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It’s October 3rd – Big Brother Over The Top



First, when you look at that picture above, you realize why Alex gave Morgan a lecture yesterday on trying to glam up more. When they’re both without makeup, they look pretty damn similar. With the amount Morgan has walked around the house with not much makeup this season, it’s a wonder people haven’t caught on yet.  Jason started to, but hasn’t really mentioned it since. I guess Justin has also commented on how much they look alike

As far as my title, I can’t help but think of ‘The Plastics’ when I see the group of Shelby, Morgan, Alex, and Whitney… so if you weren’t aware, Oct 3rd is kind of the unofficial Mean Girls day


Enough of my weird references.  Voting has ended on the 3rd nominee, and from a bunch of polls around the BB world, it appears Cornbread is the leading candidate to become the 3rd nom. I think we’re going to find out at 10am which gives them 3 hours to add Cornbread’s name to whatever Veto comp they may be setting up today.

Let’s crank out some updates:

  • 9:30am – Most of the girls are in the bathroom getting ready. Monte and Shane are bro’ing it up in the HoH room whiel others are sitting around the kitchen table
    • In the middle of getting ready, they are called to lockdown in the HoH room
  • 10:0am – Cornbread nominated 
    • cornbread-3rdnom
    • Now veto players are picked:
    • Monte, Cornbread, Danielle, Jason, Whitney, Alex… Host: Shane
    • Meeting over.  COrnbread is pretty bummed about being picked
    • Picking Shane for host is hilarious.  He has such low energy
  • 10:30am – Jason is telling Morgan that America voted for Cornbread to give him a person to beat
  • 11:30am – The house has been sitting around talking.
    • Scott, Shane and Whitney were chatting around the chess table. Monte came up and Whitney said if she wins the PoV, she will use it on Cornbread.  He is going to tell Alex to do the same. This way it frees up the vote and helps guarantee Jason go home
  • 12:00pm – One hour until PoV!  Everyone is sitting around waiting for it. They’re locked in, so it will be some sort of comp other than handing off a spider
  • 12:40pm – Jason and Shelby are in the storage room chatting
    • They’re talking about how Jason was basically just pointed out during Monte’s weird speech
    • jason-shelby
  • 12:45pm – The uninterrupted feeds have been interrupted
    • veto-comp

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar
    Angiemel (192 comments)

    Cornbread is the only one I like on this season. If he goes I have no reason to watch all the whiney fake kids in the house.

  2. caRyn

    They are picking Veto players now.

  3. caRyn

    Cornbread is OTB.

  4. caRyn

    Whitney, Alex and Shane are playing in Veto.

  5. caRyn

    Shane is hosting, not playing in Veto. Sorry.

  6. caRyn

    DR sessions, once we see them, will also influence the way that we vote.

  7. Helen
    Helen (5158 comments)

    Lol. I already got my have nots picked!! Monte cornholeo and Whitney. Put that in a room for a week and I guarantee cornholeo will be OTB next HOH!!!!!

  8. caRyn

    Last night at 10:49 pm (PT) Monte tells Morgan one of them in “their group” needs to win the second HOH. He lists off himself, Morgan, Whitney or Shane.

    • caRyn

      Shortly after, Monte says to the people he is working with that the only thing he has against Jason is that Jason doesn’t like Whitney. Monte says..Who doesn’t like Whitney?!

      • VMSLAZ
        VMSLAZ (48 comments)

        I absolutely hate Whitney. Her “accent” is more “special” than “southern”. I’m digging the concept of BBOTT but why so many ignorant rednecks? This cast is in dire need of some big city flair. I just hope we get to see the moment little flamboyant Jason gets to put Paulie South (Monte) on the block to check that unproven ego he has. Then his plastics can scramble, I just don’t know where they are gonna scramble to because its a house full of followers.

  9. Mel

    Jason better win that veto or he is as good as gone. With CB as the replacement, too many things have to happen for Jason to stay.
    I think for him to stay without winning the veto, he needs Krissi, Justin and Neeley to vote out CB. Danielle will also have to win veto, take herself down, go against Shane and vote out CB. (that’s a lot for someone who was talking about what the kids would look like if she had them with Shane last night) Jason would also have to have Shelby’s vote to stay and since she seems to be bonding more with the girls than the outside crew at this point and she’s a little crazy, I don’t think that vote is guaranteed. She may just go with what Alex, Morgan and Whitney want. Viewers will have to vote out CB to prevent a tiebreaker for Monte.

    With Shane OTB, it isn’t much better but a little. He would have Krissi, Justin and Neeley. He would need Shelby, Scott and viewers. He has a chance with Scott with Shane up there but not CB. He still has the same hurdle with Shelby but Alex and Morgan could possibly vote Shane out which would bring Shelby anyway. If Danielle came down and voted to keep Shane, the viewer vote would keep Monte from breaking a tie. It’s still a small chance but those women and Scott may go against Monte if his bestie was leaving. Alex and Morgan want Monte and Shane separated and Scott was not happy to find out girls have been added to the guys alliance and he was just now finding out about it. I may be completely wrong but I thought there may be more cracks with this scenario.

    I’m just going to hope somebody pisses off somebody else this week and shakes up everything!

  10. caRyn

    Just now Monte is telling Whitney if she wins Veto to use it on Cornbread. He wants Alex to do the same thing.

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  12. Avatar
    Lina N (43 comments)

    I hate that cornbread has been nominated instead nominate Justin

  13. caRyn

    2:29 am (PT) Jason says The Jamboree alliance is dead. They think Shelby is going around exposing everything.

  14. caRyn

    Justin said last night that Danielle is his only distraction in the house. If she goes he will be “eyes on the prize.”

  15. Avatar

    Wtf! I thought there were no blackouts!

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