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It’s Sister Split Day In The BBOTT House

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Today is the double eviction day that wasn’t supposed to happen, but for some reason is going to happen anyway.  A few weeks back, I remember Julie telling them there will be no double evictions this season, and that made me assume they’ll double up near the end of the season like they typically do.  The eviction over 2-3 days ‘double’ rather than the few hours.  However, Julie told them ‘syke!’ and let them know there is going to be a double eviction today!

This changes the rules a bit because it clearly wasn’t planned at the beginning of the season (I think). The first eviction is going to be at 5pm pst, and I assume the second will probably be around 10-11pm. It’s not a bang bang double eviction like during the summer because there is a small twist. There *will* be a care package, and that care package will eliminate the power of veto. Another twist is that tonight’s care package will be open to all remaining houseguests, even if they’ve received one in the past. The winner of the care package automatically wins veto, and with no America’s Vote or Nomination, the power can certainly flip back to a certain direction with the right person winning HoH and another right person winning CP.

It’s going to be a bit of a slow day until eviction, and I’m sure many are having some sort of hangover from whatever the hell happened last night, so let’s get to the updates:

  • 12:20pm – Alex and Morgan are hanging out in the HoH room, the LNJ are in the Tokyo room.
  • 4:15pm – Almost DE time.  Houseguests were called into the living room to look over fake prices of items. Either for a memory comp or a weird Price is Right type of competition
    • memory
    • Then BB decides to blow up Shelby’s game by playing some of her DR session over the speakers
    • shelby-shocked2
  • Update – Looking at the info page from the DE tonight, it looks like they removed the twist that would have guaranteed Jason the care package.  Only those who have yet to receive one are eligible it appears
  • Remaining CP – Danielle, Justin, Morgan, Whitney  (yes, my bold was a hint)
  • 5:50pm – Just about time for the first eviction
    • Whitney has a generic plea about how she wants to stay
    • Alex calls them the hypocridiots and basically tells them to screw off
    • Morgan is super passive aggressive in hers. She says ..
      • ‘Kryssie, I’m glad you haven’t quit yet. You only threatened a few time’
      • ‘Danielle, you realized there are other people in the house other than yourself’
      • ‘Jason, the real twist would be if something that came out of your mouth was actually true’
      • ‘She tells Justin to stop throwing competitions and stop riding Jason’s coattails to the finale just to lose’
      • ‘Whitney, you’re the last person to join the alliance, so I’m going to have a celebratory dinner when you’re the first they kick out’
      • jason-smile
  • Votes:
    • Kryssie: Alex
    • Justin: Alex
    • Danielle: Alex
    • Alex evicted 4-0
  • 6:10pm – They are given another look at the Big Brother Shopping Network video for the HOH competition
  • 6:25pm – Rachel enters the house to an awkward scene where nobody really talks.  She jumps right into the competition
    • hohcomp2
    • 4 versus 1 this competition
  • 7 questions, non elimination.  Most points…
    • Scores:
    • Kryssie – 7
    • Whitney – 7
    • Danielle – 7
    • Morgan – 7
    • Justin – 6
    • Tiebreaker winner – Danielle wins
  • Care Package Voting is OPEN 
  • 7:15pm – Taking a quick break for AHS.  Care package closes soon
  • 8:30pm – Damn, I have good timing. Just came back for CP time…
    • Morgan wins Care Package.  She wins safety and can remove someone from the block if she chooses
    • morgan-cp
  • 8:45pm – Dani is reaching out to the girls to figure out what to do. Good game move on her part if she’s sincere and not trolling like Jason did
    • dani-girls
    • Safety ceremony
    • Shelby Safe
  • 9:45pm – Ok, time for the final eviction of the night!
  • Votes
    • Morgan – Justin
    • Shelby – Justin
    • Kryssie – Whitney
    • Jason – Whitney
    • Dani breaks the tie and votes out Whitney 
  • 10:20pm – HoH competition soon.  It is a one at a time competition. Awesome
  • 11:00pm – HoH comps.  Aiming lasers around a course until it hits the final target. Only 4 mirrors.  Here are rough times..
    • jason-comp
    • Jason – 8 minutes
    • Morgan – 11:15:05 begin == 11:28:00 end = 12:50ish  
    • Kryssie = More than 13 minutes
    • Shelby = More than 8 minutes. Jason is likely HoH unless Justin somehow wins
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Check back for updates


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