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Friday Feed Updates; Nominations



Good afternoon, everyone!  If you missed my recap on who will probably be nominated, check my previous post. On to the feed updates….

(not even bothering with much of an intro today as there isn’t a whole to talk about that I didn’t mention earlier)


  • 11:20am – A few minutes ago, the feeds returned with Paul in the living room holding a card
    • They mention the care packages, so I realize the feeds were cut so Paul can read the card to the house explaining the care package deal. I guess it will happen ‘later today’, so get your votes in.
    • Paul says he is HoH, so “America, don’t dick me here” or something like that. He doesn’t want the no slop pass… which means to give it to him!
    • I think they only told them what this week was because then Da’Vonne, James and crew are sitting around talking about it.
    • Day says they know it’s 5.  She says the HN pass is one, and speculates a power of veto is another, a ‘key’ is in another, some other crap, some other crap
    • James jumps in with “x 2 vote” (very good, James)
    • Out of all of them, they think the HN pass is the least of them.
    • She thinks the “whooooo” package isn’t until the 4th or 5th person.
    • She thinks Bridgette will get the first package because of her connection to Frank (no, give it to Paul!)
  • 11:25am – Michelle wonders if they showed Frank’s ‘nasty side’. The ‘nasty side’ she had a crush on?
    • Michelle is worried that America will see an edit that she attacked Bridgette and she’s the bad one.  Don’t worry, Michelle. It isn’t the edit that makes you look mean to Bridgette
    • James says if he gets a diamond power of veto, he’s going to raise hell (sure he is)
  • 12:20pm – Victor heads upstairs to talk to Paul…
    • He (Vic) says he walked into a conversation with Nicole, Corey, Michelle, and Paulie
    • They’re talking about Natalie and how they’re pissed she doesn’t do anything
    • Now she has a ‘never-not’ pass and should be on the block every week as a pawn (I guess Natalie got it?)
    • Yes, Natalie won the NeverNot Pass
    • Victor says “America, that may have backfired by giving her that pass”
    • Paul says to get Paulie
  • 12:30pm – Paulie is up in the HoH room
    • Paulie says “FT is shitting her pants” as soon as he walks in.  Just 30 minutes ago he was explaining to Michelle that he calls Natalie “FT” for “Fake Titties”
    • Paul – “Here is my thought process. Everyone hates Natalie”
    • They joke how Z, Michelle and Nicole may punch Natalie in the face
    • Paulie – “Should we just send her home”  Paul – “No, no. no.  She is useless to me. I have the power of Bridgette or Day, two strong players”
    • paulie-paul-victor
    • Paul says putting Natalie on the block would be funny, but it wouldn’t do anything.
    • Paulie says Michelle who “hates… hates… hates Bridgette” wouldn’t have a problem with Natalie leaving
    • Paul – “Who is Day going to convince that Paulie is worse than Bridgette?” … umm, it’s not a hard sell, Paul.  Paulie is dangerous as shit. Day can easily sway those votes.
    • Meanwhile, James is in the safari room telling Natalie how Nicole has been throwing Nat under the bus with nominations. I guess Nicole has been vocal wondering why Natalie isn’t going up
  • 12:50pm – Conversation continues….
    • Paul says they have to let a girl win so they can start clipping some of the boys for them
    • Paul – I love Corey, I really do, but I feel James sticks to his guns more
    • Victor talks about how he wants to get Natalie out because he wants to give a speech referencing how Nat said Vic was disrespectful to women
    • Victor is still talking about how Natalie said the good-bye message that embarrassed him on tv.
    • He wants to prove he isn’t disrespectful to women by nominating Nicole and Natalie and roasting them during the nomination speech
  • 1:15pm – Paulie pulled Bridgette aside and is telling her the plan how he wants to get Da’Vonne out.
    • Paulie mentions how things he has told to Corey recently go straight to Nicole
  • 1:25pm – Feeds down, possibly noms
  • 1:30pm – Feeds back, not noms. Paul is talking to Paulie and Bridgette now
    • Paulie is telling her about how Nicole was talking about being a pawn when Natalie came in complaining about possibly being a pawn. Nicole got pissed at Natalie for not wanting to take one for the team
    • Bridgette tells them that during the conversation with Day, she was told that Day would find out who was causing the problems and fix them for her. Like the bullying and what not.
    • Paulie tells her their side of the conversation with Day. Day told them that she put Bridgette in her place, and Bridgette is shocked to hear that
  • 1:55pm – Paulie is still talking to Bridgette
    • It is good to see her talking to people. I worried she was going to sit there completely alone all week being kicked while she was down.
    • bridgette2
    • Even if she does go home this week, I don’t like to see people completely miserable on the way out. Unless they’re douchebags
  • 2:20pm – Conversation has ended, nothing going on. Many napping, I may join them
  • 5:00pm – Back from my nap. Feeds down for nominations
  • 6:00pm – Feeds back. Like expected, Paulie and Bridgette nominated.
    • Michelle is in the HN room saying she wished Paul’s speech called out Bridgette more. Called out for what?
    • Z leaves the room and runs into Bridgette and is playing nice.
    • Bridgette heads to the HoH room and Paul apologizes for the speech. He said ‘sorry that was a bit harsh’.
    • Paul is telling her if he really wanted her out, he would have just said it. Instead, he had to come up with this fake drama that the girls apparently ate up
    • Paul tells her he has 6 votes (Paulie, Victor, Natalie, Nicole, Corey, James)
    • He also tells her not to worry about Michelle. She tried to make amends, but Michelle didn’t want to and she needs to accept that
    • Bridgette has to keep being angry and/or sad for the time being
  • 6:20pm – Paul is telling Bridgette how most people didn’t care and tried to throw it once Bridgette lost
    • He says that despite Paul having the lead, Day and Nicole were both trying hard to get the win
    • I have to say, Paul’s talk with Bridgette gives me a new respect in him. If he is genuine in what he’s saying that is.
  • 7:50pm – Not much has been going on. A few people sitting in the Paris room chatting while the rest in the kitchen
    • paris-room
  • 8:20pm – The Paris room tries to pull a prank on Victor. Natalie calls him into the room while they’re all hidden.  Apparently they’re terrible at hiding because Victor spots Paul right away and wonders why everyone is hiding behind blankets.  Fail prank
  • 11:45pm – Many people are in the bathroom hanging out while the rest of hte house is sleeping.

check back for updates


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  1. Amberchelly

    For that nasty bathroom Natalie deserved to get the nevernot pass! I think that was well deserved.

  2. AIO_7

    Bleck, Paul wins HOH; another week where the power in the house won’t be challenged.
    I just hope my sweet Mary Ann is safe after all is said and done.

  3. Quwana

    Paul betta play his HOH for him and not for the couples….wish we could give them hints….lol and if they put Nicole up there hopefully Day can put a bug in their ears about voting Nicole out that would be ok one less couples

    • Avatar

      They shouldn’t need hints! It’s right there in all of their faces! If they would cast people who knew how to play the game, we may have seen some action by now!

      • Patrick Hermey
        Patrick Hermey (51 comments)

        Too many wusses, tree huggers, and progressives nowadays. Last year was like this. The year before also. Sorry if it offends, but kids are growing up without a backbone, and reality tv proves my point all too well.

    • NKogNeeTow

      To late, Paul has already relinquished his HOH to Paulie….as expected.

  4. Avatar

    My dream scenario: Paul nominates Bridgette and Paulie (as the “pawn). Da’Vonne wins POV and doesn’t use it then the girls band together and vote out Paulie. I have a bum foot, but I would jump and cheer for that! Yes, I know that will never happen because the girls are too busy hating on one another, being catty, and pleasing their men folk. Play the game, ladies!

    • JD

      That happens every season. Girls claim girl power when they walk in and within a few days that get catty. We need more mature cast members. These high school mentalities of did he say anything about me? Was he flirting with her? Ugh.

      Everyone called out Frank for his disrespect talk of women and how he treated Bridge. Isn’t anyone going to call out douchebag Paulie for calling Nat or Meesh FT. That’s pretty disgusting. Please get him out so we can see other people play THEIR GAME not his.

    VMSLAZ (48 comments)

    ZINGBOT: “JAMEEEEEEEEES, its nice to see you have finally found someone who will pretend to like u for the summer…. just don’t get bummed out after finale night when she runs away from u faster than your hairline. Poor headbands…. ZINGGGGGG!

  6. Avatar
    SRP91 (106 comments)

    These people are stupid and petty. They’re mad at Natalie for winning the Never Not Pass? Seriously? Why do they care? They know there are 5 of them and they know once you get one you can’t get another, I’d be excited that I didn’t get it. But instead it’s jealousy.

    At least Rasputin knows that Natalie isn’t a threat, but how does he think Bridgette is a threat? She has absolutely no one in the house. If these MENSA members would just use their heads and realize that they could use her, but instead they still hate her because Frank tried to save himself.

    And if they nominate Paulie and neither he or Rasputin win POV, Paulie is going home. Perhaps he went into the house before he and Derrick had the don’t put yourself on the block conversation?

  7. Avatar

    Day needs to get herself in a showmance for safety. Who should she go after? Paul or Victor?

  8. Avatar
    Jatalie Fan (12 comments)

    Seems like the HG’s especially the girls are jealous of Natalie.

    • Avatar
      Cyn (782 comments)

      I know I felt bad for Natalie. She comes off as genuine with the other HG’s but speaks honestly with James because she is the closest with him. The nerve of Nicole telling she should go up, Zzzz stating Nat is a floater! Nicole and Z are both floaters and have never been put up.

      • Avatar
        Trudy (1443 comments)

        You talk about not liking Nicole because she lied and was playing both sides but that means she is playing the game and is definately NOT a floater. Natalie, zee, much are really floaters!! Day and Nicole play the game but in different ways. Paul reminds me of Andy going around pretending to be everyone’s friend and reporting to Paulie. I’d say he was also a floater. Having said that would love to see Paulie go but that won’t happen so day next best choice!!

  9. Avatar
    SRP91 (106 comments)

    And just like that Paulie shows why he’s going to win this season (assuming he doesn’t volunteer to be nominated). Everyone else (Rasputin) is busy hating Bridgette and wanting to get her out, Paulie is trying to work with her and make her an asset he can use.

    Normally the saying is someone is playing chess, the others are playing checkers. However the game play in this house is so bad I think it’s more fitting to say that Paulie is playing checkers, most of the others are listening to him explain playing checkers. Rasputin is pissed at the checkerboard and telling people that he’s going to call it out. And Corey is still trying to figure out how first it was a box and then all of a sudden there was a board with pieces.

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  11. NKogNeeTow

    Well, well, well….So Slick is mad at Nat because she embarrassed him on national TV, but not The Godfather for kicking his azz out of the house. If brains were gunpowder, these clowns couldn’t blow their noses and hurt themselves.

    And now the pack has turned on Nat. Wonder how they decide each week, who’s on the Sh!t List? Spin the Bottle…..draw M & M’s….guess the amount of chips in one of Gidget’s cookies? Again, let me reinterate, I don’t feel sorry for her or anyone else in that house. Everything they get, they brought on themselves. They are like sheep and do nothing but follow.

    James, thinking that he’s “owed” a favor because he did the will of the house last week. Well, since everyone who is HOH does the will of the house, that doesn’t make him special. He bounced his check last week, now someone else is bouncing theirs. Quid Quo Pro.

    Sunburn has tears and snot flying all over the place over a man who never wanted either one of them sexually or otherwise (The best definition I ever heard of jealous is: Jealousy is all the fun you THINK they had.).

    Gidget has tears and cookie dough flying all over the place over a man who, no matter how obsessed with him she showed, wanted nothing to do with her sexually….but had no problem making her believe she was his lifelong best friend, just to keep her in his pocket.

    Zzz withholding booty-cuddling from The Godfather, thinking that ought to teach him a lesson about flirting. While not knowing that he already has plans to cut that bait. She thinks Nat is the ultimate Floater, whereas, if her azz was shipwrecked at sea, she would never sink to the bottom of the ocean.

    Pauie, The Godfather….Reminds me of a line in a movie with Denzel Washington (can’t remember the name of it), where he said “KING KONG, GOT NOTHING ON ME!”. ..But we all know what happened to King Kong in the end.

    Nat, who someone lovingly calls MaryAnn, she never got off the island. She was comfortable with James as her security blanket because he was America’ Favorite and everyone in the house loved him…well now she sees, not so much. Now she and James realize “There is no honor among thieves”.

    Da, has a mind like a steel trap. Can identify and detect any and everything. Just doesn’t know what to do with the information. Can’t win a Comp, can’t control her temper, can’t garner loyalty. Knows how to play the game, just not in the house. Theory and practice aren’t the same thing.

    Nic, spineless, two-faced, disloyal, and secretly one of the meanest girls in the house because she comes off innocent with that soft spoken nasally voice, but she plots with her muppet boyfriend and revels in the thought of sticking it to people who she secretly hates but doesn’t have the guts to show. She told Bambi that he’s the only one she can share her true feeling with (about the other HG).

    Which brings us to Bambi…all brawn, no brains. P,B & J equates to Paulie, Vic & Paul. He’s more loyal to them than he is to his beard (Nic). She may have dated Hayden for a year after the show, but I wouldn’t count on that with this one. He’s more apt to go dancing with the fellas than with her. Po thang.

    Last but not least….Bunyon, who now thinks because he won HOH, he’s King of the Hill. He “summoned” The Godfather to the room last night…Sent his guard Bambi. The Godfather humored him. Only responded because he wanted to make sure his agenda was kept. Bunyon, who makes big moves, calls people out, tells it like it is. Only thing, is the only moves he make are around the house, garnering information for his Demi-God, Paulie. The only time he calls people out is when they aren’t around to hear him. The only time he tells it like it is, is when he’s talking to himself about what he’s going to do or say to someone. How many times did he say “When I win HOH….”. But then he accidentally won and deferred all of his power to Paulie, who is LETTING him think he’s in charge.

    Who do I have to kill to get a rewind?

  12. Shivani33

    The conflict about Bridgette is that Paulie wants to keep her awhile and Paul doesn’t. While these two guys chatted with Bridgette, Paulie explained that this week needs to be Day’s final week, then Nicole goes and then Michelle. But Paul has different opinions, to an extent. Both guys are not impressed with Corey, who obviously runs to Nicole with everything that he hears. Victor just pretends to want to nominate Natalie because his mom is mad at her. Lol. Now that Natalie got the Care Package, Michelle is jealous and spiteful. Just her usual kind of day. But Nicole wants Natalie out now too. Paul says why bother with Natalie.

    This week, it’s the Paulie and Paul show. Paulie is all about the backdoor (Day) and not the nominations. If he’s really the boss and doesn’t get caught in a trap, the nominations don’t matter much, and Da’Vonne will be the first one in jury. Personally, I’d like to see Paulie nominated as a pawn and then end up staying stuck on the block for the vote. Probably he would survive it and learn a lot, too.

    • Amberchelly

      Did anyone actually hear Julie say that jury was beginning? I did not. Which makes me think they will do a seven person jury beginning two weeks from Thursday. Which would also fall in line with Aug. 18th being the last valid day of the round trip ticket.

  13. Clangley
    Clangley (192 comments)

    Alliances have meant nothing to these people lol. Every single day they are switching sides. No loyalty what so ever to anyone. I soooooo wish Pauly would go up on the block. Probably won’t happen bc he’s running everyone’s game.

  14. danmtruth

    Lets face it the only fun we can have this week is a Paulie D’vone faceoff on the block The brains of these HG will melt. James will need to declare who does he trust . Day who told him to his face she wants to split up showmances How can James hide behind the old this is what the house wants Michelle will be scared to death that Bridget will be in the house another week Vic will just do what his boy Paul wants Corey will have Nichole whinning in his ear nonstop Than it might end in a 4-4 tie for Paul to save his beardedbroham
    Alst i’m sure it will be Bridget and someone other than Paulie As i cannot be that lucky to get that kind of fun from this group

  15. jimbo
    jimbo (455 comments)

    Liar/backstabber in Chief, James, very well is moving the target in his and Nats direction after getting rid of Frank on his watch after he backstabbed Brig/Frank to win last week’s HOH and try to appease the house. It wasn’t a smart strategic move for James, who could have rallied people to go after a bigger fish like Paulie, Nicole, or Corey, instead of getting rid of everyone’s target and doomed Frank. He could have shaken it up, but now he’s still just a bottom feeder without hated Frank to take everyone’s aim.

    • Avatar
      SRP91 (106 comments)

      Exactly. He did what Paulie needed him to do, now he’s no longer of use to Paulie so his protection is gone. If he survives this week and doesn’t “throw” or more accurately, has everyone hand him the HOH next week, Paulie will use him again.

    • Mello_One

      According to Paulie & Nicole Day is hated by everyone…And everyone wants her out?! This Cast is Pathetic, why isn’t the Actual HOH allowed to put WHO they want on the Block???

  16. Clangley
    Clangley (192 comments)

    I wonder who Paulie nominated hahahahahaha

    • Avatar
      MB2 (59 comments)

      He nominated himself! We will see who is dumber Paulie or the house for not sending him home.

      • CLangley

        Gahhh that’s what I said too. They should take this chance to get him out but you know they probably won’t bc he’s bred for this. Hahahahaa

      • Avatar
        nachomamma (179 comments)

        paulie is cementing his ride or die with the hairy one, cody2.O… right here… volunteering , not a derrick move … but if paulie wins veto …..he lets Paul feel more powerful ….feeding his ego…just might take them far

  17. danmtruth

    With how petty this house gets at any little thing. I wonder if Paul will have an blowback as to what an asshat he was with the secert room . The way he acted because HE was smart enough to figure it out. Than trying to give false clues to confuse people. Everyone got an envelop whag was the advantage picking first third or tenth ? They could have had him bring all 12 envelops out and dealing them out for all the suspense
    Next after winning HoH the HG are subject to hours of retelling how (A) lucky he was (B) skillful he was depending how long you waited to hear the story No one will say it to his HoH face but his bragging HoH robe strutting wearing fool is grating on HG nerves .

    • CLangley

      Agreed!!!! I didn’t see the point of dragging it all out like that either. It was pretty lame. Now that Paulie is on the block ppl need to see the chance to take him out but they probably won’t bc he’s bred for this. Haha

  18. Avatar
    SRP91 (106 comments)

    Why would you ever willfully go on the block? If he doesn’t win POV this will go down as one of the biggest blunders in Big Brother history. It’s an easy argument to make that he needs to go home. What an absolute mistake Paulie just made.

    • Avatar
      MB2 (59 comments)

      Just when i think this house can’t get any worse. There was no need for that. Wasn’t Derek I never went on the block his mentor? I don’t understand it at all.

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2564 comments)

      Because Paulie is arrogant enough to believe that if he doesn’t secure the veto, someone else will take him off and a backdoor plan will go into place. In chatting with Bridge, he had a convo about the number of tokens in the bag related to houseguest choice tokens. And if he is automatically playing for veto since on the block, that is another number in “their” (meaning his) favor.

  19. Avatar
    SRP91 (106 comments)

    So is all of this work to get Da’Vonne out? Why? Da’Vonne doesn’t win competitions, why not just put her up? Instead they’re doing all of this work and what’s go to happen is Da’Vonne will play the POV and win it. And with Paulie on the block she’ll be able to take him out.

    If Rasputin is as genuine as what you’ve typed, maybe there’s hope for him? But based on his history he’s probably trying to set up this elaborate hoax to really hammer Bridgette at the POV ceremony.

    • Avatar
      Kp23 (51 comments)

      It seems as though he confused himself. What happened to Paul episode 1 and 2 vets got to go time to make moves.

      I think Paulie going on the block was dumb and smart. Dumb well cause he can go home!!! Smart cause he plays for veto and if he wins can backdoor. With Paul all over the place I think he feels he can control the situation and prevent himself from being back doored.

      I’d love to see Bridgette win veto. Chances are if she does I think the bearded lady would put up Nat. I don’t see him making the move to put up day and shake the whole house up. But if he does I’d have more respect for him. Actually z would be a great replacement. One less ally for Paulie and the girls at the same time!

      But where would the house votes be?

      I wanted to address some of the behavior in the house. This crazy jealousy is maddening!!! Are we on the bachelor or big brother? James doesn’t want Natalie to go up cause she’s his cuddle buddy and the same goes for Nicole (with Corey). Where are your heads at? Do you want the 500k or a summer fling. Being that most of the people live far from each other its a small chance it would ever last anyways

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2564 comments)

      There is always a risk. At this point the advantage is in their favor to get Paulie off the block and put up Day. If Paulie and Bridge are still on the block, the numbers are there to vote out Bridge. Many in the house are aligned with Paulie, no matter how irritating he is to us. Not sure if they would follow Day and vote him out, if that became her chatter. At least it makes it a bit more interesting than some of the other nom pairs lol.

    • Painter1
      Painter1 (644 comments)

      Agree they are OVERTHINKING the whole get Day out thing. She doesn’t win comps so why not put her up? Paulie may have put himself out of the house due to overconfidence.

      • Elaine
        Elaine (2564 comments)

        It is what it is and it will play out in some way at the time of veto. If not good, they will be saying, “Dang we shoulda just put up Day, cause she can’t win comps.” lol

      • AIO_7

        Maybe they are just tired of her mouth.

  20. Jenny M
    Jenny M (1340 comments)

    I would so totally love to see Paulie get voted out. Mostly for the look on his face. And to watch him chatting with Julie.

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2564 comments)

      I do have to say that I enjoyed watching a back convo with Paulie, Paul, and Vic. There was actually strategy, numbers (I know math whiz Bronte is gone), and pros/cons of the plan. When you listen to the women talk together it is all, “Who said that?” “Am I fat?” “Does America still love me?” “Let’s paint our toenails.” lol. It was actually the first convo I really listened to with Paul in it and he kept the convo okay. Making progress.

      • Mello_One

        Yep…I thought that this Season the Girls would finally get it together, & take the Boys out! But Nope, Zak the Petty One, & Nicole is so far up Corey behind it is pathetic!! All they talk about is You & Paulie, or U & Corey would have cute Babies, and that Paulie does not Like how Zak acts! And Corey could give a Rat’s Ass less about Nicole?!

  21. CLangley

    Taking Bridge out would be a waste of an HOH in my opinion and besides who will bake cookies when she leaves?? Hahahaha so many nights I’ve wanted cookies after watching BBAD!!!!! Now I’m baking cupcakes so I’ll have my snack while they’re all chomping on cookies.

  22. Jannie

    It would be one of the biggest moves in recent seasons to send the Godfather out the door.
    Paulie learned his strategy from Derrick, but he forgot the most important rule…have control and make suggestions, but let them think that they are coming up with the ideas. The Godfather is starting to play way too hard. Hope it bites him in the butt next week.

    • Mello_One

      I totally agree with you, but they are all too dumb to see that he is Playing All of them! Every single one of them that have won HOH takes their orders for Paulie as to Who to Put up…They are NOT playing their own Game, & whats best for their Game! Paulie has NO BLOOD on his hands… I can’t stand Nicole, Corey, or Paulie.

  23. Avatar
    Jatalie Fan (12 comments)

    Nicole really showed her true colors when Natalie shot her down on being a pawn. Nicole is a coward and two face. I hope she, Michelle and Z (who I equally hate) get evicted soon. When they leave the house I pray the crowd doesn’t cheer them but boos them for their actions on the show.

    • Avatar
      Trudy (1443 comments)

      What kind of actions would make anybody boo Nicole? She hasn’t done anything but play the game. At least she’s playing and she didn’t go behind mats back about going up she went right to her to see if she would volunteer to be pawn. Everyone was going around asking everyone else if they would volunteer. Nicole was asked to see if nat would volunteer. And in the end Nicole volunteered herself but then Paulie said he would do it.

      • Avatar
        Jatalie Fan (12 comments)

        You have to remember that they asked Nicole first and she was whining not to go up and threw Nat under the bus. She talks about hatefull things about people behind their backs and is all sweet to them with a straight face. That’s not game play that’s just having a bad character. She brings up her jealousy about Nat to Corey. If she had a shred of decency she would have put a stop to Michelle’s hateful remarks. But she just sits there and actually agrees.

    • Mello_One

      @Jatalie Fan,
      You, & me both…I had so mush hope that Nicole would play a better game than she did the last time she was on Big Brother…She isn’t, its worse! Nicole, Michelle, and Zakiyah are the only one who have not been up on the Block, I think its stupid to “ASK” do they want to go up, Its your HOH, put WHO you want up, & play YOUR GAME!

      Paulie is making everyone else get Blood on the Hands, under the Vale of an ALL BOY ALLIANCE…If they were smart the would vote Paulie out! But instead it Day they want out, and Day Knows something is up with Paulie volunteering to go on the Block! Zee is supposed to be Day’s friend, but a Dude she has known for a hot Minute comes 1st! But Paulie’s getting ready to Cut Zee too soon!!!

      Only people I like in this Game is Natalie, Day, & James., but James needs to tell Day about the Backdoor scheme to take her out.

      • Alda
        Alda (2221 comments)

        mello one ,I totally agree with you.Nat,Day and James are my top three.All the others can go to jury.They started that “asking’if you want to go on the block a couple of seasons ago.I think that’s when BB started going downhill.Ridiculous to ask the houseguests,when you are HOH.Plus,they just come in and take your bed and food!! This would never have flied years ago!.No respect for the position of HOH.

  24. Shivani33

    Victor must be pleased with Paulie’s nomination. Though he has remained quiet about saying during his Battle Back interview that he wanted vengeance on Paulie, now he has that chance. And Paulie gave it to him by volunteering to be nominated. The only one in the house who knows what Victor wants is Paul. So far.

  25. Avatar
    Rita (10 comments)

    So who are we voting for on Sunday?
    Eliminate Two Eviction Votes

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  27. CLangley

    What in the world was Michelle crying about when BBAD went off???

  28. JD

    @stevebeans I’ve noticed that little pop ups are not posting points north can I find how many points I have accumulated. I know right now they don’t mean much but just curious if the points stopped.

  29. Mello_One

    Zakiyah is worthless on this show, if she wasn’t attached to Paulie, she would have been gone a long time ago. Zee’s behavior in the game is Petty, & reeks of Jealousy. She had the audacity to say that Natalie was a Floater today…LOL?!

    • CLangley

      Lol dang Zzz at least meech won a comp and done a good job at it. Zzz is one of those girls a man would be on egg shells with dating her. She is coo coo bananas sticks!!! She’s gonna blow up before long and it’ll be something stupid bc of her jealousy thats gonna cause it.

  30. Avatar

    Aaaaaaaaa, somebody save me. I was reading Jokers & read Z & Paulie’s conversation. Im about to gouge my eyeballs out. That girl is so f**king stupid it’s hard to put into words. Paulie has found himself a real fool. She’s willing to do anything for him. He’s got that idiot feeling bad for not volunteering to go on the block. Well, there’s that special kind of stupid I was talking about.
    Pulie had better be careful because Z could get the girls to vote his ass out if he don’t win that veto. At least that’s what I would try to do instead of crying & begging. Z is obviously not smart enough to think of doing that but if she tells Da about her conversation with Paulie, Da would be all that like stink on shit. Da wouldn’t give the women a moments peace because she would give it all she had to try to get Paulie out. 1. He’s a strong player & 2. It would break up a showmance therefore getting herself closer to the finals. No need to say it would weaken Z because lets be real, can the girl get much worse?

  31. Avatar

    I don’t like Paulie & I don’t like Z but Paule had better cut her loose before she ruins his game. It’s only too obvious that Z is not winning & I hate that she floated her way to jury. If Paulie gets evicted before Z i’ll bet she would purposely go next & high-tail it to that jury house to get to Paulie before another woman got to him first.

  32. Jenny M
    Jenny M (1340 comments)

    So when Z was confessing to Michelle about how she was being “territorial”… Michelle said oh I totally understand, I got jealous when my ex even talked to another girl. She seems to think this is NORMAL.
    I can see why Michelle has no friends. She’s a flipping psycho.

    • Mello_One

      @Jenny M
      Yep, Zaki is PURE DELUSIONAL….I Have never seen in all my years of watching BB a young woman in a Showmance attach herself to a Dude that she has known for a few weeks, and ACT LIKE HE IS HER OFFICIAL BOYFRIEND! Something in my opinion is WRONG with Zaki, she is nothing but DRAMA!

  33. Avatar

    Well, Z told Nicole about her & Paulie’s conversation. I’ll bet Nicole ran straight to Corey with the story & it’s only a matter of time until Corey runs to Paulie to give him a heads up because this could mean trouble for Paulie. The girls could all band together & vote him out. It would have to be behind Z’s back though because she’s just stupid enough to warn Paulie.

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