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The Hunt For The Mystery Prize Is On

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Seeing as the houseguests were never going to get the clues on their own, Big Brother locked them all inside and showed a message on the screen saying “You may want to keep it to yourself…” “Clues to the secret….” “Are all around you”. The resulted in the house scrambling to figure out the clue.  It appears Paul found it, and there was a voice recording telling him instructions how to get into the secret room, but I believe it was near the phone booth, and Frank is hanging around there.  You can read more leading up to this in my previous post.  Now, let’s resume the hunt…


  • 5:20pm – Frank is standing around near the phone booth while Paul pretends to search for the clue
    • Paul says it is probably something they can’t figure out in one day and they’re making them run around like idiots
    • Paul pulls James into the HoH room and tells him he thinks he has it. Everyone needs to disperse and keep Frank busy
    • Corey asks ‘why dont’ you just crack it and end it’. It’s clear that Paul wants it alone, but Corey and James won’t leave the HoH room
    • Paul tells them he is going to chill on the couch and to go downstairs.  James says ‘everyone can’t be downstairs’ lol. This is hilarious
  • 5:30pm – Paul leaves the HoH room and says he quits.  He thought he had it, but doesn’t (he does). Now he is misleading everyone by talking about the planes in the room
    • Frank was outside, but Paul stalled long enough now Frank and Bridgette are upstairs. Paul is still pretending
    • Meanwhile, Corey and James are in the HoH room watching the feed that is near the phone booth
    • Zaki is telling the HoH guys that they wish they left his ass asleep. They’re getting frustrated that Paul won’t go through with it if he knows
    • So it sounds like he needs to dial ‘PARIS’ from the phone. It gives the secret message that a secret opening will appear, but if he’s not ready to go into the room, leave the booth and re-dial when he is ready
    • James apparently heard a bit of the message, like ‘Congratulations’, so he knows Paul is keeping it secret
  • 5:40pm – Bridgette asks if she can try something, he says he is trying something
    • Natalie comes to try something and he says ‘hang on guys, fuck’
    • Paul is in pure phone-hog mode now
    • paul-phone
    • Paul decides he isn’t taking any chances and makes a break for it
    • paul-tunnel
    • You can hear Natalie in background “Ohhh myy goddddd”
    • Paul is in the room reading the card
    • paul-card
    • The house is talking about it, and clap at Paul for figuring it out, but they can’t be too thrilled
    • Paul reads the card…..
    • (summarized)
    • There are 12 envelopes. Each houseguest may get one, but it’s up to Paul if he wants to tell them how to get in.  11 envolopes are junk, but there is one envelope that contains a ’round trip’ ticket that will send the person right back in the house if he or she is evicted. They will only find out when the envelope is opened on stage with Julie, and if they tamper with it or someone else’s beforehand (feeds cut)
    • frank-envolope
    • Paul returns and tells the house. They ask him what number he dialed. He said he doesn’t know.
    • Da’Vonne asks how many other cards he had to choose from. He said he doesn’t know. Victor asks if enough for everyone, he said he didn’t know. Bad liar
  • 6:10pm – Victor figured it out and has his card. I think everyone is going to end up with a card. The big question is which one is the good one
    • victor-card
    • Feeds on fish now

Personal update: Thanks to the person who commented yesterday on my Fitbit. I contacted them, and they’re sending me a new one. You’re right, customer service was excellent, so I wanted to give them a plug here. Thank you, Fitbit, and the person who told me to contact them!

  • 6:30pm – Feeds still on fish
  • 6:40pm – Feeds back and we get to see Michelle taking her turn in the Paris room, while Da’Vonne is telling Zaki something about Paulie and Nicole. I think the thing Frank told Da’Vonne while on the wall is finally settling in. Day mentioned something about Nicole feeling very comfortable or w/e and how Bridgette broke down while talking to Day. Unfortunately the feeds cut away at the most important time
    • Meanwhile, Paul is doing some damage control with the HoH crew for lying about the cards.  He is saying he was going to wait until Frank and Bridgette were evicted before telling the house that everyone could get a card.
    • Natalie knew Paul was lying because she could read him
    • Note – Everyone has a card now
    • Da’Vonne – “Of course they do this on the week he is going home… of course”
    • Paulie wondered if he should try to get everyone to open them at once to void them all. They agree Frank would never go with that.
    • Paulie is glad they have hope because he wants to snatch that away from them again.  (I am glad because Da’Vonne is realizing Nicole has been lying)
  • 7:00pm – Nicole is upset at Corey because he didn’t tell her the code to go in. Victor had to tell her
    • The two have an awkward conversation then ends with them sitting in silence for awhile.  Fun
  • 7:15pm – Michelle’s day is wearing on her.  She is crying in the storage room how she doesn’t want Frank to go home and how she doesn’t want Bridgette to hate her
    • frank-michelle
    • Michelle asks why she is crying while Frank and Bridgette are holding it together.  Frank jokes about how he’s a grown ass man, and if he cries, there will be crying Frank memes all over the internet rather than crying Jordan
    • crying-jordan
    • Michelle heads to the HN room to be alone. Paul comes in and asks if ‘shithead’ hurt her feelings.
  • 9:35pm – Back from a break. Looks like I’m blogging into the night because no overnight tomorrow. Amy is traveling up to my home state, but the opposite side of it, so we can’t meet up. Booooo
    • Anyway, Nicole and Corey are outside STILL talking about how Corey didn’t tell Nicole right away about how to get into the phone booth. Kill me. Painful
    • Nicole “This is dumb, they better not air any of this”.  I really hope they do
    • Nicole said if she can take it back, she would. Now they’re all snuggles.
  • 10:00pm – Corey and Nicole awkwardness is over, now we get to watch them eat ice cream or watch Paul and Paulie have pillow talk
  • 10:30pm – Literally nothing going on in the house right now.  Nicole and Corey are chatting, that’s about it

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