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Is Paul Playing Too Hard By Pretending To Not Play?


A few days ago, Paul had his ‘friendship talk’ with the camera where he explained what was going on in the house, his strategy, and more.  Part of his strategy consisted of hanging back and letting people come to him for advice while he acted as kind of a father figure in the house. Show people the ropes, give them game advice, etc. His plan was to keep doing that to build up trust until he can start giving them poor advice which sabotages their own games.

Not a bad plan.  The problem is that he doesn’t appear to be sticking to it.

While Paul is not actively playing the game very hard, what he is doing is putting a pretty big target on his back by trying to be Mr. Popular in the house. Multiple times yesterday he had his group sitting around a campfire while he told horror stories about BB18 and how he should have won, but he was still happy with the pretty big prize of $50k. In addition to reminding people how much money he won, he kind of shit on everyone he played with, even if it wasn’t obvious.  I mean he only mentioned what we thought was his bff in the house – Victor – only in passing here and there. He didn’t trash Victor, but he did make it clear that outside of the house they’re clearly two different people and were more ‘inside the house friends’.


Why is this important? Because his entire schtick is ‘friendship’, getting along, and so on. What he basically did yesterday was spend a few hours telling everyone in the house that they’ll probably mean nothing to him once he leaves so long as he leaves with a decent chunk of cash again. I know people don’t go into the house to make friends, but they always end up doing just that, and those friends help get each other further in the game.  Shelby, Alex, and Morgan were peas in a pod and Morgan ended up winning and still hangs out with Shelby.  Nicole and Corey were obviously close. Derrick and Cody were tight as hell and remain really close to this day.  Rachel and Brendon are obviously still close. Boogie and Dr. Will. Boogie and Frank. Jeff and Jordan. The list goes on and on.

Paul essentially put himself out there as a mercenary who has one goal in mind, and that is to win.  Yes, that is Paul just being honest, but his honesty is also a big reason why he lost $450k last season. He was never able to make the connections to the jury that Nicole and James were able to make, and he even admits he probably would have lost to James because of that.  To basically tell people he’s not really about friendship this early in the game already unveils the mask to a bunch of people who looked up to him.  Yes he has 3 weeks of safety due to the temptation reward, but that’s it.  If Cody decides to put Paul up and flushes out the safety he earned, he will lose all the trust of his housemates and also remind people that he is a huge fan favorite.

He may be sitting pretty in the house right now, but he has 3 weeks to correct his pretty subpar social game to this point.

(note – Paul won the temptation but doesn’t have to tell anyone.  He earned 3 weeks of safety which can remain private unless he is nominated and forced to show it. Kind of like a 3 week imminuty idol in Survivor)


Veto meeting today. It should be interesting to see what happens if Cody decides to put Paul up as the renom. Check back later for results!


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  1. AIO_7

    Just a side note: I found out that Kevin has told Paul that he was the one who pushed the button that got Paul into the house. I wonder if Paul will keep that under his hat. Also that Ramses pushed the button too, but was too late.

    • strwar1

      I think Paul and Kevin should help each other after all Kevin got him in the house so they should help each other and now that I think about it.I like Jillian,Paul and Now Kevin.

      • Avatar

        The only help Kevin can expect is for Paul to use him as a shield as long as he can until he doesn’t need him anymore.

    • Ann

      Did Ramses really push the $25K button too?

    • Mel

      I like Kevin and think he’s doing well but unless Paul ends up with a sitting ducks type bond with him, that will bite him in the butt later. Paul will use it when he needs to against Kevin. I think he genuinely like Kevin but no way Paul or anyone is planning on sitting beside America’s favorite dad at the end.

      • AIO_7

        You’re probably right, Mell; but soon the talk of a final 4 or 3 will begin and I can see Paul making that deal with Kevin and Christmas.

      • danmtruth

        both sides seemed to want to see Kevin get in the jury house This could work out well for him

  2. strwar1

    Paul Better Start Trying To Put No A Target On His Back!! I Want Him To Gain Trust And Said This Yesterday,But now I hope Cody Doesn’t Put Him Up! Because If He Does Then Paul Shows His 3 Week Immunity And Get Distrust With The Houseguests. Pls Paul Play Hard To Get HOH! Then Put Cody Up.

  3. Mel

    Paul is starting the way he did last year which is a little disappointing. He’s running his mouth too much about house gossip as well as season 18. He made it to the end but he adjusted his game in order to get there. I agree with Steve. Even if hg don’t make these connections in the moment, they have alot of time to reflect in that house. Will it occur to them that Paul is capable of being your best friend…but not really? Cody already sees (and its true) that Paul is a shit stirrer. I’m not knocking Paul but he loves the sound of his own voice. He liked to brag last year and still does. I don’t think he can stop himself. The details of how he figured out Paris was totally unnecessary yesterday but he just had to let them know he was much smarter than everyone last summer. I would have liked to see him come in more self aware this time. It all depends on the people he’s playing with this year to see how it will go. Paul is right about last years situation. He would have NEVER beat James, his odds were better against Nicole and she deserved it more than James if he did lose. We knew he would probably lose to Nicole too but at least he had a shot. Like Steve also mentioned, he didn’t do a good job of connecting it together for the jury to explain his behavior and therfore get a couple of them to forgive him. Even if the jury is voting for game play (which the 18 cast was never going to do) they still like an apology first when they feel they deserve one.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I agree with you and Steve. And the one thing that none of them seem to remember when they’re trashing other people is, at the end of the game, you don’t know WHO will be sitting in the Jury House. If it’s people you’ve publicly torn ass with, then you narrow your chances of getting not only their votes, but the votes of America.

    • Avatar

      Totally totally agree with everything you said, Mell!

  4. AIO_7

    Does anyone else think that Christmas looks like, or reminds them of, Ashley Judd?

  5. danmtruth

    Paul seems to be banking on his “celebrity ” status. Hoping the others are so impress that they want to be his friend So they can go far in the game Believing his lies that can help them get to at least jury . What I would like is for Grody to backdoor him We all know Paul is safe Yet he keeps telling people he does not have it I hope the curse that Ramse has if Paul gets nominated Ramse goes on the block instead That Grody has no say in it It will expose what a two face Paul is Thats my guess If Paul uses the safety than the person with the curse Ramse automatically takes his spot

    • Mel

      That’s not a bad guess. I think your going to get your wish. Cody has told Jason and Alex they should put up Christmas next week. I’m guessing it’s because he thinks Paul is leaving this week.

    • AIO_7

      You might be on to something, Truth.

    • Avatar
      dmc (1092 comments)

      I like that thought too. I think it will be entertaining for the game to see Paul exposed. And then to see how he can manage to survive 3 weeks from now after he gets exposed.

      If he can pull it off, great. Who will his friends and enemies be at that time.
      If not, oh well, there’s still a lot more game to play, and ther’s bound to be some more temptations to make it interesting.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I love Paul but he’s going to talk his dumb ass right on out of the house. Last year, nobody knew him, but this year he’s popular because of last year. He keeps banking on the thought of being the “sage” in the house, when I think the HG look up more to Kool Poppa Kevin than they do Paul. They just seem to listen to Paul’s stories, but I think they get more of a kick out of KPK.

    • Avatar

      Grody!!!! Omg, love it!!! Hahahaha!!

  6. Mel

    This isn’t about Paul but I may have to reluctantly give Jessica props. I still don’t like her but I’ve always said I could live with a shomance if it didn’t change their game. Men are the only ones I’ve ever seem be capable of it. Janelle burning Dr. Will was the closest a female has came but that was more of a flirtmance so it doesn’t count. Jessica has made it clear to her group AND CODY that she will respect and trust his decisions but her game is her own and she isn’t going to follow Cody’s lead in everything. Time will tell but her game moved up a little for me yesterday.She told the group that she would respect Cody wanting to work with Alex but she was getting her out the first chance she got. When Cody was trying to convince her that Paul needed to go and was the cause of their groups anxiety (along with Christmas) she told him that Paul was her “Alex.” Cody also told her that he thought she was withholding something so she was honest and told him that he was f***ing her game up.
    *I actually think Cody refusing to tell his group what his plan is for noms is the cause of his groups anxiety. imo
    I still can’t tell if Cody wants to put up Christmas or Paul!

    • Mel

      Nevermind, he “thinks” he’s going for Paul. This should be interesting today!

    • NKogNeeTow

      If Dom isn’t careful, she could wind up finding herself on the block. She talks to Mark quite a bit and everything she tells him, he reports back to Monte…err, Grody. Last night she told him that she thinks it’s unfair that the girls in showmances are getting a free ride and he went right back to Grody with that info. Did she forget that both Mark and Grody were in one? Also Christmas and Elena already think she’s a fake, so that’s 2 strikes against her. And since Mark is lusting so much after Elena, it would be easy for her to plant that seed in his head and make it grow.

  7. Shivani33

    I wonder if Ramses’ curse will put him automatically up on the block if Cody nominates Paul, since Paul is safe? Maybe that’s what the curse is (?) The few indications that Cody has given indicate that he wants to nominate either Paul or Christmas. If Cody wanted to play it safe, he’d simply nominate Josh and let it go at that. It’s likely that most players would vote out Josh with little or no disagreement. If he nominates Christmas, Jillian is less popular and would probably lose the vote – unless Cody actually controls the voting block of the 3 couples plus Dominique and gets them all to evict Christmas. The real strangeness will happen if Paul receives this re-nom.

    Also, 2 people who just met got it on, according to reports, at about 3 am-ish. The one who appeared to be occasionally looking at the cameras during the action was Cody. Jessica, being a superfan, would already know about the night vision vIewing capacities.. So she was ready for her close-ups. This really is a different kind of camrea-ready generation. I’m having culture shock again. Blergh. Sorry!

  8. Mel

    *It looks like Cody’s going for Paul-he thinks.
    *Jessica and Cody did have the first ducumented s-e-x in the house last night.
    *Paul is going to look like a liar later today. I’m assuming when Cody tells the dr who his replacement is they will have to inform him that he can’t & I’m also assuming they can’t force Cody to keep that a secret. It’s BB so who knows how this will be done???
    *Codys dumb comment for the morning… He told Alex ALL they have to do is keep 11 people safe until jury. hahaha
    *Cody offered Alex the stupid deal of keeping 3 couples and Dom safe. She told him no but would do 2.
    *He also offered to Jason.

  9. AIO_7

    .” If Cody wanted to play it safe, he’d simply nominate Josh and let it go at that.”

    Can’t do that; Slosh greedily made himself safe in the HOH competition.

    • g8trgirl

      Slosh. Another perfect name. Lol

    • Shivani33

      Oh yeah! Thanks. Forgot that wonderful detail. It feels like it happened a century ago.

      Also, for those who enjoy learning the sun signs of the players, last night that ray of sunshine, Kevin, revealed that he’s a Leo, born on August 7th. Paul is a June 13th Gemini, and Christmas is a December 20th Sagittarius. Big Brother used to post the birthdays and sun signs of the houseguests, and I really liked that info. If y’all hear any other birthdays mentioned by the current batch, please share them. Pretty please with honey on top.

  10. Mel
    Mel (4888 comments)

    These deals this morning are hilarious!
    Cody’s deal w/Alex- He wants 7 people safe and in return he’ll keep Alex, Jason and Jillian safe.

    Cody’s deal with Jason- He’ll let Jason go after Christmas next week.

    He’ll LET them get rid of people he doesn’t even want in his group anyway! It sounds like he’ll also be running everyone’s hoh. Cody’s an ass but if he gets them to go along with this then his craxy game play methods may be working.
    Alex better not fall on her sword for Jason because she shared her info from her talk with Cody but Jason lied to her and said nothing.

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  12. danmtruth

    i just wonder if there is not a secret alliance between Jessica and Christmas ? if not i would be a powerful one
    I agree Jessica was very vocal last night about her not carting what Gordy thought or felt when if she get’s a chance to nominate Alex
    Ellane happy she won the first naked screen grab Jessica one ups her by having sex with Grody Whats next Ellane in a 3 way These people have no shame or limits

  13. Mel
    Mel (4888 comments)

    I really want this POV ceremony over quickly! The minutes are slowly ticking by. I don’t even care who’s nominated really. I want to know if Paul is in trouble, if Christmas is the replacement since he couldn’t get Paul and she snaps Cody like a twig and then smiles & flexes for the camera or if poor little Ramses had to take a seat by Jillian because of the curse. Cody’s deal isn’t worth crap if Christmas is otb. It isn’t worth much anyway.

  14. Avatar

    I’m sure hoping that after the veto ceremony things get a little bit more exciting. I never thought I’d miss BBOTT and all of the fighting, but this cast so far is like watching paint dry. So fingers crossed that the veto ceremony causes at least a bit of excitement. Watching the kitties playing is far more exciting than the hamsters we’ve been given. I may be expecting too much too early, but I’m just hoping things pick up soon!

  15. Colby

    If Cody is planning to put up Paul I wonder if Prod will tell him up front, or if they will let him do that and then surprise everyone with the fact that Paul has safety and the consequence.
    Evidently it will involve Ram somehow, whether he will be the nom or possibly have to select the nom, who knows. There could be numerous possibilities.
    I just hope whatever it is does not result in bringing in another vet.

  16. Mel
    Mel (4888 comments)

    Hating the waiting…

  17. Avatar

    Just saw where Christmas is the nom and Cody is mumbling about Paul’s 3 week of safety.

  18. Ann
    Ann (1890 comments)

    Dominique reminds me of Gabrielle Union. I don’t know if anybody said that yet or not but I could not for the life of me think of who she looked like to me.

  19. pkcable

    OMG the feeds are so good right now! It looks like Alex used the veto on herself and then Cody tried to put up Paul who was forced to reveal the “3 weeks of safety” THEN he put up Christmas, and she’s not happy! It’s so interesting!

  20. NKogNeeTow

    On a side note, where is Amy? I thought Steve said she’d be back. I miss her too. Hope she’s feeling better.

  21. Colby

    I guess the consequence will be revealed later.

  22. NKogNeeTow

    MELL, check your message box.

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