Good morning/afternoon, everyone!  I have to say, this season has thrown me off a bit with everything in such a slow pace. I actually like it, mostly because I feel I can spend more time doing things like updating the site, doing polls with graphs, and even turning each profile picture (for the houseguests) into icon looking images.  I was going to use them for the header, polls results, etc, but they didn’t come out as good as I had hoped.  Here is an example…

alex danielle-copy shelby whitney

Let’s see if you can figure out which 4 girls are in those pictures


Also, before I forget – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WHITNEY!

Alright, on to the game.  It’s another week, and it appears to be another Shane/Danielle nomination that will eventually happen on Sunday (I’m used to noms being banged out like 12 hours after the HoH competition). We will get a better idea on who will be America’s Nomination tomorrow when new HN’s are revealed, because despite what Monte thought, there is like a 99.9% chance one of them will be the nom. Last week he tried to convince himself that maybe they were going to nominate someone different because they picked him as a havenot. Sorry, bro. America doesn’t play like that. We don’t need to worry about pissing players off because they can’t turn around and nominate us (although, it would be funny if they could).

I may skip out here and there for an hour or two throughout the day, but for the most part, I am here!

Updates –

  • 10:00am – Wakeup call.  People are having trouble getting up.
    • Danielle is still in bed, and chat is not very happy about it. I am guessing people weren’t kidding when they said Danielle may be a HN this week and possibly America’s vote. Guess they’re tired of her shit?
    • Alex asks Scott something about the HoH room (if she can use it and if it’s locked).  He tells her that it’s always open and he’ll probably never lock it. Between this and the music incident in week 1 (Monte said he couldn’t share the headphones, which Scott debunked), Monte was indeed very douchey during his HoH reign. Keeping the door locked and key around his neck at all times was an absolutely proposterous move.
    • I would have posted about it in detail trashing him when it happened (though I did comment about it a lot), but I wasn’t completely sure if locking the door and not sharing music was a new rule for OTT.
  • 11:00am – Kryssie is in the kitchen talking to Justin about her nomination worry. She is also still upset at Alex for not being told she was a pawn
    • Justin says he trusts Scott more than Shane or Danielle right now
    • justin
  • 11:40am – Operation ‘replace Monte’ has been underway today with Morgan doing a bit of flirting with Justin, and Scott being extremely nice to him and trying to convince him how shady Shane and Danielle are.
  • 12:15pm – Indoor lockdown. Care package in 45
  • 1:00pm – Please let the care package happen soon. I can’t take listening to Kryssie talk about her boyfriend any more
    • Care package time. They all have to wait because Jason was in the shower
    • Scott wins the care package!
    • Scott has the choice of which veto reward will be this week:
      • Diamond Veto – The winner uses it and can name the replacement nom
      • Boomerang – The winner can use the veto on two people
      • Double Veto – The top two finishers in the veto comp win veto
  • 4:50pm – Not much going on. The house is still split up with the plastics and Scott in one room and Justin/Shane in another
  • 8:00pm – Ok, spent some time away, but now it’s live DR time.
    • Shane rambled on about how he’s happy he didn’t get that care package and thinks we’re saving a better one for him
    • Now it’s Kryssie’s turn
    • kryssie-dr
    • Kryssie goes on and on about how great her alliance is and how funny they are. Blah blah blah
  • 8:45pm – Alex went in and had a pretty boring session
    • Danielle came in and chat went nuts. They are not fans of her right now
    • danielle3
    • I looked into what I missed and why Danielle is hated. It’s because of last night she told a story about how her dog killed itself.  Yes, just casually told the story of dog suicide because it couldn’t have Blue Buffalo food.  She apparently noticed the dog wasn’t eating a week after changing his diet when the dog passed away.  Note – the dog didn’t actually kill itself. There was clearly something wrong with the dog and she was neglectful and didn’t notice. Blaming different food was a dumb copout to deflect responsibility.

Ok, I picked up on the updates a bit today, but I should be picking up even more moving forward. Nominations begin tomorrow!