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Independence Day Live Blogging; PoV Ceremony



I hope everyone is having a great 4th of July! I know Golden State fans are pretty thrilled, but if I gave a crap about the NBA, I’d be a bit sad. NBA/NHL tickets are already super expensive (hence the reason I haven’t been to a Bruins game in like a decade), but now there are basically two teams just hoping to remain healthy while they wait to meet each other in the finals – again. Not sure why anyone would pay to go to a game now. That said, if anyone wants to give me free Celtics tickets, I’ll go!

On to the real news – The Big Brother house! The big excitement so far this week has been …..



And that about sums up the week.

Seriously, this house needs an injection of excitement STAT. I stopped watching the feeds last night because I found the latest VICE story on fecal transplants more interesting. True story. The veto meeting is today, and Paul will likely go up with Victor replacing him. If Victor takes it well and doesn’t stir things up, we may as well just fast forward to Thursday night because this week will be a snoozer. I hate bashing it, because I love the show, but when you cast a bunch of people who are using the show as a launching pad for their inevitable failed acting careers, you get this. People who are terrified of looking like an Aaryn to the rest of America. $500k is chump change compared to what they think they’re going to make when they leave the house and have (no) offers lined up.

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Ok, time for some feed updates. Let’s cross our fingers that Victor turns crazy…

  • 10:40am – Feeds went down a few minutes ago for the veto meeting. Should be an hour or so.
  • 12:55pm – Stepped out for a bit. Feeds back. Like expected, Paul removed from block, Victor is now up.
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  • 12:58pm – Frank is chatting with Day in the bathroom
    • They’re having another Tiffany chat. They feel she’s playing a bit too hard, too fast. Pretty much just like her sister
    • Meanwhile, outside Nat mentions again how she only likes personality. I’m sure James’ ears perked up
  • 1:34pm – Victor is up in the HoH with Paulie…
    • Vic says he knows why he was put on the block, and he understands. If he stays, he’s not coming after Paulie. Great… sounds like a week of no drama because Victor is convinced Tiffany is going home
    • I’m going to cry if we spend the week with evreyone thinking they’re safe again. Vic thinks Paulie just wanted to hit him back for the vote last week, but Tiff is the target. Kill me
      Hi, I'm clueless
      Hi, I’m clueless
    • Vic is forming an alliance with Paulie, and Paulie is going along with it.  Yup, going to be a long week
  • 2:00pm – Meeting broke up. Meanwhile, Natalie is outside, and James is trying to be sneaky
    • jamesbarrel
      (yes, obvious photoshop)
  • 2:15pm – Music started playing outside, they’re on indoor lockdown. They’re speculating whether or not they’ll get food for today
  • 2:50pm – Paul and Paulie playing chess, everyone else in kitchen hanging around.
  • 4:00pm – Slow house. James is still flirting with Nat. You go get yours, James.  Meanwhile, I am spending the 4th eating a hot dog from Burger King. Only cookout I got invited to 🙁
    • What is going on here?  Corey’s fantasy?  A 3way with Vic and Nicole
  • 4:30pm – Nicole is in the safari room re-telling her weird fight with Corey earlier in the day
  • 5:00pm – Frank is chatting with Bridgette in the HoH room.
    • Bridgette says people are worried about him and James. Frank is shocked by that… because they had a little argument about pizza last night.
    • She also lets him know what he already knew, Van2.0 doesn’t like him.
    • Tiff did apologize to America for calling him a chauvinist. Frank was a bit surprised to hear he was called that
    • Frank explains how one situation everyone was arguing over the amount of bottles of alcohol available. Frank apparently carried them out, and insisted on a certain number, but she basically said ‘oh you’re probably wrong’ a few times before Frank snapped on her a little.
    • Frank asks if Bridgette knows her (Tiff) secret. She says “yes, but why hasn’t she told anyone yet?”.. Frank’s reply “Because she’s a fucking idiot!”
    • So apparently Tiffany still hasn’t been open about being Van2.0, yet everyone knows, and they don’t trust her because she is still hiding it (pretty much how I pegged it in my pre-season analysys)
    • Bridgette “Why did James throw the comp last week”… Frank pauses for a few seconds not sure what to say lol. I guess when you’re opening up, you gotta keep going.
      What do you mean he threw the comp? Good job faking it lol
      What do you mean he threw the comp? Good job faking it lol
    • Frank plays coy for a minute but tells her ‘isn’t it obvious? What is happening right now’ (Victor being eliminated)
    • Ironically Van2.0 enters the room, so the two stop talking game and get back to talking about food and other garbage
  • 7:30pm – Sorry for sparatic updates today. Been off and on the computer. Feeds are down right now for their party. No clue how long they will be down for, but likely back before BBAD
  • 9:45pm – Feeds were back for a bit, but I’m back now. Time to blog for 2 hours or so…
    • james
    • James enters the HoH room and tells the guys the girls seem to be up to something because every time he enters the room, they break up their talk and clearly change topic
    • James points out how Vanessa did the same thing as Tiffany. Ends up looking like an outsider, doesn’t want to be part of a group, then she snipes people
    • Frank points out how Bridgette has mentioned the number advantage the girls have in the game right now. They start wondering if they should keep Vic in to take out a girl.
    • The group talks a bit how they really need to focus on getting a girl or two out. They scrapped the idea on keeping Vic, but they need two girls to go out next to even numbers a bit
    • Bronte comes in to use the shower. Talk halts
  • 10:20pm – Bronte leaves, spy girl Bridgette enters
    • I am sure Bridgette was hoping for some good gossip, but the guys aren’t falling for it. They continue talking about nonsense.
  • 11:00pm – Feeds are painful to watch right now. Fish keep cutting in. Whoever is manning the cameras is sensitive to anything. Going to go to bed. Get back to a normal schedule tomorrow

Overnight in the morning


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  1. Elaine

    Paulie told Paul that if Vic talks to him about his decision he will tell him that it is personal since he voted against him. Okay Paulie, you took down a person who also voted against you. Just tell him the house wants him out. Guess Paul has successfully moved to the other side of the house. The people he was ranting against (with full cuss words) just last week. I know it is good for his game, but he just bugs me!

  2. Alda

    Paulie is not on any level Cody.He might think he is,but he’ll never make it as far as his brother.He is too immature.That being said,so are most of the houseguests this season.Steve,not too happy with Kevin Durant right now!

  3. danmtruth

    If you just watch the CBS highly edited versions you miss so much. I understand they cant show every thing Yet showing Coreys Christmas light story over his set the goat on fire and other frat boy actions. Just paints him in that ahh shucks down home hunk Instead of the rich spoiled brat he seems to be He wants to get out of coaching Spend more time bar tending from what i can tell in a bar owned by his parents. I dont care but it does change his image from a nice guy helping kids To a rich kid living off mom & dad with every thing handed to him

    Than you have the mean girl in the flesh Bronte. Given her comments about James Depending on the day her wanting to send him back to Hong Kong?, China? , Japan or what ever assian country he came from You mean Texas. Once more anyone who has seen the show in the last 2 seasons would know this. Add how she never pass up a chance to rip some gil She can have a lead role in the next Mean Girls remake

    All i can wait for is when does Day or Frank make the first move on a vet

  4. Avatar

    Honestly I am so glad they added the vets this year because this newbies are duds who don’t know how to play. I love Z, but other than I either dislike the newbies or don’t remember them. The vets aren’t at least playing the game and keeping it interesting.

  5. Elaine

    Frank might get in trouble with the insults towards women (even if he is joking). One thing that can’t be controlled by others is the voting. If the men continue to go out the door, the numbers game will bite Frank in the rear, if he is on the block. Tread carefully Frankie boy!

    • Avatar

      After Vic …Bronte might be next…hopefully…but it probably be a girl next week. …and Paul talking to Paulie ….swearing every other word, is contagious ….Paulie started doing it.

      • Avatar

        I don’t know but I will think it will be Bronte, Paul, and Bridgette on the block next week. If Bronte doesn’t get eliminated this week. They could just bypass getting Victor out this week and get him out next week because that spy thing is not helping her game.

  6. Avatar

    Da has Frank & his plan all figured out. Those 2 going head to head would be so interesting. Im looking for things to blow up big time when Frank & Da try to get each other out.
    James is a little too trusting & not thinking far enough ahead for his own game because Frank is running the house right now & setting himself up for the win. I just hope Bronte, Victor, Paul & Bridgette get the boot before jury.

    • Avatar

      Frank and Da’Vonne are my faves. They’re both in this thing and constantly using their BB brains. Day needs to at least win one or two comps to redeem herself, though.

      Frank has residual wins from his first season and so far he has one RK under his belt. Plus, Frank has a charming allure similar to Dan’s mist. Even though you know he’s a slickster, he sucks you in.

      Day on the other hand is observant but sharp as a tack but her personality is polarizing. And we all know that a strong woman is never received the same way a strong man is. So, she needs to veil her tough side and ramp up her social game.

      • Colby

        Da is very sharp and observant but she has a lot too much attitude for me. I do give her credit for hiding it from most of the other houseguests this time around, at least so far.
        But once I heard the conversation between her and Zak on Saturday afternoon it soured me on both of them. They were discussing when they should get rid of their alliance members, some sooner than later, and not just Frank. They also think they deserve to be there and win more than the others because the others have jobs (educations and careers – nursing, finance, etc.).
        I can’t stand ‘entitled’ attitudes, so I will be glad to see both of them go.

      • Avatar

        Me too Frank and Day….are really good …and for some reason I would like to see Bridgette in the final three with them …probably won’t happen ……and I want James to win fan Fav again.

      • Avatar

        @Colby ~
        Da’Vonne absolutely “adores” Nicole…But it Seems like every time Nicole get a chance she is throwing Day under the bus, in wanting to get rid of her to Frank, & Corey?! I guess my message is, don’t judge their game talk too harshly…They are all trying to win the Game.

        Now Bridgette is something else, she is the RAT of this Season, because she playing both sides.

      • Colby

        @mello one –
        I completely understand the game aspect of things, eliminating the competition, etc. It is the ‘sense of entitlement’ that they deserve it more because the others have achieved more in life that bugs me. Ranks right up there with welfare scammers attitudes in my book.

  7. g8trgrl4life

    Hi Steve,
    It only took 3 years but I can finally do a thumbs up/down. This is more exciting to me than what is going on in the house today.
    Thanks for the fix!

  8. Shivani33

    The houseguests receive a stipend of $750 each week, and maybe it’s even been increased. The concept of people saying things like Bronte said about James -and things that I’ve heard Corey say – AND getting paid to say it on national tv doesn’t sit right with me. Production doesn’t allow violence between houseguests, so why allow racism, homophobic bigotry and disgusting stories of animal cruelty? How is it that contestants who behave this way aren’t at least called out for it?

    These things are shown publicly. How about dealing with it publicly, too? I think that production ought to have a zero tolerance policy with people like Aaryn, ( remember her?) Bronte and Corey and not to sweep their publicly stated prejudices under the rug by ignoring it all. Corey used the “f-g” word about gay men and told his grotesque goat story. Bronte insulted James behind his back but in front of the world.

    But as things stand now, just like with Aaryn, all viewers can do is wait for one of these creepy types to lose (or win) the game. Happy Fourth of July.

    • Elaine

      We have freedom of speech in this country. CBS does put the disclaimer at the beginning of the feeds and then the audience is left to decide. I guarantee that a lot of people would say something that is offensive to others if cameras were on them 24/7. If what houseguests say is offensive to a viewer than don’t watch the feeds. So yes, Happy Fourth of July! Thank you to the military, past and present, that have served to gain and protect our freedoms, including that of free speech.

      • Shivani33

        My comment is not about freedom of speech. While BB is a gameshow, it’s also a workplace, since houseguests are paid to participate. They sign contracts. The producers are essentially the employers of the houseguests. If someone speaks with prejudice in a workplace, it needs to be addressed, as part of policy. I’m saying that production controls the work environment. Before signing anyone on to appear on BB, it could be stated that there is zero tolerance for racial (or also homophobic) remarks against others in the environment.

        In the real world, people can be fired for such behavior, and Big Brother is the real world, too. How one uses freedom of speech certainly has consequences in most well-organized corporations.

  9. danmtruth

    The only question this week is When do we get to see the battle back show Will it be Vic vs Jozea or Vic vs Gleen Wow a whole lot of nothing to look foreword to.

    I wonder if production for saw the vets throwing comps to sabotage there own team Frank now is the only vet left wirh a full team This next HoH will either be a crap shoot pure luck comp Or some kind of thinking game

  10. Avatar

    Just curious, is there not enough good looking people that want to play this game anymore? Why are these house guests “recruited”? It’s pathetic how little they know about the game and it’s a big yawn fest probably until final 7. Why not bring superfans on the show, they would probably appreciate the game more!

  11. Avatar

    I wish one season they would cast a diverse group of nothing but superfans. Can you imagine the plotting and scheming that would be going on? A cast where looks and age didn’t play a factor just the pure knowledge and passion for the game. I think it would be so exciting and a action packed. Oh to dream….:-)

    • Avatar

      @BB Bopper ~
      Me too! That would be sooo freaking Excellent, if they Cast people who really Knew the Game, & How to Play it. So far I have counted Paul, Victor, & Jozea as members of this Cast that know absolutely NOTHING about the Game, or how it is Played.

  12. Avatar

    This is the dullest group out there. I wish they would some real people who love this game. Not these want to be’s-thinking they can be found for hollywood. So sad to see a older person go out first. Production thinks this is what we want, but I say NO!!!

  13. JD

    Da is better this time around but I have to mute her DR’s. She always screeches to so high neighborhood dogs start to howl. I also have to mute Bronte.

  14. NKogNeeTow

    Okay I missed a few days but I’m back with a vengence. Did Production explain to these people that the object of the game is NOT to get to Jury, but to WIN? WTH??? That is all they seem to care about. Seems like the only people playing for the Pot Of Gold are the Vets. The dumb Nickelodeon Gang just get together to plot to how to hang on to Jury instead of getting to the Finals. I’m already sick of the word Jury.

    It’s no secret that I have a STRONG dislike for Bronchitis, but that damn Bridgette is coming in a STRONG second! I now believe she is more devious than Bronchitis. The other night when The Bobbleheads were having their meeting, she was plotting how to throw the rest of the house off by sicking them on someone in the house. She came up with the plan to start a rumor about Van2.0 and drop hints so that the house would come after her. Once she thought of it, she was fanatically jumping up and down on the bed with glee, with a slight orgasmic smile on her face. Sent chills up my spine. This chick reminds me of a serial killer that would slit your throat in your sleep, then go bake cookies to serve the police when they come to investigate. I can imagine her wearing a pretty white apron, smiling sweetly as she passes around the cookies on a doily lined tray, telling the cops in that innocent baby voice that she has no idea how that head got nearly decapitated, all while holding the bloody butcher knife behind her back. I now want her gone, even BEFORE Pawwl!

    James is so busy playing pranks and chasing tail around the house like a dog in heat, that I think he’s forgotten why he’s really there. I’m wondering if in REAL LIFE, women give him the time of day. If maybe that’s why he chases every skirt in the house…because there he has a captive audience…they can’t get out of the house to escape him. He’s wearing most of them down…and not in a good way. Both the women AND the men in the house are starting to get tired of him. That’s what sailed his ass out of the house the last time. But if he’s happy settling for America’s Favorite instead of The Winner, then I guess it’s alright with me…sad though.

    I would like to see Death By Chocolate(Da and Zaki) and A Splash of Vanilla(Nicole) make it to Final 3. I really like the 3 of them and hope they make it to the end. I like Frank too, but I’m wondering how long before he outsmarts himself. He sometimes comes on a little to strong as running the house. He’s going to wind up putting a target on his back way before he’s ready to go.

    Natural Nat tries to come off as the sweet girl next door, while curled up in bed with James, made up like a hooker. She’s so peppy it’s almost nauseating. What is with The Bobbleheads anyway? Why do they all try to talk like babies? They each sound like they’ve been hitting a helium tank. Why do they all act like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths? They’re all secretly vicious and conniving. Why are they breathing the same air as the rest of us? I have no answer for that one. On a side note….I finally clicked on the cast pictures at the top of the BBJ screen and was horrified when I saw Bronchitis’ Bio. They had some modeling pictures of her on there and she was drop dead gorgeous! Far prettier than Natalie. What the heck happened to her? She doesn’t look anything like those pictures……

    Why does Slick Vic always look like someone stapled that smile on his face? Why does Cory always have that deer in the headlights look on his face? Will Michelle ever let her guard down (not that that’s a bad thing in this house)? Will Pompadour Paulie ever realize that the sun not only doesn’t shine at night, but inside the house either? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Okay, it’s after 4 am and I fear I am the only one awake in the world, therefore I am clearly sleep deprived. So with that Boys and Girls, I bid you goodnight 🙂

  15. Avatar

    Did Tiff tell Nicole that she is bisexual/gay? Wasn’t Van bi/gay as well?

    • AIO_7

      Van was/is, and I suspect Tiff is as well. Not sure if she has revealed it to the house.

      • Colby

        Tiff has said before that she is bi, but last night she told Nicole she was gay when Nicole was questioning her about feelings for Paule.

      • kneeless

        Not quite sure why Tiff made such a big deal of trying to be so secretive when telling Nic. I don’t think any of the HG’s care. If she wants the others to think she’s bi, that’s one thing but when it was just she & Nic in the room I’m not sure what her big deal was.

  16. Jaded

    they really need some older people on this show, not just 1 guy thats over 40! Im talking a few. These kids and they are kids all under 30 have no clue how to be devious or manipulative. the year that had Evil Dick on it was hands down the BEST year ever! There were a few older people on that year and it rocked.

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