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HoH Re-Match, Shelby vs Jason



I covered most of last night dramatics in my previous post, so there isn’t a whole lot to talk about here

I’m jumping right in.  As I type this, it is 6pm BBT, but I am flashing back 2 hours and going from there

  • 4:00pm – Julie calls the house into the living room
    • The house sits around awkwardly waiting for Justin who is in the bathroom.
    • Julie doesn’t want to wait, so she starts by congratulating everyone for making the final 6.
  • She jumps into questions
    • Shelby – How hard was it to see Alex leave. Shelby starts crying and says it was hard.
    • Kryssie – You were emotional as well, has this become more than a game?  Kryssie says she thought she’d be heartless, but here she has become the town crier
    • Justin joins and says he feels terrible for being late
    • Morgan – Julie talks about Morgan’s speech. She calls it pretty epic and harsh. Morgan basically admits she pulled a Meech where she thought she was going home
    • Jason – When the doorbell rang, who were you hoping?  He said he was excited to see Rachel, but he would have been excited to see anyone
    • Danielle – Congrats on HoH. How hard were the noms?  After the CP, she realized she was basically screwed
    • Justin – Are you aware you’re in the BB house yet?  (jk) She asked him what it was like to be on the chopping block? He says he was scared and thought he was going home
    • Now the news….
    • 7 Care Packages this season – The 7th will be delivered a week from tomorrow (none this week)
    • Lets them know about Trump. She says they’re probably the only 6 people in the world who doesn’t know who won right now
    • By show of hands, who think Clinton won?  Everyone but Dani raises hand
    • dani-trump
    • Dani says she didn’t raise her hand because she feels most supporting Clinton were her age and not as likely to vote (as the old fogies .. I added the last part).  Good observation
    • Here are the reactions when she finally told them
    • reactions-trump3 reactions-trump2
    • I am going to get back to this at 4:11.  The HoH is going on, so I need to skip ahead for this…
  • 6:24pm – Shelby is about to go….
    • 6:24:30 begins – 6:28:35 ends
    • shelby-hohcomp
    • Total time – 4:05
    • Jason begins at 6:40:35 – Jason loses
    • Shelby wins HoH!
    • Wait… Jason begins complaining about having the same problem Shelby had.  Not guaranteed yet
  • 7:30pm – We’re ready for final results…
    • Shelby 4:03
    • Jason 9:52
    • Shelby HoH
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  1. Helen

    Well she had a good time….but Jason told Krustie he could do it in 2 to 3 minutes…..so ………

  2. Avatar

    This is definitely Shelby’s comp to win. Logic and games. But at this point I’m happy with whoever wins HOH.

  3. kneeless

    Oh dear God, another malfunction!

  4. kneeless

    I realize Dani is still very young & maybe I’m too old, but the girl never stops talking! I can appreciate her game play, for the most part. I do give her alliance members credit for putting up with her diarrhea of the mouth!

  5. Avatar

    I hate hearing Danielle talk, the girl never shuts up. She’s a big part of the reason why I miss so much of the damn feeds. Tape her f**king entire head up with duct tape.

  6. caRyn

    Chat – put Morgan up as 3rd nom.

  7. Avatar

    Tough noogies Jason, your ass sucked this time around. I hope Shelby puts Jason & Danielle’s asses OTB.

  8. Avatar

    So who’s going home next week? Justin? Krustie?, or will somebody make a big move?

  9. Avatar

    Krysse as 3rd nom, please, it’s time.

  10. Avatar

    With the last America nom I think there’s no way Kryssie leaves this season without being America nom. I’m voting for Kryssie and I hope people will finally vote for her after all we’re in the final six and I don’t want her to make it any further in the game. I say we finally put her in her place the BLOCK

  11. Helen

    They must be arguing about the mirror malfunction! It didn’t happen until 646. Which is 2 minutes past shelbys time. It does not affect the outcome of the comp…..let’s get on with this!!!!

  12. LindsayB

    I think we can all agree that this comp shouldn’t be repeated. Or at the very least needs an upgrade on the quality of all the pieces.

  13. GL

    Jason looks like he has an attitude

  14. caRyn

    LNJ viewers will vote Morgan 3rd nom. Morgan may be the 3rd nom by default if votes are split between which LNJ hg to put OTB.

  15. GL

    It is very interesting to see the LNJ take on this. They might have to finally take out their own. They were so excited in taking out Morgan and Shelby they never studied what if either of them girls got the HOH

  16. kneeless

    Looks like America’s nominee will be Morgan or Kryssie. My votes will go to Kryssie.

  17. GL

    Jason is saying how he never gets a break. What does he call the co-HOH?

  18. Avatar

    We need to unite and nominate Danielle.

  19. LindsayB

    We’ve got to wait to see who Shelby noms before we can know what we are doing for CP. As much as I want Krusti to know we hate her, Danielle is the better pick IMO. We will definitely need to be on the same page to beat the LNC fan base that are all gonna vote Morgan.

  20. LindsayB

    I wonder if they are gonna start kissing Shelby’s ass now or if they are gonna stand united and make a collective decision to not talk to her.

  21. Helen

    I wish Shelby and Morgan were not so naive!! How many times do they need to be kicked when they are down before they finally get the message…..these people will not make deals…they are just going to lie to them again

  22. Avatar

    I don’t know who I want gone more, Shitstain or the big mouth princess Danielle. I want Krusty ass gone too but she’s not a threat. Justin is just dumb, I’m not so sure he would be worth a crap even in a physical comp because there’s just not enough hours in a day to explain exactly what to do so that he catches on.
    Shelby has proven herself not to be the dummy that they thouught she was. I pray she makes it to the end because she deserves it. What has Morgan so far? I really wanna know….

    • LindsayB

      Morgan has been a good study partner. Does that count? I want her to stay because she’s loyal to Shelby but can’t beat her in the end. I don’t think she’s won anything.

      • Avatar

        Exactly, Lindsay, that’s why I don’t mind Morgan being there either because Shelby needs all the help she can get right now. If Morgan don’t win the next HOH that’s going to put her & Shelby knee deep in doodoo.

      • Mell

        She won a very impressive veto with. An amazing time. You know, the one Krissi almost died in. How could you forget us watching her close call with death on the live feeds?

      • Avatar

        Oooh that’s right, Morgan did win that HOH. I forgot about Krusty’s life threatening injuries to her hands that almost caused her to have to have a double amputation. Lol

  23. Shivani33

    Shelby has a good sense of who the better players are, and who to nominate. Jason could have tried to make a deal with her last night about the two of them working together to move out weaker players, and it surprised me that he didn’t feel that out before the second HoH comp was held between them. He also could’ve revealed to Shelby that he’d like to eliminate Danielle asap, rather than ANY of them being stuck trying to beat her at the end. It’s not too late for Jason to make some inroads with Shelby, even now. The problem is that Shelby might not be willing to bargain about Morgan…and I could understand that.

    By the way, Whitney guessed that if there was any sibling secret twist on OTT, it was that Shelby and Jason were sister and brother.

  24. Mell

    Alex and Whitney’s interviews are up now and so is a 40 minute recap episode

    • LindsayB

      I think both girls were really poised during their interviews. I really like that Alex found a new respect and appreciation for her sister. She still has to break some old habits but seems to really want to have a better relationship with her going forward.

  25. Shivani33

    Predictably, the 2 most likely candidates for AN are Morgan and Kryssie. Also, Shelby decided that Danielle and Justin will be her nominees, after initially thinking of putting up Danielle and Jason. She has time to fine-tune her nominations, as her opponents will talk more with her, to try influencing her. Except for Krustie, who thinks belching and farting have made her ideas loud and clear…

    If Morgan becomes America’s nom, she’ll really need to pull out a PoV win, as things stand with the votes.

    Late last night, Danielle and Jason talked about meeting with Shelby today to tell her that they want Justin to be evicted, but they’re unaware that Shelby’s primary goal is to evict Danielle. There could be some interesting discussions coming up today. Though Shelby seems to want to get rid Danielle or Justin because neither has received a Care package yet, I was more in favor of her nominating Jason and Danielle as more of a direct hit on two more powerful opponents. I do think it’s unfortunate that Jason and Danielle have planned on speaking with Shelby together. So much more could happen if Jason talked with Shelby alone.

    • Helen

      The problem is you can’t believe a word that comes out of Jason’s mouth! He doesn’t just bounce an occasional check…that is his BB lifestyle!! People have made fun of James for his check bouncing and his lack of play in BB 18 but really Jason has not been any better,and is in fact worse IMO….at least James occasionally kept his word!
      There isn’t one LNC I would cast a winning vote for…..maybe Justin and that is only because at least he has been entertaining!!

  26. Avatar

    I hope the lawyer comes out in her and she requests to talk to them individually. Interrogate them one at a time. I do hope she puts them both up. Let Justin be Justin. Let him feel secure so he keeps throwing comps. We can take care of him at the end if we have to. America may think he is funny, but I’m hoping they don’t respect his disregard for the game. If she nominates Danielle & Justin then I want Jason as AN. Lets see them turn on each other. Kryssie is a wasted vote. No one will vote for her to win. Switch cameras if she is being disgusting or mute her. Jason and Danielle are the bigger threats. Let whoever remains from LNJ worry about Justin. Im hoping they forget about the girls and star weeding out the threats on their side. Especially if they get the chance. Just me hoping. What harm are Morgan and Shelby to them? Not sure if thats a question or statement or even wishful thinking. We have the benefit of seeing both sides. The 2 biggest threats in the house are Danielle and Jason. The odds are not in our favor next week. Morgan needs to pull out a miracle. All i know is we have to stick together or Morgan will be AN. That would be a disaster for Shelby.

    • Helen

      Isn’t it about time LNC had to try to pull out a miracle? One of them needs to go this week to finally get rid of theses “sides”. It’s really too bad americas nominee didn’t end last week along with have nots……..stick a fork in it!!

      • kneeless

        I too had hoped America’s nominee would end as well. I wonder if AN will end with the final cp?

      • Shivani33

        @Helen The more that Jason and Danielle talk about what they plan to present as a “deal” to Shelby, the more rigid and less coherent it becomes. They want her to nominate Justin and Krustie and for themselves not to be nominated at all. ( This is their most recent idea.) “Roll over and die, Shelby, and do what WE want” is an utterly preposterous proposal. Jason is relying on America’s nominee being Morgan and said he won’t keep any deals with Shelby if Morgan can be evicted. Shelby already knows that. By coming to talk with Shelby as a matched set, Jason and Danielle will be making negotiations a waste.

  27. AIO_7

    Skidmark is up talking with Shelb and Morg right now. He is telling them that now his promises to them are “legitimate shit”, said it several times. What a shit stain. Shelby doesn’t seem to be buying it.

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