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It’s Finale Time! Last Live Blog Of Big Brother 18



It’s here, folks. The end of another summer.  I recapped a lot of the season in my previous post, so I’m not going to repeat it.  It’s been a long, fun, and weird season – just like every season. It all comes down to 3. Paul, James, or Nicole.

Who will win?  Who will Paul take?  Who will Nicole take?  Will James sneak away with cash?

Will Nicole scumbag Paul?  Will Paul scumbag Nicole?  Would Nicole actually wins if she does scumbag Paul and take James?  What about Paul?


So many questions, and they’ll all be answered in just a few hours.  Admittedly, I didn’t watch the feeds today, so I have no clue which direction they’re going. Once a season I like to be surprised, so while I do provide spoilers, when situations come up where something really might change in the last 5-6 hours before eviction, I avoid it the spoilers if I can.  Even bloggers like surprises once in awhile!

I will say that within a few hour span, Nicole went from almost certainly taking James (should she win round 3) to making a deal again with Paul.  Paul has been adamant about taking Nicole. That’s about all I know at this point. Paul could have shaved his beard, hooked up with Nicole while James poisoned both of their drinks, and I won’t know until the show.  Survivor is on right now, so I’ll probably watch that after BB, but in about 90 minutes we begin the end of the season.


  • 9:20pm – I realized that I can’t even turn on CBS until 9:30 because I’ll get Survivor spoilers.  Kind of ironic from me
  • 9:30pm – Here we go!
    • Doing a season-long recap?  I guess they have to fill in the 90 minutes somehow
    • Looks like Michelle is going to be crying again in jury.  I wonder if she’s faking now because that’s ‘her thing’
  • Butfirst
    • We need to get back to the endurance competition that was not on the feeds (grr)
    • James talks about beasting this comp. Hahaha. Endurance comps are your thing, buddy. Wall endurance comps are. You can hang on a wall for a long time.
    • Paul wins the first part. Nicole thought James threw that since he dropped right after her
  • 9:40pm – Commercial
    • Second part of the HoH competition.
    • It’s a pretty huge setup for two people. I’d love to watch that one play out live
    • James finished in 19 minutes 6 seconds
    • Nicole finished in 7 minutes 24
  • 9:55pm – Back from commercial
    • Jury time
    • Talk about James – Natalie and Michelle think his social game is great
    • Bridgette agrees, Z too. Da’ says it is a safe game, she’s not a fan.  Victor agrees.
    • Corey says James has been checked out and following her (Nat) around like a puppy
    • Paulie says James has been good socially but Paul is good
    • All of them call Paul a great liar and great at comps
    • Da’ says Paul the player is phenomenal. Paul the person is not so good, especially calling Michelle the c-word
    • Natalie says the words are unforgivable
    • They talk about Nicole. Michelle slams her a bunch. She’s not a fan
    • Natalie points out how taking Jozea out was easy, and Michelle says taking her (Michelle) out wasn’t big.
    • Will asks if Michelle came into the house just not liking Nicole.
    • Michelle begins her signature cry
    • Bridgette says the girls are bitter. Da’ says that Nicole may have been average, but she’s still in the house and defended her
  • 10:05pm – Before commercial, Julie says that either Jason or Jozea will enter Big Brother: Over the Top. Ugh
    • Here we go. Final round of the HoH competition.
    • 8 questions, however has the most points.  Here we go
    • Round 1 – Paul 1 – Nicole 1
    • Round 2 – Paul 1 – Nicole 1
    • Round 3 – Paul 1 – Nicole 1
    • Round 4 – Paul 2 – Nicole 1
    • Round 5 – Paul 2 – Nicole 1
    • Round 6 – Paul 3 – Nicole 1
    • Round 7 – Paul 3 – Nicole 2
    • Round 8 – Paul wins!   
  • 10:15pm – This mean Paul wins at least $50k.  There is a really good chance he wins it all
    • Here we go.  Eviction time….
    • Paul votes to evict James
    • James jokes that he’s taking the new Pablo on the way out
    • Julie to James ‘Are you surprised to make it so far without doing a whole lot’
    • James says playing dead was basically his strat.  Sure
    • Now the dumb Natalie question. He says maybe
  • 10:30pm – Jury coming out
    • Michelle looked super nervous. I hope she pukes everywhere
  • Questions –
  • Natalie to Paul – We think you’re a good player but bad person (paraphrasing)
    • He tells her he didn’t change his personality, but nothing but love
  • Michelle to Nicole – What was your one move that makes you win
    • She takes credit for the Paul/Victor nomination
  • Corey to Paul – Why are you not a great strategist
    • Paul says he always left a bigger target
  • Victor to Nicole – Were you riding the guys coattails
    • She felt like the brains behind a lot
  • Z to Paul – Why do you deserve it over the person next to you
    • This is my first time playing. Didn’t hide behind the scenes
  • Paulie to Nicole – Why do you deserve it
    • She gave 100% 1000% of the time. She used snake as strategy.  Everyone knew her game (yea, showmance)
  • James to Paul – Were you ever planning on honoring the f2 deal
    • I wanted to see who was the most honest and loyal. Nicole relayed everything back to him. James didn’t
  • 10:35pm – Commercial
    • Speech time
    • Paul talks about how he had no help, won his way to the end. Last standing newbie among. Most in-house comps
    • Da’Vonne does a silent cheer. She is thrilled at his good speech
    • Nicole says that was such a good speech.  Says ‘snake joke’
    • She starts at the beginning then talks about Corey, blah blah.  The jury was nodding their heads at Paul’s speech, they are motionless during Nicoles. That is very telling.
    • Nicole goes blank says ‘I don’t know’ and sits down
  • Votes soon….
    • Da’Vonne – Nicole
    • Zakiyah – Nicole
    • Bridgette – Paul
    • Paulie – He is the first to speak rather than saying ‘good game’ – Nicole
    • Michelle – Short but sweet – Paul
    • Natalie – Nicole
    • Victor – Jokes that he may go in the house any second – Paul
    • Corey – Nicole
    • James – Paul
    • Nicole wins … Hmmm
  • 10:50pm – They brought out the non-jury, didn’t talk to them
  • 10:55pm – America’s Favorite
    • Top 3 – Victor, Natalie, James
    • Winner – Victor

Well, that wraps it up.  Disappointing ending, but Nicole did have a good season, just not as good as Paul’s.

On the bright side, here is my prediction when I broke down the final 4 …

  • Nicole vs Paul

    • Nicole: Da’Vonne, Corey, James
    • Paul: Victor, Michelle
    • Leaning Nicole: Paulie, Natalie,
    • Leaning Paul: Bridgette, Z

This will be another close one with Nicole edging out Paul.  I am not sure if Michelle will actually vote or slit her wrists, but if forced to, I still don’t think she can vote for Nicole. Da’Vonne will vote for Nicole, especially after she finds out Paul was lying to her face during his HoH. Paulie will vote for Nicole because of Cody being friends with her, and Natalie doesn’t like Paul.  This pairing would be a situation of voting for the lesser of two evils for most of the jury


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  1. Mel

    It’s not even on yet but come on….we can’t have someone win BB while wearing a table cloth!

  2. Avatar

    Mini Pablo ………hehehehheeehhehehe love it

  3. Avatar

    It’s sort of humorous that the house guests all assume James has ulterior motives when blowing a competition.

  4. Avatar

    Well Mell the Nicole fans be creepin.

  5. Alda

    This night is giving me more anxiety then I usually have.

  6. Avatar

    Ahhh Dr Delicious!

  7. Avatar

    Eeeeekkkkkkk!!!! Y’all better send Jason back in that house!!! LOVE HIM!!

  8. Colby

    Wow! Michelle sounds like a spoiled child. Stop whining!

  9. Avatar

    Will seemed unmoved by the Meech tears.

  10. g8trgrl4life

    Well, the night is complete. Michelle cried. Pack it up, we can leave now.

  11. Avatar

    What was it Jocasta said…. I’m squeezing this lemon and there’s no sugar comin out.

  12. Avatar

    If they bring back Meech again aka abboying Rachel ..Ill stop watching big brother ..stating that out loud right now .. shes beeen a bigger snake then nicole the weeping cobra? lol

  13. Avatar

    If we could vote for “most annoying houseguest” I honestly don’t know if I’d vote for Michelle or Jozea.

  14. Alda

    Funny,Nicole says that Corey and James were so close.Corey didn’t sound to fond of James just now.

  15. Avatar

    Really? They may put Jozea on the fall version??? I cannot stand him!!!

  16. Avatar

    Pablo got a ticket to the show!!!!

  17. Avatar

    Lol. Who would vote for Jozea?

  18. Jenny M

    fist pumping the air go Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Avatar

    Will he take Nic?

  20. Jenny M

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo PAUL!!!!

  21. Jenny M

    I almost want Paul to take James just to spite Nicole.

  22. Alda

    Thank You God! Now it’s up to the jury.Yeah,he’ll take Nicole. Never cared! GO PAUL,so proud!!!!

  23. Bonnie

    Go Paul!!!! Did not breath for the last comp. Almost fainted…lololol

    Excited to see Jason may come back. Jozea please dear God no!

  24. Jenny M

    Okay I can’t stand Jozea but watching him vogue was HILARIOUS

  25. Helen


  26. Avatar

    Cant wait to hear his speech!

  27. Avatar

    I think Nicole deserves it more but she has complained so much this summer. Kind of think it would be good to give her no $.

  28. Avatar

    No James I can’t bare to see Nat and i would like to see michelle cry more.

  29. Shivani33

    Paul!!!! Now, let’s see….it’s Nicole.

  30. ShoeLover

    Wow, I think Victor is still crushing over Nicole. Those dreamy eyes they keep showing during the jury discussion with Will and I love Michelle but man you can tell flat out ahead never liked her from the beginning. And pretty clever of Michelle to make it all about her and Nicole was slowly dropped from the conversation. Wish I could have seen the unedited version.

  31. Avatar

    Whelp. Paul won BB 18.

  32. Jenny M

    Dear James, you are not going to marry Natalie. Sorry, dude.

  33. Avatar

    Well James stumbled thru that interview

  34. Jenny M

    BTW, I am LOVING Julie’s dress tonight. It’s absolutely beautiful, so flattering, my favorite thing I’ve see her wear. She looks amazing.

  35. Avatar

    Dr. Will Looked like he was holding in the laughter when Michelle started getting emotional for no reason.

  36. Avatar

    Wow Paul had the better chance against James …still think he pulls it off though

  37. Avatar

    OMG Paul just cost himself the game by evicting James

  38. Avatar

    I hope the jury questions are game related….

  39. caRyn

    Nicole didn’t seem that thankful to make it to F2. Instead she was aggravated by Paul’s speech to James.

  40. Avatar

    Wheeeeee! So glad James got eliminated at F3. Both Nicole and Paul deserve some money. James walking away with even 50K was too much for his lackluster game play.

  41. Avatar

    How many unfounded i hate you nicole comments does michelle make during the questioning lol

  42. Avatar

    I think Nat, Bridgette and Michelle would have gone for James because he is nicer. And maybe Z.

  43. Avatar

    And then Nicole could have given for James vote out of bitterness.

  44. Jenny M

    Natalie, there is a fine line between sexy and slutty. You have crossed it. Your outfit screams streetwalker.

  45. Jenny M

    Did Nicole really just give her play on BB16 as a reason to win BB18?

  46. Colby

    I don’t really think Paul’s point about being on the block 6 times and ‘saving himself’ is really valid. The majority of those times he was a pawn and knew it. He did not SAVE himself 6 times.

  47. Avatar

    I didnt get moobies till like late 30’s im using em girl lol

  48. Avatar

    Da is loving Pauls speech. Beat that Nicole.

  49. Colby

    I hardly ever like who wins, so it most likely will be Paul because I can’t stand him.
    But if it does happen to be Nicole, all the haters can take pleasure in knowing that Corey is going to stomp on her heart, so that should make you feel better.

    • Avatar

      Come on now theres not been tons of Nicole bashing tonight.

      • Avatar

        Yes aiden loved reading your posts also. You are one of the ones I missed. I just couldn’t take the hate anymore. A lot of old timers that you could argue with without them ganging up on you and have a good discussion went away this year. I guess It just got too much for them too. I love the discussions when people disagree but this year it got abusive. Not much bothers me but this did

    • Avatar

      Haters have to hate. Nicole played the best game to get Natalie’s vote!! James vote was a bitter one and so was Michelle’s!! Colby you and I were among the very few who believed in Nicole on this site. I’m glad you were not treated like I was. I couldn’t handle the hate and nastiness so I bugged out and went to a different site and came back tonight just to crow!! Lol lol lol

      • Avatar

        Don’t forget me. Your one of the few cool people on this site Trudy. Thanks for brithing my day even more.

      • Avatar

        I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile. Congrats on your victory Trudy.

      • Colby

        Hey Trudy! I missed you. I hoped you were still around in the background.
        I’ve been on this sight for a few years, but am not usually the most popular person because my views often differ than many. I’m sorry you felt driven out, but do understand why you felt that way.
        I hope to see you here next year. Hopefully they will have a better cast in the house.

      • Mel

        So we have to like the same players to be cool?

      • Avatar

        I agree that Michelle’s vote was bitter.

        However, I believe that James’ vote was out of honor.

        James asked Paul about the final eviction, and Paul indicated thst he trusted Nicole more. James accepted that, and voted for whom he thought was the better player.

      • Avatar

        So, we have to hate the same players to be cool?

      • NKogNeeTow

        Trudy, the only time anyone got on you was when you tried to praise the innocent virtues of Nicole, when we clearly could see what she was doing on the Live Feeds. I am truly sorry that you felt you had to leave though, and I do hope you decide to come back next year 🙂

      • Mel

        I’m very happy for you tonight Trudy and I personally miss seeing your comments.

  50. Jenny M


  51. Avatar

    There you go Colby

  52. Avatar

    One word for Nicole = boo.
    I am disappoint.

  53. Avatar

    Even though I had predicted Nicole would be the winner I’m still shocked.

  54. Avatar

    whatever…………..VIC …….please 4 AFP …please

  55. Quwana

    Paul messed up by evicting James smh

  56. Jenny M

    I’m STUNNED. And done with BB. love you guys (Steve and co.) but I just can’t keep watching this crap anymore.

  57. JD

    Undeserved winner. Snicole

    • Avatar

      Undeserved fan of BB. JD

      • Mel

        Aiden, you spoke this week about people being rude to you but I’m starting to think you just can’t handle when anyone disagrees with you.

      • Avatar

        No. Just sick of seeing the hate. I have had it built up all season. I am genuinely sorry to you though Mell. I probably shouldn’t have said that. Guess I was just letting out steam. Seen to many comments that people are going to stop watching just because someone they didn’t wan to win won. I guess when I am passionate about something I don’t take people bashing it that well. Sorry Mell

      • NKogNeeTow

        Aiden, don’t take it seriously when people say they won’t watch anymore because their favorite player didn’t win. We all pretty much say that every year and come right back the next. Keep your chin up!

      • Mel

        No worries Aiden, I say that every other year during the NBA finals but I keep going back for more.

  58. NKogNeeTow

    Let me be the first to say….GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!!! Nicole?????

    But Vic won so it’s not a total loss 🙂

    • g8trgrl4life

      Gonna miss you, my friend. No more funnies to have my morning smoke and Diet Coke. .
      See ya next season.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I’ll miss you too Little Miss! But I may still be around…haven’t decided on OTT yet. I’m looking forward to a decent night’s sleep, but I’m afraid that the Live Feeds may have ruined me….LOL.

      • Avatar

        You guys should stick around! From what Julie was sayin in the post show interviews everything is different, even nominations. She called them “safety meetings” whoevers name isn’t called by the 2nd safety meeting is nominated. Makes me wonder what else they’ve changed. By the way I love all of you fellow commenters!!! I’m jazzed Nicole won! I get it for everyone disappointed. A big thanks to Steve and crew for this awesome blog!! Hope to see everyone back around. =D

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Hey @amberchelly, glad you’re sticking around for the fall! Looking forward to chatting with you!

    • Avatar

      I know. What the hell was that.

      A jury with integrity will vote for the best player, not for the favorite person.

      Based on that, I had assumed a 6-3 Paul win.


      Paul got shafted.

      • Avatar

        You think Natalie and day liked Nicole? What show did u watch? They didn’t like Nicole at all. They voted who they thought played the best game!! James and Michelle voted bitterly. Paul was lucky he got the votes he did.

      • Mel

        They didn’t like Nicole and you could tell during the jury talk, they thought Paul and Nicole both played well. Da and Natalie couldn’t get past some of the disrespectful things Paul said.

      • Mel

        Actually, let me correct that. Natalie may have voted for Nicole because Paul is who evicted James.

      • Avatar

        Some are suggesting that Natalie and DA voted because they wanted a woman to win.

        I really hope that’s not the case as it ruins the game.

        It shouldn’t be gender biased one way or another.

      • Avatar

        Even if they did vote based off wanting a girl to win, they did attempt to start an all girl alliance and that was the plan all along so not really that biased is it?

      • Avatar

        That depends, Teagan.

        Just because thrre was an alliance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that an alliance member played better than a non alliance member.

  59. Jenny M

    VICTOR AFP okay thank you America that makes me feel wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better.

  60. Avatar

    Well, it wasn’t the win I wanted, but whatever. I’m glad Victor won AFP; he deserved it more than any of them! Great season stevebeans!

  61. Avatar

    Borey was hanging out with Julie instead of Nicole.

  62. Avatar

    lol. Thought there wouldn’t be any Nicole shaming, because she completely deserved to win. Whatever. She is 500,000 dollars richer and you all are just horrible people typing being a keyboard. GO NICOLE!!!!!!!!

    • Mel

      Most of us just don’t think she played near the game Paul did. I don’t agree with you. That doesn’t make me or anyone else a horrible person.

      • Avatar

        I wasn’t just saying because of the different opinion. I am talking about the personal hate. Your definitley entitled to your opinion, and thanks for speaking up. I am just mad at the people who I constenetly see saying negative things not involving the game. You may think that she didn’t deserve to win but she won for a reason.

      • Avatar

        Don’t worry Mell. I am evidently a horrible person and a streetwalker to boot.:)

      • Mel

        I don’t like how she won. I’ve said negative things too, I must admit. We get invested and have to vent sometimes. I don’t like what a hypocrite she is, how she always sees herself as a victim or how entitled she acts. I just hope I don’t have to hear her name again after tonight. That’s just my opinion. You probably feel totally different. That’s part of why people love this game.
        (Thanks mindyboo, you little streetwalker. Lol)

      • Avatar

        Hope to see you for the fall season Mell.

  63. g8trgrl4life

    Unbelievable! So disappointed. Paulie cost Paul the win and I’m sure he knew it.

    • Avatar

      Mell the problem I think you have is that you think your opinion is fact not just an opinion. That’s why some people think you get personal with your posts. What you could have said was “I don’t like her because I THINK she is a hypocrite, how I THINK she always sees herself as a victim, and how entitled, IN MY OPINION, she acts. At least you did come down after and say that’s your opinion but you usually don’t do that. I commend you for doing it this time. You say you respect others opinions but really you come across as thinking your opinions are fact and differing ones are wrong. And you don’t seem to realize that two or three or more people can see and hear the very same conversation between the house guests and every single person see it differently. You see a smirk where someone else sees a smile etc. you hear a conversation and get the complete opposite out of it than I, or someone else does. So when you post what you saw on bbad or live feeds and tell it,you may tell it completely differently than someone else just saw it. Your views on that person bias the way you see it. So you are telling people what you think are facts when someone else does not see what you saw at all.

  64. Avatar

    If Natalie was wearing different shoes her outfit would not stand out. Other girls have tiny shorts on.

  65. Avatar

    Pissed as well. Great season Steve and Melinda. Just a side note I am a Melinda married to a Steve!

    • Avatar

      Thank you! 🙂

      I’m finally getting around to reading the comments now. I was trying to stay off the internet last night so I wouldn’t get AHS spoilers haha. Anyway, I think we’re best friends now. I don’t often meet other Melindas! 😀

  66. Helen

    Well at least Paul was going into this knowing he could potentially lose to snake and he said he was ok with it. Vic won AFP! Yeah.
    Corey will move in with snake,take her for everything she’s got and dump her and she will be broke within a year.
    I am happy both Vic and Paul came out of this with something!!!!!

    • Alda

      I feel the same way.I’m proud of both guys.

    • Avatar

      You seem to have issues with someone you’ve never met.

      It is one thing to follow the game, but to also get so involved in it that you are trying to imagine their personal lives after tge show ends ?

      I dunno. For me, the season is over. I’ve got my own life to think about.

    • Mel

      Me too Helen. Paul has a foul mouth but I think he has enough character that he would rather not have the money that be a BB joke like Cody was in 16. It wasn’t a stupid move for him. He really did have a shot taking her and if the jury had went more for the “who they like” voting, James could have beat him. Who knew one of the dumbest cast I’ve seen in years would wise up and see that James didn’t do crap.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I don’t think Bambi will get anywhere near Nurse RATchet after the show. Didn’t he tell the guys he was going to ditch her at the after party? Some piece of work he is. If he doesn’t want to be with her after the show, he should at least have the nerve to tell her to her face.

      • Avatar

        Well now she’s 500k richer maybe he’ll change his mind. I hope someone In Nicole’s personal circle tells her. I think she’s just in too deep to see it herself. Common girl mistake.

  67. Avatar

    Thank God the Season wasn’t total waste…Victor Won AFP! But if we look at it, this Season was rigged for Nicole to win all along! That week she got the Care Package she was going OTB, and Home…Please BB no more Vets, just Newbies!!! And PLEASE….NO MORE JAMES!

    • Rita

      The newbies had plenty of time to get Nicole out.

      I agree! No more James. What a waste of an HG spot.

    • Avatar

      Can I like this twice?

    • Avatar

      Did she win because of one questionable care package? One week out of 12-14 weeks seriously? Forgetting any week prior to the supposed rigging, was it rigged when Victors hoh gave him the power to nominate her and Corey? Was it rigged when Paul’s hoh saw him demand that James keep Nicole over Corey? Did somebody rig James sole vote to evict Corey instead of Nicole? What happened to bouncing another BB check? Any rigging of Paul’s final vote to evict James to keep Nicole instead? I’m not seeing how the whole season was setup so Nicole could win, or how one ACP gave Nicole a free ride to the end. Chances are you don’t see it either!

  68. Avatar

    Not happy that Nicole won over Paul, but I am soooooooooooooo glad Vic won AFP!! James denied again! Michelle needs therapy! Take care everyone….it has been fun!

  69. Rita

    I’m not surprised and I’m happy Nicole beat Paul. Nicole did not play the best game but part of playing the game is not pissing off the jury.
    James proved his lameness by voting for the guy who took away his chance at $50k.

  70. Avatar

    Paulie who had a prior relationship with Nicole through his brother, and two votes because he controls Zakiah, was the person to make the decision. Had either of those two things not been true Paul could have won.

  71. Avatar

    I wanted Paul to win but think his potty mouth cost him $450,000.

  72. Alda

    I am still very proud of Paul.He stayed true to himself.He knew it was a big risk to take Nicole but he did it anyway.How about that Meech?She voted for Paul.Little surprised at Da voting for Nicole. I’m so glad Victor got AFP.Well,that’s it for another season.God willing I’ll be back next summer for season 19.Enjoyed you guys very much.Have a great 9 months.Not doing the fall show.Hope to talk to some of you during Survivor.Over and Out!!

  73. Morgana

    The only good thing about this season is Victor winning AFP!

    Snacole shouldn’t have one; she’s obnoxious. I’m equally surprised that Paul took her to the final over Lames!

    This ending only further confirms that Snacole and Lames had a deal well before even going into the house… All around disappointing.

    I don’t think I’ll be watching subsequent seasons. The producers really edit the feeds in favor of certain players (ahem- Snacole), and jury members are entirely too bitter and unable to see the game play like the former players did (hence Evil Dick winning).

  74. Rita

    Jason vs Jozea?

    I voted for Jason. He probably learned something from his past failure. I doubt the Messiah learned anything.

  75. Jannie

    Dumb move by Bunyan to take Nicole.
    I think he could have easily beaten Lamsey.
    First season where I actually watched the finale without my heart pounding because I had no feelings either way as to who won.

    But I WAS happy to see Vic win AFP.
    And Michelle crying to Dr. Will was the most cringeworthy moment of the night…how embarrassing. So I guess Bunyan can call her the “c” word and still get her vote? She really hates Nicole.

  76. Avatar

    Soooo happy Nicole won!! Don’t care about the haters!

  77. Mel

    Sadly, there wasn’t a huge surprise tonight. We’ve thought for awhile that Da would lean towards Nicole and that Natalie could have easily become the swing vote.(she was the biggest wildcard)

    I wanted Paul to win so much and ironically, Natalie is the only person who I think will regret her vote when she sees all the things Nicole has said about her. (not game related)

    Last random thoughts:
    *I want Jason and not Josea for OTT.
    *We couldn’t even get thru the finale without seeing part of Zakiyah’s boobs again.
    *I can’t stand Michelle but loved what she was wearing.
    *Someone just won BB while wearing a tablecloth!
    *Very happy for Victor

    I’ve had a blast with all you guys this summer!

  78. NKogNeeTow

    Okay….Rant over…..

    Well Boys and Girls, we have come to the end of what we called another crappy season (we said that last year and we’ll say it again next year). Take a nice, long, deep breath……Ahhhhh…..Feeling better?

    Looks like Nicole won. For those of us who didn’t want her to, we’ll just have to live with it. For those of you who wanted her to win, Congratulations! Either way, it has been one hell of a roller coaster ride. Some of us will look back at this season as a waste of time. Some of us will look back at it as killing time. And some of us just had fun bitching and complaining (shyly raising my hand). Either way, I’m glad most of us hung in there until the very end. Some got discouraged and bailed out early (I must confess, I did it a few times myself). Some even vowed to never watch BB again. But as I told someone in an earlier post, hang in there, next year there will be a fresh crop for us to despise.

    I haven’t decided about Over The Top yet. After spending 3 months of my summer, I’m not sure I want to give up another almost 3 months so soon. I might watch the first week, just to give it a chance, but as of now, I’m pretty much Big Brothered out for this year. The one thing I’m looking forward to the most is a decent night’s sleep. I don’t think I’ve had a normal sleep pattern since I made the mistake of getting the Live Feeds, and even then, I spent more time laughing at the chat than I did watching the HG. In case I do decide to take a stab at OTT, I hope to see all if not most of you here (I might still take a peek at the Blog and read the comments). But whether I’m here or not, I hope you all continue to give Steve and Melinda the love and support that we’ve shown them all summer. They work extremely hard to keep us up to date and Steve’s commentaries and assessments cannot be compared!

    Jannie, Annie, Gerardo and AI, you guys know you hold a special place in my heart and I had BETTER see you back here again 😛 Mell, Mello, G8trgrl, Franko, ShoeLover, Helen, Nacho, Mindy, Ryn and Colby, hope to see you too! And to all those names I’ve missed, it doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten you, just so many names to mention, don’t give up and PLEASE come back next year!…and to our own personal online trolls who love to verbally beat us up, Boo and Angel, I even hope you come back next year too 🙂

    In case I don’t see any of you again until next summer, have a GREAT winter!

  79. kneeless

    Well, we have a winner but I’m still trying to figure out who I like!!! I hope since Nicole won we never have her as a HG. I hope James’ BB days are over. And finally, glad Vic won AFP. NEVER CARED!

  80. Shivani33

    As ever, I’m looking forward to hearing what some of the BB18 players have to say during the after party and in post-game interviews. I really enjoyed having the chance to read and comment here very much. It’s been a wonderful experience! A big thanks to everyone who makes Big Brother Junkies so lively and full of the freedom of expression. This is an incredibly vivid site.

    . The vote was very close at the end, and Victor winning AFP was beautiful. I would’ve preferred Paul to win, but life goes on, and our family – especially our little boys- are in our Survivor state of mind and are in love with Alicia being a judge on The Voice. And at least this wasn’t the presidential election!

  81. caRyn

    I am thankful Paul made it to F2 because if he didn’t win the last HOH he would be without the 50k. He now has 50k, publicity for his apparel company, Pablo and friendship with fellow hg and a large fan base. He is a winner in my eyes. I enjoyed him this summer in the BB house.
    Going into tonight I was excited to be able to watch Survivor, the BB finale and comment here and read comments. I wasn’t expecting to see negative comments made at one another. As Nicole would say….It is just a game.

  82. Avatar

    Well, guys. This wraps up another amazing season of BB. Never watched a season were teh final 2 were both equally deserving. Definitley had fun listening to what you guys had to say, even though I found way to many comments degrading and really just sad to see fans who would hate HG’s personally, just because they’re mad that a HG they didn’t want to win, won. The majority of you were definitly fun to talk to. Thanks to all of you for making this my favorite season of BB ever! Can’t wait to see you all in a week. CONGRATS, NICOLE, VIC, AND PAUL. Can’t think of anyone more deserving of the awards you recieved this season. (I don’t know how to spell definitly. LOL)

  83. Mel

    Hopefully for all of us who are disappointed, they new ones can help us forget about some of the old ones!

  84. Avatar

    Can someone help me? How do I view the BB18 interviews after Nicole winning? You know, where Jeff gives them all some novelty gift?

  85. Avatar

    Idk…But I’m really surprised that Day voted for Nicole?! Nicole was trash talking Day the 1st Week, saying she did not Trust her!

  86. Shivani33

    Jeff, while chatting with Michelle told her that there’s a crying video package of her. She said, “oh no! I hope it’s not too long.” Jeff replied,”it’s a two-hour special.”

    And here’s Janelle on Twitter. Janelle Pierzina “Paul – When it’s all over you will realize that it’s better to be a lovable loser (like me) than a hated winner #BB18.”

    • AIO_7

      “And here’s Janelle on Twitter. Janelle Pierzina “Paul – When it’s all over you will realize that it’s better to be a lovable loser (like me) than a hated winner #BB18.” ”

      Those are wise words and especially true this year.

  87. Avatar

    Steve, thank you for a fantastic season! I loved your posts, including those of the other members of your team. I was happy with Nicole winning and disgusted with Michele’s last performance of mock crying. (I think her tear ducts must be blocked as she was unable to produce a single tear all season.

    What a close ending…. so glad t went the way it did.

    See BB next year as I will not be paying to watch BBOTT. (I will be reading the posts, though.

  88. NKogNeeTow

    I forgot to say something to the most important person of all….PAPA STEVE! Steve, I don’t even think I have to say it, but you have my utmost respect! It has always been a pleasure reading your Blog and being a part of the world you have created here for us BB Junkies. I might not have been the biggest BB fan, but this site made it fun and exciting for me. You and the Commenters here got me more interested in the game and made it so worthwhile and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it….good comments and bad. Keep up the good work! You are truly a treasure 🙂

  89. Avatar

    Well, I decided to not read the spoilers so I finish not long ago watching it from here in Seattle..

    I just wanted to thank everyone again for keeping us up to date this summer. I will not be watching the fall edition but hopefully we can find a Survivor blog!

    I hope it’s okay to share here but perhaps someone could email me information on a possible Survivor update log? Karik61 @yahoo. 😉

    Seattle, signing out!!

  90. Avatar

    *To All Of My Big Brother Junkies Buddies Have an EXCELLENT rest of 2016! Until next Summer when we all Meet up again for Big Brother 19!

    *Big Shout Out to Steve Beans, Bro your Forum for BB is one of the Best, we all get along on here, even when we don’t agree all of the time! And Please Steve add a EDIT Button for next year edition of BB. 🙂

    *Shout outs to NKogNeeTow, Gerardo, & Annie…You peeps are the best, especially when crap is going down late at night in the BB House. I will see you all next Summer! Stay Blessed, all of U! 😉

  91. ShoeLover

    Watching again as a recap ( hubby interrupted constantly “on purpose” ugh )

    Was Nicole asking her family how did she win as in I didn’t think I was going to win, OR how did I win as in did my win celebration look good???

    I am so confused!!! I mean she really focused on her looks and her thoughts from what America sees, but please please please, let that be an honest ” Wow!! Mommy and Daddy, how did I win?”

    Anyhoo, see yall around for the Over the Top thoughts from our favorite blogger SteveBeans!!!

    And I will definitely be back next summer!!! Yall are MY BB FAMILY, I am the lone wolf at my house, haha!!

  92. Avatar

    Nicole winner? Yuck! Paul really did play a fantastic game! He was robbed!

    • Avatar

      Paul blew it. If had taken James he would have won easily. But he lost to Nicole for two reasons. 1) Davonne voted Nicole not because she like her but because of game play. 2) His response to Natalie’s question cost him her vote. He was arrogant and rude. His take me as I am attitude turned Natalie vote from him to Nicole.

  93. Avatar

    Dang you Paul for making the wrong choice! There was no way James would have had the votes! So wanted Paul to walk away with this!

  94. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    One last observation/comment about BB18: They really need to make the season finale 2 hours long if they’re going to keep the current format (squeezing in the entire 3-part HOH comp, last eviction, jury deliberation and questions, live vote, etc). They didn’t even get a chance to say hello to the first 5 evicted HGs, much less get their take on the season.

    • Avatar

      I have to agree with you Gerardo. I wish they had talked to the 5 other house guests. Haven’t they talked to them in previous years?? They should have had the vote and THEN talked to the five. Those five might have spilled their guts on what they’ve seen since they went home and swayed the vote. I think they tried to squeeze too much in the time they had. I also wish they would announce AFP before the winner. Last night wasn’t too bad but some years it’s gotten lost in the yelling and screaming from the audience. I’m glad Victor won that but cannot believe Nat and James were even in the running. Wish Julie had said Victor won by a large margin, if he did.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        In the past they’ve always checked in with the HGs who were evicted pre-jury, but over the years the segment has gotten progressively shorter. They usually do it right after the votes are locked in, so that the HGs are free to speak openly about the season. I hope they tweak the format next year so we can hear more discussion from the HGs.

  95. Jannie

    Spent the better part of last night and this morning cleaning up a wet basement after 10 inches of rain here just north of Minneapolis…arghhhh.

    Well, mercifully this season is over. The best part was coming here and chatting with all of you guys!
    I agree, they need a 2 hour finale. I would have liked to see more of the jury discussing the final three, Corey’s arrival at the jury house, and at least 5 minutes with the first five evicted houseguests.

    I did notice Nicole’s brother didn’t seem to be that excited about her win. I was happy that Lamsey was able to look past his eviction by Bunyan to give him his vote. Michelle’s bitterness towards Nicole knows no bounds…she voted for the guy who called her the “c” word. Wow. Zzzzzz, of course, voted with Paulie, no surprise. Happy that Vic got afp.

    Thanks again, stevebeans. And to NKogNeeTow, Colby, Ann, Gerardo, kneeless,, franko, gr8girl, Trudy, and everyone else who made this so much fun…hope to see you in the Survivor blog. But we will all be back next summer for BB 19, right? Keeping fingers crossed for a better cast.


    • Avatar

      Jannie, thanks. Hope to be around for next season. I love coming here and chatting with all of you. The end of a season and this blog is like leaving family for a long time.
      I’m going to check back in during the fall but not really sure how much I will be into it since I won’t have the access. IF Jozea got picked to go into the house next week I think I’ll puke. lol
      Steve does a great job with his updates and maybe I can keep up. I’ll just have to see what happens.
      Will miss you all SO MUCH if you aren’t here.

    • Avatar

      Oh, one more thing. CBS, NO MORE FORMER PLAYERS OR SIBLINGS OR COUSINS OR IN-LAWS WITH NEWBIES. Please give us all newbies or all veterans. I would love to see Victor again. I think he and Paul would be great on Amazing Race or Survivor or both.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Thanks Jannie! I’ll be back next summer for sure (not ready to give up on my BB addiction just yet). Take care and stay dry up there!

    • Avatar

      Hi Jannie,

      Hope the water damage isn’t bad.

      Get some fans and a dehumidifier down there to dry things out.

      Be careful for mold forming.

      Hoping all works out well,


      • ShoeLover

        OUCH Miss Jannie!!

        I know all too well when it comes to cleaning up 10 inches of water in the basement!!! I hope there wasn’t too much damage!! Crossing my fingers for uneventful mishaps during the clean and fix it stage!!!

        See ya next Summer and looking forward to your witty and funny thoughts on BB19!!!

  96. Avatar

    I am in the Charlotte NC market and they cut in to show the riots that was happening in uptown Charlotte for most of the show! I had to come on here and read the recap to see what I missed.

  97. Avatar

    I can’t respect Nicole ‘s so-called game play. What a disappointing example for girls and women everywhere that to win your best chance is to ACT DUMB, LOOK CUTE AND SLEEP YOUR WAY TO THE TOP. What century is this anyway?!

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