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Is Nicole Getting A Bad Rap?

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One thing I’m noticing more and more this season, is that the more Nicole actually plays the game, the more she is shit on by not only viewers, but people in the house.  Last night, Victor was talking with Paul and practicing the veto speech where he plans to call out Nicole for – once again – being a snake.  Is that a fair way to describe her game, or is she getting unfair treatment for various reasons?

Let me preface all of this by saying this – We all agree that Nicole is not playing an ‘honest’ game (like Victor). She has flipped on alliances without any issue, she has been in multiple final 2-3 deals with different people, and in many cases, struck at people before they could strike at her. While it’s weird seeing the ‘little sweet Nicole’ who nearly won AFP a few seasons ago playing dirty, whatever she is doing seems to be working because she’s in the final 4 with a solid chance to win life changing money (the entire reason to play the game).

Not only has she made it this far, but unlike the honest Victor, she hasn’t even touched the nomination chair this season. The honest guy is about to be evicted for the third time this season, while the ‘snake’ has been sitting fairly comfortably throughout the summer. That is a pretty impressive resume, that only be shared with a few other people – like her former cast member, and fan favorite – Derrick. While it is rumored she was coached by Derrick, people will instantly say something like “yea, but she’s playing a much more dirty game”, but is she?  She’s joining alliances, breaking alliances, controlling HoHs, and picking people off before they get her… just like Derrick.

Let’s not forget that during his season, Derrick was part of these alliances:

  • The Hitmen – Him and Cody
  • Team America – not by choice
  • The Bomb Squad – like half the house
  • The Detonators – the remaining bomb squad
  • The Rationale – Him, Derrick, Hayden, Nicole

He screwed over his fair share of people that season, but the difference is he was able to do it more discretely. Does that mean he was any less of a ‘snake’?  No, he was just a snake who didn’t get caught.

Keep in mind, I’m not shitting on Derrick’s game by any means. I think he had a great season and is one of the better BB players to play the game. He played the game and got to the end, and even managed to convince Cody to take him to the final 2 knowing that Cody was throwing away the first place finish by doing so. Yes, Derrick most likely coached Nicole a bit, just as he did to Paulie, but it’s quite evident who the better student was as Nicole is playing his game almost to the T.


So, why is Nicole public enemy #1 in the house while Derrick was so beloved that he’s still best friends with the guy who threw away $450,000 at the end of the game for him? Does she deserve the rap that she’s getting, or is it just a house full of bitter people who have nobody else to blame for their own poorly played game?

If I am sitting in that jury, once Victor leaves the house, Nicole would get my vote for the $500k regardless who she is sitting next to at that point. If she doesn’t win, it will be another Dan situation where he played a hell of a season, only to fake one bitter jury at the end.

For the record, we are officially endorsing Victor as America’s Favorite Player this season! I don’t think there is even a close second for who deserves that honor. He’s a good guy, won re-entry twice, is funny, and honestly needs the money more than anyone left in the house. I know we’re not the biggest site, and the majority of AFP voters are pure CBS watchers, but let’s try to get Victor that prize as soon as the vote opens!

(note: I have a birthday party to go to this afternoon, so I will start a live thread when I return. Hopefully we’ll have some PoV results by then)


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