Your Source For Big Brother 24 Spoilers
Your Source For Big Brother 24 Spoilers
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Happy Big Brother Day!

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Hello Junkies! It’s time, baby! (sorry, had to act like the voiceover dude)


So, it’s been another long winter but the sun is shining and summer is officially beginning today for us. It’s not only Big Brother premiere day, but it’s also move-in day for the cast which is really great. I loved when they did this for BB-OTT, and it’s been one of my favorite features since (when they choose to do it).

It’s typically just a pain in the ass to spend the first few hours trying to decipher what’s going on in the house over the last week, so watching it from the start is always fascinating to see.


Before I begin, there has been a casting change since my cast release thread. Joseph Abdin will be taking over for Marvin who left the game for unknown reasons. I’ll just say covid because it’s always covid. Two years later and we can’t escape that damn virus. To be fair, it could have been something else, but I just default to covid.

I also want to introduce you to the premium status for BBJ. I am not going to spam posts with this all season. I mean I’ll have ads around the site promoting it, but I am not going to inject it into every post. That’s about as annoying as YouTubers begging for you to ‘like and subscribe’ every two minutes. We get it. If we like your content, we’ll subscribe. We know how YouTube works. Ooops, one post in and I’m already going off on an irrelevant rant.

Anyway, the premium status right now is basically just removing ads from the site. There will be little things added in the future like maybe special icons next to your name in the comment section and such. But I do want to make one thing clear – premium status doesn’t get special treatment nor will they have access to any private content. I love all the readers of Big Brother Junkies and don’t want people to feel pressured to become premium. If ads don’t bother you or you have a blocker, you’re probably not going to benefit from it right now (I’m seriously a great salesman…. buy premium or don’t. Up to you).

There is a link in the header, but here is another link for you!


Cast Thoughts

My first impression of the cast this season is it’s certainly a bit different. Much like BB23, there is obviously a lot more diversity, but there is a surprising lack of douchey-looking people. My only hope is that there are no ‘all black’ alliances this season. Not because I have a problem with them, but I don’t want to deal with people crying all season. Who am I kidding, people are going to cry anyway lol. I think the only problem I really had about the alliances last season was the super painful Tiffany/Claire situation. It was just hard to watch two people so close get split up over an alliance that Tiffany kind of hated (or at least half the people in the alliance).

Overall, I am excited to see another diverse cast. Having a cast of 75% wannabe models and actors every year just got repetitive and boring so early on this looks like another win for the show. (I notice every season Robyn doesn’t cast for tends to have some of the best casts – BBOTT, BB23, and now maybe BB24). The only cast Robyn had her hands in that I actually enjoyed was 20. The rest were pretty much trash.

Alright, as per normal, I’ll have a live thread going tonight and feeds should be active at some point tonight. I have the new ‘feed update’ section which is completely untested, but I’m going to give that a try for the first few days and see how you all like it. If you’re not feeling it, I may just scrap it and go back to what I typically do every season until I can fix the problems with the feed updates.

My goal for that was to have an easy system for people other than myself to add updates which will help a lot this summer as I am sleeping or working, so if you’re interested in being one of those people, feel free to reach out to me!


Alright, see you tonight!


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