I covered most of last night dramatics in my previous post, so there isn’t a whole lot to talk about here

I’m jumping right in.  As I type this, it is 6pm BBT, but I am flashing back 2 hours and going from there

  • 4:00pm – Julie calls the house into the living room
    • The house sits around awkwardly waiting for Justin who is in the bathroom.
    • Julie doesn’t want to wait, so she starts by congratulating everyone for making the final 6.
  • She jumps into questions
    • Shelby – How hard was it to see Alex leave. Shelby starts crying and says it was hard.
    • Kryssie – You were emotional as well, has this become more than a game?  Kryssie says she thought she’d be heartless, but here she has become the town crier
    • Justin joins and says he feels terrible for being late
    • Morgan – Julie talks about Morgan’s speech. She calls it pretty epic and harsh. Morgan basically admits she pulled a Meech where she thought she was going home
    • Jason – When the doorbell rang, who were you hoping?  He said he was excited to see Rachel, but he would have been excited to see anyone
    • Danielle – Congrats on HoH. How hard were the noms?  After the CP, she realized she was basically screwed
    • Justin – Are you aware you’re in the BB house yet?  (jk) She asked him what it was like to be on the chopping block? He says he was scared and thought he was going home
    • Now the news….
    • 7 Care Packages this season – The 7th will be delivered a week from tomorrow (none this week)
    • Lets them know about Trump. She says they’re probably the only 6 people in the world who doesn’t know who won right now
    • By show of hands, who think Clinton won?  Everyone but Dani raises hand
    • dani-trump
    • Dani says she didn’t raise her hand because she feels most supporting Clinton were her age and not as likely to vote (as the old fogies .. I added the last part).  Good observation
    • Here are the reactions when she finally told them
    • reactions-trump3 reactions-trump2
    • I am going to get back to this at 4:11.  The HoH is going on, so I need to skip ahead for this…
  • 6:24pm – Shelby is about to go….
    • 6:24:30 begins – 6:28:35 ends
    • shelby-hohcomp
    • Total time – 4:05
    • Jason begins at 6:40:35 – Jason loses
    • Shelby wins HoH!
    • Wait… Jason begins complaining about having the same problem Shelby had.  Not guaranteed yet
  • 7:30pm – We’re ready for final results…
    • Shelby 4:03
    • Jason 9:52
    • Shelby HoH
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Check back for updates