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Friday Feed Updates; Nominations Today



You may not remember because it happened so quickly, but Victor and Paul were aligned with Nat, James, and Michelle to take down Paulie and were set to go after Corey and Nicole leading them into a final 5. I actually don’t remember it a whole lot because it happened the week I was away, so I didn’t get to watch the feeds and see the ridiculousness of that move play out in real time. James and Natalie have been floating through the season, and their lack of commitment to anything but each other is coming back to bite them hard this week as James learned last night.

His attempt to sway Victor away from NiCorey failed hard, as Victor was pretty blunt about his intentions this week, just as he’s been all season long. James is the target, and James needs to win PoV in order to remain in the game. If he does win PoV and saves himself, Natalie will leave. With the bribe securing their alliance a few days ago, I can’t see anything happening in the house that would change the alliance between Pictor and NiCorey.

While honesty is not something commonly associated with the Big Brother house, Victor is trying that approach and so far it’s worked for him. It will most certainly pay off if he’s in the final 2 as there is about a 99% chance he’ll win against anyone remaining in the house right now. He’s played hard, he’s played honest, and he’s made big moves. Not only has he been able to come back twice, but if he gets James out this week, he’ll be able to say he got out both people primarily responsible for his evictions. Paulie was the HoH and PoV, and the guy who pulled the trigger on the backdoor plan, and James was the swing vote who could have saved Victor just a week after they worked together to take out Paulie.


When nominations happen later today, don’t be surprised when you see James and Natalie on the block


  • 10:35am – Most are sleeping, but Victor is up and doing some cooking and cleaning.
  • 11:30am – Nicole and Paul are talking about the house
    • Nicole mentions how Michelle called her a floater on the way out. Paul laughs because she hung out with two huge floaters then called Nicole one
  • 12:30pm – Natalie is up. It’s Paul, Nicole, Victor and Nat sitting around the table talking.
  • 2:25pm – James and Natalie are sleeping, the rest of the house is in the HoH talking.
    • Let me copy that sentence because I have a feeling I’ll be repeating that quite a bit this week
  • 2:40pm – Natalie wakes up to ask James if he took a bribe. He says no. They wonder what happened with the bribe
    • (note – Corey was not required to tell the house)
    • Looks like they were given dominoes to play. At least it’s something that will keep them busy these next 2 weeks
  • 3:45pm – Natalie is in the shower talking to James (she is going to be lonely when he’s gone)
    • While waiting, James put salt in Nicole’s water.
    • Natalie asks how it feels to be a bigger threat than Paul and Victor.  He says ‘feels pretty badass’
    • They say how Corey and Nicole won’t get votes.  James says that’s the thing. You can shit on people in the game, but you gotta have jury votes
    • James puts Vaseline on the bathroom door handle.
    • doorhandle
    • I’m going to call BS on these pranks from James. The guy was up Natalie’s ass all season, but now that he’s going home, he is suddenly going to be the ‘fun’ James again?  This is a ploy for America’s Favorite votes, guaranteed.
    • Natalie is upset because Nicole told her to blindside Victor two weeks ago, and now they’re best friends.  Yes Nat, that’s the game. They’re playing the game, and they’re better at it than you or James
  • 5:05pm – Feeds down for noms
  • 5:55pm – Feeds back, James and Natalie nominated like expected
    • I guess something happened during the nomination ceremony that made Nicole paranoid – again.  Her paranoia is starting to annoy Corey, you can hear it in his voice
    • Sounds like Victor gave a speech that hinted toward Nicole, something about never being on the block (while looking at Nicole maybe)
    • Nicole is seriously worried about dominoes.  Before you roll your eyes, it’s about her not wanting to be on a team with Corey just in case they beat Victor and Victor gets mad and nominates her (something like that). She felt similar when they beat him in pool.  Ok, roll your eyes
  • 6:55pm – Feeds down for some reason.  Could be nothing, but they’re on Jeff loops still
  • 7:40pm – Natalie and James are in bed talking about the game
    • James is saying ‘if they didn’t have a jury buyback, none of this would have happened’.  He can also say ‘If one of us won the HoH, this wouldn’t happen’.  Or ‘If I didn’t throw the HoH to Nicole…’.  But hey, blame it on the twists
    • nat-james
    • James is hinting at throwing the PoV, or if he wins the veto, choose not to use it.
    • He is pretty set on the fact that he’s leaving. He said he tried to offer a f4 deal with Victor who brushed it off
    • I need to step away for a few minutes (hours depending on my mood).  This is too depressing to listen to
  • 12:00pm – Ended up getting sucked into a few episodes of Narcos. Good show.
    • The guys are in the kitchen cooking, as Corey is ending what appears to be the final HN of the season, assuming they don’t screw the cast over.
    • If you’re wondering how they could screw them over, it’s because Julie said the last person to put the egg in the ‘Have’ slot would be HN
    • Victor and Natalie didn’t go for that slot. Natalie has the HN pass for the season, and Victor won HoH.   Natalie would be HN without that pass.. I am loading up the episode so I can hear Julie’s exact wording
    • Ok, she specifically said “The first 3 to get the egg in the have slot will not be havenots this week”.  If Victor, Paul or James get HN, that would be a complete dick move on production’s part. To me, they found the way to beat the system, so good for them.
    • Note – I normally don’t give a shit about havenots, so I rarely ever pay attention to who is on them and who isn’t. I think that aspect was stupid and pointless, mostly because the house has been ‘playing fair’ the past few seasons and just rotating it. What they did this season with usually making the last 2-4 people in the HoH comp havenots was pretty slick. It gave them incentive to stop throwing comps so quick and easy. I also like how they themed the bonus food with the competition theme, but they messed up by giving them treats like half the time. Pies? Marshmallows? Hash Browns?  I’d take that any day. Mix that with some protein shakes, and you’re still feeling pretty good by the end of the week.
    • Sure, it’s not very healthy to eat junk food all week, but weeks like this where Corey was just flat out miserable brought me back to old-school BB where being on slop sucked hardcore. Chicken George choosing to be on slop for the remainder of All-Star season was one of the top 5 moments in BB history.. maybe top 3.

Ok, with that, bed time.  James is speculating it will be the comic book challenge tomorrow for veto. Of course, if he’s wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time he was wrong this week, but they do love that challenge, and it hasn’t been played yet this year. If that is the case, it will be a long veto comp (5+ hours), so we won’t be finding out James’ fate until tomorrow night. He claims he is going to throw it because he doesn’t want to be put in the situation of taking himself off the block, or deal with the mocking that comes out of taking someone else off the block only to be sent home. That is on the level of being sent home on Survivor with the immunity idol in your pocket.

That said, I can totally see James playing up the martyr angle and saving Natalie with the veto. He knows his chances of winning BB this season shot down to about like 1% the second Victor won HoH. He is going to push very hard to make the clips this week with pranks or doing things like saving Natalie.  That $25k prize for America’s Favorite is a sweet consolidation prize he really believes he can get (and he’s probably right).


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  1. AIO_7

    I’ve said it all along, Lames and Gnat’s and Beech’s betrayal of the Vic.- Paul final 5 deal blew up their game. Vic and Paul would have been faithful to that, and they (the Munchkin Triumvirate) could/would have avoided the SNacole juggernaut of last week. It will be fun watching the inter-play between the two munchkins as the week goes on and they are cowering like rodents from a cat. If Lames wins the Veto will he use it on GNat? I don’t think so.

    One thing I look forward to is the final night, when they announce AFP, the look on GNat and Lames face when neither of them win it.

    • AIO_7

      On second thought, Lames might use the Veto on GNat; but would Gnat use the Veto on Lames? Some interesting decisions in the waiting if either win. One thing is for sure, until the Veto contest they both will be promising it to each other. (This assumes that Vic. puts them both up, which is what I would do)

      • Mugummy
        Mugummy (93 comments)

        Lames will use it to save Gnat. He’ll see himself as Gnat’s knight in shining armor saving the damsel in distress and thus earning the fervor of her ardent love.

        Gnat, who’s somewhat more grounded in reality (“somewhat” given her reality is one where superficial looks are most important) will recognize the veto gets her closer to the money and more airtime and will, thus, only use it to save herself.

  2. Avatar
    franko (692 comments)

    Just wondering, who else cleans in this house besides Victor?? I’ve read several posts about him cleaning. I’ve rarely read anything about anybody else doing any cleaning. When they show the house it looks filthy and cluttered. My niece’s 17 room is like that. Half the time you can’t see the floor in her room, it is covered in both dirty and clean clothes. She has half eaten bags of chips in her room and wonders why there are nice and ants in her room. She has cups with coke half full that sir for days, half empty coke cans, etc. My niece can’t stand for one thing to be out if place in her house. She tried to keep her daughter’s room clean, now she just closes the door and tries NOT to go in it unless absolutely necessary. I wonder if these HG have parents who clean up after them all the time???!! I pity whoever they marry. lol

    • Avatar
      franko (692 comments)

      Hahahehe, that was supposed to be MICE in her room NOT nice. Guess I should check more carefully when posting, sorry. lol

    • Avatar
      franko (692 comments)

      Again, I need to read. SIT not sir.

      I’m not having a good day posting.

    • Mell
      Mell (4692 comments)

      I don’t think anyone except Victor cleans. Nicole, Zakiyah and Michelle have by far been the nastiest. Victor cleans alot and has since the beginning. There was a lot of talk about Paulie being very OCD about things. He may have been as far as needing things aligned a certain way but I watched him throw tissue on the floor after blowing his nose with it and throw dental floss on the floor when he was finished. (He actually did one of them immediately after Victor cleaned the entire bathroom)
      I saw Nicole clean a week or two back but she only cleaned part if the floor and then quit. She said it was too much work. She threw baby powder all over the kitchen floor (prank in Corey) about 2 hours after Victor had cleaned the kitchen. He got irritated so she did a partial clean up. Nicole and James also pranked Corey in the shower with baby powder. (Nicole threw coffee grounds) This also happened after Victor cleaned and unplugged the shower drain. I saw a pic of a banana peel stuck to the wall about a week ago in one of the bedrooms. These people are filthy!

      • AIO_7

        That banana peel (in the Tokyo room) might be a prop on that wall full of food stuff. Look closely and you will also see an ice cream cone stuck to the wall.

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1323 comments)

        I think she also threw flour on him. And that stuff was really hard to clean up. Coreyyyyyyyyy eventually took over for her because she was too tiiiiiiiired to get it totally clean.

    • Avatar

      Right. I say this every season… how the hell can they sit in filth all day is disgusting

  3. danmtruth

    Franco dead on again my friend The little of the live feeds i have seen Vic is one of the few who cleaned . When DaVonn was still in she tried to keep busy by cleaning Surprisingly Nat also does a lot of the cleaning Mid season she spent a day doing the bathroom So yes props to her Vic and DaVonn for doing it
    Now till the end it will come down to comp’s Who can get POV and HoH No mys try as who will be the nom’s. If by chance James does win he should take Nat down as his last act of friendship What does he have to lose or gain One more week in the house Or one extra week in jury Plus he can one up Paulie who 1) took the POV from his man crush Corey 2) did NOT use the POV to save his girl Zz when he wasent even OTB but she was So James stand by your gal and pull her OTB
    The only drama we have left is if Nat survives till next week She wins HoH she needs to put Nichole and Paul to assure a tie vote than she alone evicts someone This might be the only hope for excitement

    • Avatar
      franko (692 comments)

      Danmtruth, thanks.
      You know you would think the filth and clutter in the house would bother Nicole. I mean she is a nurse after all. I know my mom, who was a nurse, would never have put up with it. Our house may have been cluttered at times but NEVER dirty and filthy as the BB seems to be. Of course, in my many stays in the hospital I have noticed that many nurses these days just leave their trash and stuff, unless it’s needles or anything to do with blood all over the place. They think they’re too good to pick up after themselves. I guess Nicole thinks they’re gonna send in a Nurse Assistant or housekeeping in to clean up after her. I’m sure when she cleaned the bathroom it must have gotten really bad for her to clean it. It has to be disgusting with all those people using the one toilet downstairs and only two showers.

    • Avatar
      Deanne (9 comments)

      I have seen James clean the bedroom on after dark

    • JayP

      James sweeps the rug in front of his bed. Corey cleaned the kitchen floor when he couldn’t sleep the other night. Mainly Vic though.

  4. caRyn

    James and Natalie are in completion with one another to win AFP. Neither one believes they will make it to the end.

  5. Avatar
    Karen (198 comments)

    Wish I could have seen the look on Paulie’s face when another girl who dislikes him, walked into the jury house. His life must be hell right now.

  6. Shivani33

    Paul has said to Victor before that Nicole is the one who is more dangerous and deceptive to play with than the others still in the house. I think that Paul has this still in his mind but don’t know whether he has talked about it recently. Victor is more altruistic and seemingly more fond of Nicole. I do think that these two guys ought to begin to weaken her game as soon as possible, to put it mildly.

  7. Avatar
    Courtney (3 comments)

    Jamesy why are you letting Natalie ruin your game

  8. kneeless

    I’mean guessing James wishes he had stayed on the wall last weeknown instead of giving in to Nicole’s incessant whining. Although listening to her whine is quite painful.

  9. Quwana

    Welp this is why there should be rules to this game; Rule Numero Uno WHEN YOU WIN OR HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN HOH GO FOR IT!!!!! DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT BELIEVE THE SAD STORIES ABOUT MISSING FAMILY AND WANTING TO SEE PICS…stay your ass on that wall until her arms bleed and fall off….James that was the dumbest the stupidest move you have made and your reward is GOING TO THE JURY HOUSE…I would of never gave Nicole that win…but hey it is what it is sooooo with that being said GO VICTOR GET THEM ALL OUT!!!!! Get rid of Names then get Corey to help you get Paul out then smash Corey and go to the winner circle with Nicole…tell the jury house how she is a floater; play on Michelle’s dislike of her and talk about your record in the house…. *sniffing I see Victor with the win…Can’t believe James gave that win up and Natalie should cut his ass off in the jury house lol Welp that’s my rant for today…Hope Everyone Has A Great Weekend!!!!!! 🙂

  10. danmtruth

    I have not seen it mention but I like how BB upgraded the chicken coop game
    looking back i’m not sure how much longer James could have held on Plus I believe he once more did not understand where he stood with Nichole He forgot about saying how he thought about voting Corey out He did not understand how this cut into the trust Nichole had for him That and we dont know what HINTS production were drooping in the DR
    As for AFP my votes in order Vic , Paul, Nat – just because her family seems to need it more Bringing up the bottom Corey nice guy slept walk thru the season plus his family does not need it James what a disappointment poor game play Nichole yes you are a snake and a mean girl with Minnie mouse voice

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  12. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Nicole and corrreeeeyyyyy are not,I repeat,are not going to let Paul and Victor out of their sight until vetoes are locked in this week…….today has been the first day all summer that the two of them have been in an upright position for longer tan maybe an hour all summer!! Who else thinks that maybe Paul and Nicole have a final 2 deal? Nicole is trying to cover all her bases to make sure she is sitting in one of those 2 chairs!!! Watch out Vic

  13. Avatar
    Angel (1 comments)

    Michelle so lame, she called Nicole a snake then turned around and let her bite her. James threw he and Natalie’s game to Nicole last week. Stupid! they both have done nothing for two weeks but lay around and get chubby. The both deserve to go home.

  14. Avatar
    Angel (35 comments)

    Michelle is so lame, she called Nicole a snake then turned around and let her bite her. James threw he and Natalie’s game to Nicole last week. Stupid! they both have done nothing for two weeks but lay around and get chubby. The both deserve to go home.

  15. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    James and Natalie just talk in circles. I’m not going down without a fight last night turned into a feeble attempt at trying to explain to Victor why he voted him out and immediately shut up when Nicole walked into room to copying Michelle and lying on their backs in bed all day playing what ifs and who’s to blame!! Cheese and rice, call snake and Borey out in front of Vic and Paul BEFORE noms and at least fight for it!! Is this why everyone calls you Lames?

    • caRyn

      Natalie also basically told James that she will do what he thinks is best for the two of them. She puts her BB game on his shoulders. Hearing that gets old. The only reason Natalie and James started talking game is because they know theirs is in jeopardy, whereas Paul and Victor never stop talking game. Even after Victor just won this HOH and Paul and Victor are safe this week, they are talking game. I feel Natalie and James are just trying to win AFP. It seemed more apparent last night watching BBAD.

      • caRyn

        BBAD last night, Natalie was coming across to James that she may face hard times – bad situations after the show. Exaggerated her circumstances to the point that James offered for her to live with him. Around 3-4 weeks ago Natalie was crying to James that her friends had nicer “material” items than she had. She listed off brand names of shoes and purses. She was LITERALLY crying over belongings that her friends owned. It sounded like she NEEDS America to vote for her as AFP because she really is hard up for the money.

      • JayP

        @caryn. haha but she had enough $ to get a boob job and she wants to go bigger. Must be tough being a material girl living in a material world.

  16. Kari B
    Kari B (821 comments)

    Sending you a little hello from the Washington State Fair and I was wondering since I missed it if someone could tell me if he did anything with the bribe money? Thanks much!!

  17. Shivani33

    To me , it would be better to nominate one from each of the showmances and to choose James and put up Nicole as a “pawn.” (She could like it or lump it, since she did that with Paul against Michelle.) That way after POV, James or Nicole, who are both stronger than Natalie, could be a guaranteed eviction. James wouldn’t have Natalie to protect if both are not simultaneously nominated. He wouldn’t save Nicole from the block, either.

    Nicole is better than both James and Natalie at mental comps and is a better at manipulating other players. I think that it would be advantageous for Victor and Paul to try to weaken both other pairs at once. Final 4 is bound to become F3. Why wait another week to make sure it isn’t possible that merely Natalie gets evicted this time? If Nicole and James are nominated and one wins PoV, it’s still possible to evict one stronger player. Victor and Paul ought to plan to take someone easier to beat into their potential F3.

    Julie said there’s no DE coming, but there could be something else coming to cause a sudden comp, PoV and eviction, such as a reset week, wherein a week’s worth of play is done in a shorter time span and there’s less time to strategize and beat the odds. It is easier to survive this kind of action with weaker opponents.

  18. danmtruth

    This sanction bribe by Corey to Vic is just a payout to stay true to the final 4 deal Dont see much of a difference than Nichole telling James they could put first and second place money in a pot Than split it 4 ways BB called them out on that Yet turn around and let this happen Of all the people i’m not sure Corey understands how much that can change Vic life
    Great that Nat had to question James on weather he took the bribe and threw ANOTHER comp James has bounced to many checks for V/P to trust him now
    Nichole and Corey are smart to stay close to V/P so Nat or James cant try to talk to them alone Paul and Vic to smart to be swayed Kind of like what Meech should have been doing last week instead of her Audrey hiding under a blanket
    It’s call game play rule 1 Keep everyone in eyesight

    • Avatar
      Deanne (9 comments)

      Vic may be good at comps but, that’s it he has to always ask Paul what he should do….. And Paul thinks he is the big bad wolf like they are scared he is gonna call them out Lol every time I have seen him call someone out he failed because, they gave it right back……. James,,Nat,snake,and Corey are nothing but, floaters….. ……snakes family must be proud of her they got to see her lay up with two different dudes two different seasons…… If Vic was a smart player he wouldn’t worried about getting blood on his hands …… Leave snake in the game give her room to strike

      • caRyn

        If Corey weren’t on this season and if Victor would have allowed it, I bet Nicole would have had a showmance with Victor. I think if Natalie came on BB again she would have another showmance. It seems the two cannot stand on their own.

  19. Shivani33

    James has chosen the wrong time to resume his pranks. Nicole was disgusted by her salted drinking water and by the vaseline on the doorknob. James is not doing himself any favors or helping Natalie either, if he even thinks of that. His role as court jester has been written out of the script already by the other players. Saying that he intends to pile up dirty dishes in the kitchen and won’t wash anymore dishes is approaching Michelle’s level of gaming. Go away soon, James. Why be a little poop?

  20. Avatar

    First I want to thank you very much for this site and the hard work you put into it. I was a Victor fan from the beginning. I think we all to some degree see the cast members for the first time and say “I like him or her.” I would love to see Vic take it to the end. However, I am having a bit of a hard time with Big Brother deciding to bring back evicted players. It does not seem quite fair. I know that they have done it in the past, but I think it has only been a one shot deal. I do not remember a two shot deal.

  21. Avatar
    Angel (35 comments)

    I’m interested to see what would happen if bb increased the prize to at least 1million dollars. Positive they would have more serious gamers with more stratigic moves. no one would dare throw a comp or waste a HOH. These house guest are happy with an extended summer vacation away from their responsibilities. There is no real excitement or pull for the 500k.

    • caRyn

      During the BB season, BB gives money away for various reasons along with various prizes. And if the hg make it to jury they get paid more than they do in the BB house and returning players get paid more than new BB players. The hg now settle with what they have earned so far and don’t care. DaVonne and Zakiyah jumped off the wall quickly because they can sit and do nothing in the jury house and get paid. The two that seem hungry for the money are Victor and Paul. James and Natalie are hungry for the easy money – play cute and win AFP, not the BB game. Does Survivor give only the winner the money?

  22. Avatar
    Ella (78 comments)

    Am glad to see James and Natalie on the block.

    • Avatar
      Angel (35 comments)

      Yes me too and rightfully so. Natalie put up Vic and James voted him out. They have no case. I hope James does not think throwing comps this late in the games is going to get him to the end or AFP. Last year he seem sincere about playing for his daughter. This year he is just goofing off.

  23. Alda
    Alda (1952 comments)

    Why would James tell Nat if he gets POV he’ll take Nat off the block? Why would he feel she is more deserving to go further in this game than he does?He has a daughter to support.Nat wants to get bigger boobs and higher end purses.What is wrong with James?

  24. Shivani33

    There’s a little triangle with the Victor, Nicole and Corey interactions. Corey is showing some discomfort over it. Victor has both Corey and Nicole getting a little bit wobbly over his magnetism.

  25. Kari B.
    Kari B. (821 comments)

    Maybe someone has already mentioned this but I don’t have time to read everything about. But why do I suddenly have this vision of James getting himself off the block but giving it to Natalie instead?

  26. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    NiCorey are up to no good….wish I were a little bird so I could let Vic know they are getting ready to sh#t on him big time!! Please oh please Paul or Vic wake up before it’s too late!! Get Nicole out NOW

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  28. Michele Ryan
    Michele Ryan (235 comments)

    1st off I’m truly surprised that Paul has lasted this long in the game. He was beyond annoying in the beginning and then as he was deflated, he became lovable. Now Vic, the Beast, 2x returner, Mr Clean I pray wins this BB18. I sincerely hope he does. Paul’s mother wants a Rolls Royce, where as Vic would take care of his family in a far better way. Thank you Steve for posting this blog, I love it ;). Way to go Vic, I’m so rooting for you.

  29. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    This pity party Lames and Nat are having is so ridiculous to me. They have been vilifying Nicole for over half an hour now, and Lames says he hopes the DR asks her “how does it feel to betray James and Natalie and just leave them out to dry?”. Well why don’t they ask you that same question since you did the same thing to Paul and Vic just over a week ago.I guess Lames thinks he should be the only one who is allowed to bounce checks in the house.

    • caRyn

      Victor’s nomination speech according to James: James and Natalie got targeted just for voting to keep Corey safe.
      James said to Natalie on BBAD that if Nicole and Corey were honorable people, they should have told Victor that wasn’t right – that James was just doing what Nicole and Corey wanted him to do and Nicole and Corey should have offered to take their spots OTB.
      Natalie said that her and James are being painted out to be the bad guys. She said the live feeders see everything and they know everything. Natalie said Nicole and Corey used them because they know that she and James are good people. And Natalie claps her hands.

      • Avatar
        BB Bopper (65 comments)

        Are you serious??? James thought that Nicole and Corey should have defended them and then offered to take their spots otb?? I never heard such stupid sh**!! Was James always this ridiculous or has being up Natalie’s butt rotted his brain??

    • JayP

      Over the past few weeks when James, Natalie and Michelle have been on BBAD I find myself yelling at the TV like there’s a football game on. So over Nat playing the victim. It’s a game, you got “played out”, get over it. I actually hope the noms stay the same and nicorey vote Nat out.

  30. Avatar
    BB Bopper (65 comments)

    I finally got around to watching Thursday nights BBAD and it boggles my mind that after Michelle getting evicted he finally realized he’s in trouble and he says that “it”s time I start playing Big Brother”!!! Really James…really??? Now when the game is almost over and you will most likely be evicted in just a few days….NOW is the time to start playing BB??? Are you sure? Maybe you should wait a few more days. Or better yet start playing when you get to the jury house! Give me a friggin break. I’m sorry but I am sooo disappointed with James this season. His game play is tired and his stupid jokes and pranks are tired. I hope he doesn’t win AFP imo he doesn’t deserve it.

    • caRyn

      Last night on BBAD Natalie said to James that she wants to see Victor and Paul sweat. Didn’t they see that when Natalie was HOH and Paul was keeping everyone up to study?! Victor and Paul have been sweating for weeks. This week they don’t have to and Natalie makes that comment.

  31. Avatar
    BB Bopper (65 comments)

    ** oops…I meant to say that “after Michelle getting evicted JAMES finally realized”

  32. JayP

    Not sure if James told her to do it, but she was throwing him under the bus to Vic and Paul earlier today. She “put her trust in the wrong person’s hands.”

  33. Mugummy
    Mugummy (93 comments)

    My continued theory is that James is so delusional about his “relationship” (or showmance) with Natalie that he must have bought into Priduction feeding him bull about how great it would be if two couples made it to final four. This would have been immediately after Paulie’s eviction when J/N approached NiCorey for a final four. There was really no other reason for that deal otherwise since they were locked in for final five and could have gone further. When Vic made that bold move to send Paulie to jury I was all about any of those five winning the season. That feeling was quickly exploded when LamerGnat “boned” Pictor.

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