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It is so much fun watching Jeff and his lousy jokes rather than HoH competition

HoH Results And Live Blogging

It is so much fun watching Jeff and his lousy jokes rather than HoH competition
It is so much fun watching Jeff and his lousy jokes rather than HoH competition

As I am writing this, the feeds are down yet again. For the third time this season, they have left us bloggers hanging with spoilers when we’re usually allowed to watch the competitions if they go over.  So, if you’re looking for HoH results, hang tight and I will update this when I get them.


Also, there was a surge of traffic, so I shut down profiles for an hour or two. Once the feeds return, the rush dies down and I can turn them back on.

  • 8:00pm – feeds still down. An hour now. Sweet.
    • Can people tell how annoyed I am? First I can’t go to the beach today, then someone steals my phone charger, and now I get to listen to Jeff and his horrific feed recaps
    • If Jeff seriously the best they can do?  Is it Jeff, or does CBS write this stuff for him and he’s forced to read it?
    • As far as America’s Care Package. We officially endorse Paul as the person to receive it this week.  He cries about how he was put on slop for the first few weeks, so this should take care of that.  Save the good care packages for other people – You can vote here
  • 8:22pm – Feeds return
    • Someone is happy
    • michelle-zaki2
    • Natalie is a havenot
    • Paul won HoH. Pissed
    • Michelle and Da’Vonne are so happy. Everyone is so happy. They do realize there is nobody left to send home after Bridgette, right?  The get-along-gang is going to break up soon
    • Zaki havenot maybe, Paulie as well
  • 8:30pm – Nicole – “I can’t believe Frank is gone. He didn’t look very happy on stage”… duh
    • Michelle is talking about how she called Frank “Stank” during evictions. She is just not funny. Stop trying
    • Nicole – “Did they laugh?”  Michelle – “No”
    • Bridgette is in the kitchen with Z while everyone else is in the living room talking
  • 9:30pm – People are just hanging out now waiting for the HoH room.  Bridgette is mostly alone, though Victor and Nicole have been chatting with her
  • 9:40pm – Paulie is chatting with Corey privately. They are talking about how Bridgette will probably be nominated. Paulie is going to push for Day to go up next to her and go out
    • James comes in and Paulie runs it by him. Paulie’s logic is that Frank told Bridgette to work with the guys, so he thinks she’s a vote for them. Day is more dangerous (she is)
    • I would report more on the conversation, but I turned my fan on, and it interfered with my speakers. So, I had to refresh the feeds and it apparently takes 20 minutes to load for me.
  • 9:50pm – Paul enters the room
    • Paul asks them for help to assure Victor that he’s not going home. Paulie tells him that isn’t a guarantee if he’s on the block. The girls may turn on him
    • Paul says he wants to put up Day, but his goal this week is to waste the HoH and get Bridgette out because he promised James. James, the king of holding his word
    • They talk about putting two pawns up (Bridgette/Natalie).  Paul wants to have a guaranteed guy up there with him to play
  • 10:00pm – Bridgette mentions the game felt like throwing Pokeballs.  Hmmmm. I don’t know what to think about this considering the game came out after they went in the house. Granted, Pokemon was around a long time now, but just a weird comment
  • 11:30pm – Took a little break, let’s check in on the feeds…
    • Paulie is in the safari room chatting with Nicole and Natalie. Hopefully JealouZy doesn’t catch him
    • Natalie is not happy she may be a pawn. Paulie says Paul is leaning more toward Nicole. Bridgette is almost a guarantee
    • The group breaks up. Natalie heads to the bathroom and James follows her.  He is worried, and says he will be until he talks to Paul
    • James is going to ‘call in a favor’ for what he has done for the house. He wants to keep Nat off the block. But, I heard this statement recently, and I can’t pinpoint who said it… “In the Big Brother house, you can bounce checks”… Who said that again?
    • james-nat
      Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have bounced some checks
    • Meanwhile, most other people awake are in the kitchen
    • James said if they put up Nat, then it will prove there are ranks in the house and he’s at the bottom of it.
  • 12:09pm – Paul finally called to DR. HoH room time. Time for people to pretend to give a crap about the room
    • Nicole is talking about making a deal that if she goes up, nobody evicts her during double evic
    • Nicole, checks.. bouncing..etc..etc… c’mon. Stop with stupid deals

Paul got his room, and now they’re all hanging around. I have to sleep, can’t marathon it tonight. I’ll try to get some form of an overnight report up tomorrow. Won’t be as good as Amy’s


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  1. Avatar
    Kp23 (51 comments)

    Let’s go Bridgette!!!

    • Avatar
      Kp23 (51 comments)

      Quick question!

      I don’t have live feeds and on the shows she’s really nice. What has Bridgette done for ppl to dislike her?

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        I don’t get it! I think they’re intimidated by her strength and confidence to stand on her own even though she lost her partner, frank.

      • Avatar
        Kp23 (51 comments)

        She can do it. I mean she won that HOH and killed it in the arm HOH. She might have a shot

      • Avatar
        Kwill (3 comments)

        She seems really fake, sometimes. I noticed it before anyone in the house mentioned it. And then there’s the conversation where Paul is talking about how much he hates Tiffany and wishes she would die. Bridgette says she would resuscitate her then shave off her eyebrows.

      • Avatar
        Jiman Kim (12 comments)

        Its mainly Michelle. She was jealous of brig being with frank.

      • Avatar
        mr VHT (1 comments)

        I dislike her because when Frank told her that he put up her friend Bronte she snuggled up to him and said your the man Frank I trust you. I expected her to get pissed and send him home. She’s a traitor in my book

      • JadedMage

        bridget has done nothing to any of them except win some comps, the rest of them are just douchebags

  2. Avatar
    DGL1981 (1 comments)

    Hey, you spelled “Place” wrong under Frank’s name

  3. Avatar
    Cyn (782 comments)

    I hope Da can grab a hoh before she’s sent to jury. She needs to put that shady Nicole up!

    • Avatar
      Kp23 (51 comments)

      I’d love to see Paulie and DA up.

      • Avatar
        Kim Barfoot (2 comments)

        I was surprised to see how Zakayah was acting last night with the way Paulie was having the girls rub his hair and do his nails. She was acting way out of line. That is one showmance that needs to be broken up. I am sure that it probably did after the way she was acting. She is not as innocent as she is trying to make herself out to be. She is going to come out as a snake in the grass if they do not watch out for her.

    • ChiKelz

      Hi Cyn! I was wondering where my only “Da supporter” was hiding!?!? Go Da! I hope so too. I think her days are numbered whether she knows it or not!

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        Hi ChiKelz, I’ve been hooked on the jokers site that you mentioned. So I go back btwn these two sites for my BB fix:) Yea, what’s sad, she’s been trying to get back in Paulie’s good grace but they just won’t her out and she has no clue. She need HOH under belt as veteran though. I’m surprised her pal, James through her under the bus too. I’m disappointed in James. But I hope before Da goes, she can get that snake Nicole out first. I thought I would be rooting for Nicole because we’re both nurses. But she’s just sneaky and a liar.

      • Avatar
        Kp23 (51 comments)

        I’m not really sure why Nicole flies under the radar. She lies to everyone gets caught and only DA wants to do something

      • ChiKelz

        Cyn you are so right! James is a big…HUGE disappointment! WTH!?!?! Paulie is smelling himself and getting a big head. Even if Da got HOH I’m not sure she would have the additional support needed to make big moves and not be put out the next week. Yes, get that damn Nicole OUT! She is a snake!

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        You know the haters don’t want to see Da, win! But I’ll be rooting for her all the way. I also hope Bridge can get it, brake up some of these alliances that are sitting comfy.

    • Avatar
      SRP91 (106 comments)

      As much as I dislike her, I don’t want her out anytime soon. She’s the only one who I think will actually go after Paulie. She’s the only one in the house who doesn’t seem to have the “go with the house” mentality. So I’d like to see her going on a bit of a hunt and take out some people like Paulie and Rasputin before she finishes 4th or 5th.

      • Avatar
        Kp23 (51 comments)

        Point taken! Who do you think Bridgette would go after if she won?

      • ChiKelz

        @SRP91 I agree whole-heartedly! I’m just not sure how she can do it. Anytime she opens her mouth the HGs say she’s “causing drama” or “stirring the pot”! Then there’s a target on her. I would love to see her get Paulie OUT!! Paulie and Nicole on the block!

      • ChiKelz

        @kp23 I would like to think Nicole and Corey, but I think Da and Meech!

      • Avatar
        SRP91 (106 comments)

        @kp23: I would think that Michelle would be almost a sure thing as a nominee if Bridgette wins HOH, and based on how Michelle acts towards her, that would be 100% understandable to everyone. I think the other person she would put up is James. However what she needs to do is use that second nominee to further her game. If she puts up James, what she could do is try to leverage that into getting Natalie and James on her side. Sure them that she’ll pull him down if she wins the veto. Although those 3 really aren’t a powerful trio.

        I’d also think she should talk to Da’Vonne and Victor, and see if there’s a way they can all work together. Those 3 are all basically alone, and all of them could benefit from joining together. Assuming that happens, then the three of them have to come up with 3 targets that they absolutely want to get rid of. The first being the person who goes up next to Michelle (who should be a lock for being an a-hole) the second is who goes up if the original target wins POV, the third is who goes up if the second wins POV and takes the first down. To me it would make sense to nominate Paulie with Paul and Corey being the second and third targets.

      • Avatar
        Kp23 (51 comments)

        That makes a lot of sense!!! DA Vic and Bridgette would be strong and unexpected

    • Avatar
      BBLove (220 comments)

      I want Da’Vonne to win an HOH as well, and then a POV and then whatever power is left.

      This showmance season is driving me bonkers.

      • ChiKelz

        Me too! I wish she could have won the HOH last week! That would have been cool, but I think it would have still been the same outcome. (Frank going home)

      • Avatar
        Katheryn (20 comments)

        BBLove .This showmance season is driving me bonkers. Please break this up. This is Big Brothers not COUPLES!!! Dang!!!

    • Avatar
      Katheryn (20 comments)

      I am a Da supporter as well. She is playing the game.

  4. CLangley

    Mine is definitely loading much faster since you turned profiles off. Thank you for that Steve!!

  5. Avatar
    Steph (2 comments)

    Refresh, refresh, refresh! Come on Bridgette!! None of these people have a mind of their own. Shake it up, people! Play the game! Y’all are making this girl crazy!

  6. CLangley

    I agree about the care packages. Definitely need to save the good ones and the no slop should be for Paul. The poor guy has had enough slop.

  7. Bbbonbon62
    Bbbonbon62 (282 comments)

    I’d love to see Bridgette win HOH and watch the losers who hate on her so much have to kiss her butt. That would be priceless.

  8. Avatar
    Natalie (3 comments)

    After “officially endorsing” y’alls pick for America’s care package HG, if y’all would also post the link to vote then your endorsement would work out better! LOL I’m lazy, but if I had the link I would vote Paul!

  9. Jannie

    If Gidget won, I’m guessing she would put up James and Bitchelle.
    Although I’m not impressed with James this season, he probably annoys me the least of anyone in the house.
    I have no idea who would do it, but I want someone to put The Godfather, Zzzzz, and or Coery/Nicole.
    All of their alliances are so stupid and shady this year that I have no idea who would do what anymore.

  10. Avatar
    Kp23 (51 comments)

    Paul won? Let’s hope he doesn’t waste it!!!!

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  12. Jannie

    Bunyan wins HOH?
    Oh great, his ego will be bigger than the Godfathers…if that’s possible.

  13. JD

    Paul HOH now I am Pushed It’s the ego thing that gets me. At least it will be interesting if he stays house rat and give someone else his HOH or if he actually uses it. Friendship or Pushed we shall see come nomination time.

  14. Bbbonbon62
    Bbbonbon62 (282 comments)

    Paul is already set. He wants Bridge up with a strong guy as a pawn to win VETO. Victor told him NO so hez prezsing on Corey. His girl Bridgette has to go he promised. Promised who I don’t know, probably himself since he only hears his own voice.

    • Avatar
      SRP91 (106 comments)

      What a complete fool! Why on earth would he waste his HOH on such a small target? Maybe this is what’s best, he puts up a strong pawn just to ensure his off the radar target goes home, the rest of the house (Paulie) sees that as a chance to get rid of someone who could be a challenge, they take that opportunity. Rasputin is “pissed” that they went against him and he gets all of the blame for starting the eventual pick off of people in the house, but none of the glory.

      If Rasputin stays on this path, I really wouldn’t be shocked to see Paulie pull the strings to get Corey put up, everyone else will think it’s great cause Corey is so strong, Corey will stare blankly into space trying to figure out what the call Paris clue could mean? And Corey will once again not win a competition.

  15. Avatar
    SRP91 (106 comments)

    Great, our boy Rasputin won the HOH…

    After all his big talk lets see if he tries to make a big game move, or if he just defers to Paulie. My guess is he’ll do something ridiculous like putting up Natalie and Bridgette and completely waste his HOH.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Bunyon has said over and over that he wants Gidget out after Frank. The Godfather has repeatedly said he wants Da out. I wouldn’t be surprised if Paulie let’s Paul have one (Gidget), if he can have the other (Da). It would work out perfectly for Paulie. He could get Paul to put Da up and if she comes down, she would go after Paul instead of Paulie, because Paul was HOH. Paulie comes out with ‘no blood on his hands’ (I hate that term).

      • Avatar
        SRP91 (106 comments)

        That would make sense for Paulie, would actually be a great game play. I just can’t believe how the house this year is built on pettiness. In previous years people would look at Bridgette, see she’s not a major threat now and try to find a way to exploit her being alone for their own gain. Instead Rasputin just sees her needing to go because he didn’t like Frank cause Frank tried to save himself.

        Does taking out Bridgette get Rasputin closer to the $500k? The answer is a resounding no. And it really makes it more difficult for him because she’s a vote he could try to swing right now in order to do things to further his game.

  16. Avatar

    Ugh, Paul won? We get to hear his pissed, staccato voice all week long?! It’s time for him to put his money where his mouth is instead of complaining.

  17. Elaine
    Elaine (2413 comments)

    Okay Paul- “Ya boy” has to put someone important on the block. C’mon Paul, big move it buddy. Friendship! LOL What a doofus he is. Just saw the episode (delayed cause of politics lol). Hayden is looking good and I like the new haircut.

  18. Avatar
    Di (56 comments)

    I hope Paul doesn’t waste his HOH just to get Bridgette out. Sadly I doubt he would put Paulie on the block but I am still going to be hopeful about it.

  19. Quwana

    ughhhh Paul??? really??? I guess no one heard my prays oh well let’s see what mouth ole mighty has up his sleeve…Will he or won’t he get “blood on his hands” lol hmmmmmmm He really needs to put up James and Bridgette then win and use the veto to take Bridgette down and backdoor Paulie…When you get to comfty in this house the rug needs to be pulled from up under you and Paulie needs someone to tug on his rug really hard lol….Just don’t kick out Day lol as for the new idea of the packages I know which I am voting Day for (if she gets past the next eviction)…This would be great for her game I am sure of it…well until the next up date everyone be safe!!!!

    • ChiKelz

      Quwana; I agree with you! Paulie needs to go. I was laughing last night (in pure disgust) how he’s going around telling all the girls to volunteer as a pawn. If he knows they will be safe why can’t he put himself up there as a pawn? I would have made that suggestion, but that’s why I’m not in the BB house! I would have been out first or second round!

  20. danmtruth

    Is this the reverse twin twist left over from last year. We started with Paul and Paulie coming into the house separate but are now becoming one

  21. Avatar

    I was out tonight and missed the live show 🙁 , (but luckily Mr. Beans DVR’d it for me), so I don’t know what the Care Package thing is yet, but Holy Moses, is this house boring without Frank around. I wish the twist was “You are all evicted and we’re starting with a new cast.” Make it happen, BB!

  22. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, I called it. Just read Jokers. The Godfather has already corralled Bambi and told him that Paul wants to put Gidget up but he (Paulie) wants Da up and no boys on the block. He is now trying to convince Bambi that Da is going to try to get Nicole up, which makes her a danger to “them”(the showmances), so she has to go.

    Well, THAT didn’t take long. He didn’t even wait long enough for Paul to get his HOH room before he started running it. Maybe if someone smacks Bunyon upside the head, he’ll realize that the legacy he wants to leave would be by putting Paulie up.

    • Jannie

      If these morons(some who say they are super fans) would open their lovesick eyes, they would see that The Godfather is playing Derrick’s game…TO A TEE!!
      My Lord, he has changed his appearance, lined up his Cody(dumb, loyal and gullible Bambi) and his Victoria (vain, clueless, and lovesick Zzzz).
      Hoping Day will see that he needs to, she may be the only one who will see thru his game play.

      Btw, I did accept your friend request…my name is orange. Yea!
      I just don’t think you can respond on your profile when you get a compliment.

      • NKogNeeTow

        HELLO FRIEND! 😛

      • Elaine
        Elaine (2413 comments)

        Paulie is an immature wanna-be Derrick. Derrick controlled the house from behind. He moved around the group and made solid relationships. He subtly convinced others to make decisions, having thought those decision were theirs. He kept the language clean and was a pleasant person in the house. Paulie is a loud-mouth prick who tells people how it is going down. Derrick was head and shoulders about this idiot.

      • Avatar
        BB Bopper (65 comments)

        @Elaine…I agree completely, Paulie couldn’t even shine Derrick’s shoes. Derrick even said on the show when they interviewed him that he gave Paulie advise but he wasn’t following it. Derrick built a solid and faithful core alliance, built close fringe relationships and groomed Victoria to be his faithful lackey that would do anything he said and that he could use for an extra vote and buffer against personal threats when needed. He was NEVER put on the block which is an amazing accomplishment by itself. And he had the ability to get others to do his bidding without even being aware that they were doing it…he was able to actually make them think it was their idea. He was even able to get gullible Cody to believe he was doing the right thing in taking Derrick to the end instead of Victoria! It was pretty cool to watch and imho a very, very well played game. Maybe the best in BB history.

  23. Avatar
    Shawn (38 comments)

    These people can only pretend to like each other for so long. SCREW FRIENDSHIP!

  24. Avatar

    James & Nicole are sad ppl. They must be really lonely that they can only find someone in the bb house but James is just pathetic everyone sees she doesn’t like him another meg dumb James

  25. NKogNeeTow

    Does anyone remember a few weeks ago, The Godfather saying he’s NEVER going to be a HaveNot and one Slop…..AHAHAHAAHAHAHA!

  26. Jannie

    Pretty shocking considering he was “bred to play this game. ?

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  28. Colby

    Have nots are Paulie, Zzzz, Corey, and Nat.
    Since Paulie was first one out, who would bet that Zzzz threw the comp to make sure she was in the HN room with him, especially since Nat will be in there?
    But maybe not. Zzzz seems to be pretty bad at comps.

  29. NKogNeeTow

    The Godfather is pushing HARD for Da to go. He keeps throwing out names to go up as a pawn with Gidget, so they can backdoor Da. Just curious….why doesn’t his bold azz volunteer? He’s thrown out every name in the house…except HIS. He even suggested to Slick Vic and Bambi that they might have to….ChickenSh!t!

    And Nick is scared to go up as pawn, but she is reveling in the fact that Da will go home. She called Da a jerkface and said “she is going DOWN”! She says she wants Da out more than she did Frank. Bambi is saying he wants Da out bad too. I really pray that if Da goes up, Nic is sitting next to her.

    • Alda
      Alda (1849 comments)

      How do they all just sit there and let Paulie go on and on about who has to be put up??I hope Paul wises up and makes his own choices.And birds s nest is being a bitch again!! She is not going up!She is not volunteering! But,if deer in the headlights wants to go up for her that’s ok!! I can’t stand Nicole this season.I would rather Nicole go then Da.Shw says why can’t he just put up Vic or Natalie.Arrrgg!

  30. NKogNeeTow

    I wish they would let the Veto winner pick the replacement instead of the HOH. That would be interesting.

  31. Shivani33

    Paulie tried to talk Paul out of nominating Bridgette, saying that Bridgette wants to go after the girls and would be useful as a vote. Paul said that Frank told Bridgette to work with all of the guys, but not with Paul. That’s his rationale for wasting his HoH to target her. I think Paul might end up regretting this, and I really wanted him to put up Nicole and Corey. As others have said, I hope Bridgette wins POV if she is nominated and force a change in the plans.

  32. NKogNeeTow

    Ms.Nicole is feeling her Cheerios since Frank left and can no longer blow up her game. She just told Bambi she is NOT going up as pawn, and to go back and tell the boys.

    Zzz just told The Godfather that HE is the only one she trust in the house…not Nic OR Da.

    The Godfather has also said he will talk to James about Nat going up as a pawn. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. He’ll sell his daughter into child slavery before he lets his precious “Nat-Nat” go on the block.

    This ought to be gooood, seeing which one (Nic/Nat/Zzzz) will go up as pawn.

    Is it wrong for me to sit here and wish they could ALL be put on the block and just vote each other out?

    • ChiKelz

      @nkogneetow, no you are not wrong. I’m sick of all of them. These girls don’t see what’s happening. They need to be picked off 1 by 1 for being stupid. I’ve always thought ZZZ was a waste of a HG, but to say she only trust Paulie is sad. I think she thinks this will get her further with him outside the house. I promise you he won’t know her at the Finale! I really think he want’s her as bad as I want the plague! SMH Stupid or should I say PISSED! LOL

      • NKogNeeTow

        Right you are! And I wouldn’t bet on her going any further with him outside of the house because after he heard about her little jealousy tantrum the other night, he told Bambi and Bunyon that he doesn’t deal with girls like that “in real life”. He said he can’t be bothered with the drama. If only that idiot knew that she’s just a number for him…nothing more.

  33. Jannie

    The thing about Day is that she has the perception to be able to read people, but then doesn’t follow through with her own instincts.
    She would have been better off to go with Frank, Gidget, and Van2.0, last week. She probably could have gotten Bitchelle or maybe even James and Nat(who was a spy girl with Gidget) to join the group. Instead of pissing off Van2.0 to put her up as the RK replacement, Day could have gotten the Godfather or Nicole on the block and taken out a big threat.
    Her instinct two weeks ago was that she was the 5th wheel in the whole Nic/Corey, Godfather/Zzzz alliance. She also told James that those showmances had to be broken up. But, again, she didn’t follow through. It was all talk.
    Yep, it will hit her like a ton of bricks when she’s whipping her hair around sitting on the block thanks to the Godfather.

  34. Shivani33

    If Paulie gets his way, Da’Vonne will be nominated alongside Paul’s prime target of Bridgette. Paulie is campaigning hard tonight, going from person to person and talking about Da’Vonne. Natalie and James are upset that she’s been mentioned as someone to put up as a pawn against Bridgette. In fact, Nicole, of all people, approached Natalie and asked if she’d mind being the pawn. James is ready to go object about this to the guys and to point out that Nicole hasn’t been up as a pawn yet. He ridiculously thinks that he and Natalie are owed at least a week of safety because: 1) he did what the house wanted by using his HoH to get out Frank, and 2) Natalie has been the pawn before, so pick on somebody else. James is pissed that he and Natalie are being treated like they’re at the bottom of the pecking order. Well, time to wake up and face facts. James is pretty much at the bottom of the wolfpack. Even Corey has a slightly better standing in the good old boys’ club despite his vacant stare. P.S. How come no one mentions Michelle for the pawn, or Zakiyah, the do-nothing concubine?

    • CLangley

      I was wondering about Michelle and Z. Z can’t even win anything, she hasn’t made a move of any kind unless you count moving out the room when she’s getting jealous. LoL

      • Avatar

        CLangley, that’s not fair talking about Z not making any moves except for moving out of a room. You forgot her main big move is tugging at those damn eyelashes…

      • CLangley

        @ann that’s hilarious! What is her thing with pulling her eyelashes all the time? By the time she leaves the house she’s not going to have any left!

      • Avatar

        I think those daggone things are too long therefore causing the top & bottom lashes to stick together. If she can’t get them on right, she might try another brand or perhaps shorter fake eyelashes. She can either do that or quit trying to wear the damn things.

  35. Avatar
    BBFan4Ever (12 comments)

    Paul should stick with his get VETS out plan. Put up James and Nicole. If one of them win veto put DA up. Less blood good plan. Now that Frank is gone it works. Someone tell production. Paul needs his own plan. Let the game be played. I hate all this strategy about back doors and veto wins. Put the people on the block and make them won to save they a$$ then new plan. Or keep mom’s the same. Granted of showmance partner wins. Next nom

  36. Shivani33

    2:27 am – Paulie volunteered to go on the block. Soon Paulie and Corey were arguing to do it. The women approached to willingly go up were too uncooperative and/or panicky. This wrangling has gone on all night! Paulie is confident that nothing will effect his position, not even risking the block. At this point, it’s been so crazy, who knows who’ll be nominated to go up next to Bridgette? These insomniacs get so overwrought that the whole scene turns into a fiasco. It’s been a comedy of errors with lots of players saying way too much and holding new grudges. Paul was sitting around watching the show bug-eyed, wearing his HoH robe like at some orgy gone horribly wrong at the Playboy mansion.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Love your post Shi!

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2413 comments)

      Oh my, got a great belly laugh out of that last line. Spot on Shiv about Paul! The visual is killing me though lol.

    • Avatar
      SRP91 (106 comments)

      If Paulie goes up and doesn’t win veto then he’s going home. As much as Rasputin might want Bridgette to go home, there’s a reason no one else wants to be the pawn, because they know it’s a death seat. If it’s anyone other than Paulie, he’s going to push to get that person out. If it’s Paulie, Da’Vonne is going to push, and she can make a logical case. If I’m Bridgette I’d be feeling pretty safe, the house is about to start eating itself. The only person who doesn’t know it is Rasputin.

  37. Avatar
    Kp23 (51 comments)

    This is the most insane house yet!!! Let’s start with the obvious… If the intention is to go after Bridgette as she has no friends/alliances they are crazy!!!! Paul is always talking about big moves…he should put up Paulie and Corey. But nope he won’t because he’s letting everyone get their say. James is acting like a big baby…god forbid they be put on the block as a pawn after they were told by Paul they would be safe if he won HOH. Hmmmm how does that feel James? What would be great is they nominate Paulie as a pawn against Bridgette. She wins veto and one of their butts is going home!!!!

  38. Avatar

    I can’t believe Paul won. I feel totally blindsided. LOL
    After all of Nicole’s lies I am surprised Paulie is targeted Day and not Nicole. But I guess it’s because the of the showmance alliance. I am hoping Day is able to do something to save her game. I’m hoping she is still on good terms with enough people to pull in an alliance for the week. I just can’t figure out who would vote to say Day. With Paulie targeting her Zaki will vote her out, which just makes me ill. James will be pressured by Nat to save Bridge. Nicole and Corey will obs vote out Day. And Victor will go with the house. Mich will want to save Day but not at expense to her game. Bye-bye Day. 🙁

  39. JadedMage

    WHY WHY WHY did Paul win!!!!! Im just curious what lives in that dudes beard? and why was it all sparkly? thats just foul…yucky!

  40. Ingodog
    Ingodog (119 comments)

    If the house guests were the 7 dwarfs

    Floatly- Z

    Bitchy- Michelle

    Whiny- Nicole

    Dummy- Corey

    Dav- Mouthy

    Paul- Hairy

    Paulie – Bossy

  41. Avatar
    Jackie (14 comments)

    Don’t give Paul the care package… He will think he is America’s favorite. Just give it to Natailie.

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2413 comments)

      Nah Nat Nat needs to be on slop every so often cause she thinks she is getting fat….awwwww poor baby! LOL

    • Colby

      Right? His ego will become bigger than Paulie’s. He will ramp up that obnoxious behavior even more (if that’s possible) because he thinks we like it. He will think ‘America voted for me to get the FIRST one. America loves me the most!’ NO, NO, NO…no, no……no, no ,no………no!
      Not voting for Paul for anything except a trip home.

      • JD

        I can’t vote for Paul either. These people will take it as they are America’s favorite. Paul is already over the top that it doesn’t seem legit. Looks like he is putting on a show. He might be like that outside the house but he seems to be overacting so he will be memorable. During the veto comp when the music was playing he was bouncing so much. As I said it seemed over the top to get camera attention and standout. ZZZZ was sitting next to him and she was not having it. You could tell she was annoyed. Anyway his ego overacting doesn’t need a care package. There will be no living with him or Godfather if they think they are favorite. I say confuse them and give it to Bridge or Natalie.

  42. NKogNeeTow

    These people! THESE PEOPLE!!!!

  43. Jannie

    I agree with CLangley…why hasn’t anyone mentioned Bitchelle going up?
    Geez, looks like she has set herself up nicely to float to the end.

  44. Avatar

    I’ve read somewhere that these are the five care packages, does anyone know if this is true?

    Care Package 1: Never-Not Pass- Whichever houseguest receives this care package will never be a have-not again this season.

    Care Package 2: Eliminate Two Eviction Votes- Whichever houseguest receives this care package will have the ability to prevent two people from voting in this week’s eviction vote.

    Care Package 3: Super Safety: Whichever houseguest receives this care package will be safe for the week but must wear a costume.

    Care Package 4: Co-HoH- Whichever houseguest receives this care package will share in the HoH responsibilities, including making one nomination.

    Care Package 5: BB Bribe- Whichever houseguest receives this care package will be given $5,000 to bribe one houseguest in order to influence voting, competitions, the veto or nominations.

  45. kneeless

    Please give Paulie something for his throat. Not sure if he has allergies or if it’s habit but his constantly clearing his throat is driving me nuts!!!

    • NKogNeeTow

      It’s probably a reaction from lying so much….nervous tick. Have you noticed how when he’s lying to someone, he has this certain look on his face, like he’s studying theirs to see if they’re buying it? I was watching him last night while talking to Nat/James. Trying to convince them why Nat should be a pawn. He kept watching James’ face. Nat was looking “PISSED”!

      I think both Nat/James sees The Godfather’s true colors but like the rest, are afraid to call him out. COME ON DA…hijack his azz, because he’s coming at you HARD!

  46. danmtruth

    Voted for Paul for this weeks care package . Because like him its the least useful . That way he is elimanated from getting any other care package
    In a fan fav death match it would be fun to see Big Meech Vs. GidgetBridget . Yet when given the chance in the otev Meech came out on top. It was pathetic to watch her carryover the way she did about Frank. One thing production did not show the other night . It was Frank who told Bridget to go talk to Meech to try to smooth things over. Only for Michelle to pull the hurt lover Jerry Springer he was my man first logic

  47. Avatar

    Bridgette has been extremely fake. I understand that she has a “crush” on Frank but to act so helpless and dumb, that wasn’t helping her game. She also started using baby talk all the time and whining non stop. She literally made puppy whining noises as she tried to snuggle up closer to Frank. It’s sad really, she missed a chance to become friends with so many other people and she’s going to soon find out that Frank was using her and has a girlfriend.

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