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I Guess It’s Time To Talk About Nicole & James



A few weeks ago, there was yet another rumor circulating in the Big Brother world about how James and Nicole contacted each other before going into sequester and agreed on a final 2 deal. I shrugged it off simply because I don’t think either player is good enough to be able to keep up such a deal without talking about it, mid-game planning, etc. However, after watching the feeds last night, I’m on board. There is really no other way to explain Nicole’s behavior as the season has been winding down.

There were many small things, but what struck me first was when Nicole was the leading charge behind the rally to keep James over Natalie last week. Seemed odd, and still does. I’m not going to pretend James is some beast in comps, but why keep the person who completely sucks in almost every competition?  Because she nearly won in like 3 of them? Not a good enough reason. There is an argument that she has more support in the jury, but I don’t think the jury is bitter enough to overlook the complete nothing that Natalie did all summer just because she didn’t screw them over (well, Michelle probably is, but I digress).

That leads us to last night, when the dust was still settling from the veto competition that appeared to have taken place shortly before the feeds returned. Paul won veto (after his HoH win) and nominated Corey and Nicole. This ‘lifeline’ he tossed James was in exchange for him voting the way Paul wants after he doesn’t use veto. Keep in mind, Paul can easily get James out this week by putting him on the block next to Corey. I think.  That’s what this post is about, and makes me wish Paul actually did that, just to see where Nicole stood.  Does she keep Corey and erase any doubts of a pre-game alliance with James, or does she remove her biggest competition to keep the weaker player?


We won’t know for certain, but last night gave us another indicator that the deal may actually be true when Nicole and Paul spoke for awhile and confirmed a final 2.  He told her that her best chance probably is against him, as the jury will look at their options between a ‘snake’ and ‘an asshole’. They have a roughly 50/50 chance at winning if they’re sitting next to each other, and I actually agree. Unfortunately for Paul, those are probably his best odds, which is why he wants to take her, but Nicole seems to think differently.  When she left the meeting with Paul, she sat back next to Corey and pulled a Nicole by instantly flipping on that decision. She said if she wins the final competition, she is taking James to the final 2 for some reason.


Not only does she once again screw over an ally, but it makes her look worse to the jury. She will pretend she used Paul and Victor and stuck to her ‘final 4’ with James and Natalie, but who is going to buy that at this point? She was the HoH who got out Michelle which made the James/Natalie side of the house weaker rather than knocking out a Paul or Victor. If she was really sticking to her ‘final 4’, she had one messed up way of approaching it.

Should Nicole choose James after all of this, he is going to have the argument that he played a (mostly) clean game.  He can say he threw the competitions to appear weak which was a strategy to get him to where he was. While Nicole took a big gamble by rolling with Victor and Paul for a week, James had a bigger gamble by just playing dead.  Needless to say, if Nicole picks James, she is essentially handing him the victory, but is that what she wants all along?

What, me worry?
What, me worry?

Let’s assume she does have a secret final 2 split deal with James. Her options would be a 50% chance at $500k, or a 100% chance at splitting $550k (the first and second prize). While a 50/50 shot at half a million is tough to pass up, it makes it much easier when you know a guaranteed quarter mil is waiting for you at the end.

So what do you guys think?

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  1. AIO_7

    Tuned into BBAD last night and was pleased to see that Goat Boy and Snacole were in no mood to blissfully snuggle and make sweet, sweet, coitus for the world to see.

    Rock on, Paul!

    • Jenny M
      Jenny M (1321 comments)

      AIO 7 that made me laugh! It was refreshing to see her wigging out instead of smirking.

    • Avatar
      HollyBeth (22 comments)

      Ewww and yuck and my eyes my eyes!!! Yes they did. 1am. Good Lord, their sex is about as exciting as they are. And poor Nicole!! Now, I don’t like her – but even reptiles deserve to experience all that their cold blooded lives have to offer. Snorey really IS just using Snacole, or he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Probably both.

  2. AIO_7

    ……”While a 50/50 shot at half a million is tough to pass up, it makes it much easier when you know a guaranteed quarter mil is waiting for you at the end.”

    Steve, there is one huge fallacy to your argument, and to paraphrase you from your previous post, “this is James we are talking about here.” I wouldn’t doubt that Snacole and Lames made an F2, and even to split the money; but to call it “guaranteed” is to grossly over estimate Lames honesty. Believe me, that’s a $250,000 check that lying Lames would happily bounce.

    • Helen
      Helen (5154 comments)

      I agree….I think they indeed made a F2 deal but neither one of them has any plans on parting with half!!

      • AIO_7

        Thanks, Helen; and I was also going to write that SNacole would bounce that check too.
        Having said that, I think Paul is right to want to take her to the F2. I think she would be the easiest to beat, and I find her, on the whole, less objectionable than Goat Boy and Lames.

  3. Avatar

    Have to disagree about James winning over Nicole. The jury knows that James has been playing a “Victoria” game, and they have no respect for that. James is guaranteed Nat and Meech’s vote for sure. Other than that I think the rest will vote for Nicole because they want a woman to win and she has done more moves than James.

    Also a woman has not won in 5 years, and a woman has never beat a man in final 2 in BB US. Production wants to change that. Also if you notice in last night’s episode, when Derrick was being interviewed, he was pushing for Nicole and boosting her up as a big game player. What a coincidence, since Derrick coached Nicole!

    Nicole and James both got coached by Derrick, and thats why they made that final 2 pre game alliance.

    • caRyn

      James may not get Natalie’s vote if James evicts Corey over Nicole. That will piss Natalie off. Natalie kept saying she thought James and Nicole had a F2 deal. Natalie will think James lied to her if James takes Nicole to F2.

      • Avatar
        HollyBeth (22 comments)

        Or Nat might consider the “if James wins, I win” scenario. Until the G’s are gone, of course. 😉

    • Avatar
      courtney goldstein (1 comments)


      If James take nicole or vice versa they lose victor and pauls vote- whichever one of them picks the other over paul- will lose their vote.


  4. ClaireBear
    ClaireBear (82 comments)

    I do think they possibly had a deal…but maybe just a joking one. I find it hard to believe that nicole could keep a secret like that all season if it were a serious one. We’ve seen a hundred times her tell…high pitched denial and deflection. But all in all, in her words, it’s all “super sketch.”

  5. Jannie

    I’ve been convinced of this for a few weeks now. Just too many instances where they protect each other for no apparent reason.
    I also wouldn’t be one bit surprised if CBS is helping them along.
    There have been many instances where I have read on Jokers that Nicorey and Lamsey laugh about splitting up the money all the time…and then they get fish.

  6. Avatar
    Franko (692 comments)

    Can they give half to the second place person. It would seem that it should be in their contract that they cannot do that.

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      They can’t do it but there are ways around it. Many believe that’s why Derricks dad bought Caleb a new truck. Derrick can give his dad money. A large sum was given to a charity that Zach is involved in also but it didn’t come directly from Derrick.

    • Helen
      Helen (5154 comments)

      I don’t think it is..that is why when they were talking about it out by the pool one day they got called in and had to retract,in front of everyone,that they weren’t really going to give each other “gifts”. Since that time,however, they have continued to make comments to each other about it and each time we immediately get fished. So,to me,that tells me production is well aware of what is going on and have chosen not to do anything about it.

  7. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    I don’t know if the had one or not but they have since day 2 in the house at the very least. I’ve never thought Nicoles dislike was over her flirting with Corey. I don’t think she liked having competition for James’ loyalty. I have also thought that was partially the reason Nicole wanted DaVonne gone. She has said she wanted to be the only girl in the house. (to Corey and to feed watchers) I don’t think this is by any means the only reason she has wanted certain people gone. I do think it has contributed to it. Corey became her first option (I’m not totally convinced of that tho) and James has been her back up plan. She wasn’t surprised last night that Paul wanted to keep her. She has been working on that for a while. She was the option for Vic or Paul if one or the other wasn’t there. Michelle or Natalie could have been too tempting for the guys to take if they were still there. I don’t like her at all but I don’t see her losing at this point to either. I also don’t think she would have lost to Corey if things had worked out differently this week.

    I think Nicole beats Paul as long as she gets DaVonnes vote. (5-4 or maybe even 7-2)
    I think Nicole beats James. (5-4 possibly 6-3)
    I think James beats Paul (5-4 but with potential for 7-2)

  8. Avatar
    Barbara Braendle (16 comments)

    Paul needs to take James to final. He is a easier to best than Nicole. Have to admit she is good on comps. She could best Paul.

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      I think if Paul takes James, he’s fighting for Paulie, Bridgette and DaVonnes votes. If he takes Nicole, he will be fighting for Natalie, Michelle and DaVonnes. (I’m making huge assumptions tho)

      • Helen
        Helen (5154 comments)

        Lol mix don’t think it will be too hard to turn Nat and Da with Fit Vic in the house. Lol. Nat has a crush on him. Meech will vote with her friend Nat. Da is the only one out of that bunch that is iffy to me.

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1321 comments)

        Victor might convince a few of the jury members to vote for Paul. He can be pretty charming.

  9. Avatar
    Zach (11 comments)

    Seeing Derek analyzing everyone’s game play last night and remembering how everyone embraced him as a nice guy and strategic player despite lying to and backstabbing people got me to thinking, again. He only won because Cody remained loyal to him and took him to the final two instead of Victoria.

    If Cody and Derek switched bodies, would Derek be the great BB games man everyone likes to paint him to be? Or a lying misogynistic user?

    Cody (for real)

    Derek (for real)



  10. Ingodog
    Ingodog (119 comments)

    Did anyone else noticed the elephant in the room last night when Julie was talking to Derrick? I was waiting for her to ask him about Paulie’s behaviour but it never came up.

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  12. Shivani33

    @stevebeans As an early graduate of the Alfred E. Neumann University, I offer you heartfelt thanks for the “what, me worry?” When I was three years old, Alfred taught me to read. He showed me that what one says to cope during any emergency is, “hey, Joe, you got any gum?” Although this old WWII joke isn’t up to today’s technocratic standards, Alfred remains one of my gurus and sends me an immense floral centerpiece to honor the start of every BB Season, even if I’m living in a tent down in Sri Lanka.

    I would say that if Nicole and James got into a pre-game or an early-game alliance, this would be just another demonstration of Nicole’s semi-alliance with P.T. Barnum, from the “never give a sucker an even break” school of thought. She’s a cagey little monkey with delusions of grandeur about being book-smart. That hallucination is in itself worthy of a full-length spoof in Mad Magazine. If she wins, I’ll smoke a Cuban cigar. If James wins, I’ll put myself up for adoption. If Paul wins, we’re having cointreau cake and a bottle of superb champagne. So, what me worry?

  13. Avatar
    Missyin74 (15 comments)

    There’s no way either contacted the other one and told them they were coming back. It’s against the rules and they would forfeit their Stiphens.
    That’s all hearsay garbage everyone bought into.
    They talked briefly–several times in fact and once while Steve was on vacation and the new bloggers never posted it –telling ea other they had Ea others backs. It’s been an agreement for a long time and never drawn out convos about it. Brief talks and that’s it. In the house. Also James has made some moves. He’s voted the way HE wants to vote and was behind Natalie in her HOH when she put up Vic and Paulie with Meech. He’s done more then he’s getting credit for. Nicole has done less than James actually in my opinion this season.

  14. Alda
    Alda (1849 comments)

    Corey will go to jury tonight with no blood on Nicole’s hands.She just spews venom!! Paul has to win this HOH.

    • AIO_7

      The thing is that no one in the jury house cares whose hands Goat Boy’s blood is on except Paulie.

    • Shivani33

      Haven’t you heard? How many times has she repeated from her self-written script that she and Corey “have never done anything wrong!!?!!” As for her venom spewing, maybe she’s secretly auditioning for Lynda Blair’s role in the new Lifetime movie version of The Exorcist? She and Coreeeey are faaaamouusssss, ya know. Just wait ’til she and Borey make an appearance at the Mennonite Country Food Store over in Sloven, a stone’s throw from Ubly, her aforementioned first thing she’ll do when she gets home. Probably to get some nice blood sausage, for oinking out loud.

  15. Avatar

    Is it possible that Paul is just telling Nicole that she is staying and telling Corey that he is going so that Corey doesnt study and is thrown off at the time of the revealed vote? It would be a just punishment for the Victor/Paul betrayal and I wouldnt put it past Paul to have thought of this.

  16. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Is it just me or does Corey look like he’s going to vomit this morning?

    • Shivani33

      Whatza mattah? Did he just wake up and see who he’s been sleeping with all summer?

      • Helen
        Helen (5154 comments)

        Careful there Shi. The Nicole police will call you out for being a “jerk” to her…..
        Facts are taboo…..

    • AIO_7

      Helen, on BBAD last night both SNacole and Borey looked mortified.

    • Shivani33

      @Helen I’m under house arrest for having had a Freudian slip and can’t go shopping until I publicly apologize to the good people of Snover, Michigan for misnaming their town “Sloven.” The Country View Bulk Foods Store thought police over in Snover found this to be insulting, although the desk sergeant admitted that Nicole and that tall Texan of hers were slovenly all summer because they kept having sex on tv.

      • Helen
        Helen (5154 comments)

        You are too funny….I starting reading that and got to laughing so hard my razzberry lemonade went up my nose!!!

  17. Avatar

    This is all about game play. Paul wants to take Nicole because he knows the house does not like her. Nicole also knows this. She feels that if she makes it to the final two that she has more of a chance with James then with Paul. If Paul is in the final two he wins. Nicole comes off as not the brightest bulb but she is a ER nurse. A ER nurse has to think on there feet and think 3 steps ahead. I think she is much smarter than she shows and that it her game play.

    • Avatar
      HollyBeth (22 comments)

      Believe me when I say that while many are brilliant, being an RN doesn’t mean anything. She did learn many manipulation tricks SOMEwhere, however, but she hasn’t fooled a lot of people. It’s been sheer luck she bagged a protector to fill in some gaps in her game. More than anything, though, I hope that when Snorey dumps her, Snacole will say, “Uh-uh, I was playin’ YOU, Brah!!” =D

  18. Avatar

    Each grabed onto a buffer, than at the right time Nicole gets rid of James’s buffer, while james gets rid of Nicole’s buffer..grin

  19. Helen
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Yeah I notice they are looking a little shell shocked!!
    They should have realized when they climbed up on that high horse it was going to be a long hard fall.

  20. Avatar
    bobo (55 comments)

    I wonder in Snakole really cares about Dopey? I find him about as appealing as pudding scum but can admit he is a good looking guy. He is going to have many women more attractive than Snakole hitting him up after show is done.

  21. Avatar
    Meagan (50 comments)

    Well, if Nicole wins I’d imagine that she also has to split the money with James (if there is a deal), not just the other way around. So taking him would guarantee a split. Not taking him means a 50% shot at SPLITTING the 500k…. technically speaking. 🙂

    For the record I don’t think they have that type of F2 deal but I haven’t been watching the feeds. I don’t really see how they interact.

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