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Where The House Stands Right Now

July 20, 2011 | 1 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

big brother adam in the poolIt’s been a pretty interesting week in the house, but if you’ve been too busy enjoying the summer like you should be, I’m going to give you a brief summary of the ‘going-ons’ in the house, which will include some spoilers if you only follow the CBS show.  If not, well then read on…


As you know, Keith was evicted in the house due to the flipping of two newbies, Kalia and Shelly, then Jordan won the HOH challenge that aired last Thursday.    The flippers were able to keep it a secret, and that resulted in a lot of finger pointed, speculation and sudden distrust in their partners.

The first challenge after the HOH came the food challenge, and this was aired on Sunday night, as with the nominations.   If you missed the episode, Kalia hurt herself in the challenge, but ended up OK, and Adam / Dominic just barely finished second to Rachel and Brendon.  Unlike the first food challenge where the top two teams won, this time the winning team picked the two “have not” teams for the team, and naturally they picked Adam / Dominic and Shelly / Cassi.

The tension in the house between Cassi and Rachel was so thick you’d have trouble cutting it with a knife, especially when Cassi finally sat Rachel down to confront her on the situation and ended up calling her a very catty person (Cassi is right).   Despite a large request from the Big Brother fanatics to keep them together so we could see some more entertainment, that has slowly died off, but when it comes to Rachel, the drama never fully ends.

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A few times since they’ve been in the house together, Rachel and Brendon have been at each others throats about some of the most absurd things you could think of.  This makes me wonder if they have a seriously horrible relationship, or that being a couple and going into the BB house has got to be the worst thing that you could do for your relationship.    Their main argument continues to stem around Rachel’s pet name for Brendon “Bookie”, it’s silly and pointless, but they will go at it for hours over it.

dominic backpack, big brother 13

Not an actual picture of the veto competition!

In the midst of the drama, it was time to see who was going to win the power of veto.  Naturally the HOH team (J/J) and the nominees (A/D) are selected to compete, and not surprisingly, Brendon and Rachel were selected at the third pair to compete in the challenge.

(pretend I knew about the actual challenge here)

Dominic and Adam – unlike the last nominees Keith and Porsche – realized throwing the one competition that is guaranteed to keep you in the house for an extra week was not a smart idea, so they went ahead and actual won it.    (based on last week, I assume they pretty much only had to struggle to beat Rachel and Brendon).

By winning, this set the stage for some serious waterworks coming from Cassi as everyone in the house knew her and Shelly will be nominated at the veto ceremony, with the target being solely Cassi to go home.

Cassi from big Brother 13 after the pov

Cassi realizing her time is coming to an end

The veto ceremony went according to plan, and Cassi / Shelly became the new nominees for the week, with no life jacket to get them off.  One of them will be going home tomorrow night, and all signs are pointing towards Cassi.

Counting up the votes that I am fairly confident on:

Vote out Cassi

  • Brendon
  • Rachel – These two are oil and water, no doubt about this one, and Brendon will vote with her
  • Adam – Adam is close with Cassi, but closer with Shelly and gave his word he’ll be voting to evict Cassi
  • Kalia – Like last week, she will play the floater role and go with the house majority
  • Porsche – like Rachel, has a personal problem with Cassi, and also has mostly been a puppet to her red headed master.


  • Dominic – This guy is hard to figure out.  He bounces from alliance to alliance. He has always been close with Cassi, but I think he knows he doesn’t want to continue to stir the pot
  • Lawon – Another who has been close with Cassi, and would probably love to vote for her if it didn’t put a target on his back
  • Daniele – I can’t see her making any big moves when her free pass will be ending soon, but I know she’d like to.
  • Jeff – While he is most likely leaning towards voting out Cassi, I am still not quite sure on this one.

Can Not Vote:

  • Cassi
  • Shelly
  • Jordan

So even if Daniele, Lawon and Dominic vote for Cassi, they’d have to pull in Adam and Kalia to win the vote because a tie would result in the HOH voting, and they’d likely vote out Cassi.  It would take a lot of work to get Daniele, but that would likely be Cassi’s first step.  Once she secures 4 votes, she may be able to convince Adam and Kalia to stay with the newbies and vote out Shelly.    So far Cassi has done little to campaign, but if she really wants to win and not have a 2 week vacation, she needs to start pushing harder.  I’m going to be watching the feeds over the next day to see if she actually makes a push for these votes, and will keep you informed via twitter or facebook.


You can also find out for yourself by joining the live feeds for 3 days free.

I hope you enjoyed my recap of the week.  Sorry I cannot give you a word for word transcript of what happens in the house.  I am trying to filter out a lot of the useless stuff to supply you with the juicy info.   Thank you for reading!


I forgot Jeff can vote, and it’ll likely be for Cassi which will also probably secure Kalia’s vote because she is claiming to just “go with the house” and play the floater role so she can extend her vacation before the veterans vote her out.

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