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I’m Back! Updates Coming Soon


First, I want to thank Mel for stepping up to the plate and providing updates while I was gone. That was absolutely huge and took a boatload of stress from me considering Celebrity Big Brother started while I was on an already planned vacation. I tried to even do live updates but my xfinity app wouldn’t let me live stream the episodes even with a VPN. There may have been other ways, but I’m a dummy and couldn’t think of any.

I haven’t had much time to follow the show, but I plan on binging on the episodes today as well as providing feed updates. I am also going to seek out some highlights for the last few days and post timestamps, screenshots, and all that fun stuff. People have also asked about the top bar thing if I’m going to be updating that this year (the one with the faces) and the answer is yes!  I will have that updates with the current noms, evicted player, etc today. Also, before I left, I started an official BBJ instagram page that you can follow for screenshots of the season. You can follow it here. It’s dead for now, but I’ll be posting screenies there and any other BB related stuff.  This is better than the IG I had linked before which was my personal one and very boring.

So, again, thank you for sticking with us through the vacation. Thank you to Mel for stepping in and helping!  Keep checking back because I’ll be posting updates very soon.


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