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Is Nicole Getting A Bad Rap?



One thing I’m noticing more and more this season, is that the more Nicole actually plays the game, the more she is shit on by not only viewers, but people in the house.  Last night, Victor was talking with Paul and practicing the veto speech where he plans to call out Nicole for – once again – being a snake.  Is that a fair way to describe her game, or is she getting unfair treatment for various reasons?

Let me preface all of this by saying this – We all agree that Nicole is not playing an ‘honest’ game (like Victor). She has flipped on alliances without any issue, she has been in multiple final 2-3 deals with different people, and in many cases, struck at people before they could strike at her. While it’s weird seeing the ‘little sweet Nicole’ who nearly won AFP a few seasons ago playing dirty, whatever she is doing seems to be working because she’s in the final 4 with a solid chance to win life changing money (the entire reason to play the game).

Not only has she made it this far, but unlike the honest Victor, she hasn’t even touched the nomination chair this season. The honest guy is about to be evicted for the third time this season, while the ‘snake’ has been sitting fairly comfortably throughout the summer. That is a pretty impressive resume, that only be shared with a few other people – like her former cast member, and fan favorite – Derrick. While it is rumored she was coached by Derrick, people will instantly say something like “yea, but she’s playing a much more dirty game”, but is she?  She’s joining alliances, breaking alliances, controlling HoHs, and picking people off before they get her… just like Derrick.


Let’s not forget that during his season, Derrick was part of these alliances:

  • The Hitmen – Him and Cody
  • Team America – not by choice
  • The Bomb Squad – like half the house
  • The Detonators – the remaining bomb squad
  • The Rationale – Him, Derrick, Hayden, Nicole

He screwed over his fair share of people that season, but the difference is he was able to do it more discretely. Does that mean he was any less of a ‘snake’?  No, he was just a snake who didn’t get caught.

Keep in mind, I’m not shitting on Derrick’s game by any means. I think he had a great season and is one of the better BB players to play the game. He played the game and got to the end, and even managed to convince Cody to take him to the final 2 knowing that Cody was throwing away the first place finish by doing so. Yes, Derrick most likely coached Nicole a bit, just as he did to Paulie, but it’s quite evident who the better student was as Nicole is playing his game almost to the T.

So, why is Nicole public enemy #1 in the house while Derrick was so beloved that he’s still best friends with the guy who threw away $450,000 at the end of the game for him? Does she deserve the rap that she’s getting, or is it just a house full of bitter people who have nobody else to blame for their own poorly played game?


If I am sitting in that jury, once Victor leaves the house, Nicole would get my vote for the $500k regardless who she is sitting next to at that point. If she doesn’t win, it will be another Dan situation where he played a hell of a season, only to fake one bitter jury at the end.

For the record, we are officially endorsing Victor as America’s Favorite Player this season! I don’t think there is even a close second for who deserves that honor. He’s a good guy, won re-entry twice, is funny, and honestly needs the money more than anyone left in the house. I know we’re not the biggest site, and the majority of AFP voters are pure CBS watchers, but let’s try to get Victor that prize as soon as the vote opens!

(note: I have a birthday party to go to this afternoon, so I will start a live thread when I return. Hopefully we’ll have some PoV results by then)


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    I’m torn btwn Victor as AFP and James to be honest. Yes Victor has fought his way back into the house but he also had more opportunities to do so than any other BB in the past. I’d love to see him win BB18 and James get 2nd and AFP. I don’t think that’ll happen.. but I do feel they BOTH deserve special recognition.

    • Avatar

      James doesn’t deserve to win a second AFP on any level, and he wasn’t my choice last season. I know that AFP voters choose different reasons, but I have always believed that game play should be a factor and not just sheer entertainment value. Victor is well-deserving to get AFP for his game play and being an all-around sociable guy in the house.

      • Avatar
        Ella (78 comments)

        Oh, and Victor’s cleaning skills were awesome and sorely needed! lol

      • Avatar

        Agreed…James has done nothing noteworthy this season. The only reason he is safe this week is because of his relationship with Nicole not because he fought hard. He says he has thrown several comps…whether that’s true or not who knows. but throwing comps is not an achievement. Victor, on the other hand, has fought very hard to stay in the game and deserves AFP. As for those that complain that he got evicted twice, so did Nicole twice on her season and she came into the game with a big advantage having played before. She should keep that in mind the next time she trashes Victor.

      • ann2
        ann2 (450 comments)

        Who is to say who “deserves” to win? Everyone just needs to vote for whomever is their favorite.

      • Avatar
        Elaine (2 comments)

        Victor definitely needs to win, if not the #1 spot. Then definitely AMERICA FAVORITE. James did nothing but play with Natalie trying to boost her ego with her games. SHE used him by acting coy like she doesn’t know, all along she was just acting, looking for a job in acting.
        I want Victor to win BB over the snake.

    • Avatar

      I agree! I know not many people do, but I do! I love James. I can’t help it, I just do. He’s not played his best this time, but i still love him, he’s a great guy!

      • stevebeans

        I agree. As a person, James seems like an awesome person. In a season of mean comments made by almost everyone, James always takes the high road and avoids that stuff. While I think Victor should win AFP, I wouldn’t mind it at all if James won it again. Just like Donny, he’s just a genuinely good guy.

      • Avatar
        Ella (78 comments)

        Donny as AFP I totally agree with.

      • Jannie

        I have run hot and cold with James all season.
        But right now (if Vic leaves) I hope he makes it to the final two with Nicole or Bunyan and wins the money.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        I guess I just have a hard time supporting someone like James for AFP, because it would be like rewarding someone for the exact type of behavior I DON’T want to see on BB (i.e. lazy, boring gameplay). James played a boring game this season because he won AFP in the past by playing a boring game. I guess the “schoolteacher” doesn’t want to send out the message to future HGs that coming on the show and pandering to the audience can win you an easy $25K. I want to see people hungry for the grand prize, not settling for being loved by America.

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        Agree Gerardo. Even if an arguement can be made that it’s for the most entertaining person rather than gameplay, what has he done that’s so entertaining. His antics were barely funny last year and we’re too contrived this time. He’s a nice guy but hes also a pervert and has more of a dark side than anyone is ever willing to acknowledge. He’s not even in my top 5.

    • Avatar

      It’s all opinion based, and everyone has their own. I should clarify that I like James as a person. He has taken the highroad. Victor as a player..very good- as I pointed out earlier. That’s why I’M torn.
      Also, James has never degraded anyone. Something I can’t say about Vic. (Ahem’ his nomination speach to Michelle &,Zakiyah imo was a bit harsh and unnecessary. . That speech wasnt about game play, it was about power) just my opinion. Vote for who you want and we’ll all see whose chose on CBS.. not here in this blog.
      Oh @Anna, I never stated they “deserved” to win.. I stated they deserved recognition.. what I meant by that was.. that perhaps Julie or CBS make mention of their accomplishments. .that’s all. Thanks

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    Cassidy (14 comments)

    I’ve always been a Nicole fan even in her original season, I was frustrated with her at the beginning when she was just letting people like Pauline control the house but I love that she is the only girl and controlling the house. Unfortunately most the jury house seems bitter so she needs to sit next to Cory or James if she has a chance to win

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    Aiden (99 comments)

    Personally, I want Michelle or James to win AFP. Imo, I do agree Vic probably needs the money the most, but I just loved Michelle this season, at least for some parts. I also have a question. Do people see coming back into the house twice as a negative thing or positive? Becuase if you got evicted twice, I see that as not playing a good game by losing twice.

    • Avatar
      Ella (78 comments)

      Victor earned his way back into the house. Nobody handed it to him. Michelle to win AFP, nope! I cannot get around her citing herself as a “superfan” constantly. The fans I know (super) is not needed, would not sleep and cry throughout the season if in the house. On her exit, Michelle seemed more disappointed to not be in the audience!

      • Avatar
        Aiden (99 comments)

        I didn’t say he didn’t earn it I’m just saying that if you got evicted twice you probably shouldn’t win the game. I really liked Michelle’s speeches, but yeah I agree, her constant statement that she is a superfan is pretty annoying, but other than that I thought she was pretty funny.

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    Morgan (86 comments)

    I would have to respectfully disagree about comparing Nicole to Derrick. I think that’s an insult to Derrick. Now, don’t get me wrong, I liked Nicole a lot her first season and even began this season hoping she’d win. My problem with Nicole, though, is that although she’s sitting pretty and she was able to pull off some decent moves, I really think a lot of her position in this game is by chance. Imagine if Nicole hadn’t aligned with the Paulie powerhouse squad in the beginning. No doubt she would’ve been picked off a lot earlier. Derrick manipulated pretty much the whole game and was playing and planning the entire season. I really think he would’ve won regardless of who he aligned with because he was just that smart and good at the game. Nicole has only been playing when she needs to. Which, I give her credit, “work smarter not harder”. That’s pretty much exactly what she’s done. But she’s been carried through a majority of the game without much effort, while Derrick worked everyone in the house pretty much from day 1. Another issue I have, and this is just personal, but I feel like even though Derrick was deceitful and manipulative, he was still a pretty nice guy and didn’t appear malicious in any way. Nicole on the other hand, she can be nasty to others for no reason and even when it won’t advance her game. That’s what really turns me off to her. I also feel people don’t like her because they’re genuinely disgusted with her sleeping with corey. If she feels ok being intimate on camera with people watching, that’s her prerogative and I won’t use that to “shit on” her game. I would just much rather someone who works their butt off the whole time win the game, and I think both Derrick and victor did that (just in different ways). I mean, you couldn’t even tell Nicole had any interest in winning that money until recently. You can’t argue she had her head way up Corey’s butt instead of focusing on the game a majority of the time. If she wins, good for her. I would of course rather it go to victor or Paul, as I’m sure many of us would, but it is what it is. In the end, I guess I’d favor her over Corey or James to win since she has at least played better than those two.

    • Avatar

      See I don’t get why you give Paul so much credit, by his own admission he has shit on every single person in the house and has only made it this far by chance and riding Victor’s coattails. While his certain kind of “charm” has grown on some of us, he has been nothing but vulgar, rude, obnoxious and sneaky from the start. One of his few redeeming qualities has been his loyalty to Victor, but the same can be said for Nicole’s loyalty to Corey.

      • Avatar
        Morgan (86 comments)

        That’s fair, and I admit that his game as of late has been weak at best. I guess I still respect him for going and playing for the money. He made it clear from day one his motive was to win, and he was doing well toward the beginning. The man managed to narrowly avoid going home on more than one occasion. It almost seems like Nicole never went to win, and she even said she was there just for the experience. It’s only now that she’s made it this far that it appears to have occurred to her that maybe she does have a chance, so she will start playing.

    • stevebeans

      As far as alliances go, you can say the same about Derrick. He aligned with the powerhouse ‘bomb squad’, didn’t rock the boat (like Devin), and was able to join the re-formed ‘Detonators’.

      Part of being a good player is recognizing good alliances, and then preparing to bail on said alliance when it starts becoming a problem.

      Honestly, the only reason Nicole was even mentioned early as a schemer is because Da’Vonne pointed it out. Had it not been for Da’, Michelle probably wouldn’t have called her a snake (but probably still would have said she was f*cking her way to the finals).

      • Avatar
        Morgan (86 comments)

        I agree wholly about recognizing good alliances being a good game move, but I still feel like she only aligned with them because she thought Corey was cute lol. That’s all she talked about from the beginning of the show. Now, the further she’s gotten into the game and now that Paulie is long gone, she has been putting more thought into her alliances. Again I give her credit for that.

      • Avatar
        Ella (78 comments)

        Derrick was unique, in that he “led from behind”. He encouraged others to make decisions as if they had thought of it. Often, it was what he wanted, but he didn’t let on. I watched some of BB16 again this year. I can say in hindsight I see the duo of Cody and Derrick, but in the season, I didn’t see them early on as being that connected. To me, moving forward, anyone in the house should target obvious pairs as soon as possible. That forces more secret duos, and may put a nail in the coffin of those outright showmances!

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1323 comments)

        Derrick didn’t whine and get all googly eyed over some dumb jock. I didn’t mind Nicole the first time around but I freaking haaate herrrrrrrrrrrrr this season.

      • Avatar
        DaRobot (1 comments)

        Derrick also didn’t play with smart girls that will say things like Day,Meech and Bridget too. I doubt he could play his game this season without being called out by one of them

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1323 comments)

        good point, DaRobot!

      • Avatar

        That would be true if the one she was sleeping with actually had a brain. They have taken each other to the final.

    • Avatar
      DebMuse (135 comments)

      Morgan, I disagreed that Nicole progressed in the game partly by chance. The point is — she DID align with the Paulie powerhouse squad while it was powerful and left when it benefited her game to do so. Smart player, I say. Personally, I think the backlash against her is sexist. You wouldn’t hear this kind of backlash about a man who did the same things… (and I’m NOT making any comparison to Derrick here-just making a point about sexism).

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        I don’t think it’s sexist. Some of the guys are disgusting too. Making opinions about them as players (based in part on their desire for sex) isn’t the same as being sexist. It was disappointing to watch Z act like an idiot. However, for me personally, it was more so with Nicole and James because they were given a 2nd chance and headed down the same road right out of the gate. James has taken alot of heat for doing this and that’s why imo it isn’t sexist.

      • g8trgrl4life
        g8trgrl4life (1010 comments)

        I was thinking the exact same thing. I’m not a Nicole fan AT ALL, but if a guy made the moves Nicole has made, I think people would see them as great game moves. But because Nicole is a girl, she’s a snake.

    • Avatar

      I don’t thing either Derrick or Nichole are great players! Derrick looked good because he was playing with a bunch of dummies and Nichole really isn’t a good player either. She has to be in a showmance. She really is a manipulator. Now as far as great BB winners, there’s only one and that was Evel Dick! He played the game and didn’t give a shit about the social aspect. He wasn’t an ass kisser. Nichole really is a snake. That’s the best word to describe her and it isn’t because she is female. You always knew when Evel Dick was coming. Nichole is always slithering around the house! I hope she doesn’t win this season. That would be really sad. At this point I think Victor should win but we’ll see! Can’t wait for the Fall show!

    • Avatar
      Texas Star (12 comments)

      Morgan, I agree with everything you’ve said about comparing Derrick and Nicole. The one point I’d like to add is that I just have a hard time supporting a woman who clearly just has a problem with other women. Even before she and Borey got busy under the sheets, she was cold and stand-offish with the other ladies, from the start. I just can’t stand women like that.

      • Jannie

        Me neither, Texas Star.
        And she also seems like the kind of girl that always has to have a boyfriend…

      • Mell
        Mell (4692 comments)

        She has to have a boyfriend and needs everyone else’s boyfriends to like her a ton. That way when she flirts with them, she can sit back and enjoy watching them argue while proclaiming “whaaat, I don’t dooooo anythiiiing.”

      • Avatar
        Journi (23 comments)

        Maybe I misunderstood the dynamics between the women early on, but it seemed to me that Nicole had been closed out from the women.,,it seemed that the ‘cheerleaders’ all grouped together, the makeup perfect, hair always done and cloths chosen to perfection for the cameras. Nicole has, to me, just been herself, for the most part. And every time she was cornered, it was obvious she wasn’t a very good liar,,,,,when called out would almost freeze. For a woman like her to survive in the house this year, she would do best by laying low, appearing slow and in need of a guy to ‘hide’. But I still didn’t see her getting all up and with ‘Corey until she had been pretty much frozen 9ut by the other women. Just my opinion.

    • Avatar
      UsaJapan (1 comments)

      Wouldn’t mind Nicole’s ways if she wasn’t so fake w/ her Little Mary Sunshine Sandra Dee act.
      I can understand the move to put up Vic & Paul.How can Nic & Corey not understand why Vaul is upset?
      They made a deal to duke it out in a F4. They backstabbed them.Why shouldn’t they be PISSED?
      How can they act so entitled? Worse why are they making up things to justify their decision?

      August 27, 2016 Final 4 created
      1st Nicole excited said she hadn’t back stabbed anyone,? OK lets let that slide, but she did Acknowledge it
      This is what I cant stand. If inly Mostly Nichol but both need to own their game.

      9:48PM BBT: Corey and Nicole talking about Victor. Corey says he doesn’t feel bad. Corey doesn’t think Victor has played a good game. He’s had one too many chances already and he claims loyalty, but he wasn’t loyal to the executives.
      Nicole to Corey- I don’t like how he (Victor) said he wishes he worked with James and Natalie. That stuff bugs me
      Corey to Nicole- Vic put me and Paulie up. What does he not understand about that? He is pulling a Paulie right now
      Victor- I just thought this was a thing. Corey- It was. Double eviction I didn’t put you up. Victor- I’ve been HoH three times
      Nicole to James- They thought literally that we were a Final 4 deal. Corey- But why would you think that? Nicole- I don’t know
      Corey to Nicole: Victor’s making it look worse than it is, he’s making it look like he’s the victim here
      Own your game & I will respect it.

  5. Avatar

    I agree 100, Nicole is playing the game. You don’t have to like her whinny voice or the fact that she seems so easily distracted by a “pretty boy”, but her game play deserves some major credit. While it might have seemed that all she did was roll around in the sheets with Corey the first half of the season, why rock the boat at a time you are sitting pretty? However ever since then she has made spot on calculated decisions to the benefit of her game, aligning herself with the right people at the right time and taking out targets before they have a chance to strike at her.

  6. Avatar

    Well said Steve. Though aspects of Nicole annoy me and I am not a fan of returning players, she has played the game. James, in a previous thread, mentioned not winning comps and thus not targeted. Though that is a form of game play, I admire the players whose names are put out there at different times, and yet no one does anything about it. Nicole, who hates to hear her name mentioned, has been the topic of conversation by several houseguests. Yet, there she sits, as one of the five remaining. I think she is doing well and Corey has benefitted from it. Corey has won some comps recently that has kept Nicole in good position, so he has contributed to the pair. Having said that, I give Nicole more of the credit within their duo.

    • Colby

      I absolutely believe that Corey would not have made it this far in the game without Nicole. He has definitely used her this entire game.

    • Avatar
      Susan B (27 comments)

      It seems as though the HGs just want to lay low the first half of the season for several years now. Many people on this site have mentioned James throwing comps. You have also mentioned who would be good in other shows (i.e. the Amazing Race and Survivor) which has given me an idea. What if Big Brother changed competitions to have cash or other large prizes and an advantage of some sort? The Amazing Race has a prize for 1st place of every leg. The competitors have a time advantage AND a prize if they win a leg. Would the BB HGs actually play instead of wanting to blend into the background during the first half of the season?

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1323 comments)

        James throwing comps just pisses me off. He did it last year so you’d think people would know he’s doing it this year. Lucky for him most of the HG’s haven’t watched the show!

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        I agree Susan, I’ve been trying to think of ways BB could discourage HGs from so flippantly throwing comps too. The producers don’t seem to like it, which I think is the reason they starting tying the Have-Nots to competition performance. But that only discourages them from being at the bottom, it doesn’t encourage them to actually win. I think you’re right though, perhaps if there was a real prize for each HOH comp, we’d see the HGs taking them a bit more seriously.

      • Avatar
        Texas Star (12 comments)

        Susan B, that’s a great idea to keep the hamsters spinning!

  7. Jannie

    Yes, Nicole has played the game. I always have respect for anyone who has their head in the game. But I think she has screwed over too many people to actually win the money if she makes it to the finals.
    I did like her a lot in her previous season…she and Hayden were a cute couple.
    This season I view her as a skank. So disappointed that she has turned into someone who would actually be having sex on camera. Nooooooo respect for that behavior. And Corey is even worse, because we all know that he will have nothing to do with her after the show…you can bet on that.
    I also don’t like hearing her whiny, horrible voice and her complaing about feeling guilty by all of the shady deals she has pulled off this season. Either keep it to yourself or own it.
    Just can’t help feeling that there were players who went into this season with certain advantages and help along the way…and I think Nicole was definitely one of them.

  8. stevebeans

    Oh, and just say NO to Natalie for AFP. I am worried she may have a chance because she won a care package, but hopefully that was a token gift because she is close with James and they didn’t want to waste a crap care package on him

    • Avatar
      Morgan (86 comments)

      I had to laugh at my own mother the other day. She watches only the cbs show and loves Natalie. She kept saying she hopes she wins afp. Oh, and she thought what James and Natalie had was genuine. Haha! I had to sadly burst her bubble and tell her what was going on behind the scenes. But unfortunately, if this is what the cbs watchers are thinking of her, I bet she does have a good chance. :/

      • Jannie

        Yeah, it’s amazing the different perspective a viewer has if they only watch the CBS show.
        It was apparent with the care packages- not many here would have given one to Corey.
        Yikes, keeping fingers crossed for Vic to win AFP. That’s where my votes are going.

      • Avatar
        Texas Star (12 comments)

        At least she didn’t get a very good edit on her eviction episode. Maybe some of the show-only viewers will pick up that Julie really doesn’t like Nat Nat.

    • Colby

      I think she may have had a chance until her true colors started showing the last few weeks. But those that only view the show only saw a small bit of that just before she was evicted. So it is possible, maybe.

    • AIO_7

      Steve, that care package was before GNats betrayal of the final 5 deal with V & P. She went straight down hill from there.

    • Avatar
      Ella (78 comments)

      Steve… I definitely say NO to Nat Nat for AFP.

  9. Avatar

    I wonder what people’s reactions would have been to Derrick if he and looked like Cody and Cody looked like him.

  10. AIO_7

    Count me in on the Victor for AFP vote(s).

    One of the few things about this season that I have to look forward to is the look on GNat’s face when someone other than her wins that prize.

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  12. Avatar
    Cynthia (91 comments)

    It’s because she is a girl. When male players play this way they are smart, females are snakes.

    • AIO_7

      Uhhhh, a female called Nicole “a snake”.

    • Jenny M
      Jenny M (1323 comments)

      What bugs me is how she doesn’t want to own her decisions. She wants to make big moves but can’t handle the fallout. And I hate how she whines about it when someone blows up her game and tells people about having an alliance with her. Honestly I think she lost me when she started gushing about how Cody is the hottest guy she has ever met in real life and when will I ever get to meet a guy like him again???? The guy thinks trying to set a goat on fire is HILARIOUS but all she sees is how he looks. And then she was going on about how if a guy is good looking but doesn’t have a good personality she’s not interested. Nicole and James are both pathetic for falling all over themselves to be with someone they think is hot and ignoring their shitty personalities.

  13. AIO_7

    Someone needs to help me out with a BB rule: Can F1 or F2 win AFP?

    I was under the impression from past seasons that they couldn’t, but lately I’ve heard otherwise.

  14. Avatar
    tammy (17 comments)

    Agreed… Victor for AFP!!!
    I don’t want James to win it this season… yes he’s a nice guy but I don’t think he deserves it. Think Nat brought him down so he definitely was not my fave player!

  15. Mugummy
    Mugummy (93 comments)

    Well at least the game DID get interesting the last few weeks. I had tuned out when Frank left – became so dull with Paulie running the house. Victor’s return pulled me back in and really is the person responsible for making the weeks since his return interesting: got Paulie out, was back stabbed, won his way back in, took revenge on aforementioned second backstabbing, ensured entertainment for us and the house. Yes, I grew to genuinely like and respect Paul, but try to imagine his conversations with the remaining three; no banter whatsoever. Without Victor, Paul would be talking to a stack of hay (James), a cart of apples (Corey), and a love-struck-deaf Nicole.

    Thank you Victor! You definitely have my first-ever AFP vote!

  16. Avatar
    Ella (78 comments)

    To me, BB should mix it up with regards to the 25K prize (which is a good chunk of change). Develop other ways to award that money, which is unknown to the houseguests, but involves America. That way, players like James and Natalie, who have spent more of the season talking and playing to the cameras, will get nothing from it. Now AFP is predictable and for some future houseguests, a guarantee of 25K, will be a winning summer.

  17. Avatar

    I really wish I could like Nicole more this season, but I can’t. She certainly hasn’t gotten very far based on pure skill. The biggest thing I don’t like about Nicole (and it’s the same problem I had with Vannessa) is that she’s not taking credit for her moves in the DR. Derrick not only controlled the game, but he also let us into his thought process and told us exactly what he was doing/going to do and why. I would respect Nicole (and would have respected Vanessa) more if she gave us that. Instead all we get is her whining about “Corey” and who’s coming after them.

  18. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    During survivor all stars Rupert won 1 million dollars awarded by America vote……

  19. Shivani33

    It surprises me that Paul and Victor are not working to divide and conquer Corey, Nicole and James prior to the PoV. They have a stockpile of emotionally loaded material to use and aren’t tapping it. There are tactical remarks to be made to Corey about Nicole and James. There are emotional arsenals to be used to divide Corey and Nicole. Remember the big fights during Season 6 when people bellowed in each other’s faces, had group arguments in the kitchen to bust each other and to change or crack alliances? Nobody has to shuffle passively off to the slaughter house. There’s so much that could be said right now, and you never know what can happen if you don’t try.

    As for AFP, in popularity polls, James has been consistently at the top. The second and third are currently Nicole and Victor. Paul is mid-range and Corey’s rating remains low.Victor does have a chance, but James has a better one. I will vote for Victor with every vote I can give!

  20. Avatar
    Franko (692 comments)

    I don’t really know what to think of this season at this point. However, it isn’t the worst season I’ve ever seen and I’m still hanging in there.

    • Jenny M
      Jenny M (1323 comments)

      it’s still better than last year with the big hairy guy and the ugly twits

      • Avatar
        mindyboo (379 comments)

        omg Jenny I forgot about ugly hairy creepy Austin! 😀

      • Avatar

        How about the twits manly voices??? Now that was creepy…

      • Jannie

        Sadly, I’d have to admit that I think I would take Judas and his Austwits over the cast this season. It was so much fun to hate them.
        These people are just BORING!!
        And the stupid showmances were so irritating.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        You’re right about all the showmances this season @jannie, this has been just ridiculous. But I get nauseous even thinking about Austin and whichever twin he was manhandling last year. That was a nightmare.

      • Mello_One

        Agreed, for the FIRST TIME in the 18 Years of Big Brother, after DA’VONNE left the House. I did not watch that SEASON! Big Brother SEASON 15 SEASON of the Racist, But I did like Candance, Howard, Helen & Elisa, Rachel’s Sister…Season 16 BORING, I only watched because I loved Donny, Season 17 BORING!, SEASON 18 it was Okay, at least they had interesting people on the show, but the Shomances Ruined everything.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      I agree Franko, this season is definitely not worse than seasons 16 and 17 in my opinion. At least there are multiple people actually playing the game and trying to win this year. Also, the majority of the evictions haven’t been unanimous votes, as with the previous two seasons. And by this point in the game during BB16, I was totally bored because it was clear that Derrick was going to win. Right now, there is still uncertainty as to who will win the $500K. This season has gotten on my nerves in a lot of ways, but I still found it more exciting than the past couple of seasons.

    • Avatar

      @Franko, I haven’t forgotten about you, I’m just sick of the BB group left in the house. How did your Dr. appt. go yesterday? Hope all is well.

      I wonder if Nicole is playing the game so cut throat this time because of how she got the short end of the stick last time. Maybe it has to do with how she kept trusting the wrong people (thin haired Christine) over & over & it got her & Hayden evicted. Anyway, whatever the reason is I still don’t want her to be given that $500k check or the AFP $25k, I don’t like her, I hate her whining & I sure as hell don’t want to see her & Corey sexing it up every time I try to watch BBAD. I liked her in her last season but I can’t make myself like her for nothing this time.

  21. Avatar

    I like Nicole but she is going to look like a fool when she realized Cory doesn’t want her for anything but a friend. Vic is my favorite… He has played the game so honestly and just keeps getting burned. I hope he wins Veto and can win the next HOH and send Cory packing. I did not like James this year, his pranks and stupid and getting old….

  22. Avatar

    Hell no she’s not getting a bad rap, she was soooooo jealous of the other girls in the house because of Corey that’s why she wanted them gone, had nothing to do with playing the game.

  23. Avatar
    mindyboo (379 comments)

    Nicole has had a jealous bone all season.

  24. Avatar

    Victor honest? I think Paulie would beg to differ, but I like Victor and he should win.

    Nicole is playing the game as it was design; and that is whatever wins you the 1/2 Million, while showing us the power of greed even within sweet little things like her

  25. Alda
    Alda (1952 comments)

    Now,if we are going to talk about looks in the house this season my vote has gone to Victor from day one!! I was not into Paulie of Corey at all.Vic has a beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes.OK.I’ll stop now!

  26. Avatar
    DingDong (92 comments)

    I can’t respect Nicole’s game. Except for her fixation on Michelle, she has mostly just gone along with whatever decision others were proposing .
    Besides, hiding in a showmance and then calling your “moves” between the sheets your strategy is just dirty, lame and boring.

    • Avatar
      Jude (17 comments)

      I will agree that “sheetromances” make for a boring show but I don’t think Nicole had a fixation with Michelle.
      It was the reverse. Ten years from now when Michelle has therapy and is asked how she feels, she’ll say, ” I want to get rid of Nicole.” Michelle is a very insecure woman and therefore an extremely hateful/vengeful catty ***** (fill in the blanks). When Michelle was in the house, I would have been sleeping (not with Corey) but with one eye open.

      very insecure and

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  28. Mell
    Mell (4692 comments)

    Bad rap? I knocked her game the first half because she didn’t seem to care. She couldn’t see past Corey. On 16, I thought it just happened but when she did it again, it made me think that she couldn’t control herself around guys. I haven’t knocked her game lately since she’s playing. I can’t stand her and have developed an itch when she’s on camera.
    ( I don’t think they make a cream for that) I don’t even have to like the person I want to win sometimes but she makes me cringe. She’s catty, fake, immature, whiny and more. I could maybe handle that if she let us in on her game. That’s the problem for me. Paul is an a**hole but he is saying to us that he’s an a**hole. I don’t mind a liar or dirty player. I don’t mind a nice honest person either. (Whatever works) I do mind someone who thinks they are fooling me. Fool the houseguests and win the money. (That’s the game) Don’t insult my intelligence by not owning who you are. Don’t accuse other people (to me) of doing what you are doing but acting all innocent. Fans have gotten on board with all kinds of personality types. I thinks that why I can root for someone who is a jerk, nice, goofy or a ho. I can’t root for a lie so even though I acknowledge she’s playing the game, I will never ba a fan or want her to win. I’ve said before (even tho I don’t approve and would beat her ass if she were my daughter) that I could have more respect for her if she had the attitude of “I’m gonna win and haven’t even had to be vertical that much to do it.” Instead, I’m getting “Corey and I have never kissed and I haven’t done anything to anyone in this game” and “I want all the girls gone but I never play personal” and “It’s too hard to beat the boys but getting rid of all the girls would be good for me.” I’m done…starting to itch again!

    • Avatar
      SuzieD (18 comments)

      She is so passive aggressive it drives me nuts. She screws someone over as gameplay then when confronted with it she plays innocent and says “it breaks my heart that you think I would….” She plays in people’s emotions and that I really don’t like.

  29. Jannie

    Thanks, Mell, now I’m feeling itchy.
    I think it’s from looking at that dirty bun on her head all the time…maybe it’s full of fleas.
    Did I just say that?
    ; )

  30. Mello_One

    I’m sorry Steve Beans…But Nicole is a Snake! I really liked her during BB16, but this Season she was a Disappointment. I am all about the GIRL POWER On Big Brother, but due to casting every season, we get these very weak girls, who don’t know the Game, & get involved in Shomances! It has been 5 years seen Rachel has won BB. But of course it does look like BB wants Nicole to win this year…

    But what really turned me Off with Nicole this Season was how she treated the other Female HG.. It wasn’t even 2 weeks in when all of the VETS were still really Tight, and Nicole started Bad Mouthing DAY…Nicole started her Whispering Campaign to Frank, Paulie, James, & Corey, that she didn’t Trust DAY, and wanted her out. And at that point DAY was not even scheming, she was with the VETS all the way, & when Nicole mentioned it to Corey, he looked taken aback, because all of them were “still” a tight unit.

    Lets just put it this way Nicole isn’t a Pro FEMALE BB Player, she wants to be the Last Woman in the House sitting in the Eviction Chair! I just hope that after this Season we don’t see James, or Nicole on Big Brother again, they both were disappointing this Summer! But I would not mind seeing Vic, Paul, or Meech again in the BB House

  31. Avatar

    Nicole has 0 chance to win the grand prize no matter who she is sitting next to!! And that is why Her game is No way comparable to Derrick’s game. She will never get the majority Jury votes!

  32. Avatar
    Danny (2 comments)

    The fact of the matter is that the reputation Nicole has gained this season is due largely in part to the fact that’s she’s a woman facing sexist double standards. Truthfully, especially towards the end of the game, Nicole has been a strong player. She made the moves that were best for her game and no one can fault her for that. She’s strategic and she wants to win, but because she’s a female playing a strong game, she’s perceived as “bitchy” and not “smart” or “strategic” or whatever positive adjective you would use to describe a male player who’s played like she has. And that’s always how it goes with big brother, I’m hardpressd to think of any strong female competitor who made it out of her season without a “bitchy” reputation (Rachel, Janelle, Vanessa, etc.). And that doesn’t even encompass the slut shaking she’s faced. Yes, Corey and Nicole have been mutually beneficial to each other’s games and, like most duos, they’re stronger as a pair than they are apart, but I would honestly argue the Nicole has been more beneficial to Corey’s game than Corey has been to hers. She’s been guiding him strategically throughout this entire season, yet you don’t hear anyone saying that Corey is fucking his way to the finals. You can try to justify it all you want, but the fact remains that Nicole (and most female BB players) face/faces and enormous amount of sexism that just gets brushed over.

  33. Avatar

    I think she’s getting a Bad Rap for playing Big Brother, as a female. Let’s not forget that Paulie was put up and out by Vic, that he was in an alliance with. So was Corey, he just wasn’t voted out. So is Vic playing a super honest game? Don’t get me wrong, Vic’s is way more honest than most, but he isn’t spotless.
    That being said, Nicole actually feels bad when she does someone wrong, Derrick joked about it. The difference, he’s a guy, and we put Nicole into a pretty little America’s sweetheart female box, then get mad when she doesn’t want to loose again this go around. She’s been loyal to her No. 1, and if she had a chance to win against Vic, she may even have wanted to take him further… but unless you want to be happy loosing, NO ONE can be sitting next to Vic in the end. Vic will win if he’s in the final three, point blank and period.
    Way to go Nicole, you aren’t a Snake, you’re playing the game. The players are just being bitter.

    And as Danny pointed out above, why is Nicole the Snake? What move has she made that her and Corey didn’t agree on??????????????????????

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