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The Hunt For The Mystery Prize Is On



Seeing as the houseguests were never going to get the clues on their own, Big Brother locked them all inside and showed a message on the screen saying “You may want to keep it to yourself…” “Clues to the secret….” “Are all around you”. The resulted in the house scrambling to figure out the clue.  It appears Paul found it, and there was a voice recording telling him instructions how to get into the secret room, but I believe it was near the phone booth, and Frank is hanging around there.  You can read more leading up to this in my previous post.  Now, let’s resume the hunt…


  • 5:20pm – Frank is standing around near the phone booth while Paul pretends to search for the clue
    • Paul says it is probably something they can’t figure out in one day and they’re making them run around like idiots
    • Paul pulls James into the HoH room and tells him he thinks he has it. Everyone needs to disperse and keep Frank busy
    • Corey asks ‘why dont’ you just crack it and end it’. It’s clear that Paul wants it alone, but Corey and James won’t leave the HoH room
    • Paul tells them he is going to chill on the couch and to go downstairs.  James says ‘everyone can’t be downstairs’ lol. This is hilarious
  • 5:30pm – Paul leaves the HoH room and says he quits.  He thought he had it, but doesn’t (he does). Now he is misleading everyone by talking about the planes in the room
    • Frank was outside, but Paul stalled long enough now Frank and Bridgette are upstairs. Paul is still pretending
    • Meanwhile, Corey and James are in the HoH room watching the feed that is near the phone booth
    • Zaki is telling the HoH guys that they wish they left his ass asleep. They’re getting frustrated that Paul won’t go through with it if he knows
    • So it sounds like he needs to dial ‘PARIS’ from the phone. It gives the secret message that a secret opening will appear, but if he’s not ready to go into the room, leave the booth and re-dial when he is ready
    • James apparently heard a bit of the message, like ‘Congratulations’, so he knows Paul is keeping it secret
  • 5:40pm – Bridgette asks if she can try something, he says he is trying something
    • Natalie comes to try something and he says ‘hang on guys, fuck’
    • Paul is in pure phone-hog mode now
    • paul-phone
    • Paul decides he isn’t taking any chances and makes a break for it
    • paul-tunnel
    • You can hear Natalie in background “Ohhh myy goddddd”
    • Paul is in the room reading the card
    • paul-card
    • The house is talking about it, and clap at Paul for figuring it out, but they can’t be too thrilled
    • Paul reads the card…..
    • (summarized)
    • There are 12 envelopes. Each houseguest may get one, but it’s up to Paul if he wants to tell them how to get in.  11 envolopes are junk, but there is one envelope that contains a ’round trip’ ticket that will send the person right back in the house if he or she is evicted. They will only find out when the envelope is opened on stage with Julie, and if they tamper with it or someone else’s beforehand (feeds cut)
    • frank-envolope
    • Paul returns and tells the house. They ask him what number he dialed. He said he doesn’t know.
    • Da’Vonne asks how many other cards he had to choose from. He said he doesn’t know. Victor asks if enough for everyone, he said he didn’t know. Bad liar
  • 6:10pm – Victor figured it out and has his card. I think everyone is going to end up with a card. The big question is which one is the good one
    • victor-card
    • Feeds on fish now

Personal update: Thanks to the person who commented yesterday on my Fitbit. I contacted them, and they’re sending me a new one. You’re right, customer service was excellent, so I wanted to give them a plug here. Thank you, Fitbit, and the person who told me to contact them!

  • 6:30pm – Feeds still on fish
  • 6:40pm – Feeds back and we get to see Michelle taking her turn in the Paris room, while Da’Vonne is telling Zaki something about Paulie and Nicole. I think the thing Frank told Da’Vonne while on the wall is finally settling in. Day mentioned something about Nicole feeling very comfortable or w/e and how Bridgette broke down while talking to Day. Unfortunately the feeds cut away at the most important time
    • Meanwhile, Paul is doing some damage control with the HoH crew for lying about the cards.  He is saying he was going to wait until Frank and Bridgette were evicted before telling the house that everyone could get a card.
    • Natalie knew Paul was lying because she could read him
    • Note – Everyone has a card now
    • Da’Vonne – “Of course they do this on the week he is going home… of course”
    • Paulie wondered if he should try to get everyone to open them at once to void them all. They agree Frank would never go with that.
    • Paulie is glad they have hope because he wants to snatch that away from them again.  (I am glad because Da’Vonne is realizing Nicole has been lying)
  • 7:00pm – Nicole is upset at Corey because he didn’t tell her the code to go in. Victor had to tell her
    • The two have an awkward conversation then ends with them sitting in silence for awhile.  Fun
  • 7:15pm – Michelle’s day is wearing on her.  She is crying in the storage room how she doesn’t want Frank to go home and how she doesn’t want Bridgette to hate her
    • frank-michelle
    • Michelle asks why she is crying while Frank and Bridgette are holding it together.  Frank jokes about how he’s a grown ass man, and if he cries, there will be crying Frank memes all over the internet rather than crying Jordan
    • crying-jordan
    • Michelle heads to the HN room to be alone. Paul comes in and asks if ‘shithead’ hurt her feelings.
  • 9:35pm – Back from a break. Looks like I’m blogging into the night because no overnight tomorrow. Amy is traveling up to my home state, but the opposite side of it, so we can’t meet up. Booooo
    • Anyway, Nicole and Corey are outside STILL talking about how Corey didn’t tell Nicole right away about how to get into the phone booth. Kill me. Painful
    • Nicole “This is dumb, they better not air any of this”.  I really hope they do
    • Nicole said if she can take it back, she would. Now they’re all snuggles.
  • 10:00pm – Corey and Nicole awkwardness is over, now we get to watch them eat ice cream or watch Paul and Paulie have pillow talk
  • 10:30pm – Literally nothing going on in the house right now.  Nicole and Corey are chatting, that’s about it

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  1. Avatar

    Eek…go away Frank the suspense is killing me!!!

  2. Avatar
    Esmeralda Rosales

    I kinda don’t want Paul to tell them I’mover houseguests returning

  3. NKogNeeTow

    Paul Bunyon finally won something, so to speak…lol.

  4. Painter1

    Funny how Frank is finally on the outs and now this NEW way to get back in. Could production be so transparent? I get hes great for TV but really?

    • Colby

      My thoughts exactly! Julie said they had 4 weeks to find it, yet they decide to push finding it now? And if Frank ends up with the save, that is serious BS.

    • Jenny M

      Well… remember when Rachel got to come back for a 2nd season, and even after she got voted out she came back, and then they gave her an endurance comp that they’d already done that season (hanging onto basically a punching bag, using mostly leg strength) that was obviously geared toward letting her win? That one really pissed me off. I think it was the next year that they cast her sister and as soon as I saw that I stopped watching. Only came back to the show because of Donny.

      • JD

        Rachel’s season is when I started to believe that the show was fixed. Whether you were a fan or not (I wasn’t ) she made good tv. How many chances did she get before she won. Your right the competition to make sure she stayed was the same one she won before. How convenient for her.

  5. Avatar

    I hope Frank gets it!! I knew this would happen!

  6. Avatar

    I was not rooting for frank initially but I hopes he can save himself this week. Paulie is sitting too comfortable dictating who goes up or not all the way to the bank! No one realizes this?

    • Shivani33

      Really late last night I heard Paul and Victor talk about Paulie very briefly. They have some ideas of their own. I think several others who really want to win would like to see Paulie nominated too, but only a couple of people (so far) might really have the guts to nominate him. My guess is that Bridgette or Victor or Da’Vonne would give it a try. Not sure if Paul would actually nominate Paulie or if he’d rather try staying in the background and just in case a Paulie nomination gets vetoed.

      • Avatar

        That would be interesting game move for Paul and victor. Because Pauline thinks he’s untouchable. The HG’s need to at least make an attempt even if Paulie does pull himself off, they’re safe after this week.. After this week eviction, the remaining HG goes to jury, right?

      • ChiKelz

        I agree Cyn. I think Paulie is smelling himself! He could use a good dose of reality right now!

  7. Avatar

    I honestly hope frank or Bridget don’t have the round trip I honestly hope day has it

    • Avatar

      Based on reading everything from today and last night, it would seem to benefit Day if Frank has it. At least in reading it, it seemed like they hashed everything out. If Frank goes right back in then he, Bridgette and Day can work together, right now none of them have anyone.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I wouldn’t bet on Da and Svengali really hashing everything out. At this point in the game, I don’t believe Da really trust anybody. And rightly so. She knows all to well how fast everyone can turn on you. And Frank knows too. Now that’s not saying they wouldn’t eventually work together. If they thought it would benefit their game, they would do what they had to do…but still not trust each other.

  8. Elaine

    Now they are in-fighting about who told who and when about the fact that more than Paul could get an envelope. Nic is having it out with Corey because he didn’t tell her soon enough. Paulie is threatening to rip open all the envelopes if Frank comes back in to make sure there wasn’t a switcheroo. Though I think Frank is good for the game, when he goes, it will be fun to start to see the others turn on each other. For the past weeks they have been bonded by the outrage over Frank.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I am looking forward to seeing Nic/Corey fight. It’s about time they get their asses in gear. Although in reality, we all know it will be the weakest fight in history. She’ll just sit there mad but saying that she isn’t, and passively pissed at someone who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. Then she’ll run off to Zzz or Meech and whine about how he hurt her feelings but she’s not sure whether she should stay with him or not. Sheesh! But, whatever it takes to get some excitement into that house, I’m all for it…lol. Besides, does she remember that it’s now every man for himself now?

      And The Godfather threatening to open all the envelopes. He’s such a dipsh!t! I liked him so much at first but as with Nicole, I’m over him now too.

      Meech sitting or laying around crying because Gidget thinks she’s a mean girl. She should have thought about that while she and Zzz were throwing away the cookies that the girl made (not that I’m a Gidget fan, dislike her the most out of all the women in the house)…but come on. How childish was that?

      Paul running around the house calling everyone else stupid because he figured it out first….Give me a break! This is the only damn positive move he’s made since he’s been in the house. Nobody really likes a snitch and that’s all he’s really good for. But if he manages to slide through to near the end then good enough for him. After all, they were so busy using him to play Inspector Clouseau, they get what they deserve.

      • Colby

        Michelle is a mean girl. It is no wonder she says she has no friends in the real world.
        Though she is now saying she doesn’t want Frank to go and wants Bridgette to like her, I more suspect she is upset because she thinks Frank may end up staying and will put her up. She is playing for sympathy.

      • Avatar

        Colby: You’re probably right. Although I suspect if Frank were to stay, and win HOH he has his eyes on bigger targets, why waste time on low hanging fruit right now when you can take them out at pretty much any time down the road.

      • Avatar

        Literally, just ten mind ago on the live feeds, she goes “Everyone elses talks shit about everyone, why does she see me as a mean girl?” Uhh bitch its because youre talking shit about her and bullying her and degrading her, Day never answered her at all. Michelles a bitch.

      • Avatar

        The whole time she was having her little cry and saying oh I don’t want people to think I’m mean fit, i was thinking she doesn’t care and she isn’t sorry. The only thing she cares about is what America is going to think of her! She not sorry because she hurt someone’s feelings. Shes sorry because we all see how she is!

  9. NKogNeeTow

    OMG, I was just looking around to see some of the changes Steve made to the sight. When you click “Friends”, the sub-category says “Friendships”…(Could Steve secretly be Paul?)…rofl

  10. Shivani33

    Nicole has lost her goodgirl image with everyone in the house. Is that a nomination brewing? Paulie, Z. and Da’Vonne are all disgusted with her right now. Paulie’s been giving her the silent treatment almost all day. Things are imploding for her. Paul calling everybody stupid seems to be his half-assed way of trying to get back in peoples’ good graces after he messed up and wasn’t cool with how he handled the Secret Room thing. He wants everyone to laugh it off so he can get back to “friendship” and being “your boy.” Where’s the BB doctor? Start with Michelle and start handing out the chill pills. The inmates are running the asylum.

  11. NKogNeeTow

    I’m sitting here watching BBAD and Nic drone on and on and on about the same old thing (Corey not telling her about the clue). Corey is sitting there looking like a coyote about to chew his leg off to get out of the trap. I was almost about to feel sorry for him, until I remembered….Oh yeah, he’s an idiot.

  12. Jannie

    Yup, Nicole was fun the first time around, but this season she is just annoying. She has totally squandered her second chance at the game. And it seems the house is figuring out her gameplay, too. Playing all sides of the house won’t work, sweetie. You’re not that good. Even Corey will turn on her soon, I think she’s starting to scare him with her neediness. And I totally agree that he is probably gay and she glommed onto the poor boy so fast he didn’t have the heart to tell her. Could be why he is playing like a deer in headlights.
    I never thought I would say this, but Natalie is the only girl in the house I can tolerate. So I guess, for now, I will be rooting for her and James.
    Just read through the last week’s worth of blogs…I don’t even know if I want to waste my time watching the last four shows, maybe just the battle back. Seems there are a lot of people here who agree that this is one of the worst seasons ever.

  13. NKogNeeTow

    Paul Bunyon and The Godfather in bed talking. They are discussing which order they are going to get people out of the house. They decide they don’t like Nat now because she’s trying to mend Gidget with the house. Godfather says he wouldn’t mind LETTING Zzz be the last girl in the house. Bunyon says that Slick Vic insinuates that she’s a floater and he says he hates floaters. Bunyon says to Godfather “But you need floaters”. Godfather responds “Yeah, you keep them around as long as you need them then get rid of them”. Amazing thing is, neither one of them just realized the significance of what they just said. They both then have a good laugh because Meech asked Bunyon if he said she looked like Buzz Lightyear and he says he told her yes. Godfather says “Because of her eyes”? Bunyon “No, because I don’t give a f*ck”.

    WTH??? Does every man in this house suffer from Big D*ck Syndrome???

  14. NKogNeeTow

    Two hours into the show and Nic/Corey are STILL talking about it, for about the 2.489.753th time…only in a more joking manner now. I am now at the point where I just want someone to pull a backdoor and either evict Nicole or throw her ass over the backyard wall.

    Sidenote: Is it me or are Nic and Meech starting to sound exactly like the twins last year? Nic: “Cooorrreeeeyyy, you can’t dooo thaaaattttt….Stttooopppp”. God, I don’t know whether I want to take an ice pick and stab myself in the ears or throat punch her. Will someone teach these Twitches sign language!?!

    • Jannie

      See? That’s why it’s the dumbest cast and season ever!!
      Arghhh! I think back just to the last couple of years…remember how much fun it was to love Donny? And really hate Christine? How funny Caleb was with his ninja moves? And how funny Zach was with his pink hat? And last year…it was so much fun to hate the Austwits. I loved Steve, loved Johnny Mac, and couldn’t quite figure out Audrey. But she sure was entertaining. And I loved to hate Vanessa, she really knew how to intimidate the other HG’s.
      This year I neither love nor hate any of them. It’s like “meh” I could care less who wins or loses. They all bore me.
      No one has enough personality to make the show entertaining. Give me some heroes and villains- someone who can keep their mouth shut and actually play the game. Not seeing it this summer.

  15. Shivani33

    As usual with Paul, he’s in one game scheme with Paulie and in another one with Victor. With each one he talks about when to get rid of the other one. He supports both of their ideas and desires convincingly. He’s getting through to Paulie about putting off evicting Victor for a few weeks. He’s a good train jumper, and though he’s an extroverted, often very annoying human jackal, a lot of it is a big act. He abandoned ship with Frank as soon as it was expedient. In some ways Paul moves like a smooth operator. That’s not too hard with the batch of opossums sitting in the house this Season. But when Paul perceives a power player, he gets that person to be his comrade.

  16. NKogNeeTow

    Nic/Corey in the back yard. She’s whining again. First about Slick Vic. She says he’s trying to start trouble and can’t keep his mouth shut and talks about people. She says she could never do anything like that (she forgets that she told Frank everything about Da…and then some). She says he doesn’t know how to play the game and repeats everything. She says he rus his mouth and she’s the one who gets in trouble. She says she would NEVER repeat anything anyone tells her in private (again, she forgets about Da). She then turns her convo to Frank. Says that when the Da talk started, she tried to tell him that James and the rest of the house was trying to get him out for the last 2 weeks, but he told her that it was originally James’ idea. She says that she TOLD him that it was all a ploy to throw him off, but he didn’t believe her. Then she says Meech ran and told Frank it was her (Nic’s) idea (Meech didn’t tell Frank, Nic did).

    Now she’s crying crocodile tears, complete with snot…saying that Frank and Gidget are after her and has told everyone in the house not to trust her (DUH!). Corey is consoling here and rubbing her arm trying to make her feel better. She’s saying that it’s making her look bad to America.

    PLEASE…If there is a God or Ghost or SOME kind of Entity….PLEASE LET THEM INVISIBLY THROW HER ASS OVER THAT WALL!!!! I implore you! I command you! I beg you!

  17. NKogNeeTow

    Nic/Meech alone in the backyard now. Nic is telling Meech how trustworthy she is and how she doesn’t understand why no one trust her just because Frank told them not to. They are both shoveling popcorn down their throats (Lord, please forgive me for what I am thinking right now). They are trying to out whine each other about how bad their day was. Meech, her day was bad because of that whole Gidget thing and she’s misunderstood. Nic, because of Vic and Frank. Vic is trying to get her in trouble with her relationship with Corey (who only has visions of sugar plums dancing in his head) and Frank, throwing her under the bus when he has “said nothing to no one”. She says whatever someone tells her, she just keeps her mouth shut (there goes that STM thing again…all those secret convos ins the SR where she filled Frank in on everything).

    Now they think that Slick Vic is really sweet but just a little bossy. Enter Bambi (Corey). The Twitches think that Bambi should take out Vic. They then start to bash Vic and blame him for everything that’s gone wrong since he’s been back in the house (he’s actually laying low and just trying to get along like Bunyon told him to). Bambi is telling the girls that when Vic gets into bed with them and lays on top of them, he ask them if they can feel his d*ck. Nic says she didn’t hear him say that or she would have gotten up. Meanwhile, Corey has this stupid smile (*cough*dreamy look*cough*) on his face….(visions of sugar plums?).

    Somebody please make me go to bed.

    • Jannie

      Go to bed! ? ? ? These morons are not worth the srress. But thanks for the After Dark play by play. I am watching my DVR of the convention tonight. You are making me glad that I no longer get POP TV. ?

      • NKogNeeTow

        I did finally go to bed, thank you very much..lol. You may not get POP any longer but you’d better not desert me :-p

      • Jannie

        This blog is the best part about BB. Look forward to you(and the rest of you characters) every summer ?
        Even when the season is boring and annoying, can’t stay away…

    • Avatar

      I got up a little while ago & have been reading & laughing my ass off. You are too funny. I was laughing while my 8yr old grandson was watching his cartoons & he would look up at me every once in a while til he finally asked me if I was ok. I said yes, Nana’s fine. He said “well Nana I thought you might need help, you scared me cause they say only crazy people talk to themselves.” I thought to myself I will be needing help before long if I keep letting these BB houseguest get on my nerves. I love reading your comments & you’re always spot on. If I had been up last night, I would’ve begged you to keep talking.

      I’m alive & kicking today & feeling better. I have epileptic seizures & whenever I have one it takes everything out of me. Sometimes I know when it’s going to happen but yesterday it caught me off guard
      big time.
      Anyway, I’m ready to raise hell again!!!
      This safe ticket crap chaps my ass. I’ll just bet that’s Frank’s get of jail free ticket. Why did dumbass Paul have to tell? I would’ve kept it a secret at least until Frank was gone.
      Where’s the Nicole that played last season? Corey made Nicole lose her entire mind.
      Dont you think James just placed a huge target on his back? Now when they get ready to get rid of james they’ll just say he can’t be trusted because he went back on his word & put Frank & Bridgette up after telling them he wouldn’t. Even though he did what the house wanted. He might even lose Natalie’s respect for going back on his word.

      • ChiKelz

        @ann I am so glad you are feeling better and back on the blog! Take care!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Ann! So glad you are feeling better! And even gladder that you didn’t leave us and decided to stay. Your rantings are right up there with mine and everyone gets a kick out of reading them. I have a family member and a few friends with Epilepsy and a sister who works for The Epilepsy Foundation, so I’m all to familiar with seizures and they’re affects. You just rest and take it easy and raise hell when you can…lol.

        I’m glad there is no one here to see how I act while watching BBAD. I’d be considered “certifiable”. I sit in front of the laptop while watching and say vile things to the TV, then start to type…..VILE I tell you! I don’t like to curse in real life, but sometimes I get so worked up, I have to look around the room to see if a truck driver broke in. Last year when Steve didn’t have any help, I would tape the show, go back and play it frame by frame and write down all the highlights then type them in the comments like an overnight report. Since we now have Amy, I just watch it live and type as they do/say stupid stuff (that’s why so many post late at night). During the BB season I get very little sleep once BBAD starts. I’ll get back to normal after the show ends..lol. To all those who get annoyed with all of my post, I apologize in advance 🙂

        I seem to remember someone saying last night, that they got the ticket, but I can’t remember who (another drawback of lack of sleep…memory loss…lol). Paul was trying to keep it a secret. He really didn’t want anyone else to know about the room but he couldn’t get Frank away from the phone booth and was afraid he’d discover it. I was under the impression that only 1 person could claim the prize but I guess I was wrong. I kind of hate the fact that each of them get an envelope. I think it would have been more fun if only 1 would have gotten it, then tell the others they had it, but not tell them what was in it. It would have driven the rest of them crazy, which is just what they need…a shake up. Something other than will or won’t they make it to Jury.

        I wouldn’t worry so much about James losing Nat’s respect. Heck, he’s probably the only reason her useless azz is in the house anyway. If you think about it, what has she done? Nothing other than her failed attempt at being a Spy Girl, which ended abruptly once Bronchitis left. And she was one who was gathering info to take back to Gidget. Her assignment was to get as much info from James as possible. The only reason she doesn’t need to do that now is because the girls have disbanded, so her only hope of going to the end is with James. If he ever wises up and cuts her loose, he might just make it to the end. If not, I think she’ll hold him back and eventually get him booted. He’s so busy concentrating on her and keeping her safe, it’s almost like he’s forgotten about his daughter (who last year, he said he was playing for). If or when he does kick rocks, it’s nobody’s fault but his own.

        Nat, Meech, Zzz, Corey, Gidget , Bunyon, even Nic, can ALL go at this point. They are dead weight and useless. Heck, I’d even take Slick Vic over Nicole. He’s annoying as hell and keeps sticking his puss in the camera, but at least he can play and win stuff. I say cut them all and let the REAL scrappers have at it!

  18. ChiKelz

    @NKogNeeTow I am soooooo over Nicole. She has been lying as much or more than Frank. She’s crying and has the audacity to play the victim?!?! Own it! UGHHH I want her gone. I think Corey is over her too. Nicole is beginning to realize her game is starting to crumble around her. I really think it’s karma for all the crap she was doing. I don’t like Frank, but for some reason I’m wanting him to go off on her and blow up all the crap she has been doing and saying playing both sides of the house. I don’t think he will, but it is wishful thinking!

  19. Avatar

    Stevebeans-how do you feel about Z an Paulie’s showmance?

  20. Renee

    It’s probably just because I’m getting older now, but I have so little tolerance for all of the whispering. I have to turn the television so loud to attempt to make out what they are saying and then someone talks in a normal voice and it sounds like their yelling. Since it is typically after midnight when I’m watching, it really aggravates my husband when all of the sudden it sounds like a person yelling in the room. Then the ultimate disappointment is finding out that the conversation wasn’t worth turning up any way.

  21. Avatar

    Paulie trying to get everyone to open the cards is a way of.controlling everything. Anybody that listens is really dumb. Nicole needs to stop playing the way she is because.people are on to her and Corey will not continue to associate with her if it means his game because it seems like he’s just using her for positioning in the game. I really hope franks card has the ticket and he goes after Paulie and Paul and pick up davonne as a partner

  22. Avatar

    Stevebeans love this site!! Been following for years now . This is my first time posting though… u and ur writers all do such a wonderful job at keeping us informed. This is also my first year watching live feeds and I’m loving it

  23. danmtruth

    Demi Lovatto Natural Nat separated at birth ? look her up and listen to her speak

    Ok people are finally seeing Nichole for who / what she is . A airhead who cant stop telling Frank EVERYTHING She willing throws her game to be with her human manikin Corey Yet he is just not that into her I like how she talks about how she can read and tell when people are lying This from the girl who cant hide her feelings . When Frank called her out during the HoH comp She look like she was trying to hold back a diarrhea attack
    Paul Bunyan Beard congrats you WON a comp that gave you no advantage . It would had been interesting if say he got to choice got to get a second chance . Better yet let him pull a person off the block the night of the vote

  24. Elaine

    They need to quite bringing up us (America) in almost every conversation. I don’t want America to hate me, I wonder if America likes me, I wonder if America will see this, America + Paul = friendship lol. Well America sees it all and she is fed up with all of yous!!

    • Renee

      I agree kneeless! I think we have been yelling for a diverse cast because any fan that has been around from the beginning is not longer in their 20’s or early 30’s. We want several people that we can relate to as well. BB has been one of my guilty pleasures since Season One. Each season I say it’s the last season for me, but like any other addiction, I say I’ll try one more season. I also agree that every year we all cry that it’s the worst cast ever, but like you, I have no clue who I’m even rooting for yet and it’s half over.

  25. kneeless

    Watching BBAD last night was painful but I was stupid enough to watch! Every year we comment how ‘this year is the worst!’ I think this year’s cast is THE WORST. We’re getting closer to the halfway point & I still can’t figure out who I’m rooting for.I was a Nic can at the beginning but… And, what’s up with her always playing with her hair, twisting it around, plopping it on top of her head leaving it look like a bird’s nest all the while checking herself out in the mirror. I still think that in the real world she’s a nice girl but the whiney, needy Nicole we’re seeing is not attractive. Don’t even get me started on her & Corey! I could rant on every player but today I pick Nic, I had high hopes for her!

    I yearn for the days when there were solid alliances of 2-3 who actually strategized, stuck together & didn’t worry about getting blood on their hands. I’ve said for years that the show would be so much better with a more diverse cast. They did a tad better this season with racial diversity but let’s get some folks over 30! And yet I am still watching! It’s a quandary! Thanks for letting me rant!

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’m right there with you Knee 🙂

    • ShoeLover

      yes, I miss those days. Pretty please bring back what Big BrotherBrother used to be!!

      as for Nicole, I want her hair!!! birds nest or a plop of balled up mess, her lockes are gorgeous and I miss my long luxurious blonde hair.


      • Jannie

        Ding, ding, ding…you are correct!
        I want real people, real fans of the show, people from 20-60 in the house.
        I want the good, the bad and the ugly. People with normal personalities who want to play the game because they have watched the show.
        I want scheming and real alliances.
        I’m tired of showmances and throwing away $500kfor something that won’t last outside of the house.
        Enough with these naive, show business wanna be’s.
        C’mon CBS, your fans from 2000 are grown ups, not idiots.

      • kneeless

        She does have beautiful hair, I just wish she’d show off her lovely locks rather than plunk them on top of her head! But, that’s just my opinion & I realize it’s pretty petty!

      • ShoeLover

        Haha! not petty at all Kneeless!!!

        it is annoying seeing Nicole scrunch, twist, tug from side to side her blob nest, then do a quick turn to one of many mirrors and do a “how do ya like me now” pose. haha! but yes her is very pretty!

    • Jenny M

      at least they aren’t playing Pot Ball every night.

      • NKogNeeTow

        SHHHH, Jenny HUSH! They might hear you and start rolling little tin foil balls. They almost made me throw out all of my Reynolds Wrap and pots last year.

  26. Avatar

    It should have been a prize for the person who actually found the room, but some random envelop prize that’s only good if you pick the right envelope and get evicted in the next 4 weeks.

  27. Alda

    Why can’t they have a season with everyday working people.People that work at Walmart,Lowe’s,McDonald’s.How about trash men,auto mechanic,barber,construction,vet assistant,waitress.Get some folks that don’t brag about traveling all over the world while they are still in their 20’s.I would love to have houseguests that love watching all the seasons of BB,and could really use the money to better their households,not to make themselves a TV star! Just sayin.

  28. Avatar

    Can anyone explain to me the whole ‘friendship’ thing and are people mad at Paul for lying?

  29. Avatar

    I don’t get this whole “Secret Room – Secret Envelope” bs. Unless you figured it out secretly and KEPT it a secret what was the whole point of the secret clues, the phone booth, the secret room etc. That probably cost a pretty penny to construct. They may as well have just put all the envelopes on the table and told each hg to pick one, save it but not open it and they will give them further instructions later. There was absolutely no benefit to being the first one to figure it out or the first one to pick an envelope. This just seems incredibly stupid to me. Unless there’s something I’m not getting. I get that it if Paul had figured it out and waited until no one saw him access the room, picked out an envelope and had kept the whole thing a secret….and of course if no one else figured it out, that it would have potentially been beneficial…but and that’s a BIG but only if he had picked the right envelope out of 12!!!! Does this whole thing seem as outlandish to anyone else as it does to me?

    • Alda

      I don’t get the logic in these envelopes either.

    • kneeless

      Kind of an elaborate set up just to have envelopes, is there possibility there’s more to the secret room than the envelopes? If production ever wanted to fix the outcome they could lock the HG outside, go through the envelopes & put the ticket in, let’s say, Frank’s envelope to ensure his return. People always speculate that production has a hand in who stays & who goes!

      • ShoeLover

        hmm.. thought that since the obvious hints were put out there, that maybe just maybe it’s NOW a way for Frank to come back. Not sure if it’s a good thing or not, just hope it’s not a planned production return.

        here’s to hoping some of the envelopes have surprises as well.

  30. Renee

    I would also like to see some type of penalty for anyone who purposely throws a competition. That drives me insane! Voting with the majority, thumbs down!!! How can we get excited when they are all sheep?

  31. Avatar

    I think it would be great fun if the CBS producers would get a wide variety of different people and post a sort of resume along with a short video and allow America to pick out the cast. We could vote in the different age groups, ethnicities, genders, backgrounds etc. that we have always wanted. And we would all be so invested in the players because we picked them ourselves. We could pick BB enthusiasts and the die-hard lovers of this game. I just think it would be a blast! What do you guys think?

  32. kneeless

    Does it seem like things have continually gone downhill after season 14? I know there were some not so great seasons before season 15 but season 15 really seemed like a turning point.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Was that the one with that disgusting Andy who won? I was so “pissed” that he won. He was racist, mysogonistic (sp), horrible to Alyssa and homophobic (even though he was gay). As bad as I hate to see money wasted, I just wanted to rake his winnings into a pile and set fire to it.

      • kneeless

        Yup, we had a loaded cast for season 15. Aaryn, the racist, Andy the art, Amanda & her no toy…

      • ShoeLover

        I think that’s the year we all started chatting about our personal lives as well!! Happy I can finally log in and use my phone during BBAD and enjoy all the funny comments that definitely add to this year’s season of folks who forgot to play for 500,000!!

  33. NKogNeeTow

    WHOO-HOO! I got a Friend Request! (Wonder if this is how happy Meech feels when someone says they like her)? Now I’m requesting friends left and right (won’t even acknowledge Friend Request on FB, but I don’t mind it here…lol). FRIENDSHIP!!!! (laughing maniacally).

    @stevebeans: Why does some member’s names show up highlighted and other’s don’t? When trying to add a friend, I can only access profiles of the highlighted names.

  34. Shivani33

    Between Michelle and Nicole with their nonstop neurotic whining self-pity, BBAD was often unwatchable for me. It is so boring. My solution is to go out on the patio and enjoy the night. Michelle repeated her Buzz L. Year story to people as their eyes glazed over. She is the only one who is keeping it going like a dog with a bone. Nicole is an even bigger pain, endlessly hounding Corey, and her neediness is repugnant. She could very well be voted out ahead of him at this point. All Frank did was point out the truth about her fear-based, vague tries at wheeling and dealing. She could keep busy doing damage control instead of moaning and groaning, killing off her chances of improving her position. I hope BB casting improves the type of players chosen and really takes notes that most viewers are turned off by the soap opera quality dodos eating up the screen this Season. This is too much like middle school. Please get more seasoned and strategic cast members who actually want to play…stronger personalities.

  35. kneeless

    I am not good with technology. How do I send friend requests for this site? I have accepted friends (thank you) but not sure how to send request. I do like the ‘friending,’ Notice how I refused to say “friendship!”

    • Renee

      Click on the person’s profile name on one of their comments. Right now, it seems like there is still a slight glitch. The only people you can add are the ones that actually an underline under their name beside the avatars.

    • Avatar

      I’ll bet you’re not as bad at technology as I am!!! Im still trying to figure out what the hell an avatar is. I was trying to wait for somebody as computer illiterate as I am to ask but I guess im the only dummy out there.

      • ChiKelz

        LOL! Ann! When Steve helped me yesterday and made reference to Avitar I gooogled it! I had no idea what it was, I’m not positive, but I think it’s the little picture by your name. I think!

      • ShoeLover

        nope, my son helped me with the avatar situation!!! it’s what you want as a profile picture! haha, yeah that was a slap to my forehead moment and in the background a “REALLY MOM”

  36. JD

    How can these Mikes not be able to pick up the whispering but when they’re eating you can hear every crunch, smack and gulp. Hearing them eat drives me crazy

  37. JD

    Another pet peeve is these people just talk about making it to jury. Where is the cast who sets their sites on winning? Once jury starts the floaters are not going to fight to stay. Honestly I don’t even watch anymore. Between Steves brilliant updates and reading everyone’s posts I can keep up with what’s going on and not have to waste time or get caught up in all the drama. All of you are awesome!

    On a side note I uploaded a picture, was told it was updated yet I still see the J

    • Renee

      So true JD!!! It is obvious that some of them know they have no chance of winning are more than happy making it to jury. I’m sure I wouldn’t mind spending a month in a luxury place receiving a stipend and not having to come to my real job. It always appears as if the jury house is some place exotic with tons of things to do. If they didn’t make that so appealing, there would be more people trying to win the actual prize.

    • NKogNeeTow

      @JD: “Another pet peeve is these people just talk about making it to jury.”

      It’s called “Lower Expectations”….lol

      Of course the floaters aren’t going to fight to stay. They’re greatest aspirations in this game was just making as far as Jury. None of the Newbies could see past that. They were all pretty much a waste.

      You might have to try more than once to get your picture uploaded. It took me more than one time 🙂

      • ShoeLover

        do the ones who make it to jury get paid? I remember hearing this in past seasons. I was really disappointed when that was brought up again. last year because that would explain why fighting for 500,000 isn’t a priority to the ones who think they no longer have a chance!

        Play the darn game to win not to settle for jury

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