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Nothing Says Fun Like A Bachelor Party With Your Girlfriend

Brendon Using All His Might

It’s been a slow week in the house with Brendon and Rachel pretty much accepting the fact that Brendon will likely be gone Thursday night, so they did what any couple that desperately craves every ounce of attention does, they made the week all about them.

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The house decided to play along with their mock wedding this week, because well, honestly there is nothing better to do at this point.   I’ve tried not to talk much about this because every time I see things like Rachel wearing her trash bag wedding dress (no comment), I die a little inside.   However, last night they decided to have their combined bachelor / bachelorette party with Porsche as the stripper (I know, I know, hard to imagine!), and I couldn’t resist any longer.

They did look like they were having some fun, but you have to feel bad for Brendon watching this.  I think Lawon would have looked more comfortable with Porsche, Rachel and Daniele giving  him a lap dance than Brendon did last night.  Although, I’m not sure I blame him because Adam did look pretty hot in the elf suit stripping, and Porsche made one of the un-sexiest strippers I’ve ever seen.  Maybe it was her pantyhose under bikini look, her weird dance, or the fact she kept fixing her wedgie every 2 seconds.

brendon slaps adams ass…or maybe he was into Adam after all?

In all seriousness, it was good to see the house having some fun after a week of tension, for the sake of ratings and live feed subscriptions,  they need to start fighting again soon!

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    OMG I watched this last night i must say i did crack a laugh or two anyone with a sense of humor had to laugh …can you imagin what’s going to happen when they come bsck to the real world …let the jokes begin. Did she not say they wanted to change there image WTF TRASH BAGS come on after all the s…hits and giggles these two humans are going to be destroyed….BUTTTTT this is what they signed up for so when your a fame whore it goes with the territory. I so sick of the Dani and DuscheeeDom i could puke..she pulled this crap in her season didnt work then hahahah hows it working for her now. Not a fan of Rachel’s but i hope she puts Dani and the never ending motor mouth Kaluuuuua up an dani goes home this time them kaluuuua,thunderthigs porche..We love BIG BROTHER

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