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Happy Big Brother 23 Finale Day!

September 29, 2021 | 17 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s official – winter is coming.  That’s pretty much the only thing on my mind when Big Brother ends for the season as I begin to head into my hibernation until … well, roughly February when I’m guessing Celebrity Big Brother will make its return.

Before I begin this long-winded post, I want to thank Ann for her donation!  I don’t check my PO Box much, so I’m probably pretty late with this thanks, but I really really appreciate it!

Mel has spent the week doing her amazing recaps, so I don’t want to do yet another, I’ll just try to be succinct about Big Brother 23 – It was indeed a season of Big Brother. That much is official. I don’t think anyone can deny that fact and it’s probably the only thing people will actually agree on when it comes to this controversial season.  I’m not going to lie, it was an exhausting season so I’ve been pretty checked out these last few days which is why I’m glad Mel carried the load. It shouldn’t have been controversial, but it was.

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Woah Woah Woah, it shouldn’t have been controversial???  But, but … race! How can you not mention race???  Yes, that shouldn’t have been controversial but it was. I had absolutely zero problem with players forming an all-black alliance just like I have zero problem with them forming an all-girl alliance. Cody put it best earlier in the season when he said people of similar backgrounds and struggles tend to merge under difficult situations. He said if he went into a room full of people, he’d gravitate toward the Marine-friendly area because that’s what he knows. I’d personally go toward the person wearing a Star Wars shirt.

Now, I love Xavier because I do think he’s a genuine person who had one of the best seasons of all time.   He built an alliance so tight that he was on the block 5 times in 6 weeks yet received just one vote against which was a pity vote. He threw virtually every comp he played in yet still had the house under so much control that he was never even looked at as a possible target other than from Claire. And she didn’t take him out when she could have because he was so tight with his cookout that Tiffany convinced Claire that SB was the better target lol.

Think about that for a second. He had so much control that players (Tiffany) were saying he is going to win the game yet she didn’t take him out nor did she have Claire do it when she could have.

And I know, people will say ‘but the cause’. Again, Tiffany threw her game away because she was convinced (mostly by X) that having an all-black final 6 had to happen. Just like he convinced Kyland that the final 2 had to be males due to the number of females in the jury house. Kyland threw his game away as well and X quickly turned around and knocked him out.  Do people really think if the shoes were on X’s feet that he would have done with Tiffany did to secure an all-black final 6?  No. He would have had Alyssa use the power Claire had to knock out his biggest threat and then shrugged it off.


The overall goal of the cookout was to make jury together which secures a black winner should one reach the final 2.  When the odds were overwhelmingly in favor of one of the cookout being in the final 2, X would not have thrown away his game to secure the final 6.

Anyway, I just rambled on the good of X’s season, but honestly, he is a large part of the controversy as well which was the most disappointing thing.  I am not going to lie, I was hugely disappointed in X when he went around dancing and singing about the ‘white people’ being kicked out.  While it wasn’t mean-spirited and it’s hard to describe the ‘non-cookout’ as anything but, it’s just not really something Hannah, Azah, Tiffany, or Kyland really ever mentioned or celebrated.

Again, anything X or D said/did wasn’t enough to have me screaming racism. I don’t believe any one of the Cookout are racist. It was just disappointing is all.

Overall, I’m just really happy the season is over, and hopefully, we can go back to seasons where friends are aligned, the house divides, and arguments ensue – regardless of color. This is the first season to not have some big argument and it’s just weird.  The closest thing we had to conflict was the Kyland-X thing on eviction night. Oh, and Big D and Tiffany having the occasional tense conversation which just ended up being Tiffany scolding D.

I’ll probably finish up my ‘end of season’ rambling in the finale thread which should be out around 8pm est. In that thread, I’ll likely get more into the positives of the great season.

See you in a few hours!

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