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Is Ramses Next On The BB19 House Hit List?


The first episode of the season is always interesting, but this year had two key moments that stood out for me…

  1. Kevin taking the $25k
  2. Josh taking a week immunity

With Kevin, I said it was a good move at the time, and still think it is, but I pretty much expected him to be evicted early.  I said if they offer $25k on Big Brother, you take it.  The further you make it in the game after that point is just gravy on top.

When it came to Josh, I thought he was sealing his fate when he took the week of immunity which simultaneously screwed his team in the process. But again, what he did was smart because it kept him out of any discussions for eviction and let the house fight around him.  Sure they were angry that he took that, but they appear to have gotten over it as Josh is in a great position to make it to jury as long as he keeps laying low.  I really didn’t think he would last 3 evictions after he took safety, but here he is ready to go to jury.


How does this relate to Ramses?  Because this week Ramses decided to use the curse that was given to him during the first temptation. That curse required him to put himself on the block sometime in the first three weeks after being cursed.  Being nominated is never an easy thing to do, and volunteering for it is harder, so Ramses was in a tough situation when he did that. To make matters worse, he did it during a week when Paul decided to play Big Brother genius and get Cody out of the house without having him compete in the PoV.  This meant Paul had two pawns on the block and one needed to come down in order for Cody to be the replacement nominee.

An issue arose when it came time to play the veto competition, especially one like they had this week which each player raced against the time – and not each other. This meant throwing the competition was much harder than normal because you had no idea how good/bad the other 5 did until the results come in.  After Ramses nominated himself, Paul and the rest of the house kept reminding him that he needed to throw the competition or the house would be pissed.  When I say ‘kept reminding him’, that’s even possibly an understatement as it’s more like ‘kept hounding him’.

When the feeds returned on Saturday night after the veto competition, Paul was wearing the veto necklace but he was also fuming. This is because Ramses’ ended up finishing much higher than he should have. I think second place, but not 100% sure. He did beat out two people who were trying real hard to win (Josh and Elena), yet he claimed he hit every punishment during the comp to get time penalties.  Since that moment, Paul and his alliance have been trashing Ramses for not going along with the house plans and are already planning on making him the target next week.

Tomorrow night on CBS we will see for ourselves just how hard Ramses did during that competition.  If he did try to throw it, will this just be more evidence that you never pass up opportunities in this game?  Sure, Ramses would have certainly pissed off the house had he won veto, but Alex or Josh would go home and Cody would still be there as a huge target that people will want out next week.  By the time Cody is eventually voted out, that would have given Ramses enough time to smooth things over with the house similar to what Josh did after he took the immunity during the first HoH competition. Now, not only did Ramses lose the competition, but because he didn’t lose in enough of a convincing way for Paul, there is a huge chance Ramses will be the next out of the house after Cody.


Ramses was obviously dealt a bad hand this game so far, but like the rest of the newbies, he brought on his eventual eviction because he decided to play the role of sitting duck rather than working on creating an alliance that could topple the powers in the house.  If you’re ever cast in the future, just remember this. Take the money if you can, and if you have a chance to win safety for the week – take it.

If Ramses tried real hard and still lost the POV, good for him.  If he really did try to throw it, it’s going to be hard to feel sorry for him as he’s walking out the door next week.


(Yes the house is slow so I have to think of weird articles like this to combat the slow period)


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  1. Avatar

    my thoughts are i hate paul this season…ok,now for ramses, i doubt he threw it,if he did hes an idiot.and i think you are right saying hes the next target, especially if jessica plays victim and make people feel(kinda) sorry for her,if she continues arguing and isolating herself then its her the target,which could be good for ramses.

  2. feltso gudinya

    ram is the scapegoat of the season. gee, i wonder y?……or maybe i know y…..

  3. danmtruth

    Ramses was in a no win situation He tried to stay low but got caught leaking info to both sides He and Dom were playing very slimier games at the start The big difference Dom was a bit higher on the pecking order and was a bit smarter in how she went about it While Ramses came across as sneaky and stalkerish Dom gathered info but kept her mouth closed for the most part Ramses could not wait to tell others what he knew First divide in the house was Cody’s beautiful people Cody, Jessica,Matt, Raven, Ellena, Mark with Dom Christmass and paul thrown in versus the outsiders Alex, Kevin, Josh, Jason, Jillian, Megan Ramse was low man in that group once Megan self evicted Than when the Jillian vote came Kevin flipped but Ramses took the heat
    Now someone said it might be a bit of homophobia While no one has come out and said anything Most of the HG seem comfortable around him It still would not surprise me if a few Say Cody harbor some resentment I go back to the staying with our kind statement In any case Ramses does not seem to have any allies He is an easy target for both sides of the house A no drama pick Expesialy now that Jess and Xmass are making Ramses big problem is no one else has put a target on them selfs

    • LindsayB

      Remember that he put himself in the no win situation. He could’ve waited for next week or the week after. That being said, I think his was the best week possible for him to nominate himself because of how both sides of the house are aligned in their desire to have Cody out. If that’s the logic he used to nominate himself (it was) then he’s better off doing exactly what he’s told just so there isn’t a chance of rocking the boat. It sucks that he got the curse to begin with. No doubt about it. But he’s screwing himself with his actions since then.

  4. AIO_7

    Two more days left for Grody. I can’t imagine CBS will ever use that time-bomb again.

  5. Mel

    I think Ramses was doomed from the start and it was a combination of his own actions and that of others. Let’s face it, except for bonding with Elena, he teamed up with the wrong side from the very beginning. As Damntruth pointed out, (I still want to know- Is it me you’re looking for? Sorry, that just doesn’t get old to me!) he lost Megan and Jillian from his side. Adding salt to the wound, Alex and Jason didn’t believe him about staying loyal and voting out Christmas. That was partly his fault because don’t forget, he had already been caught lying about a sky message and as mentioned before, he was trying to get in with both sides instead of riding out the storm. That always causes suspicion from others. From that point, because Ramses is such a “liar” in their eyes, it became easy to pin the 25k prize on him too.
    I don’t really see the homophobia from the group but I don’t watch feeds 24/7 either so it could be there. I could see that from Cody and possibly Jason but I’m not getting that from anyone else. I think it’s more about his youth and no one trusting him at this point.
    Ramsey started this train with the lie about the plane message, Dom kept it rolling with her very vocal distrust of him, Alex added whatever it is that fuels trains once she thought he betrayed her with Jillian and Paul definitely has it rolling into the next station with his bossy/bully tactics over the POV comp. Let’s also not forget that Kevin definitely has one of those nice, private sleeping compartments and is kicked back relaxing on this train.
    I’m anxious to see it play out on TV but after Ramses conversation with Christmas, I think he tried to win the veto comp and just came up short.

  6. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Why is everyone in the house convinced there will be a battle back for the house guests that have been evicted? Because they had one last year? There has been one houseguest that self evicted,this week the temptation is to halt an eviction,there is always a double eviction……. Jillian has been giving interviews,although she is on twitter saying she is in sequester I find it hard to believe they are going to give her access to the internet in sequester to tell everyone she is in sequester,,,,,

    • AIO_7

      CBS might be holding a pre jury house battle back in reserve, perhaps to keep tongues wagging. But with the possibility of Grody getting back in the house, and other reasons, I don’t think there will be a pre jury house battle back. Could be wrong, though.

      • Mel

        Don’t you think CBS loves having Cody tho? He makes a fantastic villain and they love that. I do see your point because I’m sure production doesn’t want a house full of people murdered in their sleep but these are the same producers who thought Evil Dick was fantastic to have on the show. He did way worse things then Cody could have even dreamed of doing.

      • Avatar

        There is a huge difference between Cody and Evil Dick. Dick was a jerk to people on purpose and played to the stereotypes about the way he dressed and behaved. He did things to purposely get a rise out of people and throw off their game. Cody really seems to think that he is better than the other people in the house. He is not acting or playing up his personality. Those facial expressions, the ignorant and hurtful comments….those are part of Cody’s true personality. He is truly disturbing to watch on tv and I kind of feel like people like him are whats wrong with the world today.

      • AIO_7

        “Don’t you think CBS loves having Cody tho?”

        They might, Mell. They might also think that we like seeing self indulgent psychos like Grody and JessA pawing each other. Evil Dick was pretty bad but he was never in a showmance. At least not one of the worst showmances ever.

      • Mel

        You got me there. I would rather see psycho than showmance any day! LOL

      • Avatar
        Helen (5154 comments)

        It’s kinda weird though…I remember several weeks ago big Meech talking about something to do with BB 19. Right now her twitter account is suspended…..also it wouldn’t surprise me for CBS to combine people from survivor to some kind of BB return ( they did it with candy crush) …..the special show is on the 21st so that means whatever it is is prerecorded which would leave really only Cameron,Jillian and whoeverever goes this week in a battle back? The 4th person would not even be evicted till the day before the show…..

      • Mel

        Helen I missed the first part I guess what is it you’re saying about Michelle?

      • Mel

        I agree. I’m not saying Cody and Dick are similar. I was only pointing out that people with very aggressive personalities don’t scare CBS and they know those people make great TV.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5154 comments)

      @Mell……I guess what I am saying is that it’s also possible someone may be coming into the game but I wouldn’t count out that “someone” could be either a previous BB player like Meech or a player that was on survivor……I’m pretty sure Jillian is not in sequester because she’s on twitter telling people she is in sequester……who would there be left to do any kind of battle back? Cameron and whoever goes this week?

      • Mel

        Yesh, they may not even have a battle back. Who knows. Meech has been on Twitter too much since the season started commenting at the beginning of the game so I know it won’t be her. Her Twitter was more likely shut down temporarily for nasty comments. Lol

  7. ElaineB

    Paul has just identified Ramses as the next target, so am sure the next HOH will do exactly what Paul wants. I haven’t seen Ramses much on feeds, so I don’t know first-hand conversations he has had with HGs. What I do know is self-appointed king Paul encouraged (told) Ramses to put himself up this week, since Cody was the target. Then he told Ramses to throw the veto, and now Paul is hating on him, even though Paul won the veto. To me there are two areas that no one has a right to tell others (or face the consequences) what to do: the way they vote or to throw a comp when on the block/likely to be on the block. Ramses, at this point, seems to be an easy target. For Paul, it will show that he continues to control the HGs, which feeds his already inflated ego.

    • Mel

      Elaine, he’s been putting the target on him for days. He sort of rotates between Ramses, Jason and Jessica. He wants them all gone so he just keeps repeating it so it will stick. Frankly, it gives me a headache. Paul does seem as if he’s with Kevin so he could be targeting Ramses because he’s the only person who can argue the Jillian vote and the 25k but I don’t see Paul being that loyal to anyone yet. Ramses is awfully young and I think it’s more likely that he hasn’t done a good job of hiding the fact that he doesn’t buy into Paul’s crap. Dom and a couple others were already having issues with the Ramses too so Paul may have no other motivation than ‘ Hey, he’s already on their shit list so I’ll just fuel the fire.’

      • Avatar

        Paul is playing the “anyone but me” game. I wonder if he picked that up from Queen Sandra on Survivor.
        God, I hope his game blows up on him big time.
        If Kevin votes hinky again I think that would help to cast doubt that Ramses made that first hinky vote.
        Anyway, I feel sorry for the kid. I’m voting for him to win the Halting Hex. Yes, I know it’s a long shot.

  8. Avatar

    IMO Alex should be the next to go. She is the only one capable of drawing players to her side. Ramses is a small fish in a big pond right now, not much of a threat

    And I agree with others, Paul was given way to big of an advantage this year. Pretty much waiting for week 4 when the game starts.

    • Mel

      I agree. I read a hundred times a day on Twitter from fans complaining that the cast is wimpy and afraid of Paul. I keep wondering what exactly do they want the cast to do??? Paul has three weeks of safety and is also the current HOH. Of course they’re going to kiss his ass right now. It’s BB suicide for anyone who doesn’t. I won’t judge any of them for being afraid of Paul until his safety is over. That’s when we’ll separate the players from the followers.

      • Mel

        I believe that’s Paul’s issues with Jason and Ramses. Ramses wants to play BB and even though Jason doesn’t know much about it, he’s made it clear to Paul that no one’s going to tell him what to do. He’s actually said that to Paul numerous times.

  9. Avatar

    Paul is doing a great job of tearing apart the outsiders so they won’t make a voting block or alliance against him or his true allies.

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