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I May Have Found My Newest Bloggers

Someone submitted this to me, and it’s hilarious. I am fairly sure these kids know more about the game of Big Brother than half the houseguests this season, especially Natalie.


While Paulie didn’t have two girlfriends, I’m sure that’s a simple mistake because they were probably referring to Corey as his second. Especially after that fake tearful moment the pair shared when Paulie pretended he would use the veto on Corey if he won (this was before he took the veto from Corey during the competition)

I also found it funny they even remembered Glenn considering most of the house, and America, doesn’t.


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  1. Avatar
    Brenda (2 comments)

    priceless!!!! This kids really know better than the hg!

  2. Avatar
    Dee (21 comments)

    Paul is a man baby. Nothing like being a hypocrite and throwing a hissy fit like a two year old. How about being a manipulator right now you jack**

  3. Avatar
    Mary (1 comments)

    I seriously highly dislike Paul. He is as bad as Paulie!!! He really needs to go but to bad he isn’t.

  4. Avatar
    Lina N (43 comments)

    I just hope and pray that the winds the battle back again. He is the true game where the season he makes it worth watching. Love Paul hated him at first but he is really made the show entertaining.

  5. Avatar
    Ella (78 comments)

    Paul was so annoying to me at the beginning, but I have grown to admire his game play. I am glad he calls people out. Nicole is such a whiner! She can’t handle it when her name is put into any conversation. Hope the winds shift again in the house and the showmances will be history. Nicole first!

    • Avatar
      BBLove (220 comments)

      I agree wholeheartedly with Ella. Paul has grown on me as well. He started off as a weekly pawn and used a killer social game to keep the target off of his back for most of the game. That is not easy to do. And now that people are targeting him, he calls them out in a way that makes them cower. I think this season is turning out to be a yawn-fest and surprisingly, Paul is the only remaining person I am honestly rooting for to win.

  6. Shivani33

    Natalie has been asking James how come he is always defending Nicole and whether there’s a secret final two agreement between them. He’s been hedging and shuffling around like a freaked out munchkin while Natalie digs at him and he tries to keep it funny. Here’s hoping she trusts that instinct and uses it to play the game. Maybe she could wreck two b.s. romances and get rid of a great big, steaming heap of boredom.

  7. Jannie

    My dream scenario would be for Vic to get evicted, get back in the game, win HOH and immediately put Lames and Tickole on the block.
    Lames(who now thinks he’s a BB guru) is certain there will be no buyback. I want to see his jaw drop.

  8. Shivani33

    Victor is getting ready to talk with James about keeping him. He doesn’t want to bother talking to Natalie about it. He and Paul said that they’re pretty sure that they’re screwed this week, so Victor is expecting no change to come from James. Now Paul says that he doesn’t trust James or Natalie and that if Victor goes, he’ll try working with Nicorey. Paul has said that Michelle is the worst person in the house and sees no use in trying to involve her in anything.

  9. Amberchelly

    For the episode tonight I got such a kick out of the announcer voice saying “Natalie” and “Nicorey.” Anyone else?

  10. caRyn

    On the episode tonight it was upsetting that Corey and Nicole weren’t stopping what they were doing to listen to the clues for the veto comp. Even if Corey didn’t think he had anything to worry about – it is a game that the hg signed up for. That is crazy to me. So what if you miss some sleep (or showmance time) when all the hg do in the house is eat and sleep. Some shower. A shower was forced on James with the storm comp. I had to laugh at that. Js. When Paul was confronting Nicole I was hoping that specifics came to light. If so, that might have changed the thoughts of James and Natalie.

    • Amberchelly

      I was also very disappointed by them. Corey saying “who cares?” Well buddy you are in the running for 500,000!!! Wake up!

      • kneeless

        The only thing Corey has cared about all summer is Nicole & Paulie. He has been a waste of a HGTV. On BRAD last night I thought it was funny when Nicorey came down from the HOTEL room, Nick was saying how ‘sassy’ she had been upstairs. Nicole, I don’t think anyone is too threatened by you! I hope Paul & Vic’s plan works! I doubt it will but one can hope!

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  12. Shivani33

    Victor is doing pretty well with convincing James, Michelle and Natalie that he’s down on Paul now and that Paul has jumped ship to unite with Corey and Nicole and has left Victor in the dust to be evicted. Paul is in on Victor’s plan and is acting like Corey and Nicole are his new best friends. Victor’s effort to get Corey evicted instead of him seems to have Natalie and Michelle on board. But James isn’t as convinced so far. He has been taking it in quietly and making noises as if he agrees. He’ll probably be sure to check this out with Nicole before he would change his vote. Natalie has said more than once today that if James messes with her game, she is done with him. Right now she acts like she’d like to keep Victor to go after Paul and Nicole next. Meanwhile, Paul has Corey becoming more & more anti-James.

  13. Shivani33

    Now James wants Nicole and Corey to come up to the HOH room and talk with everybody, meaning him and the Co-HOH gals.

  14. Shivani33

    Well, right now it doesn’t look like James and Nicole are buying what Victor and Paul have been trying to sell.

    • Avatar

      I should’ve known it was too good to be true.

    • Mello_One

      @ Shivani33
      Especially James isn’t buying the deal with Victor, which makes me know he & Nicole have a F2 deal! Meech & Nat Nat go with whatever way the wind is blowing! That’s why I “know” Victor was supposed to get last weeks Care Package, & not Meech! They knew Meech would be all over the Place, & is easily swayed!

      Don’t forget to Vote Paul for the Care Package on August 25 & 26

      • Shivani33

        Yes. Victor’s pitch was doomed before he even started. He couldn’t influence James, who could hardly wait to get with Nicole and reaffirm their plans to keep Corey. Even still, Victor did his best. Maybe he can get an Emmy award! I don’t think that Natalie is that happy about James so obviously sticking up for Nicole at every turn, but so far she’s letting him be her captain. There could be trouble brewing between Natalie and James over this, but it might be too little, too late. One way that everyone is united is that all want to evict Paul next, after Victor. Damn it.

  15. Kari B
    Kari B (821 comments)

    I think I’m a comment virgin compared to y’all, lol..

    Hello and good evening from my porch in warm Seattle! 😉 11pm here, what’s the scoop?

  16. Mello_One

    Meech blames Paul for the Eviction of Day, but little does she know that James was very Instrumental in Day getting Evicted. After Day went to James, and said we gotta do something about the Couples, ( bad move by Day, btw) he ran directly to Paulie & told him what she said.

    Then while Day was on the Block, James could not be straight up with her, and tell her that they are voting you out. Instead he told Day moments before she was Evicted.

  17. Mello_One

    Its amazing to me that James & Nicole have not been on the Block at all this Season…I’m will Evel Dick on this one, I believe James & Nic had an agreement, not to put each other on the Block, and a F2 agreement. I am personally hoping that neither one of them get to F2, both James & Nicole have laid around all Summer long, with Showmances, while others played the Game for them?!

    And why exactly is Nicole so protective of Corey, she acts like he is her Fiance’?! “Corey better NOT be going Hon the Block, & I’m going to see to it that Corey doesn’t go home!” Oh Brother…Nicole outta everyone has been the biggest disappointment on BB this Summer.

  18. Mello_One

    Did anyone else hear what Corey said to Victor??? Corey said that the Last Time they Closed Up the Backyard on a Tuesday is when YOU CAME BACK!” Why isn’t Victor telling James this???!!!

  19. Avatar

    michelle as a dietitian is eating so much sh..i can’t stand her crunching all the time..she’s so annoying!!!!

  20. Alda
    Alda (1952 comments)

    I don’t know if I want them to keep Victor or vote him out and he come right back.If he leaves and wins the buy back won’t that shake up the house more?James doesn’t want Vic in the house because of his jealousy of Nat’s crush on Vic.Plus I’m sure he has a F2 deal with Nicole.I can’t stomach looking at her.She tries to come off like a little goody two shoes when she is far from it!One of the other sites were talking about Nicorey having sex,then wiping herself off with a towel.Have they ever washed those sheets?Disgusting.Tonight ought to prove exciting.Whatever happens,Victor needs to be in the house and either him or Paul need to win HOH.

  21. Avatar
    Ella (78 comments)

    Unfortunately the showmances have the numbers. Paul is alone and even Michelle is ready for him to go. I don’t see a returning jury member being effective unless there is an HOH win. This is another time of the duds having numbers, floating to the end. The ousted players only have themselves to blame. Paul originally said get out all the vets. Day talked of breaking up couples. Unfortunately, not enough vets went out and not enough couples were broken apart. Corey’s cocky attitude that he didn’t need to win veto because he is safe, just bugged me. Too bad James doesn’t see him and Nicole as a threat. Would love to see him walk out the door. Wishful thinking I know.

  22. kneeless

    Michelle could easily win the “most frustrating houseguest” of the season. Between her flip flopping all over the place, her desire to be liked, her eating – good lord, let’s not get started on that, & everything else, she’doesn’t win hands down. Oh wait, I forgot the biggest thing, her crying!

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