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Jennifer’s Big Brother- After Thoughts

September 26, 2022 | 12 Comments
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Author: BBbigfan


I know it isn’t the typical response to the ending of another BB season, but its always the feeling
I experience after watching another summer finale. No matter how cringy, boring, strange, or
predictable the season may have been- when Julie finally says, “See you next summer,” its like
I’m losing a group of friends (and yes, I still have a life/job/all the things). Let me better explain.
When I was younger, I would refer to BB as the show with “the glass house” (maybe because
glass is see-through?). Seeing Julie Chen in all her outfits in front of that shining door and
changing screens marked the end of another school year and created what I wanted to be for
the longest part of my childhood: to play on Big Brother. As I grew up with the show, I quickly
realized a couple of things: I would have to forfeit any and all spinning comps, and I would likely
overplay in my excitement if I was ever selected to actually be in the house at the nostalgia of it

Nowadays, I like to qualify myself somewhere between an above average casual viewer and a
super fan. I’ve seen every season, but I’m also no google when it comes to stats and statistics.
Slowly but surely, I am coming around to the fact that BB is a social game and not just a setup
for a comp beast (Paul was robbed, sorry Steve). I love to discuss the players who actually have
a strategy, even if it’s a bad one. I get annoyed when my husband doesn’t get into the feeds
(he’s a reddit fan) or if someone uses old school BB terms incorrectly (classic floater vs today’s
floaters just aren’t the same). I call it respect for the game (Yes, maybe that’s a little over the top,
but I’m writing this blog post so..).

Jump to today. I’m honestly not sure how I found the BB Junkies. Perhaps I went down an
internet rabbit hole one day, but when I landed here- I never looked back. I was constantly
carrying my phone checking the feed updates before I committed to paying for them (again,
sorry Steve/Mel) and always referring to this page as “my BB guy.” Now, every summer BB has
been a 3 part effort: CBS show, live feeds, and BB Junkies. So of course, when the chance
presented itself to help with live feed updates, how could I say no?? (I mean, I have to do
SOMETHING while at work all day).

So if you’re still with me, this is where we come full circle. Back to the feeling of denial.
Was this the best season of BB? No. Did I watch every single second of life feeds? No. Do I feel
like I could run an entire blog or podcast on my thoughts of the show? Nope.

But I did have fun with my friends. Logging on each day and updating the feeds with all the
gameplay, meaningless conversations, and sliding in my own sarcasm every now and then was
truly the best- even if there were 100 typos (seriously Steve, create the edit button).

Now that the house is closed and there are no more animal screens, all that’s left now is to say
see you next summer. Bring your comments, opinions (politely!), and your witty comebacks.
Root for your favorites or against the showmances. Bring on the have nots (seriously so irrelevant now) and the corny costumes. Because when the next summer finally comes, we’re all
really just a bunch of virtual “friends” secretly waiting for a fake robot to roast a random person
on reality tv. And to each of you, I say thanks.

Editors Note (Steve): We love your typos, so no edit button for you! But seriously, thank you for your contribution this year. You killed it!

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