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It’s A Christmas Miracle – She’s Back!


Every morning Big Brother plays a song or three to wake up the house. This morning they decided to play “Save a horse, ride a cowboy” to which Christmas said “hell yea!” and ran to find Jason.  She jumped on his back and he ran around the house like a crazy person.  When they went outside, he slipped on the grass and Christmas took a hard landing and hurt her foot.  He went to get help, she was carried off by Matt and Cody and out of the game for a few hours.

During that time, there was a lot of game chatter seeing as Christmas is on the block and the house needed to figure out what to do if she’s gone. Will Cody be forced to nominate his 6th person of the week?  Should they keep her in the house because she suddenly becomes no threat to win competitions (except trivia)?  Should they evict her anyway because she is still a beast and told people she wants to come after Cody (and probably Jessica)?

Jessica was one of the people really flipping on this decision as she knows kicking her out after an injury would look bad, but getting rid of someone who is going after you while you have a chance is not something to be missed. However, her main girl ally in the house – Elena – is far more in favor of keeping Christmas because Paul has been in her ear about it. Elena appears to have put Paul on godlike status so by keeping Christmas she will have gone the extra mile to earn back his trust. Of course, overall she shouldn’t care about Paul and they should just be waiting for two more evictions until they can get him out, but veterans always seem to find a way to get newbies to do their dirty work.


At 2:21, Christmas came hobbling back through the door and told the house she had definitely tore some ligaments in her foot and has to leave again on Wednesday to get an MRI to see if any bones are broken. That means there is still a chance Christmas gets the boot (no pun intended), but it also means the house may just vote her out so they don’t have to keep wondering if she’ll be removed from the game at some point.

Busy afternoon in the house.  I will be starting a live feed thread in a little while for the evening to cover anything that is happening tonight.


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  1. Amberchelly

    Okay this is kind of funny now getting the recap. It’s been a nice day off and I have t looked at the feeds all day but my phone has been blowing up about things in the house. So what I’m saying is I appreciate the updates you post! It will be really crazy if it’s a Lisfranc injury…

  2. Seattle Kari

    I just hope she can recover easily and thoroughly. I really don’t have any opinions on whether or not she should stay because I can understand both sides…

  3. Avatar
    dmc (1092 comments)

    Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus !

  4. LindsayB

    Christmas and Alex are having what seems to be a good conversation. I’m hoping they will start working together. They would be a great duo.

  5. ElaineB

    Christmas is playing more game on crutches and with a messed-up foot than many of the other HGs. I want her to stay and kick butt (with both feet!).

  6. Mel
    Mel (4692 comments)

    Paul is pissed they are losing Jason. (They never had him imo) Paul is doing too much of the “I have a plan and I’ll fill you in later when you need to know” stuff last night and today. It’s especially bad for people in Cody’s group since that’s what he just did to them also. I’m wondering how long they’ll put up with it. Jason can see that Paul is trying to make him follow and he doesn’t want to be led. Ironically, he thinks working with Cody is somehow different. He did the same thing.

    I don’t know why Paul & Xmas think that they can get ex to keep Xmas over Jillian because they have a common enemy. (Cody) That may be true but Jillian is her closest pal in the house.

    Can anyone actually tell what Mark is planning on doing? I’ve changed my mind 3 times today about his vote. The most recent plan is to go against Cody on this vote but still work with him…I think. He and Matt seem to think they can do both. I don’t mean in a “playing both sides” sneaky way. They only have 1 vote each week so I don’t know how this will work. They don’t like his game but want to stay with him. Forget the vet, it almost seems like Cody has a cult following in that house.

  7. Ann
    Ann (1806 comments)

    What the hell does Dom do besides chew like a damn horse. She sits around & does nothing. Is she planning on trying to float her way through the game? Don’t like her…

  8. danmtruth

    Ann don’t you understand Dom is their to get material and guest for her podcast after she is out of the house Beside her and Ramses were just trying to get info and tell other people Not looking good for Ramses because everyone STOPS talking game when he is around
    I’m just waiting to see the big moves by Josh First he will win HOH Than get himself a women Than ,,,,, oh wait we are talking about josh

  9. Mel
    Mel (4692 comments)

    These women may be making us sick with their shomances but they arn’t whiny babies like last year. Christmas is threatening to cut Jason’s jugular if he flips on her, Jessica said she wants to put Alex’s head through a wall and many other things & threatened to castrate Cody and to evict him if he screws up again. She described at length her many past physical altercations some days ago. Alex makes similar threats. I don’t see these ladies crying to the guys with their problems. Instead, I see these guys hiding in the DR to avoid a beat down at some point.

  10. Mel
    Mel (4692 comments)

    Jessica thinks she and Cody have a lasting thing now. He’s came clean and told her that he has a daughter and that he lied about his age. He told her last night about his military career and left our a large chunk. He said thats why he lied ahout his age. He wanted to get ridbof those years. I don’t remember the specifics but he made it sound super impressive and a job only a very smart person could do. I only mention that part because when he was done with the description, she looked at him and asked him “then why are you so dumb?”
    Her stomach ed growled a few minutes ago and he asked her bid she had a baby in there. She suggested they get started and asked if he wanted another. (Not word for word) I didn’t hear this but twitter is going off because he said something about wanting 2 sons in case one of them died. People on twitter were not happy with this comment.
    I’m not a Cody fan and the comment, if said, sounds horrible but he does have a military background. Many people for many years in the military think this way because you are very aware of losing you namesake and only son in a war. It isn’t an uncommon thought process for them. I also think I read that he had a brother pass away. (Not sure about that) That may have something to do with it too. Either way, it’s a stupid conversation to have with a chick you’ve been dating a week.

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  12. Avatar

    I hope Christmas can come back from this injury to remain in the house if she’s not voted out. I really like her and if she gets power she will go after the showmances for sure.

  13. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Omg. Dim drives me crazy with her high and mighty psychoanalysis of everyone…..
    Order on my hit list…
    Last 4 standing

  14. Colby

    I just saw where Cody said he didn’t plan go after Paul until jury. He really only wanted to get Megan out. Then he had to keep nominating people. He was going to nom Jason, but Prod pushed / manipulated him to go for Paul.
    I do actually believe that.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      So if that’s true, does that mean Production hates Cody as much as I do? Because they must have been trying to set Cody up by having him go after Paul, since they knew it would backfire on Cody. I’d like to think this is true, it makes me happy.

      • Colby

        I think they don’t care one way or the other as long as they can stir up drama to keep thing interesting.
        That is, except for Paul. They want to keep him there and give him every advantage they can. But, they knew he couldn’t be nominated and it would stir up the drama.

      • danmtruth

        that and also to put Americas vote in effect in the game to keep people voting on other temptations

    • Avatar
      Helen (5241 comments)

      He lying. When he first came into house he said first chance he got he was gonna back door paul…that’s why I voted for Paul to get first temptation because Grody got HOH.

      • Colby

        Yes, he did say that in the beginning. I think I am just willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because they spent some time together and talked after that.
        But mostly because we all know Production does those things.

      • Ann

        He sure did Helen. The longer I watch these people, the more I can’t stand them.
        Is Mark with Christmas or lumpy lips?

      • AIO_7

        I thing Fondled Mark and Hot Lips might be burning out.

      • AIO_7


    • Mel

      I’m not buying it and I always get on board with production manipulation. Cody has changed his story 3 times so far. He said from the beginning he wanted Paul out. He was annoyed when he threw it out there and his team didn’t bite. He practically admitted to Matt that he figured if he put Paul otb, he would have the votes anyway since he’s a returning player. He even took a page out of Paul’s book when Paul was saying he only took the temptation in case he had to find out who was loyal to him and tell him the truth. Cody told a few people that he put Paul up to find out who his true group was and who would jump ship or something to that effect. Production definitely does get in their heads and will say things like “so don’t you think you need to be worried about Paul?” He’s just ran his mouth too much to be able to blame it on production at this point. I would take satisfaction in knowing that they can’t stand him either but let’s face it, he’s tv gold right now as the villan as far as CBS is probably concerned.

  15. Kayla88

    I’ve been reading this blog and all your comments for a few years now, thought it was time to join the conversation. So hey everyone. Can’t wait to complain with you all lol (and some praise of course)

  16. Mel

    Anyone else think this is the strangest house dynamic? Usually people team up or they don’t. These people have so many stumbling blocks. Alex & Jason may work with Cody but not Jessica. Mark wants to work with Paul but not Christmas. Mark & Elena want to be with both Cody & Paul. Cody & Jessica like different people. Kevin wants to be with Paul & Jason. None of these combos go together. Large groups are hard but I can’t ever remember this hard a time getting a small group to be in agreement.
    I also agree with most everyones dilemma. Christmas made no secret that she didn’t like Alex the 1st week. She was almost as vocal as Jessica about it. They don’t trust each other and know it. Christmas just needs her vote and Alex knows that too. That’s the problem. Christmas may be good to help get out Cody but after that, I don’t think Alex needs or wants her. I’d like Christmas to stay but I get why Alex wants Jillian for game reasons. Alex may not even want Cody out (as soon) anymore. He did keep his word to her and Jason.
    I understand why Mark and Elena are torn too. To stay loyal to Xmas, they have to abandon their main 2 people. Also, if Mark keeps xmas, it’s only to show loyalty to Paul. He wanted her out the night before Cody even put her otb.
    Jason was correct to get worried about Paul’s motives because he was pushing way too hard on the Xmas issue. He also wouldn’t explain his plan for later…just like Cody. Also, Paul was playing both sides and by running his mouth and admitting that Cody burned him, he let Jason and Alex know that he was with Cody and not them before he was nominated. It’s the same with Xmas. (I don’t think Paul was really on a side yet but he ran his mouth and said he was to both) Why in the hell would Alex and Jason really care what Paul and Xmas want at this point.
    I know what I want them to do but I am actually understanding why there all being so stubborn about it. It’s a wierd feeling that I’m having here.. Lol
    I want Xmas to stay but I don’t know why in the hell someone with 3 weeks of safety, who could lay low and already is a target is fighting so hard to keep a one legged woman. Yes, she could be useful to him but she isn’t worth blowing up his entire strategy over. Paul may be a vet, which he keeps saying over and over (that sales pitch about being a vet and knowing more is going to bite him) but that doesn’t mean everyone else is stupid!

    • Avatar
      Helen (5241 comments)

      I agree Mell….Paul is a vet but he also made HUGE mistakes

      • Mel

        It’s that mouth of his. He just doesn’t know when to stop. He had the best and most direct convo with Jessica today. I wish he could do that more. Lol

    • danmtruth

      this might be a season when alliances dont mean a thing till latter As you said it all depends on who is up Adding to the confusion are the showmances They are not even a voting block It goes back to the women being independent thinkers

      • Mel

        That’s it !!!
        We’re seeing women think for themselves and it’s like finding an endangered species on this show. Thats why I didn’t immediately recognize what I was looking at.

    • NKogNeeTow

      That’s always the problem with the HG Mell. Each of them always thinks they’re more intelligent than the others.

  17. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Wow. Was just looking at my scheduled recordings and for this coming Sunday it says: the TWO new heads of household move into their rooms and nominate two houseguests for eviction. Lol. Double HOH coming. That will throw a monkey wrench in someone’s grandiose plan

  18. danmtruth

    the production schedule has taken a big hit If not been thrown into the shredder

  19. Mel

    I may have to give big lips and mark a little credit. She gets the shomance problem. (More than he does I think) I think she’s playing this game and Mark is just somebody to rub up on while she’s in the house. I don’t want to see it but I can live with it. I notice while Mark & Xmas were having their talk, she never looked over and didn’t care. Jessica would have been giving them a stare down if that was her guy.

  20. Shivani33

    Christmas and Mark have become each other’s friends. My guess is that Christmas understands Mark and gives more warmth to him than Elena even has within herself to give.

  21. danmtruth

    Hot lips is board with him and has set her eyes on Matt She will keep Mark because god knows she needs someone to feed her never ending need to hear compliments about herself It does not help that Mark cannot just simple do what she says Or even be able to express a thought

  22. danmtruth

    not sure if casting understood how many emotionally damage people walked into this house It woud be easy to make fun of Mark for his breakdown Just not sure dime store Oprah wannabe is the best person totalk things out with

  23. NKogNeeTow

    I see the bedrooms are messy already. WHY can’t Production find CLEAN people to stay in that house? I wonder if their homes look like that?

  24. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Wow. Even casting a little bit older people on here and they are still dumb as a box of rocks. Dear lord….1280 feet in a mile? I’m not sure where they went to school but in my school it was 5280. Lol

  25. NKogNeeTow

    Kool Papa was singing again while playing pool. He gets no warnings from Production. He mainly sings Oldies Soul songs so they might not recognize them. What will REALLY tickle me is if he starts screaming like James Brown, jumps up, twirls around and does the split. If he does, I’M THROUGH!

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      I think Production must just like to hear Kevin sing, because I seem to recall in the past HGs getting consistently called out for even singing fake songs they invented or humming unintelligible tunes that no one could possibly identify. Or maybe I’m just fantasizing that Production hates Cody and likes Kevin as much as I do lol.

      • NKogNeeTow

        They did G. Every time someone would sing Production would tell the stop.
        Kool Papa is the only one I’ve ever seen get away with it and I’m not mad at him. He’s my favorite older person they’ve ever had in the house. I love his Boston accent too. I bet he gets on Grody’s nerves too, which makes it all the better.

      • Amberchelly

        He reminds me of Karen just without he BB knowledge.

  26. NKogNeeTow

    * Grody thinks only 3 people will vote to keep Xmas

    * The Midnight Cowboy was explaining to Kool Papa that if you’re HOH you get a basket full of your favorite things and a letter from your family. Kool Papa is astounded. He ask how could Production not tell him that. {I’m still loving that man}

    * Kool Papa tells Alex that he wants them to be the Final 2

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  28. Shivani33

    The trouble with hooking up is that you get hooked. Jessica stepped into a minefield by getting sexual with Grody Cody. Even though she criticizes his actions, she doesn’t seem willing or able to back away. It looks like she’s thrown her game right into destruction just to f**k around with a guy who is a big mess. She calls herself a BB superfan but her choices so far are discouraging. I don’t know if it’s a lack of experience under her belt or a sign of not having much character. But what a waste.

    • LindsayB

      Rose colored glasses I guess. It’s like part of your brain is completely unable to work when your hormones go on overdrive like that. I’ve been guilty of it but never when I’m playing for $$$.

  29. Ann
    Ann (1806 comments)

    I think Mark & Christmas look like a cute couple. Too bad lumpy lips got her fangs in him first. Wasn’t he crushing on Christmas when he first saw her when she entered the BB House? I’ll bet if Christmas would have him, he’d be all for it. Lumpy lips should try to hook up with Sloshy & try to get him to like girls.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I think it was him Annie. Didn’t he also say that he wasn’t against having a showmance too? I don’t think that Liver Lips is really interested in any of them unless they shower her with compliments. The one thing I will give these girls in the house this year, at least they don’t let the guys tell them what to think or how to vote like the girls of the past did.

  30. Mello_One

    Don’t any of y’all forget to Vote for the “RING OF REPLACEMENT” Temptation on!

  31. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Okay. Add mark to my hit list. He flips and flops worse than James!! ( I never thought that possible,but there it is)

  32. NKogNeeTow

    He’s starting to wear on my nerves too Helen. Between the Tiny Tears act, he decides his vote depending on who he’s talking to at that time. When he’s with Grody, he’s going to vote out Xmas. When he’s with Xmas, he’s going to vote out Jill. What the hell is he going to do when he goes into the DR on Thursday, abstain?

    • Avatar
      Helen (5241 comments)

      I don’t know….this whole group has got my head ready to explode!! Until Sunday Christmas was part of their “group”. And now people are “torn” between voting her out as opposed to someone who was never part of their group and was one of the original nominees to start with…..doesn’t make a darn bit of sense to me.

  33. danmtruth

    if this vote goes to save Xmas it will be fun to watch how G.I. Grody reacts Disbelief that people did not blindly listen to him Jess will soil her thong knowing how many people are against her Now she will gag need to talk and be nice to the ” others “

  34. Mel

    I didn’t stay up but from what I’ve been reading, it sounds like “soiled thong” pushed too hard last night and it backfired. Not only are her friends keeping xmas, they are pretty much done with Jessica and Cody all together. Like Cody, she acts like they still have some power. Matt, Raven, Mark and Elena wanted to keep Xmas but still wanted to ride with Cody & Jessica after that. (I never got how that was going to work) It sound like Jessica destroyed that by sticking with her lie about Xmas coming after her.
    I did enjoy Alex saying that when a horse is lame, you put it down (referring to xmas), Xmas calling Jillian “Julia” Kevin being shocked that BB hadn’t told him about the hoh baskets in advance and Raven saying “pacifically” instead of “specifically.”

  35. Colby

    Interesting. Early morning while all others sleeping, Christmas and Matt in, out, and back into the DR together. Could be something or could be nothing. But, an interesting duo anyway.

  36. Alda

    I just want to wish everyone on here a Happy 4th of July!

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