastics and Scott in one room and Justin/Shane in another
  • 8:00pm – Ok, spent some time away, but now it’s live DR time.
    • Shane rambled on about how he’s happy he didn’t get that care package and thinks we’re saving a better one for him
    • Now it’s Kryssie’s turn
    • kryssie-dr
    • Kryssie goes on and on about how great her alliance is and how funny they are. Blah blah blah
  • 8:45pm – Alex went in and had a pretty boring session
    • Danielle came in and chat went nuts. They are not fans of her right now
    • danielle3
    • I looked into what I missed and why Danielle is hated. It’s because of last night she told a story about how her dog killed itself.  Yes, just casually told the story of dog suicide because it couldn’t have Blue Buffalo food.  She apparently noticed the dog wasn’t eating a week after changing his diet when the dog passed away.  Note – the dog didn’t actually kill itself. There was clearly something wrong with the dog and she was neglectful and didn’t notice. Blaming different food was a dumb copout to deflect responsibility.

Ok, I picked up on the updates a bit today, but I should be picking up even more moving forward. Nominations begin tomorrow!


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  1. AIO_7

    Alex, Danielle, Shelby, and I think the last icon image is Whitney.

  2. Helen

    Think I’m going to nom Danielle krispie and Neely for have nots…..mainly because I think Neely will snap on slop and get tired of princess Danielle’s attitude…….will be interesting anyway……

  3. Avatar

    That’s a good choice all week I had Danielle and Kryssie for slop but never really made up my mine on a third one because I didn’t want to put Danielle and Shane together. I think Neely and a good choice

    • Helen

      Yeah. I like Neely I just would like to see her open her horizons a little a maybe get out of the box she’s in with LNC. I thought maybe being a have not with Danielle and krispie might help her to do that? Cause you know for sure all that danielle and krispie will do is whine and I do think Neely gets tired of it……

      • AIO_7

        On the other hand, all three being on slop at the same time could create a stronger bond between them.

      • Helen

        It could AIO7 but im just not feeling any other options……I want to save Shelby to go in with Jason. Today is whitneys birthday and although im not a fan of her dead eyes I just can’t be quite that mean….Alex I was kinda hoping to put in with Justin….Morgan has already been there last week. Scott is HOH. Shane. Nah. He and Danielle would be happily miserable together BUT on the other hand it could make them less focused on veto comp thereby decreasing their odds of winning veto.

      • Mell

        I guess I can be that mean. Whitney was one of my pics. We still arn’t sure she isn’t a cold-blooded killer with those eyes and if she snaps and takes someone out while sleeping, I thought Danielle was the the best option to go.

  4. Avatar

    I want to see Neely on slop mainly because I want to see her snap. All season I’ve barely even notice her and she’s not even playing big brother she thinks this is summer camp and everyone has to get along and be honest with each other hello welcome to big brother where people lie and backstab

    • Helen

      I disagree. Neely is the queen bee buried deep in the nest. She has sat silently by watching and waiting……she is a very dangerous player to any that may want to win thais game…..her power grows daily….and she’s good because no one has a clue!!!

  5. Helen

    Okay. Scott done lost me on his strategy with the care package? Diamond? Giving someone else the power to renominates? I am cornfused …………

  6. caRyn

    This is coming from me and not the feeds: All these years watching BB and the hg wondering what America is thinking and wish they knew what to do and which direction to go. Now America is telling the hg by the choices we are making. Even though The Plastics have acknowledged our decisions and discussed them, they chose to ignore them. I would think hg like Scott and Alex, that are BB fans, would strategize with each other or change the way they are playing the game with the information America has given them. Instead they have said we should have never voted Cornbread out. America put Cornbread OTB and we voted to evict Cornbread. Alex knows this for a fact since she was the one vote that was off week one. The Plastics acknowledge and ignore America. Second week America chose The Plastics and Scott as Have-Nots and then put Monte OTB and America voted Monte out. The Plastics acknowledge and ignore America again. Now we start week three and Scott receives a Care Package that could work for or against him. The Plastics are sappy about it because they feel that they are not in control. If The Plastics get voted off one by one, that is on them. I like them, but come on. If I were in the house I would wise up real quick – especially when Have-Nots were announced and half of my people were chosen.
    It reminds me of a haunted home and the ghost says..get out. Do you think I would stay or do you think I would get the hell out of there? I would listen to that ghost and run like hell. I wouldn’t question a damn thing. I feel like The Plastics (in slow motion) have heard the ghost and they are staying in the home. Ok. Your call, Plastics. Don’t say you weren’t given the opportunity to do something about your situation ’cause you were. Don’t blame America because America has been warning ya. Instead, you whine and talk to the cameras and ask America to help you out. Help yourself and make some changes and you will receive America’s support. The Plastics keep playing their same game. America has been speaking to you and you are not listening.

  7. caRyn

    8:33 pm (PT) Morgan asks her parents to start a campaign for her and then she starts singing “Dirty Cornbread Sheets” to herself.

  8. Helen

    I feel sorry for Shelby. America is gonna stick her in have not room with Godzilla and Drizella!! What a fate. She already looks like she could be knocked over by a strong gust of wind!! Hopefully she will take the bed farthest away from gasbag!!!

  9. caRyn

    Nelley has mentioned that she wants to vote Shane out. This morning Justine said he wants to vote Shane out the first chance he gets.

  10. LindsayB

    I picked Kryspi, Danielle, and Jason to be have nots. All three are vile creatures who need to suffer and be brought down a couple pegs. I don’t understand all the support for Jason. It’s not like he was up against a bunch of people when he got picked to go in the house. He was against the self proclaimed messiah. America would’ve voted in a gnat over that idiot. Jason was just the lesser of two evils.

  11. caRyn

    Currently Danielle is in the lead for Have-Not followed by Kryssie and then Shelby. Alex is in 4th place.

  12. caRyn

    2:01 pm (PT) Scott said he will put up Kryssie and Neeley and then put up his real target(s) Danielle and Shane.

  13. Helen

    Does Jason and Shane even care that people are watching what they are doing? Silly pranks are one thing but putting on someone’s clothes and stretching them out,rubbing your stinky ass armpits on someone’s clothes and their pillows where they lay their head,going through someone’s personal belongings is bullshit!! (Sorry about my language). I hope one of the girls goes in and pees on their pillows!!! Gross disgusting and vile. Can’t stand them!!!!!!!

    • Helen

      And production needs to give them girls new pillows before they go to sleep tonight!!!

    • Avatar

      I couldn’t believe they were doing that when I was watching it! I mean I know they feel like they are enemies in the house, but seriously! That is just plain nasty! Talking about people is one thing, but when they are messing with people’s property and doing nasty things to them, it’s just wrong. I don’t think it’s funny at all. They look childish and stupid.

    • LindsayB

      Right???!!!???!! How can production just let that continue? Definitely crossed a line. Hopefully people see what vile creatures they are and will change up how America has been voting.

      • Helen

        I am amazed production hasn’t called them out!! Pranks are one thing, messing with someone’s personal property is something quite different!!

    • LindsayB

      I hope all the have nots end up being from the LNC so the plastics can eat and drink every single thing that’s allowed on the HN list.

  14. Avatar

    Wow with the lines drawn in the sand the two sides have engaged in a war of hide and seek. I know it’s really petty and childish but I think it’s really funny and fun to watch. I just don’t like it when it evolve into real serious stuff and they cross the line but this type of war is fun

  15. Helen

    Can’t believe Scott spilling his guts to Jason!!! What a stupid move….he just keeps making one after the other IMO

  16. LindsayB

    Jason just told a story about pissing in someone’s beer at a party. Multiple people drank it. Please make this jerk a have not with kryspi and douchelle.

    • Helen

      I wish!! Looks like it’s going to be krispie,drizella and poor Shelby!!

    • Helen

      Amazing to me after Shane called the girls c u next Tuesday’s tonight,rubbed his stinking armpits on pillows and clothing,stretched out someone’s jacket and voters make Shelby a have not? Ok………

      • LindsayB

        I didn’t hear Shane say that but did see them putting on their clothes and shoes. The name calling doesn’t bother me so much cuz they’ve all done that. I don’t hate the C word like some do. I think productions definitely needed to pull out a “stop that” when it got to the point of messing with people’s personal items. They are just nasty. I really hope America doesn’t reward their behavior again this week. I don’t normally go for any cliques like the plastics but so far they’ve been so much better than the nasty self proclaimed outcasts.

      • Helen

        Yeah it was a little after 7 pm last night…..it is not one of my favorite words to hear a man call a woman. Paul was called out publically just a few months ago for calling Michelle the “c” word……but it was mostly the personal belongings stuff that bothered me and the fact that production just let them do it……I know this is called over the top but where is the line drawn? I hope we are not going to have to watch like a Psycho shower scene or maybe Justin serving a Hannibal style dinner to the houseguests!

  17. Helen

    I notice they do not call out “fore” very much to make the princess get in the pool!!!
    Maybe because they are just as sick of her whining as everyone else is.
    I got a number you can call drizella…..1-800-wah wah wah

  18. Helen

    This HOH has the potential to go horribly wrong…not because of americas vote…because Scott has a BIG MOUTH and wants to be on both sides of the fence!! Third strike your out Scottie……..

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