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HoH Competition Results

The HoH competition is running over, and although I predicted Rachel will win if it’s a running style competition, the results are not in yet.  Follow me on twitter or facebook to get instant updates when the feeds are live.

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7:20 BBT – Still no update, waiting on live feeds.  Watch them with me here for free.  (3 days free)

7:25 BBT – Feeds are back up!  Here is your new HoH winner…..


And the feeds came up to Rachel in the shower very, very winded.  I mean they just ran a marathon, right?   By the way they’re acting, they did.  Seriously, weakest final 5.. ever!  Rachel even said Brendon and Jeff would have killed them in that competition, and she’s right.

Congrats to Rachel, the vets are back in control… until Pandora’s Box that is.   Speculation it will be something to do with Tori Spelling from Hamsterwatch, I wonder if she’ll be right.

Oh, and here is a special treat for the guys (or some girls, I don’t discriminate!).  Rachel in her bra if you’re into her.

7:50 BBT – Rachel and Jordan talking about who is going to go up.  They’re probably going to play it safe and do Kalia and Porsche.  If they try to play sneaky and do a backdoor attempt, it could backfire and wind up with Jordan on the block.

Adam relaxing after another competition loss

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  1. Comments (11)

    i believe rach has this one in the bag.

  2. Comments (1)

    Who won HOH

  3. Comments (1)

    Does anyone know who won HOH? The show was blocked in ATL because of a pre-season FB game…HELP!!!

  4. Comments (1)

    Rachel won

  5. Comments (1)

    Rachael won!

  6. Comments (216)

    Zero chance Rachel opens Pandora’s Box. Zero.

  7. Comments (3)

    SOOO exited to know Rachel and Jordan are safe one more week.

  8. Comments (1)

    Jordan and Racheal Remind me of ABBA.
    They had a blonde and red head as lead singers.
    “Dancing Queen”
    Go Team ABBA!!

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