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Jeff In A Good Postion, But Faces Tough Decision

August 20, 2011 | 1 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

big brother 13 jeffSo the veto competition was finally held tonight, despite the players chosen last night which I found a little odd, but that’s Big Brother for you.   It was a pretty important veto for the Danliaorsche alliance (like that name?  meh), as all 3 of them were playing and had Daniele won, there was still a chance all three could remain in the game.  A very, very small chance, but one nonetheless.

Those dreams were shattered today as King Jeff took complete control of the week by winning the PoV, which is certainly going to crank up the ass kissing meter to a point where the production may just come over the speakers and warn them that any more of it, and Big Brother may have to file for an ‘R’ rating.   I mean the  guy gets his ass kissed by the HOH if he’s not on the block, then wins HOH, then wins veto?  Yikes.

All fun and games aside, Jeffry has a tough decision ahead of him over the next few days.   If his plan was to backdoor Dani, now is his chance, however, is it the right move for him at this point?  He prides himself on sticking to his word, and was really furious at Kalia when she used him as a pawn, plus according to him, he’s not a fan of floaters.  Dani isn’t, while Kalia spent about half the game in the Adam pool.   (On a side note, doesn’t he realize that Jordan has pretty much done even less than Kalia this game?)

Dani is enjoyable to watch, simply because she is willing to shake things up and not force them to rename the show Big Love (due to Brendon and Rachel), or Oh Brother (due to the ridiculous newbie moves).  That being said, his best move may simply to backdoor her – and not in the way that will get him in trouble with Jordan – and get her out of the house.   While Jeff talks a big game about Kalia being lazy – which she is – I’d much rather boot Dani and keep this being lazy around the house..

I'm ready for a challenge!

On a personal note, my hope is Kalia is gone.  I posted somewhere else and want to repeat it, she doesn’t deserve to even be in the jury after her terrible HOH, and should be put out of her misery.  I don’t think it’ll happen because she’s a slightly smarter version of the female Adam as far as competitions go, but she should.

Oh, and some late breaking news:  Porsche is not wearing her purple sweat suit today!   She is rocking her gray one!  Hot   I think her new nickname should just be ‘sweats’

porsche gray sweats big brother 13

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