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Head of Household Results

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If you were trying to access the site for the past 45 minutes, you probably had trouble. Needless to say, this site was slammed after the live show ended as a cliffhanger, and now people are rushing to find out who won HoH. Things seem to be working now, but here is an update…

Frank’s team won HoH

The feeds returned for a brief moment and Frank and Nicole were chatting about the competition.  By the way the chat was going, it sounded like they selected Paulie as the HoH


Here are some feed updates

  • 7:55pm – Frank is chatting with Paul and Victor. Victor says he needs to Rambo it the rest of the way. I guess he was cruising through the competition, but sounds like he fell off.
    • Paulie is on the couch chatting with Zaki, relaxing after a rough week.
    • And then he shares a moment with Nicole
    • Paulie is definitely putting up Vic. He may put Natalie or Bronte up next to her, hasn’t decided yet
    • He tells Nicole that Frank instantly smoothed it over with Victor before the competition. Apparently Victor was really upset, but Frank calmed him down and told him they wanted to keep the strong players in the house so they have better chance down the line. Vic bought it, or so Paulie says. So, there will probably be another week where the newbies are clueless.
    • James threw the competition, and everyone noticed I guess
    • Paulie told Bronte and Natalie to vote for Bridgette because Jozea was going home. He said if they vote for him, he’ll target them
  • 8:20pm – James is talking about the competition. He was cruising through (he said it was easy because of his Army training), so he had to slow it down. When he did it, Vic was calling him out on it, and Bronte did a sad sounding “James, please don’t throw this”.  That resulted in this…
    • zaki
  • 8:43pm – Paulie called to the DR. Getting his room already?
  • 9:35pm – James and Victor are chatting and realizing that they’re down to 4 (them+Nat/Bronte).
  • 10:15pm – Really slow in the house right now as they wait for Paulie’s HoH room. Except Paul hit his head and now he thinks he’s dying

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    Woooowhoooooo! Keep Rollin guys! Paul or Victor up next!

  3. Elaine

    It was interesting for Jozea to say he would find one person to buddy up with……gl with even finding that, if you do go back in….they may have to rock-paper-scissors or short straw that one lol. For now, he is out da door!

    • Renee

      Jozea will be treated like any other returning player if he gets to go back. The people that are still in the house always get the attitude that he already had his chance and blew it. Unless the show offers the returning player a week or 2 safety net, they will be targeted to get out asap. I hope Glenn gets back in. Despite his age, I think with his personality he could add some fun to the mix.

  4. Jannie

    Hi all…glad to see some of the regulars back! My cable package dumped POP TV so I have no BBAD…may have to get the live feeds. Are they worth it?
    Having a hard time getting into it this summer. Once again, CBS is going for idiots who have limited knowledge of the game instead of actual fans who would have legitimate strategies. Jozea was an moron who knew nothing about BB…he admitted the only season he saw was Nicole’s. Please don’t let him come back.
    And again, too many twists.
    I do like all of the vets that are back, especially James.
    Hope either Paul or Victor and his stupid man bun head out the door next. Natalie, Bridgitte, and Bronte are also clueless.
    And Tiffany is playing a very different game than her sister. She seems to be pretty smart.

    • Colby

      Welcome back Jannie! Good to see you back.

    • Clairebear

      Get the feeds! I think it’s worth it. I don’t even watch them but a few times a week, but I don’t always want to stay up so late to see bbad. I like checking in on them when I’m bored, hahaha.

      I’m with you! I do NOT want joz back in the game. He’s so self absorbed, it almost makes me want Frankie back. Barf.

    • Colby

      Jozea didn’t do well at all in the comps so hopefully he won’t win his way back in.

    • NKogNeeTow

      THERE YOU ARE! I’ve been checking all of the comments everyday, looking for my partner in crime! I was so afraid you had forgotten us.

      I’m back up to my old tricks…renaming people for my own amusement…lol. The Newbies, I call The Nickelodeon Gang or TNG, because they are so daggone juvenile and clueless. The Spy girls, I call The Bobbleheads.

      I’m wondering that since The Mess-iah is gone, are Pawwl and Slick Vic feeling the burn? They were SO sure of themselves. And I’m hoping that Bronchitis is TRULY devastated! She was so smug, not to mention nasty towards Nicole. When Bronch thought TNG had the numbers, she was staring daggers at the Vet side. Wonder if she’ll change that snotty attitude now. And the glares she was giving Zaki when she was talking about Paulie…Stevie Wonder could have read THAT look on her face. Van2.0 is prettier than Van1.0, but I’m not sure about smarter or playing a different game. She walks around the house in stupid hats and sunglasses, just like Van did. And she’s had 2 or 3 mini meltdowns already. I’m sick of her emotional crying already (“sumbody hert my widdle feelwings” ). I’m still hoping she doesn’t turn out like Van though. I kind of like her so far…minus the histrionics.

      Now as far as The Mess-iah being out of the house with a chance to come back, to put it in the words of Hellboy “NOW STAY DOWN!”.

      Welcome back Sweetie 🙂

    • Elaine

      Jannie~ I am in the same boat. I am not able to get Pop so decided to try the feeds. I am addicted enough that I need to see some of what BBJ is talking about. I for sure will get my money’s worth with the feeds and there are chat rooms attached as well. I like to go back to convos that are important that happen during the night…sometimes revealing. I recommend giving it a try if you have the funds to do it.

    • Avatar

      My cable also does not offer pop so I’m also really in the dark!!

    • Jannie

      Bwaaaahhh! Yes, I’m here! ?
      Looks like it will only cost $20 or so to order the feeds, so I think I will go for it. $5 a month for three months, right? Either that or upgrade my cable, and gawd knows how much that will be…

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Jannie: I don’t care how you get here, as long as you hang here with me this summer! I’ve missed you 🙂

  5. Avatar

    Paulie and Nicole good showmance match

  6. Clangley

    I don’t like the come back unless someone I like gets evicted lol. So far I’m happy with the 2 gone. I couldn’t even remember Glens name until I looked on the list above haha. Poor Glen but I don’t want Jozea coming back or Vic if he gets sent home next.

  7. Avatar

    How can they nominate Victor? Weren’t James & his team supposed to be safe for 2weeks or are they counting the competition with Glenn? Also both Julie & Jozea mentioned if there was a tie, Nicole would vote. How could there be a tie if 11 people were voting???

  8. danmtruth

    Victor looks defeated all ready Put the last knife in and put him on slop

    Bonticoris in full scramble mode Her and NaturalNat are trying to be nice to Nichole
    The game has started big time now

    • NKogNeeTow

      I hope Nicole gives them both the cold shoulder but I doubt it. It doesn’t seem to be in Nicole’s nature.

    • Avatar

      Nothing like the first blind side to wake people up and make them see they are playing a game. Some of the newbies came in like it was summer camp. Some will leave still thinking they were at summer camp. LOL. The game has started! Woohoo

  9. Avatar

    Tonight was almost as good as when Vanessa went out third last year. I think Victor caught a few flies in his mouth it was open so wide when Julie announced that Joeza was leaving. Ha it was great. This is the most juvenile behaving household ( save the vets ) I think I’ve ever seen. I hope Pauli puts up Victor and Bronte. Teach them both who’s running that house. Was anyone else watching Pauli watch Joeza when Julie came back with the announcement? It was all he could do to keep the smile off his face. I can’t believe Joeza still had the nerve to call himself the Messiah again. He’s so delusional. Funny I think it was last night or night before on BBAD that he said if he was ever invited back that BB would have to talk to his agent and pay him more. True he was talking about an all star season but boy he almost had to be held down when Julie said he might have a chance to re enter the game. Lol man him and his delusional followers are really pieces of work. Unless one of them lucks out and manages to win one the vets are going to take them out one by one systematically. I like the twists they’re doing this season. Something to keep it interesting. It won’t last long the way it is in teams right now.

    • Elaine

      Boy Jozea’s hugs goodbyes were Awkward!! It was as if no one knew what to do. Jozea’s interview with Julie was laughable. Motivational speaker was added to the list. Though I am offended by his messiah reference, I now want him to walk on water.

    • Renee

      Sandra ftsm, of course Jozea the Messiah has followers. Didn’t you hear they large roar of devoted fans clapping when he walked out, LOL. It sounded like when Aaryn walked out. There may have been 8-10 people clapping half heartedly and they were probably paid CBS staff. I think we will see a similar reaction when Bronte leaves since she has been making so many racial remarks against James.

  10. Clangley

    And where did the log in go??? Every time I try to vote it says I need to log in but I can’t find a place to log in and never even knew I had logged out last season lol.

  11. danmtruth

    Jozea was so excited about the chance to get back in .Wait doesn’t that make him like the vets who already had a chance to win but loss. Was not that his rally cry to get the TNG to vote out all the vets? Sorry messiah no do overs

    How soon till we get a name for the LadyDa and Zaki combo . They are becoming a powerful duo Death by Brown Sugar ?

    Math whiz Bontochitis now knows shes on the wrong side of the decimal point. Just a small fraction Her and slick Vic seem to be the two biggest targets. With clueless bearded one close behind. Did Paul not know that every week the remaining house guest all run with glee to the new HoH room. Shout and act like kids on Christmas morning All happy to see family photos of the new HoH . Can someone tell me which players applied for the show and who were just cast Because it sure looks like Paul has no clue He might be great at chess but your playing a game that you dont know which way the pieces move

    • NKogNeeTow

      Spot on Dan! I was wondering too, if The Mess-iah realizes he’s now a “Vet” if he comes back…lol.

      For Da and Zaki, how about Death By Chocolate? (One of the best doggone desserts on earth!)

      LOVED your comments about Bronchitis being “on the wrong side of the decimal point”….lol

  12. Avatar

    OMG…so happy to see Jozea gone! I was worried until they read the votes. Sometimes, you never know. Good to have Paulie in the driver seat and my man Frank safe for another week. I only wish the “battle back” would not include Jozea. I don’t even want him to have that 2nd chance. UGH.
    Totally agree the newbies do not have a clue about BB. SMH. Funny, we will be half way through the season before they realize they are playing a game! Then, it will be too late. They will be picked off one by one.
    I hope Paul goes before Victor, then Bronte. That is the most annoying threesome in the house so far. The “Spygirls” are just stupid. They will turn on each other. Hopefully, the FatalFive will survive. Most woman alliances fall pretty quick.
    Anyway…those are my thoughts for the day! Y’all have a great day!

    • NKogNeeTow

      I was on pins and needles with the vote too Tango. You never know when someone will change their minds at the last minute and I was sooo afraid someone would. And I think the only one who really wants to see the Mess-iah back is himself…lol.

      I hope Pawwl or Bronchitis goes first. Slick Vic can be easily handled I think. He’s more about ego than anything else. I think if they treat him as a pariah, that will work on his little feelings. He loves the pretty boy attention. Pawwl thinks of himself as Paul Bunyon, bigger and badder than life. Now Bronchitis, she just has a NASTY side to her. In spite of that fake baby voice, she is a shark. Just watch her facial expressions. Like I’ve said before, she has no poker face and it betrays her emotions every time. That will be her downfall….hopefully.

      You have a great day too! 🙂

      • Avatar

        I totally agree. Bronte is this years Aaryn. She is despicable! The things that come out of her mouth just make me mad. And yes, her facial expressions tell a thousand stories. It is unusual for me to have such strong opinions so early in the season, but I definitely have my favorites and the ones I want GONE.

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