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It’s Finale Time! Last Live Blog Of Big Brother 18

September 21, 2016 | 289 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


It’s here, folks. The end of another summer.  I recapped a lot of the season in my previous post, so I’m not going to repeat it.  It’s been a long, fun, and weird season – just like every season. It all comes down to 3. Paul, James, or Nicole.

Who will win?  Who will Paul take?  Who will Nicole take?  Will James sneak away with cash?

Will Nicole scumbag Paul?  Will Paul scumbag Nicole?  Would Nicole actually wins if she does scumbag Paul and take James?  What about Paul?

So many questions, and they’ll all be answered in just a few hours.  Admittedly, I didn’t watch the feeds today, so I have no clue which direction they’re going. Once a season I like to be surprised, so while I do provide spoilers, when situations come up where something really might change in the last 5-6 hours before eviction, I avoid it the spoilers if I can.  Even bloggers like surprises once in awhile!

I will say that within a few hour span, Nicole went from almost certainly taking James (should she win round 3) to making a deal again with Paul.  Paul has been adamant about taking Nicole. That’s about all I know at this point. Paul could have shaved his beard, hooked up with Nicole while James poisoned both of their drinks, and I won’t know until the show.  Survivor is on right now, so I’ll probably watch that after BB, but in about 90 minutes we begin the end of the season.


  • 9:20pm – I realized that I can’t even turn on CBS until 9:30 because I’ll get Survivor spoilers.  Kind of ironic from me
  • 9:30pm – Here we go!
    • Doing a season-long recap?  I guess they have to fill in the 90 minutes somehow
    • Looks like Michelle is going to be crying again in jury.  I wonder if she’s faking now because that’s ‘her thing’
  • Butfirst
    • We need to get back to the endurance competition that was not on the feeds (grr)
    • James talks about beasting this comp. Hahaha. Endurance comps are your thing, buddy. Wall endurance comps are. You can hang on a wall for a long time.
    • Paul wins the first part. Nicole thought James threw that since he dropped right after her
  • 9:40pm – Commercial
    • Second part of the HoH competition.
    • It’s a pretty huge setup for two people. I’d love to watch that one play out live
    • James finished in 19 minutes 6 seconds
    • Nicole finished in 7 minutes 24
  • 9:55pm – Back from commercial
    • Jury time
    • Talk about James – Natalie and Michelle think his social game is great
    • Bridgette agrees, Z too. Da’ says it is a safe game, she’s not a fan.  Victor agrees.
    • Corey says James has been checked out and following her (Nat) around like a puppy
    • Paulie says James has been good socially but Paul is good
    • All of them call Paul a great liar and great at comps
    • Da’ says Paul the player is phenomenal. Paul the person is not so good, especially calling Michelle the c-word
    • Natalie says the words are unforgivable
    • They talk about Nicole. Michelle slams her a bunch. She’s not a fan
    • Natalie points out how taking Jozea out was easy, and Michelle says taking her (Michelle) out wasn’t big.
    • Will asks if Michelle came into the house just not liking Nicole.
    • Michelle begins her signature cry
    • Bridgette says the girls are bitter. Da’ says that Nicole may have been average, but she’s still in the house and defended her
  • 10:05pm – Before commercial, Julie says that either Jason or Jozea will enter Big Brother: Over the Top. Ugh
    • Here we go. Final round of the HoH competition.
    • 8 questions, however has the most points.  Here we go
    • Round 1 – Paul 1 – Nicole 1
    • Round 2 – Paul 1 – Nicole 1
    • Round 3 – Paul 1 – Nicole 1
    • Round 4 – Paul 2 – Nicole 1
    • Round 5 – Paul 2 – Nicole 1
    • Round 6 – Paul 3 – Nicole 1
    • Round 7 – Paul 3 – Nicole 2
    • Round 8 – Paul wins!   
  • 10:15pm – This mean Paul wins at least $50k.  There is a really good chance he wins it all
    • Here we go.  Eviction time….
    • Paul votes to evict James
    • James jokes that he’s taking the new Pablo on the way out
    • Julie to James ‘Are you surprised to make it so far without doing a whole lot’
    • James says playing dead was basically his strat.  Sure
    • Now the dumb Natalie question. He says maybe
  • 10:30pm – Jury coming out
    • Michelle looked super nervous. I hope she pukes everywhere
  • Questions –
  • Natalie to Paul – We think you’re a good player but bad person (paraphrasing)
    • He tells her he didn’t change his personality, but nothing but love
  • Michelle to Nicole – What was your one move that makes you win
    • She takes credit for the Paul/Victor nomination
  • Corey to Paul – Why are you not a great strategist
    • Paul says he always left a bigger target
  • Victor to Nicole – Were you riding the guys coattails
    • She felt like the brains behind a lot
  • Z to Paul – Why do you deserve it over the person next to you
    • This is my first time playing. Didn’t hide behind the scenes
  • Paulie to Nicole – Why do you deserve it
    • She gave 100% 1000% of the time. She used snake as strategy.  Everyone knew her game (yea, showmance)
  • James to Paul – Were you ever planning on honoring the f2 deal
    • I wanted to see who was the most honest and loyal. Nicole relayed everything back to him. James didn’t
  • 10:35pm – Commercial
    • Speech time
    • Paul talks about how he had no help, won his way to the end. Last standing newbie among. Most in-house comps
    • Da’Vonne does a silent cheer. She is thrilled at his good speech
    • Nicole says that was such a good speech.  Says ‘snake joke’
    • She starts at the beginning then talks about Corey, blah blah.  The jury was nodding their heads at Paul’s speech, they are motionless during Nicoles. That is very telling.
    • Nicole goes blank says ‘I don’t know’ and sits down
  • Votes soon….
    • Da’Vonne – Nicole
    • Zakiyah – Nicole
    • Bridgette – Paul
    • Paulie – He is the first to speak rather than saying ‘good game’ – Nicole
    • Michelle – Short but sweet – Paul
    • Natalie – Nicole
    • Victor – Jokes that he may go in the house any second – Paul
    • Corey – Nicole
    • James – Paul
    • Nicole wins … Hmmm
  • 10:50pm – They brought out the non-jury, didn’t talk to them
  • 10:55pm – America’s Favorite
    • Top 3 – Victor, Natalie, James
    • Winner – Victor

Well, that wraps it up.  Disappointing ending, but Nicole did have a good season, just not as good as Paul’s.

On the bright side, here is my prediction when I broke down the final 4 …

  • Nicole vs Paul

    • Nicole: Da’Vonne, Corey, James
    • Paul: Victor, Michelle
    • Leaning Nicole: Paulie, Natalie,
    • Leaning Paul: Bridgette, Z

This will be another close one with Nicole edging out Paul.  I am not sure if Michelle will actually vote or slit her wrists, but if forced to, I still don’t think she can vote for Nicole. Da’Vonne will vote for Nicole, especially after she finds out Paul was lying to her face during his HoH. Paulie will vote for Nicole because of Cody being friends with her, and Natalie doesn’t like Paul.  This pairing would be a situation of voting for the lesser of two evils for most of the jury

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