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I Guess Shelly Is Now Playing For 3rd Place?

Shelly jordan and RachelJust after I finished the post about the house being boring today, production must have spiked Shelly’s morning whiskey with some truth serum because today so far has been strange.  I think the drama pot is starting to bubble similar to late last week, and hopefully over the next 24 hours it will overflow into a livefeedgasm.

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So far today, while Jordan and Rachel were chillin outside rocking the new big brother fashion sweatpants line, Shelly joined them and decided to clean her soul, again.   She told Rachel that she was the one who took her dog, hid it all summer then put it under the pillow last night like a sweet little dog fairy.  Rachel laughed it off this time, unlike her reaction when she found Mr Quakles or whatever the hell the duck’s name was last week…

Shelly then went on to tell the girls she’s playing for 3rd place with them, and is fine with that.  Seriously?  That’s what you’re going to say?  The “master manipulator” everyone was gushing over when she got Lawon on the block is going with the “I’m just here for the ride” approach?    Does she expect the girls to really believe that after not even a week ago she voted out Jordan’s boyfriend because he was standing in the way of $500k?   Look, aside from the lack of entertainment Jeff brought, I don’t care that she voted him out, but to now play the “Just allow me to tag along” approach is weaksauce after what happened.

You took a stand, aligned with a doofus who chose $5,000 over house safety, and it failed.  At least you can say you did that instead of floated to whoever had the most power like Adam did the entire game.   Showing  you’re a sneaky person by revealing the dog and then admitting you broke Jordan’s trust but now you’re suddenly happy with 3rd place is doing anything but earning their trust back.   They know you’re not happy with 3rd place, you proved that last week.   Why not point out that Adam has floated to whoever gives him the best shot at winning from day 1 and tell them if they lose the HoH this week to Kalia, Adam is going to float right back to the newbies?

I have to say right now that Shelly is one of the most disappointing players all season.  Not because she voted out Jeff, but because she had the chance to use her brain, manipulate some things behind the scenes but instead spent 75% of the game tagging along with Jeff and Jordan then making a power move far too late in the game that eventually failed.

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  1. Comments (1276)

    I can see apologizing for hiding the dog, and for hurting Jordan, but this is too much. Trying to say she’s fine with 3rd is another example of bad game play. She could have just said, she’s realized she won’t make the final 2, heck even try to tell them that she regrets voting out Jeff, although, voting out Jeff kept Rachel in the game, so that might be a slippery slope. But to suddenly basically pretend to not care, no one is going to by that.

    Maybe we’ll get to see Jordan get really mad again, that was pretty funny (but I hated seeing her cry). I’m sorry, but to see Jordan decide not to let Shelly just come in there and yell at her, man, that was some good TV. I have a feeling RaJo are going to stick to their “best friend” approach, and bite there tongues, for now. Can’t wait to see.

    • Comments (407)

      I did like seeing the emotion in Jordan 🙂

      So what’s your opinion, do they vote to keep Adam or Shelly in the game tomorrow?

      • Comments (19)

        Voting out Shelly seems like a slam dunk. If Shelly stays and wins HOH she will side with K&P. If Adam stays and wins HOH he could go either way. It is better odds to keep Adam.

        Shelly burned both Rachel and Jordan along the way. Adam may flip back and forth but he hasn’t done anything to either of them.

      • Comments (1276)

        For entertainment sake, maybe keep Shelly, only because that increases the chances for fighting. And after the last few after darks, we need something to happen.

        But for their game, I’d keep Adam. If he can choose between siding with RaJo or Porlia (???) I think he would choose RaJo. But with this game, you never know. He could go either way, I just think he’s more likely to choose them, if only because he’s a true fan, and they are vets, or due to his bromance with Jeff and Brenden.

        I’d still love to see Jordan in 2nd and Rachel in 1st place, but Rachel just started earning my vote a few days ago.

      • Comments (1276)

        Also, I’m thinking the Jury house would be more entertaining for BBAD or Live feeds. That, what 20-30 minute long talk about dogs was not what I’d call entertaining. It was funny watching Rachel and Kalia trying to get a word in with each other, but I think Kalia won that battle… Shocker!!! lol

        I’d also like to see if the ones in Jury are getting along, or if the drama followed them there. If they aren’t, well, that’s what would make it fun to see what’s going on. Plus, I’d love to see Jeff’s face if it’s Shelly who walks in next.

        I can’t remember, will they show the Jury house on tonights show, or not until tomorrow?

      • Comments (216)

        Shelly’s going home. Everyone knows it. I suspect the producers told them to make it seem like this is up for grabs — just like I’m sure they told Rachel to pretend she might vote to keep Danielle. But this is a done deal.

      • Comments (12)

        Tonight and to quote the voice over guy at the end of last nights show “Things get heated when Brendon, Daniele & Jeff reunite at the jury house”

      • Comments (1276)

        I’m thinking Dani tells Brendon about Jeff throwing that comp to Adam. But we’ll have to wait to see.

      • Comments (12)

        Again I agree, the game playing isn’t going to stop for Daniele until the season is over. I hope she’s kicking up a fuss in the jury house lol.

  2. Comments (12)

    Desperate acts of a desperate woman. She’s trying to do anything she can to stay in the game and it shows. I think she believes her only chance of winning is to be beside Rachel at the end.

    • Comments (1276)

      best chance, yes, but she won’t win beside rach.

      • Comments (12)

        I agree. I think she’s just fighting for second place prize money now. If by some miracle she doesn’t go tonight it’ll be the old “If you take me to the final you’re bound to win first place” line that gets used by someone every year.

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