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This is going to be a quick post for now because I am on my way out the door. A lot to do before tomorrow, but wanted to get this up so when I’m in the hotel tonight, I can pop on the feeds and easily update this from my laptop.  I won’t be able to change the header because I’m a slacker and don’t have FTP access on my laptop, but hopefully I can squeeze in time tomorrow night to update who won PoV

One thing I want to rant on before I go.  The house was just talking about some America’s Got Talent dude who acted like he never sang before and then blew the crowd away.  Do people still buy this? Really? After Susan Boyle, all of these ‘Oh I didn’t realize how good I can sing’ acts are fake.  If they went on some talent show, it’s not because this was their first time singing. It may be their first time singing on TV, but these people knew they could sing.  Those people are just as bad as those links that scroll down facebook that say “You won’t believe what happened next!!!”… you’re right, I won’t believe it because I won’t read it. I’m not going to fall for your link traps!

I have no idea why I’m ranting right now. Less than 24 hours and I’ll be married, so I’m nervous.  Again, I will be checking in throughout the evening because I am dying to know who wins the PoV. I likely won’t have much time tomorrow, but today I will definitely update you!

Right now the house is all lazy and Frankie debating on going back to sleep. I think we have some time before the PoV.

  • 7:30pm – Checking in from the hotel. Veto comp is underway. I have my feeds running. I will post update when they return!
  • 9:00pmCody has won the PoV.  Derrick was immediately in the bedroom with Victoria telling her she’s safe. Frankie is planting some seeds with Cody to use the veto and say ‘Derrick hasn’t been on the block all season’. He’s half kidding, mostly seriously.

Check back for updates


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  1. Comments (36)

    SB…CONGRATS on your big day tomorrow and have a wonderful day!!

  2. Comments (240)

    Good luck tomorrow Srevebeans. When you see your bride tomorrow think back to the moment you knew you were in love and she was the one. Best Wishes!

  3. Comments (610)

    Stevebeans, congratulations on your wedding tomorrow! Blessings to both of you!

  4. Comments (120)

    Congrats on your big day, Steve!

    On another note, I’m a little irritated that DR has just NOW told Derrick and Frankie that whoever wins gets an extra $50,000 if they take each other to the end. This is the ULTIMATE interference by DR. We were never told about this, “extra” $50,000 but now they bring it up when Frankie is the target and on the block. What’s next? Will they alter the times for the POV comp (I don’t think they will but this whole thing is irritating). I hope that Derrick won’t take the bait. I don’t think he will because he knows that he’d rather guarantee himself $500,000 by taking Cody/Victoria to F3, instead of having a more balanced F2 with Frankie where Derrick may up getting only $50,000.

    • Comments (1)

      Derrick has not case against Frankie in the Final 2. His master manipulator scenario goes down the drain against the guy he never pulled the trigger on.

      Do you feel lucky punk? Well, do ya?

    • Comments (1446)

      That is absolutely disgusting and totally nullifies the integrity of the game.

      That should have been a rule from the start of TA – to bring that rule in now is pathetic.

      It totally screws with the games of Caleb, Cody and Victoria…and they don’t even know it.

      That kind of manipulation from CBS is unacceptable – we all need to go to CBS.com and complain.

      The only way that would have been fair is if the rule was in place from the start, when Donny was still there. Maybe like – “if you three can get to the final four, there is extra money,”

      That’s it.

      • Comments (383)

        yeah that is BULLSH*T!!!
        CBS clearly wants Mango to win this game. Total crap.
        Just like the year they manipulated it to have Rachel win. That pissed me off. I remember she was 100% going home and then they did a pandora’s box or some other sudden twist that kept her in the game, then gave her a competition she had won before. That’s why I quit watching BB. I started again this year because I thought Donny would be fun to watch. If Frankie wins I’m not coming back.

      • Comments (1443)

        How do you contact cbs re this

      • Comments (211)

        This is what I was able to find, Trudy:



        Twitter: @CBSBigBrother or @JulieChen

      • Comments (211)

        Trudy, I posted the contact info you were asking about back at 6:45 pm (EST) but for some reason, it’s showing “Awaiting Moderation”. I’ve been posting for a few weeks now, and never got that message, so am not sure what that’s about.


      • Comments (211)

        Trying one more time:



        Twitter: @CBSBigBrother or @JulieChen

      • Comments (178)

        “It totally screws with the games of Caleb, Cody and Victoria…”. What games? All three of them have been the puppets of Derrick. All three combined barely have a brain. Derrick’s mindset this entire game has been “What will benefit ME?” so I’d like to see him (with his big ego) decide that he’ll win Big Brother even if he takes Frankie to the final two. Derrick might start thinking that the jury house is wise to his actions and could vote for whomever he is up against. If that scenario happened, he would land in second place and only win $50,000. However, if Frankie is as obnoxious as the people posting here seem to think he is, it would be better for Derrick to go up against him before the jury members. Derrick intends to play the blame game and say that he doesn’t have any blood on his own hands.

    • Comments (1443)

      Somebody said that both did not have to be in final two for winner to get extra money but that if a TA member won they would get extra. Can anyone clarify

      • Comments (644)

        Trudy, if either Mango or Derrick get to final two they get an extra $50,000 if they win. Both of them don’t have to make it to the end for that, just one of them. But I’m sure production wants both to be in final two.

      • Comments (1443)

        Better than I heard at first. Should not affect game still ticks me off. I thought this was Americas thing. Did we vote to give winner extra money?? I must have missed that vote. I would have voted no. They already won $20,000. I’d rather give the money to Americas favorite. That would have been good vote!!! Diane if you r able to post link later please do. Would like to give cbs what I think of this season

      • Comments (120)

        I apologize – the live update site that I use was updated by someone who didn’t give all of the information (I was too busy to check the live feeds at that time for myself). It’s been corrected. Still, it’s odd to hear about this now. Maybe they want to kick Frankie into high gear for the veto? It’s just odd.

      • Comments (1137)

        Both don’t have to be F2 to win. But if one gets to F2 and wins the 500,000 they get the bonus.

    • Comments (22)

      Production has to be involved in it some how do they really think they would try it big brother is the biggest rigged show i know

  5. Comments (286)

    Good luck tomorrow hoping the best for you and your bride.Been with you many years now and want to thank you for ALL your hard work and dedication to keep us all informed.

  6. Comments (1)

    Thanks for great UPDATES – NOW go & ENJOY your new to be BRIDE..

  7. Comments (1799)

    All the best SB thanks for the great site Here’s to a great future

    Game lay: this 50K bonus is only to the WINNER if Frankie & Derrick make it to F2. Does not seem like a smart move for Derrick to go for that . Why risk your game for something that is more risk than reward.

  8. Comments (453)

    SB, Best wishes for a long, prosperous, happy, love-filled marriage. Enjoy the path you two will take, sometimes rough, winding and sometimes straight and serene. During the rough times, think of the good times, and always keep each other close and you will be celebrating your 50th anniversary before you know it. Prayers for your family’s health.

  9. Comments (69)

    was just going to post what I read on Jokers –
    M Derr and Frankie talking in WC. Apparently DR has told them that if they are in the F2 together the winner will get a $50K bonusprize ($550K total) due to Team America.

    I understand the above post comments – but I bet Derrick who is greedy already with money – ala the $5K causing hollas in the house – will go for $50K extra thinking that everyone hates Frankie in the house – so goodbye Victoria – instead of Frankie – guess we will just have to wait and see.

    • Comments (1443)

      Derrick very greedy. Bet he throws pov. This is not fair to other HG. Because if he keeps Frankie for money that’s not gameplay. That’s bribery

      • Comments (224)

        It’s not greedy to want to win money. That’s the whole point of being on the show.

      • Comments (1137)

        Absolutely. It’s a game. Derrick is there just like everyone else in that house is to win top prize. He’s not greedy but if you had a good shot at 500,000 instead of anything smaller would you take it? Also on the comp where he took the 5,000 Cody is the one that told him to take it because there was no way he was going to win that.

  10. Comments (118)

    Bon voyage and congrats SB! Since the HG’s have been studying the faces so diligently for the morph POV I hope the POV is something completely different, twisty twisted twist

  11. Comments (17)

    Congrats SB! I always enjoy reading your post, enjoy yourself!!

  12. Comments (644)

    They just clarified in Joker’s that both Derrick and Frankie don’t have to be final two so one of them can get the extra $50,000. Just one of them have to be final two.

    • Comments (1446)

      Seriously?? That’s even worse!!

      • Comments (644)

        Jannie, I don’t think it’s fair for the other 3 remaining HGs. Whoever wins deserves the same amount.

      • Comments (1446)

        Did the CBS production staff just pull this new TA rule out of their butts in the last 24 hours? It sure sounds like it!

        Lilly, see above – I said that this rule is totally unfair to the other three(Caleb,Cody,Vic).

        But now that the rule has been clarified and only ONE of them has to make it to final two – it doesn’t really change things.

        Pretty much a guarantee that Derrick will be in the final two.

      • Comments (178)

        Jannie: From the way this entire season has been played, CBS basically guaranteed that Derrick would not only be in the final 2, but also this season’s winner. I would really enjoy seeing Derrick coming up against Frankie in the final 2 because it would be a case of who can B.S. the jurors more than the other.

      • Comments (1443)

        Oh. You r right. Well at least it should not change how game is played if only winner gets it and they don’t both have to be final two. But they won $20,000 for TA missions. So they got money advantage already over other guests. Not fair to gi pave them $50,000 more. And why even tell them??

      • Comments (1443)

        But America should have voted on money

      • Comments (1137)

        So Derrick might be tempted to save Frankie.

    • Comments (426)

      I think the clarification makes it a little better than both having to be F2, but production is probably pushing the idea of F2. (But I still don’t remember America voting for either.)
      That way it makes more sense of why Frankie was so upset by it, since he is on the block.
      I can also understand Derrick telling Frankie it would be best to be F2, in case Frankie ends up not going home, hoping Frankie would keep him. But I think, in fact, it gives Derrick even more motivation to try to get Frankie out of there this week.

    • Comments (383)

      well I guess that does make it a LITTLE better… Derrick can still send Mango home.
      But it isn’t fair to the other HG’s. Especially since if they asked again, Frankie would NOT be part of TA.

    • Comments (1443)

      That’s great. Ty

    • Comments (1443)

      That’s ok then. Should not change game any at all

  13. Comments (4)

    congratulations on your wedding tomorrow !!!!!!! hope you have a great honeymoon. i recently saw something that i thought was the best advice for newly weds. when your angry or upset with your partner use a rose to let the other person know you are upset and want to talk about it calmly. place the single rose where your partner will see it and understand you need to tell them about it and they should make an extra effort to listen to you. the advice came from a minister at a couples wedding as he handed them each a rose. good luck and god bless/

  14. Comments (4)

    Congrats SB, don’t forget to consummate, it will be moral this time : )

  15. Comments (426)

    Funny. I don’t recall America voting to give them the extra $50K for being final two. Did I miss something?
    OK BB, don’t be lying to them about what YOU want and using America as an excuse!

  16. Comments (69)

    Joker just clarified the comment about $50K in the final two with Derrick and Frankie – now it is more of an importance for Derrick to dump Frankie

    To clarify the conversation with Frankie / Derrick in the BR at 1:35Per their conversation, they do not have to be in the f2 together for the winner to get the 50k bonus, IF the winner is a TA member, the winner gets an extra 50k.

    Derrick pointed out that the only way to guarantee that the bonus is earned at all, is if they are both there

    • Comments (843)

      I’m not sure which way the jury will vote if Derrick and Frankie are the final 2. Jury doesn’t know a lot of the things we know about them, especially Frankie. So hoping they can get Frankie out now. I don’t care what kind of game he has played, he is a filthy, disgusting, vile, vulgar, degenerate.

      • Comments (1443)

        Jury gets unanimous for Derrick unless zach or Caleb throw Frankie a vote

      • Comments (1137)

        It still wouldn’t matter. If Donny, Jacosta, Nichole, Hayden and Victoria ( if she goes which I’m sure she will ) vote for Derrick that’s five. That’s all Derrick needs to win. I don’t see them picking anyone else to win no matter who’s in the F2 with him.

      • Comments (1137)

        We have to remember that there are 3 more people to leave before F2. They’ll tell the house what has been going on. Frankie won’t even get a vote I don’t think unless it is a sympathy vote from Zach which I don’t think he’ll have that. IMO

  17. Comments (1446)

    From what we saw in the jury house – I think Derrick beats Mango easily.

    I am sure he has the votes of Jocasta(she hates mango), Nicole, Christine(she said she thinks his game is genius), Hayden and Donny(they are both smart and sensible enough to appreciate Derrick’s strategy). And if Victoria and/or Cody are in jury, they will give Derrick their vote.

    Remember, Derrick buttered them all up before they left. And has no blood on his hands.

    I think Derrick wins no matter what – I just want it to be entertaining to see how he gets there. If Mango goes, it will be a cakewalk for Derrick.

    • Comments (1137)

      Yes finally Jannie!! Someone with the same people going and staying that I have. It’s the only sensible way that this game is to have any resoectibilitiy ( yes I know I spelled it wrong. But you get my drift ) left.

    • Comments (178)

      Jannie: If Frankie goes, he goes to the jury house. He’ll have time to fill the jurors in on EXACTLY the type of game Derrick played. If only for that reason, I won’t be too upset if Frankie gets voted out by his so-called alliance.

  18. Comments (210)

    Congrats…enjoy every moment of your special day. Sending Mother Nature a request for beautiful weather.

  19. Comments (1)

    Congrats on your big day!!! Thank u for all the update! Enjoy you special day

  20. Comments (1137)

    Congratulations SteveBeans it’ll be okay. Don’t be nervous.

  21. Comments (644)

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow, Steve. Congratulations and thank you for your blog.

  22. Comments (182)

    Why isn’t it surprising that Fairy-Frankie, cried for being put on the block?

    OK, I know why, he is suppose to be the star of the show, and how dare the remaining HG’s don’t realize that.

  23. Comments (843)

    Enjoy your wedding day, steve beans! Hope you have a beautiful New England day.

  24. Comments (383)

    Watching BBAD again — Still shaking my head at Frankie telling Derrick “I’m about to turn 29”. No, you lying piece of crap, you’ll be 32 on your next birthday. Who the eff are you trying to kid???

  25. Comments (1)

    Congrats on your big day….

  26. Comments (1799)

    Not only is there the money . But now both of them think this is Americas idea. This could not be further from the truth. So now Frankie once more thinks he is so loved by everyone .

  27. Comments (182)

    The producers throwing a 50k carrot so that Frankie has a better chance to stay in the game, says how imbedded they are to Adraina’s mainstream launching; that’s cool, just say so.

    Btw, she kill it at Seahawks game singing the National Anthem, first time I heard her, she is great and the stadium loudly showed their approval

  28. Comments (843)

    Celebrities, friends of celebrities, and family of celebrities should not be allowed to compete on BB. It gives them an unfair advantage in the America’s Favorite vote and, in Caleb’s situation, star struck players helping them thinking they are going to get something in return.

    • Comments (1443)

      No unfair advantage should be in house. Everyone should have the same admitting process by sending in applications. No production picking out ppl. That’s how ew got Amanda and Victoria. No celebs. Only exception to this is that I think family of past bb shows are ok. They are not real celebs except to bb fans and that can be just as much disadvantage as advantage. Example. Elissa. I think more did not like her because who she was then ppl who liked her. Plus she really never told Rachael was her sister. They guessed it because they looked so much alike. It hurt her in house.

      • Comments (426)

        But Elissa got an unfair advantage in anything America voted for because of Rachael fans. That is an unfair advantage. So I disagree they should be allowed.

      • Comments (426)

        Maybe a rule that relatives of players are not eligible once a player makes it to jury would be OK.

      • Comments (1443)

        But just as many ppl did not like Rachael. On all blogs most did not like elissa

      • Comments (1446)

        Elissa was OK?? Are you kidding me?

        She WON America’s favorite because of who she was, nothing to do with her game play. And she didn’t have to tell – everyone knew it the minute she walked in the door.

        I think a friend or relative of a BB former player has MORE of an advantage, as far as fan base, as someone whose relative is, say, a teen idol with a 12-16 year old fan base.

        If more people “did not like her” as you say, then how in the heck did she win America’s favorite?? BECAUSE OF RACHEL AND HER BB FAN BASE.

      • Comments (1288)

        But wasn’t it a little sweet schadenfreude when the Brenchel Army screwed up their votes and actually put her on the block the first week of America’s nominations lol.

      • Comments (1137)

        No I don’t think Elissa had more advantages than Frankie has had. It’s very obvious I think to anyone watching the show and reading the blogs that Frankie has been treated totally different than Elissa was just because of who his sister is. Yeah his sister has a young fan base but BB has been trying to develope a younger fan base so Frankie is the perfect player to them. Haven’t you noticed that the house guests are getting younger every year? Frankie’s sisters fans I’m sure ( a lot of them ) are watching the show and voting. Most phones and computers are bought these days for younger people. Parents are giving there kindergarten kids I-Phones these days. No sorry I don’t think at all that Elissa had a bigger advantage than Frankie IMHO

      • Comments (1446)

        Elissa got on the show because of Rachel.
        Many of them attended the Brenchel wedding, which, (coincidence?) was just before casting for BB 15.

        There is a difference between Elissa and Mango – I remember not many in the house liking her because they felt that she acted like she was entitled. She knew the names of staff in the DR before the other HG’s did. Most HG’s now, despite his touchy ways, do like Mango. I haven’t heard any of them say he is acting entitled.

        Both Mango and Elissa had advantages getting on the show.

        The true test will be this year’s America’s player.

        Elissa won it because of the Brenchel Army.
        If Mango wins it will be because of Ariana’s fans.

        Doubt it will happen – Donny will win, not Mango.

      • Comments (1137)

        I don’t think it’ll happen either because so many die- hard fans can’t stand Frankie and will vote repeatiately ( don’t know if it’s even a word. Lol should be ) for Donny. Elissa was not hated as much as Frankie has been. I myself liked Elissa because everyone was so mean to her. I think a lot if people felt that way and that’s why she won fan favorite. You have to remember that a lot of HGs have seen other seasons and don’t want to be type- cast as the person that is intolorent of gays. Frankie knows this and I think he’s using it. IMHO

      • Comments (644)

        I liked Elissa and Helen. Elissa is a nice person and deserved her prize. She didn’t act or say the disgusting things many of the other HGs did. She had to put up with a lot of hate. Mango on the other hand is disgusting, they’re completely different.

      • Comments (1446)

        My last word on the whole Elissa thing – last year we all got pretty ugly and I don’t want that to happen again – this year has been fun 🙂

        Everyone was mean to her in the house because they all felt she acted like an entitled snob. Almost all of the HG’s said so – that’s the way she acted towards the others. They can’t ALL be wrong.

        The difference is that Mango is NOT hated by the house – they like him. And it’s got nothing to do with his sexuality. To say that they tolerate his behavior because they are afraid of being labeled homophobic, to me, is ridiculous. I have seen more homophobes on this site than in the house. Despite some here practically calling him a rapist, the other HG’s like Mango – and I think it drives those who hate him on the outside nuts.

        Donny will win because he is Donny – it won’t be a vote against Mango. That would be an insult to Donny – he will be America’s player on his own merit.

      • Comments (1443)

        I did not like Rachael but liked Elissa. Because she did not put herself down on the low level of ppl in game with her she was disgusted with their talk and behavior That’s what I liked about her. I like the cleaner more honest player with high standards and morality and doesn’t follow the crowd to get ahead. That’s why I voted for Elissa. I guess others felt like me. But like I said just as many ppl did not like her. Look at postings. I’m only one who likes her

      • Comments (644)

        Trudy, I voted for Elissa too. I agree with your comment.

      • Comments (1137)

        No your not. I liked Elissa too and I don’t think she acted entitled

    • Comments (1446)

      On the BB network site:
      Who is your favorite player?

      Donny 47%
      Derrick 23%
      Nicole 9%
      Zach 8%
      Frankie 3%

      All of the rest at 2% or less.

      I would bet $1000 in Vegas that Frankie is not named America’s favorite – it will be Donny, hands down.

  29. Comments (1)

    Intervention for Steve Beans:

    Steve I have been reading your blog since running a cross it a few weeks back, enjoying everyone’s comments and finding answers to any questions dancing around in the void between my ears.

    It wasn’t until your last couple posts regarding “posting up until the I DO” part that I thought I would share a story about a Big Brother blogger, it goes something like this.

    There was this guy that started out commenting on a few BB sites one day, the next morning he saw that he had received some good responses back so he replied and replied and before he knew it he had a following, well one thing led to another and it was full steam ahead finally starting his own BB Blog.

    So as the story goes the BB blogger spent more and more of his day blogging and life was good. But one day a special person came along and blogging wasn’t as fun as “Team blogging “ if you get what I mean.

    The team blogging continued but the blogger needed more and more time to get back to his usual blog so he got his new found love a hobby, some chickens to keep her busy. She really seemed to enjoy the bird’s even fresh eggs for breakfast ah life was good again.

    The bloggers new love would spend all day with those chickens while he blogged away, that is until the power went out so old Mr.BB blogger headed for the back yard to check on his lovely girlfriend and her new hobby.

    They walked over to the chicken coop and to his surprise he noticed that there were now TWO roosters in the coop.

    Standing there puzzled he said Honey where did that other rooster come from? You only need one rooster when you raise chickens and she said.



  30. Comments (98)

    Congrats Steve on your big day!

  31. Comments (1799)

    Ray say I beg to disagree with you about Adraina rendition of the anthem. It is a very hard song to sing. What she did as many singers do they hit one or two high notes. Hold them and people think its great. The problem is she was off key in between and. Did nothing to bridge the song. She is a pop singer with a lot of rich people backing her You can go to most big city or a town with a university . Go out and you will hear great singers They just don’t have the backing that Adriana has. Listen to the singers on the voice,the wall, America got tallent ALLL better than her

    Back to the game : Yes it does seem that CBS is changing things to favor Frankie once more

  32. Comments (632)

    Congratulations stevebeans. May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future. 🙂

  33. Comments (83)

    Maybe production created this extra 50k incentive to motivate Derrick to get Frankie out because of all the negative comments/attention Frankie’s been receiving and this is productions way of getting him out without looking bad? I don’t see how this extra 50k would make Derrick and Frankie want to work together moving forward? They both want the 500k prize so what’s an extra 50k on top of that? Anyone agree?

    • Comments (17)

      You have a point there. This could be productions way of saying it is OK for Der and Frankie to break up now.

      • Comments (843)

        I still think that because Donny was part of Team America he should still get the winnings from all accomplished missions. Joey didn’t participate in any missions so she shouldn’t get anything. Besides, Donny worked on all missions where Frankie didn’t.

      • Comments (1288)

        And it appears Donny has maintained the secrecy around TA, he deserves his share of the payout.

      • Comments (1137)

        Donny can’t tell anyone or he’ll lose what he did earn.

      • Comments (1443)

        Sandra someone went back and posted what TA card said. It said you can decide to tell someone or not tell. So if it’s true they can’t tell or will lose money( and I never saw proof of that) then that came from DR and was another rule made up during the game and changed from original rules. I say we find info on how to contact cbs and put it everywhere and let them know how we feel about season. Will it help? Probably not but would make us feel better and if enough complain maybe it will at least let them know we are not fooled and they are turning us away from watching

      • Comments (426)

        That was what Joey’s card said. But she got voted out first. So when the others were picked, they were told they could tell it or not, but they all had to agree on it. That is the difference.

      • Comments (1137)

        It came I think from someone who had played the game before.

      • Comments (1288)

        This could also have been the plan when TA was conceived before the season even began.

      • Comments (1443)

        They always said TA was America and working for America. I don’t even think they looked at votes in last mission. It did not even have time limit in it. The other would have been impossible I think. Guess I should have voted but I’m really thinking they didn’t count votes or ppl assumed all night meant actively searching for it all night. That should start at midnight and even in 3 hours they did it they were not actively searching all night

    • Comments (1137)

      I still think Frankie will use this to try and stay in the game. I can hear him now trying to convince Derrick to keep him so they’ll have more man power to get to F2. I don’t think it’ll make a difference to Derrick but I think Frankie will be giving TA speeches to him until Tuesday. Unless he wins the veto in which case he’ll cut Derrick as fast as he can. I hope this gives Derrick even more incentive to win the POV. Go Derrick get that clown out of there.

      • Comments (843)

        He offered Derrick his winnings from TA if he (Frankie) won, which is against the rules. Of course, they’ve done a lot of things this year that are against the rules with no repercussions. Disgusting as last year. BB isn’t nearly as good as it used to be.

      • Comments (1137)

        He beats all I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t surprise me that he offered Derrick his winnings. He so desperate to stay he’ ll do anything. I hate to sound hateful but I’m enjoying every single second of him squirming it’d be nice if he recognized that this is what Donny and Victoria went through everytime he helped put them up.

      • Comments (1137)

        Oh and for some reason ( BB ) I don’t think the rules have applied to Frankie. IMHO

      • Comments (1443)

        He offered him half of the $50000 bonus but he said Derrick would end up with $100,000. 50 for second place $25 for half of Frankie’s bonus and 20 for TA missions and then Derrick won $5000

  34. Comments (1)

    Omg! Congrats on ur wedding and thanx soooo much for this blog! I read this religiously! Lol!

  35. Comments (843)

    Veto just started so we will know soon. PLEEEASSE don’t Frankie win!!!!!!!!!

  36. Comments (32)

    Congratulations on your wedding!

  37. Comments (1137)

    This whole thing just gets my goat. Their shoving Frankie down the HGs and our throats whether we won’t him or not. I don’t think Derrick will do it. It’s just the principal of the whole thing. I had to just step away from my phone I was so mad. I don’t like to accuse anyone of something before all the facts but this is just blatant interference. Correct me if I’m wrong but everytime they’ve had Americas players before didn’t they always tell them and us before it started that the houseguest would win X amount of money for every completed mission and they couldn’t refuse to do it either I don’t think. I’m specifically thinking about Eric on season 8 I think with Evil Dick. This is the last straw for me. I’m sick and tired of Frankie and was ready for him to go and BB decides to pull this crap. I’m sorry everyone I’m not usually like this, I try to give everyone a fair shake but why should I when BB doesn’t. This is disgusting. They’ll lose a lot of us.

  38. Comments (426)

    While we anxiously await veto comp results, anyone heard from MOM or Franko today?

  39. Comments (401)

    Congratulations in advance Steve. Enjoy every second of your special day with all those you love to share it. (Forget Big Brother for at least 24 hours!!!)

  40. Comments (19)

    ok read that Frankie tea bagged(sorry I hate using these terms but no way to sugar coat it) Derrick earlier, and Derrick said I really wanted to hit him in the nuts. Speculation was if he had he would have been alimented and that’s what stopped him. Does anyone have the link to that? and again WHY DOES CBS ALLOW THIS BEHAVIOR OUT OF FRANKIE. I hope when it’s over Derrick takes Frankie out back and says dude here is a list of violations that you could be charged with and files charges. This guy is vile……I have gay friends and this has NOTHING to do with being gay he’s just vile.

    • Comments (426)

      Didn’t see that, but he is vile. Let’s hope he doesn’t win veto and gets sent out. But then poor Zach is going to get violated again in the jury house.

      • Comments (1137)

        I don’t think anyone in the jury house would tolerate his behavior because America hardly gets to see jury house so I don’t think anyone would have a problem telling him to knock it off. Including Zach. I hope someone knocks his block off it would serve him right after taking unfair advantages against the other HGs. They couldn’t say anything in the house because of how they might be received by the viewers at home. That’s exactly why I find him so disgusting. BB is certainly not going to show someone in the jury house telling him to knock it off. I posted this the other night. I think Frankie uses being gay as an excuse to fondle people. This is an affront to gay, lesbian, transgendered and bisexual people everywhere that he acts this way.

    • Comments (1443)

      I read about it on jokers and mortys. Had to be actual conversation with two feeds quoting it

    • Comments (1443)

      You can’t hit anyone or even get in their face in a threatening like way. I know 2 have been kicked out. One I think held knife to someone. He was not serious but he was kicked out. Forgot actual incident in other. And maybe there was one more??

      • Comments (1137)

        I only remember the knife thing. Evil Dick walked a very fine line with Jen remember? BB told him to back down after he threw tea on her I think. Then she went and got into his last carton of cigarettes and broke them all then he took something of hers and BB made him give it back. So he ranted at the producers that they’d better get him another carton of cigarettes which they did. I know it sounds horrible but I loved that season. Now there was a season to turn your tv on. IMO

      • Comments (1446)

        Speaking of Evil Dick, I happened to run across him on the new season of Couples Therapy on VH1.

        Looks like he’s going to have to get in touch with his feelings.

        Could be interesting.

      • Comments (1137)

        Yeah I posted that too last week here. I watched the first one. The show doesn’t really kick into gear really until 2 or 3 week usually. I think the guy from the batchelor already dislikes him. I thought we were actually seeing a kinder gentler Evil Dick. Obviously Juan Carlos never watched Evil Dicks season.

      • Comments (469)

        Sandra – the other incident was Russell Hance’s nephew getting up in an older guests face and head butting him.

      • Comments (1446)

        In season 2 Justin threatened Krista with a knife in the kitchen. He had her laid out and said something like ” would you mind if I killed you?” I
        He was immediately expelled.

      • Comments (1446)

        Nice to see you back, John Ruth!

      • Comments (1137)

        That’s right.

  41. Comments (24)

    How long did the last POV comp last? I’m dying to know who won.

  42. Comments (12)

    Congrats Steve…Hope your day tomorrow is wonderful….

  43. Comments (1137)

    Did anyone else watch BBAD last night and hear Frankie basically begging Cody to throw the veto comp tonight? I can’t believe him. He is so freaking egotistical he believes he shouldn’t have been nominated in the first place. It boggled my mind to listen to him. Does he realize he’s talking to Cody when he says this stuff. Uh hello earth to Frankie you do realize that your telling Cody that he or Derrick should’ve been up there instead of you right. Idiot

    • Comments (1443)

      I missed that I fell asleep with about 30 minutes left. But get this. I just rean in a blog on jokers that offering another player money for them going together is absolutely against bb rules. Now in conversation around 1:30 today Frankie tells Derrick twice I think if Frankie wins bb he will give Derrick half of the $50000 bonus. Derrick says something like appreciate that. Never tells franki he will do the same blogger said if Frankie was such bb fan he would know this was against the rules. Now I don’t know the rules so don’t know if this is in rules but sounds legitimate to me and if so another bb rule has been broken. Anyone have knowledge or insight in this!!

  44. Comments (3)

    I have been following this blog for years. I have enjoyed reading the comments just as much as the blog.
    Congratulations to you and best wishes to your bride.
    This season of BB may blow but all of all you have been wonderful.
    Look forward to hearing about the wedding.
    I hope you are able to keep us updated on your family SB.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers!

  45. Comments (12)

    Cody won POV…yayyyy

    • Comments (20)

      Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you, Frankie.

    • Comments (1137)

      Yay Cody!!! Doing dance of pure joy in my garage. Look like an idiot. Lol glad I live in a forest and it’s dark.

      • Comments (1443)

        I went running thru house. Missed beginning. Heard Frankie say… Can’t believe won comp twice. Thought he had won. Went running to tell husband and came back and saw Vic telling Cody it was karma so knew Cody had won. Just about had heart attack. Frankie seems to be putting on good show

      • Comments (1446)

        So where are all the conspiracy theorists now who insisted that the comps were rigged for Mango??

      • Comments (1137)

        Uh I’m here and stand by what I said. Frankie lost because I think they had to beat their own times from week. Cody, Derrick and Victoria studied the most. Frankie didn’t seem interested in studying Thought he had it on lock. If he wasn’t so egotistical and had studied like everyone else he probably could’ve won.

  46. Comments (1)


  47. Comments (226)

    Cody POV- Frankie safe then? Grrrr

  48. Comments (644)

    Unless Mango promises Caleb a recording contract, and either Cody or Derrick change their minds, Mango is leaving on Tuesday.

    • Comments (426)

      Well, I would say unless Derrick changes his mind, He seems to be able to convince Cody (in the past) to do what he wants. But I really don’t think that will happen. At least I hope not!

  49. Comments (1137)

    He’d have to offer all winnings to Derrick for that.

  50. Comments (453)

    CODY WON POV!!!!! Wahoo!!!! Misery loves company, Christine and her buddy Frankie will have each other to talk to!!!

  51. Comments (20)

    Caleb can’t vote. Cody isn’t a fan of Pukie Pinkie and Derrick knows better than to keep him. Ahhhh so relieved. Can go to sleep with a big smile on my face now.

    G’night folks!

  52. Comments (1443)

    Cody Cody Cody. Can’t believe he beat Derrick. Vic beat Frankie!!!

  53. Comments (1137)

    Trudy off subject of Frankie for a second. Didn’t someone offer money one year that they had won in a completion to another houseguest but BB told them they couldn’t do that? Can’t remember the season Whoever it was that the money was offered to was going to take the money and vote them out anyway.

  54. Comments (2)

    YAY!!! I cannot wait to see Frankie leave. I liked him at first but OMG does he grate my nerves with all of those stupid shenanigans. BB is losing a lot of credibility by obviously providing Frankie with the puzzle-type competitions. Anyone know what type of comp the PoV was?

  55. Comments (426)

    Per Jokers: 9:06 PM As per Derrick, Cody finished in 2 minutes, 21 seconds NT
    IT didn’t seem to me that he even studied as much as the others.

    • Comments (1137)

      On BBAD him, Derrick and Victoria were the ones studying the most

    • Comments (1443)

      Cody studied a lot with Derrick and they went over it a lot together. Derrick wanted to make sure Cody was well prepared. Vic even studied a good bit. Caleb was there a lot but did a lot of talking. Franki never seemed to be there as much. He studied but not like others Derrick was there most of day. Don’t think Derrick has photographic memory. I’d say Derrick studied way the most. Cody second.

      • Comments (1137)

        I think Frankie thought he had this comp in the bag. Well that’s what he gets for thinking.

      • Comments (224)

        Having a photographic memory doesn’t mean you don’t have to study something. It just means that you remember what you did study with high precision. Most people don’t understand what it means, so it could be Derrick thinks he does have it but doesn’t. It could also mean he does have it but just didn’t do it fast enough to win.

  56. I Tawt I Taw A Mango!
    Comments (3)

    Hot Jewels?!?!? SERIOUSLY????

  57. Comments (27)

    Frankie is a big baby, can’t handle being on the block, well, how do you THINK the others felt ? He’s begging cody to throw the comp and bribing derrick with part of his winnings is just dispicable and pretty sure that is against the rules . Then, they throw this while extra cash,if they make it to final 2 ,BB is trying to keep Frankie on because of all the fans if his sister who be very upset, if he got voted out.
    Stop interfering and let Skankie go.

  58. Comments (1288)

    So Frankie has four nights left to find a way out of this one … I don’t see him getting any traction with 2 of the 3 guys. This is why last week was not a throwaway even if it was rewound. It gave all the players a glimpse of next week up close and allowed them to work for a different outcome. Without that experience I believe that if Caleb had won the original HoH that Frankie won he would have also played the week out much as Frankie did with Victoria the likely evictee.

    The twist was a success and it should not be just because the comps worked out more to peoples liking. It gave that opportunity and that is all BB can do.

  59. Comments (8)

    Frankie is going home…… spoiler alert : derrick is the winner of big brother without never sitting on the block ……caleb next then cody/vic either way derricks the winner because everybody wants frankie gone but not derrick who been on the block 0 times …. great alliance derrick.. The terminators aka the dummies

    • Comments (1137)

      It worked for him.

    • Comments (1288)

      The only bump ahead is if Caleb wins the PoV for Wednesday night’s show. If he doesn’t he will be in the jury house the day after Frankie. If he does win the veto he will likely send Victoria out since he thinks he can beat all of them in the F2, so it might as well be bro’s before ho’s. After that both Caleb and Cody would likely take Derrick to the F2, thanks to Derrick’s grooming of them, and neither has the skill to sway the other from that choice to one where they take each other. With Frankie gone Derrick may end up a unanimous vote winner – typical for this season lol.

      • Comments (1443)

        Derrick has played best game. I really don’t like any of them. I liked Donny Nichole and Hayden was growing on me. But with that large alliance started so fast they had no chance. In the beginning I don’t think anyone of alliance was that dominate. But as first HG left Derrick became more dominant. About time Amber went. Think Frankie was little stronger up til then. But then Derrick took over and got rid of those that figured him out. Caleb still thinks third will get AFP.

      • Comments (224)

        Before he leaves in a few days, Frankie should be trying to convince Caleb that Derrick is dangerous and needs to go next. Derrick should also be anticipating that and trying to reduce the time Frankie spends with Caleb.

  60. Comments (32)

    Is it true that Cody won?

  61. Comments (8)

    oh yeah to people who are going be like are you mad frankie is leaving yes I am because derrick is going to walk to the money like Andy did.. cody lached on to derrick because he knew derrick was going to take him far .. caleb is just a lost soul he will be evicted soon … victoria is just there sorry she only wins big brother if the jury wants irony .. because victoria was picked on the whole season

    • Comments (1137)

      Derrick earned his spot his spot in F2 if he gets there. Rude much?

      • Comments (1288)

        Just as Andy earned his win last year, hater’s gonna hate.

      • Comments (1446)

        bigbbfan and dandaman –
        Couldn’t agree more!!

        If only only Caleb and Cody could have heard Victoria a few minutes ago on BBAD saying that she “couldn’t stand” either one of them to Derrick. Right before she threw an “love ya!” to him.

        Mango likes Cody and Caleb.

        They are making the wrong choice. You are next, Caleb. Enjoy the Jury house.

      • Comments (1443)

        I want Caleb in final three. We need sme excitement and surprise. Anything can happen if those three go. Keep viv out!!!

    • Comments (1288)

      Derrick will still have the problem of “Victoria’s Funeral”. If Cody or Caleb catches them whispering or somehow else figures out that her hating Derrick is a lie there could be a shift in their plans. If Derrick is secretly working with Victoria he becomes a huge target. He may get away with it but it is not a done deal yet.

      • Comments (1137)

        I’m not sold on the fact that he would take Victoria.

      • Comments (1443)

        I don’t think he is. Wants her vote in jury. He and Cody most honest with each other. How long before Caleb tells Frankie he is going? Any bets??

      • Comments (1137)

        I don’t know if he will. Caleb is trying to get Cody and Derrick to split votes so he can be the one to send him out. I don’t think he would send him out. I just wonder since Frankie offered Derrick money if he hasn’t already offered Caleb money too, and boy does Caleb like money.

    • Comments (426)

      You are actually right. But people hate Frankie more due to his own actions! Enough said!

  62. Comments (26)

    OMG-CODY WON POV-I’m so excited-there is no way Frankie is getting out of being evicted-Cody has been wanting him gone for a long time now-I don’t see him wasting this opportunity-I know that Derrick is wanting Vic more in f2 with him but I’d really like to see Cody and him in F2-hoping Cody wins the last HOH, so Vic is guaranteed to go home-Cody hands down will take Derrick..if Derrick gets it we know he is taking Vic-and that would be awful for Cody-I really like Cody so want to see him get some of the money. Did anyone else notice on the rewind episode that he seemed close to tears when Julie announced that the week didn’t count and he was able to come of the block.
    He just seems like he is so much fun; it doesn’t hurt that he is gorgeous

    • Comments (1137)

      Angela I’ll come and celebrate Cody’s win with you since there are some people ( but very few) who are eating sour grapes about it. Do the hap hap happy dance with me. Yay!!! Lol

    • Comments (1443)

      I think Derrick and Cody are closer than Derrick and Vic. Derrick and Cody have had honest final two for very long time. Saying that Derrick will beat Cody hands down but really now he has to worry about who wins final comp because Cody doing better and there is always chance he doesn’t take Derrick. I think he will.

    • Comments (19)

      I am so happy that Cody won the POV. Frankie will get evicted.
      Initially I liked Frankie, but as the show ran I couldn’t stand him anymore. Camera continuously followed him and he played up to the cameras as well. Frankie is just too-too much, annoys me to no end.

      • Comments (2)

        Same here. Initially I liked him but he wore me down and BB’s blatant interference is completely infuriating.

    • Comments (383)

      SOOOOO HAPPYYYYYY watching BBAD last night and finding out Cody won POV. Nothing funnier than Frankie going on and on about how he pushed the button and it screwed his game. He’s the one who was jumping up and down screaming YOU HAVE TO PUSH THE BUTTON!!!! over and over again. I can’t believe he lost both of the comps the 2nd time around. Neither can he. So funny.

  63. Comments (426)

    On Jokers Caleb is saying he wants them to vote 1 to 1 so he can be the one to send him home. Hope they won’t fall for that since Caleb can be flipped in a heartbeat, especially by Frankie (his ticket to fame, in his mind). But don’t really think Cody and Derrick will take the chance.
    Then again this is BB and things can change quickly. Really wish there wasn’t so much time before eviction.

  64. Comments (1446)

    Why isn’t Cody wearing the Dino suit??

    Thought Julie told him he had to put it on again after last nights HOH.

  65. Comments (32)

    What a change a week can make. Last week Franky was prancing around the house all proud of himself because he had Cody and Victoria on the block; now Franky is totally freaked out because Cody was replaced with himself. Talk about the ultimate “backdoor”. Franky, we will just love to watch your wispy, pink hair tips flowing in the breeze as you walk out the door to say hello to Julie. Maybe you will be met with the same happy greeting that Christine met when she met Julie.

  66. Comments (1443)

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Caleb got to pick person to go with him and picked Cody??

    • Comments (644)

      Trudy, I really think Caleb would probably pick Cody. Derrick would pick Victoria, and Cody would pick Derrick. And if there’s a miracle and Victoria gets to pick, she’ll pick Derrick and then tell the jury how Derrick deserves the $500,000.

      • Comments (1443)

        I agree that Caleb picks Cody cause he really thinks Cody biggest competition(he’s wrong about what jury will do though). Don’t think Victoria will be there to pick. Derrick picks cody(Vic gone) Cody picks Derrick cause they have bond. ( don’t know if he thinks he a beat him in jury. Haven’t figured that out). Don’t know how jury will vote if between Cody and Caleb. Caleb has been harsher to HG being evicted when it was unnecessary to put on show for cameras. Anyone up with Derrick loses. Would be interesting if Caleb won first final 3. Then plays Cody or Derrick and wins and picks Cody??? I like it. But Derrick has played best game but best player sometimes does not win

    • Comments (1137)

      He told Cody on BBAD that he would take him to F2 because he wanted two beast up there. I don’t buy that.

  67. Comments (426)

    Per Jokers:
    9:41 PM Time for Frankie’s ab class. Cody joining, Victoria watching. Caleb music listening. NT
    Still putting on a show. When Caleb was dancing for the BBAD feeds last night Frankie said that production told him that the viewers didn’t like him putting on a show on BBAD. Then saying his audience is 12 yr olds. Obviously he was just jealous of someone else possibly getting air time.

  68. Comments (6)

    Good job Cody! I am so happy! I would feel sorry for Frankie if he would have shown any sympathy for any other HG. He was so rude when he didn’t own up to only being a havenot once. On top of that he ate their food!!!

  69. Comments (26)

    SOOOO…For anyone still doubting that Derrick deserves to at least be in F2, CHECK OUT THE VIDEO on you tube..titled “We’re secretly married” basically Derek is talking with Cody and Nicole and Cristina-Derek says something about extremities and the Hg’s say what? and Derek goes yeah I’m a doctor, and they laugh and laugh..Derek acts insulted and then goes off on this tangent about why couldn’t I be a doctor-then Frankie throws him under the bus and says your a cop-later on in the video Derek admits it and the other houseguests don’t even notice…lol-they say no your too cool to be a cop….so subtle yet HG’s don’t believe the truth…hahahaha go Derek-get that check:-) and Frankie grrrr bye bye-I just hope he doesn’t trash derek too much in the jury…

  70. Comments (383)

    I love how Caleb told Frankie that if the 2 of them were F2, everyone knew Caleb would beat Frankie. lol

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